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Now that I think of it: Even if Ryuji is an adorable cinnamon roll, I think he could become one hell of a ladykiller (or mankiller, or whatever's in between) if he really really tries to be. That and also trying to learn from Akira and Kidd.

…Yeah, I could see that.

Next in the awkward school photos: Kacchan to complete my core Bakusquad kiddos. That year Bakumom tried (and failed) to style his hair. He thought he looked stupid and refused to pose.

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7 from both of them, and 10 from the REALLY risky asks! :0

tell an embarrassing memory or story

you know how when youre in 6th grade, you maybe had this Thing you were just Obsessed with? for some people, it’s like. a specific period of time in history or a favorite animal. my Thing was fire extinguishers.

i dont know what the fuck was going on in my 6th grade brain, but my god, i was fucking obsessed with fire extinguishers. i wanted to know how they worked and why and what the stuff in them was. 11 year old me also really wanted to hold one in my hands. maybe even use it. i was waiting for the summer to be the fucking weirdo to ask for a fire extinguisher for my birthday, but before that could happen, this Incident goes down

in school, there are fire extinguishers. they are usually behind glass. i once came across one of those panels and the glass was gone. just. nothing. the panel beckoned me forward and i felt my soul yearn. i needed to touch the fire extinguisher. i had to. i remember justifying to myself that i wouldnt use it, duh. i’d just. hold it. so i did. i took it out of the panel and cradled it in my arms like a newborn baby.

now the problem was the place where this occurred. yes, it was in school, during my break. it was on the second floor of a building in a hallway with those open window things. across this building was Another Building where classes were ongoing. in my fire extinguisher fueled euphoria, i forgot that i could very clearly be seen by an entire 4th grade class. an entire class AND THEIR TEACHER who just happens to know ME and, get this, my mom.

so the teacher looks at me, we make eye contact, and she yells out my Full Entire Name. fear grips me by the throat. never before have i been that terrified. my fight or flight instinct kicks in, and since im 11 and not gonna fucking fight a teacher from another building, i run

with the fire extinguisher still in my hands.

and that’s how i accidentally stole a fire extinguisher in front of roughly 40 witnesses.

favorite song you cant stop listening to?

ive been listening to Corner Of the Sky on repeat since yesterday!! idk why. i rlly love pippin, and this is justone of those days where i wanna find mYYYY CORNERR OF THE SKYYYYYYYYYY

whats something thats made you laugh recently?

just the morning my friend was jokingly asked “how do you spell jimmy?” and he visibly freezes up and says “uhhhhh……k…..FUCK”