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So you know how the main villains are all adapted of the 7 deadly sins right

And ironically it happens that all of them will follow the description of the punishments in Dante’s Inferno for each sins. (also friendly reminder Dante was the name of the villain in the first anime, I just can’t)

So, quoting the video (which is in French here) and spoiling to death :

Those who committed the sin of Pride are condemned to be constantly crushed under the weight of a rock. In FMA, Pride will end up crushed under rocks.

Those who committed the sin of Envy are condemned to have their eyes being sewed. In FMA, Envy will have his eyes being burned out multiple times.

Those who committed the sin of Wrath are condemned to have their limbs being pulled away. In FMA, Wrath lost both of his arms against Scar.

Those who committed the sin of Sloth are condemned to walk for ever without being able to stop. In FMA, Sloth spent all his life digging the tunnel.

Those who committed the sin of Greed are condemned to share the same body with people who would give everything away for others, the opposite of Greed. In FMA, Greed will then share his body with Ling, his total opposite.

Those who committed the sin of Gluttony are condemned to be bitten and eaten by Cerberus. In FMA, Gluttony will be eaten up by Pride. 

Those who committed the sin of Lust are condemned to be exposed to burning winds and to go through a wall of flame to clean themselves away from their sin. In FMA, Lust is being burnt to death by Roy

As for Father, in Alchemy it was specified that if one managed to create a Homunculus, this one would never be able to leave a little bottle, which is the case of Father. Moreover, the first man to claim having created a Homunculus was named Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus Von Hohenheim.  

Moreover, the one who ordered to create Father was the king of Xerxes who wanted to access Immortality. But his plan will turn out against him and Father will provoke his death. In our reality, Xerces is dead killed by one of his captain which plan was to take over his empire to divide it between his Seven Sons. The parallelism between Father and the Homunculus is then obvious, but the story doesn’t stop there, as the story tells that the Seven Sons had been killed as well by the Son of the King, who had for Mother the Queen Amestris

Can you hear me scream on the other side of your screen on how clever this manga is

I didn’t realize I’d written so many, but here are some of my non-romantic goth kids headcanons. They aren’t great, but who cares? I might even write more.

-Took a vow of silence when he was 13. It lasted 11 months.
-Loves Elton John. If you call him out on it, he’ll yell, “He reminds me of a simpler time!” Literally no one knows what the fuck that means, but nobody has the nerve to ask.
-Has a ridiculously weak stomach. Henrietta tried to help him by making him watch gross videos once, and he ended up puking all over her floor.
-Wants to be a philosophy professor when he grows up.
-Low-key has that “I knew about it first” attitude.
-Has genuine anger issues, even when he’s older. We all know why.

-Is not AT ALL as shy as people think he is.
-Refuses to touch greasy foods because of his acne.
-Has been thinking of a good comeback ever since Kyle called him a pussy and now has like 50 of them.
-Hid a stray dog in his room for 2 months because he wasn’t allowed to have one.
-Has an enormous bolo tie collection that he hangs on his doorknob.
-Refused to come out of his room or talk to anyone for 3 days when David Bowie died.

-Calls Michael ‘George Michael’ if she catches him listening to anything even vaguely romantic.
-Was incredibly disappointed when she learned that witches weren’t really burned in Salem.
-Has ridiculous, over the top funerals for her pets.
-Hates dogs with a passion.
-Has a notebook full of names to call her mother. Most of them include the words 'jizz’ or 'cunt’.

-Is personally offended by the existence of dubstep.
-No one brings up the emo incident anymore because he and Henrietta will literally argue for hours about it.
-Loves 'torture porn’ horror movies and knows every line of The Human Centipede movies.
-Has cuts and scars all over his hands and arms from playing with knives.

My initial reaction to “Wear It”

Well Ginny’s bathtub video scene made me totally tear up.

This episode was so hard to watch. But it was also kind of cathartic. It was amazing seeing Ginny let loose for the first time… ever. 

And they really did pack in everything they possibly could have, which done wrong would have backfired but here… worked.

Ginny has been boxed in from all sides, the pressure put on her way too much for any one person to handle without some down time. Which I don’t think we’ve seen her take until now. I mean yes she’s had some nice scenes with Evelyn and Blip and their boys. But that’s not exactly ‘cutting loose’.

