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Request from anon: Hey!! Could you possibly write an imagine where she is a little wary of Draco judging her whenever he walks past as she really likes him. But she is like Hermione where she has her head in books quite a lot and so quickly hides it when he walks past but he notices it and with a smirk comes and sits next to her and eventually tells her he likes her in some way with a wink?? Thankyou I think you’ll crush it

Thank you for requesting anon, I’ll be turning requests off after hitting post on this. I’m sorry if any of you have any ideas - I have a month until I take my exams and I really need to be revising. I’m honestly so sorry but I’ll obviously upload from time to time with the requests that have already been submitted and after my exams are finished it’ll get back to normal. So, I updated my masterlist in case any of you wanted to see all of my posts. 

In the meantime, enjoy ;)

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Anon prompt: “ Hi! Can ask for a fic where jug finds the reader crying because the football team are jerks? Something just really fluffy??”

A/N: Football team are assholes :-(

You escaped to the safety of the Blue and Gold classroom,thankful that nobody would be there for at least a few hours; Betty had River Vixen’s practice and Jughead was off doing something else with Archie.

You slip into the space between the wall and cabinet, nobody would see you if they entered the classroom, so you were safe there.
You tried your best to stop yourself from crying, but it was near impossible. The tear stained your cheeks and dropped off your face and on to your clothes.

You cried silently, not wanting to risk someone hearing you, and coming in to find you crying.
The moments just before replaying in your head made you cry harder.

You were drawing silently by yourself on the bleachers, it was a nice day and you wanted to spend it outside during your free period to get some art done before your next class.
The football boys had spotted you and decided you would be the new butt of their joke. They joined you on the bleachers, surrounding you; you did your best to ignore them, you weren’t in any mood to deal with their crap.

Moose got your attention, by grabbing your art book out of your hands and looking at it, you stood up quickly, demanding he give it back to you.
The drawing was of your mother, she was in the hospital, she’d been sick for a while and you wanted to draw something nice for her. It had taken you almost a week and you weren’t even halfway finished yet.

Moose laughed and asked what you were going to do in order to get it back, you shoved him and in return, he tossed your art book to Reggie, who tossed it to Chuck. They were playing piggy in the middle, you were begging them to give it back to you; asking them nicely.

“You want it?” Reggie had asked. “Here.” He tossed it, it flew over your head and landed in a muddy patch by the bleachers; the boys laughed and left you there, you rushed down to get your art book, you picked it up; almost all of the picture had been covered completely in mud. What were you going to do now?

You shut the book, tucked it in your back and had rushed off to find somewhere safe.

You cried harder at the thought, what were you going to do now? There was no chance you’d be able to get another picture done in time for your mother’s birthday.
You heard the click of a door handle, someone was coming in and you tucked your knees closer to your chest, stifling your sob. One slipped out however and the person made them self known.

‘Whose there?” It was Jughead. You heard the thud of his bag hitting the desk and he walked around the room. “Hello?”

You sniff, figuring that there was no point in hiding.
“Jughead, it’s Y/N.”

He follows your voice, squatting down and asks if you’re okay. You tell him what happened, explaining what was going on with your mum and why your art meant so much to you. He sits with you, resting his arms on his legs.

“The football teams are a bunch of assholes.” He sighs, “Dim witted assholes.”

You rub your eyes, Jughead offers you his bottle of water, “Drink this, crying dehydrates you.” He hands you the bottle and you sip it, thanking him.

“Don’t cry over them, they really don’t deserve your tears, Y/N.”

“I know,” You murmur. “The drawing just took so long to do.”

“I wish I could help you to make it better, mud ruins a lot of things.”

You nod in acceptance, coming to terms with the fact that your art is ruined, you wipe a stray tear away. It hurt that the football team loved to prey on the weak but there really wasn’t anything you could do to take back what they had done to your art work.  
Jughead reaches into his back, producing a lollipop and handing it to you. You take it, smiling at him.

“It’s from my emergency stash, I go there when I’m sad.” 

You unwrap it, slipping it into your mouth. It’s strawberry, it’s oddly calming and you thank him. Out of everyone at school, Jughead is slowly becoming your favourite 

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Hey gal can you pretty pretty please do headcanons for adopting the twins before anything bad happens to them? I just want to save them both so badly. Like, they're 4 or 5 years old and they need a good mom ;-; . So like can you do headcanons on how they would act if they were adopted and had a good mom growing up, and how they would react if their adoptive mom brought home her girlfriend and introduced them to her? Thank you so much!!

Bless you.

~I need to save them. Thank you for this request!! I might have gotten carried away but I’m so passionate about this???!

