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Things that go bump in the night: Prompts 34 & 43 (Jason Todd x Reader)

“You come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle” & “You’re lucky you’re cute.” Jason (34/43)

Working my way through the list. Still got to write the Damian one, but I swear Tumblr is against me writing it, I have finished like four versions and all of them were deleted so you know what, I’m putting that to rest for a bit.

I do hope this is enjoyable!

Staying up until four am is never a good idea. Staying up until four am watching horror movies is an even worse idea. Why you did both is a mystery, but alas now you must suffer the consequences.

You don’t want to put your feet down. If you put your feet down you’re easier to grab. But you have to. You have to put your feet down on the cold, creaky floor in your dark apartment, why you didn’t leave the lights on you have no idea, and you have to walk to your room without being murdered. No biggy.

The first shift of the flooring is the worse, it sends your heart racing and you want nothing more than to huddle in a corner away from everything. But you can’t. So you take another step. And another, and another.

Then you knock a something over and it shatters. The noise is enough to send you running into your room.

Except in doing so you wake Jason up. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“Doll?” He asks, voice rough and clouded by exhaustion. One arm props him up, staring in your direction. You quickly move onto to the bed, dodging his costume, yes Jason it is a fucking costume, which lies in a haphazard pile on the ground.

“Sorry Jay, but I can’t be alone. Who knows what’ll happen to me.” You say, curling up against his side and tucking yourself under the covers. You hear him give a disbelieving chuckle followed by a stretched out sigh. It almost makes you spit out a retort but then his strong arms are wrapping around you and he’s rolling over so that he can curl around you.

“So you come into my room and wake me up at 4 am to cuddle. What am I going to do with you?” He groans, voice filled with love.

“Your room? You mean our room?” You sass, lightly swatting at his arm.

“Yeah, yeah, gods you’re lucky you’re cute. Just please stop watching horror movies after midnight.”

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Have a beautiful day and if you’re just starting classes again like I am, don’t stress too much, if you’re already struggling like I am, you can ask for extra help and if a class is going to have a lot of group work and you know no one, and the people in your class are not the ones you want to be near, see if your teacher has an alternative project for you. If that’s not the case, just smile and be polite.

  • Me one week ago: *knows nothing about The West Wing and decides to start watching it on a whim*
VLD season 3 drinking game!

Alright nerds gather around! Finally, here’s the drinking game I came up with to play with my friends as we binge watch season 3 of Voltron: Legendary FUCKING Defender.

Before we get started, be sure to always drink responsibly! If you’re new to drinking and don’t know your limits, always make sure you’re with people you trust with your life, ok? Some of the rules of this game incorporate snacks & water, it’s important to stay hydrated so you don’t hate yourself the day after. Please, for the love of god, try to avoiding mixing your liquors as much as possible. I advise taking shots of the same liquor used in your cocktail of choice (ex: vodka shots with vodka-based cocktails).


For this game, there’s 3 different levels/types of action: Drink, chug and shots. If a rule says “take a drink”, you’re meant to take at least a sip of whatever cocktail or beer you’re drinking (I personally take a big ol’ gulp in the spirit of the game lol). Chug is…what it sounds like. You chug your drink as the instructions indicate (i.e. chug through an entire scene). Lastly, there’s shots, which is also self-explanatory lol. If you don’t have shot glasses, you can measure them out in solo cups (the bottom most fill-line/ridge in a solo cup is just about a shot).

Another note: these rules were written without any spoilers/before SDCC, so some may be more relevant than others (i.e. I don’t know when Keith will pilot the black lion or for how long, or how soon they’ll show us Lotor, etc.)

The Rules:

  • Take a drink every time someone pilots a lion for which they’re not the “real paladin” of
  • Take 2 drinks every time Lance makes a flirty joke/attempts to flirt. 1 drink for any joke not intentionally flirty.
  • Take a drink every time Pidge talks “too smart” for others to keep up
  • Take a drink for every new Altean phrase Coran uses
  • Take 3 drinks if you cry when Keith pilots Black the first time (if you don’t cry, then just take 1 drink)
  • Take a drink for every new female character introduced
  • Chug your entire fucking drink if we get a female Galra finally (this is optional, I just know that’s what I’ll do instinctually bc I’m gay; you can just take a drink instead)
  • Chug during every Voltron transformation sequence (y’all best pray they shortened that sequence this season lmao)
  • Take a shot every time someone makes a Motivational Speech™️
  • To celebrate the new villain, take a shot for the first Lotor scene in each episode (aka 1 Lotor shot per episode)
  • If anyone cries….take a fucking shot, you’re gonna need it

Special Shiro rules!

