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Genre: Fluff. Comedy (sort of, I’m pretty bad at this lol)

JB x Reader

A/N: I changed house to apartment and I tried really hard to get it right. JB’s quite difficult for me to write but I hope yoU LIKE THIS ANON, I LOVE YOU x



It wasn’t supposed to be a rainy afternoon. But heck, it felt like the sky was literally falling down upon your heads, as if another Great Flood was occurring. Of course you were exaggerating but you weren’t pretty keen on this amount of rain.

You were walking around that day with JB, just casually going to the park and stopping in a couple stores, mostly looking for the right kind of cat food that apparently not every pet shop sold.

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Hey, you guys!

It’s been awhile since I’ve really posted, and I’m sorry about that. I turned 18 in February, and the adult life has been very rough on me. (This whole year has tbh). I don’t really have a large amount of my time to spend writing– and even if I did, I’ve been having trouble with writing as well.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to write for awhile, but I keep drawing blanks– whenever I want to write I kind of just stare at an empty doc for a bit until ultimately closing out of it lol. So, if anyone wants to send me a request, that’d be great! I’d appreciate it, especially because writing requests is a lot of fun! :)

To reiterate what kinds of requests I accept: I’ll take basically anything so long as it is not nsfw. I get too flustered. I’ll happily write Reader Inserts, Non-Reader Inserts, Headcanons, etc.

I’m going to do my best to be as active as possible on here, but I’m not sure how “active” that will be. I do answer any asks I receive ASAP, and I’ll happily respond to any of you guys– you’ve all been so welcoming, kind, and encouraging, and it is something I have hardly ever received in my life. You have no idea how much you guys have helped me in my personal life with all your kind words; I’ve started gaining some self-esteem and confidence, and it’s such an amazing feeling- one I was sure I’d never get to experience, and I thank you all for it.

I’m rambling now, so I’m going to stop– I could write forever about this, haha. Thank you all again, and please send in some requests! <3

anonymous asked:

A leafy imagine where you have a crazy obesity with calum hood from 5sos and he sees you rocking out to there songs

Yes, it appears you have consumed too many ‘calum hood’s and are now obese, kys. Lol jk I know what you mean. This was a pretty funny request so I’m answering it. Let me know what you guys think! This is more-so going to be a fic where it is just a video Calvin does in response. 

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Roasting 5SOS

Calvin doesn’t hesitate to begin roasting you as soon as he caught you this morning dancing to a 5SOS song. You didn’t expect for him to make a video about it, though. 

After beginning his normal intro, Calvin gets straight to the point of the video. “So I was going to roast this guy on Youtube today, but decided earlier this morning that was not going to be necessary. Lately you guys have been asking a lot about Y/N. Hence, this video is going to be a roast on Y/N and one of Y/N’s favorite bands. Normally, Y/N listens to a variety of music from positive vibes to what Y/N refers to as ‘post hardcore’– whatever the fuck that means, it sounds like fucking screamo so that’s what I’m going with. But this morning, I caught Y/N dancing to a 5 Seconds of Summer song.” 

Just then, he shows the video he took, without your permission or knowledge, of course. You are wearing his shirt and a pair of sleeper shorts that can’t quite be seen due to the length of the shirt. “Out of My Limit” is playing in the background and you are moving around, well “dancing,” in the kitchen while making some pancakes. The video plays for about 20 seconds before Calvin loses it and starts laughing. By this point you’ve stopped dancing, you can hear his laughing and see a pout expressed on your face in the video with you saying, “Cal, I swear to God, don’t you dare.” 

“As you can see, Y/N has some great coordination. But I didn’t really think much of Y/N dancing to this song until I started adding some things up. You see, Y/N has a bit of an obsession with 5 Seconds of Summer. You may be saying, ‘Calvin, she’s just dancing to one song, that doesn’t make it an obsession.’ Well that’s where you’re wrong. Not only does Y/N jam out to their music but Y/N also has their pictures saved into a phone and brings them up at every opportunity. Especially that Cal…Cal..wait a second. Cal-vin… Cal-um…” 

Just then he pauses and moves away from his mike yelling, “Y/N, can you come in here for a second?” The viewer can barely hear the conversation as you enter the room. “Yeah, what?” Calvin continues where he left off, “Have you ever noticed how similar the names Cal-vin and Cal-um are?” You nervously laugh and go to leave the room, “Yeah about that, what a coincidence! See you later Cal-Pal! I just remembered I have to run to the store!” You quickly leave before any other questions can be asked. 

Calvin returns to the mike and begins where you left off, “’Cal-Pal?’ I mean Y/N calls me that on occasion but where have I seen that before…” He then loads various screen caps (about 20) from various tweets and fan fictions for Calum Hood from 5SOS. “Oh, right. …And that’s not even the craziest part! There are hundreds of other people that refer to Calum Hood as ‘Cal-Pal!’ So now that I’ve determined my entire relationship as I know it has been BASED ON A FUCKING LIE I guess I’ll just have to take a shot of bleach anytime I hear that nickname or I don’t know, fucking kill myself.” There is a brief pause before he continues, “You know what? No. There can only be one Cal that Y/N refers to, and that is going to be me. How might I save Y/N from the obsession you might be wondering? Simple, I’m going to ROAST THE SHIT OUT OF 5SOS.” Calvin says firmly before begging to roast the band, pulling up pictures of them presently and reference pictures as he describes each of them. 

“First off, you have giraffe number one, otherwise known as Luke Hemmings. He has one of those lip piercings that he literally says in one of his songs he got to impress a girl. Then you have this guy, Ashton Irwin, who is probably the most sane in the band and looks like he can kick my ass so I’m not risking that. You then have a gobstopper of a guitarist who’s hair color literally changes every time the sun rises. Not to mention, Michael Clifford sticks his tongue out in literally every fucking picture. If you wanted to be a dog all you had to do was meet up with Whitney Wisconsin backstage. And finally, the main roast, Calum Hood. To be honest, I don’t really have too much to say about him. Other than the fact he looks confused, questioning all the wrong choices you’ve made in life, or surprised he’s actually being recognized for something in every picture of him online, he seems pretty cool. Needless to say, there can only be one Cal. So, Calum Hood, if you’re watching this, I want you to know that IF I EVER SEE YOU SO MUCH AS REPLY TO ONE OF Y/N’S TWEETS I WILL LITERALLY HUNT YOU DOWN.” 

Just then Calvin loses his composure and lets out a stream of laughter. “I can’t do this. Anyway, I ended up getting Y/N backstage passes to their next concert so hopefully the obsession with them will die down a little bit. 5SOS, if you see this video, nothing personal, hopefully? Please don’t kick my ass when we meet you in a week or so. If I don’t post a video tomorrow, it’s because the illuminati has hunt me down for roasting one of their key boybands. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, let me know what you think about Y/N’s dancing skills in the comments. If you like this video, you will be receiving your very own Calum Hood, no scam at all. All jokes aside, thank you for the amount of support lately, absolutely insane! Hope you guys have a great day, peace.” 

This one took a lot longer than expected. It was a little difficult to write but I don’t think it’s complete trash lol idk let me know what you guys think. 100 Notes and I’ll save you from 5SOS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)