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[FA] AlternateUniverse;

Where Jeon Jeongguk, the most popular kid in school, captain of the basketball team, only wear all black clothing all the time, AND number 1 the color pink hater

Dyed his hair pink highlights after his beloved boyfriend whom he love with all of his black heart told him that they would look cute together with pink highlights, and that’s just literally how whipped he is for Kim Taehyung.

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What is sharia law? I'm Muslim and non-Muslims always throw this in my face but I really don't understand it and it makes me feel awkward like I don't really know anything about my religion. What do I say when they ask me about the prophets marriage with a six year old?

If you don’t know anything about your religion, you should try your best to learn, as it is fardh for every muslim to seek knowledge…


Shariah is basically every law/ruling that deals with Islam, from public matters like crime, politics, finance, morals to more personal matters like marriage, prayer, hygiene, modesty. 

Non-muslims like to throw it in peoples faces, but they don’t even understand Shariah properly. Even I dont, and I’m a muslim. To understand it, we must study it… to be able to say “this is not right according to Shariah” is something that must be studied, just like how you study to be a doctor or a lawyer.

You wont go inside an operation theatre and tell a surgeon how to conduct brain surgery, just because you read an article on google about how the brain works. Its complex, and rulings (Fatwas) are given by scholars.

Unfortunately many non-muslims get the idea of what Shariah is by what they see in the media and bogus websites set-up by wannabe muslims that post Qur’an ayahs completely out of context.

Thats why we should refer to scholars when searching for rulings.

Unlike books of law which have case studies and precedence to refer to, Shariah doesn’t have a proper book, as it is derived from Qur’an and Sunnah. So in essence, to understand Shariah first, one has to study the Qur’an and Hadith.

As for the marriage of Prophet ﷺ to A’isha رضي الله عنها, her age of marriage has only recently become something for non-Muslims to slander him ﷺ with. These people that attack his ﷺ marriage, do so because they want to destroy his character. They can’t find anything to say about Islam so they turn on him. This is nothing new, it is a tactic that these folk use to defame peoples character, for the purpose of winning arguments. We’ve seen this in recent times, they did the same with Malcolm X, they even did the same with Mike Brown and Eric Garner, they’ve done it to their own celebrities. You’ll see it alot, when someone is in the media that has accomplished good, there’s always a dog of a journalist trying to dig out dirt to defame him/her and tarnish their character.

During the time of Prophet ﷺ, he had much more fierce enemies, enemies that wanted to kill him, enemies that would abuse him, left, right and centre… Yet not one of them said anything about His ﷺ marriage to A’isha رضي الله عنها. For over 1400 years haters of Islam have slandered our beloved Prophet ﷺ, yet it is only recently that its become an issue. 

It’s also interesting to know that marriage laws in western countries were MUCH lower only a couple of hundred years ago, than they are now. We could go much deeper and write paragraphs discussing her age, and many have but those people that want to hate, wont change their views about islam. Their views aren’t driven by fact and context, but hatred. 

Regardless of her age, they make it look like A’isha رضي الله عنها was weak because of her marriage, they make it look like she was a victim, when in fact she رضي الله عنها was a scholar of Islam within her own right. She was the first female scholar of Islam, The Sahabah رضي الله عنهم went to her when they wanted advice on Islam after Prophet ﷺ had passed, and she alone narrated over 2200 hadith, respectively. She was a leader of Islam, she is the mother of the Believers.

May Allah continue to elevate the ranks of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ, The Mother of the Believers رضي الله عنها and all the other Sahabah رضي الله عنهم who get slandered by the haters. Ameen


Why would we give the fans a nice panel , something to cheer about , kindly answer their questions, when we can alienate and disrespect the actor who plays one of the most beloved characters, feed the haters and upset a large portion of our audience ?
SPN: Turning fans against each other, unleashing fandom wars : The family business

I’m getting real tired of the shit that’s going around our fandom at the moment. We have some fairly rude characters hiding behind the the false sense of security - a screen and a nameless voice.

