for the last day of christmas


Now a new memorial exists near the place where the vanished Mankato monument once stood. Reconciliation Park features a statue of a white buffalo that marks the execution site along with a large “scroll” inscribed with the names of the 38 Dakota men who were executed there.

It was here on the morning of December 26th, 1862 that the 38 Dakota prisoners were hanged before a crowd of over 4000 citizens. As the nooses were tied around their necks, the 38 men snag a Dakota song before the floor below them fell away. It would be the single largest mass execution in U.S. history, ordered by Lincoln. 

On that same day, last year in 2016, at 9am, the Dakota 38+2 Wokiksuye Riders made their way to Mankato, Minnesota to commemorate the hangings of the 38 Dakota and two others that occurred on December 26, 1862 – one day after Christmas.

  • stan: last Christmas, i gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away . ♪♫
  • bill: *smiles at him*
  • stan: this year, to save it from tears,
  • stan: *takes bill's hand* i’ll give it to someone special. ♪♫ ❤
  • eddie: we’re still in NOVEMBER!

Thanksgiving Tag Game

Thank you, @impracticaldemon, for the tag! This was suuuuuper late, sorry!

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

My favorite Thanksgiving memory so far was last year because my birthday fell on the same day (it usually does, I’m used to it), and my sister (whom I’m not close to) threw me a surprised party. It was seriously sweet.

2. Who are you most thankful for?

Besides the obvious husband and kids, I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m also thankful for all the people who continue to encourage me as a writer.

3. What do you love most about Thanksgiving?

It’s not really Thanksgiving related, but I love Black Friday deals. I buy all my Christmas gifts on Black Friday.

4. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Stuffing. I can eat that for days.

5. What would you change about Thanksgiving?

Football or basketball games on that day. I love watching sports, but I’d rather be watching something else like a corny movie instead.

I’d like to tag some friends even though some of you already celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada: @nalufever, @claudeng80, @hakusaitosan, @flower-dragon, @jaygirl987, @lescahiersdesable, @gheleonsdemise, @shell-senji, and @sabinasanfanfic


tired and bleargh today.
in part influenced no doubt by the very late night working on a christmas present that’s got to go overseas and needed to be finished (one more big overseas project - the others are just waiting on one last delivery)
and then the very early morning trip into town to drop the hubby off at the pageant.

5 near misses later…

i had all these plans but i really cba

Things Bruce has definitely said to his kids:


“Dick, you are a grown man, get off the chandelier.”

“Do you eat anything other than cereal?“

“Don’t you have your own apartment?“


“Jason, when did you have time to remove the tires from 12 of my cars? … What do you mean you sold all the tires?”

“Jason, you can’t let Damian play with guns“

“Jason, stop trying to shoot your brothers! It doesn’t matter if they are only rubber bullets“


“When was the last time you slept, Tim?“

“No, Tim, you can’t put RedBull in the coffee maker“

“Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne, if you don’t come home for Christmas than Alfred said he won’t make the ham. You had better come home … Yes, the Titans can come too“


“Damian, stop trying to stab Tim“

“No, you aren’t allowed to become Jason’s Robin just because he will let you stab criminals“

“Don’t make me call your mother“

Bonus: Things Alfred has said to the Batfam:

“Master Bruce, it has been three days, if you do not shower of your own free will, than I will be forced to get the hose“

“Master Dick, I will only ask you this once more. Please eat something other than cereal when you are at your apartment. The amount of sugar that you ingest is frankly alarming“

“Master Jason, I understand that you enjoy pranking Master Bruce, however was is necessary to spray-paint the Batmobile?“

“Master Tim, if you do not go to bed of your own free will, than I will have to sedate you“

“Master Damian, If you do not stop trying to kill Master Tim, than I will stop caring for your various pets while you are away with the Titans“
Theresa May slammed as man finally wins disability benefit - 2 days after dying
Retired HGV driver Geoffrey Elwell, 68, could barely cook, shower or walk without help - yet was given zero points in a humiliating PIP assessment
By Dan Bloom

Retired HGV driver and electrician Geoffrey had crippling chest and spinal injuries after his truck flipped in a crash that left him temporarily dead.