And for all that Evelyn is amazing, Blip is her person. Like Evelyn is Blip’s. Which makes theirs a terrific marriage, and doesn’t make them bad friends (they’re great friends). But Ginny hasn’t had a person since her brother stopped being her agent.

And Amelia cares about Ginny. Hell Ginny is almost definitely the most important person in Amelia’s life. But Ginny is Amelia’s job too, which… complicates things.

And Mike was getting there, but now Ginny’s trust has been broken. So that won’t get fixed in a day. And she needs someone now.

And Trevor broke her trust by letting her believe that he was gonna quit baseball. And that old friend from last episode didn’t do anything wrong, but that didn’t make what did happen any easier. And Tommy, who surprisingly started to seem pretty okay got sent off to play in another city.

So yeah Ginny has pretty terrible luck at keeping a friend.

Which is why I loved Cara so much. I don’t know if she’s going to show up again, but I think she should. She’s fun and young and free and completely uninvolved with the rest of Ginny’s life which means she has no personal stake in it, no motive to influence Ginny in one way or another. And she’s trustworthy. And for the baseball sensation Ginny Baker? Trustworthy matters. Almost as much as the rest of it.

Getting a psychologist is great. She isn’t okay, and she needs help.

But she needs a friend too. And for this one episode Ginny let go and it could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t. I love that it didn’t. And while she got drunk and danced and played stupid party games for the first time in her life, she put her trust in Cara. And maybe she didn’t consciously let down her walls, but maybe that’s a good thing because if she hadn’t been at a breaking point she wouldn’t have let them down at all. What matters is that she didn’t get a knife in her back while those walls were down.

So potentially Cara could become her person. And if not that then at least someone she can go out with to a few clubs to dance when the pressure gets too much.

Anyways. This episode was so good. And most of the credit goes to Kylie Bunbury who does a phenomenal job in conveying all the layers of Ginny’s character. I actually don’t tear up that often when I watch TV, but watching as the emotions played out on her face as Ginny had a panic attack, as she forced smiles, as she felt like fleeing, as she cried her eyes out, as she admitted that she wasn’t okay? And at the very end when all she had to say to her pictures being released was ‘what else you got?’ because she might not be okay but she’s still gonna take on the whole damn world if she has to? Now that did move me to tears.

Because she’s so goddamn relatable

Music Videos

For hundreds of years music was one of the most important things in people’s lives. Its history is really long and I could write about it but right now I want to tell you about music videos.

Music videos are basically short films for songs, produced for some promotional purposes.

You probably don’t know that the first ever music video was made in 1894! That’s crazy, right?

It was sung by The Old Man in the Woods and it was called ‘The Little Lost Child’. The music video for this song wasn’t like the music videos that are made now. It was just a song with some appropriate illustrations and it was presented in theatres.

But now, let’s get to modern music videos. Here I’ll give you some, in my opinion, the best music videos of all time.

Queen – I Want To Break Free

The greatest and the funniest, actual masterpiece. Is there anyone who doesn’t know this music video? Probably not.

A-ha – Take On Me

A comic, cartoon style combines with a realistic one.

The Smiths – This Charming Man

80’s, flowers and Morrisey. What could you want more?

BØRNS – American Money

The lyrics, people, landscapes. It’s just so. Aesthetically. Pleasing.

The 1975 – A Change of Heart

I must say, the 1975’s music videos are the best and the worst thing I saw. But I still love them. And you should too.

As I said, the music videos were chosen by me. There are tons and tons of amazing music gems. And what are yours?

Written by

Michalina Paradowska

>>about me<<

hi my little fairy princes and princesses. i asked if i should make a small post to introduce myself and several people said yes so here it is:

first of all, my name is amelia. im from the east coast and im a 20 year old girl. i love makeup, hair, clothes, skin care products, bath bombs, and everything like that. if you ever want any advice or tips on that stuff please ask. i love helping people out with beauty stuff!!! i also love video games and sports, specifically hockey and soccer. but most importantly, i love criminal minds.