Why is it that people feel compelled to hate on others for what they do? Their artwork is not good? Their writing is not to your taste?

Don’t be that fucking prick and make a scene about it.

There are plenty of others who love the works that you feel compelled to hate on. The number of people in adoration over the work vastly outnumber you haters.

Only you have your beloved “anon,” don’t you?
You make loads of hate all from your one tiny brain. I’m surprised you have the knowledge to string so many unkind things together.
You make one person look like one hundred people, all against the person who’s time and effort “offend” you.

So do us all a favour, you cowards.
Don’t continue using the tricks we know you pull. Don’t go around spewing hate from your fingertips, and hide behind a nameless voice.
There are ways we can find you.
There are ways we can stop you.

There are people we rise with, friends, fellow writers and artists.
We know your tricks, and it’s time you fucking stopped.

It’s time to rise against the other people who seek to put us down. We have to make them know we will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.
Not now, not ever.
We are the fandom with so many wonderful talents. So many people have such brilliant talents, creative minds, but above all we are a fandom that can stick together when we need to.
So we will, because I sure as hell know I’m not the only one who thinks that this is sick and twisted.

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There’s a h8r on Twitter, SBT@lk, 😡 that has been trying to convince [herself] every season that ⚡️ratings are going to ⬇️ because of WA 🙄Although ratings have shown to tick ⬆️ when they’ve been the center of an episode. All shows ratings tend to ⤵️ over time, but⚡️overall has the ⬆️ ratings on the CW. S3 ratings are 3.86 which is ⬇️ than S2, but not by much (-0.28). It is ranked 15:20 of the most watched shows in the 🌎 and placed ⬆️ than both Err0w+SPN. SG+LOT+RD didn’t even make the list.

A gradual decrease in ratings as time progresses is fairly common for a network series. It has nothing to do with WestAllen being in a relationship. There’s a reason Barry and Iris were named runner-up Best Romantic TV Couple in 2016 by TV Line and there’s a reason why Jon Stewart threatened the writers had better not kill Iris. Barry and Iris are beloved by viewers and critics alike. Those haters can continue to delude themselves. 

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I think that we Clara fans should not be deceived when others claim that her character was unpopular. If that were the case Clara would have been pushed out of DW after S7. She would not have dominated S8, often receiving more screentime than Capaldi himself. We wouldn't have seen all the drama about whether JC would stay on for S9. Most importantly, ITV would not have chosen Jenna to headline their biggest show.

Hear, hear! Earlier today I saw some very negative comments about Clara and Jenna on a Den of Geek comments thread (I won’t link but it was under their advance review of this weekend’s episode). Jenna is popular and Clara is popular. I’ve seen non-trivial media (ie. non-tabloid) use the term “beloved” in referring to them. Haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna love, too!

Negan - F Bomb

Negan - F Bomb

Warning: Cussing. A bit of smut.

Hello Tumblr World. I wanted to talk to you all about a certain handsome, charmer, badass, foul mouth guy. Some of you love him and some of you hate him, but we either way we all still can’t help but watch him at work. I’m talking about none other than Negan, the proud leader of the Saviors. 

Now some of you have read my work and read other’s work, involving this amazing character. When he first came out and I don’t mean on TV, but when he was announce that he was going to be brought to life by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we were super excited.

Originally posted by latenightseth

A course, we all started writing fanfictions with Negan in it. Yes, some of us wrote about him before he was announce because we read the comics. Any ways, we all started to fall more in love with Negan, the more we heard and saw him.

Then when he hit our TVs, he did get some haters because he killed two of your beloved characters. That sucks, but it’s part of the story and it helps draw us more into the show. It also draws us more towards the Negan character, rather cause you still loved him or just hated him, you wanted to watch him.

Then came on the of biggest conflict, that was brought on by episode 2. Was Negan a rapist? A course, a lot of us Negan fanfic writers had to deal with Anons messaging us and saying we were sick puppies for writing about Negan.

