for the anon who asked for this!

NCT hyung line reaction to their virgin S/O asking to try thigh riding


Anon: older member reaction to their gf who is also a virgin asking to try thigh riding with them

TBH this isn’t really smutty lmao I didn’t write about what they’d be like during, literally just how they’d react if you asked them too! I can do their reaction whilst, but please request for that if you want it. Also tysm for 3k - I’ve started to follow forever and it won’t be up for a while but pls anticipate it❤️ :-)

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Why are women so attracted to tall guys? I'm a 21yo guy, 6'4'' and black. Lately i've been getting a lot of attention from women passed their 30's. I'm not some kind of womaniser. I'm just wondering

lol idk man i just like tall dudes cause they be the same height and ive always been a giant and its nice to not be one once in a while (thats my personal opinon), maybe its a stereotypical thing that the guy should be taller than the girl but thats stupid idk

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That last anon is so dumb. What I want for Louis is to have a team behind him that cares about him and promotes him the way he should be. What I want for Louis is to be free of people who only use him and his name to prop themselves up. What I want for Louis is for him to not have stunts hanging over his head. What I want for Louis is to have fans that believe he is a superstar and will be as successful as he sets his mind to be.

i’m going to marry this ask

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What do you play Overwatch on? Also who do you main?

i play on pc!! and this might sound silly but i main hanzo (at everybody’s great despair) when i play vs ai, but in quick play i lean towards support (esp. mercy recently!! but lucio is also a fav)

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ROB: Aaron! Aaron I need to speak with you. AARON: (slams the car door shut and runs into the portacabin, slamming that door too) Go away Robert. ROB: Very mature. You do know I can open doors don't you? AARON: Get out of here. ROB: I work here too AARON: When it suits. ROB: Aaron, this is important. Just give me five minutes (Aaron relents. Just a little. The room sudden seems tiny and Aaron the focus of it) AARON: Have you been seeing Liv behind my back? ROB: What? that's not what this about.

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This is a very late thank you for answering my ask about shipping and the beliefs people hold to keep their ship afloat. As a long time neutral (true anon) lurker, who has been accused of being an anti and a troll for posting (respectful) opinions to the contrary of many, I want to thank you for your openness, friendliness and inclusiveness. You made me feel welcome while others shunned me. Thank you for being so lovely. 😘

Oh, my dear, thank YOU! I believe that there is room for absolutely everyone in this crazy fandom, because we are all here for basically the same reason - an unhealthy obsession with love of the Outlander books and show. I don’t give two figs what someone’s personal beliefs are about anything to do with the show (I’m looking at you, Fr*ank and or Malva lovers) as long as those beliefs are expressed politely and respectfully. As you have been nothing but lovely to me, I welcome any and all of your opinions.

To reiterate to those in the back, I’m not here for hate, rudeness, trolling, or dismissive behavior. 

Hope you have a lovely day, Neutral Lurker Anon (surely we can do better than that?) and come on over any time.

I just want to say something real quick regarding Anon asks.

I get told that I should switch off the Anon asks a LOT ^^

But you know… even though there are rude Anons sometimes (I don’t answer them all), the majority of Anons are wonderful people. Really, really sweet people who support us and send us love, but they have their reasons for using Anon. 
And many people like to use Anon to send constructive criticism as well, which we appreciate a lot. 

Even if there are only 3/100 who are nice, it would be worth it. :3 


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which anon? :o

the anon who said that my content is shit, but they don’t want to unfollow me, because they love me. i answered that ask and then deleted it, because I DON’T NEED THIS KIND OF NEGATIVITY ON MY DASH. and at the same time i’m so damn curious who dis

look, i even saved a screenie to never forget this beautiful and so much needed message: