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Imagine getting in a fight but not telling your brothers (Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 1117

Request by: @thedeanunderthecas​ - Hi! I wanted to know if you could write a oneshot where the reader gets in trouble at school and calls Cas to come up there so her brothers(Sam & Dean) don’t find out she punched someone, but Cas tells them as he is leaving the bunker to go talk to her principal so she gets caught anyway? If not that’s okay :-)

A/N: I wrote most of this at 3am whilst procrastinating doing GCSE revision, aww yeahhh!

You sat quietly, bored out of your mind, in the principal’s office as he flicked through the notes about a fight you had recently gotten yourself into.

Sighing as he looked up at you, he began to speak, “I expected better of you Y/N, I’m going to have to call in your guardians to explain to them the situation and discuss the length of your removal from school.”

You slowly lifted your head in shock and fear of the words which just came out of his mouth. Sam and Dean could not find out about this, they wouldn’t understand, they’d get so angry, they’d hate me, they’d think I’m a monster. Your mind ran rapidly thinking of all of the outcomes to your brothers finding out about your mini fight, none of them sounding particularly appealing.

Suddenly relief flooded your body as you thought of Castiel, he could get you out of this situation acting like one of your brothers and neither Sam or Dean would ever have to know. A small smirk appeared on your face as you came up with the brilliant plan, all you had to do was convince Cas to come, talk to the principal and not tell Sam or Dean.

Deep breath. Okay, here goes nothing.

Cas, I need you to come to school, I kinda… Maybe… Slightly got into some trouble and now the principal wants to talk to Sam and Dean about me being expelled. Please Cas, I need you.

You put on a slightly scared/nervous tone to ensure Castiel came quickly and you sighed happily before leaning back in your chair and waiting for Cas to be your knight in shining armour and save you from the horrors of school.

 At the bunker

Cas abruptly stood up after Y/N’s prayer ended preparing to fly to them.

As Castiel was about to leave, Dean spoke up, “Wait! Where are you going?”, curiosity lacing his voice at Castiel’s sudden attempts to leave.

“Y/N has requested for me to come talk to their school principal as he wishes to talk to me about them being expelled due to the fact that she appears to have gotten herself into some sort of ‘trouble’.”

Sam’s head shot up and Deans face was filled with shock and rage.

Without saying anything, Dean left the room towards Baby, quickly followed by Sam and Cas.

As the engine started up Dean whispered to himself “Y/N better get prepared for no more hunts and bunker cleaning duty for life,” causing Sam to nod his head, shock still evident on his face from the information that his innocent, shy, younger sister had done something bad enough to get them expelled.

You smiled to yourself as the door to the room opened only to have your face drained from all its colour as both your brothers followed by Cas walked into the room and sat beside you, sharp, angry looks evident on both of their faces.

You sighed to yourself as you looked down at your hands in your lap. Of course Castiel would tell them, why wouldn’t he.

Looking up once again, your eyes met with Sam’s as he gave you a sorry yet stern/angry glance causing you to lean back in your chair and prepare yourself for the inevitable lecture about to come your way.

After Sam and Dean had finished talking with your principal, you all left the school, nobody saying anything. You climbed into the back of baby with Cas as the awkward tension from the silence built up. Dean was practically radiating anger from the driver’s seat, his hands clutched the steering wheel as tightly as he could causing his knuckles to turn white. Slowly, you gulped as the realisation of how fuming your brothers truly were at you.

Once the long ride of torture in Baby was over, and you were all sat in the bunker silent, you finally spoke up.

“Sooo.. That was-“ you began to speak before being cut short.

“What the hell were you thinking Y/N?” Dean finally snapped looking directly into your eyes waiting for a solid answer to his question.

A few moments passed as you thought about what to say.

“I’m not going to apologise.” You knew that giving into your brothers and just saying sorry would probably be the easiest and most efficient way of ending this hole you had dug yourself into but instead you decided to not back down, that kid you hit had it coming and no matter what the consequences were, you would have chosen to hit them. Every. Single. Time.

“You’re what?” Deans voice boomed across the room. Sam and Cas sat on the other table listening to how the argument slowly began to intensify.

“I said, I’m not going to apologise.” You repeated but this time with a slightly sarcastic tone.

“Y/N,” Sam said warningly knowing that he should try to calm the situation but instead it just made you angrier that nobody had heard your side of the story and just assumed that you were the bad person.

“No Sammy! They fucking deserved it!” you lashed out harshly as tears glossed over your eyes and your vision blurred, “They were picking on some kid, I saw it, everyone saw it but nobody did anything, they all just stood there letting these dicks pick on this kid, I couldn’t just stand there doing nothing like all the cowards around me, so I hit them. It was stupid, I know, but they deserved it.”

Shock appeared on your Sam, Dean and Cas’s faces. None of them had ever heard you swear before nor had they seen you cry.