If you ever read the comics, it actual shows you that Negan has a one rule that he sticks to no matter what “No means no.” I know, I know, he’s bit of a horn dog and he has a bunch of wives. I’m not going to get into that, since that has been talked about and is now over with. 

If you want more details about that, please read the comics and they show away more than what the show is showing right now at this moment. You can  go online and order them from amazon, if you don’t have a comic store near by.

What I really wanted to talk about is what I received in my ask box this morning. Soon as I saw it was from Anon and it dealt with Negan, my first thought was….

I was expecting it to be one of those messages saying I shouldn’t write about Negan because the rapist/not rapist conflict. But what I got is a message that I usually get whenever I post a Negan story. The one thing, people seem to dislike about my stories and that one thing is, his cussing.

Originally posted by dayldixon

Nope, I’m not joking follow Negan lovers. I get messages saying that they like my stories, but they think I make Negan cuss way too much. They say, I know he says “fuck” a lot, but I don’t think he says “fuck” in every sentence, let alone several times in a sentence.

Now, when I see messages like this, I want to be a smart ass. I want to reply back saying, “You know something, I think your right. Maybe he doesn’t say fuck several times in a sentence.” Then attach this gif to my statement:

Originally posted by horroroftruant

Sometimes I just want to be mean about it. “Get out of here with that shit Anon.” 

Then there’s times I just to go all Negan status on their asses. I just want say, “It’s my fucken story and I’ll fucken write it the way I fucken want to.”

But like always, I end up messing back saying: “I’m glad you like the story and for his cussing….

 I’ll try to tone it down.” Which believe it or not, I have. But today, I’m just tired of saying sorry for writing Negan the way I do. I strongly believe he does cuss a lot and hell, I’m not the only one that thinks that. 

There are plenty of Negan lovers out there, both readers and writers that love Negan cussing up a storm. I actually talked to a few of them today about Negan’s cussing and the messages I get about it. 

A couple said, talk shit right back and other’s said drop it and that it’s okay. But one said maybe they don’t know how Negan is because they may have not read the comics. 

You know something, they have a point. Maybe there Anons only seen the edit version of Negan on TV, not the unedited version of Negan on Blue Ray and Negan from the comics. So when Negan does cuss the way he does in my stories or other people’s stories, they are taken back by it. So I think it’s time I tell you a little about Negan.

Now Negan, he can be a bit of an ass at times, not going to lie. He comes in, lines people up, kills one person and walks out with half of their shits. Then he pretty much makes everyone his bitch. But, what people don’t see is why he does what he does.

He is a leader and as a leader, you got to do a lot of things you don’t want to do. Sometimes you got to take a life here and there to make sure your people are safe. Negan does what he does to maintain order among his people, the way he does that, is with fear. Some thing he does with other groups, he uses fear to make them stay in line. Now I know that’s fucked up, but Negan doesn’t see there is any other way.

As for his cussing, that is part of Negan’s characteristics. Negan is actually a charmer, well spoken, seductive, protective, and funny guy. I know it doesn’t seem that way, because he drops F Bombs like there’s no tomorrow. But if you really think about it, this man’s cussing can be pretty damn sexy.

Let’s face it, we all want a man that can man handle us and talk dirty to us and Negan, he’s that man. He can whisper in your ear and say, “Baby doll, once I slide this dick into you, your not going to fucken want any other. I’ll have those fucken sexy legs of your shaking for days. You’ll scream my name so fucken loud, everyone will fucken know I own this pussy.” Bam, panties just dropped.

Originally posted by marythenurse

Plus him adding cussing when he threaten someone sounds a lot better than without it. 

Threat without cussing, “ I’m going to take Lucille here and beat you to death, if you don’t stand down now and give us your supplies!”

Threat with cussing: “I’m going to take Lucille here and I’m going to fucken beat you to fucken death, if you fuckers don’t fucken stand down now and give us half of your fucken shit!” 

I don’t know about you, but the cussing sounded away better. 

Originally posted by dayldixon

As for the charming part, you can be charming while you still cuss. “Doll, I got to fucken say, your are the most fucken gorgeous woman that walked this earth. You are so caring, lovely, funny, brave, and fucken amazing in the sack.” He winks at you and makes you blush. “I don’t know how a fuck up like me got a fine ass woman like you doll, but I’m glad you saw pass all my fucken bullshit. I’m glad you see me for who I fucken really am, a man with a fucken foul mouth, but would do fucken anything for you.”

Also cussing while being protective adds more emotion into it. “Babe I don’t fucken care how many of those dead fucks are out there. I’ll fucken die before I fucken let anything happen to you. I will fucken die for you babe because I love you. I told you a long fucken time ago, I’ll do anything for you. If that fucken means I die today for you, then baby doll, I’ll fucken go down with a smile on my face. Because, I know I’ll be fucken be dying for the woman I fucken love. And I got to fucken say doll, that’s not a fucken bad way to go.”

His cussing or anyone’s cussing for that matter, makes what they say have more of an impact. It adds passion to it in a way, because one usually cusses when they are getting into what they are saying. It draws others into what that person says and makes them want to listen. 

When Negan talks, you want to listen to him. He can be saying the most stupid shit, but you’ll still be laughing your ass off while you listen to him. He just has a way with his words that we just can’t help but want to hear more from him.

 I know your thinking, I still don’t buy it. I don’t think he cusses that much. If you don’t believe, check out the unedited blue ray version. Also here are a couple of the comic strips of Negan cussing up a storm.

I know this post maybe sound like I’m talking shit to Anon that message me this morning or any in the past, but I really am not. I just wanted to show you guys, why I write Negan in a certain way. I write him the way I believe he really is and I really believe he cusses like a damn sailor. I really do feel he cusses that way, because he really doesn’t a fuck what people think of it. He does what he wants to do and what he wants to do, is fucken cuss.

So, I’m going to keep writing Negan the way I want to write him. After all, this is Tumblr. It’s a site to make up your own stories, make your own characters or use characters that exist. Either way, you can write them the way you want them to be. The way I’m going to write Negan, is him being one badass mother fucker that cusses five ways to mother fucken Sunday. 

With that said, I hope you guys have a wonderful morning/night. If you celebrate thanksgiving, have a happy thanksgiving. Feel free to comment, add, reblog, or whatever you want. I’ll see you guys around, much love like always. I’m out.

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10 Defining Moments in Female Potterdom

Harry Potter is for everyone, but female Potter fans know that between all the action and adventure, our girl J.K put in some stuff that was just for the ladies (well, to be more accurate, for anyone who likes fashion and/or is sexually interested in men. J.K Lolling does not discriminate.)


1) The Yule Ball

Any gal who read Harry Potter in her adolescence like I did knows that it’s right around book four when you start thinking, “yeah all this magic and friendship stuff is nice, but when are things going to get sexy?” Luckily for us, our girl J.K was right there to provide us with the frilly dress robes and making-out-in-bushes that we needed to fuel our budding sexuality. 

2) Finding out Tom Riddle was Hot

It’s easy to hate an evil snake faced maniac that speaks in falsetto, but what if that evil snake faced maniac used to be a smokin’ hot teen orphan? And what if that teen orphan would totally flirt with you just to get his paws on your sweet old magical relics? And thusly, like Hepzibah Smith before them, female Potter fans were taken in by the handsome young Tom Riddle and all of fanfiction exploded. 

3) The Tragedy of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin

J.K Rowling can be, for lack of a better term, a nasty bitch. First she introduces us to a Patronus-changing, species-bending love between two of everyone’s favorite characters, throws a baby in the mix, and then takes it all away right before our very eyes. And for this, Jo, you shall never be forgiven.

4) When Rupert Grint Got Muscular

While Daniel Radcliffe remains small enough to have played Dobby himself, you would be hard pressed to find a female Potter fan who didn’t notice that around movie 6 Rupert Grint traded in his Hogwarts robes for a muscle tee and started making out with everything. Who knew getting on the Quidditch team could do a man so much good? Bloody hell. Weasley is our king, ladies. Weasley is our king all day long.

