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Help I'm trapped in the world of Kenhina but Kagehina has more active fans convert me

ohoho, im here to (try to) help!! <3 here’s a few reasons why i ship kagehina:

remember the first time kageyama tosses to hinata? hinata is dead tired, but when he sees the toss, his face splits into a massive grin:

like, ‘KAGEYAMA TOSSED TO ME OMFG’. just look at how happy and adorable he is

remember when tsukky kept calling kageyama ‘king’, kageyama didn’t do anything about it, but hinata did.

hinata considered kageyama the strongest 15 yr-old vball player

remember when hinata went to find asahi, he didn’t want to go alone bc the 3rd yr corridors were scary and the first person he went to was kageyama?

and ofc who could forget when hinata immediately hid behind kageyama after seeing asahi for the first time

when kags promises hinata that he’ll get the ball to him 

in his exact words: “We’ll definitely score with the next one. Do your best jump, go as fast as you can and fly. I’ll get the ball to you.”

with that smile like :)))) ‘i can make all ur dreams come tru bby’

or when hinata notices that kageyama is acting weird during the seijou game and p much says “don’t u dare lose before i beat you!!! youre my eteRNAL riVAL ✔✔”

and kags just overall p much sayin how cool hinata is lmao

and remember their one high-five moment? (you tried, kageyama)

or when the group was walking and they stayed behind everyone else, choosing to walk side-by-side instead. (and they’re always next to each other during team talks)