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How is... Reyna white....?

Never Will I Ever

Summary: You’d waited years to get your soulmark, and when you finally did you realized that you’d never get to meet him.

Word count: 2284

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Genre: Angst with a happy ending

Warnings: Angsty

Author’s Note: So this was an idea that I’d had anyway BUT it wasn’t in the plans to be out anytime soon. However, yesterday I found myself on the receiving end of some hate, telling me to give up on writing because I wasn’t good and that I should delete my blog. Instead it fueled me to write this. So, to that anon, thanks for the motivation! And a big thank you to all of you who have been very supportive, it means a lot. Now, I feel like this started out strong but got a little weak near the end, for that I apologize, its 5am and I’m tired…If anyone wants a part 2 let me know and I can absolutely do it.

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soft hazy light crawling through empty streets like molasses – where does the glow go when night falls? i saw the girl i loved yesterday and she evaporated under my palms like my last memories of the night we shared like disease. everything in this town falls blurry – where did i go last night and what did i do? who did i meet there and what secrets did they whisper to me on the dying wind? the feeling that knowledge is on the tip of my tongue never fades, but i’m not sure i want knowledge to find me.
—  southern gothic // abby, day 231 // prompt for anon

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I've just read about Tony feeling unwanted and man, it breaks my heart! Could you write something about Tony having enough? Like, he feels that Team Cap thinks they don't need him, they don't appreciate him and they never did. So he leaves, he doesn't stop being an Iron Man, but leaves Avengers. Maybe he has his own team with Rhodey and Spidey and whoever else. Maybe he helps Defenders from time to time. Maybe he works alone. (1)

But the point is, even if Avengers think that they don’t need him, they really do. Because he did so much for them all this time. Like, when SHIELD fell, he and his company invested them, repaired their equipment and made new one, took care of PR and media. And they never even knew, or just never cared, until he left. Now they have no one to replace him and to be as efficient as he was. They’re just too close to failing apart.(2)

I can and I most certainly will! All those angst-filled headcanons from yesterday didn’t just make me want to curl up under a ton of blankets to hide from the world, they also, they also reminded me how freaking bitter I still am. So yeah, hope you don’t mind, anon, but I thought your ask would be the perfect way to kick off bitter Sunday!

Because we’re talking about Tony Stark, guys. We’re talking about the man who build a suit of armour in a freaking cave. Who got kidnapped by the bad guys and blew his own way right back out. Yes, he’s hurt. Yes, he’s fucking heartbroken. Yes, most days the weight of his own mistakes and failings almost crushes him. Yes, being confronted with the team he was never allowed to belong to he lost is rubbing salt into the slashing wounds that still haven’t healed, bleed sluggishly from time to time.


There’s a line he’s drawn into the sand a long time ago, back when he first became Iron Man, and it matters. He does what is expected of him. Shakes the returning Avengers’ hands. Smiles for the cameras. Is quoted stressing that he supports the UN’s decisions, that with the new and revised Accords in place, there’s no room for old grudges and vendettas. And he means it. What he doesn’t say though, is that there’s no room for old friendships and favours either.

Truth is, Earth needs as many heroes as possible. It needs them in once place, with stable communication channels, capable of working and strategising and organising together. The exiled Avengers are a rare resource they can’t afford to waste. There is also the fact that being trust back into the limelight limits them in a way working from the shadows doesn’t, forces a vague but still present sense of accountability on them that Tony may or may not take a great amount of pleasure in.

But here’s another, much more fortunate truth: they don’t need to be a team to save the world. It’s a truth that’s been hanging over them from the beginning, back when Iron Man wasn’t a part of the Avengers because he didn’t have to be for the plot to work. In retrospect, Tony can appreciate Fury’s actions for the well-played moves they were.

So he does what he would have done years ago, if not for sentimentalities and a misplaced sense of loyalty holding him back: he cuts the wire.

With the new accords has come a committee and a new governmental agency in charge of handling the nationally and internationally operating enhanced strike teams. Tony uses this development to his advantage, separates his business from the agency entirely, because really, a billionaire shouldn’t own parts of an organisation designed to keep him in check.

Tony signs the new agreements and as Iron Man he is to be deployed whenever necessary, but he is no longer part of any team. And he makes a point of proving that time and again.

