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Ven… He was here…

Based off this that I posted last night regarding the svtfoe season 2 finale, It got some notes so I thought I’d actually play it 

“I thought earth was a pretty great place, I fell in love and now I have to leave its face. But now I’ll never again see his smile I wish I could’ve stayed a little while… I met people who I thought I’d never meet and all because I fell and landed at his feet. Maybe it’s all something I made up in my mind, so now it’s time I finally leave this place behind”

the best parts of the iconic i love you scene:

  • the huge relieved sigh alec let out and how it came almost like a little “oh” sound when he saw magnus who he had been looking for HOURS just imagine how stressed the poor bab was
  • he says it himself – he was literally TERRIFIED of losing magnus, the man he had just realized he’s in love with, the love of his life, because when shadowhunters find someone it is for life
  • alec’s heavy breathing bc his anxiety levels had been so high that he couldn’t even breathe properly and he had probably been running all around the institute just waiting to see what he feared the most
  • but magnus was scared too you could just see how relieved they both were when they finally had each other in their arms
  • magnus’ thumb rubbing down alec’s back in such a reassuring way, trying to tell him that its okay because he’s here now
  • alec burying his face into magnus’ shoulder because that’s his safe place and the only way to calm himself down
  • him hugging magnus even tighter because he’s probably still in shock trying to figure out if this is real if magnus is actually there, living, breathing and okay because he’s alec’s responsibility and if anything were to happen to him…
  • the i love you is so beautifully breathless too he probably just figured it out but it doesnt matter because he doesnt want to ever feel like that was the last time they’d see each other before he could even tell magnus about his true feelings, without magnus knowing how loved he is
  • magnus shaking his head a little bit because he cant quite believe it but answering right back the same words so easily
  • he has probably just been waiting for alec to say it because he himself has been too scared, too scared for his response, the possibility that he doesn’t get back the answer he so desperately needs to hear
  • the forehead touch ™ and magnus’ tiny smile just because of how happy he is to hear those words
  • the fact that they probably ended up hugging for a long ass time after that just holding each other, breathing each other in, feeling the other there with them…
  • after that they portalled to magnus’ apartment and just laid down for a bit, calming down, basking in each other’s existence and just ignoring the outside world for awhile because right now all they have is each other


aftertaste // stilinski twins

Summary: Y/N’s forced to deal with the consequences of her actions while her boyfriend, Stuart, is away for the summer

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Characters: Stiles, Stuart & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes & smut


As soon as she stepped onto the driveway the sun started heating her skin, drowning her in warmth. Adjusting the two backpack straps around her shoulders, she reached into her back pocket for the list she had made the night before.

“You sure you have everything you need?” She asked as she reread the slightly crumbled piece of paper in her hand, marking off the little checklist she had made for her boyfriend one last time before helping him load his bags into the trunk.

The sun reflected off of the lenses of his thick rimmed glasses as a small smirk made its way onto his face.

“Babe-” Stuart groaned, a giggle following as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s torso, resting his chin on her shoulder. “I said I’m good.” He assured her.

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My armour (Montgomery De la Cruz x Reader)

Warnings : Swearing, mention of rape, mention of domestic violence. Justin being so miserable should be a warning too (my little nugget). Spoilers, so if you haven’t seen episode 11 yet and don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read it! Also, my terrible writing skills.
Word count: 3798.

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A/N: To anyone who reads this, thank you and sorry. This is the first (and probably last) time I post one of my imagines. Bear with me guys, as English is not my native language. It’s really long and I’m sorry about that but I got carried away. I hope you enjoy it still! I SWEAR IT’S A MONTY FIC EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE IT AT FIRST!

Glancing down at the bottle of beer she was holding, Y/N sighed. She was starting to feel bored, her only occupation for the last five minutes being to watch the droplets slowly slide down the cold surface of the bottle. It’s been almost three hours since she had arrived at Bryce’s. At first, it was fun. She chatted with her friends, ate some junk food they had ordered and watched a movie with some of them. But now here she was, sitting on the armrest of the couch next to her boyfriend who was currently playing some sort of video game with another boy, while Jessica, Zach and Bryce were playing cards on the table nearby.

Swiftly bringing the beverage to her lips, she finished her drink and put the now empty green bottle on the coffee table in front of her before turning to look at her boyfriend – Montgomery. His eyes were focused on the TV and his brows furrowed as he quickly pressed random buttons on his controller, doing his best not to let his character die.

Y/N smiled to herself as she watched him, thinking back to the day he asked her out for the first time, almost six months ago. She had turned him down at first, because of the reputation he had regarding girls. But after a few weeks of him making efforts; leaving cute notes in her locker, walking or driving her home and even showing up at her doorstep with a bouquet of her favourite flowers, she caved in – finally accepting to have dinner at Rosie’s with the one and only – Montgomery De la Cruz. The date went surprisingly well and now here they were, five months later, still together and incredibly happy.

Y/N’s phone buzzed in her pocket, signalling that she had an incoming call. Standing up, she excused herself, even though nobody really paid attention to her since they were all concentrated on their games. She frowned at the caller ID – Justin, it read, her best friend. They’ve all been waiting for him to show up for quite a while now, why would he be calling her? She closed the glass door behind her as she stepped out of the house and walked a little further into the garden before answering.

“Hello?” She asked, glancing back to the pool house and the jocks who were playing table foot close-by.

“Y/N, thank God. You have to go to Bryce’s, Jess is there and you’re the one who lives the closest to him, and-” Justin rambled, worry filling his voice which made Y/N frown again.

“Jus,” She cut him off “I’m already there. We all are, actually. We’re waiting for you.” She explained and waited for him to say something but as seconds passed, he stayed silent. She could still hear him breathing thought, so she knew he hadn’t hung up on her. “Justin?”

“Fuck. Yeah okay, we’ll be there in ten.” He said and ended the call, leaving Y/N standing in the middle of Bryce’s garden confused as ever.

Putting her phone back in her pocket, she made her way back to her friends. Monty looked up at her as she sat next to him, taking her hand in his and bringing it up to his lips. He left a quick kiss on the top of her hand and watched fondly as a small smile formed on her beautiful face. They might have been dating for only five months but he was deeply and madly in love with that girl. She has changed him so much, for the best of course. He couldn’t help but smile back at Y/N as she slid down the armrest right into his side, wrapping her arms around him.

“Monty, come on! We’re gonna get killed again!” Matt, with whom Monty has been playing the whole evening, whined, elbowing him in the ribs to get his attention. Montgomery groaned in annoyance, pressing his lips to Y/N’s temple before going back to the game as she went back to being bored.

Only a few minutes passed before the door to the pool house opened again. Y/N turned around, a big smile plastered to her face as she knew that her best friend has finally arrived. She was beyond happy to spend some time with him, as they haven’t seen each other much these last couple of days. But her smile was replaced by a frown as soon as she saw him. Justin was clearly angry, his eyes cold, his lips pressed in a thin line. Alex was right behind him, walking slowly, his head hanging low. Bryce turned around as well as he heard the boys enter, a big smile made its way to his face.

“Justin! Alex! About fucking time you guys. These cards are getting stale. Come on, sit down.” He said, inviting both boys to join in the game.

“Actually,” Justin started, glaring at Jess who kept on avoiding making eye contact with her boyfriend. “Jess and I had this thing planned.”

“Pff, no we don’t.” Jessica scoffed, shuffling the cards for another round.