  • They weren’t in foster care long before getting adopted out to her
  • She was so ready to be a mother
  • After hearing a story of siblings ripped apart through the adoption system, she decided that she needed to have siblings
  • No way could she stand by and let that happen if she could help it
  • When they told her they had twin boys, she couldn’t believe her luck
  • No, more like fate!
  • They were both very timid at first
  • This was all a little overwhelming for them as they entered a brand new home
  • She had a room for each of them
  • One was animal/zoo themed (for Saeran)
  • The other was space/rocket ship (for Saeyoung)
    • “Do you boys like your rooms?”
    • “…These are all ours?” Saeyoung asked.
    • “Yes, of course! They belong to you, now.”
  • He grabbed Saerans hand and pulled him inside to look at all their new toys
  • However Saeran wasn’t used to sleeping alone at night, and the dark room scared him
  • She often woke to find Saeran cuddled with Saeyoung in his bed
  • The boys grew strong with proper nutrition
  • The first few weeks, she was astounded at how much the boys ate
    • “What is this red stuff on my pancake?” Saeran asked.
    • “That’s a strawberry, honey. Do you like it?”
    • Mmmhmm. It’s yummy, mom!”
  • She had to excuse herself for a minute, and cried quickly and quietly in the bathroom
  • It wasn’t the first time the twins didn’t know about something like a fruit or vegetable
  • How could someone have treated them so poorly? she thought 
  • She didn’t expect to be hit so hard by these random moments…
  • The glimpses of neglect
  • She always pulled herself together quickly, though
  • They were with her now, after all. And she’d see to it that they were happy from this point on
  • She took them to the zoo, to the museum, to festivals
  • So many things they had never seen before
  • They were like little sponges, soaking up all this new information the world had to offer
  • When she felt it was finally the right moment, she introduced her girlfriend to them
  • They were nothing but elated tbh
  • I mean, they went from one bad mom to two amazing moms??? !
  • They loved her
  • Their favorite thing was all four of you baking in the kitchen on the weekends
  • The twins were in charge of pouring and mixing the ingredients
  • Saeran always tried to make a mega cookie or beg for an extra scoop of ice cream
  • Each weekend they traded off who got to lick the spoons
  • So many macaroni art projects and drawings covering the fridge and the walls, she is so proud of their art omg!!
  • As they grew older, Saeran seemed to be the more level-headed of the two
  • Their personalities started to shine through even more
  • One day she came home to find them sitting in the living room, the parts of the remote broken apart and scattered all over the place
  • They flinched, expecting to get scolded or hit
  • But she just bent down to their level
    • “Did you guys do this?”
    • “Yeah,” they nodded.
    • “Why?”
    • “…I wanted to see what it was like inside,” Saeyoung replied.
  • She went out the next day and bought them several science and robot kits for kids
  • Just really supportive of their hobbies tbh
  • They were building all sorts of stuff around the house
  • And as they grew and grew, they were just normal boys
  • They fought sometimes, had each others backs other times
  • They had their hearts broken by crushes at school
  • And had their moms’ lectures if they started slacking in a class
  • They were just like any other family
    • “Saeyoung, do you remember our biological mother?”
    • “Hm…a little bit, why do you ask?”
    • “I can’t really recall much.”
    • “I think I remember her being…really mean? But I don’t remember a lot. We were so young…”
  • She had prepared herself in case the twins ever asked about their bio mom
  • But they never did, they never asked to meet her
  • Saeyoung and Saeran were the best of friends
  • Their slightly differing personalities made them very good work partners
  • Eventually they graduated with scholarships, went to college
  • She cried like a baby dropping them off at their dorm room
    • “Mooooooom you’re embarrassing us,” Saeran groaned.
    • “Yeah what if a hot chick sees or something?!” Saeyoung chimed in.
    • “Sh-shut up and give your mom a hug,” she slapped them both playfully through her sobs, “and I don’t want you eating junk while you’re here! Promise me one more time you’ll call me if you need money for groceries or anything…”
    • “Yes, yes, we promise. Mom. We’ll be fiiiine.” Saeyoung hugged her.
  • They ended up creating a successful robotics company together, really leading the industry
  • They made their moms retire, buying a nice lake house for them
  • And eventually
  • Their moms became grandmothers
  • The best grandmothers!
  • They’d get together for holidays and weekends with the kids and S/O’s
  • She felt her heart overflowing when she looked into her grandchildren’s faces as they sat on her wife’s lap reading books
  • She baked with them the same as she baked with the twins all those years ago
    • “Mom, no sugar before dinner!”
    • “Oh hush. I don’t recall you complaining when it was your turn to lick the spoon at their age,” she’d wink.

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can you write a Peter Parker x Reader one shot where Peter confesses his feelings?

You were paired up with Peter Parker to write a critic paper about Juan Luna’s Spolarium. The both of you decided to do it at Peter’s house after school hours. He told you that he had to do some “errands” after his last class. You didn’t bother asking him what were those “errands” since he told you that he was working as an “intern” at Stark Industries, so you offered to do some research on the topic at the local library before heading to Peter’s place. Peter agreed and promised to buy some snacks so that you have something to munch on while working on the critic paper.

In all honesty, you thought of finishing the critic paper yourself but it would be rude not to let Peter have a share of his work. You know very well that Peter wasn’t really into art since he was this huge science geek but you also know that this would critic paper would actually make him interested in art. As you finished writing down your final thoughts about the topic, you sent Peter a quick message.

“Hey, Peter. I’m done with the research and I hope you don’t mind that I wrote some of my thoughts on the topic too. I’ll be at your place in fifteen minutes.”

“Of course I don’t mind (Y/N)! I’ll see you in a bit.”

You gathered all of your things, put them neatly in your backpack and made your way to Peter’s place.

Upon arriving in front of the ivory colored door, you tucked a piece of your hair behind your left ear, took a deep breath and knocked three times. There was a faint shuffling on the other side of the door then the door was yanked open and you were greeted by Peter’s radiating smile.

“Hi (Y/N)! Come in, I bought lots of snacks like I promised!”

You smiled at Peter before entering their house. Peter closed the door and tilted his head to the right and said, “C’mon darling, follow me.” Hearing him call you darling” made your heart melt. You muttered a soft okay before following him.

“May, (Y/N) is here!” 

Peter walked towards the fridge to get the snacks that he bought. May glanced up from the book that she was reading and smiled at you. 

