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Request:  Hey doll! I loved your newest fic, it was super good, even though it was sad. Do you think you’d be able to write one of the boys (your choice) x fem reader, where she has lots of tattoos but they don’t know and they see one day and are really shocked. Sorry if it’s too specific, I just loooove your writing too much :)

Summary: GenderNeutral!Reader has a few tats they’re hiding.

A/N: Hello all, super long gap between fics again, I know, I’m sorry, I’m the worst :( I don’t really have an excuse except that I was kinda busy (I had a speech to write, a presentation to give, and a midterm all in the same week rip) and I had 0 inspiration :( sorry y’all bt I’m here now with hopefully 2 new fics tonight! Hope you guys enjoy these :D

Wordcount: 1069, I tried making this longer but I couldn’t rip

Requests are closed at the moment, sorry friends!

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req; Hi ya!!! Can you do a nct127 reaction to the reader (female) only dating other females before them? 💕💕💕 thank you and I love u 



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Taeil would see you differently, but not in a bad way. He’d have more respect for you for some reason? He knows that men can be trashy and regardless of what your sexual orientation, he’d feel good knowing that he’s the first guy you’ve dated (or first guy you’ve dated in a while!!), but also with that being said he’d be more cautious around you. He would want to make you feel safe and comfortable around him! I feel like he’d just be very loving and supportive of you, no matter what!!


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When you first told Johnny he’d probably just joke around with you and say “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist me.” He might tease you here and there but he would know when to stop, like Taeil he’d be supportive of you. For some reason I feel like Johnny wouldn’t care that much? It wouldn’t phase him that you dated only girls in the past, he’d be really chill about the whole situation.


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Ugh, Yuta won’t stop teasing you. Because you’re attracted to girls too, he’d keep dropping hints about a threesome with another girl and he’d joke around saying “I bet I’m more experienced than you.” Similar to Johnny, Yuta would just joke around with you and tease you a lot but it wouldn’t phase him at all, he’s a very accepting person. I feel like Yuta might think it’s not his place to even make a comment, if you’re happy with a girl or boy it doesn’t matter to him, all that matters is your happiness. 


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I think Taeyong would be the most shocked out of everyone. You’d probably tell him whilst he was eating or something and he’d be like “Woah, really?” Him being shocked won’t be bad, it’s something he’d never expected from you, he’d find it interesting and after he finished eating he’d bombard you with questions. He’d be so eager to find out more interesting facts about you, at most he’d be upset you didn’t tell him for this long, but he understands how you might of been afraid to tell him and he’s glad you trust him enough to tell him this. 


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Doyoung would be extremely supportive of you. His initial reaction would be like “Okay, and what?” and you might of gotten upset but he’d explain how it really didn’t matter. He’ll reassure you that love is love, it doesn’t matter who you like. I don’t think he’d make a big deal out of it, he’d shrug it off and not mention it again because it shouldn’t even be a big deal. You have every right to love who you want to and he accepts and supports that.


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Jaehyun would literally be so happy you told him. He’d give you a big hug and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. At first you’d be confused but then he’d explain how much it meant to him how you were able to confide in him with something like this, he’d respect you for trusting him so much that you would share something like that with him. When you’d first tell him he might over react like “OMG!! I’m so proud of you, aghh!!” but then gradually he’d just smile at the thought and would grow to respect you more since you trusted him like this.


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He’d be so honoured you would share information with him like this, you opening up to him out of the blue would literally lead to a night session where you both exchange interesting facts about each other. Overall, I don’t think Sicheng would have THAT big of a reaction, he’d accept it as who you are and move on with it. You telling him this just made him eager to find out more cool things about you.


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When you told Mark he wouldn’t know how to react, he loves you regardless and wouldn’t really know how to say anything, he’d fear he’d hurt you. I feel like he’d just give you a kiss on the cheek or head or temple, something small to show that he still loves you no matter what. He’d probably follow it up with, “That’s okay, I still love you a lot anyway!” He’d be extremely chill with it.


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It could go two ways with Donghyuck, he’d either not understand what you were trying to say or he’d just tease you about it. Eventually, he’d grasp what was happening and he’d pull you into a hug and thank you for trusting him enough to tell him something personal. In return, he’d probably crack a weird joke or something that would cause you to push him off you, but he’d only run back into your arms and apologise for ruining the moment and would pepper you with kisses!

I had fun writing this, if you have any requests please feel free to send me some! My ask box is always open! ♥ Thank you to the anon who requested this!!

Table Games (Mark Tuan)

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This is based on a poem by Sarah Kay called Table Games. I’ll put the link in the end because it’ll give you spoilers to the story if you watch it before hand, although I do recommend you watch it if you have the time.

Word Count: 1,583

Genre: Fluff, Angst

A/N:I’m sorry if some of the details didn’t match up, it doesn’t make sense for Got7 to be “coming back home” to New York, hell I there aren’t even Whole Food’s in Korea (to my knowledge) but that’s what Sarah Kay wrote. I hope you do not mind XD This was for the anon who requested a Mark Tuan Angst, I hope you like it! Thank you all for reading ^—^ |Link to the original poem

In restaurants our favorite game was to touch an object on the table and casually offer a pun into the existing conversation

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Got7 reaction to meeting their S/O parents for the first time

A/N - A fun little anon request! This one was a fun one to write because I think we’ve all imagined bringing the boys home to our parents hehe~ Enjoy and keep sending in your requests! 

Mark: Mark will know exactly how to get your parent to like him. For some reason, he just has a way with parents and knows how to get on their good sides. So for that reason, he’s not at all nervous and is actually quite excited to meet the people who raised such an amazing person - you.

JB: Jaebum wouldn’t be too nervous I don’t think because he doesn’t seem like the kind of person to worry too much about what people think of him. He knows he loves you and that you love him so why worry if your parents like him or not? He’ll still try to impress them, of course but he’ll be pretty relaxed and chill around them.

Jackson: Jackson would be a little nervous but he’s good at getting along with new people so inevitably, it wouldn’t take much to calm him down. This boy is super charismatic so will be fully prepared to win over your parents with little gifts and his charming personality. He’s basically the best person to introduce to your family.

Jinyoung: Okay so prince Jinyoung is the best boyfriend you could ever bring home to your parents. There is no better person at all because oh my gosh he is just so polite and sweet and cannot do anything wrong. Your parents will love him so much as soon as they meet him and they’ll want you both to get married and have cute babies asap.

Youngjae: Youngjae wouldn’t be too nervous to meet your parents unless you told him they were strict or really protective over you. But he would be nervous if you had a sibling because he knows siblings can sometimes get super protective whenever they get into a relationship

Bambam: On the outside, Bambam is calm, collected and ready to meet your parents. Like he’ll tell you that he’s looking forward to it and isn’t at all nervous. But on the inside?? He’d dying because what if they don’t like him? What if they tell you to stop dating him? What if he says something stupid and they hate him forever? Poor boy gets so nervous inside bless him.

