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Could you please do headcannons for Emmett saving a little girl from the Ripper and adopting her? I forever remain, your obedient servant, f.f.a.

  • He would do everything he could for her, really. While at odds with attacking a man he saw as his older brother, Emmett cannot see anybody come to harm regardless of what the relation is.

  • I can see him giving her to a woman he trusts—perhaps hire a wet nurse (depending the age of the girl) or entrust her to a fellow Assassin or to a woman he is close to, for he would need to devote his time to stopping Jack.

  • Since Jack and Emmett were always the ‘father liked you more’ sort of mentality, it is here where Jack tries to steal everything he can away from Emmett—leaving Emmett to feel concerned for this little girl; especially as he gets close to her.

  • If Emmett did teach her to fight for herself, he would wait for after the reign of Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel. The Jack the Ripper situation is far too personal for Emmett to just run from or not be involved in.

  • Perhaps, with the woman he entrusts with this orphan girl, Emmett grows close to. I can see that happening as he would be playing the father role and the woman would be playing the protective mother role.

Illustrator Self Portrait

I know I’ve haven’t uploaded any artwork onto this site, but that was due to my great fear of art theft (which is why that big, ugly watermark is smacked right in the middle of the picture). Even so, art is my passion and it also my worst enemy.

So this was a project I had to do in illustrator, and create a self portrait of myself. I was supposed to put a lot more detail into it, but time constraints and the hell that is known as the Illustrator program forced me to turn in what I have.

Still, it’s much better than the one I did last year.

Just to make it clear, no you do not have permission to use or steal my artwork. If you wish to share it on other sites, make sure you credit the artist, and provide the username and link on where to find me on the interwebs. Thank you!


Midnight Cinderella Imagines
Byron Wagner x Reader

–this is unedited–

“I-It’s so cold!” you exclaimed as you got out of the car and into the snow-covered yard, carefully treading onto the slippery snow. Your teeth were chattering due to the cold and you silently cursed yourself for forgetting your mittens.

“(Y/N), look out!” You heard someone yell and you turn to the source of the voice, only to get hit by something wet and cold directly in the face. “Wha–”

“(Y/N)!” You heard your name being called so you looked up after wiping your wet face with the sleeves of your thin sweater. You saw Nico and Leo approaching you, worry in their faces. “I’m sorry,” Nico said. “I was aiming for Albert actually.”

“You alright, (Y/N)?” Leo asked, his crimson orbs narrowing when he noticed you visibly shivering.

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