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When They Tease You And You Start Crying (BTS)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: It would most likely be about something he doesn’t care about or think is a big deal (like your glasses or some shit, something he actually adores) and he wouldn’t mean any harm by it at all. He would think you two were just having some fun friendly banter and would be really caught off guard when you’d start crying. He’d feel sooo bad and apologize immediately because making you cry was the last thing he’d ever wanna do

YOONGI: I feel like since he’s not much of a joker normally, he’s teasing could get a bit mean without his meaning to (which would be why he wouldn’t tease you hardly ever) His words would cut a bit too deep than he had realized and  he wouldn’t expect your reaction at all. He would completely change direction completely and be extra buttery and sweet to you

HOSEOK: He would’ve been picking on everyone that day so you were not spared in the least. It would all be in good fun for him of course, but you would take it a little harder than the others since what he was teasing you about was something you had been feeling insecure about lately (but like, how would he even know). You’d probably leave the room before you start crying and he’d foolow you because he’d tell something was wrong. When you told him why you were so upset, he’d feel guilty af and apologize a million times

SEOKJIN: Honestly, I feel like he wouldn’t even have been teasing, but might of made an off-hand comment in a light tone that would hit you the wrong way. He wouldn’t notice how quiet you had gotten until he heard you sniffle a little causing his cheerful mood to do a 180. He’d apologize immediately, even though he’s not quite sure what he did

JIMIN: You would of been having a bad day already (apparently, it’s your job to fix your managers mistakes) so when you’d come home to a hyper boyfriend and a house full of annoyingly rambunctious members (Suga would be sitting quietly in a corner, minding his own business and behaving well, what a perfect son) your nerves would already be pretty frazzled. When he’d make a dig at something relatively small (’I think you did that wrong…’) you would snap at him so hard and fast, you’d think the other boys had died and become ghosts by how fast they disappeared. After cooling down, you both would apologize to each other

TAEHYUNG: Oh Tae, I feel like even though he looks kinda like Baekhyun, he wouldn’t have the same amazing sense to know when the jokes over. You’d both be having a good time, picking on each other for laughs when he’d step over the line and go a little too far with what he was saying. He’d realize the mistake he made a second later, but it would already be too late. He’d spend the rest of the day trying to make it up to you

JUNGKOOK: This little boy wouldn’t know how to filter himself at times when he was ‘not being an idol’, so he’d prob say something rude without meaning to. When he would, you would understandably get upset. Instead of ignoring him or walking away, you would tell him exactly why he was upsetting you so that he could learn and not do it again in the future. He’d listen to you so diligently and would definitely never make the mistake again

Fair Enough

Pairing: Soukoku

Rating: T

Summary:  After two years in the mafia, four years in prison, and two years on parole, Chuuya is trying to put his life back together by opening a small flower shop in the heart of Yokohama. He believed that he would be able to put his past behind him, but after meeting the extravagant detective Osamu Dazai, who saw Chuuya as some sort of celebrity, Chuuya’s life only started to go downhill once again.

Message to the Recipient: This is a gift for Ami for @soukokuweek‘s secret santa event!! Merry Christmas @kiimone !! When I went on anon to ask them what kind of tropes they liked, they came back with so many that I just couldn’t decide what to use, so I tried to use a bunch of them in a big mashup of disgustening fluff and angst!! I really wanted to turn this into a multi-chapter fic but obviously I didn’t have time for that… It turned out to be incredibly long for a oneshot, whoops ;; But maybe one day I’ll be able to rewrite it and turn it into a multi-chapter fic? We’ll see, I suppose…This is also my first time working with the hanahaki byou trope!! I’d never heard of it before until Ami said it was something that they liked, and I couldn’t find a lot of details through Google, but I did my best with it!! I know there’s a lot of different ways that people portray this trope so I hope I did alright with it ;;; Anyways, I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this for two weeks and I’m very proud of the result! I really hope that you like it, Ami ;;; Merry Christmas!!

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Got7 reaction to their S/O only having one leg

A/N - Wasn’t too sure how to go about writing this reaction but I hope I’ve done it justice! Thanks to the anon who requested and do keep on sending me more requests, I’m currently on holiday so have a lot more time to do some writing for you lovely people~

Mark: Mark would probably act really chill about it when he found out because he didn’t want to treat you any differently all because you had one leg. He knew you wouldn’t want him to make a big deal out of it so he didn’t. Anyway, he didn’t think there was anything wrong or weird about it.

JB: Jaebum would be curious about it but wouldn’t press the subject too much. I don’t think he’d find it overly weird and he’d more than likely see you the same as he did before he knew about it. Besides, it was your personality he fell for, not the number of legs you had.

