for the mini flood

This was my favorite part of living in the city.  Sexy men doing their daily run on almost every block–so many of them decently or super successful.  You can’t go wrong in a paradise like this.

Take Penn State here.  He doesn’t even notice me since I’m in my astral form, but I see him take a seat on a bench and lean down to adjust his laces.  He hasn’t even started his run, but he’ll be missing way more than the next hour.  Fuck me, depending on his job and apartment, he might be lucky if I give him back before the New Year.  

Right as he finishes tying those laces I rush him from the back.  His smooth, deep voice gasps out and I can tell he just shuddered.  He’s cringing and clenching his fists, still leaning down and facing the ground.  I’ve become ruthlessly efficient at this over what feels like hundreds of mini stolen lifetimes so far.  I feel my energy–my essence–flooding and dissipating into every part of him.  From those hairy and toned legs down those fine ass arms and all throughout his core until I surge up his neck and completely fill his brain.  

This stud takes one massive gasp for air before every single one of his muscles tenses at the same time and he goes limp, blacking out from consciousness.  Almost seamlessly, I begin opening my new eyes, feeling my rock solid new chest leaning against my bare knees.  

“Fucking nice…” I say as I sit back up, a look of mischief as I look out on this city I love.  I can feel men and women alike checking me out, and I decide to give them something to really enjoy.  

I take the shirt off and I can’t even help but run my hands along this chiseled perfection.  People around me are looking at me with confusion, but also a hint of thirst.  I give the twink gazing at me a wink, and smirk as he instantly blushes before hitting the pavement.  

Mile 1…mile 2…fuck me I’m on mile 7 and I’m not even tired.  I’ve been in some fit bodies before but this fucker is FIT!  My pace has been crazy though.  Shit my sweaty torso is getting so many lustful gazes.  But I’m feeling such a rush and such a high, I just start doing pushups right then and there, grunting gently as I pound past 100, but still going strong.  I stop at 200, amazed at my new body’s capabilities and amused to see the people watching me with either jealousy or lust.  I’ve got such a pump going on, and I make sure to give the crowd a nice show of my flexed chest and torso before reaching into my pocket and fishing out my new ID.  

Chad Fisher–Yeah I totally feel that.  Hell yeah, you can call me Chad Fisher.  I see my new address on my ID, and I actually know where it is.  Real swanky place, and it’s not too far, not that distance would be a problem for me.  I grab my pecs just to feel that carved muscle in my hands before hitting the pavement again, endorphins just adding to this insane high.  

The concierge greets me, but eyes me strangely.  I realize I’m still not wearing the shirt and pull it back on.  

“It was a little hot today,” I said, flashing my million watt smile.  

I guess Chad is usually more modest.  Or I should say was more modest.  I plan on using this body to its full potential.  

The anticipation is literally killing me as look at Chad’s keys and see “PH” on the key.  Holy fuck, this guy has the penthouse.  I hit the PH button and reach the top floor and I literally grin like a little kid as the key fits perfectly into the lock and lets me into this masterpiece of a home.  Immediately I can tell this must be at least 18,000 square feet right in the heart of the city.  

“What the fuck do you do?” I ask aloud, even though I know Chad can’t hear me. 

I shed these sneakers and the shirt and find myself wandering from room to glorious room in these black socks and these shorts.  These ceilings are just ridiculous and he’s got everything.  Massive kitchen, living room with huge space for entertaining, massive TVs, super modern design, 4 huge bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, a den, a balcony big enough to host dozens of people a second living room, and one hell of an office, and all with super expensive furniture.  I wander into the office and see a magazine featuring the hottest bachelors in all the city, and what do you know, I have pretty good taste–Chad here ranked number one.  Apparently, he’s the next hot (in more than one way) hedge fund manager, and he’s already worth north of $600 million.  

“Fuck me, I hit the jackpot,” I say as I collapse onto the masterbedroom bed–my new bed–and furiously rip off these socks and shorts, leaving me with straining wood against my underwear.  I can already tell that this is a long, thick dick, but my jaw practically drops when I pull the final waistband down and see this fully hard beauty.  9 gorgeous, perfectly straight inches of cut cock greet me, and it’s thick enough that my fingers don’t meet around its girth.  Chad left some pubes, but he’s perfectly trimmed and very clean down there.  Just the way I like it.  

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” I groan as I grab my stolen fuckstick and begin slowly pumping that shaft, grinding against my grip and using my free hand to explore this perfect body.  

“fuck yeah!  Hottest bachelor in the fucking city!” I yell out as I get more aggressive with my pumping and really begin thrusting against my grip.  

Chad is the most virile body I’ve ever been in!  I’m literally going all out and it feels amazing, but this level of stamina is just insane!  I’m literally glistening with sweat as I give my new meat the most intense workout I’ve ever had.  Fuck I know I could keep going with this body, but I start thinking of all the sexy twink and stud ass I’m gonna be pounding with this dick, and that’s enough for me to feel my balls tighten and begin to send me over the edge.  

“Oh shit oh shit Ohhhhhhh Fuckin’ AGGGGHHHHHHH GOD!! FUCK YEAH!” I roar in excitement as I thrust my hips in the air and feel my first shot of cum in this body launch clear past my bed and splash against the headboard.  

My eyes go wide and I shiver as I drop my hips back onto the bed and arch my back, still pumping away and feeling shot after shot launch out of me, splashing me in the face, landing all over the sheets, coating my chest and leaving a trail down my new abs before I gasped and milked one last drop out and let go of my new meat.  I was gasping for breath, ravenously smelling my new underarms and rubbing all of the cum on my face closer to my hungry new tongue.  

“So fucking goooooood!” I groaned as I scooped up all the cum on my chest and licked it up.  Fuck me I wanted to eat and taste every last drop, but I took the last of the cum on my abs and spread it across my torso and between my inner thighs–letting it soak in like lotion.  I wanted to smell like sex for the rest of the day.  

I was in pure bliss–post orgasmic bliss for several minutes–literally unlike anything I have EVER experienced.  I literally just touched my new body in bed for the next straight hour, smiling every second of it, and finding myself caught up touching my new scruff.  It was surprisingly soft in spite of being so thick and manly.  

