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Actually that's a thought, what fandoms would all the Egos be into?

Dr. Iplier, the Jims, and Green are all Star Wars nerds

Yellow and Blue are the Star Trek nerds who constantly get into fights with the Star Wars Nerds

Bim is usually stuck in the middle of their arguments because he likes both (but is actually more into Harry Potter). He’s into musicals and his favorites are Little Shop of Horrors and Wicked

Dark is the edgelord who says he watches Game of Thrones but actually only ever watches Brooklyn 99

Wilford is a huge fan of cartoons and watches the shit out of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Star vs (is the master of avoiding discourse)

I like to imagine that the Host is in a good mix of book fandoms ranging from Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson to Les Miserables. He’s also in a bunch of musical fandoms. 

Yandere’s into BBC Merlin (bitter about the ending) and NBC Hannibal (bitter about never getting season four)

The King of the Squirrels is totally in the We Bare Bears fandom if only because it’s really cute. 

I was talking​ to my friend, who is also a hardcore Game of Thrones fan (very supportive over house Stark and non-book reader) and we were discussing “villains” or evil people in Westeros when she mentioned Ramsay Bolton.
Obviously I had to point out that they completely made up Sansa Stark’s arc for the show and it kind of weakened the plot of Theon’s redemption arc. But that’s not my point here.
Then we discussed his death (Ramsay’s) which in my opinion was a bit poorly written although the acting was superb on both sides (Sansa and Ramsay) but I mentioned again my discomfort with the entire “Sansa doesn’t really go here” thing.
Then she said: “But she deserved to be the one who killed Ramsay because she was the one who suffered the most because of him!”
And then my friend said “well, he tortured Theon so that’s bad ("bad”, yeah, you tell me) but he raped Sansa, which is horrible! (Note: Horrible>bad. Anyway) And besides Theon is a warrior and a traitor so he knew what was in it for him when he betrayed Robb!“
He was a young man who had no other choice but to take a series of important decisions that led to his downfall and ultimately to the whole Ramsay/Reek arc. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sansa, and Sophie’s performance is and has always been outstanding and I loathe the abuse she suffered and IN NO WAY DESERVED. But, seriously? She suffered more than Theon? She deserved salvation more than him? Pardon my French, but in NO FUCKING WAY.
What Theon did to Robb was not cool, I get it, but let us be realistic: he had no other choice. It was either HIS FAMILY or HIS CAPTORS; although none gave a fuck about him. Anyway, I’m not saying Sansa did not deserve to be saved but she certainly did NOT suffer MORE THAN THEON and they both deserved to be saved EQUALLY.

Sorry, that was a rant but I get very protective over Squid Prince’s character and importance to the show over here.

Cursed child actors in TV shows

Just a little fun post J I was actually quite surprised by some of them as i always loved watching series like Doctor Who and Merlin and i watched these episodes so often and never realized the cursed child actors were in it!

1)      Alex Price (Draco Malfoy)

Alex has the biggest list of TV appearances and i’m still laughing that i’ve seen him so often on TV and never realized it was him!

a)      Merlin

You can see Alex in a beloved series of mine, Merlin. He is in season 2 episode 2 and plays a farmer called William , who has to take Athur’s place in a competition. It’s incredible how much he has changed since then


b)      Doctor Who

Alex is in one of the most loved British Television series, Doctor who. You can see him in season 5 episode 6 playing a vampire-like alien. A VERY ironic fact: He is in this together with Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy in the movies and this makes a VERY funny mother-son dynamic in Doctor Who!

c)       Being Human

(Dance it Alex! I feel VERY sorry if anyone can’t take his Draco serious anymore xD)

If here are any Being human fans i don’t think i have to say more than „Gilbert fun“! In season  episode 3 he plays the „iconic“ and lovely character of a ghost called Gilbert.


d)      Penny dreadful

 In this rather dark TV series he played the second „creation“ of the iconic Dr. Frankenstein and he was SO adorable in this! (season  episode 1 and 2)

Alex was in a lot more TV shows like Casuality, Father Brown, Doctors etc.


2)      Noma Dumezweni

I was very surprised to see that my beloved Hermione actually was in a few TV series, especially in one of my favourites, Doctor Who!

She played Captain Eriso Magambo, a UNIT officer in Donna Noble’s parallel universe. You can see her in the episodes „Turn left“ and „Planet of the dead“.

Other TV shows she was in are Shameless, EastEnders etc.