Y/N shifted uncomfortably on the couch, watching the encounter between her best friend and his girlfriend. She hadn’t even noticed that Monty had paused the game until he grabbed her hand with his, squeezing it comfortingly. The girl’s eyes briefly met with her boyfriend’s before she turned her attention back to the other couple, who was full on fighting by now. Worry filled her eyes and her heart broke a little at how wretched her best friend looked. He had bags under his eyes, his cheeks were slightly red. Y/N has known Justin for almost her whole life. Ever since they were little, they were inseparable and always had each other’s backs. They’re both very protective of each other, and know everything about each other. Y/N is one of the rare people who has seen Justin cry, she’s one of the rare people who’s always willing to help him when things go down at his house, with his mother or her boyfriends. And he helped her multiple times as well. He helped her when she was lonely, when her parents would leave for weeks because of work, when they would argue; he helped her with bad break-ups, with everything. The Justin she knew was so much different than the Justin everybody saw. So seeing him so miserable always hurt her as well.

Somehow Justin ended up sitting facing Jess, his eyes not leaving her as she continued paying no mind to him. Zach awkwardly coughed before explaining the rules of the game to the boy.      

“Don’t worry, I got you stakes.” Bryce said to Justin once Zach finished talking. “Your girlfriend has been playing with my money all night anyway.” He smirked as he passed some cash to the basketball player.

“Alex, sit down!” Jessica finally piped in, ignoring her boyfriend’s glances once again.

Y/N couldn’t help but wonder why Jessica was acting so strangely tonight. Her eyes shifted from Alex to Jess, and then back to Justin. Her eyes caught Justin’s tired blue ones for a second and she gave him a weak smile, as to tell him that ‘everything is going to be okay’. But he brushed her off, his jaw clenching as he turned back to Jess who was now dragging Alex to the table. Y/N sighed, usually Justin would smile back, sometimes even nod at her as to say ‘thank you’.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Monty whispered into Y/N’s ear, his lips only an inch away from her ear as he did not want anyone else to hear him. He knew his girlfriend hated fights, and that she hated seeing her best friend like this. Y/N turned to her boyfriend smiling slightly, grateful that he was trying to get them out of that uncomfortable situation. Her lips parted as she was going to give him an answer, but she was quickly interrupted by Justin.

“Jess, what the fuck?” The boy raised his voice, glaring at Jessica who was now comfortably sitting on Bryce’s lap, a wicked smile plastered to her face. Eventually Jess faced her boyfriend, who was barely containing his anger by now.

“Your deal.” She spat coldly at him as she gave him some cards.  

“I don’t wanna play fucking cards right now.” Justin growled, pushing himself closer to her over the table.

“I said, your deal!” The brunette yelled and threw a few cards in his face, causing him to jump back a little in surprise.

“Shit.” Monty said, grabbing Y/N’s hand again and tugging at it as he stood up, ready to leave before the argument turned into something worse. But he barely had time to pull her to him before Justin stood up as well and started walking towards the exit, expecting his girlfriend to follow him. But as she didn’t, he took a step back and gripped her arm, yanking her away from Bryce. Y/N gasped as she watched her best friend violently pulling his girlfriend out of the pool house.

“Let’s go.” Monty said looking at his girl with soft eyes, ready to take her as far as possible from the argument. He intertwined his fingers with Y/N’s and let her out of the little building. But once outside, things got even worse, much to Y/N’s dismay.

“Don’t touch me like that. Don’t you ever touch me like that.” Jessica screamed as she broke free from Justin’s grip. She pushed him away, making him stumble back a few feet, her eyes full of rage.

“Buddy, calm down.” Bryce said calmly, taking a step towards the couple in an attempt to lighten the tension.

“Stay the fuck away from her!” Justin yelled, approaching his former best friend, anger radiating from his tall frame.

“What is your problem, Justin?” Jessica questioned, clearly irritated by now. She looked from Bryce to her boyfriend, her bottom lip trembling.

Surprise was written over everybody’s faces, except Y/N’s. She was more concerned than surprised to be honest, as she knew that the couple was going through a rough path. She didn’t know that it was that bad, though. Y/N averted her eyes from the couple and focused on the dirty floor instead.

“Why the fuck are you here with Bryce?” The fight went on as Justin cried out, tears welling in the corners of his eyes.

Y/N didn’t want to witness the fight anymore, she had had enough. Deciding that it was better to leave, she pulled her boyfriend away from the small group. But she stopped in her tracks as Zach spoke up.

“Guys, this does not need to happen.” He said calmly, looking between the three people concerned – Jessica, Justin and Bryce.

“Maybe it does.” Alex said as he took a step forward, bringing all the attention to him. Y/N was over confused now. She did not understand a single thing, and frankly, she did not want to.

“Tell me why you care.” Jessica pleaded softly.

Blocking everything and everyone from her mind, Y/N let go of Monty’s hand, slowly making her way away from the group and out of this whole drama. She couldn’t take the screaming, the pain, anymore. It reminded her of home way too much. She took only a couple of steps before Justin’s voice caused her to freeze in the spot, and what he yelled out made her breath hitch and the blood in her veins run cold.

“Because he fucking raped you!” Silence filled the air after Justin’s outburst.

Y/N’s heart pounded in her ribcage, her breaths short as she turned around only to see Jess let out a loud sob and Justin charge at Bryce. She watched with tears in her eyes as Zach held Justin back and her boyfriend held Bryce away from the other boy.

He raped her. He fucking raped her. Y/N’s eyes landed on Bryce and for a mere few seconds his eyes caught hers. There was no emotion in them whatsoever. No guilt, no regret, nothing. His stare was cold and caused shivers to run down her spine. The girl looked away as she felt sick to the stomach. Only thinking about it made her ill. Y/N had always known that Bryce was a heartless bastard who had no respect for anyone, especially women, and treated everyone like trash, but rape? It was something she wasn’t expecting, even from him. The sound of Jessica’s palm colliding with Justin’s cheek brought her back to reality. She looked over at her best friend who was standing in the middle of the little circle that had formed, with a clear handprint on his left cheek and tears falling from his eyes as Jess pushed past him, storming away.

Y/N’s gaze followed her and without really thinking it through she ran after the girl, stumbling a little over her own feet as her mind was still somewhere else. Catching up with the brunette, she softly put her hand on her shoulder to stop her from walking further away. Jessica flinched away from the girl’s touch, her eyes sending draggers at her as she continued on her way to her car.

“Jess, hold on.” Y/N said, her throat dry and voice hoarse. Rolling her eyes, Jessica turned to face the other girl who was playing with her fingers, obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation.

“What?” She spat, a quick laugh leaving her lips as she noticed a tear sliding down Y/N’s cheek. “Why are you crying?” She crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for an answer as she played with her car keys.

“You… You shouldn’t be driving right now, not in this state of mind.” Y/N croaked out mentioning to the keys with her hand, not really knowing what to say to the girl. Contrary to popular belief, Y/N did appreciate the young brunette, she considered her a friend now; and that’s why she followed her out there in the cold night trying to help her, to comfort her.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake Y/N. Just leave me alone.” Turning back on her heel Jessica trotted over to her car. However, the other girl refused to let her go and ran up to her, swiftly taking the keys from the shaking girl before she could even open the vehicle, and then taking a step back in precaution. “What the fuck do you want?” Jessica yelled in her face, her pupils dilated because of the tears, but also because of the anger she felt at the moment. “Why don’t you go comfort your ‘oh so great best friend’?”  

“Jess, let me at least drive you home.” Y/N whispered calmly, dodging her question once again. She took a step forward, expecting the girl to give up and just let her drive her home safely. What she wasn’t expecting, though, was the harsh slap that she received once she was close enough. The sound of the keys hitting the asphalt filled the air as Y/N brought her hand up to her red and already swollen cheek in surprise.

“Leave me alone.” Jessica repeated slowly, her eyes filled with tears and pain. Y/N watched with wide, glassy eyes and her mouth agape as Jess picked the keys up. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, she just stood frozen and watched as her friend got into the car and drove away into the night.  

When Monty had suggested to spend the evening with some of their friends at the pool house earlier that day, Y/N was surely not expecting things to end up like this. It was supposed to be a fun night; a group of friends hanging out together after a stressful week. A night filled with laugher, music and alcohol. But things never go as planned, do they?  

Minutes passed but Y/N hasn’t moved yet. She felt quite stupid to feel so hurt by her friend’s actions, as they were totally justified – she has been raped, for God’s sake. A slap seems so meaningless compared to what Jessica is going through but it still pained her, she couldn’t stop herself from feeling this way. It brought back too many memories. It reminded her of all the times her mother would push her around when she’d do something bad. It reminded her of all the times her father would yell at her until she cried after she brought home a bad grade from school. But most importantly, it reminded her of all the slaps, punches, pinches she would receive from both of them once she grew older; and always for such stupid reasons like being caught kissing a boy, or getting home a bit too late.

Y/N was full on sobbing now, her body shaking as she sat down on the pavement in front of Bryce’s house. Her hand stroked her hot cheek softly, careful not to hurt it even more.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice brought the girl back to reality. Her eyelids fluttered, letting some tears fall all the way down her cheeks and to the ground. Monty approached the girl slowly, joining her on the ground.

“Mon…” She breathed out, her big Y/E/C eyes meeting his. The boy’s lips curved into a small smile at the nickname only she was allowed to use. He used to hate when others called him that, ‘Mon’, but it sounded so nice coming out of her lips. He brought his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his chest, his chin resting at the top of her head. He could feel her whole body trembling and it made his heart ache. He wished he could just take the pain away.

“What happened, love?” He asked quietly, his hand running up and down her arm in a comforting manner. Y/N looked up at him, her bottom lip quivering. And that’s when in the dim light from the street lamp he noticed the red print on her left cheek. His heart thumped harder in his chest, his grip on her tightening as he placed a sweet kiss on her forehead to calm himself down.

Montgomery wasn’t angry at Jessica. As maddening as it was, he understood why she had done it. She wanted to be left alone to cope with things, but Y/N being her lovely self wanted to help her. Jessica couldn’t know that this action would cause Y/N to breakdown. She wasn’t aware of what the girl went through when she was younger, and what she’s still going through at home. But Monty was very well aware of his girlfriend’s situation. Hell, he almost beat her father up once when he noticed a few bruises on her ribs during one of their make-out sessions. He couldn’t comprehend how Y/N’s parents could do this to their own daughter, but he was glad that she had opened up to him about it. He promised himself that he’d always protect her from them, and from anyone else who would try to harm her in any way.

Leaving one more kiss at the top of his girlfriend’s head, Montgomery stood up, reaching out for her with his hand which she took after a few seconds of hesitation. It was nothing new to him, she’s always suspicious of everything when she’s in physical or psychological pain. What mattered was that in the end she’d always fully open up to him and let him help her.

“Let’s get you out of here, babe.” He said and waited until she nodded her head to lead her to his jeep.

The drive to her house was a very short one as Y/N lived only a few blocks away from Bryce. Usually the couple would hang out and spend nights at Monty’s house, as his parents accepted their relationship more than Y/N’s, but this time her parents were away for a week and an empty house was always better.

Getting out of the car Monty quickly ran to the passenger’s door to help his girlfriend out. He led her to the front door, opening it with the spare key he had.

Minutes later Y/N was comfortably sitting on her bed, her legs hidden under the soft duvet while her boyfriend rummaged through her tidy room, getting DVDs out. A light smile formed on her face as she watched him. She was so thankful to have him. He was her everything and he didn’t even know it. He was her reason to get out of bed in the morning, her reason to go to school, her reason to keep going. He just meant so much to her.

“I’ll go get the snacks.” Monty said moving towards the bed and handing Y/N the DVDs he had found. “You pick the movie.” He smiled affectionately at her.

“Forget the snacks, just come here.” Y/N pleaded, making grabby hands at him and giving him a big smile. Her eyes weren’t dull anymore, they were shining again. The smile wasn’t a forced one, it was genuine. She pouted at him as he still hasn’t moved and just observed her, making him roll his eyes at her jokingly.

“Move then.” Monty pushed the covers off Y/N’s legs only to pull them over them again once he laid down next to her. Forgetting about the DVDs, Y/N laid back next to her boyfriend, clinging to his side. He chuckled as the girl laid her head on his chest, making her punch him playfully in the stomach to make him stop moving. Her fingers danced over his clothed chest as she replayed the events of the day in her head again. A smile crept onto her face once more as she thought about how sweet and caring her boyfriend has been; not only today, but ever since they started dating. Monty’s hand moved up to her face, cupping her cheek softly. He tilted her head back to make her look at him. His heart filled with joy as he noticed her smile. God, how he loved her smile.

“You okay?” He whispered, pushing a few lose strands of hair behind her ear. Y/N leaned up, pressing her lips to his softly in a sweet kiss.

“I’m okay now.” She mumbled into the kiss, pulling away right after. Monty’s arm snaked around her waist, bringing the girl even closer to him as her hand moved to the back of his head, her fingers playing with his hair. He moved down a bit, so their faces were on the same level, his forehead pressed to hers. They stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like hours, but was actually only a few seconds as Monty’s thumb started stroking Y/N’s cheek lovingly.

“Good.” He murmured before pressing his lips to hers, but this time in a much more heated kiss filled with love and passion.

Well, that was crap.

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Annabeth Hair Headcannons

When I was 12 I loved Annabeth because like…she didn’t really give a shit about what she looked like, and there would be moments where Rick would say “She woke up with a rat’s nest” or “She didn’t have time to brush it” and yeah. That meant a lot to little me. So here are some headcannons based on my own blonde, thick, curly hair experiences.

