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He stares at his phone for a while. His hands are clammy, and he gets caught up in rubbing them up and down the thighs of his jeans. He can hear a faucet dripping – the one in the kitchen, or maybe the guest bathroom off the living room. Maybe it’s leaky. That’s probably a problem. He should call a plumber.

He should call Jack. That’s what he sat down here to do, after all. New year, new him. Better him.

Logically, he knows his phone doesn’t weigh 10 pounds, but it feels like it does when he picks it up. His finger hovers over Jack’s contact for a long minute. He sucks in a breath as he finally clicks it, brings the phone up to his ear slowly, gingerly.

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“I know it doesn’t seem so, but I will take care of you.”

Washington takes one of Lafayette’s hands between both of his own and makes that vow as solemnly and sincerely as he possibly can.

In response Lafayette smiles thinly, and pulls his hand carefully free. “I apologize if I gave you any reason to think I doubt your intention to be a dutiful husband, sir.”

When Washington fails to respond Lafayette steps away and inspects the parlor where he will be expected now to receive his guests. Washington cannot help but do the same, the room is rather dreary if he’s being honest. He realizes now, having hardly thought about it, that the curtains and rugs in the parlor have not been updated for several years.

There simply hadn’t been the funds. But then, that wouldn’t be a problem now.

Lafayette wanders the room, paying cursory attention to the portraits he finds on the wall, and smoothing the old lace on a table unnecessarily, surreptitiously inspecting its quality. Washington clears his throat, carefully, and Lafayette whirls about as if startled.

He must have assumed Washington had left the room. Washington gives his young husband a moment to catch his breath, then speaks. “There is an upholsterer in the village who does very fine work. Would you like me to set an appointment?”

Lafayette presses his lips together as if unsure of how to respond.

“It’s an old house, I know,” Washington presses. “But if it would please you, I would have you make it your own.”

Rather than turn about and consider the room again, Lafayette considers Washington himself more fully. He does his best to endure to scrutiny with dignity.

“Yes,” Lafayette says, finally. He doesn’t smile, exactly but he does run his hand over the divan with an expression more thoughtful than troubled. “Something in pale green, I think?”

Lafayette looks to Washington for confirmation, and he gives it readily.

Bbbooyyyy I was about to review my security system footage to see who broke in my house and made off with my fucken food processor.

Found et up the stairs in the guest room. Thanks ambien, once again, for playing crouching tiger hidden kitchen appliances wiv me.

the signs as abandoned places

ARIES Abandoned gas stations, beholders of tumbleweeds and roadside tales, filled with dead fuel yet frozen in time, eyes on the passengers with their hands and hair out the window, haunted by old desert songs and engines revving behind it.

TAURUS: Abandoned bars, stools turned over, a ripped flyer shouting BABES BABES BABES hanging off the bulletin board, a lost motorcycle tire, glass shattered, and the spirit of hell still living somewhere inside.

GEMINI Ghost towns, at the base of old mountains, houses with shutters like eyes and doors like mouths, swallowing stories whole, convenience stores still stocked with stale bread, cabins and headstones still peeking out from behind fairy wood brambles, nature stretching into steel, ready to come alive with a shift of the wind.

CANCER: Abandoned motels, empty pools filled with deflated flamingos, the sign out front screaming VACANCY forever, each room a different anthology of guest book tales, smashed television monitors and a love note ( or goodbye note ) caught up in the rust of the honeymoon suite.

LEO: Abandoned theaters, stages dented with the ghosts of performances past, torn scripts scattered across floorboards in a mess of Playbills and shattered eyeglasses, broken lights and tattered dress hems, mannequins poised at an eternal act one.

VIRGO Abandoned train stations, cars sprayed in a kaleidoscope of graffiti, drifters still starting fires in some of the shells, grass growing over old gears, ghost conductors with no destination, rails intersecting at odd angles like flowers and bones.

LIBRA Abandoned campgrounds, rattlesnakes and desert blues, dead hot and forgotten, a shelled-out RV and the dry lake where the kids used to play, swallowing up broken toys and flat tents, showers crawling with critters, vintage t-shirts printed with campground bears promising that it’s still “the happiest place on earth.”