Carol, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said he couldn’t walk long distances, cook or shower without her help and had for years received Disability Living Allowance.

Yet 10 days before Christmas last year, he was awarded zero points in a humiliating assessment for the new benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

He appealed the decision in January – but three months later was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer.

Already diabetic and having suffered two heart attacks, 68-year-old Geoffrey moved to a hospice while he waited for a date for his appeal.

He died on June 21, two days before it was heard. Then on June 23 the appeal ruled his benefits should not just be awarded in full – but be backdated to January.

Everybody involved in his case can fuck off for me, from the dole twats in the job centre, the ones at the call centre, the doctors involved in the assessment - the lot

person A: last Christmas, i gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away  ♪♫
person B: *smiles at him*
person A: this year, to save it from tears 
person A: *takes B’s hand* i’ll give it to someone special  ♪♫ ❤
person C: we’re still in NOVEMBER!

Wammy’s house memes

- *points at any bug eyed animal* holy shit who invited L

- Linda and Matt having an ongoing bet over when Mello’s next freak out will be

- ‘Your Momma’s so fat she wears Saturn’s rings as a hula hoop’ ‘My mum’s dead’ ‘Well yeah man so is mine’

- Everyone dabbing in coordination at Near to see how he reacts. He dabs back

- ‘You know why Near wears white? To hide all them fine cocaines he’s been snorting’

- Asking someone how they want their bacon done and being told to Beyond it

- Roger is a cyborg created by Watari and his circuits will short if you let him near a microwave

- Twenty one Zero days since the last explosion

- The ongoing conspiracy that Mello is in fact, Taylor Swift

- The yearly elaborate traps rigged around the house to catch Watari Claus at Christmas

- Calling Linda by her Deviantart OC’s names from 2005

- *Exam season* ‘I haven’t slept in forty hours so pardon my language but, what the fuck is going on in this here day?’

- Knowingly telling the new arrivals that Watari is keeping you here until he is ready to sell your organs on the black market

- Any fictional detective is L

- Both of Matt’s eyes are fake and that’s why he wears goggles

“Oh my god Christmas already?! It’s only November 1st!!!”
You must be new here, of course we have Christmas already. We got Christmas shit last week, over 30 boxes worth.

“You know thanksgiving is a holiday too, right?”
I’m aware, but it’s not profitable. That shocked look on your face at me saying so tells me you’ve never worked retail a day in your life.

“Don’t you think it’s a little early?”
Personally, I love the holidays, but I agree it’s a bit early. I have literally no control over when we put out our decorations. I am but a lowly ASM following the orders of the supreme leader that is corporate.

“It’s Merry Christmas!! Not happy holidays!”
I don’t celebrate Christmas, Brenda, and neither does a good portion of our population. I like how you’re yelling at me about this while standing next to a sweater with gingerbread men fucking and a sweater with a snowman with a carrot for his genitals.

I love the holidays, I really do, but with the 4th quarter right around the corner, I’m already ready to pull my hair out and strangle people with garland.

Fantastical Photographs by Jude Allen 

Every once in awhile I capture a moment with my camera that resonates with me so strongly that I don’t really know how to put it into words. So, I’ll tell the story behind this instead… I went on a short trip to Colorado to chase the Milky Way with my friend @independentcbh a few years back. What we were greeted with was bad weather and tons of road closures to places we wanted to go I.e. no color, grey skies and just everything looking bland. We made the best of it but we were kind of disappointed to say the least. For our last day Chris had planned a small train ride, I really had no idea what to expect. We awoke to six inches of snow on the ground that morning and an excitement that a kid might feel on Christmas morning. To me this photo is a reminder that while I can’t see into the future I have to give it my best in the present moment and the rest will fall into place. 🖤  ~ Jude Allen

See the full set following the link.

MBTI types and kinds of snowfall

ENFJ:  The snowfall on Christmas morning.

ENFP:  The snowfall that lasts through the night and stops just before your wake up, discovering a world of white.