3)      Anthony Boyle

Anthony really didn’t do a lot before cursed child, but i found one VERY interesting TV appearance! He actually was in Game of Thrones! You can see him as one of Ramsay’s guards in season 4 episode 6, although i REALLY wouldn’t watch it if you are a big Scorpius fan! It broke my heart seeing him getting killied


4)      Sam Clemmett

 He wasn’t in a lot of things i know either, but i found out that he was in the British television show The Musketeers, that i watched a few episodes of! You can see Sam in season 3 episode 1.


I’m sure there are some more, but these are the most striking to me as these are some of my favourite TV series.

Viscount Varric Headcanons
  • Varric imediatly claims ownership over the hanged man as his first order of buisness.
  • Despite Varric being the viscount, he’s hardly ever in his office/on his throne. He’ll get stir crazy within 3 minutes of doing his job, and will often times sneak out with Hawke.
  • Aveline now answers to Varric… think about that…
  • Varric still sleeps in the hanged man instead of in the Viscounts keep.
  • At least once a week, Varric and Hawke show up at either Fenris, or Aveline’s house late at night after betting their heads in a game of wicked grace, and then loosing said bet
  • Aveline is a fan of the book Varric wrote about her
  • Donnic finally allowed Aveline to join the the game night he has at Fenris’s place, and just as he suspected, Aveline is indeed, a sore loser.
  • Bodahn continues to live with Hawke after Sandal went to Tevinter. Hawke doesnt mind it though.
  • Varric has done a lot to improve the lives of Kirkwall residents, especially those in darktown. he’s the most, ‘hands on’ Viscount ever, and the people really like that.
  • Hawke is helping Varric with work so often, that he’s basically become the new Seneschal
  • Varric is alive and well

How did science fiction start to shape clipping.’s music, particularly Splendor & Misery?

With the success of the band, it became our jobs, so we wanted more of ourselves in the project. Back when clipping. was just this weird side project that the three of us did, it was this very limited experiment. We needed to expand things. We needed to start talking about what actually mattered to us. […]

Before Daveed started writing the lyrics, we decided we wanted a through-narrative to the songs. I got really into this idea of, “What if the Civil War had gone a different way? What if these struggles were projected onto a sci-fi universe? What if the history of slave songs and folk ballads had continued on into the future?” I wrote basically a short story that I gave to Daveed, then Daveed wrote the lyrics. His words changed everything—he added the love story between the computer AI and the mutinous survivor. 

The Hugo Awards ceremony, in Helsinki this August, is basically the sci-fi equivalent of the Oscars. Are you guys planning on attending?

Um, definitely two of us will be there. The other one, it depends on his schedule now that he’s a big star and all that shit. [laughs] The goal is to do a couple shows in Finland and Norway this summer, just to get us there. That’s looking less and less likely, but still, at least two of us will be there. Because fuck all that, I’m not missing this. We’re never going to get nominated for this again. Our next album will not be science fiction—actually, I shouldn’t say that, because it’s not done—but there’s no way it’ll happen again. Even though there’s no way we’re going to win against “Game of Thrones” or “Doctor Who,” I want to be there. If for no other reason, I would happily, awkwardly, sheepishly approach my favorite authors and tell them what their books mean to me.

- Why clipping.’s Hugo Nomination Matters for Music in Science Fiction

A lovely article by Jason Heller for The Pitch; it’s longer than shown here (I quoted just two sections), so make sure to check out the rest via the link.

Bill is GOING to the damn awards hell or high water, lol. Also, bless his HEART for this:

I was also a huge “Star Trek” fan. What I loved about “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was that it’s the only mainstream piece of science fiction that imagines, in the future, not only technology getting better, but humans getting better. I was like, “This is exactly what my politics are.”

You & me both, Bill; you & me both.