True to my word, I didn’t shower–instead just pulling on a pair of expensive and flattering jeans, an expensive polo, tucked in and held with an Hermes belt.  Chad has quite a watch collection, but I settled on my favorite rolex (there were multiple), and topped off the look with some Ferragamo shoes that made me look like one hell of a bachelor.  

Scrolling through my new phone, I found the number of my private driver and had him here in an immaculate black car within minutes.  

“To the usual spot?” he asked.

I asked him to clarify, and he brushed off that I should have known as he named the ultimate rich straight guy bar where admittedly the women were gorgeous–but again..key word being women…

“We’re gonna change it up tonight,” I said with a smirk as I told him to take me to the hottest gay club in the city.

“Yes sir,” he said, looking confused, but he was too obedient to question me.  

I felt like king of this city.  I was attractive enough to walk in on my looks alone, but I still went up and slid the bouncer $1,000 in crisp Benjamins, giving his arm a brotherly slap before he nodded in appreciation before letting me walk right in. Hundreds of men and women gawked as I strolled in like the prince of the club.  I noticed a particularly cute twink, and pulled him from the line.  

“He’s with me,” I told the bouncer and he nodded before we both strolled in, this twink in utter shock.  

I slipped the hostess a few thousand bucks like it was nothing, and immediately this boy and I found ourselves in a VIP booth away from the mess of everything.  The drink service was virtually instantaneous as we slammed through several rounds, and I learned that this boy was a freshman at the top university in the city.  Pete was his name, and still 18 years old.  He was actually worried that his fake was gonna get rejected tonight while out with his new college buddies, but here he found himself drinking away with the hottest bachelor in the city.  I bullshitted my way through the whole hedgefund thing since I knew almost nothing about the actual job–I just made sure to let this kid know I was rich and powerful and that I wanted to dance with him.  I gave the waitress a few hundred bucks and told her to keep the change as this beautiful blonde college boy and I hit the floor.  

I saw his friends staring in amazement and jealousy as Pete and I got close and rubbed our sweaty bodies together on the dancefloor.  He practically melted into my strong arms, and I could tell this boy must have usually been shy, but the drinks had hit him in just the right way.  

“Let’s go back to my place,” I whispered into his ear before gently biting his earlobe.  

He just looked at me with longing eyes and that was when I immediately called my driver.  

We were a flurry as I closed the door behind us and we tore each other’s clothes off.  I think he was too drunk and turned on to really take in what an amazing penthouse this was, but that would be a fun morning conversation.  I was honestly in such ecstasy and bliss that it was like a whirlwind and before I knew it Pete was on his back with his legs resting on my shoulders as I pressed my lubed dick against his opening.  

“You ever done this before?” I asked.  

“N-Never with a guy…” he responded.

I tried not to laugh as I told him, “yeah well me neither.” I was obviously speaking on behalf of the rightful owner of this body I now enjoyed, but Pete didn’t need to know that.  All he needed was this dick giving him some sweet love.  

Pete scrunched his face and grimaced as I began pushing against him.  My dick was pretty massive for a first timer, but I knew he could take it.  

“It’s gonna hurt, but then it’s gonna feel so fucking good, baby,” I assured him with my deep, smooth voice.  “That’s right, relax and let me in.”

I watched Pete squirm and breathe deeply as I pushed even harder, finally getting the head inside him.  I was actually taken aback as I felt his hole snap back tight around my shaft.  Fuuuuuckkkk this boy was tight.  He was already very red in the face, and the veins on his neck were dilated.  Pete was biting his lip and groaning in pain into a pillow, but I kept pushing into him.  

“Ohhhhh FUCK please stop!” Pete yelled as he tossed the pillow and grabbed the sheets in his clenched fists.  

I eased and gave him a few seconds to catch his breath.  I assured him that he needed to try to relax as much as possible, no matter how weird it felt.  But I stayed right there with just about 3 inches of my dick inside him until I felt the breakthrough.  And Pete felt it too as he got his hole to almost fully relax.  We made eye contact for a brief moment before I slid the last 6 inches into him in one smooth motion.  

Pete’s eyes shot wide open, and I watched him squirm beneath me, struggling to catch his breath and tossing his head around as his cock instantly hardened between us and began leaking precum by the drop.  

“Yeah you fucking love this dick, don’t you?!”

Pete just moaned in response, so I leaned down and had him wrap his legs around me as I got close enough that our chests were rubbing together.  I wanted him close as I forced our lips together and explored his mouth with my tongue.  He loved the scruff, and I could tell he loved feeling so full of my cock, but he was about to love this even more…

“huuuuhhh,” he sighed as I slowly slid about halfway out and slowly back in all the way.  I actually felt his cock throb a little against me I could tell he loved it so much.  

“You’re a quick learner,” I teased him before backing up and putting his feet back on my shoulders and grabbing his hips firmly.  “So let’s dive right in.”

Peter yelped in shock as I pulled out just enough to leave the head inside him and then pistoned back in. 

I didn’t give him time to catch his breath though.  I was immediately out, and thrusting back into him, using my body’s full strength and endurance as I powerfucked Pete’s college twink body.  I knew he could handle it, and I was so right.  

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!  FUck that feels so gooooooood!!!! Yeah Fuck me HARDER!” Pete begged as I kept giving it to him with even more intensity.  All the strength of these stolen hips, abs, and legs were being used to give Pete even more and more.  