ESFJ: The first snowfall of the year.

ESFP: The snowfall that makes you feel like a kid again.

ENTJ:  The blizzard.

ENTP: The spring snowfall that lasts only a day before it melts.

ESTJ: The barely there snowfall, stops almost as fast as it started and makes you wonder if it even happened at all.

ESTP:  The snowfall that falls as snow but lands as rain.

INFJ:  The snowfall that shines in the moonlight and streetlights, making everything look like a winter fairy tale.

INFP:  The soft and light snowfall, perfect for snow angels.

ISFJ:  The snowfall that falls in perfect little snowflakes, almost dancing in the sky.

ISFP:  The snowfall where all the snowflakes bunch up together to make huge snowflakes.

INTJ: The snowfall that turns out to be rain, falling down then freezing instantly. Covering the world in ice that shines in the sunlight and melts gently.

INTP: The snowfall that makes you want to lay in your bed with your laptop and a cup of tea, watching re-runs of your favorite Netflix tv show.

ISTJ: The perfect snowfall to go sledding, the ones that makes the ground sleek and shiny.

ISTP:  The humid snowfall, perfect for snowmen.

@katesattic you said you wanted some fluff? I’m going to dump all the fluffy/funny headcanons I never said because I thought it would ruin my reputation as a heartless angst writer. I’m probably going to die after this and the cause of death will be a toothache. Ugh. I feel so unclean.

  • Virgil has a Jack Skellington plush doll
  • Patton has been using the adultery thing as the ultimate ongoing dad joke
  • When Logan explained to Morality how babies are made he used a whiteboard and a laser pointer
  • Roman sings off key on purpose and makes stupid rabbit faces and does other not elegant things when he is completely alone
  • Whenever Thomas sneezes all the sides lose their balance for a second. Patton and Logic have fallen over several times.
  • Logic has thrown all of his flashcards into the air in dramatic frustration at least once. Probably ten times.
  • Whenever Thomas has a craving for something Patton does something absurd to try and get it. Sometimes he sings about it really loud. He has written many terrible songs about pizza.
  • Roman has used the power of the mind to walk on the ceiling at least once. Probably to make Logan frustrated because walking on walls makes no sense.
  • Yeah Princey has played superhero so many times
  • Sometimes Anxiety shows up and nobody knows why he’s there and he just stands creepily in the corner like some kind of omen. This was part of the reason they were all so scared of him in the beginning. Now when he does it they have one-sided conversations with him. He still keeps doing it even as they try to talk to him. One time Patton jokingly balanced a potted plant on his head and that didn’t make Thomas any less anxious but it was certainly entertaining.
  • Whenever Verge gets a hug he just stands there begrudgingly and doesn’t hug back and basically reminds you of grumpy cat.
  • Logan has a huge book collection and tries to get Thomas to make it bigger by reading things but the dude won’t read more.
  • The brain is full of cat themed clothing and cat stuffed animals because Thomas is allergic to cats but still loves them so the sides like to see cat themed things whenever they can. Even Logan.
  • One day Patton just threw out a bunch of papers that were associated with Thomas’ knowledge involving chemical engineering, causing the whole “I forgot everything I learned” thing and when Logan found out about it there was a hilarious rage fueled chase scene that lasted for hours.
  • Patton squeals whenever he sees Christmas cookies.

Deadly van attack in Barcelona claimed by ISIS

A white van plowed into a packed summer crowd Thursday in Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas district, killing some people and sending dozens fleeing. Barcelona police called it a terror attack and local media reported up to 13 dead.

Catalan police tweeted “there are mortal victims and injured from the crash” without specifying any numbers. Spanish media, including Cadena SER radio station and TV3, reported up to 13 dead, while other media had varying death tolls.

Police cordoned off the broad street that is so popular with tourists, ordering stores and nearby Metro and train stations to close. They asked people to stay away from the area so as not to get in the way of emergency services. A helicopter hovered over the scene.

Quoting unnamed police sources, the El Pais newspapers said the two perpetrators of the crash were holed up in a bar in Tallers Street. Armed police ran down the streets and through a market, checking in stores and cafes, presumably in search of them.