SCORPIO Abandoned amusement parks, soggy coaster cars paused mid-ascension, cheap thrills and screams still stagnant in the air, ferris wheels trembling in the wind, clown faces distorted and torn down the middle, a mascot head smiling out from the overgrowth.

SAGITTARIUS Abandoned renaissance fairs, an acre out of time, fake pirate ships swinging, fairy wings trying to fly, dead flower crowns tangled with bright ribbons and peasant blouses shed by the lake, empty squares and old stage buildings, Arthur’s sword caught at the entry, still waiting to be pulled.

CAPRICORN Abandoned toy stores, broken pinball machines, ghost clowns, and popped balloons, playing cards stuck to the floor, a crooked house of childhood horrors, teddy bears bleeding stuffing, and a funhouse mirror distorting the distorted. 

AQUARIUS: Abandoned piers, driftwood split down the middle, coastline the last alive thing, neon lights still calling Gatsby home from the horizon, but promising only the ghosts of mermaids washed ashore, tires and bottles filled with sand, dead trees spouting from old rocks, branches a wind chime of ripped dresses, forks, and seashells on strings.

PISCES: Abandoned waterparks, slides overlooking entire old cities, perfect for climbing, hoses and pools now scrawled over and used as skateboard ramps, kids climbing over the old towers and ladders in their bathing suits when it rains, pure want as their tickets in, yelling, “We’re still here, we’re still here, we’re still here!”

You know, when Yuuri first takes Victor to see what would be his new room, I thought the banquet room had to be one of the most spacious places in the whole inn, compared to other guest rooms. And so I didn’t get why Yuuri started to apologize for the lack of space. But then it got me…

…Yuuri might have assumed Victor is used to live in places much, much bigger than the old unused room. And he’s not wrong. But even if Victor is accustomed to bigger and spacious places…


He was satisfied with what they gave him, he loved the food he got to try everyday, he was thankful he could spend more time with maccachin. He was finally able to enjoy, each and every little thing, each day brought, thanks to Yuuri and his family.

Now this dork is asking for a sofa…

Yuuri states they don’t have any, and after that, it doesn’t look like something he’ll remember.

BUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE WE SEE VICTOR WITH A NEW SOFA. I’m sure Yuuri must have figure a way to get him one.

And I adore the fact, Victor for his part is satisfied where he is, and feels at home. While Yuuri is trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible, not really sure whether the other man likes it there. These dorks not in sync, but so in love, will be the death of me.

(Also the fact, the place Victor is staying when going to Yuuri, is a banquet room, must have been foreshadowing something ≖‿≖…)

Viktuuri wedding hcs
  • Phichit officiates the wedding 
  • He wanted to be in charge of photography too but they thought officiating was enough work 
  • Basically he wanted to plan the whole damn wedding 
  • Yuuri wears a dark navy suit and viktor wears a white one 
  • Viktor wears pink and gold cuff-links as an homage to his GPF costume
  • Makkachin is the ring barer
  • All the guests fucking sCREAM AND APPLAUD WHEN THEY KISS
  • Yurio yells “Get a room!” and Viktor laughs “We have a room!”
  • its a very small reception in hasetsu and Yuuri’s family cooks most of the food and provides accommodation for the guests.
  • they have a photoshoot on the beach and look heckin ADORABLE
  • they dance to “a thousand years” cause they’re sappy dorks and it’s fitting

That awkward moment when you walk out of your room in your pajamas and there’s a guest in your house


“You, are a very difficult female to get a hold of.” – The King of Hybern

The moment you realize, the trace when never on Rhys. It had always been on Feyre, specifically tracked to Beron’s kernel of power (Or maybe the trace was on both of them). 

Tamlin would have known she had that power because she left burned hand prints on the dining table, before she left the spring court. 

The Attor found Feyre not Rhys. In a forest outside the house. She was attempting to light a candle. Not the previous night, when a bed just appeared in the guest room of her sisters’ manor. Not at the glamour they used to conceal while the manor was temporarily evacuated.  The Attor did not go to the house, he went to the woods.

Fire began crackling in her veins when she thought of Mor’s father. Feyre used Mor’s story as her motivation to go to the Hewn City. They didn’t find Rhys, they found Feyre’s motivation outside the Court of Nightmares.

