for the last day of christmas

Biden facts:

  • First marriage had to overcome fiancees parent’s unhappiness with their daughter marrying a Roman Catholic (which they did)
  • His wife and baby daughter died, and both sons were injured in a crash just weeks after he was elected senator - an election in which he was the underdog, and his campaign was mostly managed by his family with little funding (1972)
  • Wanted to resign in order to care for his sons
  • For his boys’ sake he commuted an hour and a half each morning and evening to Washington DC  so he could see them everyday
  • Hosted barbecues and christmas dinner annually for Amtrak crews
  • Amtrak crews would sometimes hold the last train for a few minutes so he could catch it
  • Never works on December 18th, the day his wife and daughter died
  • after his first election as U.S. senator for Delaware he was re-elected 6 times - usually with around 60% of the vote
  • May 1999 he set the mark for the youngest senator to cast 10,000 votes
  • Ranked as one of the least wealthy members of the senate
  • Was banned in 2008 from receiving Holy Communion by the bishop of his original hometown, Scranton, because of his support for abortion rights
  • Was caught on microphone telling Obama that signing the ACA was “a big fucking deal” during live broadcasts
  • Obama’s daughter Sasha and Biden’s granddaughter Maisy attended the same school together, which helped form the obama-biden friendship
  • Biden’s friendships on the senate floor were often instrumental in passing major legislation
  • In 2015 he reduced his schedule to spend more time with his son Beau, who was fighting and later died from brain cancer  
  • One of only 4 recipients from the last 4 presidents to receive the presidential medal of freedom with distinction 
  • Dr Jill Biden, his wife, is one of only 2 second ladies to continue her day job - teaching at Northern Virginia Community College - and is founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative (an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer with young women in Delaware) 
  • just a fucking decent dude

October 30th 11:59pm: *crickets*

October 31st 12:00am: *smashing through your window*boYS AND GIRLS OF EVERY AGE, WOULDN’T YOU LIKE TO SEE SOMETHING STRANGE



*hiding in the forest from the police* *whispering* this is halloween everybody make a scene trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright, its our town everybody scream, in this town of halloween

Smash Christmas
Neil Cicierega
Smash Christmas


Day 25 - Neil Cicierega feat Smash Mouth and Wham!


Last year I texted @neilcicierega and said “You have 4 days to find a way to mash up All Star with Last Christmas.” (4 days before we were to hop in a van with @harryandthepotters again) He replied “EASY” and then didn’t say anything else about it.

The next day I picked him up and he simply handed me a flash drive without saying what was on it. It contained this.


I put it on in the van without telling @truegoof and @joedegeorge what it was, and then worried we were going to get into a car accident from the amount of laughter coming out of them. 

Happy Smash Christmas, everyone! 

Nymphadora Tonks, just shy of three weeks pregnant.

Taken by Remus Lupin one Sunday afternoon in 1997.

Remus didn’t often let people take pictures of him. Tonks didn’t often listen.

Taken by Tonks when Remus wasn’t looking.

Four months pregnant, she still insisted on Order missions. They were partners.

Taken by Remus Lupin in November 1997.

Tonks said it was the ugliest jumper she’d ever seen. Remus didn’t care.

Taken by Tonks on Christmas Eve, 1997.

This was the longest period Tonks had ever not spoken for.

Taken by Remus Lupin, during the longest eight minutes of his life.

In her third trimester, she craved chocolate cake.

Taken by Remus Lupin at 2am on a Thursday.

Remus once thought he couldn’t be happy. This was the happiest day of his life.

Taken by Tonks, who was definitely not crying, the day their son was born.

Edward Remus Lupin, exactly two weeks old.

Taken by his mother, who sang him to sleep for the last time that evening.

Tonks’s favourite picture of Remus. She never failed to make him laugh.

Found in her coat pocket on the 3rd May, 1998.

Remus: @asktheboywholived

Tonks: @sirussly

Teddy: @kapitan5o

I just love the Last Guardian! It is such a beautiful game! I watched as Jacksepticeye played this wonderful experience. I don’t have a PS4 myself but as soon as we finished this game I tried to buy the first two, got it for Christmas, and finished them two days ago. If I could, I would get Jack a pet he could have! Trico is such an adorable creature and freaking powerful! Hope you all enjoy this piece!

QUESTION: What would you give to your lover as a Christmas gift? 



(v live link)

note: for people who don’t know, jimin actually rewrote the lyrics for “Christmas Day” and for some reason chose to sing it with Jungkook ;)

  • family: ah yes, tomorrow, christmas, the day we celebrate christ's birthday
  • me:
  • me: i can think of a few more important birthdays to celebrate
  • me: like victor nikiforov and levi ackerman
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: but yes, let us celebrate
Last Christmas I gave you my campaign / The very next day, you gave it away / This year, to save me from tears / I’ll run it for someone special…
—  One of my players started singing this during character creation, for some reason?

Dearest Lily,

     By the time you are reading this, I will be at home for Christmas with my family. Even though I could not spend the holiday with you at Hogwarts, I thought I would write you this letter to hopefully make it up to you (I’m still sorry that my mum made me go home for Christmas).

     Typically, I get useless gifts for my friends on Christmas and spend a ton on chocolate and candy for them, but you’re different …(even though I did leave some chocolate attached to this letter). I know that we have discussed being “just friends” but I cannot ignore the urge that tells me how much more you are than that to me. You forgave me for being horribly rude to your best friend, and being the big-headed twat that I was/am. I never would have thought that someone could easily get over something like that, especially after 7 years.

     I realize that you don’t want anything to do with me romantically, so this is not a romantic gesture. It is merely a way for me to express my gratitude towards you for seeing through my cocky boy act and making me realize that it was no way for me to go through life.

     Thank you for helping me with my Herbology homework right after I spilled ink all over yours. Thank you for cheering for me in the freezing cold during the House Cup game. Thank you for sewing my jumpers when I make holes in them. Thank you for helping me study for Potions after every other teacher gave up and called me a lost cause. Thank you for baking those (delicious) cookies for me when I complained that the house elves don’t make double chocolate. Thank you for covering my Head Boy duties when I was totally drunk after Remus’ birthday that one time. Thank you for being you.

Merry Christmas, Lily.

All my love,