Jackson: Jackson would say something like “why didn’t you tell me sooner?” and he’d help you out as much as he could. If you had a prosthetic leg, he’d make sure that he does what he can to make it more comfortable for you and would offer to give you massages all the time.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would most likely find out and would say something like “okay love, want to go watch that movie you were talking about earlier?” This boy could not care less that you only had one leg, to him you were still the perfect person he fell in love with.

Youngjae: Youngjae might start seeing you in a different way, but not with bad intentions. He’d look at you and think of how amazing and strong you were because he couldn’t imagine living with only one leg. For him, it could mean the end of his career but here you were still being amazing.

Bambam: Bambam would be curious as to why you only had one leg and would ask, hoping it wasn’t a touchy subject for you. He’d then just ask you every now and then how it was feeling and if you were in any pain. He’d worry a little so you might need to reassure him that you were all good.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom, like Youngjae, would admire you for how strong you were and that you didn’t let a disability like that impact your life. But he’d also find it weird at first. It’d take him a little time to adjust to the sight of your prosthetic but once he had, he’d just love you the same as before.

Super long post of ❤

@haylee-scribbles :Oh bean… *hugs* I love how that, even if we rarely talk… you always have my back… Thank you so much bean ❤❤

@maya-tl : thank you so much ❤  It may seem little to other people but simple words like this makes me smile and giggle like a little kid who just received a ton of gifts.. (that’s the equivalent feeling of this)

anon… oh dear sweet anon, how I wish to knew who you are because I would love to give you a big hug… you’ve already made me smile with your sweet and kind message… and you’re right, I do try too hard but I can’t help it. 

I really love to help, listen, and care for everyone but I know not everyone wants it and I’ve been selling my self out there when I should have left some for me. 
I’m really glad that I can make you smile as well with my post (even if it’s rare heh) and thank you so much anon.❤❤❤

@stealthnerd : sassy as always stealth~ ❤ 
Also, I wanna apologize for not returning to that email you sent me about that one commission… I forgot about it because of stuff that happened (not really a good excuse but oh well) 

and I actually just recently opened commissions again (cause last time was horrible orz) 

@kiacii : they maybe a meanie but, we also have to stay human you know? Lets just drown the anon in our joy and happiness instead~ ❤

@skafarorya-weiss-crest : awwww thank you~ 
I did try to calculate and even out the prices properly… and I’ve pondered about it for at least 3 days(o more) before I actually set the price… heh ( = w = ;;; )

@relicarn : reeeeeellllliiii uuuuuuu ( Q o Q ) you’re too sweet… *sniffles* thank you~ and I look forward to it in the future 💕

@ask-z-and-her-au : a-and I love you too z… thank you ❤
Honestly I wish people would realize that art is not just something that you can pick up right away. It may seem easy but in reality it’s not. Some say “hey, I bet I can draw better than you”, honestly I would give a pen and paper and I’d ask them to draw something for me.. if they can’t then, that means I proved them wrong.

And I hope you have an amazing day as well~

@fanartistic98 : wow.. this artist seems like a person I would look up to, he sounds amazing and thank you for your inspiring message~ I loved it and it made me cry smile more inspired to draw more ❤ 

to be honest.. I would love to draw for free but.. a girl is to start earning and make a living at some point right? thank you so much again *hugs*

@cosmic-chillchilla : and lastly my good ol chill bill… thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words. I know I’m not supposed to beat myself up just because of what my brain/anxiety thinks but, it just happens and it would tear me apart.. which is why it takes me awhile to post stuff nowadays cause I’d just be relaxing with other stuff I love to do such as playing my violin, guitar, video games, giving lots of kisses to my pupper Odie and many more.

Also, I can’t keep this as a promise but, I will do my best to have more faith in myself! >:0 (i know I can do it) 


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Hi 'dere! Love your blog!! Could I have some headcannons for Tfa Optimus, Sentinal, and Jazz who has s/o who's always trying to help them?

This is really short cos I’m not sure what they’re helping them with sorry! Also I won’t write TFA Sentinel anymore, I know this was sent in before the rules update 

Optimus Prime TFA

He doesn’t want you to get involved with something that’s over your head (like a robot mini war on earth), but he really appreciates that you try to help him (whether it’s a big thing or a little thing). He definitely values your insistence and input 

Jazz TFA

He thinks it’s cute at first, his tiny human always tagging along and helping when they can. But eventually he starts really relying on you, and the two of you make a great team 

When You Love Each Other Mutually, But You’re Afraid They’ll Play With You (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: You wouldn’t be able to really tell how he was feeling as he would keep a straight face as you told him your thoughts. Beneath that poker face, I feel like he would almost feel betrayed on some sort of level. Once he let you into his heart, you were there to stay. He couldn’t even imagine playing around with your feelings nor could even think of how any of his actions hinted that he would. He would tell you to let your heart make the final choice and would have to walk away before he got mad.   

