for the love of stunting

me, loving my friends: *doesn’t voice the deep appreciation i have for their love and my desire to reciprocate it which is stunted by my inability to express affection comfortably*

The expressions on Victor’s face when he says “it almost sounds like marriage proposal” kills me everytime.

I???? Can’t deal with this?????

*climbs out of a trash bin with a tinfoil deerstalker askew atop my head* okay but listen how did Moriarty know to tell Eurus that Molly was in love with Sherlock when the entire Reichenbach Fall stunt explicitly relied on Moriarty completely and utterly underestimating her role in Sherlock’s life

Zevran's romance basically
  • Zevran goes into the Warden's tent: We're not together
  • Zevran cleans the Warden's staff/blade/bow for them: We're not together
  • Zevran fold the Warden's clothes to save them the hassle: We're not together
  • Zevran kisses the Warden on the cheek as they head to bed: We're not together
  • Zevran getting down on one knee: We're not-

talking about love and being about love are two vastly different levels of understanding and embodiment, for the simple fact that love can never be adequately contained in or expressed by language – love is contained in action, in loving-action, and to attempt to capture love in language only is to immobilize it, to freeze it, to stunt it; to talk and talk and talk about love without practicing it is to not know anything about love at all – to not love at all

a week or two ago, one of my favourite professors briefly told us about a Zen Buddhist kōan* about “a finger pointing at the moon” – i.e., when I point toward the moon, U aren’t meant to look at my finger! U are meant to look toward the moon! n matter how long U stare at the finger, U will never see the moon, n U will never understand anything about it

and this is what talk about love should be – it should direct us toward love; it is not love in and of itself, and we should never mistake it as such, we should never stop at it, and we should never be satisfied by our ability to talk about it – we must turn toward the moon; toward love itself

*(thank U, Anonymous)

see what they do? they involve people we like or ‘trust’ like James Corden so they think we are automatically convinced this is all natural and real and we actually start to be happy and excited and love the stunt again. Same will go with Steve, just watch.

Again, insults over insults, yikes and yikes.