Yugyeom: Such! A! Shy! Baby! Yugyeom would be so nervous to meet your parents omg like when you’re in the car driving over to their house, he’d constantly be asking questions about them and what’s the best way to impress them. He’d just be really worried that he’d say something wrong or would give off a bad first impression.

GOT7 Reaction: realising they like you when you get close to another member

Request:  GOT7 Reaction pls! Hello! Could i pls request a reaction where they notice u and another member teasing each other as usual for fun, then had that moment of revelation that they actually really like u. Is it too confusing? Haha thnx so so much ^^

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this and no, it wasn’t too confusing! I hope this is what  you wanted! x


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It would hit Mark like a ton of bricks. He’d always had some sort of underlying feelings for you, you were smart and kind and made him laugh all the time but decided to bury his feelings, he didn’t think you or his career would give him a chance. But seeing you and Jackson goof around as you so often did when you came to dance practise, you jumping on his back and giggling at his loud jokes, watching you both made him realise he needed to confess before someone else did, seeing you with anyone else would destroy him, he knew that now. So, after that practise, after the boys had gone, he took your hands in his and confessed, eyes never wavering from yours as he waited for your reply.


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Jinyoung and JB, although close friends are two very different people. Although they are both determined, hard working and passionate, they have fundamental differences in how they handle situations and relationships. So when JB started to fall for you, Jinyoung’s best friend, he figured straight away he had no chance. You were smart, concise, graceful and poised, JB admired and respected you hugely. He figured by keeping himself busy, concert after interview after tour, he could distract himself from you. That was until he came home to the dorms to see you and Jinyoung reading on the couch, your legs over his lap. He knew there was nothing going on between you, just friendship but the jealousy he felt bubbling in his stomach and ringing in his ears was enough to tell him he didn’t just want you, he needed you. 


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Seeing you and Bambam bickering and play fighting after winning at Mario Kart was the final straw for Jackson. You knew he liked you, subtlety was never Jackson’s specialty but until he confessed, you thought maybe it was all in your head and that maybe you were just a best friend to him after all. You’d told him many times that Bambam was just a little brother to you and that the playful interactions you had with him were no different to the ones with your own siblings. Nevertheless, something snapped in Jackson that day as he got up from the couch, took your wrist in his hand, carefully guided you out the room and kissed you passionately up against the wall, his hands on the wall either side of your body, making his feelings perfectly clear. 


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Jinyoung would be super analytical about the way you were around the other members, especially Youngjae. Not that Youngjae would necessarily notice if you were flirting with him but the way you always smiled at him, the way you always laughed at his attempts at English and the way you always spoke to him about Coco when you could just ask Mark led him to believe you liked him. He thought he had to make his growing feelings for you clear, seeing you with Youngjae rather than him would crush him but he toyed with the idea, maybe Youngjae liked you too? He couldn’t do that to his friend. However, when Youngjae laughed in his face and denied it wholeheartedly, he didn’t hesitate to rush with flowers to your door and spill his heart on the front porch with the hopes of you being his. 


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Youngjae would be so torn over his feelings for you. One minute he knew he wanted you and only you, the next he was scolding himself and convincing himself his career had to come first no matter what his feelings for you were. That lasted about a week until he saw you and Yugyeom practising, him teaching you the dance to ‘Angel’. Needless to say, this ignited a spark in him, Yugyeom knew how he felt about you and so he went straight home and wrote a song, his thoughts and feelings etched into every melody. He stayed up all night perfecting it, making sure it was exactly how he wanted it and gave it to you the next day with the words ‘now you can know my true feelings.’ Career and Yugyeom be damned, he wanted you. 


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Bambam had been friends with Mark since his trainee days, both foreigners so they got through a lot of struggles together. But when he found out that you, the girl he had an ego melting crush on, and Mark had been spotted going out for coffee together he was devastated. Of course you would choose him he thought, he’s older, the strong silent type, his house even had a pool! Bambam didn’t think he could compete and so shrunk away within himself, feeling like a little pre-debut boy again. It wasn’t until Mark explained that the reason you two were out together was so you could ask advice on how to confess to him that Bambam felt silly but overwhelmed with relief, as well as determination to confess to you first!


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Yugyeom had been interested in you from the day he saw you and all the members knew it, he turned into a stuttering mess just at the sight of you! Confident, cocky Yugyeom would turn into a puppy just from a bat of your eyelids, that’s how far you had him wrapped around your finger. Yugyeom also had been brought up to respect his elders, especially his leader so when JB started flirting with you right in front of him, he didn’t know what to do. You found him sat on his bed in his dorm with his head in his hands were he, eventually, told you how he felt about you but didn’t want to make it awkward. When you told him you felt the same way, you both left the dorm to go on your first ice cream date with a knowing look from JB.

Sorry this turned out to be a bit longer than I planned!

GOT7 Reaction

Anon asked:  Hiii~ thanks so much for last time but can I request a reaction for Got7 to falling in love with a girl who has Philophobia (fear of falling in love)

Will do !

P.S. Sorry if I get some things wrong regarding the phobia.

Their crush has Philophobia

Philophobia:  The fear of falling in love or emotional attachment.  The risk is usually when a person has confronted any emotional turmoil relating to love in the past but also can be chronic phobia.


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“Could you tell me more about your phobia?”

Mark would try to be calm; trying to find out more about her phobia, since he doesn’t have any experience with it.  He would try to make her as relaxed as he can when she’s around him, hoping he’ll be able to be with her in a more intimate relationship in the future, if possible.


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“I don’t want to scare you but-”

JB would be pretty straight forward, confessing to her as soon as possible. Although he knows she would most likely freak out, he would try to calm her down, telling her they don’t have to be in a romantic relationship (yet), they can still hang out. As long as she keeps hanging out with him, he’s okay.


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“How ya doin’?” *wink*

Jackson already had a pretty close relationship with her so she would be more relaxed around him. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna confess, though. He would probably fear she’s gonna leave him out of her life as soon as he tells her he has romantic feelings towards her


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(Ignore Mark behind him lol)

“How come you have philophobia?”

Jinyoung would firstly ask a few questions, since he didn’t have a reason to ask them before, because he wanted to see what would be the best scenario and what should he do. Although, I kind of doubt he’ll confess, not wanting to lose her.


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“Um, h-how are you t-today?”

Shy Youngjae. He knows she has philophobia and why, so he would certainly feel awkward, and kinda sad. He will be really shy and stutter almost every time he talks to her. It wouldn’t even be subtle. Maybe he will blurt out his confession in a conversation subconsciously, but will apologize right after, scared of losing her.


