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She’s Leaving, Dean Masterlist

Pairings: SamxReader, CrowleyxDaughter!reader, Deanxsoulmate!reader, As well as OC pairings.

Warnings: Almost all chapters contain smut, and swearing.

This is basically us screwing around. We’re trying to keep things as close to the show as possible with characters and what’s possible, but work with us… if it’s not canon, just enjoy :)

  1. She’s Leaving, Dean
  2. Hell’s Princess
  3. Hi, Franky
  4. Witches
  5. France
  6. Planning
  7. Trustworthy
  8. Ohana Means Family
  9. Alone Time
  10. Help, Cas
  11. Daddy Crowley
  12. Consequences
  13. Thank You, Crowley
  14. Anything for My Little Girl
  15. Pushing Forward
  16. Come In, Charlie
  17. Nervous
  18. Like a Virgin
  19. Into The Groove
  20. Dancing Queen
  21. Mistakes
  22. Time Flies
  23. Hello, John
  24. Grandfathers
  25. Johnny Roderick
  26. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  27. Oh, Jealousy
  28. One Week
  29. You’re An Idiot
  30. Where is He?
  31. Forget Him, Baby
  32. Ashley
  33. Jess’s Look-alike
  34. Zombie Dean?
  35. You Bailed, Cas
  36. The Last Night
  37. 100 Years, In Hell
  38. She’s Pregnant
  39. Go Home, Sam
  40. You Wouldn’t Dare
  41. Dean’s Old Ways
  42. Johnny go, now!
  43. Desperate Housewives…and Husbands
  44. Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester
  45. Naming Dean’s Daughter
  46. The Shirt That Started it All
  47. I’ve Always Loved You
  48. Talk to Me, Sammy
  49. Wedding Pictures
  50. One Day He’ll Hurt Her
  51. Happy Birthday, Sammy
  52. Getting to Know You
  53. Jensen Meets With the King
  54. She is Queen
  55. the Birth of Rayne Ellen
  56. She Loved Him
  57. Six Days, Sir
  58. Name’s Lyle
  59. Anywhere in the World
  60. Sibling Rivalry
  61. What Did I Do Wrong?
  62. Then I Saw You, Sweetheart
  63. Walk of Shame
  64. One Day
  65. Baby Girl
  66. The Truth About John Roderick Winchester
  67. The Queen Will See You Now
  68. My New Dream
  69. Chick Flick Moments
  70. Equivalent Exchange
  71. All the Answers
  72. 16 Years
  73. Just Hold Me
  74. Gasoline
  75. Get In
  76. Papa Lyle
  77. You’re a MacLeod, Love
  78. I’m Serious, Baby Girl
  79. Burgers, Beer, and Pie
  80. Last Breath
  81. When the Levee Breaks
  82. Frozen
  83. He’s Your Boyfriend Too.
  84. Differences Aside.
  85. When You Smile
  86. Dad Was With You First.
  87. Find a New Daddy, Baby Girl
  88. Awkward Sex Talk
  89. Their First Time
  90. Pride
  91. Dean vs Gaston
  92. The Shock of a Lifetime
  93. Evan Peters
  94. Bad Pet
  95. Itty Bitty
  96. Don’t worry about him
  97. Them vs Sam
  98. Lyle, Majestic Unicorn
  99. Markings
  100. Selfishness
  101. Bonded sex
  102. One down.
  103. Tomorrow
  104. I’m sorry, Sammy.
  105. She’s Emma’s.
  106. Making Lyle beg.
  107. Like a drug.
  108. Clint’s favor.

1 year celebration Masterlist

Original Characters List.


It was the night,
That your name found a home in the
Drum beat of my chest.

The first night,
In a long list of nights that I found pleasure in the conversation,
Instead of in a position.
Found a smile amongst the dust of things I hadn’t worn in forever,
And that I’m not as smooth as I think
When I am stutter stepping
My way through melting,
At how beautiful you were.

That night,
You were gorgeous.

You were endless lifetimes
Wrapped in a moment of everything
On my hearts playlist.
Putting my soul on shuffle,
And the way you steal my breath on repeat.
As if every night,
Is your way of reminding me how many
Ways you have loved me.

I love you too.

From your insecurities
To your imperfections.
The way you laugh
To the ways you make me smile.
Your anxiety,
That opens doors
You’ve never wanted unlocked.
To your brightness,
Your warmth,
Your everything;
That takes my nightmares,
My scars,
My walls,
My every last bit of my darkest parts of me.

And loves them.

That night,
You were beautiful;
Finding comfort in a monster.

To a shipwrecked soul,
You were my lighthouse.

My strongest sail,
And I just want to give you
The most reliable vessel to carry you
Anywhere you want to go.
Your heart,
My destination.
We can discover places that
Young love couldn’t find.
Sail across stars on seas of your dreams,
My dreams,
And the rhythm of heartbeat waves.
Love is in the air,
And it’s direction is endless.

Call it impossible,
But even this sinking ship found its way
To the safety of your shore.

And tonight,
I’m watching the sun set behind your eyes
Long after the days gone.
Waiting for us to drift away together.
Today’s adventure is over,
Wonderful as always.

But tonight,
You are beautiful.

General AU Masterpost

*All fics listed here are complete and multichapter* (most definitely not ALL of the AU SQ fics out there)

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To Red and Solas,

Yup, this is the collection so far. There will be more soon, including pillows. Visit soon, as I will have no shame showing you this and presenting you tea (hot chocolate for you, Solas).

You beautiful thing you. I know I’ve already thanked you for this picture and I’ve already gone crazy about it but don’t mind me as I do it again because…!!!!

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Thank you so much for always being so supportive of everything I do, specially my art. You’re an absolute treasure, Rayne. 

- with love, Red.

TrekFest 2017

Four times you fell for Bones, and the one time he fell for you, pt2: The Potentate

Word Count: 2178
Tags: @dolamrothianlady, @supermoonpanda, @kirkaholic123, @shewhorunswithfandoms @youdonebeengarthed, @starmission @emmkolenn@auduna-druitt @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @pinkamour1588@impalaanddemons @flirtswithdanger @southernbellestatues@engineeringtrashcan @rayleyanns @sistasarah-sallysaidso @samaxraph99

The one thing you’d always loathed about your position as an ambassador was the need to attend functions that were only loosely tied to societies you interacted with. Feasts were difficult, as you never knew what delicacy you might have to gag down lest you offend, but parties and balls were your least favourite. So it was with begrudging acquiescence that you prepared for the planetary ball of Malvar III. It was billed as a celebration of the Malvarite delegation choosing to join the Federation. It was really a gala of excesses the Malvarites could barely afford. Choosing the Federation was a no-lose scenario. Their government was on the verge of bankruptcy and joining would allow the economy of the planet to recover significantly from the recession it had been mired in for decades, as new trade partners would become available. They seemed determined, despite your assurances that there was no need for the fete, to empty the treasury showing the Federation they were somehow worthy.

You checked your reflection in the mirror one last time. The only benefit you could find to the evening was that it gave you an excuse to wear something more comfortable than your ceremonial ambassadorial robes. Which said a lot about their comfort, considering you were poured into a slinky little black dress and a strappy pair of heels.

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