In photographs and videos, at least five people could be seen lying on the ground in the streets of the northern Spanish city Thursday afternoon, being helped by police and others. Other video recorded people screaming as they fled the van.

Las Ramblas, a street of stalls and shops that cuts through the center of Barcelona, is one of the city’s top tourist destinations. People walk down a wide, pedestrian path in the center of the street but cars can travel on either side.

Keith Fleming, an American who lives in Barcelona, was watching TV in his building just off Las Ramblas when he heard a noise and went out to his balcony.

“I saw women and children just running and they looked terrified,” he said.

He said there was a bang — possibly from someone rolling down a store shutter — and more people ran by. Then police arrived and pushed everyone a full block away. Even people leaning out of doors were being told to go back inside, he said.

Fleming said regular police had their guns drawn and riot police were at the end of his block, which was now deserted.

“It’s just kind of a tense situation,” Fleming said. “Clearly people were scared.”

Carol Augustin, a manager at La Palau Moja, an 18th-century place on Las Ramblas that houses government offices and a tourism information center, said the van passed right in front of the building.

“We saw everything. People started screaming and running into the office. It was such a chaotic situation. There were families with children. The police made us close the doors and wait inside,” she said.

Cars, trucks and vans have been the weapon of choice in multiple extremist attacks in Europe in the last year.

The most deadly was the driver of a tractor-trailer who targeted Bastille Day revelers in the southern French city of Nice in July 2016, killing 86 people. In December 2016, 12 people died after a driver used a hijacked trick to drive into a Christmas market in Berlin.

There have been multiple attacks this year in London, where a man in a rented SUV plowed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four people before he ran onto the grounds of Parliament and stabbed an unarmed police officer to death in March.

Four other men drove onto the sidewalk of London Bridge, unleashing a rampage with knives that killed eight people in June. Another man also drove into pedestrians leaving a London mosque later in June. (AP)

Photo credits: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images (2), Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images, Manu Fernandez/AP, Oriol Duran/AP (2), David Armengou/EPA/REX/Shutterstock, Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images, Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

See more photos from Barcelona and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

madametaureus  asked:

45 for victuuri please 🙏

Viktor isn’t even supposed to be in Detroit today, and it’s frustrating that such a seemingly-small snowstorm has grounded him in the motor city for the “foreseeable future”. Six hundred flights out of Metro Airport have been cancelled already, with more forthcoming, including Viktor’s ride back home. Yakov is somewhere in Saint Petersburg, pulling out his hair and screaming.

Viktor isn’t even supposed to be here. But the moment he sees Yuuri–almost six years to the day since the last time he saw him–his heart stops, and he experiences a brilliant, stunning moment of religion. 

Dear God. Maybe everything does happen for a reason

Viktor sees him through the large picture windows of a hotel restaurant and bar. He’s sitting with maybe four or five other people, all of them business casual like they’ve just gotten off work. It’s seven PM on a Friday, so that’s very likely the case. It’s also the Friday before Christmas. The lights on Woodward are casting festive shadows and Yuuri is wearing a large and comfortable sweater. There are poinsettias along the bartop every six feet or so. A large artificial Christmas Tree has been set up in one corner of the sparsely populated restaurant. 

It’s been six years. Yuuri has grown from the timid boy Viktor knew in college–his shoulders always closing in, his eyes always averting–and into a gorgeous man. He looks easy in his skin, although not completely void of a certain heightened self awareness. But as Viktor watches, standing in the falling snow like some idiot from a B romcom, he sees Yuuri laugh and drag a hand through his hair–a far more stylish cut than he wore when Viktor knew him–and realizes that he’s grown up

Of course, as Viktor’s luck as of late would have it, Yuuri turns around just in time to see Viktor mooning. His eyebrows shoot up and Viktor sees him say Viktor? but can’t hear him, for obvious reasons.

His friends look up, too. Viktor doesn’t know if they’re friends Yuuri had in college. He doesn’t recognize them, but that doesn’t mean much–Yuuri never really introduced him to his friends, in the few short months during which they dated.

