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I swear I was going to be productive with more important things but… This YOI/YLIA crossover took the best of me

anonymous asked:

Can you give me sc fanfic rec? some of your favorites

hi! yeah, sure. here we go:

-  three days by silent_specter (MASTERPIECE.. that’s all i’m saying)

- monster under the bed by bijane (angst.. sO MUCH ANGST IT HURTS)

- puppy love by yourbestapology (one shot bUT IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER)

- supergirl in training by wtfoctagon (I!!!!! Love!!!!! My!!!!! Moms!!!!!!!)

- not afraid to fall by prettyaveragewhiteshark (THIS FIC KILLED ME AND THEN BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE)

she glides away (like a ghost) by cyclothimic (WHY DID I READ THIS)

- color me blue by eviewhite (dude i’ve read this fic like 4 times its so good - i miss the updates btw)

- will you be my savior? by hypersomniacgrad (i believe this is the first sc fanfic i’ve ever read!!!)

- mercy by rykeral (i literally spend 6 hours reading this)


folks wanted to see the botw Gladstone horse so here’s all of them (sorry for awful pictures I took on my phone ‘cause I ain’t got a nintendo account) :’D

Magica and Gladstone are the fastest shit alive istg, also if I ever catch that Royal white horse I’m calling it Donald but Donaldo was the first I caught so it’s gonna hurt to let him go…


Just wait until she has to climb the roots


With Thanksgiving tomorrow I wanted to bring this old vlog back. In this Mark was home for Thanksgiving and this was REALLY soon after I started watching Mark’s videos. It was right when he was posting To The Moon and I loved it so much I would constantly check youtube to see if a new part was out yet. This was back before Mark had a schedule and he just posted whenever lol It was when I found out Mark was from Cincinnati too and I was just !!!! omg that’s where I live! lol 

This video is very nostalgic in a way. When Mark was super floofy and I was still learning about him and the community. I was going through a pretty rough patch back then and finding Mark inspired me to create and that really helped pull me out of that.

I just wanted to say that I’m so thankful for being a part of this awesome community. Thank you~

Buddi Loves ALL OF YOU!!