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This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my entire life, and I’m not talking about Chris’ line (nor Katie’s).

That was SARCASM, Chris said it himself, and he didn’t even need to explain that actually, because anyone with brains should understand that he was being sarcastic about something the hateful portion of the Supercorp fandom do ALL THE FUCKING TIME, which is: ASSUMING KARA’S SEXUALITY BASED ON THEIR OWN PERCEPTION, IGNORING THE SHOW’S CANON, AND HARASSING THE CAST AND THE WRITERS BECAUSE OF THAT.

He was being clearly sarcastic because this happens to be the reason why he gets so much hate: Mon-El literally gets in the way of Supercorp shippers’ perception of Kara’s sexuality.

Please, go work on your comprehension skills before embarrassing yourself on the internet.


Reggie’s based on my lust for edgy extreme girls like LoL Jinx and Lord Dominator. Also this one Suicide GIrls Fight Club vid where they’re beating each other up topless and angry. It’s on Vimeo. I sometimes also compare my GF Sheepy to Reggie’s personality.

Reggie would love being tentacled

Yup, most of my OC names are pop culture references. She would love Rocket Power.

All of Loki’s “friends” have that naming scheme: Loki Lowbrow Sinister, Blitzkrieg Blast Radius, Reggie Radical Grinder.

me: there are some very valid criticisms of the soviet union and some very tragic things that could have been avoided did happen, but to make martyrs out of the romanоvs makes no sense and is actually kind of cruel because much of the widespread suffering in the russian empire can be directly attributed to the tsar’s decisions and actions, so glorifying him to thumb your nose at stalin or whatever is pretty disgusting

a liberal popping up out of nowhere from a nearby bush: hey op why did you personally orchestrate the deaths of 10 million ukrainians in 1932-33? :/

So I don’t have time to write this, but if anyone wants to… please do and tag me so I can see it!

AU where Bitty never went to Samwell and Jack’s already graduated and in the NHL. Jack’s out as bi, and people still think he’s the family screw up who’s just a party boy.

Bitty and his bff, Lardo (who’s bi too) are working in a LGBTQ+ strip club. Lardo starts dating Shitty who drags Jack to the club to meet his girlfriend and her roommate.

Jack sees this gorgeous guy dancing and is all heart eyed. Turns out this guy is Lardo’s roommate and omg he has to have dinner with this gorgeous man.

Jack’s all awkward and flirty and he and Bitty become friends. Jack keeps flirting and Bitty starts to fall for him, but it makes Bitty nervous and he pulls back.

Jack’s upset by this and after some pining/sad Jack is talked into asking Bitty why he’s pulled away. Jack’s all apologetic thinking that he creeped Bitty out.

And Bitty’s just like “Jack. I’m in love with you. But, you’re a freaking hockey star and a role model how will it look if you’re dating a stripper?” And Jack’s all like “Everybody already falsely assumes I’m a play boy, they don’t matter. I love you Bits, and if you’ll have me I want you forever.”

So news breaks and everyone’s rushing to check out Bitty’s social media. And his Instagram is just baking stuff and pictures of Jack reading history books/watching documentaries. They’re really this super boring couple who people think are hard partiers.

Edit** Key point at no point does Jack care about Bitty being a stripper. Bitty keeps doing it until he’s content to quit. Being a stripper is not something to be ashamed of.

considering watching star vs again but I’m being repelled by people hailing it as “more progressive than su” when I’m honestly not even sure if fat people that aren’t jokes or poc that’s not marco + his parents exist in that show