  • This is sort of like a version of King’s Cup; it’s alright if you’re unfamiliar with that game, just know you’re gonna need a large cup to serve as the King’s Cup
  • Every time Shiro is mentioned and/or shown in an episode, everyone must pour a bit of their drink into the King’s Cup
  • At the end of each episode, play paper rock scissors (or any game of choice) to decide who has to chug whatever is in the King’s Cup

Pro Tip: highly recommended that all participants have complimenting cocktails of some sort. I played this once and had to chug a mixture of White Russian, wine, tequila sour and beer and….it was Not a good time lol

Special rules for self care:

  • Take a sip of water after every two shots (or whenever Allura is especially beautiful, which is always)
  • Eat a snack/take a bite of food every time Hunk mentions food (yeah ok food jokes are overdone but hey it’s good to keep something in your stomach)
  • Stand up and walk around between each episode to make sure you’re ok (sometimes alcohol hits you hard if you’ve been sitting & drinking and then finally stand up)

As always, please be safe. I will be playing the game As Is with my friends because I have a high alcohol tolerance and I very much trust the people I’m with. Please don’t hesitate to modify the rules to better suit your drinking habits (changing “Shots” to “sips” or eliminating “chugs”). This is intended for fun! So if you find yourself NOT enjoying it/getting overwhelmed, please don’t push yourself. 

As the wise (fratboy) Shiro once said, “Go, be great.”

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As all of you who watch this show know it’s on the bubble for renewed or cancelled and we all know renewal depends entirely on the good will of networks. We can’t just sit back and wait for NBC to renew it when the fans don’t do anything to help. Yes, I know we all talk about it, I know we tweet about it on Monday nights, but we can do better. 

So in face of this new letter Eric Kripke posted, I decided to make this post and gather help. Last episode had  HUGE drop from episode 10 and this is due to so many people thinking the season ended with the Winter finale. It wasn’t a normal drop from one episode to another, it was significant. I adore this show, it’s my favorite show right now and I’d be heartbroken to see it go.

1) Let’s try to make it trend next Monday. There’s a LOT of tweets during episodes, so why we never trend? Last Monday there was over 20k tweets, we can do better. Add #Timeless and #RenewTimeless to ALL your tweets. Try to post as often as you can during the episode and after. Tweet @NBCTimeless, @NBC and @Sony to let them know how you feel.

2) Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell everyone you know to watch it. Make your own promotion. We all know the rating system SUCKS and only people with the Nielsen box counts, so lets make this show reach them! Even if you’re from outside the USA you still have friends from there, be it on twitter, facebook or here on tumblr. Get people to watch! We are the best marketing any show can have. 

3) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let people know season 1 ISN’T OVER. I have seen so many questions of when season 2 would start that I knew this episode would have a drop in ratings. Even people who watched the episode thought it was season 2! So let’s do what we can to let them know.

4) If you follow me and don’t watch the show, please give it a chance. It’s educational, it’s fun, it’s silly, it has so much diversity and so much respect for this diversity that it’d be a shame to see such a show off the air. YOU WILL NEVER SEE SO MUCH DIVERSITY DONE RIGHT IN ONE SHOW AGAIN. It’s something that you can watch with your family, that you can watch with your significant other, it’s a show you can watch with your kids, or jut watch alone and freak out over ships, over complex bad guys, over badass women that save Delta Force soldiers, over black guys defying historic racism, over intelligent girls that are treated as intelligent, about people driven by love for the ones they lost, it’s a show that in the end of the day is all about family.

5) PLEASE PLEASE WATCH TIMELESS!! If you can watch it live, please do it! If you can’t, DVR it, don’t leave it up to on demand, record it and watch it as many times as you can. These next 5 weeks are CRITICAL for the future of the show and we need to do something before it’s too late!

Believe It Or Not. Part 1.

A Stiles Stilinski Imagine!

Summary: the story of stiles and y/n. This is going to be a multi part imagine, and each part will follow the story line for each episode! I will update each part as soon as possible. So stay tuned(:

The first day of school was tomorrow, of course I wasn’t particularly excited. Except for one reason maybe, cheerleading try outs. Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year, and you’re not allowed to try out to be a cheerleader for the Beacon Hills lacrosse team as a freshman.