When members of his ex-team are involved in a fight he wasn’t, he refuses any comment on the actions, they are none of his business after all, and really, shouldn’t you ask the people who were actually there? He doesn’t get involved in group press conferences unless there are more than just the ex-Avengers present because presenting a united front as enhanced humans is one thing, presenting a united front with them is another thing altogether. 

He doesn’t build weapons, suits and other improvements for anyone but himself and the people he deems worthy of his gifts either–those designs have always been too dangerous to be allowed into the hands of a government agency, and none of his former team mates make the cut onto the trusted list anymore. 

He doesn’t interact with them anyways, unless it’s on the comms during a fight or via a representative or his official email account (his private contact information is no longer available to them). All his employees knows better than to give them access to anything non-public without a properly scheduled meeting, and even Pepper doesn’t disagree with him on this one. She’s the one that usually shows up on these meetings anyways, and she doesn’t give them an inch, because there’s a reason Tony hired her in the first place.

And it might have started out as simple avoidance and being petty but you know what? Tony’s doing pretty damn well on his own. He doesn’t need the team, he’s always known that, but proving it to himself ends up feeling surprisingly good. Empowering. Freeing even. 

Because even though it feels like that in the very beginning, Tony isn’t actually alone. He’s got Pepper, with whom he’s slowly working out the post-failed-relationship-awkwardness, and Rhodey, who’s recovery is a slow, painful process but still a process, and loyal, steady Happy. He also has Peter, who’s too eager and reminds Tony too much of himself, but who doesn’t leave or get bored by Tony’s enthusiastic rants. He’s got Harely with whom he face-times at least once a week to science and chatter.

He’s got people who care about him and enjoy spending time with him, and the more time passes, the more Tony realises how not-okay his relationships with his former team have really been, how not-okay he’s been. And he still misses them, from time to time, but it’s the fleeting yearning for a missed opportunity, not the heartbreaking free fall into a bottomless darkness it used to be.

The point is, Tony is in a good place. Without the team that never wanted him. 

(And on days he still feels a little down, watching that Youtube clip of a tiny, three-year old girl in an Iron Man t-shirt throwing her ice cream at Steve Roger’s face with devastating accuracy, the one that cuts off right as the older brother is shown laughing so hard tears are streaming down his face and assuring his indignant little sister that yes, he’ll get her a new ice cream, he’s very proud of her standing up against bullies, is surprisingly cathartic.)


I’m still in the process of replying to all the sweet, sweet messages and asks you guys sent me 💖 and I’ve just been in tears reading and replying to them; you guys are beyond wonderful 💖 i can’t express my gratitude and love for you guys; i honestly don’t deserve you!!

Yesterday, I was having a pretty rough day, and unfortunately in my vulnerable state, I let that horrible anon get to me; it was foolish. I’m sorry that you all had to see it, and thankfully, I’m back to my ‘no publishing hate’ policy! Keeping this blog a positive and welcoming space is incredibly important to me ❤️

I also want to apologise to anyone who was worried that I’d deactivate. I want to reassure you guys that I will never deactivate this blog. Even if I ever choose to step away from it (for whatever reason) I will never deactivate, I want you guys to be able to read my stories and download my poses no matter what!! And i would never leave without a proper goodbye 😊

Today, I took the day off from college and spent it working on meeting my deadlines (I also went to the dentist ew), and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be posting Finding Marley updates throughout the weekend!!! 😊 also, to express my thanks to you all, I’ve started work on my 2.5k follower gift!!

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What are some songs that remind you of inukag? :)

I’m sorry anon I’m using this ask for InuKag week cause it fits so well! (warning I have no taste in music) ((YouTube links)) 

I mean who doesn’t just listen to songs and image Kagome singing/humming the lyrics and Inuyasha takes the words to heart. I mean why else would she be singing love songs all the time??

Songs that remind me of InuKag? 

Illenium - Only One (ft. Nine Sung) 

Hanson - Smile 

Trading Yesterday - Shattered

Joe Hertz - Playing For You (ft. Bassette) Okay but Kagome giving the confidence to Inuyasha to want to stay the way he is. Just listen to it that way. 

