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Dany’s ex-fans: “Dany is so entitled! We’ve been tricked into thinking she wants to bring peace but she wants to destroy! She’s the villain now! She’s turning out to be just like her father!”

GOT fans who loved and rooted for Daenerys Targaryen for 6 seasons but hate her and hope she fails or dies now are laughably feeble. Dany’s purpose and intentions have been clear from the beginning. She has wanted the Iron Throne since Season 1. She has desired to rule the Seven Kingdoms for almost the entire time we’ve known her onscreen and most of what she’s accomplished has been to work toward that goal. She has been collecting allies and armies since Season 3, all with the ultimate purpose of returning to Westeros, disposing of the “Usurpers and their dogs,” and becoming Queen. Dany is entitled, yes, as is every other contender for the Iron Throne (and imo it will be interesting to see whether this is handled as a flaw in her character arc, wrt how the desire for power can cloud a person’s overall good intentions) but all in all it’s hardly something I’m going to dislike her for in a show where male supremacy rules and the majority of the male characters, including the “likable” ones, are murderers, abusers, and rapists. And at the end of the day the things that Dany wants to do with power are driven by much purer motives than those of most other characters (and her actions in Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen proved that). To be clear, I’m not implying that Dany is perfect or that there is nothing to criticise about her character (I already acknowledged that’s not the case), nor that her fans should agree with every decision she makes; what I’m mocking is a specific type of fan that can’t keep up with the show they’re watching. It truly is funny to see the same people who cheered Dany on as she gained dragons, armies, and fleets over the seasons and made speeches about crossing the sea to “kill her enemies in their iron suits and tear down their stone houses” become suddenly shocked and horrified that taking a throne actually involves, you know, killing people. How else did you expect that to go down? Reminds me of Olenna’s comment when Dany said she wouldn’t attack King’s Landing. 

Fighting a war in the world of Game of Thrones requires ruthlessness to survive and yet she didn’t do things the easy way (take King’s Landing) precisely because she wanted to avoid the high number of civilian casualties, and she only attacked the Lannister army after her Westerosi allies had been captured or murdered (which the Lannisters were partially responsible for). It’s like these people have forgotten all the atrocities the Lannister army has committed over the course of the show. Dany is not like her father. If you think she is, you have idiotic standards about what certain characters are allowed to do before they become irredeemable in your eyes.

My Game Of Thrones fan script
  • Styve, a young apprentice candlemaker: Hello, I'm here to start the first day of my apprenticeship?
  • [Styve is grabbed by Daiv, also known as The Lamp, also known as The Dreadlord Of Ostlebain, a 7-foot-tall mute who jumps out of the shadows. Tymme, the 80-year-old master candlemaker, appears from the side and puts a knife to Styve's throat.]
  • Tymme, whose wikipedia page is longer than that of some presidents: Why d'ye want to be a candlemaker, boy?
  • Styve, who has a talking falcon in the books but not in this: Because I saw my father torture my mother to death by pouring candlewax into her eyes until her head melted, and all I want is revenge.
  • Tymme: It's a hard life, boy. You'll never marry or own land. We cut three fingers off each hand so you make the wicks thinner. Every candlemaker must drown fifty puppies. It's been this way since Milfbred Of The Black Hammock, also known as The Green Wall, also known as The Knight Of The Seven Roosters, made the first candlemakers guild ten thousand years ago, and there hasn't been any progress since.
  • Styve: I promise I'll do anything as long as I get my revenge on my father who would be the same age as your estranged son who ran away a year before I was born.
  • [Tymme nods to Daiv, who is called The Bloody Clitoris in the books but the producers thought that was too much, and he drops Styve to the floor.]
  • Tymme: Making a candle ain't like squeezing a whore's tits, lad. It's a long road. Most die or are sexually assaulted. It's a deeply, deeply unpleasant job.
  • Styve, who dies very soon: I'm ready.
  • Tymme, who it should be mentioned had his dick cut off by a fairy: It begins.
  • [Smash cut to credits.]
Hogwarts houses as A Game of Thrones quotes
  • Gryffindor: "Can a man still be brave if he's afraid?" "That is the only time a man can be brave."
  • Hufflepuff: "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."
  • Ravenclaw: "A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge."
  • Slytherin: "My words lied. My eyes and my arm shouted out the truth, but you were not seeing."
Dany is actually the rightful heir of the 7 kingdoms (in the books at least)

I was scrolling through Freefolk and I find a great post by EigengrauDildos. Basically he’s explaining how in the books, Jon is actually NOT the rightful heir of the 7 kingdoms. He is spot on. Now, D&D will probably brush that off but it makes for some good exchanges and conversations. Here what he had to say…

This has only occurred to me like half an hour ago.

