for the beloved haters

Reading the anger of these JD haters over this news is GIVING. ME. LIFE.

I am taking their tears, mixing them in a golden fucking chalice, drinking it and gaining strength, power and beauty from their unjustified and completely illogical anger.

Read it and weep, haters 👋🏻

anonymous asked:

Sam, I don't think Camila is going to use 'only told the moon' on her album, that song is one of those that Camila did in 2014 like 'Cinderella' and 'Cozy Dolla Bill$'. She took a song that already existed and changed the lyrics in this case was 'I love the way you lie part 2' by Rihanna, so I don't think she can use it at least not like this, she can use the lyrics but would have to change the music or there would be a lawsuit and accusations of lack of originality by her beloved haters.

Yes I know it was a 2014 based song, one of the said ‘shitty demos’ she used to do back then. Why I said that she might put ‘only told the moon’ on the album was because i saw a snap where camila showed us the Audacity software she was working on, and I saw “..Only Told..’ in the upper left corner which shows the name of the song that’s saved/ being worked on. OH AND taking the song and changing the lyrics is called sampling and is completely fine, in fact, half of the songs on 7/27 were sampled. Bad Things was sampled as well

“Yo, viewers, it’s Nino A.Cesaire reporting live from Auradon! I’ll be bringing you all the scoops while I live here- Is there magic? Are the Isle kids as bad as haters say? Will we catch a glimpse of my beloved Queen Bee? Find out soon!” She said, before ending the video and whirling around. “Nino’s in the house! Can anyone tell me where my peeps are? Cameron, Kameko, Emma… Vivi?” She asked, joy lighting up her features. “ I’m so stoked to be here!”

Dear Ship-Haters,

Please stay the hell away from my beloved, precious tag. Seriously. If you don’t like something, than PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t tag your hate with that ship’s name cause I’m sick and tired of feeling attacked while happily browsing tumblr. Thank you.

Oxymoronic - If there’s anything in life I hate it’s haters
—  Oxymoronic

Well that didn’t quite work.  It was intended to be a play on the moronic and possibly even ironic aspect of me hating haters.  Turns out it’s a word as is oxymoronically.  I’m sure we’re all just dying to use one of them in our writing soon, but back to hate.  Along with stupid it’s one of the two words I most strongly dislike in our beloved language, but maybe it’s the “haters” who need our love most of all.  Originally this post was simply supposed to be some slightly humorous random thoughts racing through my mind this afternoon, but I was just reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Dr King.  “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.  Be a light, be a lover. Goodnight my friends.