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Okay fandom, I know we all want Fitzsimmons to reunite, but let’s appreciate all the wonderful team ups and little moments this episode gave us:

Tripsimmons brotp back in action. Mama May and Daisy kicking ass and taking names together. “Trip’s alive. That’s the best news I’ve heard in weeks.” (SAME Daisy, same.) Radcliffe dragging Papa Fitz. Daisy quaking AIDA’s ass. Philinda DEJA VU. Phil Coulson, Agent of motherf-ing SHIELD giving Fury’s one man speech. Like, this is all spectacular stuff!!

The writers promised that this pod is rewarding long-time viewers and boy, are they delivering.


Today I’ve seen a number of posts in other fandoms holding up Captain Swan as an example. An example of hope. An example of good things coming to shippers who wait. An example of what epic storytelling looks like.  And the common theme in all the posts…shippers desperately drawing comparisons and hoping their own OTP will follow in the fairy tale footsteps of Captain Swan.

Damn. We picked a good one. 

Really no one has realise it yet?

ELLIE MILLER ASKED ALEC HARDY OUT. She likes the idea of hanging out with the grumpiest cop in Britain after work hours in a pub. Yeah, she probably didn’t intended with romantic intentions, but she asked him with a big smile hoping he’d say yes.

It would have been a date and no one can say otherwise.

I got so hyped when thiiiis was posted

and as a desperate shipper and lover of both the crossover themes, I desperately needed to draw them dancing.

I’m kinda sad I didn’t really make it into a complete thing ;-;

but idk, if the creators give me the permission, I might just draw the final panel which would be them kissing?? ;v;

Fairyfell belongs to the wonderful @lyczka and @notsoclosetnerd ( @fairyfell

Tips that help me control the hate on my blog

I used to get a ton of hate and anti faerie tales in my inbox.   Now,  barely any.   And sporadically when I do get it.   Here are the things I do that I believe  contributed to it.  

1. Download Xkit and blacklist.  It is free.   It may take a few minutes but enter in all variations of the terms you do not want to see.   Set it to block to your inbox also.   That way,  you will have to actively click it to open and read the bs. 

2.  Resist the urge.   Here is where self control comes in.   If some sneak through (and they will because antis are desperate to get their story out to shippers) ignore them.   Think up your snarky reply.  Laugh about it with your friends.   Or just delete.   But do not reply.   You may feel like you are getting the better of them but the story is still being published on your blog.   That’s a win for them. 

3.  Block.   Immediately.  Don’t just threaten to block.   Don’t let one through and say “next time”.   Just block.   No second chances.  

4.  Don’t fall for their tricks. I always got some version of “you are too scared to publish this”  or “you will keep this from your followers”.   Guess what?   It is your blog.   You can decide what you want to publish.   You have no obligation to spread the stories of someone else.   They have their own blogs they can do that from.   They are coming to your/mine in order to get it in shippers eyes.   That’s  their goal. There is zero shame in only publishing things that make you happy.   In fact,  that is why you started a blog in the first place. 

5.  Be as consistent as possible.   Sure,  sometimes the desire to respond will be greater than your will power.   But try to make those times rare.   

Remember that the reason they send hate etc is to hurt you and to hurt other shippers when you publish it,  regardless of your pithy reply.   

It may take some time,  especially if a habit has formed.   But you can do it.   You don’t have to allow them to control your blog.   You don’t have to be their puppet or their mouth piece.   


Lord Pastel Lance is proud of our disciple! Diligently & vigorously spreading our creed across the blogs that child molesting is vile while failing to recognize extremely obvious blaring red flags.

And continuing to chase after minors in order to spread the wisdom of Klance! Truly an exemplary blogger for all to mimic.

Their persistence in chasing after a 14 year old, who blocked them for being creepy, is remarkable to witness. Their passion to spread the love of Klance is unbeatable.

We bless you with courage, young disciple! Godspeed with your ruthless conversion of the filthy Shaladins & the traitorous Shallurans.

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anonymous asked:

Did you see MM tweets regarding the shippers latest rumour/commentary about that insta story? I hope people that bad mouthed her will also post her side of the story since it's obviously not what you all thought and criticized her for.

1) Who is this? You seem awfully desperate to get shippers to grovel for daring to criticize her.

2) Shippers have every right to express their opinions on their own blogs about something that is posted on a public social media account. We’re not the ones in the wrong in this particular situation.

3) A drunk woman is still vulnerable and shouldn’t be laughed at.

Simon says with Team Beard

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren gave Chris his sweater when he was feeling chilly. Boyfriend sweater. <3 

Team Beard does: The Beard starts wearing mock-ups from Darren’s old clothes and does it so often that it ends up looking desperate. 

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren always wears one of the rings that Chris gave him. The ring. <3 

Team Beard does: The Beard starts wearing a ring too, swapping fingers and styles, so it wouldn’t go unnoticed. 

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren’s eyes are always seeking out for Chris in a crowd. Heart eyes. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone digs a any and all pics of Darren looking anywhere remotely her direction and (re)posts them somewhere visible, possibly with a slightly fabricated story in the pic caption.