I remember going to all of my twin brother’s, Scott, lacrosse games last year. I would watch the cheerleaders and they always looked like they were having a lot of fun and to be honest, I just wanted one of the uniforms. I never had to worry about missing Scott play while watching them, he sucked so he was always sitting on the bench with Stiles. Yet, my mom Melissa dragged me along every time anyway no matter how much I protested.

I was practicing one of the cheer routines in my room to make sure I was more than ready for try outs tomorrow when I heard a loud banging noise that sounded like it came from outside my house. I walk down the hall to my brother’s room and stood in the doorway as he looked out the window.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him.

“Yeah stay here,” he said as he grabbed his baseball bat, “I’ll go see what it is.”

“Scott I really don’t think the bat is necessary. It’s probably just the wind.” I laughed.

He just looked me in the eye and sighed, “what so I can’t be cautious?”

I moved aside so he could leave his room and watched as he jogged down the stairs. I mentioned we were twins, not identical though. We actually look nothing alike. You could say he got more of the Delgato side of the family and I got more McCall.

I started walking back to my room when I heard what sounded like two pairs of voices screaming and I ran to the edge of the stairs.

“Scott, you okay?” I yelled to him worriedly.

“Everything’s fine it’s just Stiles.”

I laughed when I heard the name, of course that dork of a kid wouldn’t knock on the door like a normal human. Stiles and Scott. Two names that just went together, they had always been best friends. That being said, I had known stiles my whole life too since he practically lived at my house. We were friends too, I mean not close or anything but definitely cared about each other because we had one person in common, Scott.

He’s the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met. I think he’s adorable though. So yes, I have a little crush you could say, on my brother’s best friend. Although it’s always just remained a crush considering how many times I hear the name, “Lydia Martin” leave his mouth. I’ll never understand his obsession though, she’s honestly such a bitch and she has a boyfriend, Jackson, anyway. And he’s just an ass.a hot ass, but still an ass.

Stiles will never stop liking Lydia, and maybe it’s better that way. Nothing could ever really happen between us considering I’m Scott’s sister, and the fact that he doesn’t like me anyway.

I watched from my window as they moved further away from my house, Stiles frantically moving his arms while explaining something my brother.
So I went to bed, I needed a good nights rest if I wanted to be on the squad.

My alarm went off very Loudly on the little table I had next to my bed. On any usual day, I’d hit snooze about seven times. But today I hopped right out of bed and got dressed. I wore my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, high top white converse, and a light purple lose three-quarter length shirt. I straightened my hair and pulled one piece from each side back and pinned it. Then I headed downstairs where my mom was making eggs.

“Someone’s ready for their first day.” She smiled at me and set a plate down on the table for me to sit.

“I really want to make the team mom.”

“Me too.” Scott yawned as he walked down the stairs taking his seat next to me.
“Well, first line anyway.”

I smirked at how tired he was, I heard him finally come home from being with stiles at like 2 in the morning.

“Why so tired, Scotty?” I asked innocently.

To which he just rolled his eyes and nudged me. We finished our breakfast with mom, as we talked lightly about the day ahead of us. Scott and I started walking to the car and just for fun I kicked him in the back of the knee cap and he fell into the wall on his left side. I laughed until I saw he was holding his side.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked walking closer to him.

“Yeah im good, im good,” he answered rather quickly and then continued, “just sore.”

“Sore from what? You haven’t had one practice yet.”

“Just don’t worry about it y/n.”

He turned his back and stepped in the drivers side of the car, slightly hurt I decided to drop it and get in the passenger side.
The car ride to school was rather quiet other than the songs playing on the radio. Once we parked he ran off to go meet stiles. And they started walking towards the school.

I reached in the back of the car to get my bag only for Jackson to pull up and park right next to us.
He got out, looked at me, and then laughed.

“Nice ride, McCall. Brother still have false hope of making first line?”

I was having none of this today.

“Nice hair, Whittemore. How many bottles of hair gel did that take?”

His smile fell and he just walked away. Pleased with myself, I gained the smile he lost and went to go meet my brother and Stiles. As I approached scott had just dropped his shirt back to down to his side, I was super confused.

“I knew you guys were gay for each other but no PDA in public please.” I snapped.

“Wow, you’re hilarious. How do you do it?” Stiles asked me, dripping with sarcasm. I just winked back at him. And they continued their conversation with me there.