CM is my all-time fav show but i also like a lot of other ones. i do this weird thing where i watch all of my reality shows on time and live, but i wait for my non-reality shows to come out with a full season before i binge watch them.

the reason i started watching criminal minds was actually because i used to watch a random canadian show called “higher ground” that aj cook was in when she was younger. one day i was caught up on all my shows and i needed something new to watch  and i was like hey i really liked that girl why dont i see what else she’s in? so i googled her and CM popped up. and well, the rest is history.

here’s a list of some shows i watch: big brother, survivor, the challenge, are you the one, the bachelor/bachelor in paradise, bad girls club, prison break, dexter, greys anatomy, shameless, game of thrones, stranger things, orange is the new black, new girl, skins, project runway, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, the 100, skam, american horror story, sense 8, and a shit load of others that i cant think of right now.

besides tv, i really like music. ariana grande is my queen. i like a lot of different genres and artists and im always opened to suggestions if you ever have any. i played clarinet in high school and i play piano in my free time. i tried guitar but my hands are short and stubby so it didnt go so well.

i also swear a lot. i dont know why but i just do. even in my fics, i tend to swear way too much. it’s a bad habit that im trying to break. speaking of fics, this isnt my first fanfiction blog, but it’s the only one ive ever had that has popped off. im not a super great writer but i just like to do it and like creating little stories. 

so like i said, im 20, so im in college. i live alone in a little apartment and have a dog named ani (anakin). he’s my whole world. school sucks but i manage. im majoring in criminal justice so you can probably tell why i love CM so much.

i also love it a lot because spencer is my favorite fictional character ever. i literally love him so much i cant even put it into words. i always tell people my personality is more like matthew, but my ideal man is spencer. ((and my ideal pet is simon lmao)).

i dont really know what else to say because im pretty average and boring. im really sarcastic so if i ever offend you just know it probably wasnt on purpose. i have a weird sense of humor and i type really internet-ish. i love memes and i have a reaction pic for pretty much every situation. i always keyboard smash and i hate capital letters. the only time youll see proper grammar and punctuation from me is in my fics cause i know how hard it is to read a story if the format isnt organized.

so to wrap things up here’s a picture of me. i might edit this later and remove the pic cause i dont like to have my face on the internet. i love you more than spencer loves chocolate frosted donuts with sprinkles!

I found Sean’s channel through some of Mark’s early prop hunt videos, I found his loud personality super funny and started watching some of his videos! I believe my first from his videos was either more prop hunt or the Jazzpunk play through. One of my favorite moments would, hands-down go to the Undertale play through. Jack was the first I’ve ever watch play that game and it was and incredible journey from start to finish with him. Over the time I’ve watched his videos, his positivity and confidence had a huge effect on my and I admired all that he and other youtubers have done! His incredibly positive community has let me stay here and I’m ever greatful. CHEERS TO ALL!!! :D

Positivity week Day 1

What made you subscribe/What do you like about Mark/Jack/Felix?

I’m going to talk about all of them, so it’s gonna take a while :D

He’s a very nice person and if you listen to him, it gets really visible. I don’t remember the exact time or date when I subscribed, but I’m still here. I don’t even remember my reason. But he’s nice and very helpful and I’m glad that I’m still here.
(Also, have you ever heard that man? His voice is so beautiful!)

He’s like a little ball of sunshine and happiness and kindness and love and all of these other happy emotions. He’s an awesome friend, even if we never met, and when I’m watching him, I’m not that lonely anymore. He makes me laugh and forget all my worries for the entire length of his videos, and that’s an amazing feeling.

I don’t even know where to start with Felix. When I subscribed to him in 2013, he was this shy little dork with an adorable accent. He was funny and nice, and I liked him a lot. However, I left YouTube for a while in 2015, which means that I got effectively cut of from any Fandom I was in at that time, and when I came back, he was much different and I didn’t know what happened. I still don’t, tbh. He’s still Felix, but different. I’m trying very hard to reconnect back to the fanbase, but it’s really hard. But he’s worth it, because even after all these years he’s still the same dork who makes me laugh. Maybe much more famous, but he’s still himself.

