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Sunlight lights the freckles on Dean Winchester’s nose. They always get more obvious in spring, and Castiel loves it. He likes the little brown sprinkles covering Dean’s nose and cheeks, going perfect with the bright green of his eyes. Dean doesn’t see him staring, he’s focusing on his homework.

Castiel, who is normally the one to be concentrated, keeps looking at Dean next to him. It was a perfect day to sit outside, so they decided to get their boring work out and lay on the grass in Castiel’s garden.

It smells like spring; flowers and warm sunlight, just warm enough so they don’t have to wear jackets. Dean’s barefoot, his toes playing with the soft grass. Cas smiles when he sees it, then quickly returns to his work.

“They think we can like… stop time or something,” Dean complains and nods at the pile of books with him. “How are we going to finish this in one weekend?”

“We don’t,” Cas huffs. “And then we fail all our classes, get kicked out of school and go live out on the street.”
Dean’s laugh is as bright as the sun that’s currently creating speckles of light peaking through the leaves of the trees.

“Oh man, y’know what?” Dean softly pokes Cas’ bare arm. “As long as we’re homeless together, I’m cool.”

Cas smiles and quickly turns to his work so Dean doesn’t see him blush.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

They work for a while, exchanging questions and answers as time passed.

“Ugh,” Dean groans and rolls on his back, leaving his work next to him. “I’m dead.”

“Condolences.” Cas says and smiles as well when he hears Dean’s happy laughter. He puts his pen down again, too. He lays on his stomach and starts picking daisies, carefully, and begins to thread them together.

“Whatcha doin’, Chuckles?” Dean asks. He’s closed his eyes and lets the sun warm his skin.

“Surprise.” Cas smiles.

“If you’re trying to feed a bee again, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Bees are very important creatures, Dean, and I wasn’t feeding it.” Castiel continues his thread of flowers, making it longer until he can create a crown.

“You were guiding it to the biggest flowers. I call that feeding.”

Cas finished of the crown and shifted over to Dean.

“Don’t move.” He gently places the crown on Dean’s hair. “There.”
Dean opens his eyes, smiles when he sees Cas above him.
Cas moves away so Dean can sit up, gently feeling his hair.

“You made me a flower crown?” He asks with surprise. “Dork.”

“It looks great on you, Dean. Very natural.” Castiel says half-joking, half serious.

Dean looks like a fairy, or one of those aesthetic models.

“Yeah, y’know what’s very natural too? Walking around naked with a leaf hiding your dick.”

“Would go great with that crown.” Cas laughs, rolling on his back. Dean chuckles and flops down next to him.

“Oh, you know you wanna see that.” He turns his head and gives Cas a lopsided grin. He grins back.
“Totally. I’ll make sure to take pictures, for later blackmailing.”

Dean playfully pushes against his arm and smiles, turning his face back to the sun.

They lay together in the grass, happily ignoring the books and essays unfinished at their side.
“Cas- have you ever stolen something?”

They always play this game. One of them asks a ‘have you ever’ question, the other answers, then asks a question. The only rule: be honest. It sounds like a lame thing, but it has been helpful to both of them during difficult times, cheering them up.

“No,” Cas says after thinking. “Well… maybe a pen, at school- but never intentional.” He thinks. “Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?”

He could see Dean smile from the corner of his eyes.
“Well- Miss Talbot was pretty hot, but I didn’t have a crush.”

Castiel remembers the teacher they had last year, that got all the guys in awe- except for Cas, who had always been more interested in the handsome science teacher’s biceps.

“Did you ever think about kissing a teacher?”

“Nope,” Cas says proudly, “Did you ever think about… kissing a guy?”

He makes it sound so light, but his throat is closed and itchy.
Dean’s answer takes a while.

“Yeah,” He says softly. “Did you?”

“Yes, plenty.“

Castiel doesn’t know what to ask, but Dean goes first.

“Did you ever think about kissing me?”

When Cas looks to his side, Dean is looking at him. He can’t help but smile because of the flower crown in Dean’s hair and the expecting, nervous look on his sun kissed face.

“Yes.” Cas admits.