“Oh, so this is (Y/N)! Peter won’t shut up about you!” 

You looked towards Peter’s direction and you saw how red his soft cheeks was.

“Uhm… May, she wasn’t supposed to know that.”

You giggled and looked at Peter who was already gesturing at you to follow him out of the kitchen.

“Anyway, we will just be in my room working on the critic paper.” Peter told May before exiting the kitchen with a handful of snacks.

“Okay, Peter.” May softly replied before mouthing towards you, “He really likes you!

You smiled at May before following Peter to his room. 

- - - - - -

As you entered Peter’s room, your mouth gaped open. A part of his bedroom wall was covered in photographs, sketches, and paintings.

“I know that you were into photography but I didn’t know that you were into drawing as well.”

“Well, I asked MJ to teach me how to do a few sketches.”

You stepped closer to the art-filled wall, examining it. There were also poems written over some artworks.

“These are actually good!” You glanced at Peter who was seated on his bed silently admiring you.

“Thank you, (Y/N). It’s nice to know that you like my work.”

“Do you mind if I take a photo of this wall?”

“I don’t mind” Peter replied before laying down on his bed.

You stepped back took your phone out of your back pocket, opening the camera app and taking a photo of the artsy wall. After taking a few shots you walked towards Peter’s bed and sat down beside him. You took the chance of admiring his angelic face since he had his eyes closed. 

You noticed how every detail of his face complemented each other. From the freckles sprawled across the bridge of his nose to his untamed left brow. 

“Every artist has an inspiration, do you have one?” You asked before laying down beside him.

“Of course I do.” He briefly replied, his eyes still closed.

“What inspires you?” You interrogated him.

He smiled to himself before responding, “Its a who.“ 

"Okay then, so who inspires you?”

A deafening silence filled the room.

He opened his eyes and looked at you; his pupils dilated, “You.”

He pulled you closer, caressed your cheek then brushed his fingers on your lips.

“I find you in every picturesque place I’ve been to. 

I find you in every photograph that I take. 

I find you in every song that I listen to. 

I find you in every artwork that I make.”

You were taken aback with his response making you stand up.

“Why are you so fond of me?”

He sat up on the bed, “You make my melancholic life bearable, (Y/N)”

“You don’t deserve to put up with me, Peter; I’m broken”

He grabbed your wrist, yanking you a little too hard making you fall on top of him.

“And so are mosaics, (Y/N). Being with you keep the devils in my mind at bay, will you please stay?”

anonymous asked:

hi!! do you have any hate to love collage fics? thank you so much love ! xx

Hello lovely! Here you go:

I’ll Be There by allwaswell16:

Summary: Louis is less than thrilled to find out his roommate has coerced his nemesis to check on him whilst he’s sick in bed. However, Harry seems to take great pleasure in taking care of Louis. Maybe this green smoothie drinking, hot yoga instructing, hair in a bun wearing, pretentious art history studying wanker isn’t so bad after all.

On Monday, Louis thinks Harry’s a twat. By Friday, he’s thinking of reasons for him to stay.

On The First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…. by larrymylove:

Summary: Harry never wanted to attend a Christmas party with his mortal enemy Louis Tomlinson. He especially never wanted for anyone else to see the gag gift he brought along for the host. But now Louis’ tearing into the gift, and life never tends to always work out quite the way you expect.

You Took My Soul And Wiped it Clean (Our Love Was Made for Movie Screens) by larrymylove:

Summary: His world began to grow back. He graduated with his three best mates, went off to uni, was majoring in education, managed to get decent grades. He was doing fine without Harry Styles in his life. One boy who he knew for five weeks five years ago was nothing. Harry Styles was nothing.

Except he wasn’t. Except that whenever something happened, Louis wanted to call up Harry and tell him. Except that whenever Louis ate a pastry, he told himself that it’d never be as good as the ones Harry could make. Except that coffee no longer tasted as good as it had when he’d been sitting across from a pretty boy with pretty curls and pretty lips and pretty green eyes. Except that in spite of everything, Harry Styles was still everything.

Louis was doing a pretty good job at pretending Harry Styles didn’t exist in the world - up until one of his housemates moves out, and he and his three best mates are in search of a fifth person to split the bills with and Harry Styles shows up on their doorstep.

let me be your goodnight by theboyfriendstagram:

Summary:  Harry lives with Gemma who happens to have the worst best friend in the world. The guy stays over almost every night, is completely messy and has bad manners that would cause Harry’s eyes to roll so far back he sees his brain. Gemma leaves for a month, Louis moves in. Harry can’t stand him and some way, they still end up sharing a bed almost every night because of a thunder storm that happened weeks ago. It doesn’t necessarily mean they stopped hating each other, until it does. And if Louis has always had a crush on Harry, is his fault for not expressing it well and allowing him to think that Louis hated him in the first place.

Hidden love is better than open hate. by larryaresoulmates:

Summary: Harry and Louis are roommates and hate each other. Harry keeps bringing girls to his room and bangs them loudly annoying the hell out of Louis, so one day he brings a really hot guy (preferably Zayn) home and has really hot loud sex which annoys Harry. They end up fighting and have hate sex.

can i not like you for a while? by larryshares:

Summary: louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

Learning to Breathe by youcomecrash:

Summary: He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

Can’t Fool Me by emma1234:

Summary: “I hate frats,” Louis repeats for what feels like the millionth time.

“Yes, I’ve heard, once or twice or every day for the past three years,” Liam says. His careful tone reminds Louis of how his mom always sounds when one of his siblings is on the brink of a tantrum.