  • When she was living on the streets with Luke and Thalia, she wouldn’t really brush her hair. Sometimes she would, but she would only comb through the top later bcuz she was young and in a rush, so there was this giant hidden knot of tangles at the base of her neck.
  • (Thalia eventually had to cut off the clump because it was so gnarly. Annabeth named it “George”)
  • Back when she was still living at home, her stepmom would force her to sit down every morning so she could comb through the bed-head. She would rip the brush through Annabeth’s hair, and roll her eyes when she started crying. “Stop being dramatic. It’s not that bad.”
  • Because of that ^^, Annabeth’s head is basically numb now??? Like, you could tear out a clump of hair and she would hardly react.
  • She can’t fit all her hair under a hat. Even when it’s in a bun. It’s fucking impossible.
  • She gets tons of questions like “What shampoo/conditioner do you use?” and she’s like “…uh, whatever’s in the shower?? Department store shit?” and they nod like she’s just given them sage haircare advice.
  • Annabeth doesn’t cut her hair short. She can’t make herself, even though she knows it would be more practical to have short hair but…she can’t. It’s not a vanity thing. Her hair is unique, she knows this, and it’s sort of become a part of her. Like a calling card.
  • She feels the same way with dying her hair. Sometimes, she really hates being blonde, because there’s always some fuckboy who’s like “lol ur blonde u must be a dumb whore” which is stupid and doesn’t even make sense, but some ppl actually slut-shame her about it. So she keeps the color because fuck those people.
  • People are always asking to braid her hair. All the time. It’s fucking annoying.
  • (The only person she lets braid her hair is Piper because she actually knows what the fuck she’s doing.)
  • Some people just…touch her hair. Like, random strangers. In the grocery store, at the movies, in school. OMFG all the time in school, the kid sitting behind her will reach out and pat her hair, and she’ll turn around to glare and they’ll just be like “what?”
  • She plays with it when she’s hyper-focusing, twirling and twisting it around her fingers. Once when she was 13 a group of girls started teasing her about it. “Why do you always play with your hair? Do you think your special? Are you trying to flirt? You’re so weird and gross.” She stopped playing with it in public after that.  
  • She ALWAYS has hair-ties. ALWAYS. She’s that girl with, like, four hair-ties on her left wrist at all times. You need a hair-tie? Go to Annabeth, she’s gotchu.
  • All of her hair-ties break, though. Like, they just snap. She has to buy the super durable ones.
  • The only people who are allowed to play with her hair without asking for express permission are: Percy, Piper, Hazel (although she always asks anyways), and Rachel.
  • OMFG Rachel and Annabeth and Hazel bond over their curly hair. Like, they each have different kinds of curly hair, but they can all bond together over it.
  • Like, someone says “you can’t comb your hair in the shower” or “do you ever brush your hair?” and Annabeth, Rachel, and Hazel share a Look.
  • Annabeth went through a phase where whenever someone would say something like “OMG i would do anything to have your hair you’re so lucky,” she would respond with “ok i can shave it off and glue it to your head if you want” with a complete straight face. 
  • She gets headaches when she wears high ponytails.
  • Her hair gets REALLY poofy when she brushes it out. Like, just a cloud of poof. It’s such a relief when she does this sometimes, because it sort of takes off a lot of its weight.
  • If she ever does cut her hair, she’s going to donate it. All of it. 
  • She hates it when ppl call her “blondie”. Even Percy.
  • She’s actually broken a few hairbrushes before. But now she knows what kinds to buy.
  • For the last time, no. She doesn’t like straightening her hair. It takes forever, it’s really hot and uncomfortable, and it never stays. It’s stupid.
  • She can totally hide things in her hair. Sometimes ppl will stick pencils and pens in it. Percy and Piper have a game where they try to see how many things they can fit in her hair without her noticing.
  • She has to braid it when she swims. Like, none of that majestic hair-flowing-underwater crap. If her hair gets wet, it will tangle, and brushing that shit out is a pain in the ass.
  • She’s recognizable in a crowd. She sort of likes that.
  • Sometimes, Percy will refer to her hair as a lion’s mane. She sort of likes that.
  • Generally, she doesn’t really care about how it looks. It poofs up when it’s summer, it turns dark when it’s winter, and it will get tangles no matter how many times she brushes it. She doesn’t have the time or energy to care.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs, because who gives a shit? (also she’s blonde so the hair doesn’t really show up, so if she did care that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

Just….Annabeth dealing with her hair like only Annabeth would.

  • When we are born we come in under the influence of one of the Moon's phases.
  • NEW MOON: 1st lunar stage:
  • - When a person is born under the influence of the New Moon it is thought that in terms of reincarnation, this person has been born into the first incarnation of an eight fold sequence. This person possesses a quality of spontaneity, thus, planning ahead is not always met with success. They view life as a grand adventure with unlimited possibilities. Living in the moment, the past is not important to them. Being born when the Moon sheds no light, they have come to learn to respond instinctually and to act on intuition. They are able to navigate without maps and arrive at their destination with time to spare. They are often criticized for being overly self involved, but there is a need for them to learn about who they are and to project it into the world.
  • Keywords: Initial urge; Instinct; Projection
  • CRESCENT: 2nd lunar stage:
  • - A key word for the Crescent Phase is breakthrough. It is a time when what was begun during the New Moon is carried forward. It is a time of struggle because it often has to wrestle with the ghosts of the past which were in effect before the new cycle began. This new identity needs to overcome old standards, attitudes and structures in order to become fully functional as a whole and free individual. People born during a Crescent Moon often find themselves emotionally tied to the past. They may be drawn to habitual behaviors, wanting to stay within their comfort zones, feeling the need for security. They can be vulnerable to emotional blackmail, falling victim to those who want to "keep them the way they are", not supportive of their growth. Crescent Moon types may find it difficult to leave home until well into adulthood. It is imperative that they establish their life force in independence. It is important for them to understand that the first step is the hardest, but that once it is taken new opportunities will open up. Their final challenge is to take those opportunities and act on them.
  • Keywords: Activation; Striving; Future
  • FIRST QUARTER: 3rd lunar stage:
  • - The First Quarter Moon can be referred to as "crisis in action". It is a time in which the challenge is to manage the energy which is released by crisis and then to restructure it into its new form. People born during this phase are able to rise to the occasion of any emergency. They are able to make split second decisions and act on them. They have the ability to tear down old structures and to recreate new ones. They are the pioneers, the trail blazers, the hero and the heroine. It is important not to unconsciously create havoc in their lives just for the sake of excitement even though the crazier it gets, the better they get. It is likely they will create conflict in the lives of those entrenched in the status quo. You may find them working in emergency rooms and driving ambulances.
  • Keywords: Clearing; Action; Building
  • GIBBOUS: 4th lunar stage:
  • - Those born during the Gibbous Phase have an innate desire for perfection. Having sharp, analytical minds, they have a need to understand. Looking at a subject from all angles, they experience sheer joy when delving into the core of the matter. Bringing things to the essence of their being, the truth will be revealed. They live their lives in anxious expectation augmented by the breath of the coming revelation. Children born at this time will not be happy with the answers, they will want to know why and how the answer came about. Gibbous Moon people make good apprentices as their goal is to learn all they can and become as good as they can get.
  • Keywords: Perfecting; Analysis; Interpret
  • FULL MOON: 5th lunar stage:
  • - The Full Moon brings about the completion of all the hard work that came before it. It is the time in which the structure having attained perfection experiences the urge to become infused with meaning and purpose, the breath of life. It is time when all that was instinctual becomes deliberate action, all that was felt before will now be made visible. The ideals are to be realized, brought forth into the world for all to have. It is the debut. People born under the Full Moon are idealists. They may spend a lot of time searching for belief systems that they can relate to. Relationships are important to them and they need to be fully conscious of the effects their words and actions have on others. It is hard for them to find the ideal relationship in this material world and they will often turn to religion or an ideal cause. In looking for the right relationship, one needs to proceed through the clarity of the light of consciousness and not get caught up in the emotional bog of sheer desire.
  • Keywords: Perfection; Completion Conscious; Illumination
  • DISSEMINATING: 6th lunar stage:
  • - The Disseminating Phase of the Moon is the second phase of conscious operation. That which came into completion at the Full Moon is ready to be distributed now. People born during this phase are natural communicators. They are what they believe and their purpose is to spread it to the world. They share and communicate information acquired from their own experience. They are the teachers and philosophers. If they have no message to share they can become despondent. It is their lesson to realize that they are not responsible as to whether the message is received or not. It is not the role of everyone else to act on what they say, but it is the role of the person born in the Disseminating Phase to say it. They make good publicists and reporters as long as they believe in what they are saying.
  • Keywords: Imparting; Convey Awareness
  • LAST QUARTER: 7th lunar stage:
  • - The key word for the Last Quarter is readjustment. It is the hardest to identify as many of its characteristics are hidden. As the First Quarter experiences "crisis in action", the Third Quarter experiences "crisis in consciousness". Old systems and values are becoming useless. It is hard for people born at this time to relate to life in the here and now. They often appear to be living in a world of their own, when in actuality they are going through an internal process of reorientation. They will present to the world an acceptable face as they are quietly developing on the inside. At the point when their own internal self has been completed, a brand new, fully developed person emerges. This butterfly is quite different from the caterpillar it had been, and is quite the surprise to those who thought they "knew" them. These people need the time and space to find themselves. If pressured to conform, they may revolt causing others to regard them as uncooperative and rebellious. As children, they require a lot of "alone" time and may need more rest than others as they process much in their sleep and in meditative states.
  • Keywords: Readjustment; Correcting; Disillusionment; Elimination
  • BALSAMIC: 8th lunar stage:
  • - The Balsamic Phase is the last phase of the Moon's cycle. This is the time of adjustment from one cycle to another. It is the bridge between the past and the future. People born at this time are finishing an eight phase cycle of lifetimes. Therefore, this lifetime is a very karmic one. There is a pattern of very intense, all-consuming although short term relationships with people from the past including other lifetimes. These karmic ties are in need of resolution before continuing on into the next new cycle. These people often have pronounced psychic abilities. They are the visionaries seeing years ahead of their times. As children they often feel apart from their peers; they are loners. Balsamic Moon people are able to take the true meaning of a situation, distill it into its wisdom essence and plant it into the awareness of others. They are the gurus. Their job is the transmission of essential knowledge which will germinate at the next level during the next Lunation Cycle.
  • Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender

He doesn’t feel good.
He can’t breathe without coughing, and when he does, his entire body shakes when he inhales.
“You okay dude?”
They are suppose to be training hand to hand combat, so he swallows the saliva that’s fills his mouth and smiles sheepishly.
“Not enough sleep or something.” He rubs the sweat off his face to hide any evidence of a fever but you have to be blind not to see that’s Lance is really sick.
No one bothers to say anything and if Lance isn’t insecure as it is, the silence is just the cherry on top.
Training could have been better, but he managed with minor injuries, and he is still conscious with both feet planted to the ground, even if he is swaying.
Allura frowns as she watches Lance fight with himself to stay awake.
“I suggest we all get some rest.”
She’s aiming this towards Lance but she isn’t sure he is listening.
Shiro can see Allura worry, and he eases her mind with a calm hand planted on her shoulder.
“Don’t worry Allura, I’ll make sure everyone is well again.”
They share a smile before she strides to her room.
“Lance how you holding up?” The young Cuban is staring straight at his leader, but the fog in his head makes Shiro sound so far away.
He feels hazy like he hadn’t slept in days, but he knows he went to bed early, so why does he feel like this?
“I’m fine.”
Lance sounds exhausted.
The other Paladins let their eyes wander with concerned expressions on each of their face a sure sign that Lance is everything but fine.
“If you’re sure… get some rest you deserve it champ.”
The Paladins all make a move, but Keith lingers as does Lance.
“Why did you lie to Shiro? Your not fooling anyone, cause you look like shit.”
He isn’t looking for Keith’s approval but it still hurts.
Lance let’s out a cough into the crook of his arm.
Keith winces and takes a step back. He can hear the wetness, like there is liquid in his lungs.
“I don’t want him to get mad.” He chokes.
“Mad? Why would Shiro be mad that your sick?”
“If Zarkon attacks, Voltron won’t be able to make an appearance… Allura and Shiro will tell me how useless I am, and how I should take better care of myself…”
“Well they wouldn’t be wrong.”
Lance doesn’t want to have this conversation, he already feels like he’s drowning in his own mucus, he doesn’t want to talk about how he’s saving planets and other aliens, but his own body can’t save him from some space bacteria.
“Is that all you-” he coughs “-wanted to say? Are you here to lecture me about how useless I am? Cause I already know, and I don’t need Mr. Hot shot to remind me.”
It’s mean and probably out of line, but he’s irritated and tired, and the last person he wants, seeing him like this, is his rival.
The boy keeps his stare locked to the floor.
“Feel better.”
It’s meant to be sincere, because Keith is honestly concerned for the boy, but Lance just hears another impossible order.
“Si Lo que dices…” Its soft and foreign, and he can’t remember the last time he’d spoken his first language, and that breaks his heart.
“I. What did you say?”
“Si Lo Que…he sniffs and rubs the back of his hand across his face so that the tears don’t fall. "Sorry, I’ll be fine, I just need to sleep or something.”

He’s not fine.
Actually he’s far from it to be honest.
He spent most of the evening trying to get some rest, but each time he laid his on the pillow his chest would tighten and a round of wet coughs would jerk him forward.
Lance rolls out and on the floor so that and he can press his back against the edge of his bed. He lays his head back,it make him dizzy, and he can taste a pool of post nasal, drip into his mouth and run down his nose.
Coughing, he snaps forward, cautious to catch his germs in his mouth. If living in a big family has taught him anything, it’s to keep your germs to yourself.
When he isn’t coughing, he can hear a whistle pierce through his ears each time he catches his breath. The wheezing only intensifies the rattle in chest, and before he can realize what is going on, he is on all four coughing, like there is food stuck in his throat.
Saliva mixed with his own mucus slides down his face and though most of it is in his hand, some of it has fallen to the floor. It isn’t until he sees specks of red blend in his own wave of sickness that he feels his anxiety mess with his fever.
He scrambles to get to his feet, and when he does he has to hold on to a wall to keep from spinning back to the floor.
His vision is blurry, and he’s so tired cause he just wanted to sleep, but he’s sick and in space, and maybe it’s just the fever that’s frying his brain, but he doesn’t want to die from some Alien space Virus.
His first instinct is tell Shiro, if anyone can save him, he hopes it will be his hero, and his leader.
The only problem is, his room is so far away, and it make him want to cry.
Swallowing hard he just needs someone to help him before he dies, and whether it’s luck or just karma, Keith is the closest room to his.
Lance doesn’t want to cause a scene, and his own body is shaking and his fist trembles each time he is pounding in the door.
“Ke…Keith.” He whispers.
There isn’t an answer right away, and it makes Lance feel hopeless, as he is leaning against the door and slides down to his knees.
When the door finally opens he falls on his hand, albeit coughing from the shock of the door opening.
“Lance? Dude Lance are you okay.”
Lance is shaking his head.
Keith places a hand on his forehead and the other on the back of his neck , but he doesn’t need to do this to know he has a fever.
Lance is coughing, and it isn’t until he starts gagging that Keith quickly stand up to look for a trash can.
Their both out of luck, and if the heat of the fever isn’t enough to make lance feel like shit, he is absolutely embarrassed by the pool of sick he has left as gift for Keith to clean up.
It’s honestly all the excitement that Lance can handle right now, because the Cuban boy who always seemed so overly optimistic, is physically and emotionally exhausted. He lets the tears fall down his face and he doesn’t care that his rival is watching with a worried look.
“Im gonna go get Shiro. He’ll know what to do.”
Lance makes a sound and is quick to grab the pant leg of the boys’ sweatpants. The sound that Lance manages to squeeze from his throat breaks the red Paladins heart.
“Please, Lance your really sick and I don’t know what to do.”
It not a full description but it’s every insecurity Lance has ever felt built into one word.
“…stay… please don’t leave me, promise you won’t leave…”
Keith drops to the floor and runs his hand through Lance’s Sweat hair.
“…por favor…”
Keith doesn’t say anything, just continues to stroke the boys hair.
It isn’t until Lance falls into a restless sleep that Keith is quick on his feet and off to find Shiro.