Extreme Music - Bring Me Back To Life 

Landon Austin - Safe and Sound (ft. Ellie Swisher) 

Tedy - Lost & Found 


AAAAAAAAAAAaaaa– look at what I received yesterday!!
this is so beautiful JUST LOOK AT THEM T T

Thank you so much @yankasmiles​ your message made me really happy! I think I had forgotten how to breathe (I’m so shy I didn’t expect you to have seen my art agiokbnlbl… thank youuu ; ;)

By the way I am the anon who had sent an ask about sending you a gift as a thanks a few weeks ago! I’m sorry I haven’t answered you back yet I want to make sure I’ll be able to make a great gift for you beforehand >///<

Going off of that “Why doesn’t Starbucks train people to read” Anon. Yesterday I had a customer who was kind of similar. Not as abrupt with it, but very rude. So it was super dead and this guy seemed cheerful at first. He asked for a coffee, with around like ten ice cubes in it. My coworker got the coffee, and since it was dead and I was bored - I scooped out exactly ten ice cubes and put them in the cup. He laughed and said he actually wanted an ice cube, coffee, ice cube, coffee and so on and so forth. I sighed at him and told him I wasn’t doing that, in a joking tone. He went on to how once he told another barista to do that and they actually did. We explained that some people are really like that, and we just so it to not have to deal with them being mad. Then he said this, “Yknow Starbucks is getting pretty lax with their hiring practices I guess, haha. Before they used to be at least ONE step above Burger King.”
This pissed me off because that just undermines anyone that works in the service industry. No matter where they’re employed. These people aren’t working these jobs because they’re stupid - it’s either a stepping stone or they have to to survive. And they deal with fuckwits like you every day. My coworker and I just stared at him blankly. He was about to go sit down when I told him, “I don’t know about that. A teacher and a computer science major just served you - alongside every other college student who works here.” He kind of fumbled his words, decided there was no place to sit even though there was, refunded his coffee, and then left. Fuck out of my store with that undermining shit. Everyone at my store works HARD. And fuck anyone who tries to say otherwise.

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Callout for whoever's been carrying loose pudding in their pockets– I did my laundry yesterday and when I got it back it was like I'd just soaked it in a pudding bath for two hours. The same thing happened last week. This is absolutely disgusting and if it doesn't stop I'll have to either make a formal complaint or take my laundry off-moon. Frankly I don't want to do either, but seriously, who the hell keeps loose pudding in their pockets?


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I see RBers are hating on Emma in the sneak peek because she didn't immediately want to help Gideon and insinuated she'd be willing to kill him. No shit...? The guy actually did try to kill her! It doesn't matter if he was born yesterday, he's literally an evil 28-year-old NOW who left a terrible first impression on the Charming fam. They don't owe him anything though it seems like they're willing to try and negotiate for Belle's sake.

Gideon’s main goal was and will soon once again be to kill Emma.  Emma has no obligation to help him.  And you know what?  I’d be lowkey saying I’d like it better if he were dead too, because this motherfucker has tried to kill her and has sent her TL away and is using him as blackmail.  Like Emma should have any obligation to help him do his dirty work.  After how horrible Rumple has been to Emma, she doesn’t owe him the kindness of mincing her words around him.  And TBH, what has Belle even done to try and help the situation other than let Rumple fucking help him?  As far as she knows, Gideon is still trying to kill Emma, and Belle was totally okay with that as long as her son didn’t darken his heart.  Yeah, I have no sympathy for them.  Boohoo, Emma said something mean to Rumple and Belle about their son, meanwhile said son is trying to fucking kill her and they are actively helping him.

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Dudes have such weak ass egos I swear. I've had one who got mad because I said games should be more accessible to people by having an easy mode and he's literally stalked/sent me anons for the last... 3 months? I'm not kidding I just got a message like yesterday. I don't even answer/mention him and he's so fucking obsessed lolololol.

They get SO obsessed. Like, literally the best thing for their ego would probably be to vague blog about me, call me a terrible name and then move on. There is zero way to look cool or even intimidating this way. I know who he is and it’s just like… A full mantrum. I’m as intimated by him as I would be a child screaming because he can’t get what he wants.