Louis glances speculatively at Liam’s frat brothers, who are still huddled together and chatting, with the exception of the one who’s looking in Louis’ direction. Maybe Louis shouldn’t rule out a tantrum. While making a scene wouldn’t actually free him from fraternity nonsense in the future, it would at least be entertaining.

AU where Louis hates fraternities and would never be into a frat boy. And one of these things is definitely not a lie.

And I’ll judge the cover by the book by harrystylesandstuff:

Summary: At twenty years old Harry has his life figured out. He’ll graduate from the private University of Buckingham and move to Oxford to study journalism. He’ll meet someone who shares his values and accepts who he is, and apply everything his successful parents have taught him.

At twenty-two years old Louis has no clue what he wants in life. He’s not sure he’ll pass the year and doesn’t know where he’ll go after that. He spends his time smoking away his doubts about himself with his friends and all he cares about is making sure his family doesn’t fall apart.

They don’t belong together.

Or a Private University AU where Harry is a queer posh prince, Louis is a closeted troublemaker, and neither expect to understand each other the way they will.

we fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living by veterization:

Summary: Louis has been King of Pranks in his dorm for two years, and a random freshman named Harry Styles isn’t going to take that title from him. It is on.

Bookstore Owner!Namjoon

I feel like I can spiritually relate to Namjoon bc he’s clumsy I’m clumsy but I also really love how smart he is so I decided to do a bookstore owner!Namjoon and then an anon who called themselves hufflepuff anon (hello hufflepuff anon btw) requested something with books so I think that’s a sign~

  • The bookstore’s right next to the café and people are often bringing their coffees into the store or bringing their newly bought books into the café
  • DEFINITELY wears glasses:)
  • Almost as tall as the damn bookshelves
  • He’s normally behind the counter in this lil chair with a book in his hand and his earphones in
  • He doesn’t even need the computer to remember where all of the books are tbh
  • Like oh you need this one specific book, he’s got it covered don’t even worry
  • L o v e s to talk to his customers
  • You could come in for like two seconds to just browse for a new book and you’ll end up staying there for an hour bc Namjoon’s just like oh why that book? Do you like the author? Is it the cover art? Title?
  • You go in one day bc your friend said the store was a really good place to just chill and drink your coffee
  • He’s busy restocking one of the shelves when you come in but he hears the lil bell on the door ding so he shouts out a “hello!”
  • You just see a hand stretch up above one of the bookshelves to wave at you and you mumble a hello back and start to look through the books
  • You grab the first one that looks good and sit down with your lil cup of coffee and put in your earphones
  • The store’s basically empty except for hand boy and two other boys that are lost in their books
  • You find that you can’t really get into the book, the characters aren’t clicking and that means you have to get back up when you just got into the most comfortable position and your coffee was finally cool enough to drink without burning your tongue
  • You start looking through the books again and end up in the same row as hand boy and he's in these lil black glasses and this white shirt that makes his shoulders looks s o nice and then black jeans and he just looks really nice so you’re kinda curious about what he’s like
  • You don’t even have to approach him bc he looks up when you come into the row and smiles and it’s just oh wow
  • D i m p l e s
  • Prettiest lil smile
  • His eyes get so bright when he smiles and he just looks so happy and warm and huggable
  • He sees the book in your hands and he’s just like “why are you putting it back?” bc he’s a curious lil bean and he just likes talking to people
  • You tell him you didn’t really like it all that much and you’re still a lil bit in love with his smile so it’s taking you a minute to respond bc his voice is so deep and amazing and you just kinda wanna hear him talk for hours on end
  • But then his face gets super serious and he just says “that’s my favorite book” in the most monotone voice
  • And you’re just like well there goes my chance with super cute hand boy
  • Your face kinda drops and you start stuttering to try to think of something to say
  • He just starts laughing and tells you he was kidding and you kinda wanna hit him with the book for scaring you
  • So you do but that just makes him laugh louder
  • Eventually he calms down long enough to tell his name and he gives you that breathtaking smile and holds his hand out and you’re like ???
  • He tells you he’ll put it back and you don’t really want the conversation to end yet so you’re like “oh you work here?”
  • He tells he actually owns it and you go from ??? to ?!?!?!
  • He’s like 5 how does he own a bookstore idk
  • But he puts it away and then offers to help you find a new one and you obviously say yes
  • You two walk around together and he’s flirting with you the entire time and you’re flirting back bc he seems like such an interesting person and you wanna get to know him plus he’s cute af
  • At one point he leans closer to point out a book and he smells amazing
  • Yoongi’s autumn, Hobi’s summer but Namjoon’s winter
  • It reminds you of curling up in a sweater ten sizes too large and your most comfortable pajamas with a book in your lap and a cup of hot chocolate warming up your cold hands, of sitting by a fire and roasting marshmallows
  • You could very easily get used to having that scent around tbh
  • You realize you'd been there for two hours just flirting talking to Namjoon  
  • You two do pick out a book though bc he said that was his true favorite one and it actually looks amazing and it’s your favorite genre so you’re quick to grab it
  • Except it’s too high for you and you're already on the tip of your toes and he’s just sitting there smirking bc it’s totally within reach for him
  • You eventually have to ask for his help bc that’s as far as you can reach and your fingers still barely touch it
  • He easily grabs it and his smirk gets even bigger and he holds it above his head when you reach for it
  • “I’ll give it to you if you give me your number”
  • You’re not gonna deny that offer bc obviously the book seemed really good the really nice boy is just a bonus
  • He gives you a hug before you leave and his arms are just s o warm and he puts his chin on top of your head and just holds you all tight and it’s so relaxing
  • You end up forgetting your earphones in the store and you just get a text once you get to your car that says “you forgot these, I guess you’ll have to come to dinner with me tomorrow to get them back”

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Can I have Mayuzumi receiving mysterious notes in his locker from a secret admirer? And finally one day he finds out that it's from an equally quiet and shy girl sitting next to him in class? Fluff and romantic! <33

Mayuzumi stared at the folded pastel yellow paper placed in the middle of his locker. If it had the the little drawn fox on the corner, it would be from the same person giving Mayuzumi these notes.

He turned over the note to find the little fox.

“Again?” he sighed.

That makes six this week. And it was only Thursday.

Mayuzumi picked up the note and unfolded it to find a simple message, just like the other notes he had received.

Good morning Mayuzumi-san. A new light novel series released today. I hope you check it out.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. Whoever his secret admirer was didn’t give him enough credit. Mayuzumi had been counting down the days in the back of his mind.

But that didn’t mean his secret admirer wasn’t sweet. Every note made Mayuzumi frown, pout curiously, then smile and laugh when he finished reading it. Mayuzumi liked simple. Nowadays, everyone wanted extravagance, over the top, bursts of life. For Mayuzumi, he was surrounded with over the top type of people in basketball. These notes? It was a nice change of scenery.

Too bad Mayuzumi didn’t have any clue to who his sweet secret lover was.

The bell rang and Mayuzumi took the note into his bag as he walked to class. Every giggly girl looked at Mayuzumi and whispered to their friends. Probably something flattering or how he looked good. Mayuzumi practically flew past them, mentally rolling his eyes.

They were all over the top, bursts of life he didn’t care for. Mayuzumi liked simple. Curiousity was starting to hit Mayuzumi, he really just wanted to know his simpler secret lover.

Mayuzumi sighed as he sat back in his seat.

Even the girls in his class were too much. Every one he looked at just made him shake his head and take out the light novel. Today was silent period for the first hour. Self study, catch up on work, for Mayuzumi it was just extra time to read his light novels.

Suddenly, a pastel light pink mechanical pencil fell over, rolling close to Mayuzumi’s desk. He looked down from his light novel to the pencil.

“____-san, here you go,” Mayzumi greeted as he picked up your pencil.

You immediately tucked a strand of hair behind your ear once Mayuzumi’s hand brushed against your arm. “Ah, thank you, Mayazumi-san.”

Your eyes catch each other before you quickly look back at your neatly organized desk. “Yeah… Sure.”

A small smile perked from you before you returned to drawing on your notebook paper. Your touch was delicate against your paper as the pencil’s lead went over it. You were quiet and didn’t give much mind to Mayuzumi. Occasion greetings and help for work. Even a few stolen glances.

There was one time you two talked about light novels. Mayuzumi couldn’t help but stare at one of your doodles. It was a character from the cover of one of the light novels he read. It was silent period so you two couldn’t talk much. So Mayuzumi complimented your drawing by tossing a note over to you.

Its a nice drawing. You should draw for their company.

Since then, you weren’t just a quiet artist that sits next to Mayuzumi. You were an interesting quiet artist that sits next to Mayuzumi.

“What are you…” Mayzuumi trails off when he sees all the little doodles you have on your notebook.

It was the same art style as the notes. But Mayuzumi wanted to make sure, he had to. Mayuzumi searched over the notebook until…

A fox. It was a different pose, but… Put the fox on his secret admirer’s notes next to the ones you draw and everyone would know.

“It’s you,” Mayuzumi said quietly.

Your head snapped to Mayuzumi. He was staring at you, probably because your face had become as red as a tomato in two seconds. Your arm slammed over your notebook and you covered your desk with half of your body.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about Mayuzumi-san,” you stuttered nervously.

“Yeah, you do,” Mayuzumi quickly dug into his bag and placed the six notes he got this week. He picked one up and placed it in the air, a little close to your face. “This is your fox! This is you!”

“No, it’s not, you’re imagining things,”

“____-san, no I’m not! I can see-I have your notes from this week! Your fox matches-”

“You keep my notes in your bag?”

Mayuzumi feels his cheeks warm as he keeps his lips tightly shut. Crap.

“…Yeah. I do. They’re… They’re cute,” Mayuzumi replies sheepishly with a pout. He turns and covers half his face, hoping you won’t see much of how pink he is. “I like the foxes on em.”

You slowly stood up straighter with your cheeks going pink. “So… It’s not weird?”

“It is, you could have… You could have just talked to me. It would have been easier. For the both of us,” Mayuzumi answered. At first he was blunt but then he trailed off nervously, sheepishly.

You couldn’t help but stare. You had never seen Mayuzumi like this. Then he caught you staring.

“Would you mind? Going to the book store later with me?”

“You have practice, don’t you?” you couldn’t help but talk quietly. This was… You were still in shock.

Mayuzumi scratched the back of his neck nervously, averting his eyes to the doodles on your desk. “I can call you after… If you wouldn’t mind giving me your number.”

anonymous asked:

Hi Petite Madame! I know this might sound whiny, but... I've come a long way with my drawing, but I have so, so far to go, and every time I want to work on getting better, I get super intimidated and feel like it's impossible. I can't think of any steps I can take that are small enough to be achievable so I just give up :( Have you ever felt like this? How did you get through it?

Hi anon!