I wanted him so badly, I found myself leading us through a flurry of different positions.  For a few minutes I had him in the air as I stood and literally pistoned him up and down off my cock–and we both love that, but even a magnificent body like this one could only do that for so long.  I remedied this by pushing Pete up against a wall–getting a similar mid air effect, only this time I could hold Pete up against that wall way longer as I used him and thrust him full of my cock.  Eventually I was sweating so much that I just couldn’t keep a good grip on Pete so I grabbed him real good, still full inside him, and fell backwards onto the bed.  I leaned up and embraced Pete, holding him tight in my powerful arms as he took the lead and rode me there was no tomorrow.  I felt him hug me back as our sweaty chests rubbed together, and we locked our mouths together again.  Then I heard Pete really start to moan and I could feel his hole clenching.  Pete was going at it harder than ever and I knew exactly what was coming.  He let go of me and practically screamed as I grabbed his cock and began pumping him as he continued to slam himself full of my meat–and the pay off was just amazing.  His hole was going crazy as he began shooting out his load between us–coating both of our bodies as each thrust back onto my dick made him shoot out another ribbon of cum.  That was it for me–right as Pete was ending his orgasm, I was feeling mine ready to erupt, and this was going to be so much bigger than the one earlier in the day.  

Oh my fucking God, out of instsinct or maybe from all the testosterone in Chad’s body, I rolled us back over so Pete was on his back and just went at it like I didn’t even think was possible.  Pete was slackjawed and looking on the verge of consciousness as I used every last ounce of strength in this legs, hips, and core to pound and thrust harder and harder until I just started roaring with my manly voice–fuck, it was like I wanted the whole city to hear as I felt my balls tighten and I finally started erupting deep into Pete’s hole.  

I could tell Pete loved the feeling of my seed warming his insides, and I made sure that every shot was launched as deep as possible inside him, but I was cumming so fucking much that eventually it just started leaking out of him with each new thrust.  God damn, I kept pounding it into him though, finally slamming myself fully into him one last time before collapsing on top of him and pulling him into a ravenous kiss.  He wrapped his legs tightly against me to pull me close, and I loved feeling his still warm cum as our bodies rubbed together.  

I don’t know if I passed out inside him or not, but I woke up the next morning and heard the shower running.  Smirking, I got up and joined my sexy college twink right as he started lathering his hair.  

“Dude, your place is amazing!  And last night…”

“Was amazing,” I said, finishing his sentence as I smirked and got closer to him, lathering my body and washing his cum off of me.  Part of me was sad to see it wash away, but I knew this was just the beginning for Pete and me.  Obviously, I would bang more boys and men, and occasionally maybe I’d even let a particularly powerful man fuck my ass, but I knew I would have Pete as an option for at least the next four years.  Holy shit, I’ve never even stayed in a body for more than three months, but this is different…this body, this life, this penthouse, this power, this wealth, this twink in my shower…This is a long haul possession.  Regardless of how long it ends up being, I can assure you I will be Chad Fisher for many years to come–The city’s hottest bachelor.  Fuck yeah, that’s me.  

Relatable Berena shipper things

- You can’t remember a time when your blog (or indeed your life) wasn’t a Sapphic Angst Fest™

- You never drank Shiraz™ before. Now it is your drink of choice. Stockpiled before every Tuesgay eve™.

- Speaking of beverages, you now only take your coffee Strong and Hot™.

- Every Monday evening is a mini-festive-celebration of anticipation and trepidation. Your dash is flooded with gifs of a very beautiful blonde and a very beautiful brunette snogging each other’s faces off. You have absolutely no complaints. You reblog every gif. No matter if it’s the same kiss.

-  Leopard print is now certified Gay™. It is the new plaid.

- Like a pretty girl? You know the way to go isn’t flowers or cards. Arm wrestling™ is surely the way to win her over.

- Kissing a girl in Stepney™ is on your bucket-list.

- Stepney, in fact, is no longer just a place. You will never hear the word the same way again. Just like with Kiev or Ukraine. Any mention of that country and your heart will start feeling these weird, painful things. Emotions, you have heard them called on some occasions.

- You will try to slip the word ‘cactus’ into any conversation. What other way is there to impress a pretty girl that showing off your Australian slang? Bonus points if it’s while giving some questionable car advice.

- You can now intelligently quote and define Occam’s Razor™. You have no idea what to do with this information. (Impress another pretty girl maybe?)

- On Wednesday mornings you might feel unable to go into school or university or work. This is often caused by an acute, chronic case of gay. Sometimes this might be because your heart has been torn to pieces by a beautiful scene or storyline. Often, this might just because of Angel Hair™ (add a Hair Flick™ and you know it’s fatal) or The Grey Hoodie™ or Angelic Blue Scrubs™ or The Pout™.

- You might now have very fond memories of a play you probably only heard of this year. What the Butler Saw has been inscribed on your calendar for months in bright red pen. You risked hyperventilating, sat in the Curve Theatre surrounded by hordes of old couples feeling like an Undercover Gay™ (half-driven insane by the chaotic music over the speakers). You also now have very fond memories of a black negligee. You are perhaps still reeling from having met an actual goddess in the flesh. You promise yourself, at some points, during the play you actually paid attention to the other characters. You know this is a lie.

- For months you have been shouting for Harold™. Harold™ has not been disappointed. Neither have you. Together you are shouting hurrah, lighting a sparkler and hanging up your lesbian bunting™.

Moangate™ - from The Second Kiss™ - is still unsolved and you’re even less sure of what, or rather who, the answer was.

- You spent last Valentine’s day an absolute mess, sobbing into your pillow with your heart torn to shreds. This is not for the reason other’s think. Even now the thought of My Partner™ or The Hug™ brings a tear to your eye.

- You are either now in love with J Red or C Russ. You may have even succumbed to an irrecoverable, life-altering illness called Double Trash™. There is no hope. You have slowly come to terms with this.

- Lastly, give yourself a clap on the back if you ever hear a pop song by Years and Years on the radio and are transported nostalgically to a happy place but don’t know why. All you can remember is that was good practice not bad and that you would definitely put your green light on. The memories come flooding back. You realise maybe you have spent too long on the YouTube channel NatsAshes.

- You sit back and realise the above things are too relatable, and maybe you should take a step back. Maybe you shouldn’t reblog that gif of them snogging or hugging or flirting for the 1000th time. Maybe you should stop.

- You quickly think no. After all, It’s Medicinal™.

