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How do the Germanics (minus Germany) React to the Scandanavian Countries?


  • Denmark: Best bros.  10/10 guy.  Sometimes they get into fights though, petty stuff.  They have a lot in common, and they like to party together.
  • Norway: He’s kind of strange, but not a bad guy.  They connect over being big brothers.  Occasionally, he gets a good laugh out of watching him interact with Denmark.
  • Sweden: Scary motherfucker.  Knows deep down he’s a really nice guy, but just struggles to talk to him about anything.  Honestly, kind of reminds Prussia of his own brother.  Likes how Sweden treats his little boys, though.  He’s good with kids.


  • Denmark: Prussia, but slightly less douchey and slightly louder.
  • Norway: Honestly, pretty decent friends.  Enjoys Norway’s interest in the violin.  Tries to help him play better.  They also have a mutual understanding for the really obnoxious best friend who we love but also want to strangle on a regular basis.
  • Sweden: Kind of intimidating at first, but deep down, a fantastic guy. They don’t talk much, but their kids are best friends, so they see each other a fair amount.  Finds his voice strangely soothing.  Super super suuuuper lowkey thinks he’s attractive.


  • Denmark: A two hundred pound puppy.  Sure, loud and a little annoying, but cute and never means any harm.
  • Norway: For someone that Iceland always complains about, he’s honestly a pretty chill guy.  Pretty mysterious and quiet,  but he’s always been very kind.  Nice to talk to when she visits the Nordics’ house.
  • Sweden: Conflicted.  He always seems so scary and mean, but he’s deep down like the nicest guy around.  Also, he gets along with her brother really well.  Always the one who seems to manage the Nordic household 


  • Denmark: Obnoxious tool.  Very close to a smack.  He and Prussia are going to give him an aneurysm one day.
  • Norway: Pretty nice.  Very quiet and calm, and he doesn’t cause any trouble.  Iceland is really close to Liechtenstein, so she spends a lot of time with the Nordics.  She says he’s a good guy.  He trusts his sister’s judgement.
  • Sweden: Actually pretty good friends!  They’re both regarded as scary and mean, but in reality, they’re both quite the opposite.  They met through Finland, who he also considers a good friend, and he actually finds Sweden interesting and very sweet.  

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Hetalia Girls having a sleepover headcanons?:)

  • This night is 99% wine and gossip.  With a side of chocolate (thanks Belgium).
  • Liechtenstein is probably the leader of these festivities?  I just see her sitting in the middle of this circle, Belgium or Hungary painting her nails and Belarus or Ukraine braiding her hair.  Taiwan is totally sitting beside her, a total gigglebox as all the girls make fun of the guys.
  • Taiwan and Ukraine play moms, making sure all the girls get plenty of sleep and don’t drink too much.  Monaco and Seychelles are the voices opposing reason, trying to encourage them to party harder.
  • Poland is regularly invited to these festivities, and when (s)he comes, (s)he brings the HEAT.  
    • And by heat I mean the juiciest, most over-the-top drama and excitement that ends up with the girls making a lot of tipsy, one am phonecalls, and the most wild rounds of truth or dare.

So I thought I’d combine these. Where to begin?

For a start, women can’t be on the throne. At all. While Monaco rightly gets a lot of flack for jacques displacing his sister in the line of succession, Liechtenstein don’t let women on the throne at all. And what’s worse is they are not in a situation like Japan. Japan are a traditional country with traditional ideals and the monarch has almost no say in what happens. Even his own court is out of his hands. The JIF are almost impotent to make any changes as heir court is so powerful behind the scenes. In Liechtenstein the head of state actually has the power to change the succession alone as he is the most powerful constitutional monarch in Europe- as in he has more say in government than the queen does in the UK or CG does in Sweden- but he just won’t. And worse than that, they actively defend their policy. Just ten years ago the current Prince said it was a private family tradition and that it was older than the state itself so it wasn’t going to change. That was after the UN deemed it sexist!!

Hans Adam, the current prince, is a dick. The head of state in liechtenstein has the power to veto decisions the public have voted on in referenda. In 2003 he rewrote the constitution to give himself more power. He then told everyone that if he didn’t win the referendum he and the whole family would move to Austria. What kind of childish bullshit is that for a head of state? Obviously he won but international agencies have branded it emotional blackmail and raised serious concerns about him.

And they are incredibly anti-abortion. If they held that belief privately then whatever, not my problem. But when liechtenstein had a referendum on relaxing abortion laws Hans Adam said that even if 100% of the people voted to relax it he would veto the decision. That’s dictatorship. He is a modern, royal dictator

Basically they’re sexist pricks with too much power and money (liechtenstein is much like Monaco in that it’s a tax haven and the family made billions in banking).

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Which Disney princess would be Liechtenstein, Taiwan, Monaco, Vietnam and Seychelles's favorite?

(Allies here!)

Liechtenstein: Her favourite is Rapunzel from Tangled! It might be because they have the whole ‘cutting off hair for family reasons’ thing in common, even though Liechtenstein’s reasons are much more pleasant. 

Taiwan: Though she’s technically not a princess, Minnie is Taiwan’s favourite Disney female for sure! She’s so cute, and Taiwan loves clothes with mouse ear motifs or polka dot patterns because of her!

Monaco: Her absolute favourite is Jasmine, from Aladdin. She likes that they share a lot of attributes: overflowing riches, sweet braids in their hair, and smart, savvy, independent personalities! 

Vietnam: Being headstrong and skillful means that Vietnam relates best to Mulan, who also has those qualities. And, not being fond of her looks, it’s important to Vietnam that Mulan doesn’t care about beauty.

Seychelles: Her favourite is, naturally, Ariel. Though she does think that it’s better down where it’s wetter, and wishes she was a mermaid, she does like Ariel’s curiosity and want of something more!