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He had realized he fell for her when he subconsciously smiled when thinking about her. Realizing this is probably going to be one-sided love, he got kinda depressed. Of course, his crush soon caught up with his situation, but didn’t distance herself from him, hoping they could still be friends.


Originally posted by jaesbum

“I’ve got some news…”

Straight to the point. He knows this is gonna be one-sided, but he won’t let that get to him. He’s hoping that maybe one day, you will like him back, no matter how far-fetched it is.

EXO Reaction To A Trainee They’ve Helped Liking an NCT Dream Member.

Could I request an exo reaction to a 15-16 year old trainee that they’ve helped train liking a member of nct dream?

This was a totally new thing to write, so thank you for your request! And obviously, because I’m too extra, they’re all pretty long lmao (why do I do this to myself) I hope you enjoy it anon!


“You like… Mark?” Suho would nod in understanding as you confirmed that you’d had a crush on NCT’s Mark for quite some time. Suho would rest his head on his hand and just keep nodding as you spoke about your crush. He’d really want to be a cool kind of guy who happily spoke to you about your crushes, and he was glad you trusted him, but he felt quite fatherly towards you so he didn’t quite know what to do with your confession. Suho would find a way to bring you and Mark to an event together. He’d be stood chatting with you and then when he saw Mark he would start waving his hands and approach the younger idol, greeting him enthusiastically.

“And do you know my favourite trainee, Y/n?” He’d ask, swooping a hand in your direction. Suho would stand with you both and make you have conversation no matter how you were feeling, asking you questions. He’d be so awkward you and Mark would end up giving each other some ‘is this guy ok?’ looks. I think Xiumin would come to your rescue and pull Suho away from you both and you would just sigh. Mark is a super sweet guy though, so he wouldn’t think anything was particularly off about Suho so he’d just ask you questions politely and encourage your work, smiling all the while.

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You Oblivious Dork

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Request: Could you write something along the lines of you having a crush on Mark and him being completely oblivious to it and with the help of some friends (Ethan and Tyler) they finally help him understand why you’ve been so nervous around him and laugh a little harder at his jokes and stare at him just a few seconds too long? I’d appreciate it.

To the anon who requested this, so sorry it came out so late! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it all the same! <3

Check out the masterlist is here :)  

Tags: @kourt-kay @boots-jpg @bananakid42 @mtttme @let-it-go-and-live-again  if you want to be on the tagged list,  just message me and it shall be done!



     Mark waved goodbye as he watched you drive away, which you returned briefly until your eyes went back to the road. He sighed happily as warm smile still lingered on his lips even after you left. Once he could no longer see your car, he closed the door and turned back to the two men who shared odd smirks. Mark’s dark brows furrowed at their most peculiarly smug expressions, “What’s with your faces?” a little hand motion followed and he stood across from them on the couch.

     “Just find it funny how oblivious you are,” Tyler teased as he leaned back into the cream colored couch, the back of his ever so slightly curly brunette hair touching the top of the couch.

     His lips pursed, obviously still confused as to what his friend was referring to, “I’m oblivious? What I am oblivious to?”

     Ethan let out a long groan that soon turned into a hearty laugh, “Come on, Mark! It’s (Y/n)!” His playful teases did nothing but add to Mark’s helpless confusion, what did you have to do with all this? Was there something he didn’t notice while you were around? You weren’t upset with him… were you?

     “(Y/n)..? What about her?”

     Tyler chuckled as he stood up, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder as his lips donned a crooked smile, “Really? The way she gets nervous around you-”

     “-Always laughing at your jokes, no matter how stupid they are-”

     “Or how the two of you share those extra long glances?” Both of them spouting out little details that they hoped would lead Mark to the sweet and precious truth- the truth that you were utterly and completely smitten with the dorky yet charming ravenette.

     After all, the boys knew very well that Mark returned those feelings and the fact that neither of you has found out that the other likes them- was beyond their belief. Albeit, it was quite entertaining at times to watch you two helplessly try to flirt.

     Yet, like the lovable oblivious sweetheart he was, Mark simply didn’t understand what they were getting at. “Yeah, but that’s just us,” He shrugged, and Ethan soon stood up as well and walked over to stand on the other side of Mark; Tyler and Ethan were both surprised by now at just how much Mark didn’t see the signs- even though they were the very same signs he sent to you.

     “Mark, you have a crush on her, don’t you?” Ethan asked plain and simple, wanting to help his friend through this unnecessary endeavor that felt like the two of you were jumping through hoops backward just because neither of you can figure out the obvious truth.

     The ravenette felt his cheeks heat up as a nervous chuckle passed his lips, but, he nodded all the same, “I do.”

     “And you really can’t see that she likes you too?” Ethan’s question froze Mark’s heart, his head shooting over to look at his shorter friend with the familiar bright blue hair, bewildered at what he had said.

     “Wait… She… She does?” His words came out stumbled- unable to help himself as his previously frozen heart began to beat at lightening speed at the idea of you returning his feelings. Could it really be true? You were beautiful, funny, and had this spunky soul to you that he absolutely adored!

     Tyler chuckled and shook his head in disbelief, he knew his friend was smart and quite clever but how on Earth could your crush on him go completely over his head? It was almost sweet how oblivious he was. “Yes, you idiot, that’s why she acts like she does around you.”

      With this new found information, a rush of excitement flooded his veins and his brain worked only by impulse as he rushed past his friends and towards his phone on the counter, “I have to call her!”

     The two lads behind him chuckled at his instant, dorky reaction- though once their laughter soon died down, Tyler tossed his arm around Ethan, “Our little boy is all grown up, Ethan,” his voice was gentle and motherly, playfully mocking his dear friend.

     Ethan shook his head as he placed a hand on his heart, fondly, “Him and darling ol’ (Y/n) will be off frolicking in a field before we know it.” He held back a chuckle and turned his attention to Mark, who was currently waiting for you to pick up and in an overly dramatic and supportive tone he cheers him on, “Go get her, Mark! Show her that you care and that you-”

      “Ethan, stop talking! Do not ruin-”

     “Hello..? You there, Mark?”

     His previous annoyed tone with his blue-haired buddy melted away and Mark laughed bashfully into the phone- slightly embarrassed that you answered in the middle of him scolding Ethan, “H-Hey, yeah I’m here chickadee…” Before his friends could further embarrass the ravenette, he took it off speaker and put the phone to his ear, taking a deep breath and walking a bit away and he started his effort to charm your wonderful self.

     “So, I was thinking…”


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Still Young

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Request: A Lee Jeno angst :)

Pairings: Lee Jeno x reader

Warnings: None really, just angst and a tiny bit of fluff.

“Hello?” After over a year of dating and small phone calls that connected his busy schedule to your studious school one, you still felt butterflies in your belly every time he spoke. 