Dating Aaron Tveit Would Include

  • Going to his concerts.
  • Singing along to every song. 
  • Him dedicating a song to you at each concert.
  • Him always talking about how special you are to him and how much he loves you at concerts and in interviews.
  • Getting to hear that beautiful voice of his all the time.
  • Watching him on Broadway.
  • Being so proud of him whenever he gets a new role in a tv show/movie/Broadway show.
  • Pet names.
  • Getting to play with his hair.
  • He loves it when you play with his hair.
  • When he’s out of town for work he’ll call you just to talk to you or just to hear your voice.
  • Him showing you that he can clap with one hand to make you smile. He did it on your first date to break the ice and impress you.
  • Curling up on the couch and watching tv shows and movies together.
  • Trips around the world.
  • Playing pranks on each other.
  • “We just watched a horror movie, why would you think it’s a good idea to scare me like that?”
  • “You’re so adorable when you’re scared, Aaron.”
  • “I am so going to get you back for this as soon as my heartbeat returns to normal.”
  • Him getting you back by buying a scary mask, wearing it, jumping out on you, and spraying you with silly string at the same time.
  • Laughter.
  • So. Much. Laughter.
  • He’s a big fan of Game of Thrones and convinces you to watch it with him.
  • He’ll explain things if you don’t understand them since he’s read the books too.
  • Surprise dates.
  • Blasting music in the car or house and having sing-alongs.
  • Disney marathons.
  • “Please do your Pinocchio impression.”
  • “No. I did that once for a concert.”
  • You give him puppy dog eyes until he caves in and does it.
  • You make each other breakfast in bed.
  • He plays doctor when you’re sick and vice versa.
  • “I feel fine.”
  • “No. You’re staying in bed and I’m going to take care of you until you’re better.”
  • When he got the role as Danny on Grease you were so happy for him and both of you were very excited and immediately watched the film and the Broadway show.
  • Both of you sang along to all of the songs.
  • He brought you to set to meet the rest of the cast.
  • Him being a dork constantly.
  • He tells the stupidest jokes.
  • But he never fails to make you laugh.
  • Cooking together.
  • Dancing in the kitchen and other rooms in the house, just because.
  • Both of you sneaking kisses.
  • Taking silly and adorable pictures together and posting some of them online while you keep others private because they’re a little too embarrassing.
  • His fans love it and find the two of you adorable together.
  • “I love you so much.”
  • “I love you more.”
Shinee Reaction Masterlist Post

Let me know if a link is broken or goes to the wrong reaction!!

Jaime Lannister Is Not About Redemption

Probably ever since ASOS came out, fans have been discussing Jaime Lannister and his “redemption arc.” Arguments have been made over whether he deserves to be redeemed or whether he can be redeemed at all. Other smarter people then me have made the compelling argument that Jaime’s arc is about the limits of redemption, and I think there’s a lot of merit to that.

 I would argue, however, that Jaime’s character arc isn’t really about redemption at all. It’s about Self Actualization and the power of the individual choice. 

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Matt&Maril vs Fans | Fe.15,2017

FAN: But, but YOU said droughtlander wouldn’t be as long this time :(

MATT:  That quote was taken out of context and clipped. I said “since we got an early pick up…droughtlander wouldnt be as long.”

FANS: 1.September is OK, but GoT (*Games of Thrones) told their fans right away. Why leave us in the dark for so long? 2.cause they don’t care about fans, crew have too much holidays for to get in time. 1.No, I don’t think that’s fair to say. They work very hard. 2.hard? 3 weeks of shooting and month of rest. If only I could to have such a work schedule. 

MARIL: We’re moving the show to another country. We time to prep and reset somewhere else. It’s not a vacation

FAN: you don’t need a year to make 13 episodes. That’s ridiculous.

MARIL: to give you some idea, our 1st EP isn’t through post yet. More VFX work this year

FANS: 1.Like you said, GOT stays on sched and it’s a full blown production. 2. it’s also filmed in multiple countries. Do not give me the “we’re moving” crap.

MARIL: they have three separate full time units. We don’t. No complaints. Just facts. Have a good day!

Bubs || Conor Maynard

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Word Count: 900+

Summary: As far as nicknames go, (Y/N) didn’t quite mind hers. 

Dedicated too: How gorgeous Conor Maynard is.

“Bubs has been here for literally five minutes and she’s already taken over my kitchen.”

“Bubs, truth or dare?”

“Bubs, think fast!”

As far as nicknames went, (Y/N)’s wasn’t the strangest out there. She’d only ever been referred to as a shortened version of her name before, and was never given any truly sought after nicknames; but the day she met the boys, that all changed.

She’d been dating Conor for around three months, and after a series of totally spontaneous and unplanned events, she’d managed to meet every single member of the buttercream squad within the space of five hours.

It was crazy, really. You went from being strangers one day to acting as if you’d known each other for years the next. It was as if you all just instantly clicked, like you were the missing piece to their puzzle.

Back to the nickname fiasco, the first time you were ever referred to as ‘bubs’, was when Joe heard it on a TV show and immediately thought of you: for some unknown reason. The boys were all watching TV in Joe’s house and seeing as the kitchen and the living room were joined, (Y/N) had volunteered to make dinner whilst also watching the show from across the room.