DAESUNG: His heart would sink a bit when you told him your true thoughts. Even if it did, he still held his smile on his face no matter how awkward it was. Once you were able to say all that you wanted to say, I feel like he would thank you for telling him. He loved you and truly wanted to make it work, and this was one hurdle the two of you could jump together.

TAEYANG: He would be quite upset that you had even thought that his love for you was all just a game to him. Coming home to you was something that had kept him going everyday. And he would tell you so, but that would be about all that he could say. Feeling the way that you did, just telling you that he loved you wouldn’t solve it. He wouldn’t even know how to show you that he wasn’t fooling around as he was already giving his all.

G.D.: Truthfully, I think he would laugh… like hard core laugh to the point that he’s crying. The laugh would be a mixture of bafflement and relief. The fact you thought he was playing you would finally help him realize why you were so hesitant to tell him that you love him. After his laugh attack he would do all that he could do to prove that his love for you was as real as the air you breathed.

SEUNGRI: All I can see is that sly smirk on his face. He loved it when you got feisty. So the night you finally had it and told him your true feelings, he would listen to you wholeheartedly but with that smirk on his face as clear as day. Once you finished, you hadn’t realized you let him trap you between himself and the wall. “What else do I have to do to show you that I only want you?” He would devilishly use your sensitive skin to his advantage from that point onward

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Hi, I'm a big fan of this book series and love it's concept especially the charter magic, I think it is a very unique take on magic in books. I wanted to do some extra research into charter magic and learn what some of the marks meant and some examples of how they could be put together into spells. If you could point me towards a list detailing what some marks meant, I would be very grateful. Thanks!

Hello lovely nonnie,

As far as I know, there is no definitive list of charter marks, though I have my own theory about their general shape, and the fandom wikia has a helpful entry on them, along with a photo.

I think the most we know about the structure of spells is that they’re generally a sequence of kind of ‘word’ marks (simple Charter Marks. They’re never called ‘word marks’, but that’s how I think of them), linked with Master Marks (which seem to me like a kind of punctuation, or something that gives a sense to the earlier string of marks).

Physically, we know from To Hold The Bridge that spells are exhausting, how much energy they take corresponding to their difficulty. 

So those are some general points. Specifically it seems that different types of spells have different structures. The healing ones are generally described as either flowing like water or boring into the patient like a little golden tornado. Other spells seem like they look more net-like, and still others can kind of be drawn in lines (like the diamond of protection).

Hope that helps somewhat, and if anyone has more info, please add to this! 

Charles is sick. Part one

Prompt: Imagine Charles being petty as hell when he’s sick. When he feels he’s not being given due attention, he shares his migraine with  the whole school. only Solution? Picking up Erik and forcing him into nurse-duty.– Anon

Warnings : cussing

~Sorry it’s Short~

‘(y/n)…I’m sick…..Come make your dear ole big brother some chicken and dumpling soup.’ Charles whines in the head of the women currently trying to teach a history class full of bored mutant student. She rubs her temples, out of frustration of her brother  and her students.

‘Not now Charles I’m busy teaching.’ The (y/h/c) hair teacher sighs.

“Alright class I know its friday, so lets just watch a movie okay. I have El Dorado or Prince of Egypt. So raise f hands who wants Prince of Egypt?” Barely any hands show up for that movie.

“So El Dorado it is then.” (y/n) takes the smart board and puts El Dorado on, sitting back at her desk she relaxes.

‘(y/n).. I know you’re not teaching…’ His whiny voice slowly creeps back into her head.

‘Go away asshole.’ (y/n) snaps at him.

(y/n)  actually felt very sorry for Charles but she has a job to do and right now that job was to make sure none of these kids blew up the mansion. She would just have to check up on him after school is over.

Charles coughs a dramatic cough, his head pounding with every footstep every noisy teenager laughing with more gossip to tell one another. Finally he has had enough if no one would pay him any mind he would just have to show them what his migraine feels like.

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Sonja do you know/follow any Larry blog that's not /a big blog/ but it's run by good/well informed/nice people ?? Because sometimes I fell like asking stuff etc but I know big blogs receive hundred of ask every day and I don't want to bother! If you can say some URL it would be amazing thank you

i always feel awkward @ing people because i feel like i’m going to accidentally leave someone out so what i’m going to do instead is ask the people who feel they fit this criteria to like or reply to this post


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it was something along the lines of: my problem isnt as big as the other anon but i want some advice too... my friend just started cursing at me and calling me stuff that really hurt my feelings like pointing out my insecurities and all of that ... "youre no good you are too obsessive and annoying you dont know when to quit or what boundries are you arent anything but a short piece of shit who wants nothing but attention because they're self conscious"and i dont know where i went wrong..

