for the game of thrones fans out there ;)

OMG I knew Katie McGrath was a nerd but I’m now watching interviews of her on youtube and only now am I realizing to what extend her nerdiness goes…

Like, not only she a Star Wars and Star Trek fan but she’s also INCREDIBLY into movies,  shows and comics also geeking out because she got to get in and turn on the Batmobile. She fangirls about Game of Thrones at every chance she gets (both books and show)and basically tried to get Natalie Dormer to tell her everything about the show once she got cast (they were already friends when Natalie got cast). She reads a tone of books… She is also a huge Nathan Fillion fan and loved Firefly…

Like, I’m only a couple of interviews in so… there’s most likely more.

And I mean, if this wasn’t enough, she is so incredibly charming… KATIE STOP BEING PERFECT!!!!!!


Pike Trickfoot: *Smashes through time and space.* “Um. Well. Does anyone need any healing?”


Queen Lyanna


Lyanna survives the child birth but still makes Ned promise not to reveal her son’s father to Robert. Instead Ned’s bride is welcomed at Winterfell by a weak but recovering Lyanna and her “nephew” Jon Snow. 

With the war over everyone expects Robert, The Hero, to marry Lyanna, His Lady Love, and he  pushes for it, ignoring those who point out that Lyanna would be “tarnished” after her time with Rhaegar.

Lyanna would also refuse…at first, but with the entire country knowing that this war was partially for her and needing to keep Jon safe she ultimately agrees and marries Robert with the condition that Ned bring her beloved nephew to visit often.

Matt&Maril vs Fans | Fe.15,2017

FAN: But, but YOU said droughtlander wouldn’t be as long this time :(

MATT:  That quote was taken out of context and clipped. I said “since we got an early pick up…droughtlander wouldnt be as long.”

FANS: 1.September is OK, but GoT (*Games of Thrones) told their fans right away. Why leave us in the dark for so long? 2.cause they don’t care about fans, crew have too much holidays for to get in time. 1.No, I don’t think that’s fair to say. They work very hard. 2.hard? 3 weeks of shooting and month of rest. If only I could to have such a work schedule. 

MARIL: We’re moving the show to another country. We time to prep and reset somewhere else. It’s not a vacation

FAN: you don’t need a year to make 13 episodes. That’s ridiculous.

MARIL: to give you some idea, our 1st EP isn’t through post yet. More VFX work this year

FANS: 1.Like you said, GOT stays on sched and it’s a full blown production. 2. it’s also filmed in multiple countries. Do not give me the “we’re moving” crap.

MARIL: they have three separate full time units. We don’t. No complaints. Just facts. Have a good day!

My dash is dead

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Daenerys with her hrakkar pelt by wellfalcon.

The brazier was cold again by the time Khal Drogo returned. Cohollo was leading a packhorse behind him, with the carcass of a great white lion slung across its back. Above, the stars were coming out. The khal laughed as he swung down off his stallion and showed her the scars on his leg where the hrakkar had raked him through his leggings. “I shall make you a cloak of its skin, moon of my life,” he swore.

Has anyone ever had the idea that maybe to our favorite fictional characters, we are fictional? That maybe our lives are in books, or even a TV show? A person struggling with depression, or to find a job. Or someone coming out to their parents. And they love you because you don’t give up and because you were brave enough to try .Our normal lives are what they want, and their amazing lives are what we want.

“I’m extremely close to my mum. She’s a wise woman whom I admire so much. When I was cast as Ygritte, she ploughed through the books and became a fan of the show. Dad was not, though, as interested in Game of Thrones as my mum. We once bumped into each other at Heathrow – he was on a business trip, I was flying out to Iceland for season three of the series. He said, ‘Rosie! What are you doing here?’ And when I explained, he said vaguely, ‘Yes, yes. I think I knew about that show.’ Not too sure he did, though.”

The Fandoms right now....
  • <p> <b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "GOD!"<p/><b>DC Fandom:</b> "Dammit Barry!!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> "Belle Hermione!!!!"<p/><b>Disney Fandom:</b> "DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY!!:<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "So...nice day outside, huh?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Yeah the sun's out and it's pretty warm- WAIT WHAT IS WATSON DOING IN CIVIL WAR-"<p/><b>Marvel Fandom:</b> "HOW CAN THEY MAKE STEVE HYDRA? THAT MAKES NO SENSE LIKE HOW CAN YOU DISRESPECT YOUR OWN CHARACTER LIKE THAT-"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow Fandom:</b> "Tsk, tell me about it."<p/><b>Game of Thrones Fandom:</b> "Hodor." 😢<p/><b>Star Trek Fandom:</b> (wakes up upon release of trailer and 50th anniversary) "So, what did we miss??<p/><b>Star Wars Fandom:</b> (stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/></p>

January 23-29, 2017

The members of the JonerysNetwork want to help expand the fan output for our favorite Game of Thrones ship of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. To this end we’ve decided to host the first annual Jonerys Appreciation Week.