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so I've been thinking about this a little bit but we all know HYDRA was in SHIELD. Maybe they didn't have the strength or rank to outright kill any of the avengers, the most likely form of resistance to them, so what if the seeds of the civil war were planted much, much before anyone realised it? what if HYDRA had just enough control to not let Steve see anything they didn't want him to, to break a friendship and a team before it had the chance to form. maybe. (tree anon)

OOOOOOOOH FUCK IT UP TREE ANON I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT UNTIL NOW OH W OW I MEAN THAT WOULD BE PERFECTLY PLAUSIBLE like all it would need was a few well placed agents. Talking about how ‘Stark can’t handle anything about his parents, you should have seen him when I mentioned his old man at briefing yesterday’ in front of Steve, and suddenly the idea of him talking to Tony about the person who actively murdered his family? Not quite such a good idea. 

And maybe a few bad missions, here and there; carefully orchestrated to make sure that Tony and Steve had differing opinions on the subject matter. Not enough to tear them apart, as such, but enough to form the cracks.

And once that cracks appear, all you need is time.
Well- time, and maybe a catalyst.

So they use what they know. Tony lives, breathes, eats and sleeps guilt for his actions. So you kill a kid, and then plant the seed in his momma’s head that Tony was responsible? Voila.

The rest just falls apart on it’s own, really.

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(Hi, anon who read your mind yesterday here) Lol thank you for that lovely explanation, you expressed what I wanted to say perfectly! Tbh I'm kinda not over that moment, I'm still stuck at the "wtf just happened" stage. But you're right tho, Jungkook looked really submissive. He could've moved away or stop Jimin altogether, I mean he has hands, he could've used them but he just bared his neck and went all pliant and soft like asdfghjkl...I'm sorry. I'm trash. I can't get over this.

Hi! can you come off anon, cuz we need to get married man! 

same here , i cannot get over it either , i have watched it from so many angles which made it even more difficult to get over it, so i’ve just kinda accepted the fact that i’m not gonna get over it so i’m just enjoying it on a daily basis now lol

that’s what i’m saying! we all already knew how submissive jungkook is , but this just kind of spilled the tea .. i mean as you said he went all soft and was closing his eyes and not being able to hide his smile which a whole nother thing..  what i’m saying is he literally was “melting” under jimin’s touch .

this whole thing made him so flustered , i mean not only did it make him feel an urgent need to stand up and want something to drink,but it also made him feel so disturbed to a point that he even dropped the phone that jin gave him later on after jimin walked behind him , that’s how much jimin can effect him … my man jimin knows exactly jungkook’s weak spot 


“ Your automail can’t hold this much weight! Go take care of the old man —  ”

A Note

I’m not ready to turn anon back on yet. Last night I was so numb to everything that I thought I’d be fine, but I woke up this morning and was still shell-shocked and hurting, so even though I’m on tumblr I’m just not emotionally ready to turn my anon feature back on. I’ve never had to turn it off before, so this bothers me. As of right now I’m thinking I’m going to keep it off for the weekend (I’m going camping tomorrow and I don’t want to come back on Sunday to a box full of anons). 

Yesterday was a wild ride. I lost over 30 followers. I was called ridiculous and arrogant and a number of other things by too many people to count. I can’t even go look at my own blog right now. 

Thanks to all those who sent encouraging notes. It really did help. And if you still want to talk, my ask box is open. Just not anon. 

I love my followers and have invested a lot in this fandom, so yesterday was a lot to deal with. But I’m resting and moving on and just looking to get to next week.

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I think I will never thank you enough for mentioning "Met by accident" on your blog some time ago. I started the first chapter yesterday evening and I ended up bind-reading it and laughing/crying over the most precious fam in the world at 4 am. And I'm only at ch 21 👌🏻👌🏻

Glad you enjoyed it!  What I like most about that story is how incredibly sweet Victor and Yuuri are to each other.

(The link is here for others who might want to read it. It does have some Yuri/Otabek in there, for those who want to avoid it. I’m not very interested in that ship myself, but I just skip over those parts.)

That author is incredibly prolific. That story alone is nearing 300,000 words, plus they have others. I wish I could write that fast! I’m not even going to pretend I’m not jealous of their speed.