I get super intimidated and feel like it’s impossible. I can’t think of any steps I can take that are small enough to be achievable so I just give up :( 

Congratulations, you are an artist! Artists have doubts, moments of discouragements, moments where they “whine”, yes, even King Kanye but at least he’s right about about a very important point:

Listen, if you made it from the beginning to where you are now, I don’t see any reasons why you can’t carry on your path as an artist. I know, I know, there’s a moment in their path where a lot of artists will have the impression to stagnate and not to be able to go further but it’s just an impression, a feeling, a mean little inner voice. Believe it or not, it’s a bit like going on diet: you lose weight rapidly at first, you are happy and then, boom, there’s a moment where, in spite of all your efforts, your weight stagnates and where you have the impression that everything you do is worthless, so you give up and go to MacDonald’s to eat a quadruple Big Mac or whatever sandwich they invented this week. Big mistake! You have to hold on and carry on no matter what because you will improve and yes, things DO get better with practice. Just don’t give up!

I’m just gonna post this series of artworks by Ethan Tennier-Stuart he did between age 13 and 18. Look at this!

That’s what I was explaining to another anon this morning: “Artists are not different from athletes or musicians. We become better by practicing again and again, exactly like a musician improves by practicing their scales and repeating the same movements on their violin or their piano. Don’t wait for inspiration or whatever muse to visit you. Draw, everything, all the time and you’ll see the result.” (Yes, I just quoted myself, I feel very Kanye this morning, but this quote is the truth, so….xD)

Have you ever felt like this? How did you get through it?             

Oh yes! Plenty of times!! It happened when I switched progressively from manga to realistic art and that the eyes of my characters still had a “manga touch” no matter what, it happened when I saw a super cool drawing on the internet and that I had the impression that I will never be able to do something this good, it happened what I failed more than 2 drawings in a row…or that I drew a super cool drawing and had the impression it was just a “one shot”, a stroke of luck and that I will never be able to do this good ever again, it happened when that art I found sooooo cool the day before was in fact a big piece of shit, etc, etc…

It’s perfectly normal. This feeling of frustration and of the unattainable perfection (or just feeling that you will never be good enough) comes and go, and can touch every artist whatever their art skills and their age. I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other day about a guy who did 22 covers for The New Yorker. 22 FUCKING COVERS. Guess what? He was full of doubts, had the impression that he was drawing always the same bullshit and that he needed to improve and to move on in order to renew his inspiration.

On the one hand, I can tell you that I got through it because I never stopped drawing whatever happened, because I was always inspired by other people’s work and this irrepressible urge to understand how they achieved this or that technique, because I always had ideas that I had to draw. But on the other hand, I never got though it because I’m a fucking artist, because I still have moments of heavy discouragement, because I feel sometimes that my art is boring and not imaginative enough, that I should be more “conceptual” instead of going for pure story telling and sequential illustration, that I should renew my style and work on dynamism and depth of field, etc…BUT NO MATTER WHAT, whether I’m at the top of the wave or at the bottom, whether I’m happy about my work or profoundly discouraged, I draw. Everyday, even if it means drawing a fucking tea pot or what I ate for lunch, even if what I do sucks ass, it doesn’t matter.

You get it? So now, go in front of your sketchbook or your computer and draw! You’ll see the improvements you made. Certainly not tomorrow but in a few months and you’ll be proud of you. Just don’t give up. ♥ If you don’t know what to draw, ask your friends to prompt you or go to browse art books (or art Tumblr) to motivate you! You can do it!!

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What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs) / Any fave HCs you want to share? / Any pairings/ships you like with him? / fic recs? / art recs? / Kevin&Riko - do they have/had feelings for each other? / Thoughts on his finale scene? / Did you read Nora's extra content? // tag other bloggers you think have something interesting to say about him! (maybe someone we don't know yet??) #Thoughts on Riko Moriyama

What do you think of Riko as a character inside the books? (no HCs)
From a writer’s point of view? He’s a fucking tragedy. (and no, I don’t mean the pieces of background story we did get on him, that’s been said and discussed before) He’s kind of the worst villain a story can have - and here is why: 

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You were waiting on the Platform

Summary: Yoongi is a famous author and Taehyung is his biggest fan

A/N:  thanks to @askwolftan and the anon who came up with this! I got inspired! I’ve now proof read this and edited out all the errors I missed in my excitement!

Yoongi pulls his jacket a little tighter against the sudden cold wind that is blowing down the platform and checks his watch again. His train isn’t due to arrive for another ten minutes and he’s already regretting not bringing a warmer coat.

The boy sitting next to him has a thick scarf wound round his neck and a beanie pulled down low to cover his ears, only small tufts of orange hair poking out the sides. He’s feeling envious. He’s totally absorbed in his book, his face the perfect picture of concentration, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth, brows furrowed, focusing intently on the page.

The cover has been removed, leaving no clue as to its identity but as he turns the page he catches sight of the title printed at the top. Oh, it’s one of his.

