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                           FOR  THE  ROOTS  BELOW  THE  EARTH  CLAIM  NO

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I'm a trans guy and I'm so torn bc I love the idea of passing and all that jazz but I feel gross and ugly when I don't look nice. I have dysmorphia and dysphoria. On one hand, I want to look nice. On the other, baggy clothes make me feel fat (recovering from an ed so) and cutting my hair short makes my face look bad and ect ect. Either way I'm not comfortable. I'm just struggling man. No matter what I do I'm trapped.

i’m so sorry but i know that you will get through this and ily

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Did you like whiplash?

Yeah, a bit. It wasn’t the revelation people made it out to be, though. Not one of the best pictures of the year. It was a typical journey of growth that was elevated by J.K. Simmons’ performance. 

Are all of this director’s movies going to be lectures about how we should like jazz? Guy and Madeline of a Park Bench is a jazz musical. Whiplash is about jazz. La La Land is not only about jazz but berates the female lead for not enjoying it.

We’re never going to love jazz, Damien. 

i was tagged by @fenkoli (thank you!) to do 11 facts about myself

1. i really love cookie frosting videos or just food videos in general (as u can tell from my recent reblogs)

2. i play the alto and bari sax (and i used to play the piano)

3. i really love jazz. like, jazz cured my depression and cleared up my skin

4. i’m allergic to cats but i still want one!

5. i’m pb&j, petty, bitter, and jealous

6. i fuckin’ LOVE rice noodles

7. i don’t like pulp… if you like pulp UNFOLLOW ME

8. everything that’s chubby is cute like … chubby frogs chubby bears… i am… LOVE YOU ???

9. i have 4 stuffed animals on my bed! i have a teddy bear, a loaf looking bear thing, an alpaca, and a bunny

10. i’ve been to disney a bunch but i’ve never gotten one of those mickey balloons ):

11. i’m head over heels in love with my boyfriend 😍😩💕👌

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  • Shieth shippers: hA Our OTP had so many moments-
  • Klance shippers, smug as hell: Yea, as brothers
  • Me: Man but did you SEE Shiro and Lance together??? Oh my goD now that Keith said Shiro is like a brother to him this means my ship has a chance! And besides, Shiro already carried Lance last season, and Lance wanted to be on a mission with Shiro this season, and was super mad someone else was chosen-!
  • The Entire fandom: ...What
  • The Producers: What
  • Zarcon, as he's dying: What
with you

for my hp girls @poppypomfrey & @bisexualbvffy. love you. 

I miss him. I miss him. Have I said that yet? Because I do. I miss him and it is awful and I cannot help myself.

“Snape’s an arse. He always was an arse.” Marlene says, throwing a Quaffle in the air and lying on my bed when we’re meant to be studying for charms. I grip my bedpost. Dorcas leans over and hits her.

“McKinnon, shut up.” She looks over at me, gently, like I am delicate. Easily startled. “You don’t need him, Lily. You have us.”

Only- now here is the worst part, the part I can’t ever tell anyone. Occasionally I think I would give them all up if only to have him back. Not how he is now but how he was before, when we were nine years old, on a swing, in a park, with the sun everywhere. That makes me awful. What he did makes me sick and I continue to miss him regardless.

“Lily, please” he hisses at me in potions, because has Slughorn partnered us up again, “I’ll do anything.” his voice cracks on the last word, and I almost give in right there. But then- the field, with everybody staring, wind blowing hair in my face, my heart a chutney in my chest. I set my jaw.

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I got some bad news from the vet this Monday concerning one of my other than a few sketches from the weekend and a silly comic, not much too share for this update.

And..dunno. Ever since I read it somewhere in the almanac that Rodimus was originally going to be the, “jerk character” of the show, in place of Sentinel, part of me has just always wanted to see TFA Rodimus have his moment of being savage. He deserves it.
What better way for me to enjoy the thought of this than by throwing one of my favorite MTMTE Rodimus savage moments at another bot who rightfully would get that same speech..had TFA given Rodimus another episode.
Now featuring crappy gif form!