“Hi Jeno…” you replied, the soft fall breeze tickling against your skin as you swung back and forth on a swing, looking into the night sky. “I know you’re busy…I’m sorry.” 

“No, it’s okay, y/n. I…I kind of missed you anyway.” his soothing voice made you frown, conscience full of guilt. 

“…listen Jeno…I think…we should take a break.” you mumbled trying your best not to let him hear how weak you were.

After a small silence his voice broke through the line, calm and steady, just like how he usually was. 

“Where are you, Y/n?” 

“Just…swinging…” you knew he knew where you were, and a small part of you felt entitled. 

“I’ll be there soon, wait for me, please?”

“Y/n!” You heard him call your name, running towards you breathlessly. 

“Sorry Jeno,” your stomach churns as he sits down on the swing next to you, so close but you feel as though he’s miles and miles away. “I didn’t mean for you to come out here.” 

“That’s okay,” He gave you a soft smile. “Y/n…” he paused, lips flipping into a frown. “Do you not like me anymore?” 

“No!” you shook your head, “Of course not, Jeno, it’s more complicated than that.”

“Then what’s wrong…” 

“It’s just…” You took a deep breath to try and soothe the nerves running through your body, but it doesn’t help much. “…I can’t really explain it.”

“Y/n, you can’t just not have a reason…”  

“Jeno…I…” your mind fumbled for words to say, but you couldn’t make sense of what you wanted to say. “Do you know what goes through my mind when you’re not with me?” 

“…No” he responded, the gentle swish of his swing coming to a stop, and you scoff, kicking at the wood-chips on the ground. 

“See? You wouldn’t understand.”

“Do you really think so?” He asked and you turned to look at him, surprised at the sudden nonchalant tone in his voice.

“Yes!” you replied, slightly angered that he now seemed uninterested in your reasons for wanting to end things with him.

“That’s because you never talk to me, Y/n.“

His response made your skin boil, mouth dropped, shocked with disbelief. Was he really saying this to you? "You don’t have the right to say that, Jeno." 

"I think I do.” He turned to look at you, expression twisted in annoyance. “I think I deserve some say in this, especially when I’m the one getting dumped.”

“You don’t because you don’t understand.” Your fists gripped around the rusty chains, lips pressed into a line, hesitant to finish your thoughts.

“For God’s sake, Y/n.” he breathed through his clenched teeth as you failed to explain. “You’re going in circles. I came out here thinking you hated me, but you don’t, not even remotely so, so tell me, why do you want to break up.” 

You felt a pain shoot through your chest, you felt like a deer caught in headlights. He was right- you were being unfair. 

“I must be a horrible boyfriend…” he began, “My own girlfriend, who I love and cherish, won’t even tell me what’s going on through her head.” He let out a long stress filled sigh.

He was pulling every string that connected your emotions with each word the left his mouth, only making you feel more and more guilty, but you couldn’t deny his reason for being angry at you. You wanted to apologize, but the words didn’t want to leave your lips.

“Okay, I get it now.” he sighed, chuckling almost as if he’d been relieved of something strenuous. “It’s me, isn’t it. It’s everything about me. I’m making you wait, tying you-”

“No!” you screamed, furious that he’d even think it was about him. “It’s not you, Jeno! It’s not time, it’s not anything like that.” You bit your lips, unsure of how to continue. “Jeno…I’d wait forever for you.” 

“Then what is it, Y/n? Tell me before I go crazy,” he had returned to his normal self, cool and collected, his warm, soft eyes meeting yours, begging for an explanation. “Please…” 

You choke back a cry, lips trembling, heart bursting with an ugly feeling all too familiar and unwelcome, known as self-hate. “It’s me.” You finally breathed, tears streaming down your cheeks as you try to explain your hearts contents to him. 

“It’s not the wait that makes me frustrated, I don’t mind you running after your career.” You bit your lips. Suddenly, your insecurities felt too insignificant of a reason for him to be out here, but you take a deep breath and continued anyway. 

“It’s just that…when you’re working so hard, doing such great things, I can’t help but feel small.” Your thumbs fumble with each other, lips pouting with shame. “I’m the one who’s going nowhere. You’re the one who has to wait for me, and I…I don’t want that.” 

You hear the soft clank of a swing and crunch of the ground as he makes his way to you. His strong, warm hands place themselves on your cheeks, tilting your hung head up as his thumbs wipe your tears.

“Don’ say that, Y/n…”

“But Jeno! I don’t want to tie you back. You’re so amazing that I…I’m not sure you’ll want me in the future.” a sigh leaves your lips. “Will you?”

“Of course, Y/n,” his smooth voice seems to calm your nerves and he places his forehead on yours, a small reassuring smile finding itself onto his lips. “We’re still young, you and I…We have forever to figure things out.”

A/N: SORRY, I couldn’t find an appropriate Jeno angsty gif…also, to the anon who requested this, I hope you enjoyed it. I didn’t do an extremely angsty angst because IDK…for some reason I just feel like Jeno wouldn’t be too overbearing in situations like this? I feel like he’d be (or at least try to be) super understanding. 

And to everyone else…I hope you all liked it too :)


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Bath Time, Just Lay Back

Request from a wonderful anon!

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Warnings: Adult Content

Contains: Text Images

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Chamomile Tea

Crankiplier angst please i love you

Could you do a crankiplier fic about Ethan being sick? You’ve probably done a billion of them but I live for concerned Mark.

 Of course Ethan wan’t surprised. Why should he be surprised? The days were growing colder, he refused to wear a jacket often times, then he blamed his runny nose and incessant sneezing on Autumn Allergies. But now here he lay, feeling like shit in a heap of blankets.

 He reached for his phone over the pile of crumpled up tissues on the nightstand. He dialed the first person that came to mind.

  “Hey, Mark,” Ethan said, nose stuffy and voice almost hoarse.

  “Hey, let me guess: Traffic? Forgot your shoes?

 Ethan chuckled. His boyfriend knew him too well. 

  “No, actually. I’ve finally gotten sick,” Ethan mumbled over the phone.

 Mark started repeating the news in such an enthusiastic voice to the others before his voice changed to one of concern, asking if he was alright.

  “no, yeah. I’m okay. It’s just, I’m fine. I might take the day off is that alright?” Ethan asked, but the other end was silent and he checked his phone screen to see the call had ended.

 Ethan let out a huff and slid his phone back onto the nightstand. He pulled the blankets closer to his chest and closed his eyes, hoping his runny nose wouldn’t drown him in his sleep.

 Upon waking up again that morning, it was to the door knocking in his apartment. He slowly shuffled out of his room to answer it with a blanket wrapped around his thin frame. Opening the front door revealed Mark with his eyebrows knit in concern and grocery bags in both hands.

  “Oh Jesus, Eth,” Mark mumbled as he set down the bags and moved in, hugging Ethan into his chest as the smaller man let out a small wheeze.