Imagine getting in a fight but not telling your brothers (Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 1117

Request by: @thedeanunderthecas​ - Hi! I wanted to know if you could write a oneshot where the reader gets in trouble at school and calls Cas to come up there so her brothers(Sam & Dean) don’t find out she punched someone, but Cas tells them as he is leaving the bunker to go talk to her principal so she gets caught anyway? If not that’s okay :-)

A/N: I wrote most of this at 3am whilst procrastinating doing GCSE revision, aww yeahhh!

You sat quietly, bored out of your mind, in the principal’s office as he flicked through the notes about a fight you had recently gotten yourself into.

Sighing as he looked up at you, he began to speak, “I expected better of you Y/N, I’m going to have to call in your guardians to explain to them the situation and discuss the length of your removal from school.”

You slowly lifted your head in shock and fear of the words which just came out of his mouth. Sam and Dean could not find out about this, they wouldn’t understand, they’d get so angry, they’d hate me, they’d think I’m a monster. Your mind ran rapidly thinking of all of the outcomes to your brothers finding out about your mini fight, none of them sounding particularly appealing.

Suddenly relief flooded your body as you thought of Castiel, he could get you out of this situation acting like one of your brothers and neither Sam or Dean would ever have to know. A small smirk appeared on your face as you came up with the brilliant plan, all you had to do was convince Cas to come, talk to the principal and not tell Sam or Dean.

Deep breath. Okay, here goes nothing.

Cas, I need you to come to school, I kinda… Maybe… Slightly got into some trouble and now the principal wants to talk to Sam and Dean about me being expelled. Please Cas, I need you.

You put on a slightly scared/nervous tone to ensure Castiel came quickly and you sighed happily before leaning back in your chair and waiting for Cas to be your knight in shining armour and save you from the horrors of school.

 At the bunker

Cas abruptly stood up after Y/N’s prayer ended preparing to fly to them.

As Castiel was about to leave, Dean spoke up, “Wait! Where are you going?”, curiosity lacing his voice at Castiel’s sudden attempts to leave.

“Y/N has requested for me to come talk to their school principal as he wishes to talk to me about them being expelled due to the fact that she appears to have gotten herself into some sort of ‘trouble’.”

Sam’s head shot up and Deans face was filled with shock and rage.

Without saying anything, Dean left the room towards Baby, quickly followed by Sam and Cas.

As the engine started up Dean whispered to himself “Y/N better get prepared for no more hunts and bunker cleaning duty for life,” causing Sam to nod his head, shock still evident on his face from the information that his innocent, shy, younger sister had done something bad enough to get them expelled.

You smiled to yourself as the door to the room opened only to have your face drained from all its colour as both your brothers followed by Cas walked into the room and sat beside you, sharp, angry looks evident on both of their faces.

You sighed to yourself as you looked down at your hands in your lap. Of course Castiel would tell them, why wouldn’t he.

Looking up once again, your eyes met with Sam’s as he gave you a sorry yet stern/angry glance causing you to lean back in your chair and prepare yourself for the inevitable lecture about to come your way.

After Sam and Dean had finished talking with your principal, you all left the school, nobody saying anything. You climbed into the back of baby with Cas as the awkward tension from the silence built up. Dean was practically radiating anger from the driver’s seat, his hands clutched the steering wheel as tightly as he could causing his knuckles to turn white. Slowly, you gulped as the realisation of how fuming your brothers truly were at you.

Once the long ride of torture in Baby was over, and you were all sat in the bunker silent, you finally spoke up.

“Sooo.. That was-“ you began to speak before being cut short.

“What the hell were you thinking Y/N?” Dean finally snapped looking directly into your eyes waiting for a solid answer to his question.

A few moments passed as you thought about what to say.

“I’m not going to apologise.” You knew that giving into your brothers and just saying sorry would probably be the easiest and most efficient way of ending this hole you had dug yourself into but instead you decided to not back down, that kid you hit had it coming and no matter what the consequences were, you would have chosen to hit them. Every. Single. Time.

“You’re what?” Deans voice boomed across the room. Sam and Cas sat on the other table listening to how the argument slowly began to intensify.

“I said, I’m not going to apologise.” You repeated but this time with a slightly sarcastic tone.

“Y/N,” Sam said warningly knowing that he should try to calm the situation but instead it just made you angrier that nobody had heard your side of the story and just assumed that you were the bad person.

“No Sammy! They fucking deserved it!” you lashed out harshly as tears glossed over your eyes and your vision blurred, “They were picking on some kid, I saw it, everyone saw it but nobody did anything, they all just stood there letting these dicks pick on this kid, I couldn’t just stand there doing nothing like all the cowards around me, so I hit them. It was stupid, I know, but they deserved it.”

Shock appeared on your Sam, Dean and Cas’s faces. None of them had ever heard you swear before nor had they seen you cry.

Suddenly, you felt a pair or arms wrap around you, and another and before you knew it, you were pulled into a group hug including the three most important people in your life. The tears escaping your eyes quickly changed to happy ones as you felt the strong sensation of love fill your body.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m just really protective of you, heck, we all are, and I don’t want you getting hurt,” Dean whispered into your hair before placing a kiss on your forehead. Sam and Cas nodded agreeing to what Dean had just said.

“I love you all so much,” you pulled down your sleeve and wiped away the stray tears running down your face.

“We love you too,” Sam replied before you were pulled into yet another group hug causing happiness to replace the sadness you once felt as you knew how truly loved you were…

“But you’re still on bunker cleaning duty,” Dean quickly added ruffling your hair causing you to groan in annoyance but with a smile on your face.