5) Draco Malfoy, in General. 

Ladies, by show of hands let’s see who here has written (or imagined) a fanfiction starring Draco Malfoy and an OC (that was supposed to be you) or Hermione (who is acting a whole lot like you) in which Draco is forever changed by love and becomes a good guy? 

Now let’s check to see who has raised their hand. Oh, everyone? 100% of Potter fans interested in the male gender have done this? 

I rest my case. 

6) Snily

If I was going to be totally open and honest, I would say that there have been times in my life where a man I’m interested in has blown me off or treated in a way that most people would describe as “disrespectful” or “being a total fucking dickhead.” If I was going to be even more honest, I would say that often during those times I will grab my copy of Deathly Hallows and read The Prince’s Tale through tears and ice cream and cookies and promise myself that I will never settle for less than a man who’s lifelong unrequited love for me has served as his only motivation for living.

If I was going to be super, super, unflinchingly honest, I would say that this has happened within the last 24 hours. But I’m not being that honest today. 

7) “I am good-looking enough for the both of us, I theenk!”

I put this on the list as less of a discussion and more of a promise that one day, dear readers, I will find a way to say this to a boy and it will be glorious. 

8) How to Lose a Guy in One Day: The Cho Chang Disaster

J.K Rowling did us ladies a huge solid by putting Cho Chang in the books to show us exactly how not to act. It’s difficult to think of a character who fucked up harder than Cho Chang. You could have had it all, bitch! You could have been dating The Boy Who Lived! Instead you made a fool of yourself by breaking rule number one of dating (never cry in public) and now you’re stuck with the shitty ghost of Edward Cullen forever. Also, basically everyone hates you. 

9) Dat Wedding Tho…

This is my best approximation of how I felt while reading about Bill and Fleur’s wedding: !!@#!$!*Y(**&%$### FLEUR’S BEAUTY IS RADIATING THROUGH THE CROWD @@@&^%^$#@*** OMG VIKTOR KRUM IS THERE #@!!!!#$%^^&*( GINNY’S CLEAV!!!!SHE’S SHOWING CLEAV!!! $%#%&*()) RON IS DANCING WITH HERMIONE!!!! &&^%%#!!!!$$% THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY—-God dammit Death Eaters fucking ruin everything. 

10) Hot Neville

Oh, Hot Neville, how none of us saw you coming. Oh dear, dear, wonderful Hot Neville, how truly great a thing you are. Sometimes, ladies, we are given an unexpected gift and it is only right for us to acknowledge those times when they do happen.

Let us all take a moment of silence and thank The Universe for the gift of Hot Neville and for the fact that our daughters and granddaughters will grow up in a world where contraception is covered by their health care provider and the Nevilles are always hot. 

Honorable Mention: Gay Dumbledore 

This gets honorable mention because, while it was never explored in the books or the movies, J.K Rowling announcing that Dumbledore was gay is one of the most badass awesome dope-as-hell things that could have happened and we should all be proud of our girl J.K for saying f you to the haters and making one of the most beloved characters of all time a big gay wizard. Hell yeah. 

Soriel Shipping Positivity

So I was browsing the Soriel tag this morning, and…

There’s an anon that really has the answer, guys. Not the rude response to them, but the concept of their ask: Positivity.

Who cares who is hating on Soriel or doesn’t like it? Let them. Because guess what? Soriel is widely-beloved ship by many. It doesn’t matter how many haters it has. It doesn’t matter who dislikes it or posts anti-ship stuff in the tag.

Shipping is freedom. You can ship whatever you want, you can ship whatever AU you want, and let your creativity and imagination run wild. No one can hold you back but yourself. Remember that. These anti posts don’t mean a thing and if people want to waste their time doing it, let them! Don’t message them. Don’t give them even a moment of your time. Because they do not matter. What they say doesn’t matter. What they do doesn’t matter. They want to get you down. They want to discourage you. They want you to feel unwelcome. Don’t give them what they want.