Si Lo que dices- yeah, whatever you say.
Por favor- please

anonymous asked:

Because I'm a horrible person who lives off of angst I started thinking about something similar to Emperor Stark in AA, and Steve's going to fight Tony and not everyone's sure he can do it, and Nat brings up "you know, that's exactly what Tony said abt Arsenal, and we ALL know how that turned out, and you didn't really look ready to fight him last time this happened" then Steve and Tony fight and it's SAD and people almost die on both sides. So, yeah, I'll just leave this here.

nonny……………why do you like Pain™

but wait holy shit this actually reminds me of the (arguably) most heartbreaking scene of the AA season 3 finale:

Steve is the ONLY one who doesn’t raise his weapon to fight. What does he do instead? He shields his face. He chooses to defend rather than attack. He can’t bring himself to. How could he, when the choice involves sacrificing the man he loves?

The Recruit (Chapter 15) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part III”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Steven Rapp & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Fluff and family bonding, a littttttle bit of smut at the very end.

A.N.: Mitch and Steven Rapp tho… and YES. I split one day into three separate chapters. sue me. they had a good day. :’)

Summary: Mitch and Y/n meet up with Mitch’s brother, Steven, and finish out their first day in Manhattan.

Additional Note: I will literally never write a single DOB character as anything less than a rabid Mets fan.

Chapter Fourteen - Chapter Fifteen - Chapter Sixteen

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

“Mitch?! Holy shit, is that you?” A handsome, light brown haired man approached the couple. He looked like Mitch, but with less moles and his hair was gelled and parted to the side. He wore a well-fitting black suit and was about the same height as his brother. His smile lit up his entire face when he saw his long-lost brother.

“Steve.” Mitch wrapped his brother up in a bear hug in the lobby of the lavishly decorated restaurant.

“I barely recognized you, man. You’re… you’re fucking swoll.” Steven looked stunned. “And that’s a great fucking suit. Where’d you get it?”

“Y/n literally had it made for me and they were finishing tailoring it less than fifteen minutes ago down at Brooks Brother’s by your apartment. That’s why we’re a little late. I didn’t have anything to wear.” Mitch pulled you in front of him, in between him and his brother.

“Y/n.. holy sh-” Mitch gave Steven a look, and Steven grinned. “You are triple the amount of beauty that Mitch described you to be, and you whipped him up real nice too. It’s really nice to meet you.” Steven gave you a quick hug and a genuine smile.

“It’s nice to meet you. I almost feel like we’ve met before,” You grinned up at Mitch, letting him recall the time that he stole his brother’s identity to use as his own when the recruits infiltrated a college reunion. Mitch smirked and dug his hands into his pockets sheepishly. “Mitch has told me so much about you.”

“Mr. Rapp, your table is ready. Follow me please.” The hostess eyed Steven and Mitch. They were both ridiculously handsome and well put together. Steven gestured for you to go first, and Mitch rested his hand in the small of your back, letting you lead the way.

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summary: sakura dies giving birth to sarada and sasuke decides he can’t raise this child without her (continuation of this)



sasuke returns a year after he left her, a few weeks after her first birthday. he wonders how she spent it and imagines that she was spoiled by her overly doting grandparents, being pampered with pretty clothes and toys and sweets. he’s not really sure what you’re supposed to do for a one-year-old, but something in the back of his head tells him that his gift should be sufficient.

sarada’s birthday means sakura’s death anniversary and so sasuke waits until he’s no longer drowning in his sorrow to go see the girl.

he has no right to call her his daughter and thinks it’s disgraceful to say he’s doing this for her, so he tells himself that this is for sakura.

he disables the series of traps meant to protect her and judging by their complexity, imagines that it was the hokage who set them up or one of his predecessors. this knowledge pleases him, for no matter how much kizashi and mebuki haruno may love their grandchild, they’re hardly capable of protecting sarada from the kind of people who may seek her out.

sasuke walks up to the crib she sleeps in and is startled to see her staring up at him with curious black eyes. 

does she remember him?

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the signs as three feelings
  • aries: the minute you finish something you've been working on for ages with confidence that it is perfect. when the person you couldn't admit you wanted to call finally calls. running after someone, exhilerated.
  • taurus: falling asleep early. the lull of a city at night. the sun hitting your shoulders after being in a freezing building.
  • gemini: booking plane tickets. buying something you've wanted without looking at the price tag. driving all night with someone, talking so much that your throat is sore.
  • cancer: breakfast at 2am. standing in the ocean on a chilly day. throwing a punch that you've imagined for years.
  • leo: the second your favorite band steps onto the stage. all of your friends laughing at once, none of you able to contain yourselves for several minutes. getting complimented on your biggest insecurity.
  • virgo: the line in that book that makes you understand life better. eye contact with a newborn baby. holding your best friend while you both sob.
  • libra: taking in a view that you will never be able to remember. falling asleep next to someone, breathing on each other's faces. a cry that consumes your entire body, draining you from all of the bad things that happened.
  • scorpio: driving down a highway in summer, windows down. a lover pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. a cup of tea at the end of a busy day.
  • sagittarius: staring at the sky and forgetting where you are. the stomach-lurch after you grab someone's hand for the first time. knowing that you're kissing someone for the last time.
  • capricorn: reminiscing with your family. chasing your best friend through a department store. standing at the top of a mountain with no noise but your own breathing.
  • aquarius: the first time you hear the song that feels like where you belong. waving goodbye to the house you grew up in. dying your hair in the sink--a split decision you made with your best friend.
  • pisces: someone telling you "it's going to be okay", and actually believing them. meeting someone with the exact same sense of humour as you. the breathless smile on their face after you've surprised someone with a gift.
Christmas Shadows

Fifth Imagine of the 12 Days of Christmas! Next is Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton.

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Summary: Christmas is a horrible time for Enoch and nobody knew why until Enoch told the reader why. 

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1747 words

Published Date: December 18, 2016

Warnings: kissing scene,

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, (f/f)- Favorite Flavor, (h/l)- Hair Length, (h/c)- Hair Color

‘The Sweetest moments of the season are the times we share.’

- Unknown

Masterlist Request

“I don’t know where he went, (y/n). He just sort of disappeared after I tried to give him a present.” Olive told the girl before shrugging, “He’s always liked this around this time of year. I’ve asked him once before, but all he did was blow up in my face. So try not to ask him if you find him.” (y/n) sigh as the girl patted her back before leaving her alone in Enoch’s bedroom. She has been looking for her boyfriend all day long and yet there was no trace of where he could be. Apparently Miss Peregrine knows where he was, but she wouldn’t say. Wanting to find out what is happening with Enoch, she continued her search. 