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing. They may think they are helping you but tbh as long as they are putting you in the spot and refusing to talk to you properly they are making a dick move. Is it possible to stay away from them?

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φ - Post your Tumblr Crushes

It’s 4:20 as I write this title 

Sorry buddy, not doin’ this one after checking who‘s on that section of who I follow.

There’s a couple reasons, but the big one is I don’t believe it to be accurate or updated to what I think it should be.

Although… I could prolly do some shoutouts to cool people.


@gloryfollowed @lostsoulsofold @spiderwaifuisbestwaifu @beoman90 @chrono-lock @ribbcn-bxnes

There are others, but I don’t want to add too many else names will get lost in the gigantic list I’d put here.

How They React To You Telling Them You’re Pregnant (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Laymedown

T.O.P: Thinking that he was engrossed enough in his work, you thought you would be able to make a mad dash to the kitchen to grab some food as your test processed. With your luck though, of course that’s not what happened. When you came back to the bathroom, you came back to it locked with him inside. He was hurt you didn’t tell him you thought you were pregnant (as he wanted to be with you every step of the way, even finding out if you even were expecting). Eventually he opened the door, only when the test was done processing, holding it out for you to see the pink plus sign. His smile would be very genuine and soft as he whispered, ‘we do this together’ before kissing you. 

DAESUNG: He would never had seen it coming when you asked him to sit down so you could talk to him. His everyday smile would be frozen in place when you told him that you were pregnant. He would be so shocked; he wouldn’t even know what to say. He would finally respond (after you smacked on the back of his head) and would kiss you gently, laughing gleefully, excited and ready to be the father of your child. 

TAEYANG: It was no accident that you were now pregnant. It was a mutual decision you and Youngbae made, since the both of you agreed it was time to start a family. So when the day came that you found out that all of your effort finally produced a result, there was no way to contain your excitement. You found an empty box lying about and wrapped it with some wrapping paper, before placing the test inside it. When the time came for you to give it to him, you never seen him more surprised and happy than he was then. Before he kissed you, you swore there were tears of joy in his eyes. 

G.D.: You always knew that, as a horny drunk yourself, being in a relationship with a horny drunk like Jiyong was a disaster waiting to happen. So when you saw the pink plus sign appear on the test, you didn’t know what to think. Truthfully, you were scared since you didn’t know how he would react. But when you finally called him over, his response made you shake your head and laugh as he pinned you against the bathroom wall. “Now we are stuck together forever.” He would say huskily right before kissing you lustfully. 

SEUNGRI: You knew for a few days before you finally told Seungri the news. You tried to leave little hints lying around and you also hinted to him with carefully picked words. Eventually you gave up and told him bluntly that you were expecting. You almost freaked out for a second as he didn’t really show any signs of a response. After a moment he would ask you if you were playing with him, but once you told him again that you really were pregnant and that you weren’t lying, he would have wrapped his arms around you tightly, telling you exactly how surprised and proud he was before kissing you.   

For a super sweet anon who sent a kittenplay prompt ages ago

Marco had been waiting to get an opportunity for the better part of two weeks now. That was about how long the little box had sat in their closet, hidden behind a stack of his Christmas sweaters, wrapped in pretty baby blue and topped off with a big, cerulean bow. It was a cute box, truly befitting of it’s contents, and Marco couldn’t wait to give it to Jean already. But the moment had to be right. They would need some peace to talk and then enough time to properly enjoy the gift together.
Though if your boyfriend was a surgical intern just finishing off his first year at the hospital, moments like these were rare. Whenever Marco thought it might be the time, Jean brought home a bag full of unfinished case reports or got called back to the hospital for an emergency.
So it had taken almost two weeks for a Saturday night to slowly start shaping up to be something Marco had been waiting for. Jean was off for the weekend, he wasn’t on call, had finished all his paperwork this afternoon and caught up on all his assigned readings. It was Jean’s first free weekend in months and Marco planned to take full advantage of that. Starting this Saturday night.

He had cooked Jean’s favourite dinner, spaghetti with meatballs – saving the omelet for breakfast the next day – and decorated the kitchen a bit with candles and freshly cut flowers. It only made Jean slightly wary but he didn’t ask any questions then. Instead they ate and talked and it was only when they had almost finished the ice cream he’d bought for desert that Marco decided to seize the opportunity.

