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Not My Dean

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A/N: For my darling nugget @impala-dreamer and her One Prompt 4 All Challenge. The prompt is bolded. Beta’d by actual angel @amanda-teaches. I tried something a little different (for me at least) let me know what you think! Please? No seriously I die for feedback I’m trying to get better at this racket and I can’t without it okthanksloveyoubye. ;) Enjoy kiddos! (ps if you feel like subjecting yourself more often, tag lists are open)

Words: 1,650

Warnings: Few swears, monster-related hostage type situations, smidgen of angst. Nothing crazy though, it’s all pretty PG-13.


“What the hell?” You were groggy and sore. Why the hell were you groggy and sore?

“Y/N? Hey, are you alright?”

“Sam?” You tried opening your eyes, only to find darkness. Scrunching your nose, you realized you had a blindfold on. That would explain the dark. As you slowly started to come to, you realized your soreness came from your hands being tied behind your back and your ankles to the legs of a chair. Not to mention your pounding head. Best guess was you were hit with something. Hard.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you hurt? Like hurt, hurt?”

“Uh, no. No, I don’t think so. My head might be bleeding or maybe was bleeding? But it’s not bad. Where are we? I have a blindfold on. Do you have a blindfold on?”

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story peek: “you’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.” “i like the way your hand fits in mine.”

There was a string of giggles that escaped her lips as she hid behind a pole at the park. Peter suddenly gripped her left arm and pulled her out of her hiding spot. She squealed and laughed before tugging away and running to stand on the stairs of the playground.

Peter came and stood in front of her.

“C’mere,” she said, reaching her arms out until Peter walked towards her. She gripped his shoulders and turned him around so his back was to her. Her arms wrapped down around his neck and Peter smiled.

You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.” she muttered, leaning her head forward and doing so. Peter laughed.

“Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?” he teased, his head turning to look at her smiling face. At this, she leaned her head down and pressed her lips to his. Peter pulled back and pressed a quick kiss to the tip of her nose.

She rested her chin back on top of his head and stared out at the skyline of the city.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured.

“Not as beautiful as you,” he retorted. A slight heat rose to her cheeks and she smiled, kissing the top of his head. One of Peter’s hands reached up to hers, pulling one free from its entanglement with the other.

Their fingers linked together like it was second nature and Peter leaned back into her.

I like the way your hand fits in mine.” he commented, pressing chaste kisses to her knuckles. A slight giggle left her mouth and a stronger heat painted her cheeks.

She moved her head so it was parallel with his and tilted it to press a lingering kiss to his cheek.

“You’re my whole world,” her lips brushed against his ear as she spoke. This time it was Peter’s cheeks that flared.

“You’re an angel,” he whispered. She smiled and rested her chin on his head once more.

“This is nice being the tall one for once,” she said and Peter laughed.

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” he retorted and she laughed. Her head moved so her nose was nestled in his chestnut hair. A content smile spread across her lips as she took in the scent of his shampoo.

“I love you,” she said, kissing his head again.

Peter smiled, “I love you most, darling.”

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Heyyoo! I’m finally back from my break and am in a much better place! Tho there will be a few new things I’m going to be adding to this blog~ For one I’ve decided that I’m going to start a YouTube channel for speed paints! i loved streaming so much and the people who stopped by seemed to enjoy watching my drawing process. Every week I will put up a poll for what i should draw in my speed paints! It will be options from a large range of fandoms as well as ocs if you are all interested in that! On another note i am currently working on merch designs to open up a red bubble account!  will be selling Steven universe and Undertale merch as well as personal designs. I’m really excited for everything to come and I’ve been doing a lot of planning and hope you all enjoy it when it is all ready! Oh! one more thing With every Ko-fi I will be responding with a character of choice!  ALRIGHT THAT’S ENOUGH RAMBLING FROM ME I’M SO GLAD TO BE BACK AND I HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAPPY TO HAVE ME BACK! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO STUCK AROUND EVEN WHEN I WAS INACTIVE AND TO THOSE WHO JOINED THE CREW WHILE I WAS GONE. LOTS OF LOVE!

                                                    -Tiddo <3+*


“Long time no see, stranger.”

Tia jerked in shock; she hadn’t realised that someone else had come into the room, and her face flushed with shame at the thought of being caught dancing to her music. Alone. In her room. Where she didn’t worry about which way her elbows went or how out of tune her singing was.

“Don’t look so mad!” Ollie laughed. “It’s just me. I’ve seen you do weirder things.”

“Still!” Tia snapped, but she wasn’t mad - it was true, after all. Ollie had seen her covered in her own vomit, or that time she face-planted in the mud… yeah, this had nothing on some of those other times.

Ollie shoved her hands in her pockets and cocked her head a little. “Thought I’d pop in. Y’know, you’ve been busy with your mom ever since she got back from space an’ all… I haven’t been over since your birthday and I actually kinda miss taking the piss outta you.”

Tia frowned deeply, scrunching up her nose and watching as Ollie snickered behind her hand. Then, without any warning whatsoever, Tia bounded across the room and threw herself into her friend’s arms. “Yeah, well, I missed you and your stupid bald head too!”

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More palette things: Ford and Mabel doing something silly in 'sodas and skateboards?'

Improvised band with lots and lots of glitter! :D 

Don’t worry Ford I’m sure the glitter will be easy to remove…maybe, you love it anyway

(Palette Challenge) (Please don’t send more!) 


Title: Beautiful

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: Smutty smut smut. Oh, and a little bit of fluff.  

A/N: This is for Steph’s 300 Follower Challenge! Congrats to the magnificent @srj1990! My prompt was the song “Sick Like Me” by In This Moment. So, here it is! (GIF not mine)

Castiel’s eyes immediately locked on you and he busted through the motel room door, his tied already hanging loosely from his neck. The top buttons of his shirt were completely missing, hinting at his desperation. He needed to get it out, the hunt, the failure. He needed you.

He had always been subservient to the Winchesters, even if he hadn’t realized it, always coming at their every beck and call. When Dean prayed, he answered, always ready to serve. He had even put his own existence on the line for those two men, and he would for the rest of his life. They were his family.

But there was a secret side to the angel, a side that begged to lead. To command. It was borderline destructive. And the only human who truly benefited from that side was you.

Cas slammed the door behind you, not caring that the brothers were just a few doors down. His blue eyes darkened with lust as he gazed upon you, ready and waiting for him. He rushed towards your naked form, finally ripping his loosened tie from his neck and discarding it onto the floor. You sat on the edge of the bed, your gaze locked onto his.

His hand lowered, gripping the hair at the back of your head. “Stand,” he commanded as he lifted you to your feet. You groaned at the sweet burn from his grip.

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I’m close to 4,000 followers! Thank You!!!

Pick a location from the list of destinations below the cut. And that’s where your summer vacation will take place! 


1. You don’t have to be following me but it would be awesome ;)

2. It needs to be about a summer trip in your chosen destination.

3. Reader insert only. This time around just - Dean, Jensen, Sam or Jared.

4. Fluff, Smut, Angst, etc. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Minimum word count - 1,000. No maximum. It can be a one shot or the beginning of a new series. Please use the Keep Reading feature.

6. Fics will be due: Sunday, Oct 1st

- Please tag me and Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge so I can reblog/comment. I don’t want to miss anything!


Send me an ASK with:

– The number of the destination you choose and which character you pick. Include a backup in case it’s taken.

**If you want to substitute a town/city let me know in your ASK. For example: San Diego, CA is on the list but you’d rather Los Angeles, CA.

Please no messages or comments if you want to participate. Ask only! It’s easier to keep track. Thanks :)

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