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DAPS as the crazy things people do for the Aesthetic (tm)
  • lis: founding a super pretentious society of ethereal dandies and damned gods concealed under the facade of anonymous poets to light up the darkness of this forsaken world of ours through the sempiternal power of Art & Beauty - but also with the lowkey intention to gather an army large enough to conquer the entire universe and finally becoming The Pope (tm).
  • inciting riots: when drying the styx and making all the muses beg for more with your words doesn't feel pretentious enough anymore, the only way out is to create a whole new poetical genre, the shots poems (write a line and drink it) and be crowed their king.
  • e.: that awkward moment when.. "day 28 at the MOMA - they still think i'm an artwork. an old lady this afternoon called me a timeless masterpiece."
  • mirror: having already bought 35 editions of the same book and keep finding (and buying) prettiest ones. and btw, the previously mentioned books are deeply glad of the fact.
  • rabbitheart: finding the greatest pleasure in taking 20 minutes to artistically write ONE WORD with a ridiculously old quill and black/blue ink with the most pretentious calligraphy one is capable of. no time ever spent better.
  • Δλ: being firmly convinced to have been that albatross baudelaire wrote about in a previous life and having no desire to know everyone else's opinion upon the matter.
  • pgtips: "marry the beast, get the library" squad leader tbh.
  • effigy: drinking wine is overrated, drinking ink is the new aesthetic (tm)
  • luce: illegally taking selfies with the local museum's paintings. the one time the mona lisa unmistakably smiled.
  • a.s.p.: reading tsh for the third time and while at first it seamed such a sensational and philosophical, ethereal book, now not being able to stop laughing at everything.
  • j.a.: when the character you take inspiration for your aesthetic from starts to look less themselves than you actually do.
  • sushi: having rough sex in a graveyard and passionately and (perhaps) accidentally killing your partner in the heat of the moment.
  • xvii: "there's nothing to writing. all you have to do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed." - in this case, literally.
  • dorian: selling your soul to the devil to make the portrait made by the nerd who has a crush on you growing old on your behalf and stay young, beautiful, evil and pretentious forever and ever tbh you smartass
  • iris: when you consider michelangelo's david your BFF - but just because you hope the friendship would eventually turn into something *more*.
  • elb: never picking a perfume only because of the scent, but much more because of THEAESTHETICOFTHEAMPULE let's be honest.
  • orpheus: looking back at your sweetheart almost out the underworld on purpose so you can sing forever about how single, melancholic, beautiful and sad you actually are.
  • m.a.r: being asked to become the 10th muse by the gods and declining - the muses are not pretentious enough to have me.
  • i.n.: opera and chill tbh
  • aa: putting makeup and perfume on before going to sleep so in case of apocalypse in the middle of the night everyone would still believe you're an actual ethereal being fallen off elysium.
  • nyx: "i'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color" club founder.
  • atlas: sometimes it seems almost like you carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders. except you actually do, and for the drama of it all.
  • rot: "i'm sorry, i prefer ghosts' company over yours."
  • gwen: who needs water, when you've got champagne? actually, who needs to drink at all? stop drinking and eating, become an ethereal being made of pure energy of fabulousness.
  • seaxfire: being mistaken for a goddess by some jungle tribe and not being able in all candour to deny to be one. she lived happily ever after with human sacrifices.
  • mors: pretending to be a wolf and howling at the moon. the moon howls back. you're now pals.
  • xcviii: sending an astonishingly beautiful poem to a random blog to make the owner die of amazement, but not considering the previously mentioned blog owner was in fact the platonic idea of pretentious asshole and would have started a whole society of beings of the same kind to take over the universe tbh good job sweetheart
  • tree: following daphne's example and FUCK EVERYTHING I'LL BECOME A BEAUTIFUL TREE AND PEOPLE WOULD WRITE SONNETS ABOUT ME. and if they don't, i will.
  • c.r.: purity is the new black. except sin is the new purity. therefore, sin is the new black.
  • h.m.: looking romantically at the stars is overrated. arguing with the stars shouting at them you are the one who shines harder is the new aesthetic. and if they don't agree, eat them and become The Last Star (tm) yourself.
  • mothfloss: never having an opinion on anything. that's the greatest and heaviest opinion of them all.
  • μ.υ.: knowing you would never say no to a nice murder in the name of the greek and the aesthetic.
  • icarus: flying too close to the sun. the sun drops down dead. you were too hot.
  • mcmxcviii: "excuse me, ART you.." - "YES."
  • h.s.v.: watching videos of fancy calligraphy or cakes artistically crafted and genuinely considering them PORN.
  • venusrises: venus always rises and you always fall. in love. with them. looser.
  • ari: too busy to fancily describing who writers are in elaborate and beautiful aphorisms to actually have time to write.
  • s.g.: "did her lips stain yours with her glory?" - "yes. definitely."
  • petra: sniffing every single attractive novel of the bookstore and being asked more than twice if you actually knew that wasn't in fact a perfumery.
  • mel: talking to fictional characters more than you talk and consider actual human beings.
  • mj: looking like the innocent flower, but being the dead poet under it tbh.
  • electra: having a badass name everyone is jealous of and knowing it probably?
  • azona: feeling the greatest of pleasure in saying too many "i told you so" even if you hadn't actually told anyone anything - you don't talk to people.
  • tempestia: rejoicing in watching thunderstorms with the same excitement people watch the academy awards with.
  • rynn: braiding your hair in complicated fashions, but not to look pretty. braiding your hair to look terrifying and ready to battle. don't be a model, be a valkyrie.
  • saturn: you are too beautiful to wrap yourself up in warm clothes during winter. you are going to freeze, but for the aesthetic. you are freezing but being hot af.
  • clementia: taking long baths, ages long baths, petals covered baths, bathbombs filled baths, without even needing a bath. you had one an hour ago. com'on.
  • verculum: "how much savage coarseness is concealed in refined, cultivated manners?" you ask, while murdering the listener with a supernatural grace.
  • briseis: putting flowers in your hair. everyone thinks you are cute. you're actually planning to become the queen of the underworld.
  • vulpe: unfollowing people because they type "your" instead of "you're". being right in doing so.