“Jean, baby, do you remember last month when your laptop was in for repairs and we shared mine for a few days?” Jean looked up from his bowl at that, the spoon still sticking out from between his lips, one eyebrow raised slightly.
There was no sense in going back now, this moment was what Marco had been waiting for and he needed to see this through.
“Well, around that time I did some research and forgot to save an important article. A while ago I went back and tried looking through the history and … I found something.” Jean’s face started to freeze into an almost horrified mask and Marco hurried to add: “Something I really liked! And then I got you a present…”
He got up to fetch the gift box from one of the cupboards then and placed it in front of his boyfriend. Jean was obviously surprised and needed some time to react, slowly putting the spoon as well as his almost finished bowl of ice cream to the side.
“…for me?”

Marco leaned back and tried to give Jean the time he needed to process how his boyfriend had just basically dumped a present into his lap without much warning at all. But just sitting there waiting was harder than expected when Marco himself was vibrating with excitement.
“What is it?”
“Ah, you’ll have to open it to find out, won’t you?”, Marco teased and licked some ice cream from the corner of his lips. Though if his boyfriend didn’t hurry up a bit he might just open the gift himself. Luckily Jean soon started tearing open the wrapping paper. Though tear might be the wrong word with the way he carefully plucked off the sticky tape, folding back the paper without so much as creasing it. Usually Marco found the way Jean unwrapped gifts endearing. Right now he just wanted it to be over already.
After what felt like an eternity the plain white box underneath the paper came into view. Jean was way faster opening that one and the noise he made when he did could only be described as strangled. There was no possible way of placing whether it was a good or bad noise and Marco bit his lip, hard.

He leaned forward a bit more, chin in his hand, elbow resting one the table, peering into the box. The headband came into view first, colour closely matching Jean’s blond hair. As did the soft, pointy ears sewed onto it. Teeth still worrying his lower lip Marco watched his boyfriend take out the headband and inspect it closely before putting it to the side without so much as a word. Next was the collar. Real leather dyed in a dark shade of green and closing with a silver painted buckle.
There had been a much wider variety of pink collars at the online shop Marco ordered at but he’d decided to not push his luck too far. Besides, green was Jean’s colour. His boyfriend swallowed audibly as he held the collar between his hands, feeling the weight and turning it a few times.
“It says my name on the tag…”, Jean commented drily, voice carefully neutral as he inspected the little silver tag Marco had ordered to be custom made. There was still no real visible rwaction as he put down the collar next to the pair of ears.

Marco couldn’t help the nervousness flaring up. Maybe he’d misread the signs? Jean did visit those websites and watched those videos but maybe not because he liked them but because he thought it was stupid and funny?
“Oh fuck…” The breathless curse pulled Marco out of his thoughts and back into the kitchen. So Jean had found the last item. It was a silicone plug, not much larger than the smallest one they already owned and obviously made to be worn comfortably for a longer time. Attached to the base was a soft tail the same shade as the ears, trailing long and pretty out of the box as Jean lifted the plug higher.

“You … you don’t think this is stupid?” Jean’s voice was small, still a little breathless, his cheeks starting to flush a very endearing shade of pink.
“S-stupid?”, Marco sputtered. Oh he did read it wrong in the end, Jean hadn’t visited those sites because he liked it, he thought it was stupid and now Marco needed to find an excuse why he spent a ton of money on these personalized accessories if…
“Yeah I … I wanted to tell you but I didn’t … I wasn’t sure you’d wanna try…” Oh. Oh, good.
“No! I don’t think it’s stupid! It’s adorable. I found that online shop and I got so excited thinking about how cute you’d look…”, Marco admitted, reaching across the table to place his hand over Jean’s. They took a long moment looking at the toys and each other, Jean flushing deeply, Marco still biting his lips, until Jean cleared his throat and slowly put the toys back into the box.
Marco felt his heart sinking for a second, but then his boyfriend smiled at him, almost shy.

“Want me to put them on?”
“God yes please…”

Part II

BIG BANG Reaction to their S/O and child getting hurt in a car crash.

A/N:  REQUESTED BY ANON : “Giving you some angst hehe How would big bang react to their girlfriend and child getting into a car accident but their kid is not heavily injured because they were protected by their mother (reader) who is heavily injured?”
OH GOSH I’m such a happy person so I never want to write angst cuz it gets to me but I do it anyway!
I also didn’t know how old you wanted the kid anon so I kinda made them youngish? Whether the kid is a girl or a boy will alternate between the members.

You had just picked up your child from school, they had just started going back. “Guess who’s back at home waiting to see you? Appa!!” You knew he’d be at home waiting for you so once you got them into the car, you were on your way. What you weren’t anticipating was a car drifting into your lane and colliding with the car head on. Before you could even scream, you reached out and covered your child’s body with your own. 

