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For those who have been wondering, the Alien and UFO chewables should be available in early April. The molds are complete and I’ve approved samples and colors so we’re nearly there!

Also, ring sizes that are out of stock will be back in stock in about a week. 

And the “giveaway a day” will happen in April. One thing I’ve been thinking about is supporting some Autistic artists by incorporating their items into the giveaways so if you’re an artist/crafter with an online shop or know of someone who is, please send me a message (a Tumblr chat message thingee or email through the contact link on Stimtastic’s website is better than A tumblr ask because I can look back at links and such easily) and I’ll try to include as many as possible. 


A recent Spell Book order I finished. It’s a large, 600-page book bound in what I believe is sheep skin. A gilded crescent moon shines on the front cover, surrounded by a triple-line border. 

The King and the Witch's Rendezvous
The King and the Witch's Rendezvous

Back in 2016 a line of Kirby-themed cafes opened in Japan. They sold a variety of foods and drinks inspired by Kirby characters, locations, and items. The cafes also had their own soundtrack! This track features remixes of C-R-O-W-N-E-D, VS Drawcia Soul, and Dark Crafter Battle.

Another 100 posted! That means this is the 200th track on this blog. Thank you all for your continued support! Enjoy!

Jules is definitely the one decorating those vigilante envelopes. She probably has hand lettering and card decorating boards on Pinterest.

anonymous asked:

Could you please point me to some Autistic owned stim stores? Thanks!

Sure! Please note, though, that most if not all of them are based in the US. For those willing to shop from neurodivergent-owned businesses (as distinct from specifically autistic) there’s a little more choice. If you’re not in the US, you’re very likely going to have to pay extra in conversion and shipping costs (which is why I don’t use ND-owned as a basis for what content goes on this blog, as cool as it is to support fellow autistic and ND creators).

If you’re an autistic crafter and you’re not on this list, it’s either because I haven’t yet heard of you, I’ve committed the terrible crime of forgetting you or I’m unsure if you’re autistic (as per the brief). Please reblog or comment; I will add your name and details!

I’m pretty sure most folks have heard of Stimtastic by now (@stimtastic), but on the off chance someone hasn’t, I’ll mention it! I don’t believe anyone has had any negative experiences with their order; the linked Tumblr is packed full of happy customers saying great things. There’s everything from fidget toys to chewables! I love my braid pendant, scented vial necklace and - while I didn’t buy it from Stimtastic because I found it here in Australia - crocheted stress balls. @werevampiwolf makes their bead rings!

@caseydickdanger on his Storenvy store Ca5ey sells handmade slimes, fidget toys, weighted plush, squishies and unique fidget jewellery.

@wiresandchains at etsy store Chain Mail Slime sells handmade slimes and very unique chainmail fidgets and fidget jewellery.

If you’re after cute crocheted plush toys, @stimwithoutshame runs etsy store Spacecraft Crafts.

If you’re after bean bags or marble mazes, @asenseofselfshop runs etsy store A Sense of Self. (Check out this post: 20% of proceeds from the heart marble maze in February and March go to ASAN!)

@spacerobotstudio creates and sells amazing fidget jewellery, communication necklaces and pride accessories on etsy store Spacerobot Studio.

@dragonadventurescrafting sells a fabulous range of handmade plushies and bean bags on her etsy store Dragon Adventures Crafting.

@bitterautistic runs etsy store Ruthdoodle where you can find custom and pride chewellery, kinetic sand, slime, fidget jewellery and other cool accessories.

@dollboy runs etsy store Weird Faeles (currently on break; returns March 18) where you can find chewellery and witchy jewellery.

I don’t have an autistic-owned source for toys like Tangles, and while there’s a lot of spinner-fidget-type stores on etsy, I’m unsure which ones are owned by fellow auties. I also don’t know of another store equivalent to Stimtastic that’s autistic-owned.

If you know more autistic-owned places to buy great toys, please let us know!


@transsliime sells handmade dough and many varieties of slime on their etsy store TransSlimes!

Autistic Rabbit (etsy, based in the US) makes weighted blankets!

Sister Cat Blankets (etsy, based in France) makes weighted lap pads, blankets and stim toy cases. (She’s one of the mods of @autistickitten but I don’t know her personal.)

@elsinore-snores runs etsy store PangeaMea (based in Greece) where you can find noise-muffling beanies and headbands.

@bartonnbishophumandisastersatlaw runs etsy store Wilde Spoons and Stims where you can buy marble mazes and dinosaur egg fidget toys.

Gift Tags for Handmade Gifts - What Crafters Really Think!

These tags and card are all from Etsy. I know a lot of knitters who would love these.

For more gift tag printables I know you will like, go here:

Here are some free printables for handmade gifts 

DIY Gift Tags for Handmade Items free Printables from Pretty Prudent here.

DIY Gift Tags with Care Instructions for Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Quilters and Crafters from Eskimimi Makes here.