  • here we go w the next monster in the monct house
  • the way sicheng appeared is a bit of a sad tail tale tbh
  • so as a werewolf, sicheng was a part of a pack deep in the woods behind monct’s house
  • he didn’t even know it was there tbh
  • in case this isn’t obvious,,, sicheng is the runt of his pack
  • and he basically gets picked on all the time especially by the alfa and the beta of the pack
  • like they make everything extra hard on him and basically scold him when he can’t do the impossible
  • and one day sicheng has just had enough like he’s terrified that his own pack members are going to go too far with their punishments and actually kill him
  • he used to be afraid of running away bc he knew that he would be officially classified as a rogue and his scent wouldn’t belong to any pack
  • he’d be on his own,,,, and treading back into any kind of pack territory would be an immediate death sentence
  • and he’s scared and alone,, but he knows this is what he has to do
  • a pack is supposed to be a family,,, and sicheng only feels like a prisoner
  • so one night he darts off
  • he’s the quickest werewolf in his pack, so this works in his favor
  • OH wait let’s describe the wv: werewolf visuals for a moment shall we
  • okay you know during johnny’s communication center when winwin looks super duper soft and his hair is that pretty shade of copper brown i know y'all sleep on his visuals but you have to remember look
  • bc when sicheng transforms into his wolf version, his fur is that same soft copper and his eyes are still big and curious to the world
  • and he’s limber, both as a wolf and as a human
  • but he isn’t the slyest,,,, and within ten minutes of running he can already hear his alfa howling from the pack headquarters
  • it’s threatening and scary and maybe ten minutes is a good head start in human speed but as a werewolf sicheng is doomed if he doesn’t find a hiding place quick
  • he darts to the left until he sees a light,,,,,, which he realizes is a human house
  • and…….. tbh………. he’s never seen a human before like he’s heard a bunch of legends about how they’re scary creatures who poke monsters w pitchforks and light werewolf homes on fire
  • so he’s highkey terrified to go anywhere near the house
  • but he needs to hide, so he squeezes through the doggy door in the back door of the house
  • and he panics once he’s in the house bc he can sniff humans and he’s terrified of them finding him so he runs up the stairs,,, into the first room he can find,,,, and he crawls under the bed
  • and he’s just hoping all the werewolves in his pack won’t come into the house,,, but he knows they can smell him,,,,,
  • so hesitantly he creeps out from under the bed and looks around for any kind of cologne or perfume
  • his eyes finally catch on an entire perfume shelf lol like whoever owns this room must collect them for the aesthetic or smth
  • sicheng just thinks he’s lucky
  • he transforms back into his human form and like grabs the vials,,,,, and just pours them all over his body,,,,,, and then he pours the rest into the carpet, transforms back into his wolf form,,,,, and rolls around in it to mask his natural scent
  • this is how you find him LOL
  • you had just gotten back from your classes and you can smell the absolute floral and fruity storm wafting from your room
  • and you walk in to see a wolf rolling around in spilled perfume
  • and tbh you’re a bit startled at first, but you’re even more startled when the wolf notices you and retreats to the corner of your room, its tail between its legs
  • “hey,,, doggo,,,, idk how you got in here but would you like some food? my moms got a whole t-bone steak in the freezer that i kinda don’t want to cook up so,,,, you can have it if you want”
  • and the wolf kind of cocks his head to the side as if it’s confused,,,,,,, and before your eyes the wolf forms into a boy,,, a rlly cute boy that is
  • and he pulls his knees up to his chest like “aren’t you going to poke me w a pitchfork for stealing your perfume?”
  • you kind of shrug like “look my grandma gets me new perfume every year for my birthday and christmas so i’m just glad they’re finally getting some use.”
  • “oh” and his voice is so soft and low like he geuinely looks scared of you,,,,, he keeps discreetly checking you out through his eyelashes, only to duck down when you make eye contact w him
  • “why’d you put it all on anyway?”
  • nd v v quietly and slowly, sicheng explains how he is a werewolf running away from an abusive pack,,,, and he’s afraid of being caught
  • and youre like dude!! don’t worry abt it let’s get you cleaned up and fed before i call some friends
  • so while sicheng takes a bath and gets all the dirt, grime, and fragrance off of him,,,, you call up human!doyoung,, who you know from university
  • “yo don’t you live at that monster house? can you take one more?”
  • doyoung agrees to set up a sleeping place for yet another monster
  • so when sicheng comes out of the bath, freshly clothed in an oversized sweater and some sweatpants you found, you grab his hand like “i found you a place to live!”
  • and he’s lowkey not rlly excited like he’s already met enough new people for one day thank you very much
  • but you’re persistent that these people will help him a lot more than you ever could
  • and you lowkey can’t have a boy at your house when your parents come home it just won’t end well
  • so sicheng agrees and you drop him off at the monct house
  • and the first to welcome him is zombie!yuta, who smells like a mix of rotting flesh and honey, and witch!mark, who is excited to meet his new roommate
  • and sicheng is pretty closed off for the first few days like he accepts the food doyoung slides under his door and then he sleeps the rest of the time
  • now listen,,,,, around the full moon,,,,, werewolves are forced to transform to like their top physical wolf form
  • and it isn’t like the soft wolves in the forest,,,, it’s like those creepy walking wolf creatures with elongated spines and long nails
  • and it hurts a lot,,,, but it can also make sicheng rlly horrible for the night like every wolf gets bloodthirsty and violent and just wants to kill
  • sicheng warns the rest of the boys abt this and they agree to lock him in a spare bedroom for the night
  • and none of them can sleep during the night bc sicheng is howling and whimpering and he sounds like he’s in so much pain
  • mark leaves in the middle of the night to his room to “work on something”
  • and shapeshifter!jaemin,, after nearly biting off his lower lip in worry, finally transforms into a puppy and toddles over to the bedroom to peak under the crack in the door
  • he barks for a bit,,,,,,, and it’s like the wolf in sicheng felt a bit of comfort
  • like wolves are pack creatures and can get super lonely, alright,,,, and sicheng’s been lonely his entire life like he’s never ever been comforted by anything or anyone before
  • and the rest of nct take after jaemin’s lead,,, like forest fairy!jeno does what he can to try and make passion flowers (which have been proven to calm a dog’s seperation anxiety) grow under the door
  • witch!mark comes out of his bedroom w a few potion vials under his arm and soot in his hair “i made some healing and sleeping potions for as soon as he’s out of there”
  • and doyoung calls you bc well,,, you knew sicheng first and he feels it’s important you know what’s happening
  • but when you get there they seem to have it under control
  • ghost!jaehyun slides through the walls every hour to update everyone on sicheng’s condition,,, and the worn out werewolf has fallen asleep to the sounds of jaemin speaking puppy talk to him and the sweet scent of the calming plants jeno keeps growing out of nervousness
  • the next day when sicheng comes out everyone is babying him hardcore
  • like vampire!taeil wraps a wool blanket around his shoulders and imp!chenle and imp!jisung decided to refrain from unscrewing the salt jar, just so sicheng could have a peaceful morning, and witch!mark is shoving potions down sicheng’s throat
  • even swamp monster!taeyong becomes motherly w his water bottles reminding sicheng to stay hydrated after his long night!!!!
  • and sicheng just starts crying???
  • invisible man!ten is like what did we do what did we do taeiL YOU MADE HIM CRY
  • but sicheng can only shake his head like “i’m not upset,,, i’m happy”
  • you dump an entire steak meal in front of him like eat this while you talk you need strength
  • but all of nct are waiting for an explanation
  • so sicheng just opens up abt his previous pack and how mean they were for no reason,,,, and he lifts his shirt to show everyone all the scars he has from their cruel punishments
  • and he looks at you, who nods for him to keep talking,,,,,, and sicheng finally looks at the rest of monct like
  • “you guys have shown me what a true pack is,,,, i’ve never felt this loved and safe,,,, thank you,,,”
  • and now it’s an entire monster crying fest like you write your number down on a note and leave it for sicheng before getting the heck out of there
  • bc when taeyong cries it’s like a mini flood and no one wants to be ankle-deep in that swamp water if they can help it
  • but everyone is so touched they can’t help it???
  • and after that sicheng is a lot less quiet around the boys and you
  • he helps cook and clean and sometimes gets caught chasing his tail when he’s bored
  • jaemin still transforms into a puppy whenever he wants just so wolf!sicheng has someone to run around with
  • and sicheng doesn’t call you bc he has no idea how to use a phone
  • taeil helps him w a lot of stuff like that
  • yuta tried to teach sicheng how to flirt but that rlly didn’t turn out great
  • turns out sicheng can’t flirt at all and has no idea how to act on a date like your first date consists of food cooked by taeil and then a nap on the couch
  • 10 outta 10 really you thought it was great
  • so yeah sicheng is still learning some stuff
  • but he learns rlly fast and his savagery skills even outdid the dreamies after he practiced a bit
  • he’s a great edition to the house
  • except when he transforms into a wolf and sits on the couch,,, he sheds everywhere and doyoung will not hesitate to chase him w a vacuum cleaner
  • yeah,,, and also,,,, after a few months sicheng stopped being able to smell his old pack,,,, so they must’ve left the woods to find a warmer home for winter
  • sicheng is so releaved and happy
  • he finally has a home and friends who love him and a person he highkey already has his heart he just doesn’t quite know what that means yet
  • so yeah,,, that’s werewolf!sicheng !!