There are three men aside from Yuuri, all of them dark haired and looking to be around Yuuri’s age–which would mean late twenties now, Viktor supposes. The one closest to Yuuri says something to him, casting a strange glance in Viktor’s direction. Yuuri nods, and the other man sets a hand on Yuuri’s leg.

Viktor thinks he understands what was said, then, even if he couldn’t hear it.

Viktor as in your ex-boyfriend?


Yuuri, to Viktor’s surprise, rises from his seat and walks across the restaurant. Viktor, against his better judgement, meets him in the breezeway.

“Oh my god,” Yuuri says, casting a casually appraising gaze over Viktor’s person. “How are you? I can’t believe it’s actually you. What are you doing here?”

“Photoshoot,” Viktor says, shuffling his shoulders in an effort to seem nonchalant. “I was supposed to, um…I was actually supposed to be out of the city already, but…the storm.” He gestures outside, where the snowfall has yet to really pick up speed–but it will, he’s been assured by weatherman after weatherman, sometime overnight. 

“Oh,” says Yuuri, sparing only a brief glance outside. When his gaze returns to Viktor’s, it’s calm, but unsure. Yuuri used to practically vibrate with intensity. Too much emotion and not an outlet with which to express it–too scared of his own shadow to speak his mind. Viktor supposes that a lot changes with time and age. 

“You look good,” Viktor says, because it’s very true–practically an understatement–and it’s the only thing he can think to say. “Um. Healthy. You look like you’re…doing well.”

“You too. I’ve seen a couple of your spreads. The one in–in Vogue, that was really nice.”

“Oh,” Viktor says, and he wonders if the cold-flush on his cheeks will hide his blush. “That’s…nice of you to say.”

“I’m glad that…everything turned out well for you,” Yuuri says, smiling. It’s an earnest smile, if sad. “I was really–I never stopped wanting good things for you, even after you broke up with me. I hope you know that.”

Viktor can’t help himself–he physically takes a step back, as if punched or slapped. He blinks hard at Yuuri, who’s now staring at him in concern like he’s afraid Viktor is in the midst of a stroke.

“Me?” Viktor says slowly. “I? I broke up–broke up with you?”

Yuuri’s brow knits. “Yes?”

“Yuuri, you broke up with me,” Viktor says, shaking his head. “You ghosted me for like two weeks and when I finally got tired of it and went to your house, your sister answered the door and told me I wasn’t welcome. How is that me breaking up with you?”

“That was after you broke up with me,” Yuuri says as his expression furrow even deeper, progressing from slightly confused to definitely pissed with alarming deftness. 

What are you talking about?”

“Viktor, you all but outright said you didn’t want to stay with me. How am I supposed to interpret that, aside from as a break-up?”

“When!” Viktor says. He knows they’re drawing attention to themselves, because Yuuri’s voice is raising and his own hands are doing wild things around his head, but he can’t help himself. “When did I ever say anything like that!”

“It was–I can’t remember, I think we were–were in bed.” Yuuri blushes, and Viktor watches it travel up his ears and down his neck and feels that old, familiar stab of want that Yuuri Katsuki has somehow always inspired in him since the day they met. “And I said–I told you I–I said something like…I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you. And I knew it was early, and I would have understood if you had just said–that’s nice, or something, because–yeah, I knew we’d only been dating for, like, eight months. I knew it was too soon to say something like that. But all you said was I’ve never wanted to spend my life with anybody, and then you practically got up and ran out the door.”

Viktor’s eyes widen. He remembers the day in question. He remembers it with perfect clarity. It’s the kind of thing that plays on repeat in his head when he has nothing else to think about, in frayed sepia tones like an old movie. “No. That’s not–that’s not what I said. Or at least, not how I meant it. And I didn’t–I didn’t run out the door. I told you I had something to do. That I had to go do something.”

“How else was I supposed to interpret that?” Yuuri asks, and now his voice is back to the low hush he was using before. More sad, now, than angry. “I said the most–intimate thing I’d ever said to another person. Ever, in my life. And you left.”