Y'all… i’m getting old. The first time I ever the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up”, i was like, 8. I remember looking at rick astley and thinking he looked so old. Well, i just watched it, and i was like “wow, rick astley looks so young here”.

Where does the time go


Video! Press play! ▶️

Today I hit 250k subscribers on YouTube which is perfect timing to celebrate because it is also my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY 🎉🎉 of the very first video I ever uploaded to the Glam&Gore channel. It was a welcome video to tell ya how my channel was going to work and one year later I’m so happy to be doing exactly what I said it would be, and more! This has been the most fun and rewarding year of my life and I love making videos for you guys. What’s your favorite video been? Thank you all for watching, subscribing, liking, talking to me on there, and giving me an excuse to go to Krispy Kreme. 🍩 Link is in my bio for anyone new here! ☺️❤️Love you my family of zombaes!

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So, I don’t ever fanboy about Porter Robinson here, but w/e I have to talk about this because I’ve watched this live footage 4 times in a row tonight. So, here’s reasons why you should watch this.

1. First of all, the song featured in this video is called Say My Name, and it’s one of Porter’s first songs. However, Porter made it like 3 years ago, and the original definitely doesn’t fit with Worlds, his newer stuff, so he made an edit of the song. The thing is, he didn’t ever release the edit or anything, so this song came from pretty much nowhere.

2. Notice that there’s a couple different parts with completely different feelings to them that all flow really well. The smooth introduction. The introduction of a beat. The complete stop. The amazing drop. The addition of another song. Going from a huge drop to a really beautiful piano break at the end there.

3. Look at Porter’s showmanship. He plays chords in the beginning, teases the drop to come, etc.

4. He literally slam dunks into the drop.

5. Really though, the drop is fantastic, and it hits really hard, especially because it comes out of nowhere. Tell me that drop doesn’t deserve the confetti (which sidenote: every single drop in the show is worthy of confetti.)

6. The lyrics: “Say my name and you can say it with honour” which are way different from what people immediately think when you tell them it’s called Say My Name. It’s not about sex, it’s about being proud of who you are.

7. Everything after “Hear what I hear” is another song. He effectively mixed one of his oldest songs with one of his newest.

8. The visuals. We haven’t even touched on the visuals yet. Look at how cool the visuals are in the beginning, flying over the mountains. Then when we come to a stop, rapidly flying backwards through the route we just took. Then, the dot that fits the beeping so, so well. Then, we get, in huge letters, the lyrics because they are that important, and the only thing going on. Then, we go into drop mode and everything which had previously been blue and green, but then faded to black and white becomes rainbows of different colors. The coolest thing about the rainbow colors is that it tints the confetti, too. Then, we get to “Hear what I hear” and everything goes back to defined color pallets, not all rainbow everywhere, but still colorful because it’s still a drop. Then, the music and the visuals calm down enough for us to see a lone character, whose story will be shown through the next song.

And that’s why Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour is unmatched.

DR3 Zetsubou Hen Episode 9 ‘Chisa Yukizome Doesn’t Smile’ Impressions

This episode fell completely flat for me, to be honest. Apart from a few little moments and the ending implications, I did not really enjoy what I watched this time. All the issues I had with Episode 8 of Despair have just continued to be confirmed and increasing here, and it’s still a direction I absolutely hate that they’re taking this show in, not only nullifying the point of DR2 and its cast in general, but also kind of ruining DR1 and Junko for me as well. Junko actually really irritated me this episode, for the first time ever. Always been the biggest Junko defender here but YIKES this episode… spoilers under the cut as usual.

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lowkey inspired by a quick talk with @99cc00 about tutorials being inaccessible to people with neurodivergencies and highkey inspired by my own internal spite engine

Do you ever just watch someone speedrun a videogame?? Do you ever just view a video of a character zooming through the game map with reckless, callous, yet excruciatingly precise abandon and think to yourself


So here is my valiant effort to draw an absurd amount of tiny, rushed, 1-page tutorials. Do I hate myself?? I think I do??

(disclaimer: I’m the type who struggles with guidelines and just draws god-awful garbage sketches that I correct at length when doing lineart, so the guideline portions of these can be………..iffy.)