So she started to look in the places that won’t seem likely of where he’ll go hide. She had already checked the other places that were obvious like; his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, dining room, other children’s rooms. The place that seem very unlikely of where he would go would be outside. Quickly, she ran down the stairs and ran out the door excitedly. Her head was so focused on finding Enoch that she didn’t notice the soccer ball flying at her. When she did though, she yelp and fell to the ground on all fours. She looked up to see Hugh and Millard playing soccer and now they both were looking down at her. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Hugh asked, a few bees flying out of his mouth. She nodded as she stood back up, brushing the grass off her dress before looking around the area. 

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anonymous asked:

Is it really weird that I'm scared of the idea that I'll ever fall in love with a guy? I've been out as a lesbian since I was 17 and I know it's who I am. I've never been interested in a guy. But I see so many stories about how lesbians end up falling in love with guys, more than I see stories about lesbians living their lives and never being with guys. The whole "I was an angry lesbian but then I opened my heart" thing. I don't want everyone who's told me that I'm really bi to be right.

so. here’s the deal with this.

i think its really fucking normal to be a lesbian and have the fear of falling in love with a man. i have the same fear. its a fear that we have because of the socialization we as women receive to believe that we need men to be happy and fulfilled. misogyny dictates that women not only need to be subservient to men, but also tells us that only by being subservient to men will we attain true happiness, and usually that’s reasoned out with some bullshit like “hormones!” or “biology!” or “natural place!” or something like that

the fact is that while we know women dont need men for jack shit, we are conditioned to believe this as a way to sustain the status quo. if women knew we didnt need men to achieve “true happiness” or whatever, then how on earth would women still continue to put up with the bullshit men put us through as a class? heterosexual relationships would either die, or men would have to square the fuck up and start seeing and treating women as people

and the main reason i frame this answer that way is because things start to make sense once you view it through that lens. once you understand why society conditions you to believe that you could “””one day!!!””” fall for a man, the fear often gets a lot less frightening, because you start to look at it for what it really is - the last-ditch effort at punishing lesbians for not withholding a heterosexual lifestyle. if you can’t be straight, society wants you to believe that you could always become straight, given the proper circumstances.

the “mean bitchy man-hating lesbian opens her evil frozen lesbian heart to discover she thought she was a lesbian only because she was so evil and bitchy but now that shes not she’s really bi or straight or god knows what and in love with a man the way God intended” trope is by far my least favorite. Framing lesbians as closed-minded is one of the oldest homophobic tricks in the homophobic book (”but have you tried guys yet??”) and yet it continues to be championed as some sort of liberal and progressive ideal (”sexuality is fluid!”)

and thats not to say there arent people who identified as lesbian for decades of their lives to discover they arent, that they were lying, or that sexuality is never fluid, because thats not the case, but human sexuality isnt something you can make blanket statements about (”all lesbians are closet bisexuals/all bisexuals are closet lesbians”, etc)

this trope bothers me especially because lesbians are always portrayed as mean and cold for not being into men (and yeah, technically, not being attracted to men doesnt mean we hate them, but also whether or not i hate a class of people who oppress me has no place in a judgement of my worth as an individual), but also because it’s not just lesbians who hate men? bi women can hate men, hell, even straight women hate men! men are shitty and it doesnt matter if you are attracted to them or not, plenty of women hate men!! some of the most avid man-haters i know are bisexual (trust me, that’s a compliment)

at the end of the day, this is my take away: you have been conditioned to have this fear in a last-ditch effort to convince you that you are not truly a lesbian, that you have actually been straight this whole time, and that there’s no point in resisting. heteronormative society knows that lesbians exist, but it will try its damnedest to limit how many lesbians are out and refuse to perform heterosexuality. that fear is the result of a society that failed to push you into a lifestyle that would ultimately leave you unfulfilled.

tl;dr: its normal, it sucks, but it means you have given heteronormativity a big “fuck you” in the face of years of heterosexual conditioning. you aren’t alone, and there’s no way to reassure you that you never will fall in love with a man, but i can assure you that your fear is based off overblown statistics of lesbians falling in love with men that dont represent the vast majority of lesbians

August Heat

Pairing: Dean x Reader (sorry this took so long)

Warnings: Smut. Pure smut. I didn’t mean for it to get this out of hand, but it did and I’m not sorry. Also lots of sweat (if that grosses people out), swearing, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), the tiniest bit of fluff but like barely.



If this scorching heat didn’t kill you, than the sight of Dean Winchester sweaty and shirtless would.

After your brother had been killed by a witch, you’d stayed with Sam and Dean in the bunker. They explained the history of it, how it came to be and how they’d managed to end up living in it. You’d barely heard a word they said, just happy you had good company, food, and a bed to yourself. The bunker was heaven on earth.

Until the air conditioning broke down in the middle of august. It was a goddamn oven and you were sure you’d go crazy with heat stroke just before dropping dead. Sam and Dean were only mildly bothered by it. Taking off whatever pieces of clothing they felt necessary, leaving you not just hot, but bothered as well. Both men were chiseled to perfection and the sweat seemed to make them glow.

You’d had a crush on Dean since he convinced you to stay with them over a year ago. He promised you not just a place to stay, but a home. His words nearly brought you to tears. Watching as he packed your things into the impala, you knew it would get better from there.

And now here you were. In your thinnest t-shirt and shorts, drowning in a puddle of your own sweat, spread eagle on the floor in front of the only fan in the bunker. You closed your eyes and imagined yourself on top of a nice snowy mountain, frozen in a block of ice. It didn’t help at all but it didn’t make the heat worse either.

Footsteps echoed through the bunker and when you opened your eyes you saw Dean walking across the library in a pair of plaid boxers. You quickly looked away, hoping you could pass off the blush blooming on your cheeks as a result of the heat.

Dean blew a long whistle. “Gotta love summer, hey sweetheart?” Grinning at the sight of you, a hot mess on the floor.

You flipped him the bird and rolled over to a part of the marble floor that was nice and cool and not covered in your sweat. The sound of Dean’s laugh made you smile, despite your crabbiness.

Without warning, you were drenched in a bucket of ice cold water. You sat up with a gasp, the drastic change from hot to cold almost gave you whiplash. Dean’s laugh echoed again, loud and obnoxious. Glaring at him only made it worse. As mad as you wanted to be, the water felt wonderful and you were now more awake than you’d been in the last week.

“You’re an ass.” You laughed, standing up and flicking some water at him.

“You looked like you needed some cooling off.” Dean replied but his tone was different. Constricted.

Looking at Dean’s face, you saw his eyes cast downward and cheeks turning a dark shade of pink. When he did finally look up, he didn’t meet your gaze for very long before looking away. You glanced down to see what could be making him act so strange when you realized the water had made your white t shirt completely see through.

You stood frozen for a few seconds before coming to your senses. This was the most naked that Dean had ever seen you and you weren’t about to make an idiot of yourself.

“Bad day not to wear a bra.” Laughing a little too forcefully.

Dean rubbed the back of his neck and looked up at you through his lashes, letting out a small a laugh as well. “Bad day to only be wearing boxers.”

The statement caught you off guard and before you could stop yourself you looked down to see the bulge in dean’s shorts pointing right in your direction.

The water dripping down your back seemed to evaporate immediately. Your nipples, which were already standing at attention from the cold water, managed to harden even more practically poking holes through your shirt. Not really knowing what came over you, you spoke the first thing that came to mind.