Viktor shakes his head. “Yuuri, no.”

He holds up a finger, practically touching Viktor’s lips. Insistent, but gentle. “It’s okay. I understand. I wasn’t–I wasn’t the most stable person back then. I wouldn’t have wanted to tie myself down to me, either. It was probably smart, what you did.”

Viktor opens his mouth to protest again–and he plans to keep protesting, until he can make Yuuri understand how wrong he is–but the restaurant side of the breezeway opens, and the young man from before, the one who put his hand on Yuuri’s leg, steps in.

“Hey,” he says, wrapping his hand gently around Yuuri’s arm. “You good?”

“Yeah,” says Yuuri, nodding. “I’m…fine. This is, um…” he turns his head away, and attempts surreptitiousness as he swipes a tear from the corner of each eye. He clears his throat, turns back. “Phichit, this is Viktor Nikiforov. You probably know who he is.”

Phichit nods, and holds out a hand. Viktor shakes.

“Viktor, this is Phichit. I…work with him.” With the glance that passes between them, Viktor knows that their relationship must be more than a working one.

“Ah,” Viktor says, nodding. “I…understand.”

Yuuri says to Phichit, “It’s fine. I’ll be back in a minute. Tell Guang-Hong to stop gawking, he’s going to sprain his neck.”

Phichit chuckles, and Viktor sees his knuckles tighten on Yuuri’s arm in a squeeze. “Alright.” To Viktor, he only nods.

When he’s gone, Viktor looks back to Yuuri and asks, “Does he treat you right?”

Yuuri frowns. “What?”

“Is he good to you?”



“…Of course, but–”

Viktor nods, pulls his scarf tight around his neck. “That’s good. That’s–I’m glad. I’m going to…Um, goodbye, Yuuri. Merry Christmas.”


Yuuri reaches out a hand, but Viktor grabs it–takes it between his own, and kisses it, then sets it back at Yuuri’s side. 

“Merry Christmas, Yuuri.”

Yuuri bites his lip. “Happy birthday, Viktor.”

Viktor, despite himself, smiles as he walks back out into the cold.

Back in Saint Petersburg, the first thing Viktor does upon arriving home–aside from picking up Makkachin from Yakov’s house, and touch base with his agent who is absolutely losing her mind–is go to the bottom drawer in a seldom-opened dresser in his closet and dig past the contents–mostly memrobilia of college; pictures, old school supplies, a couple of documents pertaining to his first couple of modeling gigs–until he finds a small box. It’s blue velvet, the inside is satin, and on the center of the cushion is a ring.

Viktor vividly remembers the day he bought it. He remembers how excited he was, almost frantic. 

He remembers Yuuri being gone when he returned. 

Several hours later, Viktor is four shots into a bottle of vodka has the open ring box next to him on the table when his phone vibrates.

The text is from a number that isn’t listed in his phone, but it reads:


I hope it’s okay that I never got rid of your number. I don’t even know if this will work. You might have changed your number, but I had to try.

I don’t know what happened between us. I never really have. But I know that we’ve both done a lot of growing the last six years and I think, maybe, it would be good for us both if we got together and talked. 

I know your schedule is busy. Mine is too. But I really want to talk to you. It may sound stupid, since we only dated for a few months in college, but I’ve missed you a lot. Maybe the feeling is mutual. If it is, please consider what I said.


(Oh, by the way…Phichit isn’t my boyfriend.)

The sound Yakov makes upon discovering that Viktor is returning to Detroit less than twenty-four hours after he left is legendary

Jace, talking to malec: So, who’s more overdramatic out of you two?

*at the same time*

Magnus: Alec

Alec: Magnus

*both pause*

Magnus: Darling, you kissed me at your own wedding. To someone else.

Alec: …you stormed into my wedding by slamming the doors open instead of entering quietly

Magnus: You made me a ‘birthday’ cake with over 400 candles in December. Every day. Because you don’t know what day I was born or how old I am exactly. I don’t even know how you found that many candles!