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Reasons i love luke hemmings

Remember all those times i said you literally were not ready to talk luke hemmings and my love for him with me? Well. I think nows a better time than ever. Here we go..

- his singing (obviously): luke’s singing was the first thing to draw me in with this kid i remember watching his old fetus covers and absolutely falling in love with fetus luke’s voice (like honestly fetus luke has my heart) and now that he’s grown into his voice more and has learned how to use it he’s honestly one of my favorite voices in music in general. Aside from his stage and recorded singing that video of him singing in 5sosonthewall????? Like that was just his normal, casual, singing-for-no-reason voice and wowowoww it literally gave me chills i can listen to that boy sing for days

- his sense of humor: anyone who knows me knows i love lame jokes that people normally respond to ‘shut up’ with and luke is full of those types of jokes! Which he clearly gets from equally adorably lame parents. But he’s not only lame nacho cheese jokes and bad puns, he can also be quite witty and it all comes natural so much so that he doesn’t even realize he’s being funny half the time until someone laughs (then he gets all proud and cute and in his head is probably like ‘damn hemmings, you are one funny guy’ like please i love him hes such a dork)

- he’s so smart!: he likes to downplay it a lot which i honestly will never understand but it’s okay because the other boys do enough bragging for him they love making sure everyone knows their little brainy boy is the smartest in the band and he likes documentaries and he managed to finish his schooling all while this big life changing career started to build around him and wow im honestly in such awe of him and his character as a person which leads me to my next one..

- his personality: he’s literally one the sweetest most gentlemanly-est teenage boys you’ll come across. It’s literally just in his nature to be nice to everyone and kiss boys cheeks no hesitation because they’re fans too and why wouldn’t he kiss their cheek? I bet not kissing that fans cheek hadn’t even crossed his mind for even a second. He also does this thing where he tries to make fans feel a little more at ease when they’re especially emotional with like little jokes and hugs and aws and are you okays and hes just so sweet please bless liz and andy because they raised such a lovely boy

- his laugh!!!!: there’s laughs where he throws his head back squeezes his eyes shut and sounds like a loser and there’s laughs that are more giggles and i dont know which i love more because both are so adorable to encounter and you cant help but fall a little harder for the nerd every single time

A few more lil things:

- his cute feetsie thing he does

- his literal ocean of eyes

- the cute lil white spot on his front tooth

- his cute lil boopy nose

- his adorable knobby knees

- his cute lil tush

- not necessarily his beard but his proudness about about it

- ..ok the beards pretty nice

- the cute pout he does in selfies

- the lil one eye squint he does when he sticks his tongue out

- hiS dIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the way his hair curls when it grows out!!!!

- his cute lil tummy

- his super broad swimmer shoulders

- his chest freckles!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!

- the crack in his voice when he sings with everything he has

- his general stage presence

- his growing confidence 😍

- his love for his family and the way he’s super family oriented

- his love for his old pup molly!

- his music taste

- his really weird faces he likes to randomly make

- the fact that he’s literally those huge dogs that think they’re tiny lap dogs

Got a bit carried away but how someone could literally hate this boy is absolutely beyond me????? Feel free to add some of your own favorite luke things!!!! (:

mindcrack related asks

1) favorite mindcracker?

2) favorite ship

3) first mindcrack video you’ve ever watched

4) how long have you been a fan?

5) all time favorite mindcrack related video

6) favorite mindcrack server moment?

7) favorite convention moment?

8) first mindcracker you started watching

9) any mindcrack related merch?

10) mindcracker that makes you laugh the most

11) favorite team / collaboration?

12) what do you think of *insert mindcracker here*

13) funniest moment on the server

14) favorite UHC season?

15) a video / moment by any mindcracker that made you cry

16) favorite season on the server?

17) favorite non-minecraft related series done by any mindcracker(s)

18) member you have a crush on / think is attractive?

19) have you met any mindcrackers?

20) which member do want to meet the most?

21) if you could have any mindcracker play any game, who and what would it be?

22) which member do you think has the nicest voice?

23) favorite tweet sent by any mindcracker

24) which mindcrack livestreamer do you watch the most?

25) if you could have any lets player / streamer join mindcrack, who would it be?