“All right, well, if you don’t believe me about the wolf, then you’re definitely not gonna believe me when I tell you I found to body.” Scott said.

Body? Wolf? What?

Stiles mouth gaped open, “you- are you kidding me?” He hit Scott.

“No, man, I wish. Im gonna have nightmares for a month.”

“Oh god, that is freakin’ awesome. I mean, this is seriously gonna be the best thing that’s happened to this town since- since the birth of Lydia Martin. Hey, Lydia- you look- like you’re gonna ignore me.”

I watched the bitch red-head completely pass by possibly one of the nicest people in the world, God I hated her so much.

“It’s true love Stilinski.” I joked.

“Yeah whatever.” He winked back at me.

The bell rang, so I started to walk towards the front doors of the school. “Alright guys, see you later.” I offered as I turned my back to them and started walking. Little did I know Stiles was watching me walk away, but Scott knew.
- - -
“Stiles, if you’re going to check out my sister, please make sure im not here.” Scott joked walking next to his best friend.

Stiles looked at him in confusion.

“Y/n? No- I wasn’t- no.”

Scott just laughed and shook his head, Stiles may be the smart on in this friendship, but scott isn’t dumb.
- - -
I sat in front of stiles, and next to scott in our class as the teacher mumbled on about the body or something, I don’t know exactly I wasn’t listening.

I bit the bottom of my pen as I pretended to read the syllabus in front of me. But then I noticed Scott acting off. He was looking all around then he made eye contact with me. I questioned ‘what the hell’ the best I could with my facial expression but he just looked at my with same confused stare and looked down to his desk, I stayed focused on him worried.

After a few seconds he shifted his gaze to the door of the classroom and just kept staring at it. I glanced back at stiles and he just shrugged and returned to his syllabus. Within the next ten seconds, a crazy pretty girl with brunette hair walked through the door.

“Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.”

She smiled shyly as she walked to the only empty seat, behind scott. He turned around and her eyes met his, all he did was hand her a pen. To which she said thanks.

That a boy Scotty, I thought. Can’t be on first line without a girl by your side.
- - -
I walked past the new girl standing by her locker, poor Allison was being bombarded by Queen Martin already. Scott and Stiles were diagonal from the two girls and I approached them as they were talking to this other girl, I walked up right as she was saying-

“Can someone tell me how new girl is here all of five minutes, n’s she’s already hanging out with Lydia’s clique?”

To which Stiles answered, “Because she’s hot. Beautiful people herd together.”

I scoffed.

“Always wondered how you’re not apart of her clique, y/n.”

Stiles commented, then looked shocked that what he said actually came out of his mouth. Did he just call me beautiful in some backwards way? I didn’t say anything, I figured I would just let it drop.

(Scott heard it though, and he smiled between his sister and his oblivious best friend.)

Scott was staring very intently over towards Allison.

“Scott, at least blink to look like less of a creep.” I hit his shoulder. But he just smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

- - -
Lacrosse and cheerleading try outs were at the same time. They got one half of the field and we got the other. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I sat on the bleachers because we still had 15 minutes until we started our tryouts and lacrosse was getting ready to start. I sat at the very top, I watched as Allison and Lydia made their way up to the empty space next to me considering it was the only space there was. Allison sat next to me, not super close, there was still a little space between us.

She smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hi I’m Allison, we have that class together right?” She reached her hand out toward me, and I took it.

“Yep, nice to meet you too I’m y/n. Welcome to beacon hills. Nothing exciting ever happens in this town.”

We both laughed, “so you’re going out for cheerleading?”
She asked. Catching on that I was wearing one of the uniforms.

Which apparently seemed to grab Lydia’s attention because she leaned behind Allison and looked at me, and before I could answer-

“You. Are going out for cheerleading?” She questioned, brows raised.

I smiled sweetly at her, “as a matter of fact I am! Thanks for the support Lydia it means a lot, truly.”

Allison slightly laughed and then smiled at me, “it was nice meeting you, y/n.”

I just nodded in response and turned my attention back towards the field as the boys began tryouts. Until I heard allison ask Lydia a question.

“Who is that?” She pointed at Scott!

“Him? Im not sure who he is, why?” Lydia answered.

“He’s in my english class.”

I leaned over towards Allison, “that’s Scott McCall. He’s amazing, you’d really like him.”

She looked at me and continued, “how do you know him?”