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What Fairytales Don’t Tell You - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Jason / p. 2 / p. 3 Tim / p. 2 / p. 3  Dick / p. 2 / p. 3   Bruce   Damian /  p. 2 / p. 3

Prompt: (Props to the anon who gave me the inspiration for this) I’ve really fallen in love with this big and you’re gifted writing! I just finished reading the majority of the Soulmates AU and noticed that everyone but Bruce has a continuation. Are you planning to do a part 2 for him? I think there’s some good material to draw from because of how you wrote it. Like maybe the first time his s/o discovers he’s batman after patrolling around her neighborhood or something. Anyway! Just wanted to say I love the content you produce on here!! :)

The first time you saw yourself on the cover of a tabloid you had to do a double take. You quickly grabbed the paper and examined it, still convinced your eyes were deceiving you. ‘Who is the mystery woman?’ the headline read. The photo underneath the headline was of you and Bruce dancing at the gala in your borrowed dress. Shaking your head in shock you put the magazine down pulled up the hood on your hoodie and tried to get out of the grocery store without being noticed. You succeeded that time but as time passed you were recognized more and more around Gotham.

All of Gotham was speaking about you. Everyone and their mother wanted to know who the mystery woman was who stole Gotham’s top bachelor’s heart. Suddenly your name was on everyone’s lips. [Y/N] the woman who stole the Prince of Gotham’s heart, [Y/N] the real world Cinderella, [Y/N] Gotham’s future princess. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t intimidated by the sudden spotlight. You assumed it would blow over quickly and people would settle down but you were wrong.

You assumed it would blow over quickly and people would settle down but you were wrong. Word was on the streets that the papers would pay a pretty penny for a picture of the happy couple or even just you. That painted a target on your back.

A few weeks into dating Bruce the Paparazzi started getting relentless. When they swarmed the two of you when you were out on dates Bruce could easily shield you and guide you away but he couldn’t always be around you to protect you from them. Bruce wanted you to stay at the manor while the whole mess died down but you insisted on staying at your own place for now. You didn’t want to uproot your entire life because of some nosy photographers. You had absolutely no idea the lengths the Paparazzi would go to.

You were walking from where you parked you car on the street to your apartment when a swarm of photographers surrounded you and started hounding you with questions and bright flashing lashes. You tried getting away but they had you surrounded.

Suddenly a dark figure swooped in and lifted you away from the swarm. You scrunched your eyes as the mysterious figure soared with you across the city’s rooftops. You didn’t open your eyes again until you felt solid ground under your feet. You looked up at your mysterious savior to see that it was the fabled Batman. He looked so much more handsome than you imagined he would.

“Are you alright?” He asked in a deep modulated voice.

“I’m fine. Thank you for saving me.” You thanked your savior graciously. “You know, when my soulmate warned me that photographers can be vultures I didn’t believe him.” You said sitting down so that your shaking legs wouldn’t give out on you. Batman stayed silent and just looked at you. “My soulmate, he’s a wonderful man and I love him more than anything don’t get me wrong but this life of his, the spotlight, it’s a little overwhelming. For crying out loud just a couple months ago I was just some girl from the Gotham slums! This isn’t supposed to be me! I’m really not all this important, I swear.” You said gesturing back towards the direction of your apartment where no doubt the swarm of photographers were waiting for you to return.

“You’re wrong.” He spoke up suddenly. “You’re more than you believe yourself to be and you mean more to him than even he probably knows.” He advised sagely.

“Huh. Batman, the relationship councilor.” You laughed under your breath. “You probably have better things to be doing with your time than sitting here giving me relationship advice.”

“[Y/N].” He whispered your name with uncanny familiarity.

“How - How do you know my name?” You stuttered, a little bit surprised at the sound of your name on this mysterious man’s lips.

“There’s something you should know.” He said hesitantly, his hands moving underneath the edge of his cowl. He pulled away the mask from his face to reveal the someone you were all too familiar.

“Bruce?” You whispered in shock. Your hand subconsciously lifted to touch his cheek, as if you didn’t believe your eyes.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now but I couldn’t find the words. I’m sorry.” He apologized, his voice no longer altered by his cowl. He seemed genuinely apologetic and you were left feeling conflicted, your mind not quite sure what to make of realizing your boyfriend was Batman.

“Oh.” Was the only words that came to mind when you opened your mouth to speak.

Oh? Is that it?” He asked puzzled at your response.

“I - I don’t know. I’m not sure how to process all of this.” You blinked slowly your eyes racking down his form, landing on the black symbol across his chest.

“I suppose that’s understandable.” He said. You hands trailed downwards to rest against the bat symbol that you were so accustomed seeing in the Gotham night sky.

“Can I see it?” You asked suddenly, looking up at your soulmate with an enthusiastic smile.

“See what?” He wondered his hands moving to take hold of yours that was still resting on his chest.

“The fabled Batlair or whatever!” You said excitedly.