I was very keen to have a super early liveblog today, but then the video came out and I watched it and I had to sit in silence to take in what I had witnessed…

  • Link Neal has been such an MVP, first of all. Can we just acknowledge that. He is 10000000% himself and it’s such a delight to witness. 
  • “Would you rather have MY hand on your ankle or in your armpit” and then - here we go - gratuitous awkward contact courtesy of Link Neal. 
  • Flustered Rhett. Public acknowledgement of flustered Rhett, because having Link’s arm in your armpit means you forget how time and dates work.
  • Dorky Rhett substituting all Rs and Ls for Ws. 
  • “If you’re ever in an accident and your cojones are ruined… I’ve got two, I’m willing to give you one. But that will make me the father of all your subsequent children. Which… I’m pretty into that idea.” “Why. Why are you into that idea?” “Move on. Let’s move on.”
  • “You’re left handed but you’ve trained as a right handed person” Imagine having an argument that lasts 30 years.
  • “Rhett and Link meats” “Don’t sneak your meat in there” Insert an entire minute of innuendos here.
  • “NO. LISTEN TO ME.“ Link struggling to get Rhett to pay attention to him is a gift to us all.
  • “Rhett has the sweatiest hands I’ve ever touched” Link complains about Rhett’s hands so much ….. he just wants to hold a hand that doesn’t feel like a wet fish.

Hello Tay, I do not want to bother you, but I just wanted to tell you how much I care about you.
It all started in 2013, When I saw the video of ‘Everything Has Changed,’ I really love the video and song, so I Began to look for more songs and video and information about you. I ’ve been to swiftie ever since. When I started watching your video and listening to your songs, I was only 10 years old, and was going through a hard time Were Because my parents divorced and I did not Understand and just cried. If I had not found your songs I’d still be very upset over the situation. You made me feel better through songs I no longer felt alone. You Taught me to believe in myself and That dreams come true. I have two dreams: the first is to go to one of your concerts, (I forget to say that i live in Argentina, and you did not stop here on tour) but no matter That, someday I’ll see you, and it will be the best time of my life. I hope to give you a hug and thank you for everything you did for me. My second dream is to travel to Los Angeles. I’d love to see the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, walk around Beverly Hills, maybe That is usual for you and that you “re famous, but I’ve not even left my country before, or rode on a plane. My dreams are impossible: the first is very difficult to Comply with and do not know if one day you will come to Argentina and the second that if my parents Because impossible can not Afford a trip to another country and can not speak Inglés. I am making every effort to enforce them, I’m saving money, maybe in five years, When I’m 18, you make a tour in Los Angeles and I have money to travel and go to the concert and you know.I hope someday my two dreams come true. I love you Taylor❤️. Thank you for making the best songs in the world and being a great person, never change. Hopefully someday you know, thanks for everything, all this time Were the older sister I always wanted.
PS 1: You can follow me? if you do I promise I will not bother.Somehow you would be fulfilling my dream.
PS 2:not speak much English, I speak Spanish, I wrote this with the help of another swiftie who knows English and some Spanish.


Listening to Think of you by Christina Grimmie. This makes my heart sad, just like it did the first time I heard it a few years ago except now its different.
Its taken a few days for me to register that shes no longer here and I just finished watching Shane Dawson’s video, him being my favourite Youtuber who I hugely respect, I’m now left here feeling sad and uncomfortable by all of this. Why do people feel the need to shoot or harm innocent people in any way? Like honestly, WHY. I will never ever understand what goes on in those people’s minds. I’m sad and feel so very disheartened.

Hearing!Verse: Live Blogging

Anonymous said:After reading that last prompt, here is an obvious follow-up: how does Blaine tell the world about Kurt (because I don’t think that was written before?)

Deaf-in-the-City posted: 

You all begged for it, it’s finally here. The video from the Live Q&A we yesterday can be found here! Enjoy! 

DitCObsessed reblogged and added: 

Attached a transcript for all my non-signing Hearies out there! 

Sebastian (S): Okay! So everyone’s been begging for us to sit down and do a Live Q&A so here we are! 

Blaine (B): Wow. There are 3,000 people watching this right now. I’m a little nervous. 

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