I smirked and looked her in the eye, “he’s my brother.”

I stood up to go to my tryouts, “wish me luck” I whispered at the girls as I walked down the steps of the bleachers.
- - -
I walked in my house with the biggest smile I think I’ve ever had on my face. I entered my home with my backpack in one hand, and new & ironed cheerleading uniform in the other. I set my stuff down in my room quickly before heading to Scott’s room to see how the rest of his tryouts went.

I walked in to see my mom waiting by his bathroom door.

“Hey mom.” I greeted.

She smiled, “so how’d it go?”

“I made it!” I giggled as I went to hug her.

“Sweetie that’s amazing! My little cheerleader. Oh, and Scott made first line!” She informed me as she pulled away.

“Really?” I said excited for my brother, and that’s when he walked out wearing nothin but a towel.

“Mom! Y/n!”

Momma didn’t waste any time, “is this a party or a date?” She asked.

“Maybe both.” He answered with a small smile.

I crossed my arms, “and what’s her name?”


“ALLISON THE NEW GIRL? SCOTT WAY TO GO!” I lightly punched his chest.

“I talked to her at tryouts, she seems super nice.” I added.

I left his room because the convo between him and mom got kinda, weird. As I walked towards my room my phone vibrated in my back pocket, it was stiles.

I answered.

“Yo y/n are you going to that party tonight?”

“Hmm, go to a party with a ton of people I don’t talk to? Orr stay home and walk around the house in my new cheerleading uniform? I choose number two.”

“Oh congrats, I knew you’d make it!” He said very sweetly, thank god this WASNT a real conversation because I was hardcore blushing.
“But no, please go with me and Help me keep an eye on scott?”

“Keep an eye on scott why-”

“Awesome y/n thanks! Get dressed and I’ll be there in ten.”

He hung up and I rolled my eyes, I didn’t need to change from what I was already wearing but I re-brushed my hair and applied more mascara.

I heard the screech of the jeep in front of my house signaling that Stiles was here. I walked out and hopped in the passenger side and quickly got my seatbelt on not realizing he was staring at me until I looked up.

“What?” I demanded.

“Nothing, sorry. You just look pretty, that’s all.” He scrambled nervously for the words.

“Thanks.” I blushed and then he started driving. He had complimented me many times like that before, and it always makes my heart flutter. But I can never let myself get too happy. Because even if he calls me pretty, he calls Lydia beautiful.

We arrived at the party and he came around and opened my side of the jeep for me.

I laughed, “what a gentlemen.”

We walked into the party and saw scott dancing with Allison. Hell yeah I was so proud of him for landing a girl.

“I hope something good comes out of them.” I whispered to Stiles looking at them.

“I just hope he doesn’t rip her to shreds.”

I looked at him, “what?”

“Nothing!” He said quickly and loudly causing some people to look, “I’ll go get us drinks.”

I stood exactly where he left me glancing around at all the people here. I really did need to get out more, I barley know any of their names. I shook my head and looked to find scott and allison again. Instead I found Allison by herself and Scott rushing to leave the party. As Allison followed, Stiles came back and I pointed out to him what was going on.

“I hope my brothers not screwing this up by being a dick.”

“I don’t think it’s his fault,” stiles said so quiet I barely heard it, “here hold these.” He handed me the drinks and left me again.

He never came back, I ended up having to walk home from the party. Was I pissed? You betcha.
- - -
I didn’t talk to scott that morning, nor Stiles when I saw him.

He quickly realized I was ignoring him and ran down the hall until he caught my arm.

“Hey, y/n are you okay?”

I didn’t look at him, “yeah, think im catching a cold though. That’s what happens when you walk miles to your own house after your friend leaves you.” I snapped.

“Jesus y/n im so sorry. I had something really really important to take care of.”

I scoffed at his lack of detail, “so am I going to get an actual explanation?” I smiled to lighten the mood, I wasn’t going to stay mad.

“Just trust me when I say it’ll never happen again?”

I laughed at how adorable he was when he’s sorry.

“Just this once, Stilinski.”

We both walked outside to see that Scott had just made up with Allison too.

“Alight I gotta go, Scott and I have practice.” He said to me.

And before I could even say- “okay, see ya.”
He was already walking away.

So I watched him walk until I couldn’t see him anymore.