this was fun to write! sorry there wasn’t much sicheng x reader! anyway, part of the collab w @trickortaeil ♥️

Central Arizona “Gothic”
  • It’s the middle of the valley region. You are a maintenance worker who has been assigned to your daily task. You carry your leaf blower through the streets. You blow leaves out of the gutter and away from the sidewalk. There are no trees around. You do not know where these leaves come from. You simply know that you are meant to blow them away. Away from here. 
  • There is one locally-owned ice cream establishment within walking distance. You are sure there must be more such oases elsewhere, but you have never seen them. No one has ever returned from them. Maybe there are better ice cream shops out there and no one wanted to return. Maybe there is nothing. The risk is too high for the potential reward. 
  • You are not supposed to touch the cacti. The cacti are not supposed to touch you. And yet, there are still rebel forces at work. 
  • The person next to you is not a cowboy. You are not a cowboy. You have not met a single cowboy since you arrived on the stagecoach. In fact, you have not seen a single cow, either. 
  • You check your shoes every morning for lizards. There is one in every pair with the exception of your dress shoes. There is one scorpion in the left shoe. It refuses to leave. You have not had the motivation to buy a new pair of dress shoes yet. 
  • You have fifteen pairs of sunglasses. You wear none of them. Somehow one pair disappears every month. You do not look for them anymore. You dread the day when they all decide to leave you at once. You do not want to be alone. 
  • It rains at least once every two weeks. The rain drops are few but heavy. The power goes out as the first hits the ground. The library floods at the second. Fifty mini-vans are caught in flood waters at the third. You dread what the fourth brings. Your neighbors are building an arc. You think they intend to leave you behind. 
  • “They” say that earthquakes happen all the time. You feel no such seismic activity and you most certainly do not feel the aftershocks. You do not know who “they” are, either, but everyone else seems to trust “them.” 
  • Everyone wants to go to Disneyland. Everyone loves Disneyland. Everyone wakes in the morning and turns to the West to gaze longingly towards the land of their savior. 
  • Pipes continue to leak in the University dorms. Only the maintenance workers know where it all comes from. They are friendly people. Some question if they are even human at all. These thoughts are never vocalized. No one questions the power or the wisdom of the maintenance workers. 
Sky Painted Pretty Colours

summary: you and bucky hate each other, and stages through your relationship

warnings: there are swear words, insults, angst, meh meh

word count: 5,751

requests included:

-> What about if the reader is friends with nat or Wanda and comes by to hangout and says she wants to start working out so bucky volunteers/gets told he has to train her but she comes sporadically when she has time and overtime he likes her and fluffff

->Hey bby! Here’s a request for you: a bucky x reader where the reader is having a little girl conversation (about Bucky) with Wanda and Nat and he overhears :) Idk I find that cute for some reason

A/N: it’s long af and like through the years okay have fun im going to sleep it’s 4:15 am

p.s. read my previous fic

p.p.s. here’s my masterlist

Steve’s grip on the paper he was holding tightened significantly as his ears nearly bled from the constant bickering.

“Shut the fuck up, Bucky.”

“You’re the fuck up. How do I shut you up?” he shot back, making you seethe.