Lucien knew of Feyre’s general area within the Illyrian mountains because she had lit a decent amount of woods on fire, in a glorious explosion of flame and temper in reaction to the death of Rhys’s Mother and Sister. Lucien had found Feyre and was able to pinpoint her scent because they were already in the general area.

After a nice smutty night spent in the dingy Inn, another day of training with fire, Rhys gets shot out of the sky. They went nowhere near where they came across Lucien.

The trace was never on Rhys. The trace was always on Feyre.

“But I couldn’t … couldn’t stop being around you, and loving you, and wanting you. I still can’t stay away.” – Rhysand

Thank all of you for the 1000 notes!  Here is a drabble: The Game of Risk

Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):
Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giants
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us
Creeping Like Frost

Spoil Me Pretty

There wasn’t much Victor could do once Yuuri got like this. There wasn’t much Victor could think of that was better than this, either. Lying on Yuuri’s nearly too narrow bed where they both slept now, there was something so much more tangible about spending time in Yuuri’s room as opposed to that guest room.

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Jongdae was in Heechul’s room, playing LoL, and Baekhyun said “Is Chen my guest, or whose guest?”
Someone is jealous… 👀😂


Anon Requested:  Drabble game 79 and 100 with Jungkook (smut), please ? Thanks ~.

I know you guys are probably going to request a part two lmao because I left this at such a cliffhanger but I hope you like it ♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1691

“Is there a reason you’re in my bed?”

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.”

You were happy that management let you see your brother and his friends as you please, usually they were a lot more strict to let anyone else around but with Jimin and the other boys pleads they finally agreed to let you come to the dorm whenever you wanted to. And with you coming as you please you were happy to hear when they boys moved dorms that they found a dorm with an extra room, a guest room. It wasn’t as much of a guest room as it was your room since you stayed over almost every other weekend.

Opening the door you flicked on the lights and nearly screamed as your heart stopped for a second. “Jungkook, is there a reason you’re in my bed?” You asked while taking off your shoes and rings you had on your fingers. You walked over to the dresser and placed the excess jewelry on top and turning to see Jungkook still in your bed turned on his side while he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. “So no reason or you just don’t want to answer?”

You plop down on the bed beside him, you mimic his position, facing his while propping yourself on your forearm allowing you to look down at him. “You know,” Jungkook started, his eyes looking up at you but there was something different. His eyes looked almost dark, a sense of greed hinting in them. “I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.” Jungkook’s eyes stayed glued to your face as you sat up abruptly, he watched every feature of yours making sure his words didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. He of course felt something for you but being a hormonal teenaged boy his dream of you last night only made him horny.

“My brother-” You started but was cut off by Jungkook now speaking over you.

“Your brother already thinks that I like you, it’s really only a matter of time.” He waves you off sitting up and inching closer to you, you were incredibly close now. Of course you’ve always been close to Jungkook, you’d occasionally cuddle when you both were hanging out either on the couch or in each other’s rooms and got tired. Your brother would always say comments about ‘how cute’ you both were whenever he found you both asleep together. He never was the over protective big brother who told every one of his friends to stay away from his little sister. You were the same age as Jungkook, only three months younger so Jimin never made a huge deal about you two being so close with each other. But still being as close as you are with Jungkook there was a tension in the air that you hadn’t felt with him before.

You tilted your head slightly before straightening it back. “Matter of time for what?”

“For this.” Jungkook’s hands slipped to the small of your back all while smashing his lips to yours. He easily flipped you over once your body hit his. A gasp left you at the quick movement and Jungkook took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth instantly dominating as his hands laced with yours pinning them above your head. His head dipped to your neck instantly finding your sweet spot and sucking down. Your back arched into him which only made him smirk, one of his hands left yours dipping down into your leggings you were wearing and rubbed against your clothed heat. “So wet already…” He mumbled. Letting go of your other hand his hands hooked onto the waistband of your leggings and panties pulling them down in one swift movement. His hands quickly made their way to the hem of your shirt tugging it off of your body and not a moment later your bra joined the rest of your clothes.