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Taylor's an adult, with a good head on her shoulders, and is earning a living for herself. Why are people so obsessed with who she may or may not be with? They need to get a life since her personal life doesn't affect them in the slightest. Like damn, let her live and be in peace. She deserves privacy and respect, and I get she signed up for the artist life but she didn't sign up for the 24/7 coverage of her love life. Everyone needs to know boundaries as well.

honestly though, people have got to let taylor live her own goddamn life and focus on their own lives rather than sticking their noses into hers. her dating life? none of your business, especially when she hasn’t said anything about it. where she travels? none of your business, and don’t even get me started with the people who try to track her plane. who she does and doesn’t wish a happy birthday to on her instagram? none of your business, if your friendships have to be validated on social media then they really aren’t very genuine. i am so beyond tired of watching media outlets and fans alike concern themselves so much with aspects of her life that are private, and then argue over whose theory is the best. theorize over her music, theorize over her next tour, theorize over her next street style… but please for the love of god leave her private life her own.

Skinny Love

Imagine: You’re Oliver’s sister, and Felicity ships you and Barry.

“Just get together already, oh, my God,” Felicity groans, watching you and Barry laugh and flirt with each other for about the past hour, “I totally ship you two.”

“Ship?” Oliver questions in confusion.

“It’s when you want two people together,” Felicity replies. Immediately, Oliver’s eyes widen in shock, clearly not liking that idea.

“With Barry, of all people?” Oliver demands, not seeing why you would like him.

“Hey, don’t hate on The Flash,” Barry sassily says, crossing his arms.

“Please. If you two have sex, he’ll finish way before you even start,” Oliver jokes, “so what’s the point, right?” he ends his sentence with a sarcastic smile.

“That’s cute, Ollie, really cute. But that wouldn’t keep me from having sex with Barry. Oh, and Felicity, just to let you know, I ship us, too,” you grin at her.

“You do? I do, too!” Barry lights up, ecstatic that your feelings are mutual.

“Oh, God,” Oliver face palms, “this is going to be a disaster waiting to happen.”

“Shut up, Ollie. How about this: if you can beat him in a race, I will never think of Barry again,” you grin evilly.

“That’s cute. When did you learn to be so annoyingly sarcastic?” Oliver mumbles, rolling his eyes.

“Let’s see… I knew you before you were proclaimed dead, and you were a cheating , yet sarcastic and funny asshole, Barry is an adorable sarcastic nerd, and then there’s Cisco, which sarcasm makes up pretty much most to all of his vocabulary. But yeah, so do you want to race him, or…” you trail off, laughing as Oliver flips you off, “that’s not nice, Ollie.”

“Fine. I guess I can allow this relationship to happen, but, Barry, if you hurt my sister, you will never be able to run again, do you hear me? I don’t care what I have to do to take away your powers, but you won’t be the Flash anymore. You’d be… quite the opposite, actually. So make sure you keep her happy and healthy, got it, Barry?”

Barry gulps in fear, “got it.”

Sansa Stark was:

  • raised in a lady-like way
  • the first one who lost her direwolf, whose packmates held/are holding great importance to the stark kids
  • forced to watch the beheading of her own father
  • forced to stay in the family that is hostile to her own 
  • thinking about killing herself
  • nearly raped
  • abused by the person she always wanted to marry
  • made fun off by the person she adored
  • humilated in front of many highborn people
  • forced to stay in a room with her friend for several days without being able to leave it
  • forced to marry a man of the family that killed her father
  • was told her two brothers were dead
  • was informed her mother and brother died in a horrible way
  • was forced to watch a moking and grotesque way of a play about her brothers death 
  • only eleven year old when everything started

and people STILL piss themselves over her acting naturally and STILL being strong, polite and friendly after all that happened

So tired of seeing anti-sjw post (or even an anti-“insert tumblr group here” post). That’s not even an unpopular opinion anymore. So I’m going to post a fun unpopular opinion! I hope others start doing it too. Please be aware that I do think shipping celebrities is weird.

I love watching people ship. I love watching shipping wars. I love that it is called shipping. Whenever people start talking about their ship I imagine a pirate ships. The best part is figuring out what that ship’s ship would look like, the crew would obviously be whoever ships it. The water is called the “Sea of Fandom” and any shores are called the “Land of God” (get it? Word of God?). Land of God is where they get their ammo and supplies for their canons. Headcanons are a ship’s self made cannons. How effective it is based on how plausible it is. Watching people die for their ship or abandon ship is hilarious.