I propose that we do just what this anon suggested: Fill the Soriel tag with nice things. Positive art, fic, even just random text posts. Spread the love, not the hate.

Life is too short to be negative or worry about people who try to put you or the things you love down. Ship loud and ship proud. We are a community who can support each other. This behavior shouldn’t be driving people away or discouraging anyone. It should do the opposite: bring us closer together. We’re stronger together. And our shared positivity and love for this wonderful pairing will only shine all the brighter that way.

5 Ways Arrow Can Redeem Itself in S5B

Last night’s episode of Arrow was titled “What We Leave Behind.”  I thought it would be referencing Oliver and our other favorite characters letting go of the past and growing to face the challenges ahead together. Unfortunately, it’s become an accurate description of me as a viewer. I never thought I’d be so relieved that it’s finally hiatus, but I am. I need a break from the show that I once adored and now can barely recognize. The mid-season finale is usually an indicator of where the writers will be taking the rest of the season and after last night, I’m not sure it’s for me anymore. If you’re a fan who loved 5A, then I’m happy for you. Personally, I can’t wait to delete it from my DVR because I’ve hated it that much. If you don’t want to read any criticism about it, then I suggest you stop reading this now because I have a lot of things to say about what I think went wrong this first half of the season.  

To those that are sticking around, I’ve been holding off on writing this post because I wanted to see how 5x09 played out.  I was looking for something to give me hope in this episode, but I didn’t find it.  I took the night to let it process and woke up feeling worse about it. So that’s where I’m at, and it’s just not a good place to be. This list I’ve made highlights all of the major issues I’ve noticed in 5A and how I think the writers can possibly fix them in 5B.  It’s my own personal opinion and I’m, quite frankly, not looking to be convinced or “told” how to interpret it otherwise. I respect others with differing opinions, and so I only ask that I’m extended the same courtesy. Mostly I just need to put voice to my thoughts, so I can get them out and move on. Here we go:

1. Give Felicity Smoak back her agency

Felicity Smoak has become one of the most popular and beloved characters on Arrow. She has her fair share of haters, too, but I’d be willing to bet the positive far outweighs the negative on this front. The entire cast and the writers have said repeatedly that Arrow wasn’t Arrow until she came along. That they couldn’t do this show without her. 

Originally posted by smoakgifs

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“Yo, viewers, it’s Nino A.Cesaire reporting live from Auradon! I’ll be bringing you all the scoops while I live here- Is there magic? Are the Isle kids as bad as haters say? Will we catch a glimpse of my beloved Queen Bee? Find out soon!” She said, before ending the video and whirling around. “Nino’s in the house! Can anyone tell me where my peeps are? Cameron, Kameko, Emma… Vivi?” She asked, joy lighting up her features. “ I’m so stoked to be here!”

Haters logic about Steroline

Haters: Steroline is incest!

Steroliners: WTF?!?! Are you serious?!?!

Haters: Steroline is forced!

Steroliners: Yeah, he was also forced when he protected her many times before, also when he died for her… and she was forced to be always there for him.

Haters: Stefan is being guilt-tripped by Caroline!

Steroliners: Seems like you don’t know Stefans character well.

Haters: Caroline is manipulating Stefan!

Steroliners: LOL?! How excatly?! He has his own will and is there for her by his own will. Stop writing such bs.

Haters: Caroline should be with Klaus because he’ll treat her the way she deserves!

Steroliners: LOL?!?! You mean when he attacked her and her beloved ones?! Killed Tylers Mom?! Really?! Find some logic, haters!

Haters: Stefan will always be in love with Elena!

Steroliners: He has already moved on and a while ago Plec herself wrote, that he’s moving on.

Haters: Stefan’s feelings for Caroline are platonic!

Steroliners: What show do you actually watch?! Watch it again!

Paul Wesley: He really cares about her. He really loves her. That’s not even a question. That’s never really something that he doubts.

Steroliners: Thank you, Captain!