Alec: Well you were taking a glitter bath last night. I saw you. There was more glitter than water.

Magnus: Well, I’ve got to get glittery somehow. You, however, shot a spider with your bow just last week.

Alec: I kill demons, what did you expect? Besides, I saw you scream when one of your clients was wearing acid washed jeans.

Magnus: You refused to talk to me for a week after I fixed a hole in one of your sweatshirts. It was the size of a small child Alec! You’re lucky I didn’t throw it out.

Alec: You pretended to faint when you first saw me wearing something colourful

Magnus: You brought me a cane for Christmas because, and I quote, ‘you’re overdue for one,’ then walked out when I refused to use it! On Christmas Day! I’m immortal Alec! I don’t need a cane!

Alec: You didn’t talk to me for a week after I refused to wear a sparkly pink crop top on a mission. A mission Magnus! The demons would see me immediately!

Magnus: You tripped over then started crying because you crushed the ‘floor bugs!’ Those aren’t even a thing and you don’t even like bugs Alec!

Alec: You picked out two coffins for us after I mentioned Izzy was cooking dinner for us and then later you came home with a dirty shovel claiming you’d dug the graves!

Magnus: I jumped on your back and you claimed I’d broken it and needed to give you massages for the next month! 

Alec: You portaled to the top of Mt Everest when I told you to chill out! Then came back from Antarctica!

Magnus: Well you-

Jace: Alright! I get it! You’re both overdramatic! I regret asking! 

sns month

As I have mentioned here, I was working on a sns month that will be hosted from 1st december till 31st december. Each day of the month has their own theme and three different prompts. I even planned one big event, and two smaller ones [→ more information under ›special events‹]

Then, one little information: The last years, bahare re-blogged all the posts that were made for the week on her own blog and tagged them, so y’all could find them easily. I want to do the same, but with a difference. I created a extra sns blog for all the events, like sns weeks, sns days, secret santa sns, sns month - and there we will reblog everything. ›We‹ because I asked friends of mine to help me manage this blog. [You can see here who they are.] The blog is called @snsfestivals.

Also, many of you may already know, but there is a discord group for sns. Discord is basically just a message app, with special and great features, such as voice chats and servers (which are group chats). It’s very safe since you don’t have to give your personal information away and you can control who finds you and not. If you are interested in joining, please drop a message at @dobe-and-teme


  1. You can post any format you want for this month: fanfiction, fanart, videos, gifs, graphics, edits, analysis, headcanon, etc but it’s has to involve sns as a main pairing or Sasuke/Naruto as a main character! Other ships and characters are allowed, but it can not be the focus.
  2. Reposting is not allowed, unless you are the original creator or have been given the permission from the original creator. If you are not the original creator, please make sure to credit the creator and add a link to the original post.
  3. NSFW is allowed! But it must be properly tagged, flagged as sensitive, and/or hidden beneath cuts as necessary. Also please don’t forget to tag it with #nsfw.
  4. Please don’t post things ahead of time! You can certainly work on things before hand, and you can definitely post things late, but don’t post anything for prompts before the prompt day!
  5. Make sure that you tag every post with #snsmonth2017 within the first five tags and the day from which the post belongs to. [like this → #day 7]
  6. Try to stay positive and don’t spread any hate. This should be our month, don’t let some anti ruin it for you. If you see an anti-post, please try to ignore it - it’s not worth it and just ruins the sns month.


→ the big event is the Secret Santa Event, which will take place on the 25th december. Every person that participates has to prepare a sns related presents for someone I assign them with - in exchange, they will get a present from another person. If you are interested in participating, here are some informations. Everyone who is not interested, can skip this part:

 If you are interested in participating, you have to write me a private message, no asks! If there is someone you absolutely don’t want to make a present for, write it please in the message! You can also make three wishes for people you want to make a present for. » Warning! It can happen that this person isn’t participating or I have to assign them with someone else. 
You will not known which person you have to prepare a present for until the 1st december. You can still of course prepare a present even before you know for who it is, since you will likely not know the person personally. But it can happen that the person is a close friend of yours, so it’s better when you start preparing the present when you know for whom it is.
 If you don’t know what you should prepare or you don’t have any ideas, just message me and I will contact the person for you, to ask if they would like anything in particular.
 When you post the present, please add a ›Secret Santa for @url
 Deadline for Registrations: 30th November

 one of the smaller events will take place on one week of december. Bahare did it last year, and I would like to continue with it. Last year she streamed all sns related episodes on rabbit, and I really love the idea. The stream will take place on 7am and 7pm (in Germany, UTC+2) and will last till 10am and 10pm, and we will watch the exact same episodes on both times. If you still have questions, come and ask me!
      → The stream will take place from 11th - 17th december.

 the other small event is the 31st of december. On the last day of the month, I would like to ask you all to spread positive vibes in the fandom.  I want the month to end with something special, something that will make everyone a little more happier. On this day, I want you guys to send lovely asks to your favorite persons! Be it a amazing sns artist, graphic maker, writer, blog or just one of your favorite persons in general. Go and write them something to make them happy. [To the people receiving this asks: It would be nice if you could tag your posts with #snsmonthvibes, so we can find them and reblog them, thank you.]


For the following, the bold ones are the themes of the day and everything after the arrow are the prompts. You are allowed to combine two or three of the prompts together, but only prompts of the same day! Or you can just ignore all three of them and do your own thing, as long as it fits the theme of the day.

1st december » Naruto Uzumaki
Everything is allowed, as long as Naruto is the main focus.

2nd december » Sasuke Uchiha
Everything is allowed, as long as Sasuke is the main focus.

3rd december » Bonds
→ Team 7 / Team Taka / Family

4th december » Now And Forever
→ Proposal and Wedding / (Adoptive) Children / Anniversary

5th december » It Shouldn’t Be
Distance / Unrequited Love / Breaking Up

6th december » The Price Of Freedom
→ Forest of the Dead / Partners in crime / Slaves

7th december » First Times
→ First Love / First Kiss / First Fight

8th december » The First Secret
→ Cheating / Secret Crush / Dark Past

9th december » Acceptance
→ Confession / Coming Out / Meeting Family

10th december » It’s Not Me You Want
→ Fake Relationship / Broken-Heart / Hanahaki Syndrome

11st december »  Beginnings & Endings
→ Time-Travel / Origins / Valley of the End

12nd december » Another World
→ Deja Vu / Reincarnation / Mythologies AU

13rd december » Good Old Days
→ Ninja Academy / Training Sessions / Rivals  

14th december » Outer Space
→ Moon & Stars / Shooting Star / Galaxies

15th december » The Devil Inside Me
→ Monster & Demons / Betrayal / Self-doubt

16th december » After The War
→ Nightmares / Funerals / Orphans

17th december » Day Enemies, Night Lovers
→ Rome & Juliet / Fighting Kingdoms / Fantasy AU

18th december » Lovers Time
→ Domestic / Holding Hands / Dancing

19th december » By Your Side
→ Pining / Trust / Vacation

20th december » War And Peace
→ Heroes / Burdens / Supporting Shadow

21st december » Destined
→ Soulmates / Yin & Yang / Sun & Moon

22nd december » Stolen Kisses
 Mistletoe / Lazy Morning / Cuddling

23rd december » Christmas Preparations
→ Baking Cookies / Wrapping Gifts / Placing Decorations

24th december » White Holidays
→ Building Snowman / Snowed In / Snowball Fight

25th december » Christmas Eve
Christmas Date / Family Traditions / Christmas Spirit
Secret Santa

26th december » Please, Come Back
→ Mission / Promise / Leaving

27th december » Never Letting Go
→ Hope / Jealousy / Fear 

28th december » Don’t Leave Me Alone
→ Death / Last Words / Fight

29th december » Medieval
→ Royalty / Master & Servant / Knights & Warriors

30th december » The Goodbye Look
→ Amnesia / Nukenin / On the Run

31st december » Free Day
You are allowed to do whatever you want, as long as you follow the rules. 
→ Day to spread positive vibes.