Now on to all the types of ships. Cargo ships are just regular cargo ships. When I hear toy ships I just think of a bunch of kids who play on the beach who talk about one day being pirates. Crack ships are pirates who have lost their mind at sea. Slash ships want to be taken seriously but no one does so they blitz attack other ships. Crossovers occur when ships have collided. Then there are ships who form alliances for the wars.

But watching people get passionate about their shows and characters they relate to is fun, people should lighten up on fandoms the point is to have fun. I do get bored of watching people just talking about shipping. So the Sea of Fandom and the Land of God is not limited to only when people are shipping. General theories are just people going on voyages they aren’t pirates. 

If anyone would like to doodle this for me, I would love you forever. Or if you for some reason are actually interested in learning more about my really weird hobby (like how other tropes fit in) hit me up taigathepalmtoptiger. It would be cool to talk to other people about it, it’s surprisingly a lot of fun!

Asami Sato seriously one of my favorite characters of all time. I feel like because she’s an animated character, from a Nickelodeon cartoon, people generally don’t take a critical look at her or respect her development and journey as much as they would if she were on a regular scripted drama.

Obviously, I love and feel the same way about Korra. Korra especially. Damn that child was so fucking frustrating but by the end she’s all mature, enlightened and compassionate and ❤️.

Don’t get me started on Zuko, please.

And Azula….oh god…


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49. “Wait!” - Lydia Martin.

You sighed when you saw Scott drag everyone out of the school for some new emergency. Every time they left, you always feared for one of them not coming back. Your eyes caught hers. Her perfect green orbs. She gave you a reassuring smile, making butterflies go crazy in your stomach. You held your breath as you saw her get in the car. You felt how your heart almost stopped beating at the thought of her not coming back. Your mind went black, and then the words left your lips. 

“Wait!” You yelled as you ran towards her. She turned around, smiling when she saw you running towards her. Not caring what the rest was going to think, you wrapped your arms around her small frame, letting your hands slide up her back softly, looking into her eyes. Your eyes searched for any signs tat told you to stop. When you found none, you slammed your lips onto hers, feeling how her lips twisted up into a smile making you smile in the process. The wave of butterflies and electricity made you feel alive for once. She pulled away out of breath as she stared back at you. 

“Come back, please?” You whispered as she ran her hand soothing down your cheek. 

“I will. I promise.” She whispered. You were both smiling when you stepped away and watched her get in the car. 

“Save some people for me.” You said making her laugh. God you loved when Lydia laughed. 

“Will do.” She giggled as the car with shocked teenagers started moving.  

Three years ago I knew nothing about Turkey and, honestly, I did not care much. In my mind it was a country so far and so different from ours, I had barely studied its history, and, like most of the rest of the lucky European world, I just decided that staying ignorant was okay.
Then I met the most beautiful people, and they were from Turkey. My roommate for six months, the amazing Senanur, taught me so much about her culture, her religion, her view of the world. And I started realizing that there was much more that I could learn, that it was a fascinating country torn by years of political instability, and that it deserved so much more respect and love and recognition. And I started loving it.
In December, I met one of my best friends, @eidothea. I am not ashamed to say that I met her on the Internet and that I have never seen her in person (yet). We talk and text so much that most of the people closest to me know about my “Turkish friend”. She was there, in Istanbul, when a bomb exploded near her University. She was always there when her country was shaken every single week by attacks and bombs we barely know about. She taught me about the her view on religion, the political situation, the traditions of her country, the struggle they are all going through to live in a peaceful world. And I tried to be there, by her side, everytime her country was torn and shred to pieces and she was in tears for every single innocent person who died without reason.
Visiting Turkey, and my friends, was number one on my bucket list for this summer. If my life had gone differently, I would probably be there, now. Discovering new places, new cultures, a language that I am starting to love, a place that is already in my heart. But here we are: I am here in my little town in Italy, safe and sound, when millions of people are risking, losing and fearing for their life because of a war they never wanted. And that’s not fair.
I won’t pray for Turkey, because I don’t believe in any god nor in the power of prayer. And I won’t care if you’ll do it or not, that is personal and it’s up to you. But I am asking you: please, wherever you are in the world, watch the news. Read a bit of the Turkey page on Wikipedia. Do not stay ignorant. Because it’s ignorance, it’s the lack of information and knowledge, that is leading us to this situation. And we must do every single thing in our power to stop it.
I love you, Turkey.

