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DUDE the way you draw expressions.... THEIR FACES IN THE RECENT COMIC ❤❤❤ so cute!!!!! Your gyjos always makes me so happy, keep up the work bruh!!!!

AHH tHANK YOU im so glad you like them!! It’s my favorite part of drawing comics. and also the part that takes away my soul bc im never pleased with them- Its a love / hate relationship we have goin

also i had my watercolors here So i made you a gyro since hes the king of expressions


bukun! - Disco Lights

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Re-experiencing all the moments from last night is making me legitimately sad because I miss it and it was probably the happiest I’ve been like ever. I mean I didn’t even really feel like this when I saw fall out boy. So in a way I want to thank the grumps with all my heart for making me so happy and continuing to make me laugh

About ‘Uptown Funk’: everybody sings the “I’m too hot” part, and so does Viktor… while looking for his T-shirt before breakfast.

I wasn’t thinking bout posting this bcs it’s a warm up till my dear friend @micharax3  told me to post it anyways.

I used my brother as model again lol.