for the great amount of requests lol

anonymous asked:

Hey have you ever done an imagine about Harry's girl having the same if not more tattoos than he has? And like fluffy stuff about it? I think that one would be great if you could please😁

This sounds like it’s gonna be so cute! I could so see him like pouting when they used to have the same amount and then she goes out with friends and gets another one so she has more now than him. Thank you for requesting! Look for it up soon after I get over being sick and miserable! lol

Have a Harry Styles or Niall Horan imagine you wanna read? Come request it and I’ll write it for ya! 

Hey, loud fans! It’s been a great few months since this ask blog launched, and the amount of support we’ve gotten up to this day has been awesome! So, we just wanted to give a big thank you to all of our followers and those sending us fun asks to answer!

To celebrate, we’ll be taking Loud House drawing requests in the inbox for a little bit! Send a message with the character(s) you want to be drawn and what pose/action you want, and we’ll doodle it up!

These requests will follow the same format as the asks and will be added to the queue along with regular ask replies. So some days will have an ask reply post, and some days will have a drawing request post! (And as a reminder, do please read the rules page before submitting any ask/drawing prompt. We may not do an ask/draw if they do not follow our rules or if we do not feel comfortable answering them.)

Once again, thank you all for all for enjoying The Loud House and the blog!