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Just wait until she has to climb the roots

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just dropping by to say that your writing is effin guuuuuuddd!!! i need more ignis x reader. ugh!!! 〜〜(/ ̄▽)/ 〜ф

I need to write more than just silly drabble and shitposts these days, but in the meantime… if you need more Ignis x Reader thirst quenchers, @singergurl91 wrote some good shit, @thirdstreetcettin writing the ovary slaying Ignis goodness, @atarostarling has written two series featuring our fave strategist thus far, as well as @jastiss just wrote a fucking mindblower of a fic, @misssarahdoll outchea snatching ovaries with a touch starved Ignis fic, @alicemoonwonderland still reads me for filth with her demon!Ignis rendition, @tehrevving kilt me with her Versus!Ignis… god.

So many good fics out there, I cannot even begin to think of all of them that I’ve read! If you’re not allergic to the plethora of gifs in my responses, I’d check out the ‘not my writing’ tag on my blog and see what I’ve screamed over, because that’s sure to include a lot of gems!


Just a reminder that NOT EVERYONE HAS TODAY OFF OF WORK. Many big-box corporations will be open, forcing their employees to work instead of spending time with their families. Many of these employees WILL NOT EVEN RECEIVE HOLIDAY PAY. PLEASE DO NOT SHOP AT ANY OF THESE STORES. Your extra bag of chips or case of soda or whatever can wait until tomorrow, or ideally the day after. The only way we’ll ever get these corporations to give a shit about their workers is to BOYCOTT THE BUSINESS ALTOGETHER. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SHOP- your baby ran out of formula, your cat has no kibble, etc- PLEASE MAKE YOUR TRIP QUICK AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BE NICE. I can guarantee you that no one wants to be working today.

Now to Him who is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or think [infinitely beyond our greatest prayers, hopes, or dreams], according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (AMP)

The moment you wanna go for some bad endings

As much as I hate the Day 9 bad story ending with V, i thought that one is easy to get because i can let out all my anger towards Rika.

Im like; Oh look, I missed Pastel Papi and now I can actually thirst him. No need to be mean to him unlike i had to do with Zen.

Yea sweety, the emojis work fine, that’s the most important thing xp

However… I didn’t miss /him/.

Look Ray, I don’t hate you but… Stop. Leave me alone. You kind of annoy me and this isn’t your route so back off please.

Saeran listen. Be a patient boy and wait for your own route. I really love you but not in this route. So please stop making me feel guilty, oh my god.

Wanted to try something to relax… haha. It is Sphinx- Cat-skull (I know it looks more like a bat xD)…. Not sure if I will make a few animations. Maybe when I am bored (or tomorrow in the nightshift, even when I should work on other drawings ;_;)~

  • me: thank you for a wonderful birthday baby
  • boyfriend: thank you for moving in with me

I felt so loved today because at lunch time my pregnant Samoan slightly older friend was looking around for me just to give me her leftover uber eats fries and then later two people I work with cane to my desk with a wine glass full of coke because I always drink my coke from a wine glass because it fits perfectly and also. They’re the cleanest glasses at work. And then after that my other old as fuck friend from downstairs came up to visit me just because he hadn’t seen me all day god bless

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Hello. Can you please pray for me? I just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. And I'm really struggling ☹️ please pray that God gives me peace with my decision and that I may move on from this. Thank you.

Hello! :) 5 years is quite an investment, so I believe it when you say you are struggling. :/ For whatever reason it didn’t work out, there’s no doubt in my mind the Lord is definitely guiding you. He is also guiding him, but that’s another story…

Father in Heaven, You are mighty to love us and strengthen us no matter what condition we are in. We give You glory for You are our stronghold through whatever circumstance we are experiencing. We thank You for the struggles we face because they bring us back to You. Lord, I lift up my friend who is having a hard time finding peace in the decision they have made. I ask that You make Your presence known to them wherever they are right now, letting them know also that the desires they had in their heart leading up to the breakup was placed there by none other than You. God, allow them to surrender in Your plans for them because Your will is perfect. In their weakness let them continually give up and give into You where You will be their source of strength. Father give them assurance that through Your Spirit, everyday is an abundance of Your grace and mercy, so that in little steps of faith, You bring them to a place where they can see from Your perspective, that in all Your doing, Your will and time is perfect just like Your love that is relentless. Lord, let them grow in faith for it is in Your will that those who love and seek You will be rewarded. Show this person God that nothing is impossible when they put their full trust in You, help them to look ahead onto better things, guarding their heart and mind from the things of the past, teach them Lord that this walk with You is a relationship everyday, and that the more they spend time with Your Son Jesus through praise, lifting Him up makes for struggles to be as insignificant as yesterday’s battles. Reveal to them time and time again there isn’t anything so terrible that they haven’t yet endured because in all that You put us through we only come out of them stronger, and it was all because of trusting You. Please convict them that the time they spend with You in this season of singleness will be worth their value in the future because You intend to build the character of those who need You the most. And Father equip my friend with all that they need to follow Jesus closely so they are led to the right friends and company that will encourage them even more on this walk with You. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.