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Dear tumblr staff, 

Please for the love of god or whatever! Fix the fucking viruses that have seem to be taking over and be destroying tumblr its getting out of hand and REAAAAAAAALLLY annoying to sit here and watch as viruses take over out tumblr lives I can not stress enough on how annoying this is starting to get its not hard to find the viruses seeing as how people are rebloging posts saying what it is and what they are doing!! D< now FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!!

audkoch  asked:

Is the 180°-rule-breakage in that comic the fact that he's not going in a continuous direction in the first two panels??? /ignorant of comics lingo

YEA OKAY SO THIS IS…THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN COMICS. It’s actually originally a rule from film tho! Like, CLARITY is the most important THING, and the 180 rule is THE thing that besides pulling back, ensures your comic is legible. IT IS. SO. IMPORTANT. BUT ALSO KINDA HARD TO EXPLAIN??? ITS BEEN A WHILE and as i said i’ve had quite a few tonight bUT ILL TRY BEAR WITH ME FOR A SEC:

I don’t know if this diagram makes sense I’m sorry???? and sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re breaking this rule but other times it’s SUPER easy, like with that meme comic…i just….wanna FLIP THAT FIRST PANEL SO BAD. wait im gonna im gonna feel so much better ah man ok so:

even with one character, the rule is still important!! because the eye gets confused at the direction of movement because the camera shifts SUPER drastically like PLZ don’t just mirror shit randomly anyway it’s usually an easy fix soooOOo~~~!!!


you know, most people call their exes when they get drunk. but me? no, no i just rant about fucking comics jargon. of course. but okay i love it so much please let me talk about comic formats forever lmaooooo, god.

ANYWAY COMICS AND FILM GO HAND IN HAND it’s cool to like watch movies but clinically like check out how the camera moves in conversations it’s pretty neat honestly~!!! <333

Title: To spend a day, warm on the sand

Pairing: Ziall

A/N: Hi! this little thing is based on artofobsession ’s amazing Mermaid Zayn fanart which has a vision for Prince!Niall as well. It’s based on the movie The Little Mermaid, a bit banal, i know i’m full of cliches lol. The scene is particular is Part of Your World (Reprise)

He’s so beautiful was Zayn’s first thought-once he was sure that the young human prince was breathing again. The prince’s, what’s it…lungs? no longer filled with water as he gulped in slow, shallow breaths. Prince Niall was even more beautiful and remarkable than he had remembered him in the jovial atmosphere of the ship. He seemed more real, he seemed within reach, he doesn’t seemed like a foolish faraway fantasy of a dangerous place.

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Guys come on, just stop.

I think I’ll stay off tumblr for the day. All there is in my feed it a shit load of hate towards Mark and Steven.

You all seem to think that since Johnlock did not officially happen that it’s okay to hate the writers because they didn’t listen to you. Well, you know what? It’s not okay. Yes, everyone can have their own opinion but do you all not see how silly this has become?

The show is about a consulting detective solving crimes with his best friend by his side. It’s fine if you want to think that John and Sherlock were in love but don’t expect it to happen so much that Mark and Steven are now getting attacked over it.

If Johnlock were to be part of the storyline then I’m sure they would have written it in, but obviously, that is not where they saw the storyline going therefore it never went canon. Plus, they toy with our emotions to make us feel certain ways on purpose. That is what TV and films do. We all wanted Moriarty to be alive, they didn’t bring him back. I don’t seem to be seeing any hate about that.

Whether this was the last episode or not, don’t ruin this show with hate. Just be glad that they gave us yet another fantastic season.

A lot of people are saying it was horrible, but maybe if you weren’t so focused upon the whole Johnlock thing, then you may have realised that this show has become better than ever.

Just sit down, watch the damn show and stop hating.

I absolutely love Mark and Steven for the amount of genius that they have given us. Just be thankful they even started the show to begin with.

Rant. Bloody. Over.

You guys are starting to piss me off. You know how selfish you sound????????

I love Klaroline, really, it’s my OTP. But I swear to God, if The Originals get cancelled because the Klaroline’s shippers stopped watching and affected the ratings, I will fucking kill someone!!!

Guys!! This is a huge oportunity for Joseph Morgan!!!! He’s the star of his own show!!! We would be doing something horrible to his carreer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!! Stop thinking so much about what you want and start thinking about other people!

Some Klaroline shippers are so selfish! You need to stop!