  “Mark, you’re going to get sick too,” Ethan mumbled but Mark hushed him and continued to grab the bags and close the door behind him. Thankfully his room was the only mess in his apartment and the rest was more or less clean. Mark began pulling out tissue box after tissue box as well as an assortment of teas.

 Ethan sat on the sofa and watched as the other man quietly pulled out each item from the paper bags. Mark then looked over at Ethan with a smile.

  “I was worried and I figured you might want some company,” Mark explained after a beat of silence.

  “What about the others? What are they-”

  “We’re all taking a day off. I’m willing to just put a pause on things if it means you get better.”

 Ethan’s heart ached and Mark continued to move around his small kitchen. He tossed in two mugs of water into the microwave and he wandered over into Ethan’s room. Ethan just laid on the sofa, not wanting to leave his warm cocoon. When Mark made it back, he had filled the empty paper bags with all the tissues Ethan had strewn across the bedroom the night before and earlier that morning. 

 Mark pulled out a thermometer and placed it into Ethan’s mouth, slowly taking a deep breath as he relaxed. Mark kept himself busy. The sound of his movements were apparent, the way he would pop in and out of Ethan’s view to take his temperature, feel his forehead for a fever, ask him ordinary questions. 

  “Are you feeling okay?” Mark asked after a few hours. He had made them tea and Mark sat on the other ended of the sofa with Ethan’s feet propped over his legs.

  “Better, now that you’re here,” Ethan smiled. Mark let out a chuckle. Then his eyes widened and he stood up, moving Ethan’s position as he did so.

  “Shit, I forgot the other tea boxes.” Mark said as he began to run out the door. Ethan wondered what he meant and decided to follow. He tread behind with his blankets and saw Mark running down the stairs and reach his car where he pulled the door handle then cursed as he ran back.

  “Mark, I don’t need any more tea,” Ethan chuckled as Mark sprinted past him into his apartment to search for his car keys. Ethan stood at the door, the wind blowing and he slightly shivered.

  “Fuck fuck fuck, where are my keys, I can’t find my keys. Shit.” Mark cursed as he searched frantically.

  “Mark, it’s fine, I don’t need any more tea.”

 The other man ignored him and continued to search. Ethan was standing in the doorway and figured it was best if he moved but he was so distracted by Mark’s frantic movements that he couldn’t.


  “Aha! I got them!” Mark exclaimed as he made his way back but Ethan blocked him from leaving.

  “Mark, I promise I don’t need any more tea-”

  “But you’ll get sick. Tea makes it better. Tea always makes it better,” Mark mumbled as he tried to slip past Ethan who just got in the way again.

  “There are other remedies. You don’t have to get the tea right now, Mark calm down I’ll be fine,” Ethan tried to say through his stuffy nose.

  “Ethan, I don’t want you to get even more sick. Get inside and I’ll get the tea-”

 Ethan leaned in and kissed Mark. The older man blinked looked down at Ethan who gave him a smile before he began to cough.

  “Shit, I didn’t realize. Fuck.” Ethan remembered. Mark shut the door behind them and led Ethan back to the sofa where they sat. Mark had his arm around Ethan and pulled him closer.

  “Sorry, sorry. I just… I really care about you and I was… I don’t know I was just looking forward to helping you get better and the teas in the car-”

  “Mark, it’s fine. As long as you’re here I’ll get better,” Ethan replied, intertwining their fingers. Mark smiled down at their hands before pecking Ethan’s cheek.

 They sat their in a relative silence before Ethan reached out for his tea and gave it a sip, it was slightly warm.

  “What tea was it anyway?” Ethan asked, looking at Mark who kept rubbing his thumb onto Ethan’s palm.


 Ethan nodded and scooted closer to Mark.

  “You’re too good to me, Mark.” Ethan whispered. Mark let out a sigh.


 They sat in silence once more before Ethan felt his eyes drooping and Mark decided it was time for some more tea.

In Order To Save Him


*Warning: timelines are a MESS


“How did you find me?”

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have something I need.”

The long-haired, Mountain Man tipped back in his chair. “And what exactly is that?”

“The Mark.”

Cain narrowed his eyes. “And what would a girl like you want with that?”

“I need revenge. I need to kill something.”

“Sorry. This isn’t something to use for revenge and then quit. It’ll take over your life. Whoever hurt your little feelings will just have to get away with it.”

You bit your lip, your hands balling into fists, nails biting into your palms. “You know I’m a Winchester, right?”


“So you know that what I’m going after isn’t small bananas. There’s too much evil out there for me to waste my time on insignificant specks.”

Cain couldn’t help but be entertained. “So what are you going after?”

“An archangel.”

“That’s a big fish to fry.” Cain leaned forward. “Mind if I ask which one?”


To say that he was surprised would be a slight understatement. “Why?” was the only word he could form.

“He killed Gabriel.”

“The Trickster? Why should that matter to you? Didn’t he mess with your brothers?”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest; Cain had already chastised you for ‘getting your feelings hurt’. What would he say if you told him that Lucifer had killed the love of your life?

You didn’t have to say it.

“Oh,” Cain said, eyes trailing over you. “I see.”

“Will you help?”

Cain stood, wandering over to the kitchen window. Looking out, he couldn’t help but remember the day he’d locked himself away in this cabin. Lucifer had ruined his life, including giving him the damn Mark he’d become known for. If you thought you could find him and take care of him…

“Are you sure you want this?”


Cain turned around. “Why?”

“You already–”

“I can see your heartbreak. But there’s also something else haunting you. What is it?”

You said nothing, not wanting to bring back the memories of that awful experience.

“Come on. Why are you so–”

“Because somehow, when Gabriel died, a time loop opened up and I was stuck, reliving that awful moment over and over and over!” You glared at Cain. “My brothers said it was just a dream, a nightmare that I was stuck in when I slipped into a coma, having been thrown into a wall during the actual fight. But…” You shook your head. “I know what I felt, what I went through. I was stuck in that moment, watching Gabriel die over and over, knowing that he was going to leave and not being able to do a damn thing about it!”

Cain was quiet for a moment. “How many times?”

You shook your head again. “At least a hundred.”

Cain nodded, more to himself than to you. “You honestly think you can find Lucifer?”

“I have to.”

“And you’re going to kill him?”

You nodded.

“It’s going to take a lot to track him down.”

“Which is why I’m going back.”

“Back where?”

“Back when. I’ve looked into it—since I had an issue with time recently, being stuck in that loop, it’ll be easier for me to open up a channel to the past.”

Cain narrowed his eyes. “Your brothers can’t approve of this.”

“They don’t know.”

Cain considered his options. “Your brothers will kill me if they find out I’ve given you the Mark.”

“The Mark is the least of their worries.”

