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Whatever excuses are given you cannot deny the way some of Gillian's fans have reacted and dealt with her being in a relationship with PM are childish, uncalled for and extremely vile. Most shipped Gillovny, would they have reacted the same if it was David who had revealed a partner? The pair of them are free to do as they please. Neither are responsible for a minority of Gillovnies who don't approve. JHH spent three days ripping into Gillian then goes and gets a Gillovny tattoo. Wtf? :(

I do not agree with you anon, and I do not want you or anyone else in any way to talk badly about the people I care about in here.. !!!!!! 
You have openly not understood what is going on! Gillovny is not only about GA and DD romantic, but it’s about the dynamics, the atmosphere and the connection they create when they are together. The connection  they have is desirable.

I have not seen anybody rip GA apart.. People have ripped the statements and what she has said and done apart. Things she herself said and acted on is obvious not important now. Thats what people and myself have ripped apart.  It’s something completely different. When you choose to say such things and act on those things, you must also stand by them. Or, confess that you have made an error, things have changed, time is different or similar. 
GA has chosen not to comment on anything, which is fine. But it is expected that people feel manipulated to believe something about a person which turns out not to be true. All that GA has said, stood for and so on is now gone and people are left with a whole other person and do not know who she really is. Is it not normal that people analyze, comment, and are disappoint about it? 
She has self-promoted herself in relation to how she either thinks it’s best she appeared or how she wished she was. That’s the only conclusion we can make when she’s a completely different person now.
GA live off her fans and the products we buy from her (her film roles, TV shows, posters, things she stands for and so on), its her work, but it’s as she has forgotten it. 

And by the way, the only childish behavior I see in here is the people who create fake blogs about someone they do not know. People who support GA in everything she does, even when she does wrong things. People without their own opinions. People who are not able to see that they are not friends with GA and are not her personal tumblr police. People who think it’s okay and in no way devastating that a man pulls a woman’s bikini briefs down and public shows her pussy at a public pool. People who think it’s nice that others have changed so much and suddenly no more is themselves. People who exhibit other tumblrs on newspaper’s website.       People who take screenshots of someone else’s private chat and make blogs about this and post it on twitter and tag GA.
People who come as anon in someone else’s ask and criticize and exhibit other blogs instead of publicly viewing their opinions.  

That is a childish behavior !!!!

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can u rec some klance fics? thank u!! and also, i absolutely love oti

thanks, friend!

i’m afraid i dont read have the time to do much reading T.T but i have a few that im currently reading/monitoring for updates:

  • The Marks We Make written by @wittyy-name​ and art by @wolfpainters
    • this fic is fucking brilliant okay. not only are both of these fantastic folk my friends but wittyy and i share a very similar writing style/writing technique. long ass chapters that i adore every second of. a really fun and unique take on soulmate aus (which are a personal favourite of mine) that is damn enchanting in how its executed. wittyy is a fucking master of word weaving and i cant begin to express how much i love this fic and her.
    • also wittyy has told me a few things about where this fic is going and im so fucking ready to scream
    • (actually all of wittyy’s fics are amazing but this one has a special place in my heart)
  • swipe right (if you like me) by skyestiel
    • bruh. this fic. 
    • i stumbled across this fic cause i read one of the author’s other fics and was like “TINDER FIC. HELLO, FRIEND I AM HERE”. hoo boy was i not disappointed. super funny and entertaining to read. it will actually make you beg at moments because deAR LORD JUST LET THEM SMOOCH, SIERRA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    • sierra has a real way with words that makes scenes (especially dialogue) flow smoothly and effortlessly. just 100% in love with this fic okay 
    • some angst that’s going to arise im sure and im so ready for it
  • in stasis by ilgaksu
    • okay but this fic hurt me in all the best ways possible
    • some genuine laugh out loud moments that earned me a few weird looks from people around me. the prose during the emotional parts is to die for and i was just really rEALLY invested in the story with every passing word. man oh man i can’t say enough good things about this one. it got me out of a writing funk, actually. 

as i said, i dont read many fics bc of time constraints (fuck my life honestly) but here are at least a few to check out!! sorry i couldn’t be more helpful T.T

Anyone who has more recs, please mention them in the replies so that others can check them out!

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Would you ever write Greedanya? (Gredanya??)


I’m kidding, but honestly, yes you bet your bottom dollar that I would absolutely write Greedanya, my friend!  So long as it’s okay with @ladywiltshire that I would literally be using her as a character!

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Can I vent to you? I saw some people yesterday saying how "sweet" and 'kind" and "funny" and "generous" and "humble" PM is. Sorry but they must be getting him confused with David. PM is none of those things. The things he says are awful and the way he behaves is just as terrible. How ANYONE can think that's good or attractive is not something I can understand. And these people (I saw them in tags, I don't follow them thank God) were sending PM love and apologizing for the fandom. WTF?!?

Excuse me as I go out and vomit.🤢 Someone is very blinded by everything GA does.. and because they are sure she looks at him with hearteyes and are together with him, he must be perfect! It is childish and it is openly people who are unable to form their own personal opinion. Do they honestly, think she looks really happy and healthy? Do they they think there have been any good decisions she has taken recently? Do they they think all this with PM has caused something good? Do they think she’s herself? Do they think she’s like herself? And so on…..
Overall are they really excited about the new GA? 

I’m not, at all, but yes maybe they are temporarily blind and think it’s DD. 

PM is as you say, terrible, awful, self-confessed, selfish and woman/children-condescending. 

It’s embarrassing that there is adult woman who will support their idol in all her decisions, also those who are in every way bad and do not make sense. That they openly think it’s okay that a man who hates women and publicly has pronounced this, is with a female who used to be a feminist and that they do not question her actions. WTF is people thinking, had it been their friend or their daughter, who was with a man like PM  would they also support it? If it were their daughter who in publicly had her bikini briefs pulled down, her vag exhibited and in publicly touched her pussy…! It is just not okay!!!!!!

I’m sorry but all his actions, words and so forth, show a man who’s really bad news! When you see how much GA has changed and is almost completely unrecognizable, e.g she looks so alone on the balcony for that event in London. Seeing how thin she is now and seeing how much things she has previously said, suddenly does not remain important anymore. There are now over 500 images of them in Portofino, where they choose to go, even though they knew it was a paps place. Before she would never show herself like that to the publicly
(There are over 500 images FFS) and she’s habitually and usually goes to the same places. And very important we know she has a habit of not always making the best decisions relative to men and so further, why can people not see what is happening again ..!!! They act on this like children, children without their own opinion, children unable to read other people and finally children who likes everything in the world she is doing and she’s doing only positive things ! Grow up and relate to the world and independently consider GA, is not perfect, she’s a human and makes bad decisions like all of us. We do not have to support everything she does because we are fans, we are fans who have heads and can decide if things we see are right. And right now all I can conclude is that he is dangerous and she has lost herself completely!!!!!!!!!! 

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I don't like PM either, but it's her fucking choice to be with him. I just wish there was an option to fast forward to when it is over.

Yes, that’s her choice. But as she can do and think as she will - We can do it too. We do not have to support everything she does, because we are her fans. We can and may decide if things we see, seems right and if we like it. And right now, all I can conclude is that I do not like her choice, because I think she has lost herself completely!

 -And yes if only we could find an option that could fast forward to when it is over…

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but GA doesn't seem to look like herself for her charity. She seem different then how she used when it comes to her charities like she just going through the motions. And why the hell is PM is hanging is head down like he doesn't want to be involved. He need to grow up and GA needs to get her shit back together.

I totally agree she did not seem to be herself for a long time. She looks lifeless, joyless, tired and sad, and I think she has lost too much weight. Before she kind of burned a lot for what she was doing and spoke warmly with both words and body language about it all. Right now she constantly looks like she’d rather be somewhere else and almost as if she has a bad conscience over being there. Do not know if she currently juggles too many balls in the air and stresses or whether it’s because she feels she does something wrong and should rather be with her children and the extra manchild PM who seems to claim a fair amount of her. In any case, she sees very much lifeless and without the special spark she usually has.

I’m not convinced that it’s PM sitting on the stairs, even if it would look like him to behave like a child and being totally unable to support something other people are happy about and who is not with him in the centerpiece. But this person seems to have a different body type than PM, more tall and thin. Additionally, the person seems to prefer a non-wrinkled suit and it’s a bit opposite to what PM does - sorry could not help myself😅

GA will have to get her life back on track but I doubt it will happen as long as she is with that man (whatever they are to each other) 
She has to come back to herself, live her own life, get back to her own circle of surroundings and people, improve her own image and stand by who she is. 
She must not change for any man, nobody should do it, that’s what I think she has unfortunately done and to such an extent that she is completely unrecognizable