“Okay.” Dean seems happy, proud even. “I- uh, kinda thought about that too. Few times.”
He doesn’t look away from Cas, who feels frozen in place. Dean sits up and leans in, a little unsure as he places his hand besides Castiel’s head. “Should we, uh-”

“Yes.” Castiel repeats, but he feels out of breath as Dean’s freckled nose moves closer and Dean lightly bumps it against his.

His lips taste as sweet as the air of spring, filling Cas with colorful butterflies, saturating him with warm happiness. He expectantly leans in and pulls himself closer to Dean, to savor more of those plump lips. Dean’s hand is still next to his head in the grass, his other tracing an invisible line over Cas’ arm.

Castiel’s own hands find a place on his lower back, and Dean smiles against his lips. They pull away. breaths full of each other.

“This okay?” Cas asks, though Dean’s smile says everything.

“Very okay.” Dean hums, already leaning back in.

Castiel now pulls himself up and turns them around, carefully rolling Dean onto his back in the grass and flowers. Dean’s crown is still somehow on his head.

Cas kisses him again and realizes Dean even tastes like nature. Fresh and new and delicate, yet anciently rough and strong. The perfect balance, having Castiel amazed with every new second he kisses and tastes.

He gently takes Dean’s bottom lip before Dean makes a soft sound and takes Cas’ lip in his own, glad to pull him closer, deeper into that feeling they’re so new to.

Maybe spring fever got them both hypnotized, but they forgot about their schoolwork, everything they had to do.
Dean is running his fingers through Castiel’s hair, pulls him close until they’re both completely out of breath. One moment Castiel is on top, testing and trying Dean out, the other moment Dean is hovering over Castiel, careful and hesitant though knowing how to make him surrender.

The spots of sunlight through those leafs create a magical feeling, as if they did stop time and are all alone, with no one else in the world.

Maybe both of them have waited too long for this to end already, maybe they only now realize how much they wanted, they needed this.

It could’ve been hours before Dean softly pulls way one last time, rolling on the grass next to him.

For a moment, he’s quiet, then his fingers reach for Castiel’s.

“I meant it.” He says.

“What?” Cas frowns.

“As long as you’re with me, I wouldn’t mind being homeless.”

Castiel smiles and squeezes Dean’s fingers.
“Even though I agree, I think doing some more homework is a better idea.”
It takes them a little more time to get back to work, but after a while, the books are reopened and they try to focus.
But with their new experiences of each other, the rest of the afternoon isn’t that bad after all.

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anon said : I was the person who asked about requesting ealier but I just have time know to request so - a jungkook scenario where you or him are a waitress at a restaurant/cafe and flirts with the customer (you or jungkook) and then they wait for the place to close and walk you home and stuff?? if that makes sense??

Summary : Sure, you like the coffee at the cafe. But you like the barista working there even more…

Warnings : none

Word Count : 1k+  

Everyday for the past month Jungkook had been watching you. Not in a creepy way. At least, he hoped not in a creepy way…

It’s  just… for the last month you’d frequented the cafe he worked at nearly every day. It had started a rainy Thursday. You’d found shelter in the cafe, cursing yourself for not remembering an umbrella on a day you knew it was going to rain. Jungkook had noticed you standing there, droplets of rain slipping off of your coat and onto the floor and he’d made you a warm cup of tea. He wasn’t sure what kind you’d like, but he’d somehow correctly guessed your favorite tea.

Ever since that day, you’d gone back to the cafe as often as possible and Jungkook had taken note on how often you came in. In all honestly, he was trying the pluck up the courage to ask you on a date. Everyday he’d compliment you or laugh at some dumb joke you told or tell you a dumb joke of his own. The more he got to know you, the more he wished to ask you out.

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Okay, along with this and this, I now have the words “HE”,”HAS”, “BOO”, and “SEND”.

So either James P. Sullivan, or Mike Wazowski, is sending something via Boo.

Maybe there’s more to come, I don’t know.

Or maybe it’s the first follower who disappeared a long time ago, trying to reestablish some form of communication!

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How old are you and what's your favorite tv series?? :)

> My age is one thing I won’t be disclosing actually. But feel free to guess.

