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keith reminds me of jim hawkins from treasure planet


A bunch of information on the Klance Spirits AU

The Spirits:

  • 99% of them are completely harmless and unable to interact with the physical world.
  • Most of them are about the size of a hand, their shapes can vary, some can fly, some can walk.
  • None of them can talk but they can project strong emotions (especially if they are evil spirits)
  • People who can see them feel like they are touching warm empty air when they try touch them.


  • Keith was actually able to see spirits at a young age, which is why he believes in Lance. He interacted with them a lot so he was considered odd by other children.
  • He once got into contact with the one of spirits that are not as kind as others, which gave him a sort of ‘curse’ which is attracting spirits whether he wants it or not and he lost his abilities to see them shortly after.
  • Since then he has always felt an uncomfortable weight on his shoulders, sleeps badly and has headaches often, which is why he prefers to not speak to people if possible and listen to music to get drain away the buzzing in his head.
  • He is unaware that he is chased by spirits until Lance tells him. They clung mostly to his shoulders and hair but sometimes are around his feet as well, or just flying nearby.
  • Spirits have really bad memory which is why they keep coming back to Keith even though Lance drives them away.
  • Even though Lance tells the spirits to leave Keith alone, there is always a small flame spirit that clings to Keith shoulder, when Lance asks about it Keith tells him that it was his best friend when he was a kid, with a sad smile.


  • Since young Lance realized that people couldn’t see spirits so he only interacts with them when he is aware he is alone.
  • Hunk is the only friend who knows about them but it’s a topic they never talk about.
  • The only reason why he spoke to them while around Keith when they met was because Keith was being a jackass and he didn’t care if he thought he was crazy or not.
  • Lance doesn’t hate spirits, he finds them pretty actually, but he doesn’t love them either, because they make him feel different. Basically he treats them like flowers, appreciating their beauty from afar. 

Their relationship:

  • Lance offers Keith to hang around with him and his friends, to be easier to shoosh the spirits that bother Keith away more easily.
  • Keith tells Lance that he actually doesn’t feel tired while jogging. One morning Lance tags along on Keith morning jogs and he almost passes out laughing when he realizes that most of the spirits fall off while Keith runs and they are just trying to catch up to Keith.
  • One day, when Lance sees Keith coming to university surrounded by spirits with eye bags he realizes that the spirits probably bug him during sleep too, which is how they ends up inviting Keith over for a sleepover, hoping he could ask the spirits not to bother him for the night.
  • Lance won’t admit it but Keith looks really pretty with spirits around him, once a spirit that has a head of a flower was sitting on Keith’s head and Lance felt his heart skip a bit.
  • Lance is the one who confesses to Keith, when Keith admits that he feels like he is a burden to Lance to which Lance replies by saying that taking care of the person he loves would never be a burden. 

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Talk me through your makeup routine

it’s pretty boring honestly, i do my cat eye eyeliner and my eyebrows n thats literally it lmao but sometimes when im feelin fancy ill go all out w eyeshadow n stuff or put on some eyelashes bc mine dnt exist!!! dnt forget to cry abt not being able to play animal crossing and ur rdy for the day

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Picture this: Pidge accidentally friend-zoning Lance. In some remote time where Lance and Pidge besides of just being videogame bff, they also tell each other their insecurities and problems. Pidge feeling a little bad because she doesn't feel attractive and Lance assuring her she is waaaay prettier than she thinks. Pidge saying "thanks Lance you're a good friend" in fear of revealing her feelings but thanking him And Lance just :))) :''') ¿Por qué a mí? :']

Lance, my man.

You poor thing.

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I have to say... 2 birthdays in a row and a toxic family... *shrugs* celebrated it today and lemme tell u. It fucking sucked. Like... stuck between trying to find help, declining health, and financial issues and... lots of bullshit and it's not been great. I'm just happy to pass by yalls blogs just to have at least a good laugh. And this is probably the sweetest fandom ever. I just wish i could participate in stuff more and wasn't having a shitstorm problem where im useless TT^TT

If any of my shitposts brings a smile to your life in a time where it’s hard to find any reason to smile, then I consider my job on tumblr to be accomplished. Y’all have helped me smile in my low times, and I have got to return the favor in the only ways I can.