It started off with just Joe calling her it, until it slowly but surely spread infectiously to the rest of the group, from Joe to Conor, to Jack and then Josh and Oli; eventually Caspar and Mikey caught on too. Within two months of knowing her, they’d already found a solid nickname that just eliminated any need for her actual name.

After you and Conor decided to go public with your relationship, the boys began to catch you in more of their vlogs, have you feature in their videos and help them with their setups. You were a huge part of the buttercream squad, and you meant alot to each and every member.

The viewers didn’t exactly know how to react to the nickname, they were still getting used to seeing you so often and the fact that the boys seemed so attached to you just made things a little more easy. There was never much hate sent towards her, though she was constantly spammed with comments that just said 'bubs’.

Everyone wanted an explanation for the nickname, but there really wasn’t one to give. Instead, when asked the question during Q&A videos or anything like that, the boys would just shrug and move on; which raised suspicion.

There was a period of speculation from the fans, a whole bunch of wild theories being thrown out into the open. In the end, Jack featured (Y/N) in a video and they gave the most honest answer the could, that Joe had simply heard it on the TV and it’d just clicked.

Tonight was a Friday night, and you and Conor had decided against going out with the boys and instead planned on staying home, streaming the new season of Game Of Thrones and eating takeout food. It was the perfect plan, until Mikey decided that he wanted to join in on the action too.

It’d been a long week for the majority of the boys, but they were all willing to plough through the exhaustion and enjoy their longly awaited night out; all except Mikey.

He was like a piece of gum stuck on the bottom of a shoe, once he’d made himself at home there was no getting rid of him. God, they loved Mikey to bits, but sometimes they needed their alone time.

But (Y/N) didn’t have the heart to tell the man to leave, so instead she found ways to include Mikey in their festivities, from playing a cut throat game of shot scrabble to having competitions to see who could eat their noodles fastest without using their hands.

Now though, (Y/N) and Conor had cuddled up on the loveseat and Mikey’d made himself comfortable on the one seater. They were watching some trashy comedy show that actually wasn’t so bad, and the takeout containers were abandoned on the coffee table, ready to be cleaned up at a moments notice.

“You tired, baby?” Conor murmured as you snuggle further into his chest, nodding slowly and yawning into his black shirt. Conor looks up and narrows his eyes at the guy in the leather jacket. “Mikey, out.”

He looks up in shock. “Wait, what? It’s only like,” he glances down at his watch. “Ten pm.”

“My girlfriend is tired, therefor you are leaving. So, shoo.” He says, a serious tone in his voice but even as tired she was (Y/N) could tell that he was only kidding. “I’ll pop over to Jack’s tomorrow, you’re filming, right?”

Mikey nods as he stands up and begins to gather together his things. “Bubs, can you bake some brownies and bring them?”

(Y/N) hums and glances up at him from Conor’s chest with another yawn. “Yeah, be safe getting home.”

“Always.” He grins widely as he opens the front door and leaves before slamming it way more aggressively than necessary.

Conor rolls his eyes, but they soften when he looks back down at his sleepy girlfriend. “Come on you, let’s get you into bed.”

As he stands up with her in his arms, she rests her head on his shoulder and breathes against his neck softly, causing the hairs on his arms to raise. “Hey, Con?”

“Yeah, bubs?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Wow, I haven’t posted here in forever. Here’s my the true Queen of Westeros, decked out in my favorite outfit of hers yet (and it hasn’t even been released)!


Queen Lyanna


Lyanna survives the child birth but still makes Ned promise not to reveal her son’s father to Robert. Instead Ned’s bride is welcomed at Winterfell by a weak but recovering Lyanna and her “nephew” Jon Snow. 

With the war over everyone expects Robert, The Hero, to marry Lyanna, His Lady Love, and he  pushes for it, ignoring those who point out that Lyanna would be “tarnished” after her time with Rhaegar.

Lyanna would also refuse…at first, but with the entire country knowing that this war was partially for her and needing to keep Jon safe she ultimately agrees and marries Robert with the condition that Ned bring her beloved nephew to visit often.

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Sorry if this is a weird question but your drawings got me curious... what is this "captive prince" thing?

Captive Prince is the first book of C.S. Pacat’s trilogy and it’s basically about two princes from different kingdoms who fall in love. BUT of course there is not an easy way doing this NO.