> tv series? I do have quite a few that I like but I don’t think I have what I can call a favorite one. Cause believe it or not, I don’t watch that much tv right now. Which also meant, a whole list I should catch up on once I actually felt like watching again.

A Winter’s Ball

A/N: I! Love! This! Request! I’m super excited about this if you couldn’t tell by my overuse of exclamation points! This is my first hamiltime request! :O Sorry to the anon who requested this. They asked me to make it “really angst but with lots of fluff.” …..sorry, dearest, this is straight angst.

Request: may i request an alexander x female! schuyler sisters reader where the reader is the 4th schuyler sister. out of her, angelica, and eliza - reader connects the most with alexander at the winters ball. after the ball and many letters being exchanged, angelica and reader go to london where angelica gets married and reader has a better education. upon reader’s return, she sees that alex and eliza are engaged and alex never mentioned it in his letters!! pls make it rly angsty but w/a lot o fluff

Warnings: angst, historical inaccuracies

Masterlist | Request!

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“I am so excited!” your sister, Eliza, squealed.

“Eliza, there’s a winter ball every year and the same thing occurs every time,” you groaned. “Father’s coworkers’ sons try to sweep us off our feet and fail miserably.”

“Y/N is right, love,” Angelica chimed in.

“Thank you, Angelica for being the voice of reason,” you said and smiled at your older sister.

“I have a feeling it will different this year,” Eliza said hopefully.

“You and me both,” you mumbled under your breath.

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I don't know if i trust in rian even after his comment about he loving luke (jj said he loved han solo but Han's death was JJ's idea). Plus Mark has said, "When I read 8, I told Rian, 'I fundamentally disagree with virtually everything you've decided about my character' I want to be optimist but... idk

That’s the thing, people can love characters but still have weird ideas about where they should go. So like, I don’t doubt that Luke will have a significant role but I’m bracing myself for not liking at least some part of his backstory.

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I agree with your thoughts on Mrs. Suzuki, but I think a better adjective than 'horrible' for her would be that she's utterly selfish, leaving her child in the hands of someone she knows is going to hurt him. The fact that she leaves to protect herself but not her CHILD means she doesn't want to be Responsible, like a parent should. Suzuki is utterly selfish and irresponsible as a parent by fleeing but abandoning her child in a known threatening situation.

yeah selfish is a much better word. She’s straight up fucking selfish. Every action she took. 

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Hey, this is the anon who sent a message about the guy who asked me out. We went back to being "friends" for a while, but he kept asking why I said no dating to him and he eventually snapped into the "I'm a nice guy don't be a bitch and reject me" act. He's been deleted and blocked and I just wanted to thank the people who were giving me advice. I appreciate it.

wow, i’m so sorry, anon. he obviously wasn’t anywhere near a good friend, then. i’m proud of you for tossing him into the garbage. people like that are gross.

// hello !! good day !!! so i noticed we got a few asks which is really, really cool, and i wanted to mention a thing! if anyone is interested in it, the rest of the mods and i have discussed doing a little “field trips” thing !

this would involve us taking the colins and transporting them to another home full of humanizations; and these could either be a blog event or potentially a magic anon deal– granted, the magic anon deal is more flexible, as if you’ve been introduced to other humanizations and learn their nicknames you could send them to the clubhouse for a few asks, haha. however !! whichever option is picked, asks sending in suggestions (or maybe magic anons? who knows, haha.) for which home they should be sent to would be rlly cool !! because we’re all indecisive and silly.

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HEYHEY about the anon asking abt pronouns: im a nb kiddo whos like. Definitely Masculine and i dont mind being called dude/bro/boy/etc. but he/him or any gendered pronouns r like??? a Bad Time for me so i 100% get it tbh

Okay, so I thought we could have a little “vote” thing here (wow that was great English.) From now until Wednesday (April 26th), I thought you guys could send in an ask (anon or not) of who you think Jason Blossom’s killer is. I’ll tally up all the results and release them after the show on Thursday (when we find out who the murderer is). I just thought it’d be fun to see if we could guess the killer.