Cain knew you wouldn’t leave until you’d gotten what you’d come for. And you were worthy of it…

“Fine,” he said. “But before I give you the Mark, you have to listen to everything I tell you. I want to make sure you absolutely understand what you’re getting into.”


You rolled your sleeve down over the Mark, feeling it burning in your skin. You looked around, knowing the area but still feeling like a stranger. You wondered if everyone could smell the 2017 on you.

You crossed the street to the diner where you knew Gabriel would be. You were about to step in when you saw someone coming towards you.

That someone was… you.

You ducked down into the bushes, watching as 2014 you exited the diner, crossing the parking lot to your beat up clunker. Once past you had driven off, you stepped into the diner, walking briskly to the booth where Gabriel sat. You slid in across from him.

“Sorry, this…” Gabriel studied you for a moment. “Wait a minute. Y/N? Why’d you change your clothes? And when did you get your hair cut?”


Gabriel cocked his head to the side.

“Of 2017.”


“Listen, I don’t have a lot of time to explain…”


Gabriel couldn’t believe it.

You’d taken the Mark of Cain in order to travel back in time and team up with Gabriel in order to take down Lucifer before he killed Gabriel.

This was too much.

It took careful treading on Gabriel’s part, to never mention future you to past you. He had to continue to meet up with past you, lest you should become suspicious. He would meet with past you for lunch or dinner; afterward, he would meet up with you to devise a plan.

The air about future you was… scary, dark. You were determined and even though you tried to hide it, Gabriel had caught glimpses of the Mark, glowing angrily against your skin.

And this plan of yours, to kill Lucifer… Gabriel was all for self-preservation, but could he really kill his brother? Besides, wouldn’t that mess with the path of time? Surely his death threw some sort of plan into motion. Who was he to stand in the way?

anonymous asked:

Hello, I just discovered this blog and it's pretty rad ngl. For NCT127 (+Ten), I was wondering who's most to least likely to date an intellectual girl- someone who wants to have deep philosophical discussions, knows a little about a lot of subjects, has a big vocabulary, etc. I don't think any of them would seek out a dumb girl per say, but some might be intimidated by a intellectual partner. Thank you.

thank you for the request! and thank you too for the compliment! and i get what you’re saying so don’t worry! disclaimer: before any of you attack me for doing a mtl with who’d date someone “clever” pls read what his anon wrote first. they’ve summed up what i mean by “clever” perfectly.




Doyoung -> Taeil are, in my opinion, the “intellectuals” of the group. They seem very well rehearsed and educated and like they would’ve taken a real liking to school growing up. I don’t think they wouldn’t not date someone who wasn’t classed as “clever” but they might just struggle with things they share in common or just understanding them (the member) with all their facts and fancy words. These boys just need someone like them who’ll be able to relate easily.

Taeyong -> Mark would like a very philosophical partner; someone who knows a lot about a lot and has a lot of theories and thoughts surrounding certain topics. So basically someone whose a bit of a bookworm and is up to have late midnight conversations about the world and history and why things are the way they are. They wouldn’t have to be a genius or super clever or anything, but at least have a fascination with the world and a busy mind.

Yuta -> Haechan would never admit to this but would be secretly intimidated by people who are “intellectuals” or very clever. Let’s be honest, these guys have a fairly big ego and probably like to think that they’re clever all the time. But wold kind of be scared off by people who actually have the knowledge and capability to correct them. As long as they were modest with their knowledge and not rude about correcting him ,there wouldn’t be an issue.

Ten -> WinWin, I see as more likely to date someone artistic over “clever”. Like someone who dances or sings or raps or draws. They have a very creative mind, more so over a logical one and would find more things in common with someone like them. But, it could work either way - as long as they shared an interest in the same things roughly, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

anonymous asked:

can i request a jongin fluff where u both do homework together but he ends up being really soft since hes tired :(

Aiya, thank you for the request, Anon! I found myself pretty busy today, but thankfully found some time to complete your request. Due to my schedule, I decided to keep it short and sweet (besides, isn’t reading paragraphs and paragraphs before finally getting to the point just boring? No offense to those who write that way, it’s all personal preference ^^) because I had a mini-brain fart. I hope you enjoy! Make sure you request more if you like it! <3

Anything For You

Info: Jongin x Reader

Author: Admin Heather

Type: Fluff

Date: 7.23.17

“And everyone, your essays are due tomorrow. They weigh forty percent of your class mark. Consider yourself dismissed.”

I look downwards, avoiding the sun shining in my eye as I walk down the street, avoiding all my peers as they attempt to catch the bus. College definitely plays a big role in my career, but I wish the deadlines were a bit more flexible… I press my lips together, knowing that when I get home, the constant studying and note taking will only progress to a somewhat faster, more efficient train of thinking.

I walk up the steps to the apartment complex, checking in at the front desk before taking the elevator up to the sixth floor. I sigh, thinking about how I’m going to possibly complete my work within the next few hours. 

Twisting the key into the doorknob, I open the door quietly and softly, making sure not to disturb Jongin as he sits on the couch, attempting to relax himself after a harsh day of dance practice.

Throwing my bags on the ground, I walk into my room, frustrated. My essay is due tomorrow and I haven’t even got the chance to finish my Chemistry assignment… I bite my lip, taking out the despised textbook and notepad.

“Jagi~” Jongin knocks on the door, “Can I come in?”
“Yeah.” I respond quietly, “What is it?”

He opens the door and sets down a plate next to me on my desk. “You’ve been working so hard jagi. You deserve a break!”

I press my lips together, “Jongin, I really appreciate your interest in my studying, but I’m really behind on everything. My essay is due tomorrow and I haven’t even finished my Chemistry assignment.”

He furrows his eyebrows in concern, “Jagi… Why don’t I help you finish some of your work?”

I look up at him in surprise, “You’d really help me out?”
“I’ll do anything for you, jagi!” He says with a bright smile, “Besides, I need something to calm me down. I was at practice for hours and the boys won’t leave me alone.”

I nod, passing over the Chemistry assignment. He takes a black pen from the desk, and begins drawing a diagram, explaining to me how it works.

As I work, I lose track of time, Jongin quietly working away, glancing over my shoulder every few minutes.

“Jagi, it’s getting late. You should really get some rest now.” He yawns, his puppy eyes glancing up at me. “If you need to finish more work, I’ll help you out tomorrow morning.”

“I’m done my essay.” I rest my head on his strong shoulder, “Tha- thank you so much for helping me.”

He takes my wrist and sets me down in the bed, pulling the sheets over both of us. I cuddle up to him, and he whispers in my ear, “Anything for you, kitten.”