I haven’t been able to participate in many fandom things that I wish I could, but it’s not happening rn with my limited time and energy, lol! But the good thing about this great fandom is that it’s always going strong, and I believe that for the most part it’s positive and supportive. So let it be the wind in your sails for a bit, anon. We’re always happy to help. ❤️ with thirst

garrison headcanons

because you know this bunch was the absolute worst at school

  • random student: “oh man, keith is so mysterious and dreamy. i wonder what he’s thinking about…”
    • keith internally: ‘if i drink the contents of this beaker will i be able to breathe fire’
  • lance in tears: “pidge i’m gonna fail, i don’t know what to study for this test”
    • pidge: “well i do. goodbye” 
  • lance: “hunk you beautiful rule-breaking moth”
    • lance: “hunk you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish”
    • lance: “hunk, you’re a genius! your brain is almost as perfect as your face”
  • keith gets mad at a student so he just bites into their eraser and spits it across the room
  • teacher!shiro emailing his students: ‘sorry guys class is cancelled today i couldn’t find a parking space so i cried in the lot for 8 minutes’ 
  • pidge: “haha iverson left his facebook logged in let’s post a message saying ‘i’m a dick hurr durr’” lance: “hahah”
    • hunk: “haha or we could send a 2000 word message to his wife explaining how he’s been having multiple affairs and he doesn’t love her anymore and their marriage has always been a sham”
    • pidge: “…..dude….”
    • hunk: “hahah just a suggestion ( :” 
  • keith naruto-runs through the hallways 
  • shiro: “hey guys today we’re gonna watch a video so i can sleep under my desk” 
  • lance pointing at some birds on campus: “are those your relatives?” pidge: -__- 
  • lance: “yuck there goes keith kogane…with the beautiful hair and the soulful eyes….he’s so disgusting i hate him” 
    • keith: “sorry man can i pass through-” 
    • lance: “can you pass-?! can you pass through??? can you- you burnt piece of celery…do you wanna go?!?! i don’t care, i’ll go right now, i’ll kiss you in the middle of the hallway!! i don’t give a shit i’ll do it!!!” keith: “what” 
  • lance: “hunk i don’t feel so great, i messed up the flight simulator today” hunk: “:( i’m sorry buddy”
    • hunk: “this is a quote that keeps me going when i feel down. ‘if we never flew, we would never fall. the life we live isn’t so simplistic, you just don’t get what you want. so we take what comes, and we keep on going’”
    • lance: “woah hunk….who said that? obama?” 
    • hunk: ”…..big time rush"
  • shiro pointing at a board with the words ‘a lie’: “class, there is only one thing worse than a lie” 
    • shiro ripping off a paper to reveal ‘living a lie’: “boom”
    • keith gasping: “living”
    • shiro: “no-” 

I think I have finally defeated this enemy of my life

I have finally cut off its hand that still held me

I have finally shed its embrace that surrounded me

I have finally burst through its shadow that kept me from growing

I no longer crave it

I no longer need it

I no longer want it

I no longer have it

I can finally sleep soundly again.

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Hey again (same person from before heh) your explanation was way longer and in such greater detail than I expected, and I deeply thank you for that! Now I am a true believer of JasPearl-also whenever I type JasPearl it autocorrects it to JASPEARL but I've never typed JasPearl in all caps and ye end of story

aaaahh gosh of course!!! sdfkljdslf im really happy you (and others too!) appreciate it ;;; i have a million other little theories too but it was so long already i had to cut it somewhere LOL

also totally the reason your phone is using caps is because JASPEARL NEEDS TO BE LOUD!!! BC JASPER IS ALWAYS LOUD WHEN ITS ABOUT PEARL! 

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"confess something you've thought about me" i have wondered, many times, why you love taylor swift so much

let me tell you a story. it starts at nine years old. a girl with skinned knees is sitting in the back of her mother’s minivan when she hears a voice touch her through the radio. she rests her ear against the speaker because the song sounds like love, and she’s never heard love out loud before. she closes her eyes, feels the satin waves of a ballgown under the tips of her fingers, the cool stone of the balcony under her feet. she learns that love isn’t always easy, and that she should be ready for it when it comes around.

she’s at her grandparents’ house in the desert when she collects enough money to buy a new album. she uses her mother’s ipod and she puts in earbuds for the first time because she wants to hear it alone. her great-grandmother’s paintings line the walls and she stares at them as she walks. she sees herself and someone she loves sitting on the stroked beaches, feels an arm around her shoulders and happiness blooming like dried oil flowers in her chest. “he fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter,” the golden girl sings to her. “you are the best thing that’s ever been mine.”

then there’s a song about growing up and she presses pause, because she isn’t ready to hear it yet. ten years old and she has already felt the fragility of life. others see the ocean but she sees death. she isn’t ready.

that night, a story about her uncle floats around the dinner table, this one just as terrible as the others. though dead before her birth, he is a constant force in her life: a warning, a touch of heartbreak in her mother’s eyes, a mess of lingering regrets on her grandparents’ faces. if only we could have fixed him. she goes to the laundry room that she shares with her sister and collapses on the bed, clicking on a song about innocence. the voice of the girl with the golden hair rolls over her like saltwater waves, here to clean her wounds. “who you are is not what you did. you’re still an innocent.” she thinks he is forgiven now.