Romans 8:18 I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.

Matthew 11:28-30 Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke and put it on you, and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in spirit; and you will find rest. For the yoke I will give you is easy, and the load I will put on you is light.

By His Grace, Sheela (Via godfirstgodalways)

Like The Dawn [ch.2]

Rating: Teen+
Summary: Sometimes it takes opening your eyes to find what you’re looking for.[ or Persephone gets reborn as a baby boy named Ryan, and Hades takes the human form Shane in a desperate attempt to find his love once again. ]
Pairing: Ryan/Shane
Tags: greek mythology, Hades and Persephone, reincarnation, oblivious Hades is oblivious, memory loss
Author Note: This is both my own take on the classic Greek myth of Hades and Persephone and how reincarnation in Gods work and such. Original ideas stemming heavily from mythological texts.

ps. i changed Ryan to a transguy when i edited the story for a03, so that’s canon now! hope it doesn’t turn anyone off ;;v;;. also, Sara’s in the fic because she deserves to be in ever fic. happy thanksgiving!

Ryan was drowning.

Maybe drowning wasn’t the best word for it. He’d been walking along the dark shore of a vast, choppy river, bare feet walking delicately on thousands of small, round pebbles. The horizon was a white light that bled up into a black sky like a watercolor painting. There were no stars, no moon, no sounds but the waves lapping at the rocks. He’d been walking for miles, but he wasn’t tired. He’s been watching the water for hours, but the image hadn’t changed. The light stayed the same, the air remained chill, the darkness absolute.

And he had walked into the water like it was the most normal thing he could have been doing. As soon as his foot touched the water, it felt like he’d been bitten. Like a thousand teeth were piercing his skin. The water physically recoiled, moving as a single body, steam hissing upward.

He wasn’t drowning. Drowning would imply accident. This was no accident. He’d stepped into that black water to die, and that had been that. He could remember why he had done what he did, what he was escaping, but the pain in his chest outweighed the fear of the water. There was a voice in his ear.

“Once you do this, you cannot go back,” it said. “Unless he finds you, you may not return to what you once were.”

Ryan heard the words, but held his resolve. Eventually the water engulfed him, and he opened his mouth, letting it in. It felt heavy, and cold, but he couldn’t leave now. He’d made his choice, and that was to die.

The last thing he heard was a name, his name he thought, but it said, “Persephone.”

Ryan jolted awake. He looked around his bedroom, eyes scanning frantically for his clock. His eyes located it on the floor, probably knocked over at some point in the night. It’s neon blue digital numbers read 3:30 am. Sweat was covering his entire body, soaking through his pajama shirt and into his pillow. He threw the covers back away from his legs and sat up on the side of his bed.

Another dream about it. He stood shakily and went to turn his shower on. Another dream about drowning. He peeled his pajamas off and tossed them in his laundry basket as he waited for the water to warm up. What could the dreams mean, he thought, staring at himself in the mirror. He ran his fingertips along the thin surgery scars on his chest. They were pale enough by now to not be very noticeable. Maybe the dreams were from the shots. It didn’t make much sense, but he figured he might as well look it up later.

He hopped into the shower and washed all the sweat off his body, the hot water pouring down on his shoulders, loosening up his muscles. Despite having a general fear of water, he loved showers. He figured since you couldn’t drown in a shower, that it was relatively safe. They look less time, too. If he was feeling particularly timid about water one day, he could just get in and out and still feel clean.

Ryan had held a fear of water and drowning since he was a baby. His mother used to only fill the tub up an inch or else he would start screaming and crying. She had no idea why he would be afraid of the water, they both agreed that nothing had happened to him to justify the fear.

In middle school, Ryan’s friends liked to joke that he had died by drowning in a past life. Although he didn’t believe in that kind of thing, he always found himself feeling forlorn or lonely whenever the subject was brought up. And now, living on his own, the idea continued to haunt him, but this time through vivid nightmares.

Though he had a fear of water, it didn’t hinder his other loves. He loved exploring, writing, and filming. The first thing he did with his new laptop was set up his own Youtube channel. He only had his laptop camera, but he would talk for hours about conspiracy theories and things that he found on his many nature walks. He wasn’t very good at cutting his videos down, since he thought everything was pretty important, but he learned through trial and error. Then he got his first camcorder for his 16th birthday. It was small, but unlike his laptop camera, he could take it with him on his journeys. He documented everything he could, the videos gaining some more viewers now that the video wasn’t just of him.

He wasn’t bad looking, but it could get boring watching just someone’s face for almost an hour.

Today, he would be filming again before he went to work. Since graduating college, he hadn’t gotten any kinda job that really went along with his major. It was hard to find work in film, especially if the thing you wanted to film was myths, ghosts, and local legends. His job was to take calls and transfer information. Basically, a secretary. He wasn’t mad about it though. It wasn’t a hard job, it paid for his new recording gear, and it had good hours.

He got out of the shower and threw on some flannel, jeans, and boots. He wanted to go out in the woods today. He’d been researching fae and other mythical creatures that hung around wooded areas recently. In fact, he’d been kind of into reading mythology, too. It wasn’t that he thought the stories were real, they were too fantastic, too magic. Ryan did believe in some unexplainable things, but there had to be at least a little logic to it.

He was mostly interested in things like fairy rings. His mother had told him once that they were active spiritual zones, and they were caused by tiny spirits sleeping on the Earth. She said that she wasn’t sure if they were good or bad, they just were. He was hoping to find some of those today, maybe study them further.

As he walked from his apartment, he felt deep inside him that something about today was just—off. For lack of a better term. He wasn’t quite sure what was going to be off about it, maybe his gut was just fooling him or something. He held fast to his camera bag as he waited for the bus. He wasn’t in a bad part of town, but the bad feeling was making him a bit paranoid. He didn’t need to be in a bad part of town for something bad to happen, anyways. He sighed in relief when the bus pulled up and he paid with his bus pass.

The bus generally took him to work, so he felt a little out of place being so dressed down. At his job, he didn’t really need to wear a suit, but he did wear a button up and slacks, sometimes a tie. He looked around and saw that other people were wearing nicer things, carrying laptop bags and briefcases. He was glad that his stop wasn’t too far down the road.

Stepping off the bus brought on a sigh of relief. Ryan looked ahead, across the street, to the state park he had chosen to explore today. Along with the bone-deep fear of water, Ryan also had an uncanny relationship with nature. Ever since he was a child, both animals and plants have had connections with him. He could nurse any house plant back to health. Deer would approach him on his walks in the woods. Dogs and cats acted calmer around him, as if he had some kind of aura that spoke their language, like he was telling them that they were safe now. All the better for his journey in learning more about the world around him. He remembered once, when he didn’t have his camera, he had been approached by a fox. It sniffed his hand and trotted along behind him through his walk that day. It had been so magical, if only he’d caught it on camera.

He dug his camera out of the bag and flicked it on as he crossed the street. He figured he’d just take the first trail he saw, and soon spotted one that was marked with stones. As he stepped into the woods, the feeling from earlier came back, but he brushed it off yet again. There was no need to worry, right?

Sara: Do you wanna hang out at your place today?

Shane squinted at the screen of his phone. He looked at the clock, but remembered that he’d actually unplugged it last night, so it wasn’t on. Judging by the light outside, he’d have to guess that it was around noon. He rubbed his eyes with his fingertips and let out a small groan.

Six months. Six months, he’d been a human without going back down, even once. He’d never been in the overworld for this long at once. It was exhausting, really. As a human, in his human body, he needed to do things, like eat, and sleep. In the underworld, he never needed to do these things. Drink nectar for pleasure, bathe to pass time, and lay in his bed covered in furs to see if they still smell like her.  

Oh yes, he’d been in the overworld for six months, because he could have sworn he was getting close.

He wasn’t sure why he felt this way. There was no indication besides a tightness in his chest, an anxious feeling in his gut. His very soul reaching out, feeling hers reach back.

Shane: No, you know the rules. Corner café?

Since living in the overworld, Shane had discovered many things about humans. First of all, if you slip up and call yourself something like Hades, people don’t take you seriously. Shane did some searching on to find an average kind of name for a male. Shane seemed like a pretty good name, and so that’s what he became. Eventually, it became natural to refer to himself as Shane, but in his slip up period, he hadn’t made any friends.

Well, he had made one friend.

Sara: okay fine… just so you know, your “rules” are dumb.

Sara was like a blessing. Shane had thought it was a good idea when he came up to the overworld to start his search via dating apps. Truthfully, he just didn’t know how or where to start searching, and he already had a curiosity about human dating, so he figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. He’d made a profile for himself, and the only person to actually respond and come through was Sara. They chatted online for hours at a time, and finally met up at a café.

Shane already knew that Sara wasn’t Persephone before they even physically met. He was sure that when he found her again, something in his chest would ignite. When he started messaging Sara, he’d been excited, but nothing seemed to click. They went on two dates before he told her this. Well, he told her that he didn’t think they were gonna work out, but followed it up with a friendship invitation, claiming he needed a friend because he was “new in town”. Sara had taken it really well, she almost seemed relieved when he asked if they could just be friends.

Shane: you know you like them ;) see you there.

Sara was interested in finding out more about him. She figured out quickly enough that he was looking for someone specific, not just anyone. Not someone he hadn’t met yet. Maybe it had been the faraway look in his eyes when his eyes happen to catch a bouquet of flowers. Maybe it was the desperate arch of his shoulders, always looking, head held up in search. Somehow, she knew, and she just wanted to help.

They were meeting today for coffee.

Shane threw on a flannel and sweater with jeans. Feeling comfortable, he grabbed his wallet and laptop bag. He discovered quite quickly that he couldn’t do much in the overworld without some form of currency, and apparently gold coins were a thing of the past, so he had to make due. He found a place that traded jewelry for cash, and happily traded some lesser crafts for enough money to live in the overworld. He left his apartment and walked down the street to the café to meet up with Sara. She lived closer to it, so she’d probably be there before him. He wondered if he should text her what he wanted, or just wait until he got there.

On his way to the café, he kept looking across the street at the state park. There was something about the park that was calling to him today. As he walked, the feeling grew stronger. He looked on curiously at the forest, wondering the world was trying to tell him something. If he did go into the park, what would he find there? The feeling was coming from an ancient part of him, one that has been searching for decades, for millennium, just to find her.

He managed to pull himself away for now, since he was nearly at the café, but it didn’t leave his mind.

The café door jingled when he entered, and he saw a girl life her head. She had short, curly hair was had been dyed a deep purple. She immediately beamed at him, waving him over. Shane came over and saw that she had a number on her table.

“Order something already?” he asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, I got you something,” she grinned. “You like tea, right?”

He blushed at the thoughtfulness. “Y-yeah, I love tea.”

“Oh! I’m glad I remembered, haha,” she said. “I got you tea. I figured, since I was already here…”

“That’s very nice of you,” he scratched the back of his neck. “Oh, how are you?”

Sara shrugged one shoulder and absently picked at a peeling bit of paint on the table. “Eh, I’m okay, better now that I have company!”

Shane moved his chair a little closer to her, draping an arm over her shoulder. “Oh, what happened?”

“Just another date fell through,” she muttered. “It’s so hard to find someone these days.”

“Oh yeah, tell me about it,” he laughed. She smiled up at him. Their conversation was interrupted by a server coming over and asking them if this was their order, and set down a tray. The tray had a steaming cup of tea, a mug of coffee, a bagel, and a bowl of yogurt with oats and fruit. Sara nodded enthusiastically, and the server left them, taking the number on their table.

“Is that all yours?” Shane asked, but then she handed him the bagel and cup of tea.

“Oops, looks like I got more food than I can eat…” she muttered, trying not to grin. Shane blushed.

“You didn’t need to get this…” he said, but smiled about it anyways. After making friends with Sara, Shane had realized how lonely he’d been all by himself for so long. It was good to have a friend. In the underworld, he never had any friends. Well, he didn’t try and make any either, but still.

“Well, I needed to pay you back for all those things you’ve done for me!” she insisted. Her hand ghosted over the necklace she was currently wearing. It was a small diamond moonstone on a silver chain. The moonstone was one of his favorite gemstones, and he basically hoarded them in his palace. They always gave off a calming aura, or at least it seemed like it. It reminded him of the underworld, or at least the good parts of it. Like standing on the white shore of the great river Acheron. Unlike Styx, Acheron was peaceful and pleasant. The yang to Styx’s yin.

He’d given her that necklace the day after they decided to just be friends. He wanted to thank her for sticking around. There weren’t many people who did that for him.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” he smiled, before spreading some cream cheese on his bagel. “But this bagel will do just fine.”

They talked for a bit, sipping their drinks and simply enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, though, the pull from earlier came back. Like a magnet in his gut, being attracted to something in the woods across the street. He gazed out the window, feeling himself zone out. He imagined his beautiful wife, the night before she killed herself. She was wearing a gorgeous crimson sheer dress, roses and sticks of red berries woven into her hair. The last place he saw her was when he had left her lounging on their bed, neck red from kisses, blinking sleepily up at him.

He shouldn’t have left her that night. He hadn’t been that busy, it could’ve waited, whatever it was. That had been so long ago. He’d let so many memories go, but not that one. Her dark eyes, heavy lashes, the curve of her body, the softness in her voice. It was all so clear, and yet, he had overlooked all the signs.

She hadn’t really been happy with him. There was always something calling her away. She was like a caged bird, a chained animal. She sang and smiled and laid down to be touched, but it was all for show. She might have loved him, but he wasn’t enough. He had never been enough, and he never would be. He didn’t own her, because no one could ever own such a spirit.

“Earth to Shane,” he was brought back by a hand waving in front of his face. Sara looked at him quizzically.

“Something on your mind, buddy?” she asked. He felt his chest tighten when he looked away from the window. He brought out his wallet and plucked out a few dollars.

“Hey, I gotta go, here’s some money for the tip,” he said, hurriedly.

“Wait, you’re leaving already?” she asked, looking a bit disappointed. She rolled with it, however, and called after him as he left the café. “Well, text me later, I guess!”

He looked into the woods across the street as he waited for the light to change. The feeling inside of him grew stronger the longer he stared. The feeling told him that she was close. She was there, in the woods.

“I don’t know if you’re really out there,” he whispered to himself. “But I’ll find you, I promise.”

Happy Turkeys and shit

Today on this great day of thanks, the q shall be entirely It’s Always Sunny, as it’s the show I’m most thankful for this year (God where has this been all my life). And since my dearest love @okimi79 has worked so hard to ensure I squirm as much as possible at work (you cunt) make these things, I’m gonna count down my top 10 fave gifsets. (And do a fair bit of crying in the corner over the perfection that is Charlie fucking Day.) Enjoy!

Well, it’s thanksgiving and at this time you are like “hey, I’m really grateful for these people.” So here are (some) people that I’m super grateful for!

@bluedahn - I LOVE MY WIFE!!! God, I love this woman so much and I’m so so grateful for her! I love talking to her and she’s always been there for me! And no matter what, she always supports me (wheather it’s a new blog or anything.)

@spiderling–parker - Hannah!! I love too!! Thank you so much for supporting my writing blog and reading and loving my work! You’re probably one of my best friends her and I don’t know what I would do without you!

@peterplanet - Grace!!! You’re amazing!!!! Thank you for being such a good friend and just sending me random memes (they’re amazing btw)!!

Other people I am grateful for (hat are super awesome! - @rileywrites-parker @tbholland @hufflepuffholland @incorrecttomhollandquoteimagines @zothehomo @spidereyhes @tom-holla

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Oh. My. God. I was in China for three weeks and tumblr is not working over there... and now I'm home again and scroll up and down your blog and get all the drarry shit I was missing... its like I'm new to the fandom. I love your blog so much!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

OMFG welcome back, I love you, I missed you, who are you, don’t ever fucking leave again 💖💖💖💖😍😍😍

GOD no one talks about battlebuddies in fahc like. they work so well together but in the most chaotic and violent way!!!!

the vagabond is usually so silent and focused when he works, but rimmy tim has an energy that’s just so contagious. jeremy laughs and cheers and loves blowing shit up, which SHOULD be annoying to ryan, but he can’t help but smile and laugh with him

they’re so dangerous together because when they’re with eachother, they’re constantly trying to one-up the other with how crazy they can get; blowing up cars, shooting rockets at helicopters, etc. sure, the other teams have their strengths, but the battlebuddies are so good at being pure chaos