We hope to encourage all the amazing and talented fans out there to create new original art work, graphics, fan fiction, edits and other forms of expression to celebrate this awesome (and hopefully) future pairing.

To help inspire you during the week we have created a series of prompts to get those creative juices flowing. Additionally, we’ll be counting down from day 31 till Jonerys Appreciation Week begins. Each countdown post will include an example of what can be done with the prompts, these will be of course just a small portion of what can be achieve, the sky is the limit here.


  • Day 1: Ice and Fire or Alternative Universe
  • Day 2: Favorite Parallel(s) or Fluff
  • Day 3: Dragon Queen & White Wolf or Angst or Smut
  • Day 4: Books Appreciation or Role Reversal
  • Day 5: Favorite Quote(s) or War and Peace
  • Day 6: Azor Ahai Prophecy
  • Day 7: Free Choice


During the week the members of Jonerysweek will be answering your questions. Please go here to leave us your questions.


The Jonerysweek blog has been created for the purpose of rebloggimg all the new work created for Jonerys Appreciation Week, so please make sure to use the tags #jonerysweek and #jonerysedit


If you need more inspiration please check out these links: Jonerys Foreshadowing , Jonerys Parallels, Jonerys FanFic

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 3

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part One  Part Two  Part Four 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

The wind started to pick up, it started howl in everyones ears that the horses started neighing. 

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Jon Snow x reader- We Will

You swerved and ducked as you fought the wilding, dodging his attacks. You thought you could take this one on and kill him easily, but you were wrong. He was tougher than he seemed and put up a good fight.

You were becoming tired and sluggish, having trouble keeping up with his somehow swift and fast attacks. Before you knew it, your sword was knocked out of your hand and his hands were around your neck.

You punched and scratched at him, trying to break free. He picked up your sword, looked at it then you and pushed it through your stomach. You couldn’t scream, only have your eyes go wide and body stiffen from the sudden gut wrenching pain. Everything began turning dark and the battle faded away.

“NO!!!” you heard a familiar voice scream and bring you back. You looked over to see your love, Jon Snow, looking at you. You could see his overwhelming sadness quickly turn into red hot rage as he charged at the wildling, knocking him to the ground.

Jon punched the wildlings face over and over again to the point where it couldn’t even be classified as a face. He then did the same thing the wilding did to you. He grabbed him by the throat, lifted him off the ground and stabbed him in the stomach, with the addition of pulling out the sword and cutting off his head in one swift motion.

Jon looked at the body then turned to you, sadness flooding his face once again. You stood there with a sword in your stomach, but you still smiled ever so faintly seeing Jon stand in front of you.

Jon dropped his sword and caught you as you fell, holding you as close as he could. Jon was horrified to see your sword sticking out of your stomach, the sword he gave you when he first started teaching you how to fight, as if to tell him that he never should have.

You slowly reached out your hand and placed it Jons cheek, wiping away the many tears as they fell. Jon leaned into your hand and place his own hand on top of it.

“I’m so sorry (F/N).”Jon said through small sobs.

“Don’t be, my love.” you whispered, hardly able to raise it any higher than that. You began coughing and Jon pushed you onto your side so you could spit out the blood.

You could tell that Jon was contemplating taking the sword out, but you both knew that would only make it worse.

“You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.” Jon repeated, looking over your body for any other wounds that might be present. As you looked at Jon, you remembered all the times the two of you talked about your future together and what that would entail.

“I wish we could have had a family.” you breathed, the thought escaping your lips. Another wave of pain and sorrow washed over him as soon as you said that, making you regret ever saying it. He was already losing you and you go and remind of the future he is losing as well.

“We will, we will have a family. We’ll have so many children, it‘ll turn into second nature for us. Our daughters will be beautiful and caring. They will be persistent and strong, just like their mother.” he said, smiling down at you through the tears as he stroked your cheek lovingly. You tried to hold yourself together as Jon described your future family.

“And our sons will be dashing, loyal and skilled fighters who will protect their sisters and everyone else they meet, just like their father.” you said, straining to make it more than a whisper, feeling the tears break free. Your voice was getting more raspy and breathing more strained. You started to look past Jon and up the sky, feeling yourself starting to slip again. Jon shook you, trying to get your attention back to him.

“Aye. You and I will be with one another everyday, caring for each other, loving each other. And every night, I will love you like there’s no tomorrow.” Jon said, trying to pull himself back together, but failing miserably.

He wanted to be strong for you, but his whole world was crashing down around him. Everything he planned to do, you were there, supporting and helping him. He had no idea what the future would be like without you in it.

You began to picture everything Jon said and you broke down, realizing you were going to lose all of it. You grabbed Jon’s face and pulled it close to yours.