“Says the asshole who can’t even fight properly.” You both circled around the mat.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“Wow, how original, Barnes-”

“Oh my God, will you guys shut it already?! Just train and get out of here!” Steve finally lost it. He would have separated you both long ago, but no one could deny you were good for each other. For all the pent up anger you two had, it was good that you relieved it some way because none of the other the Avengers were able to keep up with you.

Both of you glared at each other but agreed silently as you shut up, continuing the training as usual.

Steve swore the tension could break through his shield if it was materialised.


“Hey JARVIS, where is everyone?” you called out, wondering where the hell everyone was since you were alone in the common room.

“They’re all watching a movie in the home theatre Agent [Y/L/N],” he informed you as confusion took over you. Why didn’t they call you?

As you opened the door to the theatre, the light flooding the mini hall, everyone turned to look at you.

“[Y/N]? We thought you were out.” Steve squinted.

“Who on earth told you that? I’ve been in my room the whole time!” you exclaimed, feeling a little hurt, honestly.

“Buck-” Every head turned to him as he smirked at you.

“That’s just cold, man,” Sam commented as Bucky smirked.

“Well, it wasn’t like your presence was missed. Literally nobody cared.” He shrugged. You looked around at everyone as they looked a little guilty.

“We really thought you were out,” Nat tried to convince you but you gave her a tight lipped smile.

“It’s okay,” you offered, walking down the slope to where Bucky was sitting alone in a row. You sat in the seat next to him, obnoxiously picking up your legs and sitting diagonally in such a manner that your feet were propped up on the chair in front of Bucky to obstruct his view.

“What the fuck?” His eyebrows knitted together.

“Don’t mind my feet, Sam.” You nodded at him as he grinned, figuring out what you were doing.

“How am I supposed to see?” He threw his hands up angrily.

“I don’t know, why don’t you sit somewhere else?” you asked innocently, knowing all the seats were taken up by the remaining members who were fighting smiles.

“Fuck off [Y/N],” he growled and went to move your feet.

“You come near my feet and I will not hesitate to kick you in the face. Don’t fucking try me.”

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Halloween Countdown: 7

Warning: mentions of blood, violence and sexual situations.


Summary: A chilling little series to countdown to Halloween. Each fated meeting with nine mysterious men leads you that much closer to your dark future…or rather, your end.


You are woken by the sound of something shuffling.

Your head throbs again when you open your eyes, focusing slowly on the dark ceiling. You are in the same room as last time, you note.

“Awake already?”

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Yoon Jisung Teacher AU

Righty ho, here we go~

• Your relationship with Mr. Yoon Jisung is a mixed bag let me tell you that,
• Jisung’s class is across the hall, and it just so happens that you and your class can see straight into his classes,
• Both of you are science teachers, Because blowing stuff up is cool and you have no idea how the maths or language teachers don’t get bored where they can’t burn things,
• Yeah, your school spares no expenses when it comes to fueling the pyromaniac in the teachers and kids,
• Growing up as a kid, science was your favorite subject,
• Purely because your teacher was a little bit crazy and that was what you needed in a role model,
• So you got all that student debt and rock up to school everyday like you’re 14 again,
• Jisung is lovely,
• To kids as well as the other teachers,
• Except that one history teacher because she’s scary,
• He’s one of those teachers that’ll stay after school to help his students with one problem but then they start chatting too much and wow, has it been 2 hours?
• His desk is next to yours in the science teachers’ office and omg he’s a chatterbox,
• “Jisung we both have a class in exactly 50 seconds please stop telling me about your run in with a spider last night,”
• Pupils have to remind him to check that experiment because it looks like it’ll explode any second,
• (You’d be heartbroken if he left but you think he has the job purely because the students love him),
• And this is where your problems start,
• Jisung is a brilliant teacher okay,
• And he loves practicals to pieces,
• A little too much?
• He seems to do practicals every other lesson,
• And this ain’t no relaxed practical either,
• None of that swabbing your cheek and putting it under a microscope,
• Nothing as easy as making electromagnets,
• Jisung only seems to do experiments if it offers some sort of danger of killing or at least injuring someone,
• You have to admit the excited shine in his eye is a little scary but also increasingly cute,
• And thinking that it’s cute is saying more about you than him really,
• Since your class is opposite his, you can see right inside and it’s very distracting,
• For you as well as your pupils really,
• I mean who can look away when the schools resident crazy scientist is stood on a table with his class and blue looking sparks fizzing like a fountain from an opposite table,
• It’s more common than not to watch your class scream, fall off their chairs, and gasp in surprise because it sounds like a gunshot has been set off next door,
• But you refuse to let him win this crazy scientist position,
• So you take things into your own hands, and in no time your class has pink flames and fire in water (a few tame examples),
• It becomes the highlight of your day to watch the class next door jump in surprise and your class giggles,
• Sometimes you catch eyes with Jisung and wiggle your eyebrows at him, as if in challenge, to ignore the butterflies in your stomach as he smiles and nods at you, acknowledging your move,
• And this is the part where you admit you have a huge classroom crush on the engaging and creative teacher next door,
• Because his smile sets off butterflies,
• And his laugh makes your heart feel full,
• Because he’s quirky and kind and always willing to help no matter how much it puts him out,
• Because he encourages you to persue the thing you love,
• Because he makes you love science like never before,
• The competition is honestly the most fun you’ve ever had at work,
• And you always overhear students talking about looking forward to your classes,
• The whole school knows about your mini competition, so you often see teacher on free periods just ‘going to stretch their legs’ down your corridor,
• Because who doesn’t want to see you and a few kids blow stuff up to see which has higher flames?
• Yeah, you and Jisung are as bad as each other,
• But it’s also great because the kids want to learn and their grades have never been so good,
• You’re packing your bag to go home when Mr. Yoon himself slides into your class, and you grin at him,
• It’s not an odd situation, the two of you normally pop into each others classes after school to talk over the curriculum, or to discuss a student, or walk to your cars together or ask how your day was,
• Throughout your unofficial competition, the two of you haven’t said a word about it, keeping it to glances and smiles and smirks, although you usually talk quite a bit,
• Because it’s unavoidable with Jisung,
• “Your experimental with the socks today was totally original, my whole class couldn’t take their eyes off you,”
• Jisung’s words make a wave of pride and joy and confidence ripple through you,
• “And you?”
• You mean it playfully, with a smile, but the next sentence from Jisung makes you nearly choke,
• “I can never take my eyes off you,”
• He’s blushing and you’re blushing and he’s SO E X T R A and you’re suffering 2nd hand embarrassment from his cringy one liner but it makes the butterflies in your stomach change to fireworks,
• “Well I’m glad it works both ways then,”
• The two of you stand there for a minute, eye to eye, all of the awkward embarrassment or playfulness disappearing in a matter of seconds,
• You take in his soft looking hair, slightly singed at the edges from yesterday; his delicate hands used to quickly mix chemicals then retreat before they reacted,
• And his eyes, so often filled with a joyous, curious, creative, passionate, wild look: now filled with an intensity that would, any other day, feel intimidating,
• And he leans over and kisses you,
• Simple as that,
• Except it’s not really that simple,
• Because the fireworks are now a new year’s show and your cheeks are warm and your head is fuzzy and his lips are soft and you can feel him smiling,
• You feel like someone just put francium with water in your heart because, damn, it’s reacting,
• (You’re a science teacher you’re aloud to make bad element similes),
• And then you’re just smiling at each other again like total dorks,
• And that is the beginning of the schools most infamous couple,
• You’re infamous because you often join classes to do massive practicals,
• You’ve had approximately 7 near death experiences since you started working together,
• But then Jisung’s had 12 so we can tell who gets a little t o o engaged,
• You share each others’ test subjects to discuss new experiment ideas,
• The competition does not end there,
• Oh no don’t worry about that,
• It gets BIGGER and BETTER,
• Oh boy, the students ship you just for the intense things you do now,
• Jisung creates a cloud in his classroom and it starts to rain?
• Your class almost floods the room with individual mini clouds.
• Jisung changes his massive fire green?
• Your class puts all of the Bunsen burners together to make a rainbow.
• And it really works because the grades are creeping up and everyone knows it’s a competition between the two classes,
• You and Jisung ride to work together and sing along to all the cheesy songs and memorise the periodic table song together,
• Low key start an unofficial science choir with science songs and meet ups after school on Thursday,
• PDA low-key at school, but with the joint experiments you manage to sneak your arms around each other;
• For safety of course, don’t want Mr. Yoon to burn his eyebrows off again.  . .
• But that doesn’t mean that you don’t sneak off at lunch,
• You’re on each others level, you understand when someone wants to rant about dark matter and understand each others goofy science jokes,
• “Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you are Cu-Te ,”
• “Oh lord Jisung please stop this is only second period,”
• And jibberish like,
• “Hey baby, will a little more alcohol catalyze this reaction?”
• “Y/N, these are year 9’s, they understand that line, please,”
• “Jisung.  . . That wasn’t a pickup line that was just a question,”
• They’re really awful but you both giggle like goofs,
• So yup, great teachers, but even better together because the passion is overflowing