Steroliners: …


DON’T MISS CHRIS COLFER’S EPISODE, Old Dog, New Tricks THIS MAY 6th GUYS. Let’s do this for him, the episode WILL be amazing, I trust this guy with my life, he’ll do a better job than RIB, we all know it. Even the Chris Haters have to admit that shit, so move your beloved butts, go to your fucking TV and WATCH IT. You won’t regret it, EVEN THE STAR WARS FANS, COME ON! Let’s do this guys.

I’m broken. Proud as hell but broken.

I love Felicity Smoak. She does not accept Oliver being anything but the good person he is. Anything else is unacceptable to her. This has always been the case and it’s the reason she’s beloved. So haters can fuck the fuck off because that last scene is exactly why Oliver needs her. She keeps him grounded. She kicks him in the ass when he’s being an idiot. She challenges him.

God I love Felicity Smoak so goddamn much.

I'm so proud with my fellow SasuSaku fans!

SS fans are clearly the most determined, clever and strong-willed people just like Sakura and Sasuke. We neither back down nor accept defeat in the face of all the haters out there. We are one on defending our beloved OTP. And I strongly believed that we don’t have ships but we have an…

Thank you for defending SS all throughout. I’m so happy with all those people trying their very best for SS. This only shows how you really love our OTP. And you guys deserve all the hugs in the world for being wonderful like our OTP. You guys are the best!

Thank you again fellow SS fans. Our ship sailed successfully! Sasuke and Sakura are now happy!

Again, thank you also to Kishimoto-sensei for making SasuSaku happened. You are the greatest!

I’m dead, guys. I’m dead. I can’t compute. 

External image

All our efforts, all our determination and endurance to shuffle though unwanted hate and harassment from anti-Ward protesters, the tear-jerking and mind exploding (but, above all, very impressive) meta, the gif sets and manips. All of us, the dedicated fans and shippers, have come together and created this family, this community where we know who we are, and can recognize a fellow defender, who we backed up on multiple occassions, fighting a good fight -and nothing was in vain, because you know what? We did something amazing. 

External image

We sent our message to the fandom, and directly to Brett Dalton, who received our wonderful StandWithWard poster, made beautifully by the dedicated defender msdevindanielle. He was blown away. We sent one of our own wanderingrookie (aka Lily, my precious partner with grantwarddefenseleague, along with asidefromthenorm) and she earned a lifetime experience that she 100% deserves. We have a video, and that face - the face is exactly why we do what we do. 

Not only that, standwithward earned a shoutout from Brett. He acknowledge the wonderful movement via twitter after verbally pointing it out on the panel. That’s two times! Not onces, two! 

And if it wasn’t perfect enough, we have confirmed Skyeward news that Skyeward does in fact LOVE each other. They dropped the LOVE bomb. Not only that, Chloe Bennet -our beloved captain -not only deterred haters from attacking Ward’s character, she fucking defended him like the precious jewel she is. 

Today has been a good day, and that’s an understatement. 

Personal shout-out to my dream team: 

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aislingyngaio-maos, aavonleahollyedolly, ladytodd, Lily, of course, but you’re already tagged, my dear ;) antoinetriplett, skyewward, skyewardsstan, hi-everyone-this-is-anna, ezriela, afganivesperass-anuna, astrid-v, v23474, doom-overlord, webothsoldit and marysuepoots. While there are so many more, like nathyfaith, eveningspirit, kat2107, punmasterbrett, agentromanofff, fighthehurricane, phantomroxas, lerelene, daxcat79, agent-penguinduck, .. I could go on forever, because this team grew from something small to something significant - a force that proved time to time again we’re something to be reckoned with. I started knowing only a few, taking from their examples, and then we all somehow crafted this wonderful community of supporters who not only support Ward but each other. 

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I don’t want this to turn sappy. This has been a great day to celebrate. We should be proud of ourselves! We did something great! We worked tirelessly and we earned these results. We earned this. We’ll share this moment of victory! 

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My advice from this point now that we hit this mark? Don’t stop. Keep doing your thing. As Kevin G would say,