“Pretty impressive tent your pitching there..”

Dean stilled. Squaring his shoulders and raising his chin, that cheeky grin spread across his face.

“Like what you see?” He purred, taking a step towards you. His eyes only left your face for a moment to take another peak at your perky nipples.

Maybe it was the heat bringing out a different side of you, or the fact that it had been awhile since you’d had any sort of action (with another person that is), but you kept your eyes locked on his and moved towards him. You could play this game.

“Who knows, Winchester. Maybe I just have a thing for plaid undies.” You were toe to toe with him when you finished.

Neither of you had broken eye contact, playing a silent game of chicken, but you knew no one was backing down today. All those one liners and fleeting hand touches had lead to this. It was now or never.

You looked down at his erection, and placed a finger just above the top hem of his shorts, slipping the tip of your finger underneath the elastic. Slowly, you slid your finger across his abdomen, leaving goosebumps in its path. You did this a few times, listening as Dean’s breathing shallowed.

Finally, you took a deep breath and sank to your knees, taking his last piece of clothing with you. His cock sprang up and you were surprised at how big it actually was. The urge to taste him was undeniable. You placed your hand around the base of Dean’s cock and looked up at his face; eyes dark with lust, cheeks flushed and jaw tight. It was the sexiest you’d ever seen him.

Flattening out your tongue, you dragged it along the underside of his shaft. When you reached the tip, you swirled your tongue around him until it was dripping with your saliva. As you used your hand to stroke him, you tasted the first drops of precum, salty and bitter. Wrapping your lips around Dean’s cock, using enough suction to pull a low growl from him, you took most of his length into your mouth until it hit the back of your throat. You pulled back, dragging your tongue along his length again.

You kept your eyes on his face the entire time, watching him struggle to keep his eyes open and holding back moans that you so desperately wanted to hear.

Taking him in your mouth again, you were determined to get a sound out of him if it’s the last thing you did.

You bobbed your head at a pace that you knew you’d be sorry for later. Your jaw was set wide open and your tongue worked along his rigid shaft in a frenzy. Saliva soaked his length, making it easier to stroke and twist around his shaft with one hand while the other massaged Dean’s sac.

His strangled moan was music to your ears.

“Sweetheart….” Dean barely managed through clenched teeth.

You stilled just as Dean hit the back of your throat again, thanking god for the amazing control over your gag reflex. You stayed that way, gazing up at Dean and tried to look as innocent as possible with a 7 inch cock down your throat.

“If you keep going like that, I’m not gonna last much longer.” Sweat dripped down his face, on to his chest which was just as sweaty. In all the excitement you’d forgotten how hot it was.

You pulled him out of your mouth and smiled. “Dean…” you said, peeling your soaked shirt off, “please fuck me.”

Without hesitation, he had you on your feet and hoisted you up, wrapping your legs around his waist. He walked towards the nearest table, pushing the books off of it and placing you down. He pushed you back so you were lying face up on the table. Making quick work of your shorts and panties and throwing them off to the side. He gazed at your soaking pussy and licked his lips. You couldn’t help but feel a slight embarrassment, having yourself exposed so out in the open like this, but the look on Dean’s face, as if he had found buried treasure, was worth it.

“You’re beautiful, y/n.”

“Dean… please.” you whined.

“I got you, sweetheart.”

He slid his cock through your folds, back and forth, grazing your clit each time. It was a steady pace but not enough to make you cum. Dean continued for what felt like hours, teasing you to the point of insanity. Your moans filled the library and somewhere in the back of your mind you knew you should keep quiet in case Sam heard, but you honestly didn’t care.

“Please Dean.” You practically yelled.

“Look at me.”

You opened your eyes and looked into Dean’s. The fire was still there but something else as well. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say it was love.

He thrust the head of his cock into your entrance, pushing himself deeper until he was completely inside you. You’d never felt so full. It stung for only a moment but the feeling was replaced by a warmth that made you yearn for more.

Dean was watching you, waiting for you to give the go ahead. You squeezed yourself around him, desperate for him to move.

He slammed himself into you. His lips pursed and his brow furrowed, his hands gripped your hips so tight your were sure they were already bruised. His rhythm wasn’t fast, but it was hard and steady.

The sounds of your bodies slamming together, mixed with your cries and Dean’s grunts would have put even the dirtiest pornos to shame. Every time he thrust into you, he hit a spot inside you so sensitive your were sure you’d black out at any moment.

Dean watched as your breasts bounced at each thrust, how your knuckles were turning white from gripping the edge of the table, and how beautiful you looked each time you threw your head back in ecstasy.

“Cum with me, Y/n. I wanna feel you cum around me.”

His words pushed you over the edge. Your orgasm exploding from your very core, radiating out. Like a wave of pleasure that took over your entire body. You screamed his name, over and over like a prayer. Your hips bucked out of your control. Your walls clenched in a rhythm so frantic Dean couldn’t have stopped himself even if he tried.

His thrusts staggered and he came inside of you like a bullet out of a gun. The pleasure was so overwhelming he practically fell on top of you. He tucked his head into the crook of your neck and moaned into your shoulder.

Deans orgasm only seemed to intensify yours. Your arms wrapped around Dean’s shoulders and you clawed at his back, desperate to have him as close as possible.

Your orgasms subsided slowly, leaving you both exhausted and sore. The library was silent except for the sound of your breathing.

Dean shifted, lifting his head slightly to look at you. His hair was wet with sweat and stuck to his forehead. His eyes were sleepy but his expression was one of pure content. When he spoke, his voice was a gravelly whisper,

“I’m turning off the air conditioning more often.”

Tbrow guy - the tutorial

seems like the original post was too vague so lemme describe it more

ive shared this page method before in a post, but i have customised it since to fit a more anime style (the original tutorial was meant for anatomically correct faces)

1 you basically imagine a bended page in whatever angle you want

2 mark the middle of the face (where the nose goes)

3 draw a middle line in a visible curve (so you find which way the nose is pointed)

4 mark a horizontal middle line and transfer the line in the middle, thats the nose base! (also add ears while ur at it cuz why not)

1 basically connect the mid line and the edge in a straight line (about 1/3 of the way down from the forehead line and the horizontal mid line) to make the Anger Brows

2 imagine spheres that touch the page from the inside (placed in the middle of the squares created, but touching the brow)

3 i call this eyebrow thing the T-brow because this is the only structure that blocks the eyeballs from view (cant see any eyeball above the eyebrows, also none from behind the middle line, helps keep eyes in boundaries)

4 at this stage i would finish the nose diamond, the top triangles are longer than the bottom and the nose is almost never wider than the distance between the eyeballs, dont tend to keep any other consistent proportions with it

5 the mouth goes in about the middle of the bottom section of the face and follows the chin curve

now for how to actually use the base, thats a different story folks!!! 

keep in mind this is just guidelines, you don’t have to follow these proportions religiously

its meant to help if you have difficulty with drawing symmetrical or proportional faces (like me) its not meant to teach you how to do these things!!

hopefully this is not too confusing!!! bye!!!!

Dancing in the Street
  • David Bowie: SO we're gonna shoot this video where we dance and get in each other's faces and almost kiss and if ur cool with it we can actually kiss. HOWEVER this video may or may not start a rumour that will last till the end of time that we were sleeping together even though it's totally true but we will never admit to it and have a couple name called dick bagger. You in or out?
  • Mick Jagger: Where do I sign up??