And with that, I fall asleep in his embrace, the last thing I remember being his soft touch on my neck.

anonymous asked:

May I request some scenarios with a lil' sparkling getting angry at someone for yelling, or trying to hit, Rung, Swerve, Skids, Tailgate, and Whirl, and they can't talk yet, but they get hurt in the process, not to bad, just maybe a scratch or the person's volume scarred them a bit? Sorry if this too much or strangely specific. ^^

It’s cool, Anon. This marks the last request in my inbox.


Rung was minding his own business walking with the sparkling when he accidentally walked into a mech who was apparently have a bad day. The said mech turned around and started yelling at the poor therapist. Rung tried to apologize but the ‘bot wasn’t having it and start to take a swing. Sparkling kicked the mech’s pede which didn’t hurt him barely a tingle, but they responded by kicking Sparkling. Sparkling whom was knocked back, started to cry. Rung started to scold the ‘bot before they could register what happened. When they did the mech bolted. Running away in hopes of not getting in trouble.

Rung quickly took the Sparkling to Ratchet. Sparkling are fragile compared to fully grown Cybertronians so he wasn’t taking chances. After a thorough check up Ratchet concluded the sparkling to be perfectly fine. Rung softly smiles, “Yeah their one tough cookie.” The orange mech waved the medic adew and carried the sparkling to Ultra Magnus’ office.


Swerve knew this bot was wasted so he cut them off. This angry the emotional drunk and they started to use vulgar words that the sparkling who was sitting behind the bar counter; shouldn’t of been hearing. The minibot kindly the bot to leave only to be cursed out more. The sparkling cooed to Swerve catching on to his discomfort. The drunk already agitated yelled at Sparkling to ‘shut up’. The loud tone upset them and tears welled up in their eyes.

Swerve was angered by this and called Ten to kick the unwanted drunk out. The Legislator complied and hastefully remove the bot from the bar. The bartender picked up the crying sparkling and held them close. Letting his spark-pulse lull them to sleep. Swerve let Ten hold the recharging sparkling while he finished the bar up for the night.


No one knew what caused the fight but Skids had to dodge a fist flying at his faceplates. The sparkling tried to stop the conflict with their babble. The bot who swung at Skids said a harsh term. Sparkling themself couldn’t form any words with their vocalizer but could perfectly understand the offensive statement. Everyone never by stop what they were doing to stare at the bot whom now realized their mistake.

They tried to apologize to Sparkling not really meaning it but trying to save their own aft. It was too late Sparkling was crying. Skids swatted the offender away and picked the little one and handing them to a trusted ‘bot. The ‘bot who started the mess went to the brig after going to the med-bay.


Who would try to fight the cutie called Tailgate apparently there is one. Sparkling wanting to be held waddled over to Tailgate and cooed. The stupid ‘bot that started the fight threw an energon cube at Tailgate causing to shatter. A few stray shards cut the sparkling. They were shallow cuts but they hurt none the less. Small droplets of lubricant that fell from their optics was all it took for Tailgate to get angry. 

After kicking the aft of the offender, Tailgate freaked seeing small streams of energon leaking from your wounds. He took you to Ratchet and explained what happen. The bot isn’t getting away with just an aft-kicking.


The ex-wrecker is known to get into quite a lot of fights but this is the first time around the sparkling. Sparkling didn’t like to see the the blue mech get hurt even if he shrugged it off as nothing. The sweet sparkling tried to stop it themself but to no avail. Both Whirl and the other ‘bot fell to the floor and continued to fight. Sparkling tried once more to stop the fight. The ‘bot swatted them away harshly. Whirl pause for second looking over to the young Cybertronian. The mech then properly knocked out the bot and went to attend to Sparkling.

The ‘bot should be relieve that it was only a scrape or Whirl would have knocked them out permanently. Whirl tries to stay out of fights when he knows Sparkling is near so there isn’t any repeat assaults or worst.


Genre: Fluff/a little bit of angst at some parts ~

Request: hi can i request a dating mark scenario based on the song Galaxy by Bolbbalgan4?im the anon who requested soulmate!mark:)) thank you so much!

A/N: Tbh i just listened to this song when i was writing this but it’s so great , shoutout to the anon for introducing this song to me , it’s legit the bomb ( and i listened to their other songs too ) . This is the first time i’m writing something like that so thanks for requesting , enjoy reading ~


It seems I drank a lot of coffee

my heart’s beating fast

and I can’t sleep

after a while when the stars come

I won’t be able to sleep again

You laid in bed , trying to fight the aching pain inside your head . You curled your body up together , wrapping your blanket around your body .

Every night was the same , you had trouble going to sleep and your thoughts ran wild . It has been like that since last year , and when everyone else was sleeping soundly at night , you dreaded going to bed - it was always the time of the day where your emotions and thoughts took over your body , and you hated it .

You took deep and big breaths , inhaling and exhaling as you calmed yourself and your body down , relaying the message in your head over and over again ,

He’ll be back soon , you’ll wake up in his arms , you’ll be alright .

When the day breaks

I’ll sleep by your side again

I think I become an angel

when I sleep in your arms

His arms wrapped around your body tightly , the heavy weight of his head resting on top of yours . You smiled as you stayed in the comfortable position , the one that never failed to calm you down .

“ You’re up baby , i’m glad you managed to go to sleep without me yesterday , i’m sorry , i got too caught up in practice last night i came home late . ” his calm morning voice said out , his hands rubbing your back in a circular motion .

Smiling , you looked up to him and gave him a small kiss on his nose , “ It’s okay Mark , as long as you’re here with me ”

No matter how tired he was , he always made it back to your apartment to hug you to sleep because he was the only one capable of making you sleep so calmly and easily , and he didn’t want to see you suffering trying to sleep on your own .

He accepted you for you are , your flaws and everything else ,

he treated you like you were an angel , his angel .


Like a star, like falling rain

you shine, I want to have you

Get ma mind

even if I just use my thumb and index finger

I express how I feel very well

I’m eager to be with you

so I haven’t been that nervous

Grabbing onto your VIP pass , you made your way to the special seats reserved just for all of you .

Mark’s family sat beside you , and you bowed to them , smiling and making them feel comfortable . You held his mother’s hand nervously as you saw the lights go out , thousands of fans screaming and cheering .

Spotlights shined on the 17 boys on stage , as they moved their bodies to rhythm of the music , not making a single mistake . Your eyes shifted to the young boy in the middle , rapping and showing off his dance skills - the one he had been training so many years for . You smiled brightly when the lights all shone on him , the center of the stage . His sharp and strong gaze on stage made you blush , since he was always smiling and laughing when the both of you were together . He was a different person on stage and you loved it .

“ You did so great baby , i’m so so proud of you , ” you called out to him . A towel was hanging loosely around his neck and he was sweating , but nevertheless , you still pulled him into a hug , as he tried to catch his breath .

“ Thanks love , i was so nervous just now . ” he said out , wiping the sweat away from his face . You grabbed the bottle of water from your hands and passed it to him .

