for the first few months at least

I’m glad that’s over…

So I finally found the courage to seek help for my depression and went to a doctor today. I’m now officially diagnosed with depression and will get antidepressants. I have to get a blood test done first before I can take the full dosis. So I guess what I’m trying to say is: please be patient with me should I act a bit strange or different in the next few weeks or months. Ya know that wasn’t that easy and I’m not sure how I’ll react to these things so yeah

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any recommendations as to how to get clients? I'm beginning to escort and the like but 9/10 the clients are not good / what i'm looking for! how do you get your foot in the door ?

Are you an independent? If so, it can take some time.

Right off the bat, putting in place strict screening methods & having a website and some pictures will do you a lot of good.

There’s different “levels” of clients in the biz, i.e. the cheap gross ones, the pure sex ones, the ones who want intellectual stimulation, and the ones that want emotional stimulation. Usually in that order - or, for me it is at least (but it depends on your preference).

The best you can do is to set an expectation for good behaviour. Be picky about the clients you see, if you can afford to. I did this when I first went indy, and it meant a few hard months money-wise, but it did WONDERS for my client base. Advertising is also a big thing. If you have the funds, use Eros, P411, or Slixa. I think P411 needs you to provide a review from one of their users, though.

Check out Charlotte Fitzgerald Smith’s website. She is fairly new, her website is simple, and her pictures aren’t super professional… but she still uses rigorous screening, and takes engagements she feels safe in. She also comes across as very shrewd & savvy.

As with any business, escorting is best done when you portray yourself as “professionally” as possible. People are less likely to fuck you over, or be gross with you if you set a standard for behaviour. If guys are thinking about you as some girl they throw money at to fuck, they will treat you like a rag doll. Do not let them. Make them jump through hoops. Hold them accountable.

And more than anything: Count on your fellow providers. Join twitter. Make friends. Check client references. Discover the community, the possibilities. You are not alone in this, and the easiest way for you and your business to grow is in a nurturing environment, supported by yours peers.

I hope this helps!

after episode 6 im 99% convinced that yuuri and victor are already in a relationship.

no seriously hear me out. this is just a theory but im v passionate about it

like we’ve already mentioned before, time is going by in the series. like, its skips a lot. victor first arrived in april and we’re already by at least september (last weeks episode was certainly september, i cant remember when china’s competition took place in this episode). 

so what if yuuri and victor started dating somewhere between all those months (or fairly recently, after months of knowing each other) and we’re just supposed to know it?? (which, imho, would be better if they straight up mentioned it but. censorship i guess)) 

these are no longer hints of them liking each other (like in the first few episodes), these are hints that they’re already in a relationship.

first off, and we’re starting off p tame, the hugs. since last episode, weve noticed that theyre… pretty physical (specially victor). and its NOT made out to be a big deal (except for certain scenes in particular, where the hugs/contact was relevant to the situation e.g. when yuuri got nervous and victor hugged him from behind to help him calm down). victor will walk up behind yuuri and hug him and they stay like that and thats it. no biggie. but it says a lot about how close and comfortable they are at this point. when they were in the plane? victor was sleeping leaning on yuuri. when victor got drunk, yuuri was p chill til he started to strip.

second, when phichit publishes the picture of naked victor clinging to yuuri, what’s yuuri’s first concern?

yup that’s what worries him

usually when gimmicks like these are used on anime, the character reacts like “OH NO NOW EVERYONES GONNA THINK WE’RE GAY!! THIS IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE” WHICH IS NOWHERE NEAR HOW YUURI REACTED


do i even need to get into thi s scene. do i really

(also please note victor wasnt flustered, but slightly surprised. not because yuuri was being affectionate, but because yuuri was being the one taking iniciative.)

and now the final blow

boom goes the dynamite

whats that????? hes not talking about his love for victor, but victor’s love for him???? OH???? SO HE KNOWS IT’S NOT ONE-SIDED??

SO YEAH i mean at the end of it all take this w a grain of salt but. what this could be is not the buildup to a romantic relationship but the flourishing of one


“Take him home.”

Listen. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t agree that Nina’s tragedy in 2003 was a thousand times more heartbreaking.

Tucker’s house was Edward and Alphonse’s HOME. They had their own room, they ate meals together, Ed took the dog for morning walks. They lived there for at least a few months, as opposed to in manga/brotherhood where they were just visiting/studying for, what, a few days, maybe a week or two?

Oh yeah and also Ed and Al met the Tuckers when they were (just turned) 12 and 11, respectively, whereas in m/brohood they were 15/14. In ‘03 this was a couple of months after they burned their house down, barely a year since their attempt at human transmutation.

Tucker accepted them, taught and advised them. He was one of the first adults they trusted after Trisha’s death. But of course he betrayed them in the worst possible way.

And don’t even get me started on Nina. Ed and Al absolutely saw her as a little sister, and to have yet another sibling torn away so soon after Al disappeared would have been bad enough for Ed but he also COMPLETELY BLAMES HIMSELF (as usual)!! In manga/brohood, Ed has no idea what Tucker is planning to do and it’s a total shock when he realises what the chimera actually is. But in ‘03 Ed suspects him, and by the time he properly acts on his suspicions it’s too late. Then he messes up yet again when he releases Nina from the military’s truck, ultimately leading to her finding Scar and getting killed (which he also witnesses the gruesome aftermath of - remember in the manga when Riza wouldn’t let him into Tucker’s house after the murders because “it’s better if you don’t see”? Yeah).

Ok and one more thing in case I haven’t broken you enough yet, Edward tries to attempt human transmutation to bring Nina back. In manga/brohood, after they tried to bring their mother back both Elrics agreed that human transmutation was wrong and they would never dream of attempting it again. But what’s one of the first things Ed does in ‘03? He goes to clap his hands together to separate Nina from Alexander and bring her back, and the only thing that stops him is when Tucker says “careful you don’t do to her what you did to your mother!” (mere DAYS after Ed has severe flashbacks from seeing the butchered corpse of a woman in the street). And the saddest scene of all, at the beginning of episode 8, is when everything is silent apart from the sounds of Ed clapping and slamming his hands against Nina’s remains on the wall. Trying to bring her back.


I FINALLY figured out how to make thumbnails!  XD  (shutupitwashardokay??)

Fan art of @thelastpilot ‘s fan fiction, “Rainy Days,” which was one of the first ML fics I ever read.  I’m definitely a bit late to the party since it was written a few months back, but I’m a new fan so it’s still new to me.  ;)  And at least I don’t have to tag it with a spoiler alert.  XD

I drew this while I was on vacation, so it was drawn in my sketchbook instead of digitally like I’m used to.

(Apologies again for the giant watermarks)

Edit: Someone asked for a link, here it is.

I’ve noticed that being chronically ill gets old for the people around you real quick

at first they show concern and send you well meaning “hope you get better” messages etc. but when it lasts longer than a few months, when it’s obvious it isn’t going away, most of them stop checking on you. I guess it’s just depressing to always hear that someone isn’t getting better, so they don’t bother. 

only a few people bother to ask how I’m feeling, which means a lot. it’s a lot better than being asked when you’re going to be better.

so, pro tip. if you have a chronically ill friend/family member etc, please refrain from saying “get better soon!” etc. try to ask how they’re feeling, if there’s anything you can do, and hope that they find some relief. 

you know, thinking about how sarada didn’t even know about the circumstances of her birth in gaiden, i wonder if she also might not have known that her parents traveled together for many months (possibly years). the thought of her learning that this is where her parents’ relationship officially began, that this is where they got married and conceived her, that this is where she was raised for at least the first few months of her life… like it tugs at my heartstrings. she was probably so awed.

especially when her mama began to tell her more detailed stories of their travels. because she could hear it in her mama’s voice, she could picture it so clearly how in love they were with each other. how they didn’t get married because they felt they had to, how they didn’t have her simply to resurrect papa’s clan. they got married because they were crazy about each other, because they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. and sarada was born from that love.

it must have made her so mindlessly happy to learn how deep her parents love ran. 

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

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could you do headcanons for Yurio realizing he has a crush on someone?

  • blushes every time he thinks about them
  • tries to play cool and act natural about them..but..stuTTERS
  • offers help and suggests to hang out more often
  • wants to get to know them well first because he claims he “hates to waste emotions”
  • a bunch of texting and snap-chatting
  • finds himself to dream about them at least once a week which annoys him immensely
  • only after a few months he gathers the courage to ask them out
if I am hopeful

the whole thing. finally. (like, after ten months.) one scully ficlet for every season/movie. just the last ficlet is new, though the first few are making their first appearance on Tumblr.

the song is “A Beginning Song” by the Decemberists; you should listen to it. While I was writing the last chapter I listened to the song “Take Me Home” by Scars on 45. It’s pretty cheeseball, but perfect.

i am waiting, should i be waiting
i am wanting, should i be wanting
i am hopeful, should i be hopeful

// one // ice

It’s just that she wants to prove him wrong. She thinks he’s crazy at least two-thirds of the time, and she usually dismisses people who are so irrational and so loud about their irrationality — but she also can’t remember anyone before him being a challenge.

That’s what it is. She likes the challenge. She’s always loved being right, it’s what got her this far, and with him there are just so many opportunities. Every conspiracy theory, every supervillain monologue, and she just raises an eyebrow that says: Science. Sometimes he’ll fall over himself trying to shoehorn his latest hypothesis into some kind of scientific framework, and she doesn’t hate that either. He’s at least as clever as she is — they don’t hand out those Oxford degrees for nothing - and she loves making him work for it.

It’s just the challenge she likes.

It’s not his hands. She’s started noticing them, lately; long fingers like a pianist’s, and his nails trimmed so carefully they almost look manicured. They look better than hers, most days. Those perfect hands and those ridiculous, rumpled suits. She’s wondered if he ever combs his hair.

And sometimes he looks at her like — she doesn’t even know what — but like she knows all the answers. Or maybe like she is all the answers, which is impossible, since most of the time she’s sure he doesn’t even know the questions.

Most of the time.

But sometimes she wishes he would ask.

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Revenge - Simon

Summary: Simon wins at FIFA and Y/N wins at Black Ops: this is a known facts. After Simon’s forfeit Y/N gets a little insecure about her body 
Word Count: 588
Requested?: Yes 
A/N: So I’m back from the dead? At least I’m getting requests done…? Sorry for the wait… On a slightly more serious note, this is the the first thing I’ve written since June time so it might not be the best thing I’ve ever posted but I enjoyed writing it  

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I ran a workout on the track yesterday for the first time in like two months and it went GREAT: 200s in 41 seconds and 400s in 85 seconds which is very fast for me!! In the evening I went to the gym where I might have lifted a bit too much weight because I think I screwed my back. Now I probably won’t be able to run or lift for a at least a few days.. We’ll see.

Okay so essentially 3 weeks since starting this blog in an attempt to come back to Tumblr has come by (about to be a full month), 60+ pages of content & a lot of friends made later, and hOLY SHIT THERE’S AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED OF YOU. First off I want to say thank you all, and second off  after I get done with special mentions (people who have really helped me/people who I have close ties with) I’m listing all of your asses under the readmore. So let’s get this started


@gxrdenkxxper : I’m not sure where this person has gone, but they deserve a spot on this list because they were one of the first friends I made & one of the first people to follow me. I love them a lot, and I really hope wherever they may be that they’re alright and having life treat them well.

@noelspraesieo // nolenspraesieo : Okay so Riley is fantastic?? They’re one of the first people to have ever followed me on here. They’re amazing at playing Tom and even starting to get me into Designated Survivor despite me not being able to keep up with episodes as much as I could be ( in fact I kind of keep up with the episodes by looking at their blog so I know what kind of is going down ). I also love our Vampire AU with these two; seriously, it’s great and I love it a lot. They’re a really chill person and I really love how patient they are with me because I’m very forgetful.

@ignatiius // @vicemirrored // @ogilmartin : Kyra is a precious human being. I really applaud her for being able to roleplay the muses she does & sticking to their personalities. She’s a great person to have on my dash and she hasn’t been feeling well lately, but she really is somebody I’m glad I became friends with. We toss back & forth headcanons about Frankenstein characters a lot and I’m always excited to hear the differences/similarities between her headcanons and mine. She needs all the love she can get too okay like seriously?? 

@utorid : KRIS IS SUCH AN ASS but no we met each other in a group chat like what?? A few months ago?? I don’t even remember but they’re a part of my family and I love them; I love their muse(s), and holy hell do I love their taste in video games. They’re such a fun person to talk to, really, and they’re pretty helpful in making sure you’re taking care of yourself and giving advice. I don’t know I love them a lot okay

@sakediet : A mention here because while I know we haven’t interacted on this blog much yet, Nox is basically my second parental figure. They’ve helped me a lot in the two years+ I’ve known them and we’ve interacted so much. I love their portrayals; their characters; everything and I love them as a human being. They’re one of the friends who has really stuck with me and I couldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

@obsccurial : Charlie’s awesome!! I love how he portrays Credence, and I love the cute son & mother relationship Victoria and Credence have developed/are developing. We haven’t talked a whole lot OOC but from what we have he’s a super sweet person and I’d be happily willing to talk to him more.

@bleedsroses : Casper’s great!! He’s the one who inspired me to make my Justine blog and he plays an amazing Daniel! Plus his FC help is amazing, and he’s just really nice as a whole. I can’t really say much else which makes me kind of sad because he’s a great person and I really hope we can talk/interact more in the future!!

@criticalevil : Isabelle is great and I’m pretty sure she’s got mad scientist in her and I think that’s fucking amazing because I do too. Her muse is super cute and also potentially super deadly, and I love how she plays them. I can’t wait for when Victoria and Maddie schemes start popping up either because these two could get into such deep shit and I’m loving it. Plus that zombie AU we talked about A+ good shit.

@avidskiier : Keets gets a mention too because I love them and their Holtzmann. I love when they come on my dash & I love how they kick ass at their education because I’d probably die if I tried double majoring anything. They’re super nice OOC too and I can’t wait to seen Teen!Holtz and Teen!Vic’s relationship develop more because crazy scientists are the best scientists and even more so when there’s two in the room who get along pretty damn well. 

I could add more but this list is already getting pretty long so I’m sorry if I didn’t give you a special mention!! Everyone who follows me is underneath the cut <3

There’s a LOT OF people under this cut, and if you’d like to be unmentioned because it’s cluttering your activity please let me know and I will follow through with doing so. I re-read everyone’s rules to make sure it was a-okay to @ them in something like this, but that was a lot of rules pages, so I’m EXTREMELY sorry if I forgot anyone’s particular rules!!

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What would the damage/recovery process look like for a bullet wound to the bicep? The shooter was about 7 feet away and using a pistol. (I know that not very specific but idk what kind of pistol I'm going with yet). Most importantly, how long before the injured person could use their arm again?

Hey there! Thanks so much for your patience!!

Gunshots to the bicep have a few possible outcomes, mostly depending on what they hit.

If it’s a pure through-and-through, the recovery is probably going to be a couple of months including physical therapy and rehab to get the arm stronger. They’ll likely be in a sling for at least the first couple of weeks.

After that they’ll need some time to get their strength back.

If that seems a little ridiculous to you, here’s a GIF of what actually happens when a bullet moves through something with the density of flesh:

Originally posted by tacticalnorwegian

I mean…. uhhhh….

Originally posted by ughpsh

If the bullet hits the humerus, it’s likely to cause some MAJOR issues. The bone itself might take 6 weeks to heal properly before real true PT can even begin. That character is looking at a much longer timeline.

Oh, and because both the brachial artery and the brachial nerve run along the humerus, there’s a strong likelihood of nerve damage. They may be able to recover physically, but lose motor function or sensory function in that arm below the injury.

And of course, if the artery gets nicked, and appropriate care isn’t initiated, there is also Death.

Hope this helped!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Like I Do // Isaac Lahey Imagine

Hey y’all! I just started this account a few days ago. This is my first imagine so I hope you all like it. It’s pretty lengthy, fair warning. Also, feel free to request anything!

Warning: Smut, Swearing
Word Count: 3,582

6 months. It’s been 6 months since you’ve been broken up with your ex-boyfriend, Isaac Lahey. You spent countless nights crying your self to sleep, wondering where everything went wrong. As far as you knew, things were perfect. You were both so in love, or at least you were. Isaac made things easier. The grass was greener, the sky was bluer and there was a certain brightness that resonated within you whenever you were with him. It’s scary to be that in love, to base your happiness solely on one person. Maybe you knew from the beginning that, that was a bad idea. You just ignored it because the way your heart beat in your chest whenever you saw Isaac smile or the way you felt so safe when he wrapped his arms around you were good enough reasons for you.

He left you without a valid reason and that is what hurt you the most. He left for France without even telling you that, that was where he was going. The words “I just need to focus on myself” echoed in your mind almost every sleepless night. What kind of reason was that? You couldn’t help but feel like you did something wrong. Were you too clingy? Did he find someone better? God, you hoped not. The thought of another girl kissing him and staring into his oceanic eyes while he said he loved her almost made you sick to your stomach. You felt pathetic for pinning over him months after he left. No calls, no texts, nothing…for all you knew, he could be dead.

Allison and Lydia, the two greatest friends you could ever ask for, were tired of seeing you in such a broken state. It broke their hearts to see you lifelessly go through the motions of the day, the same dull look in your eyes. Every day, they tried and tried to make you feel better but unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. You wished you could find a way to be happy again but every time you began to feel a sense of yourself again, something as simple as the color blue to match Isaac’s eyes would send you on a downward spiral again.

One day, your best friends had finally had enough of your wallowing in your sorrows.

“Get up. We’re going to a party.” Allison demanded, barging in your room as if it was her room too. Her and Lydia were both carrying bags from Forever 21, a look of pure determination painted on both of their faces.

You looked up from the book you reading, one of the only distractions you had to offer yourself. “A party? I don’t think so.” You said simply, returning your attention back to your book.

Lydia plopped herself down on your bed and practically tore the book from your hands. “No, Y/N, you’re going and there is nothing you can do or say that will allow us to let you stay in tonight.”

You groaned, rolling over in your bed. You placed your hands over your face and let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m really not up for this and you know that.”

“Look, I know that it’s been tough. I know that you’re still hurting but it’s been 6 months. You can’t let your life stop over a broken heart.” Allison began, taking a seat next to Lydia. “It sucks but you eventually have to move on.”

You knew she was right and you hated her for it. “Can’t I just have one more day of wallowing in my self-pity?”

Lydia shook her head. “Absolutely not. You’ve had enough time.” She stood up abruptly and practically dragged you out of bed. “Now, come on, Allison and I bought some really cute outfits for tonight.”

It took everything in you to actually put effort into getting ready. Going to a party was the last thing on your list of things you wanted to do to recover from your broken heart. However, you knew that Allison and Lydia were not about to let you get away with staying home another night. If you can’t beat them, might as well join them, right?

It took about a solid two hours, but you were finally all ready to go out. Putting make up back on your face and wearing more than just a sweat shirt and sweat pants put a little color back in your eyes. Honestly, you were slightly excited to go out and that surprised you. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all. The three of you piled into Allison’s car and headed to whatever party they were taking you too.

“Wait, where exactly are we going?” You piped up, the realization that they could very well be kidnapping you settling in. They were your best friends, so they probably wouldn’t do that but you never know.

“Stiles convinced Derek to allow him to throw a party in his loft.” Lydia answered excitedly.

Your eyes practically bulged out of their sockets. “Are you kidding?”

She shook her head. “Nope. It took awhile but eventually he just gave in.”

You settled back against the seat, clearly impressed. You would have to congratulate Stiles for his breakthrough later. In a few short moments, Allison pulled into the parking garage and you headed into Derek’s loft. Anxiety bubbled inside you. You don’t know why but being at a party for the first time in a long time gave you so much anxiety. It’s like you suddenly forgot every social rule in existence. Allison gripped tightly on your hand, probably half because she could sense your anxiety and half because she was scared you would bolt at any second.

You could feel the music pulse through your veins as soon as you were inside the loft. To your surprise, the loft was packed with people. Black and blue lights illuminated the once dull loft. You weren’t even positive that you were in the same pack meeting loft as before. Immediately, Scott jumped up the stairs and placed a sweet kiss on Allison’s lips.

“Welcome to the party, guys.” He smiled. “Nice to see that you got out of bed today.” Scott turned his attention to you and you blushed slightly.

“Thanks.” You replied meekly.

“Come on, let’s dance!!” Stiles made his appearance known. He grabbed both of you and Lydia’s hands and dragged you both to the dance floor.
You knew that you would look stupid standing in the middle of the dance floor not dancing. You forced yourself to feel the beat of the music, moving your body. Eventually, you found yourself smiling and having a good time, something you haven’t felt in such a long time.

At some point, a boy with sandy blonde hair and green eyes slid up behind you. Normally, you would have turned him away. There was no way you were looking for another guy and even if it was just dancing. For some reason, you were feeling quite free. You deserved to have a good night and dancing with a guy wasn’t going to kill you.

His hands slid down to your hips and even with the slight uncomfortable feeling that was in your stomach, you kept dancing. You glanced over at Lydia who gave you a thumbs up and mouthed “he’s cute” at you. You smiled back at her and continued to dance. You don’t know how long you dance with this mystery boy when you heard a voice that brought chills to your skin. It was a voice that you were certain you would never hear again.

“I think you’re done here.” The voice said and you looked up to meet eyes with a certain blue ones that made your heart stop.

The boy removed his hands from your hips, a very confused and slightly irritated expression on his face. “What’s your deal, man?”

All Isaac had to do was flash his eyes yellow and the boy was gone in a heartbeat. There you stood in the middle of the dance floor in complete and utter shock. There was no way Isaac was standing in front of you. This had to be some sick, twisted dream that you would wake up from any second. Your eyes trailed over him, your heart beating so loudly that you could barely hear the music. His hair was shorter and a slight stubble covered his chin. He was too dreamlike to be real. He turned to face you and you looked him in the eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever.

“Hello Y/N.” He shouted over the music, a slow smile spreading across his face.

Anger suddenly started to boil up inside of you. Who the hell did he think he was, showing up out of nowhere and scaring away the cute boy you were dancing with? He didn’t have a right to do that. He lost his entitlement to you the second he decided you weren’t worth sticking around in Beacon Hills. Part of you wanted to slap him and part of you was still in utter shock that he was standing in front of you.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” You shouted, the sharpness of your voice surprising yourself.

“Can we talk?” Isaac ignored your question and asked one of his own. You didn’t really have a chance to respond before he lightly gripped on to your arm and pulled you through the crowd of people. He maneuvered you through the crowd of people and up the stairs to wear his room used to be in the loft. As soon as you reached his destination, he let go of your arm and you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I seriously have no idea what the hell you think you’re doing.” You shouted, clearly aggravated.

“Apologizing.” He stated.

Your eyes widened and you scoffed. “Apologizing? You’re about six months too late.” You responded coolly.

“Y/N, I didn’t know what I was doing back then-” He started but you cut him off.

“That is the stupidest excuse in the book.”

“Please, just let me finish.” He pleaded, taking a step towards you. You immediately took a step back. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “I was scared. You deserved a better life than I could give you. By dating me, you got involved with all this werewolf drama and I figured that without me, you’d be safer.”

You almost laughed at his explanation. “Really? You left me because you were scared for my safety? Did it ever occur to you that whether or not you were in my life that I was still going to be involved with all this werewolf stuff? I became best friends with Allison and Lydia. I got super close to Scott and Stiles. Hell, I even clicked with Derek! Regardless if I was with you or not, I’m still going to be surrounded by all of this!”

Isaac just stared at you. He opened his mouth just to close it again. Your rolled your eyes and turned on your heel. Of course he grew quiet. He knew you were right and you definitely knew you were right.

“Where are you going? Back to your new boyfriend?” Isaac responded with an evident bitter tone.

You turned around sharply. “You don’t get to be jealous. You don’t get to be angry over me being with some over boy. You left me, Isaac. You went all the way to France and never once bothered to call or text me. You do not get to show up here, unannounced and be angry. I moved on. Isaac.” You knew you were lying. You hadn’t moved on, not even in the slightest. But you couldn’t let him know that. You couldn’t be weak around him. There was no way you were going to give him the satisfaction that you hadn’t moved on.

“You moved on?” There was a painful twinge in his voice and it made you cringe.

“Yes.” You said softly. You didn’t care if you hurt him. He hurt you far worse.

You heard him step closer to you and this time you didn’t move. “Does he know you as well as I do?” You heard Isaac ask. When you didn’t answer, he took another step forward. You could feel him behind you, the heat radiating off his body. “Does he know how thunderstorms scare you and how laying tightly against someone’s chest is the only way you’ll relax?” Again, you emitted no response.

Isaac got even closer to you, his hands landing on your hips. “Does he know how you can’t sleep unless it is absolutely freezing in your room?” You wanted to respond but you couldn’t. It was like your voice box had ran away, kind of like you wanted to do right now. The grip he hand on your hips grew tighter as he pulled you flush against him, your back touching his chest. He craned his head down, his lips pressing against the shell of your ear.

“Does he know how you like to be touched?” He whispered huskily in your ear. You shivered involuntarily, cursing yourself for having such a reaction to one simple little question. His lips pressed against the side of your neck and they trailed downwards. You wanted to push him off. You shouldn’t have been allowing him to touch you. But of course, your body failed the thoughts in your brain. “Does he know about this little spot on your neck that makes you weak without fail?” He mumbled against your skin before kissing the spot where your neck dips into your collar bone.

His lips brushed up and down your neck and your breathing was sporadic. Your heart pounding so loud that Isaac wouldn’t even need his werewolf hearing to hear it. He hands left your hips and he lightly trailed his fingers up and down your arms, sending shivers down your spine.  His lips latched on to that one spot on your neck and you knew you were completely gone. You closed your eyes and leaned into him, a slight moan escaping from your mouth. You could feel him smile in satisfaction against your skin.

Isaac moved away from your neck and swiftly turned you around. His hands cupped your face and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a searing kiss. You melted in his arms, his lips molding so perfectly to yours. So much time had passed and he still knew exactly how you liked to be kissed. His hands left your face and trailed down to the back of your thighs. He tapped them slightly, signalling for you to jump up. You jumped and he hoisted you up, your legs immediately wrapping around his waist.

He pressed you against the wall, a moan coming from you at the sudden coldness against your back. He attacked your neck with kisses, trailing farther and farther south. Your fingers racked through his short curls, earning a shiver from him. Isaac pushed you both off the wall and carried you to his old bed, gently plopping you down before crawling on top of you. He kissed you again, the passion making the blood pump faster through your vein. His hands slid underneath your shirt, pulling it over your head and breaking the kiss. Isaac began to kiss down your chest, kissing the tops of your breasts and reaching behind your back to un-clip your bra.

He tossed your bra somewhere, immediately taking one of your nipples in his mouth. You whimpered softly, shutting your eyes tightly. He sucked on your one nipple while his hand pinched at the other one. You could feel yourself growing wetter and wetter with every passing second. Feeling Isaac touch you like that again was sending you in complete oblivion. Isaac trailed kissed from your chest down to the waistband of your jeans, carefully un-doing them and pulling them down your legs, followed by your panties.

You were completely exposed to him and even though this wasn’t the first time, you felt self conscious. Who knows what other girls he was with while in France? His eyes raked over your body and all you could think about was how he was surely comparing your body to the other girls he had been with. Almost as if he was reading your mind, he whispered a sincere “Christ, you are so fucking beautiful.”

You could feel your cheeks heat up and he smiled before kissing up and down your inner thigh. You were throbbing at this point, so complete desperate for some kind of relief. 6 months was a long time without sex, especially with Isaac. He slowly kissed up, the anticipation building with each kiss that was closer to your core. You were a mewling mess. “Please Isaac, just stop teasing me.” You begged.

You could feel him smirk against your inner thigh before finally you felt his lips on the place you needed him the most. He licked expertly against your clit. You arched your back, moaning his name. With every suck and lick, he brought you closer to the edge, your toes digging into the sheets of the bed. Without warning, he slid a finger inside of you, curling up in just the right way. You were so close. “Oh my g-god.”

Isaac could feel you clenching around his finger. He added a second one, lightly scraping his teeth against your clit. Within seconds, you tipped over the edge. Your orgasm spread through your entire body, your legs shaking as Isaac allowed you to ride out your orgasm. Once your body stopped convulsing, he sat up and pulled his shirt over his head. He undid his belt and pulled off the remaining garments.

He hovered over you, resting his forehead against yours. You could see the lust swirling around in his eyes but this was so much more than just make-up sex. He still looked at you the way he did the first night he ever told you he loved you. Your heart swelled up and you swore you had stopped breathing.

“Are you sure that you want to do this?” He asked, slightly panting.

You nodded. Isaac searched your eyes for any sign of doubt and when he didn’t see any, he kissed you passionately, positioning himself at your instance. Slowly, he pushed himself inside and you both moaned simultaneously. He gave you a few seconds to adjust to the feeling before he began thrusting in and out. You scratched your nails down his back, your moans and his groans bouncing off the concrete walls. The other werewolves in the loft could probably hear you guys but you didn’t care.

“I forgot how you could you felt.” Isaac grunted, speeding up his movements.

With every thrust, you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to that edge again. Isaac’s eyes were closed, his mouth was slightly agape and the look of pure ecstasy on his face. He slipped his hand between the two of you, starting a figure-eight pattern with his fingers on your clit. You moaned loudly and arched your body into his. You felt yourself start to clench around Isaac and his movements began to get sloppy.

“Shit, Y/N, I’m so close..” he moaned breathlessly in your ear.

A few seconds later you felt yourself fall over the edge, your orgasm rippling through your body like a wild fire. Isaac wasn’t too far behind you, collapsing on top of you. You both were breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat covering your bodies. Isaac eventually rolled off of you and you both stared blankly at the ceiling. The silence was overwhelming and the reality of what you just did started to sink in. Guilt and humiliation ran through you. You were supposed to be angry at him. He broke your heart and left you in shambles for six long months for God sakes!

You suddenly shot up, full intentions of leaving before Isaac grabbed your hand. “Y/N, wait.” You relaxed at his touch and slightly adjusted your body so you were facing him. “You don’t know how sorry I am. I know that there is nothing in this world I can do or say that will make up what I did to you but I swear I’m going to die trying.”

The intensity of his words and the look in his eyes told you exactly how he felt. “You broke me, Isaac.”

He sighed heavily. “I know and I’m never going to forgive myself for that. Y/N, please, just give me another chance. There was not a day that went by where I didn’t think of you. I swear I was going crazy without you but I just truly believed you would be safer without me. I still love you and I know that I always will. Just please, let me try and make this right.”

Your heart skipped a beat when he told you he loved you. His pleading eyes were slowly withering you down. “Fine. I’m only allowing this because to be honest, I know that I’m always going to love you too.”


Genre: Fluff/Angst (Drabble)

Member: Wonho

a/n: Something short I came up with for @mino-ism (:

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He had made it into a habit for the past month. He’d peck her cheek, her nose, her forehead, the crown of her head, her lips, any chance he’d find, he’d do it. At first, she’d dismissed the spontaneity of it, at least the first days she had, but after a week of the constant affection, she’d ask what the reason for the kisses was, and he’d simply shrug with a smile and move on to something else. After a few weeks, she’d purposely make it difficult for him to continue his routine, squirming away whenever he’d hug her or scurrying out of his reach if he’d get near her. He’d watch her in surprise as she’d giggle and grin, asking why he’d been kissing her head and face randomly nearly every day, but he’d shrug every time and chuckle. She’d pout and beg for him to tell her but he’d refuse to tell her and would simply avoid the truth.

Because, frankly, he was terrified. Terrified of being utterly, overwhelmingly, and blindly in love. She was so much to him it made his chest ache, it made his mind blur and it dizzied him. He was drowning in everything that was her, in everything she made him feel, but he couldn’t think of anything better. She was so bright to him, so blindingly bright. She was everything and it scared him. It made him greedy too. Greedy to want more, to know more, to feel more, to move faster, to fall harder. He wanted more and more of her but he had restrained himself. Why? Because if he rushed, if he became too selfish, he thought there’d be nothing left. He’d simply would have sucked her dry and there would be nothing left for him to love. That was the most horrifying thing to him, and that was why he’d hold back.

He also, however, found her endless. As if there was always going to be something about her he’d find and love, like a book with no end, to which pages continue appearing every time he thought he was closer to the last chapters. Just when it all seemed to be over, and like there was nothing more he could figure out about her, something new would appear. Even if he knew every single habit, like or dislike, fear or cause of joy, worry or frustration, beauty mark or flaw, there was always more. How was this possible? He hadn’t known, too blind, but he once figured it out. There was more to her than thoughts and the physical, and he had found that out when things felt like they were at the brink of collapsing. She was no longer a person he’d forget about easily, because he just couldn’t see himself with anyone that wasn’t her. That was what made her endless to him.

There was still so much she needed to share with him, so much he needed to know about her on a daily basis, on a monthly basis, on a yearly basis. There was still so much he had to live with her.

This time around, he didn’t peck her face or her head. He’d take her into his chest and wrap his arms around her smaller frame, holding her tightly as her fingers trailed his sides and moved to his back, gentle, caring. He’d bury his face in the crook of her neck and close his eyes, his chest aching with all the things he wanted to say but could only express in one way.

“I love you so much” he’d manage and she’d softly respond, “I know”. But he’d shake his head and hold her closer, as if it was even possible, “No, I don’t think you do” he’d add and she’d chuckle. “I do, because I love you just as much, if not more” she’d say, and he’d smile, even if he thought it was a lie. Because to him, her statement was not even remotely possible, for he was utterly, overwhelmingly, and blindly in love with her.


this will be a NDRV3 spoiler free blog (at least until the english release)

NDRV3 will be the first DR game i’ll actually have a chance at playing for myself as my first experience when the english version is released

i know that some people have already hacked into the game files and leaked info of the game’s contents but i’m trying very hard to avoid everything about that.

if you send me spoilers or leave spoilers in tags i will not hesitate to block you.

i would really love to experience a dr game on my own as the first time for the first time. please be respectful to your fellow dr fans who are waiting for the english release of the game.

EDIT: i should mention i will be blacklisting ndrv3 spoiler/drv3 spoiler so please tag your posts if you cant control the urge to post them

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Basically I’m gonna spend a few paragraphs talking about my interpretation of YOI after episode 10′s revelations.

I don’t necessarily think that Viktor fell in love at first sight and was desperately pining and trying to get Yuuri to unleash his Eros side from the banquet? Or at least I think it was a bit more complicated than that. Like I think that the banquet was the first time Yuuri really surprised him (and we all know how Viktor loves surprises), so then, a few months later, he sees Yuuri again with another surprise (skating Viktor’s program so beautifully and probably without music) he really was struck with inspiration and a desire for more of that surprise. 

I think he was absolutely fascinated by Yuuri, yes, asked all those questions and flirted with him to see how he’d react (and he probably does have a big fat crush on him by this point, so there’s that). But then he sees Yuuri skating and finds out that Yuuri is actually pretty reserved, that drunk!Yuuri was something of an anomaly, and that’s probably why Yuuri freaked out earlier when they were unpacking. And that’s another surprise, really, and Viktor finds it so fascinating that these two sides of Yuuri coexist inside him, which is why he leaves with such a satisfied “I think I understand more about Yuuri now.”

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I love the details you get to see with screencaps and gifs and noticed a few things throughout this scene.

1. They didn’t move anything off the table to start eating at it, just plopped the pizza box on top of some piece of technology. It looks like one of the portable devices that’s built into a suitcase-type container, so they didn’t even bother to close it before putting the box on it either. More Holtz/Abby lab practices to make everyone nervous. You know those girls had soup-spill-on-electrical-wiring-related fires at least once a month.

2. Throughout that first camera shot, Holtz is always leaned back a little bit, while the other three are leaned forward on the table. She’s engaged, certainly, if quiet, but keeping her personal space bubble. Just more evidence for introvert!holtzmann in my book. Reminds me of when I’m enjoying my evening out with friends but starting to reach the point of social overload.

3. How many slices of half-eaten pizza are in front of Holtzmann? I’m guessing she’s the type to grab more food than she can eat while she’s really hungry, then run out of steam. But the second plate in front of her has different toppings and Patty doesn’t have a plate, so now I’m convinced despite being full, when Patty was done, Holtz took her plate to get to try the other type of pizza. So now I absolutely headcanon Holtz just taking the others’ leftovers and finishing them herself.

4. I’ll call slight BS over them having ordered Papa John’s pizza but nobody is using the garlic sauce. That’s the best part! Did they have a hard time deciding how to split it, because you know Holtz doesn’t think twice about dipping into the communal sauce container after having already taken a bite out of something? Is it already used up and gone? Are they a group who actually all hate the extra garlic?

…I may be too far down this rabbit hole. I just love casual team dynamics and random set design details.