for the anon who kept asking for it there you go lol

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The anon who asked about her ask lol It was one where I was asking about Yuris homelife growing up. The way he seems desperate for attention and only seeming to know how to get it through promiscuous behavior along side with his seemingly low self image makes it seem to me that he has a rough past. Maybe abuse? I could totally be wrong lol (I to be rather angsty haha)but I can't help but be curious because I find the way you portray him in your loverboy au so intriguing

This was one I was thinking on how to answer, actually! Sorry it took me awhile… Because to me, nothing traumatic or abusive happened to Yuri in his past really to make him the way he is. It’s mostly just because really, he’s never had it easy in the Loverboy AU, life has always kept him down - he’s always been struggling in some way, either with money or education or something else. Nikolai loved him and took as good of care of him as he could but there’s only so much they can do, and basically Yuri never feels like he will amount to anything because what could he amount to? He barely scraped out of high school, dropped out of college, works at a diner. He’s attractive but he knows its a finite resource for sure, and basically sees nothing but a bleak future for himself – especially if (when, in his mind) JJ and Beka go onto better things. 

The angst for Yuri in the loverboy AU isn’t because of a trauma but just because life is hard and then you die, in his opinion (so he might as well make good on what he can while he’s young).

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Help I'm trapped in the world of Kenhina but Kagehina has more active fans convert me

ohoho, im here to (try to) help!! <3 here’s a few reasons why i ship kagehina:

remember the first time kageyama tosses to hinata? hinata is dead tired, but when he sees the toss, his face splits into a massive grin:

like, ‘KAGEYAMA TOSSED TO ME OMFG’. just look at how happy and adorable he is

remember when tsukky kept calling kageyama ‘king’, kageyama didn’t do anything about it, but hinata did.

hinata considered kageyama the strongest 15 yr-old vball player

remember when hinata went to find asahi, he didn’t want to go alone bc the 3rd yr corridors were scary and the first person he went to was kageyama?

and ofc who could forget when hinata immediately hid behind kageyama after seeing asahi for the first time

when kags promises hinata that he’ll get the ball to him 

in his exact words: “We’ll definitely score with the next one. Do your best jump, go as fast as you can and fly. I’ll get the ball to you.”

with that smile like :)))) ‘i can make all ur dreams come tru bby’

or when hinata notices that kageyama is acting weird during the seijou game and p much says “don’t u dare lose before i beat you!!! youre my eteRNAL riVAL ✔✔”

and kags just overall p much sayin how cool hinata is lmao

and remember their one high-five moment? (you tried, kageyama)

or when the group was walking and they stayed behind everyone else, choosing to walk side-by-side instead. (and they’re always next to each other during team talks)


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Last time I checked pedophilia is an attraction towards pre pubescent children, so it would not be called that even if you kept moana's original age which is 16, in the end I think it just age gaps that got these people in a twist which is understandable, I know other shippers that are uncomfortable shipping a 16 or 17 yo with anyone, myself included. depending on where they live and from, so they usually age them up. Love your work btw, keep up the good work!

Yeah IKR?
Maybe they should go on Wikipedia and read about what they’re talking about, and then MAYBE say something.

It happens on every side anyway, like when someone call me homophobic because I don’t like Yaoi or Yuri LOL


My best friend is lesbian and goddamnit I am with them, wishing them to get my same right and live happily forever and even after loving who they want to love, so yeah, I am the last homophobic bitch in the world, but yet there’s people who say I am ‘cause I don’t like yaoi… Doesn’t make sense, but hey! Again, people don’t think when say something, they think that since we are on the internet we can say whatever the fuck it’s in our mind without use the brain…

I, for example, don’t like furry or anthro, but I don’t fucking go around tumblr or wherever and bother who likes it, damn, I just block the things I don’t like with “Tumblr Savior” and don’t look around for these stuffs. That’s how a person do when use the brain. They should do the same as well imo.

So yeah, I understand that it could and do bother and disturb someone, I am not saying that everybody have to love it, BUT that’s doesn’t mean you can come to me and bother me with your shitty thought senseless, specially when it’s specified the age of all characters involved.

People just love to troll, and I must say that I am kinda sorry for them… For waste their time in such stupid things, means that they have an empty life and need to do so for make it a little bit interesting (and boring for me and others at my position, but oh well.)
Thank you! Glad you like my works!

Ps: Sorry if (and I surely did! xD) I wrote something wrong, but ngh my English isn’t the best, but I try xD