Suddenly, you felt a pair or arms wrap around you, and another and before you knew it, you were pulled into a group hug including the three most important people in your life. The tears escaping your eyes quickly changed to happy ones as you felt the strong sensation of love fill your body.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just really protective of you, heck, we all are, and I don’t want you getting hurt,” Dean whispered into your hair before placing a kiss on your forehead. Sam and Cas nodded agreeing to what Dean had just said.

“I love you all so much,” you pulled down your sleeve and wiped away the stray tears running down your face.

“We love you too,” Sam replied before you were pulled into yet another group hug causing happiness to replace the sadness you once felt as you knew how truly loved you were…

“But you’re still on bunker cleaning duty,” Dean quickly added ruffling your hair causing you to groan in annoyance but with a smile on your face.

Sky Painted Pretty Colours

summary: you and bucky hate each other, and stages through your relationship

warnings: there are swear words, insults, angst, meh meh

word count: 5,751

requests included:

-> What about if the reader is friends with nat or Wanda and comes by to hangout and says she wants to start working out so bucky volunteers/gets told he has to train her but she comes sporadically when she has time and overtime he likes her and fluffff

->Hey bby! Here’s a request for you: a bucky x reader where the reader is having a little girl conversation (about Bucky) with Wanda and Nat and he overhears :) Idk I find that cute for some reason

A/N: it’s long af and like through the years okay have fun im going to sleep it’s 4:15 am

p.s. read my previous fic

p.p.s. here’s my masterlist

Steve’s grip on the paper he was holding tightened significantly as his ears nearly bled from the constant bickering.

“Shut the fuck up, Bucky.”

“You’re the fuck up. How do I shut you up?” he shot back, making you seethe.

“Says the asshole who can’t even fight properly.” You both circled around the mat.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Wow, how original, Barnes-”

“Oh my God, will you guys shut it already?! Just train and get out of here!” Steve finally lost it. He would have separated you both long ago, but no one could deny you were good for each other. For all the pent up anger you two had, it was good that you relieved it some way because none of the other the Avengers were able to keep up with you.

Both of you glared at each other but agreed silently as you shut up, continuing the training as usual.

Steve swore the tension could break through his shield if it was materialised.


“Hey JARVIS, where is everyone?” you called out, wondering where the hell everyone was since you were alone in the common room.

“They’re all watching a movie in the home theatre Agent [Y/L/N],” he informed you as confusion took over you. Why didn’t they call you?

As you opened the door to the theatre, the light flooding the mini hall, everyone turned to look at you.

“[Y/N]? We thought you were out.” Steve squinted.

“Who on earth told you that? I’ve been in my room the whole time!” you exclaimed, feeling a little hurt, honestly.

“Buck-” Every head turned to him as he smirked at you.

“That’s just cold, man,” Sam commented as Bucky smirked.

“Well, it wasn’t like your presence was missed. Literally nobody cared.” He shrugged. You looked around at everyone as they looked a little guilty.

“We really thought you were out,” Nat tried to convince you but you gave her a tight lipped smile.

“It’s okay,” you offered, walking down the slope to where Bucky was sitting alone in a row. You sat in the seat next to him, obnoxiously picking up your legs and sitting diagonally in such a manner that your feet were propped up on the chair in front of Bucky to obstruct his view.

“What the fuck?” His eyebrows knitted together.

“Don’t mind my feet, Sam.” You nodded at him as he grinned, figuring out what you were doing.

“How am I supposed to see?” He threw his hands up angrily.

“I don’t know, why don’t you sit somewhere else?” you asked innocently, knowing all the seats were taken up by the remaining members who were fighting smiles.

“Fuck off [Y/N],” he growled and went to move your feet.

“You come near my feet and I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. Don’t fucking try me.”

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lost, but still home.

pairing: johnny x reader
genre: cheesy fluff (the best kind!)
word count: 1.195
about: in which you and johnny travel the world; always lost, but never lacking a smile. you get a little tipsy, dance in the rain, and confess your love to the subtle setting of the sun. no matter how foreign your surroundings were, you would always be at home in each other’s arms.

“if home is where the heart is, then you are my home; because my heart has always been with you.” — julie martinez