“You want to see the Batcave?” He clarified with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course! Can you show me, please?” You pleaded. “There’s no way I can go back to my place tonight anyway so instead you can spend the rest of the night explaining all this to me.” You said gesturing along his body. Bruce relented and for the rest of that night he showed you everything there was to this secret life of his.

When the two of you pulled into the Batcave in the Batmobile (the freaking Batmobile) you noticed Dick showing his girlfriend some self defense moves while Damian, Bruce’s teenage son who you had met some time ago, provided less than helpful colorful feedback. Jason and his girlfriend were sitting together in front of a large impressive monitor working on something that looked important and probably very much dangerous. Tim sat working in a corner fiddling with some piece of technology while his girlfriend sat next to him occasionally handing him tools and pieces.

“Is everyone involved?” You asked Bruce incredulously.

“Now that you are here, madam, yes. Tea?” Alfred asked appearing next to you. You were suddenly feeling a little bit faint. This was all so much so fast.

“No … I - I think I just need to sit down.” You say. Bruce procured you a seat and guided you to sit down. Once you were safely seated he crouched down in front of you and took your hands in his.

“Are you alright, [Y/N]?” He asked with concern. You gave him a reassuring smile and caressed his cheek with your hand.

“I will be eventually, just give me some time darling.” You swore gently. He softly squeezed your hand in his grasp and nodded.

“Take all the time you need.” He reassured in a gentle tone.

“I love you Bruce. This doesn’t change any of that. I hope you know that, right?” You whispered firmly. You leaned in a placed a soft kiss to his lips which he returned with equal tenderness.

“It doesn’t hurt to double check.” He said with a small smirk playing at his lips.

“Well I do love you, you giant lovable jerk.” You said and emphasized your words with another kiss to his lips.

“Good.” He said, suddenly scooping you up into his arms bridal style. “Let’s get you to bed. You’ve had quite the day.” He insisted walking you out of the cave and towards the entrance to the manor. You giggled at an absurd thought that occured to you as he walked you to the bedroom.

“I can see tomorrow’s papers now, darling. ‘Wayne girlfriend having an affair with Caped Crusader’. We’ll be the talk of the town again.” You laughed at the absurdity that one of the photographers from before might have caught a picture of Batman whisking you away into the night.

“As if we weren’t already.” He joked with a smirk as he placed you on the bed and crawled in after you. Bruce Wayne or Batman this was the man you loved and nothing on this Earth, not his secrets or the paparazzi or whatever else would be thrown your way would ever make you want to leave him.

When They Realize They’ve Developed Feelings For Their WGM Partner (BIG BANG)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: He would’ve gone in all confident thinking ‘yeah, I’ll be fine, it’s just some fun’ Well, you’d fuckin come in like a wrecking ball (miley cyrus style, but a lil classier) and just fuck up his life. Like he was all fine and dandy until he noticed how much faster his heart beats when you’re around and how beautifully you light up when you laugh

DAESUNG: You prob wouldn’t see the difference in him after he falls for you, bc he’s always very sweet and caring. He might try and up his romantic game a little more, trying to catch your eye, but I feel he might be too shy to confess

TAEYANG: He’d be smooth about it no doubt (bc when is he not smooth). Of course you guys would be doing couple things already for the show, but he’d start getting closer and doing more skinship stuff to try and tip you off

G.D.: It would catch him off guard of course. He’d be calm about it though, and maybe even try and get you alone away from cameras to tell you how he feels

SEUNGRI: He’d be the most straightforward I think, he’d just fuckin cme out and be like ‘we should date in real life’ and shit like that. He’d actually kiss you for real and say true things to you (which was gold for the show ratings)

(sorry if this is poopy, I’m kinda angry atm :( )

anonymous asked:

I want Lauren to confirm Laucy so much but I feel like if she does people are going to say it is PR even though that it's not. It makes me sad that some people in this fandom won't be able to accept who Lauren loves bc they are so far up Camren's ass. It is not fair to Lauren

I think PR is the most BS theory out there. I mean it’s not like they’re doing a collab together or that Lucy is a big time model? tbh, I just live for their moments together that they share with us. It makes my heart melt.

True story. I bet she’s feeling a little sad these days ‘cause people keeps on coming after her for pretty much anything she does. :( We should keep on supporting her tho and showing her our love!! Go chickens!!

Fear Part 3: Derek Hale and Liam Dunbar

All done! For my two anons. One for the one who actually requested it and the other one who wanted some big brother Derek. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2

I’m not a fan of change. It makes me feel like whenever I get close and comfortable with something it’ll be ripped away from me and replaced with something entirely new that I have to get used to again.

But the change in Derek Hale recently has been outstanding. It’s something I could definitely get used to.