twelve, now, it must be. (again, she is made uneasy by the passage of time.) she thinks she might be in love. she turns the music up and the older girl tells her that it will be like a fairytale, like a spark to a waiting wildfire.

thirteen years old, and she knows about love now. knows it from holding hands and slow dancing and retreating to balconies of her own. one night, the boy with the freckles like constellations spattered across his cheeks holds his hand out to her, and it hurts to refuse because the voice once told her in lilting verses that she deserved better, deserved to be loved by someone who treated her like a person, not a toy. (“this is the last time i’m asking you this. put my name at the top of your list.”)

the girl sits in a classroom, her face aflame with what he wants to be shame. he reads the truth of his heart out loud to the whole class, and though he doesn’t say her name, she feels eyes on her because they have been entwined for as long as anyone can remember. she walks home with all too well blaring in her ears because she knows that she’s just lost her first love. the autumn wind makes her tears burn as leaves cry for mercy under her stomping feet. “you call me up again just to break me like a promise. so casually cruel in the name of being honest.” she lets herself cry. she remembers the face of a girl not unlike her, up on stage, tears in her eyes, and she knows that her pain is answered. her pain is felt. it is valid and right and real. we’re a crumpled up piece of paper lying here, because we remember it all too well.

the girl is fourteen when she loses her best friend. she has another angry season, painted with regret and rage. i should have known, she tells herself over and over. “i knew you were trouble when you walked in,” she sings. “so shame on me, now.” and it feels a bit better to sing it, to hear it from the voice who has taught her so much. the voice of wisdom, the voice of sisterhood, tells her that she has felt the same.

the girl is newly fifteen when an illness makes a home inside her bones. one midnight in a hospital bed she sees it like a vision on the ceiling: her illness clutching her hand and vowing, “until death do us part.” (she catches herself musing that death might be kinder to her, but she shoves the thought under her pillow. it still scares her.) months spent in forced solitude, alight with pain and darkened with sadness. one afternoon she collapses on the floor of the shower. she turns the knob until the water scorches her legs, because she’d rather burn than feel the pain. a song plays from her phone on the shelf. “rain came pouring down.” if words could have healed her, she thinks, it would have been these: “when i was drowning, that’s when i could finally breathe. and that morning, gone was any trace of you. i think i am finally clean.” she wants to be clean.

she stays up late because sleep treats her like a stranger. instead of tossing and turning, she watches the girl on stage, wherever she is that night, on her computer screen. she laughs and cries and sings along, and lets herself be taken away from her bedroom, which is beginning to feel more like a prison cell with every passing day. but the girl on stage is bright. she is wise. she takes the girl by the hand and leads her away from the heartache.

her first kiss is a page ripped from your favorite romance novel. sunset on the beach, newly sixteen, sand between toes, fingers between fingers. she listens to stay, stay, stay on the way home because she hopes this one stays. (he does, and then he doesn’t.)

a month later, and she’s at a show. she cries when the girl with the gold hair steps onstage, and she dances the whole night through. she needs help walking back to the car and she can hardly stand the next three days (her illness punishing her), but it was worth it. all of it. because she saw her on stage and heard her voice and felt her presence. it is enough.

time slips by like stanzas on sheet music. it’s a blur of school dances and pain and midterms and hospital rooms. it’s a playlist of out of the woods and treacherous and mine and fearless.

november. well into seventeen. stained with time. hair chopped along her jawline. moonlight tangled in her heartbreak. he broke her heart, and now she breaks his. you’ve got your demons, and darling, they all look like me, she repeats in her mind as she walks away and feels his eyes on her back as he watches her go.

she listens to all you had to do was stay. he left when she still needed him and it makes her hollow. had me in the palm of your hand, she thinks, tearing photographs. stay stay stay. why didn’t he? but the older girl is there. she sings the distraught girl to sleep, one soft melody at a time. (this is a state of grace; this is a worthwhile fight. love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right.)

now eighteen, she has armor to protect her from the rest of the world. she has grown stronger, and new blood of liquid gold flows through her veins. look what you made me do, sings taylor, and the girl sings too. look what you made me do: you made me forge this armor, you made me grow from the ashes of this wildfire you started. but it’s alright because we can dance together. we can have fun. we can stop burning and learn to live.

and that is why i love taylor swift. she taught me what love feels like, what it does to you when it leaves. she bandaged my wounds and scrubbed me clean. she makes me laugh on my darkest days, and is there when i need to cry. she has been there for me through everything, and i’m not about to leave her now.