“ You were shining on stage and it felt so good to know that Mark Lee , whom thousands other were screaming over just now , is mine . I must be blessed ” you teased him . He laughed and kissed you lightly on your forehead ,

“ No , i am blessed .”


when I’m ready

like a satellite that’s been launched

I’ll spin around you

if I get closer

would you hold

this tremor

Your eyes were glued to the screen , as you scrolled through the long list of negative comments . You knew reading them would only cause you more harm and you wanted to stop , but you couldn’t .

You cried once again , as the words and comments made by them sent spikes to your heart . You were innocent , you did nothing wrong . Only that you wanted to be with the one you loved , why did you have to suffer that much ?

By the time he reached your apartment , you were already shaking from your cries , unable to stop .

“ Babe .. Have you been reading those comments on our relationship again ..? ” he asked worriedly yet hesistantly , holding you in his arms . You could tell he was already on the verge of crying , as tears were already forming up in his eyes , but he held them back since he didn’t want you to break down even more .

Not answering him , you cried on his shoulder , your tears staining his shirt . “ I-I’m sorry i had to ruin your idol status just like that .. I’m sorry Mark ” you said out to him , crying even harder .

His tears fell down his cheek slowly , as his closed his eyes and pat your head with his hand , “ Don’t say that Y/N ”

Mark had accidentally revealed the relationship in an interview , and instead of having supportive fans , most of them made nasty comments to you , insulting you and commenting on your social media platforms , asking you to break up with him . None of them took into consideration that the both of you have been dating for a year already , making it seem like breaking up was an easy task .

His warm voice rang through your ears once again , this time in a more serious and sincere tone ,

“ We’ll get through this together baby , i’m willing to suffer just for us . ”


Yesterday I was in a really good mood

I carved your name

on the planet I passed by

after a while when the stars come

that star shines the brightest

He stared at you lovingly , as though he was looking at you for the first time . His eyes never left you once , apart from when he was checking if there were any fans around that were following .

You smiled at him and held his hand tightly , as the both of you made your way to the tower .

“ OMG MARK AND Y/N !! Can i take a photo with the both of you , y'all are so cute together ” the young girl infront of you screamed as she held out her phone , trying to catch her breath .

Mark smiled at her and said , “ Sure , yes , thanks for supporting us ! ” The three of you smiled for the picture , and bid the girl goodbye .

Soon enough , the people around you noticed the commotion and started snapping pictures , and you could hear people shouting ,

“ I hope both of you last forever , i love you all !! ”

“ Mark oppa , i love you and NCT , you and Y/N are cute together ! ”

The both of you smiled at their words , as you bowed and made your way to the destination .

You smiled brightly as you saw what Mark had written on the locks before he put it on the tower ,

“ To my one and only Y/N - my love for you would never fade away , and how your smile always brightens up my day like a star , i love you lots ”


Cause I’m a pilot anywhere

Cause I’m your pilot, by your side

I’ll pluck those stars

and give them to you, my Galaxy

The two of you sat under the bridge of the park the both of you loved to go to when you wanted some time alone , taking in the fresh air from the surroundings around you .

You laid on his shoulder , closing your eyes . He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and removed his mask to kiss your forehead .

“ Happy 1 and a half years together baby , you’re everything to me . ”

Mark Imagine - Jealousy

A/N - Thanks to the anon who requested this one, I hope you liked it! Requests are still open so keep sending them in!

“Hey, Mark. Do you want to come to a party tonight?” You asked your boyfriend as you stood in the kitchen, making some lunch for the two of you. 
“Uh, sure. Whose party is it?” He replied as he came to stand beside you, one hand around your waist. 
“It’s a little reunion thing with a bunch of my old friends. I mentioned I had a boyfriend and they said to bring you along.”
“I’d love that, hopefully they have some embarrassing stories to tell me about you!” He teased, kissing your cheek softly before grabbing a plate of food and dashing out of the kitchen and into the dining room. 

As night approached, you were getting ready and chose one of your favourite dresses. It was a deep plum colour and hugged your body in all the right places. It came to the middle of your thigh and you put on some black heels to elongate your legs.
“Babe?” Mark asked from the door to your bedroom.
“Do you have to wear that dress tonight?”
“Oh, do you not like it or something?” You became worried all of a sudden that he didn’t like how you looked.
“No no, it’s not that at all. You look absolutely stunning. It’s just…” he sighed before continuing, “I don’t want loads of your guy friends staring at you or trying to hook up with you.”
“Ah, so you’re jealous that you won’t be the only one to see me like this.”
“I hate to admit it but yes,” he said, admitting defeat. 
“You have nothing to worry about, babe. None of the guys will try and get with me. Especially not while you’re there.”
“They sure as hell won’t,” he came closer to you, his hands tight on your hips as he continued, “You’re mine and I won’t share you with anyone.” His lips connected with your neck, threatening to leave marks across the skin. 
“Mark, baby. Not now. I can’t show up with love bites over my neck, they’ll tease the shit out of me.”
“Well you better be ready for when we get back because I will rip that dress off your gorgeous body the moment we step back in this house.”

anonymous asked:

Can I request a reaction related to the anon who requested the "Hyung line reaction when they wake up next to you in the morning after you've had sex for the first time? (you're his gf)" but when you wake up became very flustered and shy? >///< How would they react then? Tysm >//<

Mark: Mark may even feel some secondhand fluster/shyness himself seeing you be so timid about it. Some people can be a real freak in the sheets one night then revert back to their normal, shy selves by the morning and if that were your case, Mark would find that completely normal but would smile at you to comfort you.

JB: Once he rolls over to look at you and sees you cover your face in embarrassment when you suddenly remember last night, he’d laugh heartily and comfort you. “Don’t be embarrassed!” he’d soothe you as you continue to cover your face in shyness.

Jackson: Jackson would be so surprised to see you so shy all of a sudden. As you cover your face, he’d look at you incredulously, “Heyyyyyy, why are you being so girly all of a sudden?” he’d ask in surprise. He’d then try to pry your hands away from your face so he can give you a kiss.

Jr.: Jr. would look up at you with a sleepy smile but when he sees you get all shy, he’d wrap an arm around you and pull you closer to him. “Stop acting so flustered, you did well” he’d joke, rubbing your back as you buried your face in his chest.

NKB vol 5 summary: ENT doctor Souya

Back by unpopular demand- – me!
! please note that I’m not fluent in Japanese so there may be some mistakes ! 
> anon requested therefore I answer
> this is a lot more summary-like than my previous translations because for some reason they decided to make all of the tracks like 10+ minutes long WHO DECIDED THIS
> stuff I’m unsure about is marked with (?) 
> also I can’t find the track names????? so I couldn’t translate those.. If anyone has the track names please send me an ask and I’ll edit them in

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