It was something I had to catch him at. Once the weather had finally calmed down I begrudgingly let Liam go home, only by the fact that he had to let his parents know he was alive.

The whole pack came over for dinner later on in the week, letting us know they had arrived by banging loudly on the door, half an hour early.

I rolled my eyes, unlocking the door and letting them in. They all hugged me on the way in, Liam clinging on longer than everyone else.

“How you doing, pup?” I ask skipping to the living room with him on my arm. “A lot better, but it’s uh, still hard to sleep.” He said, pouting slightly.

“Just say the word, you’re always welcome to stay the night.” I smile as we burst through the door.

20 minutes later Derek starts dishing out dinner. Him and Scott trek back and forth from the kitchen carrying plates of spaghetti bolognes and garlic bread. Derek sits down in between Stiles and me.

He leans over and smiles warmly at Liam, “Hey kid, how you holding up?” I blink slightly in shock, glancing at Stiles, whose piece of garlic bread had missed his mouth and smeared grease on his cheek from the shock.

Liam grins, a tad uncertainly but replies, “Same as last time.” I opened my mouth but done a double take looking at Liam. He said he was fine.

Derek and Liam keep talking but I’m distracted by Scott and Stiles who were recreating the scene from Lady and Tramp with the spaghetti.

They ended up with pasta sauce all over their face as the pasta kept breaking and hitting their chins. Eventually they ended up so close, their lips barely a centimetre apart before Scott wimped out, pulling away giggling.

Stiles on the other hand looked offended. “I give you the opportunity and you just throw it away!” He says dramatically and everyone laughs.

We finish dinner and around an hour later everyone begins leaving. Except Liam who hangs back, looking at me shyly.

“Can I-“ “Of course you can stay.” I cut in and Liam grins. “Yeah but this time try not to drown the kid in blankets!” Derek yells from the kitchen.

Liam burst out laughing and my jaw drops in mock outrage. “Your input wasn’t needed Hale!” I shout back as I walk to the closet, yanking out some spare blankets and pillows. Not as many as I would have liked but you pick and choose your battles.

I made Liam’s bed and then began shamelessly tucking him in, fluffing up his pillows behind his head. He couldn’t help but smile. “Night sweetheart.” I whisper, pecking his forehead.

I switch the lights off on the way out and begin climbing the stairs. “Night kid, remember we’re just upstairs.” I heard Derek say and a bright smile made its way to my face and a strong surge of love as well.

Half way through the night I heard shouts from downstairs. I sat bolt upright, looking around in bewilderment. More shouts and I smack Derek awake, shoving his shoulder roughly.

“Go check on Liam!” Derek grumbled and I immediately ran out the room, tripping down the stairs and bursting through the living room door.

I made out Liam’s shape, hunched in a ball on the couch. Like a routine I wrap my arms around him and he buries his head into my neck.

We sat like that for 10 minutes before I heard the familiar creek of the floor boards and Derek walks in the room.

He sits down next to me and begins talking in a very quiet gentle voice, one I hadn’t heard in a while.

“What’s wrong, kid? What do you see in your nightmares?” I was about to shoot him an angry look, not wanting to put Liam through his fear again. But to my surprise he began speaking.

“I’m always fighting someone, but everyone, the whole pack is screaming at me to stop. And when I do, one of you always gets hurt an-an-and die.” Liam broke off on the last bit, squeezing me harder.

“Well kid you’re strong, one of the strongest beta’s I’ve ever seen. You can fight this.”

And Derek was right. Soon I began finding Liam and Derek having long detailed conversations that I was rarely invited to. One time I couldn’t help but over hear one of them.

“My family died when I was around your age, I learned control from that mainly.” I peeked my head round the corner of the door and saw Liam with his hand comfortingly on Derek’s shoulder.

“Well you’ve got a new family now.” He said and I had to cover my mouth to hide my cries.

Little things here and there. Little snippets of advice or affection smiles or even just Derek sticking up for Liam at any given opportunity.

I sat on the bed, smiling like an idiot while watching TV.

“What you smiling at?” Derek laughs, looking at the TV were absolutely nothing funny was happening.

I shrug my shoulders, shaking my head but I was unable to keep the grin off my face.

“You’ve been smiling a lot recently.” Derek remarks, sitting down next to me and looking at me expectantly.

“It’s just the fact that now the pack, especially Liam, have got a pack dad.”

Derek’s mouth drops and I laugh and continue, “You just do such a good job so I thought I’d promote you.”

“Oh god.” Derek said, with a look of horror which I couldn’t tell was fake or genuine.

“We now babysit a pack of puppies.” I tell him. “And Stiles.” I add as an afterthought.

 “Well Stiles is basically a female dog anyway so he fits right in.” Derek says and burst out laughing.

“Welcome to my world, Mr Hale!”