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Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru headcanons on how they would act when their s/o leaves on a particularly dangerous mission and after few months without news, they receive something like confirmation that you died (I'm sorry for such a sad request, but i really want some angst)

So I wrote this last night, and I literally found out my grandmother pasted away this morning – it’s just horribly ironic. She had been having heart complications for eight months before it got the best of her. But now I’m powerless to do anything since I’m four hours away from their home and I start college tomorrow. So I’ve trying to cope with it all day so far, but this whole headcanon really spoke to me on another level when I re-read it and I feel like it’s broken my heart. :(

It was a good ask though anon, and I did enjoy doing it yesterday a lot. Thank you.

How Naruto Would React to His Partner Dying

  • When Naruto first heard the news, he would be consumed by anger. He would be upset that he wasn’t there to save his s/o – in his heart he knows he could have stopped it all from happening. Naruto wouldn’t want to blame anyone for what happened, but he would definitely confront the people who were in his partner’s squad and ask them how they could let this occur. He would probably listen to them, but he just couldn’t fathom how something this tragic could happen to someone he loved so dearly, the first step to grieving for him would be anger and frustration.
  • After a day or two he would probably calm down, but no amount of friendly support would really help him cope in the beginning. Naruto would probably cry privately about it a lot and if his thoughts drifted to them in public he would have a hard time keeping it together. Nothing would look as cheery and joyous as before, even ramen wouldn’t have the same flavor if he wasn’t eating it with his s/o. His happy attitude would probably be stifled for months, and it would take him a year before he could bring himself to actually smile and mean it. 
  • Naruto would be very loyal to the memory of his deceased partner. He wouldn’t try and replace them because Naruto knows he couldn’t. He would just begrudgingly try to accept the fact that they no longer are in his life.

How Shikamaru Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Shikamaru would probably just stand there wide eyed with his jaw open in disbelief. His mind would probably be racing through all these terrible scenarios of how things played out – and how he could have stopped it from happening in the first place. Shikamaru would be in shock for a few minutes, before he would start to cry and try his best to pull himself together.
  • Grieving silently is Shikamaru’s way of trying to cope. He would bottle up all his anguish, anger and frustration for a week before he just couldn’t take it anymore. It would probably just take some tiny incident for him to just snap and start sobbing uncontrollably. He probably would compose himself again in an hour after a good cry. Try his best to accept things and move on would seem impossible, but he would make a sad attempt.
  • He would never be the same person, and for months he would he depressed and carry so much guilt in his heart because he should have been there for his partner. I don’t see Shikamaru as the type of person who would find someone else either, he just wouldn’t want to try a second time for love. For him all that effort to possibly have his heart broken a second time just wouldn’t be worth it.

How Sasuke Would React to His Partner Dying

  • Sasuke would openly deny it at first, to him it would be a bold face lie and he might even get insulted by the accusation. Not until he was presented with some proof would he realize it had some merit. He would definitely be shocked about it and wouldn’t even know what to say.
  • He would probably cry about it privately a few times, but he would quickly accept it as a reality. It wouldn’t be beneath him to hunt down the person who was responsible for his s/o’s death – getting justice is very important to Sasuke. For him any form of retribution would be bring him very close to consolation.
  • There would never be another person Sasuke would really love again. He wouldn’t see the point in getting attached to anyone else – the thought of losing another lover just sours his desire for anything romantic and intimate ever again. 

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for all the kind messages yesterday!

Thanks to @techranova @haisesosorrious @shinygiraffe @desert-gurl, the blessed anons, and everyone who had replies and incredibly lovely/funny things to say.

I’m really sorta blindsided by the compassion, especially since the comment that set it off really didn’t phase me at all– Like in all my years of drawing stuff I’m pretty aware that there’s people who see my stuff and are like “Wow, this is garbage” and I have no problem with that, but I don’t really take “criticism” of the gr8 b8 m8 variety to heart XD

The thing that struck me as absurd was calling you guys “colorblind asskissers", as if I give you all favours or I asked you to be here or something. We can at least appreciate cursed anon for bravely insulting 2000+ people anonymously with no repercussions :)

Anyway I don’t wanna make a song and dance out of each time this happens, and if I ever get a message like this again that doesn’t make an actual point or doesn’t say something actually funny, I’ll probably just delete it. I mainly wanted to thank you guys for being really supportive when you didn’t have to be, I really appreciate it. I don’t doubt this person probably didn’t like my art, but it’s obvious they just wanted to rattle a beehive for chuckles and then run away, so no worries, I have pretty thick skin. :)