“Kiss me.” you begged. Jon quickly obliged, gently putting his lips against yours, making the kiss sweet and gentle. Jon pulled you closer and deepened the kiss, putting more passion into it as he felt your body beginning to go limp, trying to keep you a little while longer.

It was working. This kiss is what was keeping you here. You could tell how much Jon loved you and wanted you stay by his side by the way he kissed you. But you had to pull away. There was one thing you had to tell him before you left just one more time.

You pulled away and looked up at Jon, his eyes full of love and pain. You looked at him with the same eyes as you tried to form your words, it getting harder to do so every second.

“I love you Jon Snow.” you managed to say with a smile.

“And I love you (F/N), with everything I have and ever will have.” he said, smiling back at you. And with that, you closed your eyes and you were gone, hearing Jon calling to you as you left.

The Starks

The Urge

What kind of artist would I be if didn’t do a Game of Thrones piece?!

Like the millions of people who are into this amazing show, I. Am. Hooked.

And, when you get hooked to something, if you’re artisically-inclined the natural thing is to create art in tribute to that something.

I knew I wanted to something a little out of my comfort zone. I’m so used to copying a single image so thought I’d try something different and go for a collage.

I decided to draw Westeros’ most noble and unlucky family: The Starks. And their Direwolves.

This was a bit ambitious on my part, as it raised a number of challenges


Pencil-wise, I decided to stick with the faithful Staedtler Mars Lumograph 5H and of course the Staedtler Mars Technico 780Cs (2B, HB and 2H).

I’d done a couple of drawings on Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour paper before starting this piece, and I love how it’s possible to get dark tones that allow you bring a depth to the work that just doesn’t seem possibly with my usual paper, Smooth Bristol Board.


This was the most important challenge. When you think of classic collages, it’s hard not to conjure up the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film posters of yesteryear. The man responsible for these magical and wonderous pieces of art is Drew Struzan.

Of course, I’m not daft enough to even suggest I possess even a percent of this man’s skill, but his work certainly inspired me to think about the placement of characters and the over layout.

I’d like to recommend a young artist by the name of Kyle Lambert. I imagine many of you have seen the brilliant ‘Stranger Things’ - Kyle is responsible for the now-famous poster for the show.

Choosing the right references

Once I could envision what the finished piece might look like, I set out into the wonderful world of the interwebs to search for images that might fit well. As always with refereces, it is important they’re of a good usable resolution (i.e. not fuzzy) and not where the subject isn’t too far away (i.e. not too fuzzy).

Having a good catalogue of images at my disposal, I set to work.

Once I was relatively happy with the layout, I set to work on adding the detail character by character.

The likenesses are nearly there I think. In hindsight, I wish I’d used a more recent reference of Sansa as the one I used was from the first season.

I hope you like it!

Watch Out, Jon Snow! Rose Leslie’s New On-Screen Love Says She’s ‘Winning’ the Competition for Her Heart

One of Game of Thrones‘ greatest love stories was that of Jon Snow and Ygritte — and now, Rose Leslie fans have a new on-screen romance to look forward to. The actress is set to star in the upcoming Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight, as Maia Rindell, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski)’s goddaughter, who joins the Lockhart/Lee firm just before a massive scandal upends both of their lives.

PEOPLE caught up with the cast at the show’s premiere party in New York City on Wednesday evening, and actress Heléne Yorke dished on what it was like playing the character of Amy, Maia’s longtime girlfriend.

“I literally went into this audition because I got an email and it said: ‘Rose Leslie is playing this character and Amy is her girlfriend,’ ” said Yorke. “I’ve always been such a fan of hers, always been such a fan of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, and I just knew it would be so great to work with her.”

“She brings such a grounded energy,” she continued. “Our characters have been in this relationship for a long time and you sort of get that sense because she and I have a very easy, natural way with one another.” So, how does she feel about any comparisons to Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow? “I like to think that I’m winning as a fictional partner!” said Yorke with a laugh. But jokes aside, Yorke couldn’t be happier about the role. “What’s really nice is that it doesn’t feel like: ‘Oh, the character is a gay female,’ ” she said. “It just feels like she’s in this relationship. So there’s not a real meal made out of it, which is what I think does it so much credit and does the show so much credit.”

And Leslie, 30, agrees. “Her sexuality has nothing to do with whom she is in the show,” Leslie told PEOPLE. “It is a fact, and she’s just in a very loving relationship.” So is the star looking forward to taking on a brand-new role, leaving beloved Ygritte aside? “I’m phenomenally excited to be able to have the opportunity to explore different characters with different television shows,” she said. “I think that I’m a very lucky actor to be able to do that.


Alfie Allen was spotted by fans at Vancouver International Airport last night (02/18/2017)

It turns out he has finished filming season seven of Game of Thrones after all, toward the end of January. According to Alfie’s Instagram, he will be in Vancouver for the next two months, most likely to film one of his two (currently still secret!) upcoming projects.