With the lack of clothes in front of Jungkook you felt very naked, well you were but feeling naked make you feel slightly unconscious. Heat rose to your cheeks and your arms came up beginning to cover yourself up. Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed yourself halting your movements, his eyes stared down at you with a sudden intensity that you felt goosebumps run across your body. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers. His voice dropped when speaking, his hands lightly tugged your arms away from your chest while settling himself in between your legs. He lowered himself once again meeting your lips, this kiss was hungry and rough but every bit of it made you feel hotter and hotter. His lips leave yours again to go to your neck, he stayed there for a bit to leave love bites all along your neck, you now knew there was no way makeup would be able to hide any of his markings he left on you. You moan out when you feel Jungkook’s tongue glide over your now bruised neck. Your eyes close enjoying the feeling when you feel his lips leave your neck and feel his hot breath fan over your heat. Your legs begin to close but Jungkook grabs ahold of your hips adjusting yourself so your legs now hang over his shoulders and without a second glance he dips his tongue into your heat causing a loud moan to course through the room.  “You are so wet baby, and all for me.” His voice vibrates into your skin and you moan again.

He sucks on your clit harsher causing more moans coming out of your mouth. If he didn’t care about pleasuring you so much he would’ve taken a moment to smirk at the sounds he was causing you to drone out. Without a warning he inserts a finger past your folds and you let out a gasp and grip onto his hair moaning out his name feeling your walls clench around his finger, he moves his finger before adding another one, he moves his finger in and out over and over again. He watched as you trembled, your face contorted in pleasure as you felt you coming closer to your climax. He removed his fingers and replaced them with his mouth once again. Jungkook now felt your whole body tremble as he lapped up all of your juices. He continued to lick and suck on your heat until he heard quiet whimpers come from you and a weak push of his head as you soon became oversensitive to all of the pleasure he was giving you.

He crawled over you kissing down on you, your hands reached up and tangled your fingers into his messy hair. You whined once you realized he was still fully clothed and you were lying underneath him naked. “Jungkook,” You whined into the kiss, his lips leave yours when he pulls back giving you a confused look. Even with his face scrunched up he still looked absolutely gorgeous to you. “I don’t find it fair that I’m the only one naked here.” You huff out sticking your bottom lip out. A laugh escapes Jungkook as he dropped his head into your neck once again, body shaking from his laughter. Once he was done he sat up, weight going all on his knees as he was still settled in between your legs. He flung his shirt to the floor and brought himself back over you kissing you.

His lips left yours almost immediately when a knock was heard on your door. “(Y/N)? Can we talk?” Jimin’s voice was heard on the other side of the door and began to open.

“I’m naked!” You screamed throwing the pillow that was under your head at the door causing it to pause as Jimin froze and quickly closed the door uttering multiple “I’m sorry’s” You and Jungkook both froze looking at each other before rushing off of your bed and throwing each other the scattered clothing that was discarded. Jungkook getting dressed quicker than you as he had only been shirtless. You threw your underwear and bra into the hamper at the door once you pulled your shirt back on.

“I just really need to talk to you…like now.” Jimin spoke from the outside of your door. Your heart was pounding against your chest looking at Jungkook with pleading eyes. “One second, just getting dressed!” You called back at the door.

“What do we do!” You whispered to Jungkook seeing as he began walking towards the door. “No!” You grab Jungkook pulling him back. “Are you crazy? No! He’s going to get suspicious, go…go hide-” You paused looking around the room to the small closet. “Go hide in the closet!” You began pushing Jungkook towards the closet that would easily hide him, it may be a bit cramped but it’ll have to do.

“(Y/N), you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jungkook stopped walking causing you to bump into him. “I’m not hiding in your closet.”

“Jungkook, hide.” You push harder, he took a step forward then pushed back against you, you tried pushing again but he was stronger than you and wouldn’t budge. “Jungkook, please.” You begged continuing to push even if you knew it was no use. “I’ll do anything just please hide.”

“Anything?” You didn’t have to look at him to see the smirk that was placed on his lips. “I’m holding you to that.” He turned around pecking your lips before walking into your closet and closing the door. You let out a quick sigh and hurried to your door opening the door and see Jimin.

“Jimin!” You smile, “What’s up?” You question stepping aside to let him into your room. He looked around your room as if he was looking to find something. His eyes scanned your bed seeing the slightly disheveled sheets and blankets.

“Why’s your bed a mess?”

“I just didn’t make it from last night.” You defended. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Jimin turned to face you, all seriousness etched on his features as he sat on your bed patting the spot beside him ushering you to sit down.

“Jungkook. I wanted to talk about Jungkook.”