The kingdom are enemies to death and Damen (the huge guy of those) get’s captured in his own kingdom and send as a ‘present’ to Laurent (the blonde short one) to be his slave.

You can say that there is a bit of game of thrones feeling in it… but very light since sometimes its political.

But the main focus is on those two love stuck princes.

Sadly I didn’t found a fan powerpoint about the books, cause they made me buy the book and (I know some are a bit against the books) but I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! WITH SO MUH FEEL AND TENSION IT’S CUTE!!!

a short introduction...

Since I’ve been on here for a few months, I figured it’s about time to make an introduction post.

  • My name is Elise (Ellie for short)
  • I’m 16 years old
  • I’m currently finishing my GCSEs
  • Next year I’m studying maths, chemistry, physics and biology at AS
  • I hope to become an engineer of some description (haven’t quite figured out what kind yet)
  • I’m not artistic in the slightest, so expect messy notes
  • I love music, books and movies
  • I play guitar, bass, piano and ukulele
  • I’m a huge fan of Robot Wars, Game of Thrones, Star Wars etc.
  • I’m friendly, albeit slightly boring, so feel free to message me :)

 The studyblrs that inspired me are @stvdybuddies, @studyblr, @elkstudies, @abeestudies, @moonshinestudies, @goodgrades-goodcoffee, @studylustre, @jessastudy, @s-tudiously, @studyplants, @academicatelier, @fightostudy, @coffeeforcollege, @unicaffe, @lycheestudy, @curiostudy and many more.

Thank you for reading! (also reblog if you’re a studyblr - I’d like to follow more people) - Ellie x

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I haven't really watched Jane The Virgin, only seen snippets of episodes, but I saw that Michael died? Why did they kill him?

The simple answer to your question can probably be found in the letter Jennie Urman (the showrunner of Jane the Virgin) shared with the fans after Michael’s death (x). However, the reasons Jennie gives and the reasons I believe they killed Michael are very different. If you want to know more I’ll explore this under the cut.

A little pre-warning, this is very long and slightly anti-J*fael in parts. 

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Request 15-

(Y/t/h) your twitter handle

“Ohh my god” I sighed, as I read through Greg’s latest twitter rant. I had recently taken a liking to his ‘Onison’ and ‘Onision speaks’ channels after I discovered we shared some views on lgbt and youtube.

A couple of months after I started watching his channel, I found we had another mutual interest, my boyfriend Dan. Dan and I had been dating for over 3 years and his fans knew about it after we made an announcement, a month prior to Gregs rant.

Greg was never one to keep quiet about his feelings, there was always a daily video telling how he wanted change. He mostly talked about his celebrity crushes, Andy Biersack  daddy and Dan. Most of the phandom knew about Gregs admiration for Dan and often asked Dan about it in his live streams and social media.

It finally got to the point when Dan couldn’t stand it anymore.  He couldn’t ignore the questions and constant remarks about ‘Danision’. In one of his live streams Dan spoke out about Greg wanting attention, using him for fame and exploiting his fans.

This is what I was reading through. Greg, more commonly known as Onision, had taken to twitter once again to defend himself against the dark haired man and the phandom.

Dan was out with Phil so I decided to check what videos I had missed in the past week. I saw a new video from Greg titled 'publicity’. As soon as I read the title I knew it would focus on the recent events with Dan.

“Lets talk about publicity” the American man said, a slight anger in his voice “over the past month” he then proceeded to tell the story about Dan. Within 3 minutes the story was over, even though there was still over 5 minutes remaining.

Moments later I heard my name from the computer screen. My attention was drawn to a screenshot of Dan and I in the recent video we had filmed. The picture showed us kissing, while it was there Greg began talking about me.

“See this woman here, this is attention seeking. Dan Howell accused me of attention seeking after I mentioned him in some videos, yet here she is dating him” he then continued to talk about me having a small blog with just over 500 followers and how I was dating Dan to raise my profile.

I closed my laptop and took to twitter. I had not been on twitter since the video so of course I was expecting Greg to say something about me there too and I wasn’t wrong. The top of my feed showed a tweet from Greg that had been retweeted by Dan, Phil and some of my followers.
@(y/t/h), I don’t care if you don’t read this but… there was 4 screenshots of what he had written in him memos.