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Central Arizona “Gothic”
  • It’s the middle of the valley region. You are a maintenance worker who has been assigned to your daily task. You carry your leaf blower through the streets. You blow leaves out of the gutter and away from the sidewalk. There are no trees around. You do not know where these leaves come from. You simply know that you are meant to blow them away. Away from here. 
  • There is one locally-owned ice cream establishment within walking distance. You are sure there must be more such oases elsewhere, but you have never seen them. No one has ever returned from them. Maybe there are better ice cream shops out there and no one wanted to return. Maybe there is nothing. The risk is too high for the potential reward. 
  • You are not supposed to touch the cacti. The cacti are not supposed to touch you. And yet, there are still rebel forces at work. 
  • The person next to you is not a cowboy. You are not a cowboy. You have not met a single cowboy since you arrived on the stagecoach. In fact, you have not seen a single cow, either. 
  • You check your shoes every morning for lizards. There is one in every pair with the exception of your dress shoes. There is one scorpion in the left shoe. It refuses to leave. You have not had the motivation to buy a new pair of dress shoes yet. 
  • You have fifteen pairs of sunglasses. You wear none of them. Somehow one pair disappears every month. You do not look for them anymore. You dread the day when they all decide to leave you at once. You do not want to be alone. 
  • It rains at least once every two weeks. The rain drops are few but heavy. The power goes out as the first hits the ground. The library floods at the second. Fifty mini-vans are caught in flood waters at the third. You dread what the fourth brings. Your neighbors are building an arc. You think they intend to leave you behind. 
  • “They” say that earthquakes happen all the time. You feel no such seismic activity and you most certainly do not feel the aftershocks. You do not know who “they” are, either, but everyone else seems to trust “them.” 
  • Everyone wants to go to Disneyland. Everyone loves Disneyland. Everyone wakes in the morning and turns to the West to gaze longingly towards the land of their savior. 
  • Pipes continue to leak in the University dorms. Only the maintenance workers know where it all comes from. They are friendly people. Some question if they are even human at all. These thoughts are never vocalized. No one questions the power or the wisdom of the maintenance workers. 
Yoongi Scenario: Sand and Salt Water.

Request: Yoongi and you are married and go to the beach with your two sons.

Genre: Fluff / Family

-Sunscreen? -


-Towels? -


-Diapers? -


-Extra change of clothes? -


-Formula? -


-Why are we taking the stroller to the beach? - Yoongi’s confused voice made you turn to him.

You were checking one last time all the things you had to take with you today to the beach, and Yoongi was the one in charge of reading the list you had pre-made for him, you were checking everything in the bags.

-Why won’t we take the stroller? It is useful! -

Yoongi sighed. –Yeobo, we are going to the beach, you know? As in sand and salt water beach-

You rolled your eyes ignoring his comment. –Yoongi, the stroller could be useful in any kind of situation-

He was lying on his side of the bed with the list in his hands and looked at you over the paper. –It’s just going to take more space in the car-

-Fine, we’ll leave it. But don’t whine when we need it later-

Yoongi chuckled. –Oh you’re so sure of yourself. We won’t-

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chibi project 2/36: callan

idk if ill keep posting these individually or after ive done a couple, depends on whether people find a mini flood every couple days to be annoying

i wanted to try and incorporate both of his strife weapons since he also uses rapiers, but having one hanging off a belt looked a little silly lmao

{ I’ve been thinking about the following a little lately.

Mostly because I can’t seem to find the time nor the muse to bring my A-game into RP’s anymore.
That and I’ve been flooded with ideas, some of them involve Ortensia centered mini comic things.
Which I planned on doing a long time ago and still want to do.

But yeah.

Activity on the blog is also almost dead.
Which I only have myself to blame for. Let’s be honest. XD

But eh…I’ve been thinking, and I’m not 100% sure yet, about turning this back into an ask blog/muse appreciation blog again.

But again. Not 100% sure about that yet.

Will probably decide when I finish the one RP that’s keeping updates somewhat frequent. }

sweet release

a/n: /cries [[janitorjimin minsugahs jpony]] this is what happens when jo has ideas planted in her head. oh my god. nope. goodbye. /casually walks out of the galaxy

this is really not what jimin had in mind when he applied for the part-time position as cleaning staff at the hershey’s chocolate factory.

it was supposed to be an easy, menial job to make some extra petty cash and keep himself occupied until the end of the summer when he’d go back to school for his second year of college.

when he’d had his interview, jimin was told his duties would involve keeping the dust and gunk out of production areas, and making sure to keep the hallways and unreachable corners clear of trash to prevent any fire hazards.

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"Bad Blood" One Shot

Author: Sam

Imagine Requested By: Anon

Original Imagine: Imagine Dean defending you from your father after your father calls you a lazy slob.

Warning: Abusive father

Note: This was a requested one shot and its sort of long, so sorry about that. This also has flashbacks to the night before, so it might be a bit confusing to read. The flashbacks are marked by a double space



Daaaaaad… you grumble inside your head. Why can’t you just let me sleep?

You hear a pounding at your door. 

“Y/N! Get up!” 

“Go away dad!” You say, trying to get back to your dream.

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The Signs in the Rain

Aries: *jumps into the rain*

Taurus: *smell of the rain* *happy zombie noises*

Gemini: *splashes on puddles to annoy their friends*

Cancer: … *accidentally steps into dirty puddle* CRUEL WORLD.

Leo: *pretends they are in a music video*

Virgo: Fuck did I get the laundry or

Libra: *stares blankly into the sky (waiting for rainbows?)*

Scorpio: This fucking sky. I like it. I shall walk in this darkness where I belong.


Capricorn: *considers getting back into the house to get 3 more umbrellas* 

Aquarius: *thought it would be funny to hold the umbrella upside down* U dont understand dis is conserving water.

Pisces: *attempts to spin umbrella as fast as they can* *lost the umbrella*