CC shippers say: Awww, that song gives me such CC feels. Darren probably wrote it for Chris. <3 

Team Beard say: Someone comes out with new information stating that the song a) predates Darren in Glee and thus his relationship with Chris b) was not actually written by Darren or c) was really about the Beard.

CC shippers say: Awww, look at their cars together like that. Husbands. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone posts a pic of Beard’s new car online with hints of whom got the car for her and makes sure that Darren’s car is seen near it.

CC shippers say: Awww, Darren is always on the phone. Probably texting or chatting with Chris. <3 

Team Beard does: Someone plants a question in an interview and makes sure Darren answers it in the PR story appropriate way, i.e. surprise, surprise, Darren says he text with the Beard the most.

Team Beard pretends to do whatever the CC shippers say Darren and Chris do. For Team Beard, #RelationshipGoals is to be seen as adorable together as Darren and Chris really are!

  • Oh! Hello there, fellow USUK fans! This is a wonderful ship!~
  • Hello there, FrUK fans! Oh boy, this is such a wonderful ship as well!
  • How delightful! So many fans! So many shippers! What else is out there?
  • *walks into FrUS shipping hall*
  • *tumbleweed rolls through*
  • *several dust bunnies tumble over*
  • ...h-hello...? is there...? hello...?
  • silent wisper from the dark corners: the war was too much... we stood no chance...
  • what
  • tattered remains of FrUS shippers: help us. there.... isn't....enough.... *desperate gasp for ship* *clings to that one scene from the Centennial Gift episode and historical facts*
  • h...e...l...p...

anonymous asked:

Honestly, I feel like Lance and Keith's interactions have turned from being annoyed at each other and making passive-aggressive remarks at each other to more friendly teasing and that whole "i hate you" but they're both smiling stupidly at each other as they say it kind of relationship? Maybe it's just me as a klance shipper desperately reaching but that's what I'm hoping is going on :,)

That’s exactly what’s going on

anonymous asked:

Wow you supercorp shippers are so desperate and trying to use Kara talking about her and mon el into Lena and her, and even trying parallel it with westallen, so sad, I'm surprised you guys don't hate westallen since it's an heterosexual relationship

That was literally a request, but anyhow, you said it yourself, we love Westallen so clearly the problem is not that that it’s straight, I don’t even need to argue with this because you actually made the point against yourself all by yourself, I’m laughing so hard, I love not having to try.

I’m sure other Westallen shippers, from what I’ve seen so far, are happier with the Supercorp comparison seen as, sorry to disappoint you, but my fellow Westallen supporters complained all week about the forced comparisons between it and Kar*mel, not to mention Karam*ls tried to drag Westallen out of the blue during arguments.

So, believe me, Westallen shippers are happier with this comparison too, adios, I love how y’all are so thirsty for my ask!!!!

Quick notes about The Blacklist - Mr Kaplan and Conclusion

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been writing anything for a long time bu really couldn’t resist the negativity and desperation some of us already accepted like destiny..

My dear #Lizzington Shippers, please first read and then, watch the episode again.

* Lizzie thinks Red is the dad, but Dembe said “You didn’t deny it?”
So “Red” we know is not Lizzie’s dad✌️

** Tom is back😒
He’s got the “suitcase” and he knows more than we do. He is deeper than we know. I haven’t liked TK a bit ever! But now I have to watch Redemption to see if I could get any clues… 😳

*** The bones kept inside of the suitcase tagged to be sent to Elizabeth Keen might belong to 1)Katarina 2)Real Red

Bc the DNA was taken from the bloody shirt; not the glass in Montreal or fresh from Red’s veins

If they wanna wrap the story in Season 5 and then call it off, they have to reveal st least either the DNA incompatibility between Red’s fresh taken blood and the bloody shirt or Red’s frezh taken blood and Lizzie in the first half of S5 and then focus on whatever they wanna lead the show through.. Lizzie will definitely stand beside Red. “Being a family” matters to her BUT we clearly saw that- without knowing about the DNA test- she already chose Red over Kaplan. She chose Red’s truth/words over Kaplan’s untold truth.. After the last hiatus we had, she wasn’t b*tchy as always but though she kept a distance, she was supportive and calm with Red more than ever🙏❤️ The only rule broken here was now Red lied to Lizzie bc the circumstances required that as she would be safer.

Please just consider above mentioned lines and see them in the episode you watch.

My other friends wrote similar things, too bc we all watched the same episode and all we’re saying like one mouth is out there. Just look🙏😇

Thank you 👏🚢

The desperation of SS shippers is astounding.

I just saw a person refer to this as “eye porn”

So…literally just looking at each other is proof that Sasuke wants to raid her undergarments….ok, sure. 

You know who Sasuke always looks at with a deep feeling behind it? NARUTO. Sasuke’s eyes are always the most expressive around Naruto.

I even see SS shippers making all these complicated ass posts trying to prove that Sasuke LOOKED at Sakura in one frame or another. Literally JUST looked at her, AT ALL. There is no debate, Sasuke and Naruto win in this department.