As we know, the Westerosi crown follows agnatic primogeniture as its law of inheritance.

According to agnatic primogeniture, the order of succession is:

0) King
1) Eldest son of King
2) Eldest son of the son of the King, and, in succession, any other sons by order of birth
3) Second son of the King

In other words, the grandson comes before the uncle.

Here’s the snag nobody’s considering. Viserys, the uncle, was crowned King before the grandson, Jon/Aegon was born.

I’ll try to keep it the simplest possible.

The rightful king of the Seven Kingdoms was Aerys. At the moment of his death, he had only two kids: Rhaegar and Viserys (Daenerys was still a fetus in Rhaella’s belly).

Rhaegar was dad to Rhaenys and Aegon with Elia, but he annulled his marriage and possibly bastardised his first children. When he died, Lyanna was, unbeknownst to the world, pregnant with his kid (who had 50% chances of being a girl, mind you).

When news came of Rhaegar’s death, Viserys immediately became the heir to Aerys, the Crown Prince. When Aerys was stabbed by Jaime, Rhaella crowned Viserys King of the Seven Kingdoms.

This was absolutely rightful: when Aerys dies, Rhaegar is already dead, and Jon hasn’t been born yet - he literally doesn’t exist, and as a fetus, has 50% chances of being a girl anyway. At the moment of Aerys’ death, Viserys is the only possible heir to the Targaryen crown.

So, Viserys was king before Jon was born.

The timeline went like this: Battle of the Trident (Rhaegar dead) -> Aerys sends Rhaella and Viserys away to Dragonstone -> Aerys dies, Viserys becomes King -> Jon is born.

So, normally, the line of succession now would be:

Viserys -> Jon/Aegon, unless Viserys has a son, in which case the line would look like Viserys -> Viserys’ son -> Jon/Aegon.

Now, grown up, Viserys explicitly nominated Daenerys his heir. Which would mean that the rightful Targaryen heir is Daenerys and not Jon.

One could argue that Viserys didn’t know about Jon, but it’s really, really unlikely that he’d nominate as his heir, as the head of the Targaryen house, a kid raised as a Stark by one of the Usurper’s dogs, instead of his Targaryen born and raised sister, a sister he, even if in a twisted way, loved.

The fact is that Jon’s birth, even with a better claim as son of Rhaegar, wouldn’t dethrone Viserys. Kingship doesn’t get revoked because a baby with a better claim comes along. And if Viserys elected Dany as his heir, that’s a King’s word - it’s law.

To be honest I don’t think we’ll get any treatment of this in the show. The show seems to be going rather mindlessly in the “Jon’s the rightful heir” route, unless all of this gets brought out next season. Which would make for some compelling political drama.

I’m sure though some discussion of this will get brought up in the books.

As a book fan, I feel a bit ashamed cause I completely forgot thi important element about the books. Element that could change a lot of things in the grand scheme of things. 

@mhysaofdragons @mudinyourlungs @oadara Your thoughts? 

if you’re a wolf, i’m a wolf

[axg notebook au]

gendry watched arya climb the tree swiftly, a smile crinkling the skin around his eyes. but, as ever, his thoughts got the better of him, and even as he watched her in her crazy perfection, the smile faded.

“arya,” he started, his voice a stranger’s even to his own ears.

from the lowest tree limb where she stood grinning, she glanced down at him, curious at his tone.

“what are we doing?” his voice was now even more strangled than before. he had been having more fun with her this one summer than he’d ever had in his entire life, which is why it was easy to forget that he was just the town’s auto mechanic, and she was the senator’s daughter.

as always, even from her place in the tree above him, she as good as read his thoughts. instead of responding, her smile grew and suddenly she jumped from the tree and landed in a crouch on all fours and howled. gendry was caught so off-guard, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“do you think i was a wolf in another life?” arya asked lightly even as she trampled awkwardly through the damp grass on hands and knees.

frustrated as he was that she wasn’t answering his question, he still couldn’t help but smile. “what do you mean?”

“like reincarnation,” she clarified, as she circled around him as if she really was a wolf, forcing him to turn in dizzying circles to keep up with her.

she howled again and pawed at his legs playfully. he shook his head but laughed unwillingly anyway. “i don’t know,” he said. by now, gendry’s disheartening thoughts about reality had faded, and a smile seemed permanently etched on his face.

“i think i was,” arya answered decisively as she rolled around in the grass in a way reminiscent of her pet hound nymeria.

gendry rubbed the back of his neck as he gazed down at her, and as always, was taken aback by how beautiful and funny and clever she was, and as always, blown away that she’d chosen him.

she paused in the grass then, her eyes reading his, but her smile only became more mischievous. “say i’m a wolf,” she demanded.

it was a game almost. gendry teased her about always getting what she wanted. so, when asked, he refused to give her what she wanted. it was a game because, in the end, gendry always gave arya what she wanted. always.

she hopped back up to her hands and knees, looking as though she was going to pounce. “say i’m a wolf.” she said again, grinning wildly.

“don’t do it,” gendry warned, backing up a step from her as she leaned toward him as if to jump on him.

“say i’m a wolf,” she ordered, pawing the earth with her right foot, which made him think more of a bull about to charge than a wolf.

“stop it,” he warned again, but his smile belied his words.

arya gave a pitiful growl for a wolf as she sprang up at him. “say it.”

“you’re not. you’re not.” he insisted as he caught her in his arms, and they both went tumbling to the ground laughing.

they wrestled around in the damp grass for a few long moments, both vying for dominance. and although arya was quicker, gendry was stronger. finally, he caught both her wrists in one hand and held her down in the grass with his body, but from her grin, he could tell she was far from upset.

“you’re a wolf,” he said finally, kissing her full on the mouth. the struggle left her completely as she returned the kiss, and he let go of her wrists, so she could put her arms around him.

she pulled away breathlessly but kept her face near his. “now, say you’re a wolf too.” she insisted, nipping at his jaw with her teeth.

gendry studied arya’s face as he gazed down at her adoringly and realized she wasn’t just being silly; she was giving him an answer to the question he’d first asked. he realized then that he loved her fully and completely.

“if you’re a wolf,” he said seriously, his eyes boring into hers, “i’m a wolf.”

arya gazed up at him misty-eyed then stole his lips again with hers. gendry kissed her back fervently, wishing they could live in this moment forever and dreading what the end of summer would bring.

The GRRM Approved Fanfic of Winds of Winters and Dream of Spring to Cure Your DnD & GoT Nihilist Rage Post-Season 7

So we all know that George has a dim view of fanfiction. But a friend of his emailed him the lovely fic by @qqueenofhades, The North Remembers, which starts off at the end of Dance of Dragons and completes the series. And not only did George read it, he said it utterly captivated him and he couldn’t put it down.

With the current shade George is giving Dave and Dan and Game of Thrones, it is safe to assume that this fanfiction is more in line with George’s vision than the expensive, timid, convoluted and fan-servicing fanfiction we are currently watching.

So, read your hearts out and long live fanfiction.


I feel so unsure about these. Ughughugh.

I was planning on putting these up on the shop as well but now I’m unsure if as stickers or buttons or something else (kinda curious to see them on tote bags tbh) of if I should also sell a text only version, etc. If you guys can offer me suggestions, that would be great.

  • Stannis: Consistently fair and reasonable (Giving up Dragonstone to Renly at Robert's command, offering peace with Renly and offering to name Renly his heir, offering freedom to the Free Folk, knighting Ser Davos and taking his fingers, burnings notwithstanding)
  • Stannis: Explicitly shown to truly love his daughter
  • Stannis: Best claimant to the throne, oldest living legitimate heir to King Robert Baratheon
  • Stannis: Only claimant to the throne to seriously consider threat of the White Walkers, and consider the justice and the laws of the land
  • Stannis: Tried and tested battle commander
  • Stannis: Explicitly shown as still having doubts about the Lord of Light
  • Stannis: Seriously, the only fucking claimant to the Iron Throne who sees the White Walkers as a real threat
  • GoT writers: So... This guy is the bad guy, right?
  • GoT writers: Meh let's just make him evil and incompetent, and then send him meekly to his grave
  • GoT writers: Better make him fanatically murder his daughter at the first opportunity just before he dies too, despite this being completely out of character, otherwise people might sympathise with him, he needs less fans as it is
  • Stannis: ...fewer...

and-his-name-is-rouge-crimson  asked:

I read an ask wondering what some of the fandoms the mods were into, and it got me curious as to what fandoms the Inquisition companions and advisors would be into ... if that hasn't already been answered. :3

Oh YES, perfect prompt for starting my attempts to pull myself out of my slump, thanks.

Cassandra: She’s a giant closet weeb. She will adamantly deny being a weeaboo as she hides her manga under her bed. She’s a closet fan of Inuyasha in particular. She also likes shows like Castle and Grey’s Anatomy.

Blackwall: He’s not picky about what he watches, but he does like Game of Thrones. He’s also partial to Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, which he picked up from Cole. Also The Walking Dead.

Iron Bull: Is a weeb that doesn’t hide that he’s a weeb. Iron Bull doesn’t give a fuck, he enjoys what he wants. He likes Attack on Titan in particular, and likes playing Fallout and Overwatch. Resident Evil is also another favorite of his, as is Dark Souls.

Sera: She’s into cartoons; she remains a fan of Invader Zim and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy to this day. She’s also partial to Teen Titans. Outside of cartoons, she likes Pokemon, Splatoon, and Overwatch. 

Cole: He likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for its lighthearted, colorful content. He has mixed feelings about the fandom, though. He also likes Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, but most of all, Animal Crossing. “I’m helping!” he says as he helps yet another villager with a task.

Varric: He fucking LOVES Ace Attorney, so much. He also likes CSI and sometimes watches Castle just to tease Cassandra. He also sort of likes Twin Peaks, especially when watching with Cole, who makes cryptic comments throughout it. He’s also partial to Black Mirror and Stranger Things.

Solas: He claims to not be interested in any such things, but Cole almost once claims that he weeps over The Wolf Children and Miyazaki films. Solas coughs, loudly, and gets him to stop, barely. EDIT: And also The Last Airbender.

Vivienne: She doesn’t indulge much in what would be typically considered fandom, but she does have a taste for Desperate Housewives. Sera’s caught her playing Civilization a few times, too, and rather aggressively.

Dorian: Watches True Blood, but denies it vehemently if anyone asks. He’s also a Harry Potter fan. Likes Persona and The Elder Scrolls series, and makes a ridiculous amount of characters for every questline and play style. TES lore buff.

Josephine: She loves Miyazaki films, and openly cries when watching them. She also loves Disney animated films, and sports an impressive collection of merchandise. Still cries when she watches The Lion King, and is addicted to Downton Abbey.

Leliana: Final Fantasy nerd. She also likes Legend of Zelda games, Baccano!, Fullmetal Alchemist, and some of the Assassin’s Creed games. Tomb Raider games are also big favorites of hers.

Cullen: He rarely indulges in fandom, but he does like Brooklyn 99. He sort of likes Animal Crossing, but is mildly embarrassed to like it as much as he does. Leliana loves this, however.

anonymous asked:

hey I was wondering if you had any good gendrya fic recommendations, I'm in need of some. please & thank you

Thanks so much for the ask and sorry for taking so long! Especially since I promised to make another AxG fic recommendation list not that long ago. If you want to see my first list before going through this one, you can find it here.

So, for this list, I’m going to start with recently written works currently in progress that I’m obsessed with:

The Thief by sionnach_glic on Ao3
This one is written so incredibly well and includes a few different POVs and…just…every single interaction between Arya and Gendry is SO amazing. It was one of those fics that I wanted to read all in one sitting but couldn’t because I didn’t want to get to the end and have to wait for another chapter.

The Million and One Ways Arya Could (Should) Have Been Mentioned by SecondFromTheRight on Ao3
Completely and totally obsessed with this one since it gives us everything we didn’t get from Season 7 and more in terms of Arya actually being discussed by literally everyone she’s had past interactions with together in a group (sans Jorah and Tormund). It’s just so great and addictive and updated frequently.

Warrior’s Hands by faithisbrokenn on Ao3
Another recent one I’m really loving. Warning: there’s smut in Chapter 1. Haha or newsflash, not warning, lmao. I just love the way that Arya and Gendry are written; their dialogue is spot on. And gendrya + reunion + kissing + more = everything.

Now I’ll go back in time and list some favorite old classics:

I’ll Run (Run To You) by my absolute love @jewishstarks
An old old favorite. An actual masterpiece. One of those G has to compete among others for A’s hand. Absolutely and completely lovely. You won’t stop smiling.

Oblivious by winterwaters on Ao3
So as I’ve said before, I’m cautious of most modern AUs, but this one is soooo amazing. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. All the feels! Very true to A and G even though it’s modern.

that Stark girl by xxxidrilxxx on
Ahhhhh I have been looking for this story since I first read it like a year and a half ago. So bad news is it’s incomplete and hasn’t been updated since 2015. Worst possible case scenario in fan fiction, I know. BUT…if you’re willing to suffer that most awful of fates, this is an awesome modern au of the whole story, mainly focused on A & G on the run. Maybe if there’s a resurgence of popularity of the story, the author will finish…?

Not Another Coffee Shop AU by the legendary @rabbitbaratheon
Because it really isn’t just another coffee shop AU. For a self-proclaimed wary-reader-of-modern-au, I sure am recommending a lot. While you’re at this story, I’d recommend checking out all of her works!

Like Wenda by our very own darling @furious-winter
Because it’s an all our dreams come true brotherhood AU, and A & G are written SO well. And while you’re there, check out everything else by @furious-winter ! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a reunion fic that’s tiny but huge with feelings try:
No One and Someone by AmberMagic on
Lead Me Back To You also by the darlingest darling @jewishstarks
Basically while you’re on Ao3 on @jewishstarks ‘s page (belasteals on ao3), read everything. She’s a gendrya fan fiction angel.

In addition, as a Gendrya fan, in case you haven’t already, you should check out @gotpresident ‘s AMAZING gendrya comics found here, here, here and here and follow her for updates!

Ok so I wanted to make this longer but I also didn’t want to make it too long so basically I’m going to compromise by waiting awhile before making another one of these, and in the meantime, go back and find all the other really good fics I was dumb enough not to bookmark. There’s so many and it feels so unfair to have put two of these out without even coming close to honoring all the incredible gendrya works out there.

Viscount Varric Headcanons
  • Varric imediatly claims ownership over the hanged man as his first order of buisness.
  • Despite Varric being the viscount, he’s hardly ever in his office/on his throne. He’ll get stir crazy within 3 minutes of doing his job, and will often times sneak out with Hawke.
  • Aveline now answers to Varric… think about that…
  • Varric still sleeps in the hanged man instead of in the Viscounts keep.
  • At least once a week, Varric and Hawke show up at either Fenris, or Aveline’s house late at night after betting their heads in a game of wicked grace, and then loosing said bet
  • Aveline is a fan of the book Varric wrote about her
  • Donnic finally allowed Aveline to join the the game night he has at Fenris’s place, and just as he suspected, Aveline is indeed, a sore loser.
  • Bodahn continues to live with Hawke after Sandal went to Tevinter. Hawke doesnt mind it though.
  • Varric has done a lot to improve the lives of Kirkwall residents, especially those in darktown. he’s the most, ‘hands on’ Viscount ever, and the people really like that.
  • Hawke is helping Varric with work so often, that he’s basically become the new Seneschal
  • Varric is alive and well
The Summer Fling (Chapter 8) - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “San Diego Convention Center”

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader/OFC

Author’s Note: This is July 20th. Okay. Cool. Bye.

Summary: Dylan spends his morning talking about his relationship with you to Tyler and Colton, before he has an uncomfortable run in in the middle of the convention center.

Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine

Originally posted by agentmitchrapp

“Bro, I am so emotional today, I can’t even talk about Teen Wolf before the panel or I’m gonna lose it. Can we please talk about something else?” Tyler complained to Colton.

“Fine. Let’s talk about you. Bella Thorne? Really, Ty?” Colton teased and Dylan snickered.

“Oh, yea, this is a better topic for him.” Dylan mumbled sarcastically, without looking up from his phone.

“I mean, honestly, Tyler, what were you thinking? She’s kind of trashy and she was way too young for you.” Colton criticized Posey over his choice in women.

Keep reading

Idiotic GoT fan: Tries to talk about science & genetics. Comes up with bogus % of DNA characters share.

Me, an Engineer: All humans in real world share 99.9% DNA. Dany & Rhaegar (Jon’s father) are genetically impossible & shouldn’t exist if the rules of science & genetics applied to them, much less be healthy & considered the most attractive woman & man in the world. These are magical creatures who don’t burn & ride dragons for crying out loud!