for the haters clothing


i’m crying bc everyone does beautiful fanart of woy meanwhile i just
also this takes place in the party they do when they save the galaxy
i just wanted 2 draw some drunk wander dontlookatme

also bonus:

good morning to all of u,,, my little rain clouds. good afternoon, depending on where u r & sweet dreams if ur going to sleep or jst havnt woke up yet. this is a tag dump, bt i wanted to say, im getting to ims ,, much luv !!


Kristanna Past Lives AU: Chapter 8
Written by @whitefeather79

A/N:  Hi. Whitefeather79 here. This is my contribution to the past life au, set during the American Revolution. I hope I did it justice. Posted on my phone. Here’s the lineup:
PAIRING: Anna and Kristoff
RATING: Teen (implied violence and intimacy…No thorough descriptions)
WORD COUNT: I tried to keep it within the limits but I couldn’t stop once I started.

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  • Don't Compare: Though you'll be tempted to, focus on yourself and your own style, not what other MTFs or FTMs or gender fluid people are wearing
  • Be Safe: Don't bind with ace bandages or tape; consult several sources of online instructions for tucking.
  • Wear What You Like: You don't have fit into a binary; that's what you're trying to escape. Wear whatever you like, and don't let others convince you otherwise.
  • Everyone's Their Own Person: (see tips 1 and 3)
  • "Am I 'trans enough'?": There's no such thing. Stop worrying.
Jem Carstairs, Modern Day Mortal.
  • jem: [accidentally turns on victoria's secret fashion show]where are their clothes what happened to their clothes why are they so happy someone stole their clothes
  • jem: well of course the haters are going to hate, it's in their title
  • jem: [is extremely patient with buffering video]
  • jem: tessa today i heard a song about anacondas and bums and i don't understand
  • jem: [keeps journal specifically to note slang]
  • jem: [using siri for the first time] hello siri, may you please find me pictures of gray cats?
  • siri: searching for "pictures of gray hats"
  • jem: [chuckles] no siri, i said "gray cats"
  • siri: you said: "great ass"
  • jem: nNO??NO N/oNO NO I DID NOT—
  • siri: image results for "great a—"
  • jem: [flings phone across room]tESSA I CAN EXPLAIN

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Epik High

Favorite song: Pencil Sharpener

Favorite member (if applicable): Tablo

Favorite look (hairstyle, clothing, etc.): Born Hater look

How I got into them: I don’t know. There’s really no story here, I just heard their music one day.

How long I’ve been a fan: years

Favorite moment: Tablo on Superman

How I felt when I first learned about them vs now: They were cool. Still are.

Things I hope to see from them in the future:Maybe catch them live but they don’t come all that often. More music

Valentina is a bitch in sheep’s clothing, I relate to that tbh. She handles haters with some strong ass grace. Sometimes in this world you got to be ruthless and put yourself first. I ain’t completely mad at that 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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Skeleton Dance

The parents -

  • Who first brought up having/adopting kids? Wander
  • Which parent is most overprotective? Hater
  • Which parent is most supportive? Both
  • Which parent expects the most from their child? Hater
  • Which parent is more likely to spoil their child? Both
  • Which parent does the child go to to get their way? Wander
  • Which parent is the best at singing lullabies? Wander
  • Which parent finds it harder to let go? Both

The kid -

  • What the kids name is and the meaning behind it. Hope, in always being hopeful
  • What traits the kid has that doesn’t reflect their parents. No horns from Hater
  • What the kids favorite clothing style is. Pink ribbons in her hair
  • What their favorite cartoon is. Hater’s cartoon
  • What skills their parents try to pass down to them. Electric powers
  • What their future might be. Married to the son of Sylvia & Awesome, Amazing

The family -

  • Who the child’s godparents are. Sylvia and Peepers, not married to each other but they’d care for the child
  • Do their parents plan on giving them any siblings? Hope has two siblings, Wonder and Felix
  • What is the child’s first pet? A blue blob named Betty Blu
  • How do they get along with any extended family members? Very well
  • Yixing: I'm not leaving exo
  • Haters: thats for his own personal gain I swear!Yixing:*invests in his own studio with the permission from sm
  • Haters: look at this greedy Chinese guy! He's using sm!
  • Yixing: I composed song for my fans because they gave me lot of strength
  • Haters: This is all an act!
  • Yixing: *asks movie director if he can take few hours off to attend exo's fansign despite not being scheduled to attend because its exo's 3rd yr anniversary
  • Haters: does he even care about exo??!! Disgusting. Exo fans wont be supporting him!
  • Yixing: *breathes
  • Haters: how selfish!! Using all the oxygen by himself! Doesnt he think of other people too? Bet he planned all of this!
  • Yixing: *exists.
  • Haters: two faced chinese! Wolf in sheep clothing!! He thinks he's so smart!!