Before I had the pleasure of reading through it, the two 6ft men returned home.
“(Y/n)” Dan shouted as he walked through the door. “Where are you?” He asked from the kitchen.  I skipped down the stairs towards the kitchen, where I saw the two men, sympathetic smiles showing.
“Greg?” I guessed, judging by the way still had their phones in their pockets. Phil nodded while Dan stood from his seat and made his way towards me.
“I’m sorry he dragged you into this baby,” he whispered, tucking some of my hair behind my ear.  “I, I shouldn’t have kept on at you about telling the fans.” It broke my heart to see him that way.
“Listen Dan, he’s just being spiteful. Ignore him” I smiled.

“This girl here, she is the sweetest, kindest, most amazing girl I have ever met. I am so proud to call her my girlfriend. I care about her so much and she cares about me. She has helped me through countless existential crisis’, she has binged on anime and game of thrones with me. I understand that there are people out there who believe (y/n) is dating me for the publicity, but I can assure you she isn’t. If she was, she would’ve wanted everyone to know about us the minute we told our families. If she wanted publicity, (y/n) wouldn’t have been scared to make the announcement video” my heart skipped a beat as I heard him say those words.

I returned downstairs to where I left Phil cleaning the plates. “I think we may be in for a danisnotonfire video tomorrow” I mentioned as I began putting away the plates.

It had been 10 minutes since Dan uploaded the video to his channel and there was already a flood of comments. Most supporting Dan and I and showing positivity.
“See, they love you, now lets put this all to rest” Dan said, closing his laptop

A/N Please keep sending requests and if anyone has an idea for a new series tell me
Southern Bird

pairing: Tormund x Reader

fandom: game of thrones

request: Is it alright if I request a tormund giantsbane request where the reader and him aren’t like together but there are mutual feelings and he’s really possessive and calls her his “southern bird" 

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

All your life you had spend in one little village and when it was time to leave, you didn’t want to. The urge to get around had never been so strong that you would actually act on it. But now with Roose Bolton taking over the North and his son roaming the lands it just wasn’t safe anymore to stay. The wall was close by, so naturally everyone decided to go there and seek protection.

Though the horde of wildlings you were greeted with soon make you doubt your decision. Could the Boltons really be worse than those people the night’s watch had thought to keep out for hundreds of years? The thought of leaving crossed your mind but you were too scared to go on your own and no one else seemed keen to go back, so you stayed.

Castle Black was rather uneventful, not like you had imagined. Everyone was busy with preparing for a war but that only meant that people kept to themselves and stayed quiet while the did their work.

Being bored after a few days of doing nothing, you had volunteered to help. That’s how you ended up keeping the weapons in shape, storing them and even started to craft some arrows.

It was there that you met Tormund for the first time. You probably had been scared of him even if he hadn’t been a wilding, that fact made him only look more dangerous. The man was so tall, you hardly reached his chest and he could probably pick you up with one hand.
He had meant well but when he smiled at you that day, it looked more like he was about to eat you than a friendly gesture.

"Do you want my onions?”
You stared, wide eyed when Tormund sat down opposite of you at dinner. You had been rather late and the whole room was practically empty so there was enough space for him to sit anywhere else.
“No…thanks?” Confusion was written all over your face and if you hadn’t been so intimidated by his whole presence you probably would have laughed at the poor excuse to start a conversation.
He just nodded, went back to eating and so did you. Two strangers sitting together in silence.

Maybe it would have stayed that way but when two men, who you recognized from the stables, attacked you one night, it was Tormund who saved you.
He seemed more bothered by the whole accident than you were and when you asked him about it he just shrugged and scratched his head, eventually admitting that he liked you.
“My little southern bird, don’t wander around here at night on your own.”
You couldn’t help but blush at his words. Replying didn’t seem like an option, your beating heart and fuzzy head made that nearly impossible. So you muttered your thanks and quickly retreated back to your chambers.

After that night he practically never left your side anymore, staring down everyone who dared to even look in your direction. To say he was a little possessive was an understatement, his arms where always wrapped around your waist, his head on your shoulder while he whispered into your ear or he was at least close by.
You didn’t mind so much, it was rather sweet and the attention wasn’t unwanted. And the best thing about having a scary looking wildling following you around? It kept others away.

“What has my little bird been doing?”
Tormund asked as his hands touch your hips from behind and slowly move around your stomach, pulling you against his chest.
“I assume you know, since you’ve been watching me for a while.” Your sentence started in a giggle but almost ended with you moaning out loud as he places a kiss against your neck.
His dark, gruff voice sounded heavenly in your ears and his breath fanning your skin send shivers down your spine when he spoke, “Will you spend the night with me?”