for the challenge

Mon coeur

Claire and Jamie’s reaction to Fergus calling them Mother and Father.

It was just a regular weekday when he actually said it to them for the first time. He had finished his chores and homework when some of the tenants’ boys asked if he could play shinty. He looked to Claire hopefully for an answer and when she gave him a slight nod he raced away after giving her a peck on the cheek.

Merci, Maman! I promise to return by sunset!” he chirped. He ran off and her heart burst with joy.

All through supper that night Fergus and Jamie talked about everything shinty while Claire beamed at their interactions. When the young man yawned Jamie shooed him upstairs with promises of making his own stick the following day.

Oui, Papa. I will hold you to it!”

Jamie wrapped his arm around his wife with a wink to her and a nod to Fergus.

“That’s a good lad, mon fils. Isn’t he Claire?”

“Oh, most definitely.” she murmured.

ohhhhhh myyy god imagine steve recording that captain america’s fitness challenge video for school kids and he’s actually kind of excited because he wants for people to be energetic and healthy and tony just rags on him for it and mimics the whole back straight one finger wagging movement for every time steve tries to get the team to do training because of course tony was there when the video was filmed for “pr reasons” but really just to watch steve. just imagine how much it actually took to even get that one video filmed and steve doing the Forehead of Disappointment™ and being like “this is why they pick me to do this stuff”