lost, but still home.

pairing: johnny x reader
genre: cheesy fluff (the best kind!)
word count: 1.195
about: in which you and johnny travel the world; always lost, but never lacking a smile. you get a little tipsy, dance in the rain, and confess your love to the subtle setting of the sun. no matter how foreign your surroundings were, you would always be at home in each other’s arms.

“if home is where the heart is, then you are my home; because my heart has always been with you.” — julie martinez

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Yoongi Scenario: Sand and Salt Water.

Request: Yoongi and you are married and go to the beach with your two sons.

Genre: Fluff / Family

-Sunscreen? -


-Towels? -


-Diapers? -


-Extra change of clothes? -


-Formula? -


-Why are we taking the stroller to the beach? - Yoongi’s confused voice made you turn to him.

You were checking one last time all the things you had to take with you today to the beach, and Yoongi was the one in charge of reading the list you had pre-made for him, you were checking everything in the bags.

-Why won’t we take the stroller? It is useful! -

Yoongi sighed. –Yeobo, we are going to the beach, you know? As in sand and salt water beach-

You rolled your eyes ignoring his comment. –Yoongi, the stroller could be useful in any kind of situation-

He was lying on his side of the bed with the list in his hands and looked at you over the paper. –It’s just going to take more space in the car-

-Fine, we’ll leave it. But don’t whine when we need it later-

Yoongi chuckled. –Oh you’re so sure of yourself. We won’t-

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Huge Question:

Okay, so, still plugging away at the commissions, and getting the mat stuff ready. Neat thing is, once I’m solid on that front, I can just email them direct with new designs (they still have to approve, but the hard part is done)… Now, I don’t want to flood the market (at least not until the ‘mini commander’ project is actually done. I want to put all 32 color identities up at the same time if it’s possible… if not, I’m likely going to do it by groups: mono, guild, shard, clan, 4, 5, and none)

But anyhoo, I still want to get some ideas of fun ones that I should do sooner then later, and was wondering…

Should I do this as a mat? XD Discourse mini! hehe

when i’m feeling down sometimes i hop on ebay to see what the state of cheap allans is like and tonight i found a bunch

so prepare yourself for a mini allan link flood shortly. hopefully you all will keep me from buying them myself lol

BTS Animal Series: Namjoon - To Quench the Thirst

A/N: This is just straight up crack fic

word count: 2,042

Yoongi   Hoseok   Jimin   Taehyung   Jin   Jungkook

Originally posted by j1mln

Namjoon woke up with a stir, he couldn’t feel anything. And that’s fucking weird. He tried to move his legs but they won’t budge. The fucking lights are out, and guessing by the limited sunlight, it appears to the sun will be rising soon.

“What the fuck?” He tries to say. It sounded like ‘what the fuck’ to him but it came out more of a cry or some gurgling sound. Did his body just decide to stop fucking working while he slept?

Did he drink something he wasn’t supposed or did the fuckers he calls friends poison him? They might have.

But why the fuck would he feel like he doesn’t have fucking legs or the ability raise his arms anymore.

What the fuck happened since he fell asleep.

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