anonymous asked:

Hello Madame! So I'm an art student in Graphic Design and a self-taught artist since more or less ten years, but I honestly learn way more things by myself than at art school so I still have one big problem. I can draw a lot of things but when it comes to poses I just... Draw always the same, easy ones, or I'm obligated to use references to draw something a bit different. It's killing me, because I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3

Hi anon ^^

First, I have to apologize because it’s gonna be a long post, consider it as my “DEFINITIVE REFERENCE PICTURE POST” :)

I’m obligated to use references to draw something a bit different.(…) I want to leave my comfort zone and draw poses from my imagination alone. Any tips, tutorials ? <3            

The first step is drawing all kind of poses under different angles using reference pictures. What? But…I don’t want to!! That’s why I’m contacting you P-M!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

Calm down ^^

It’s necessary in order to build in your head a kind of “visual library” that will give you the possibility to draw without references later. It will train your eye and your hand. Also, at the same time you’re working on your “visual library”, you have to study anatomy techniques like for instance breaking figures from reference down into more simple 3D shapes. You have to learn how to draw groups of simple 3D shapes in perspective and then construct figures from them. However, it doesn’t come in one day and also, you’ll have to use tons of reference pics AT FIRST. You see what I mean? You can’t go from zero reference to “cool figure drawing” in one step, you have to use the combo “reference + anatomy technique” to be able to reach this goal.

Artists who train in illustration are taught how to draw from using a building block tool for construction, much like some of the pictures that you can see below. 

As I said above, it really takes a lot of training and practice to build objects from shapes. Basically every form begins as a shape. The more experience you get, the more you understand proportions and the more skills you will have to draw without visual reference.

In order to reach this result, you have to study anatomy tutorials. They always work more or less the same way, a bit like the pic above: decomposing the human body in geometric shapes or in elaborated stick figures. Here are a couple of video tuts.

TLDR: practice over and over again by using refs. Create a “visual library”. Learn to break the body into shapes. That will be the only way to make you come out of your comfort zone.

(Rainbow Comic Sans for maximum effect. I guess that now, I have everybody’s attention if it wasn’t the case til now)

Yes, you have rules to make things easier to draw from memory BUT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT USING REFERENCE PICTURES!! It shouldn’t “kill you”, it shouldn’t make you feel guilty and you shouldn’t feel “less of an artist” because you need references for complicated poses!!! Plenty of pros don’t do art without models and props. And the old masters did the same thing. You want examples? Ok, let’s start!

Here’s a great quote from Alex Ross’ book, Mythology.

Ross’ biggest breakthrough as an illustrator came in June 1987 at the American Academy of Art, when he was introduced to the use of live models. “Before that, I had no idea how much I could grow as a draftsman. It was a huge turning point, because all through grade school I hadn’t so much as drawn from photographs_I’d always thought that you had to make it all up out of your head, and that’s how you did ‘fantasy’ illustration. Now I wonder if I would have developed even sooner had I drawn from life as child”

Photo session for a Superman drawing:

Alex Ross using the photos for his work (and you see the pose is not even complicated!)

And wait, MY FAVORITE PAGE EVER. PROFESSIONAL artists taking pictures of themselves and of their friends so that they can have reference pictures for their artworks. An example:

(Artist Claudio Pozas  posing with…huh…a modern day sword for one of his artworks)

And if you want a funny anecdote, you see Dean’s shoes in this art? It’s mine. I had a problem with the pose so I took a pic of myself with a camera and worked from the pic.

Yeah…but for manga and comics, it’s more stylized, they don’t use refs…Artists draw from the top of their heads…and…HA! HA! HA!!!! MEGA LOL! Two examples from my personal archive. Here is a picture taken from a Japanese program. I don’t remember the name of the artist but this mangaka is drawing a page for his forthcoming comic and instead of drawing from memory do you know what he did? He asked his assistant to pose for him. He took a pic with a Polaroid and…voilà!

The guy is in his 70′s!! He’s a super experienced artist and he still uses references for his art.

Let’s carry on! Another example. When I was a teen I bought an artbook by artist Takeda Yaoi (my first yaoi stuff!) and two of the poses looked familiar.

You bet it looked familiar. The artist used as reference, pictures of members from some my favorite bands at the time, Gene and Menswear (90′s teenagers, fan of Britpop, hello…).

(Pictures: L’UOMO Vogue, May-June 1995). And yes, we are in 2016 and I still have this magazine and this artbook at home. I..have problem throwing things away, ok? ><

Also, do you know what comic artists use nowadays for referencing? 3D softwares like Poser.They create the pose with a 3D model, they orientate the model according to the perspective they want and they use it as ref. It doesn’t mean they aren’t “real” artists, it just makes life fucking easier and it reduces the chances of anatomy mistakes.

(The picture above proves that not ALL the artists in the business use models or reference pictures xD)

Listen, I understand that you want to draw from imagination, that for some reason it makes you feel “freer” and that some poses are complicated to obtain from refs (the super dynamic “spider man poses” for instance) but it shouldn’t “kill you” to need refs to draw the human body when you really need it. If it’s to sketch or to draw “super comic style” poses, ok, why not, but otherwise WHEN IN DOUBT: REF!!! Particularly when you work on something complicated or on a big project like an artwork, for a book, a comic cover, etc..Do you understand? Even dôjinshi artists who seem to sketch things from the top of their heads use refs. I KNOW IT BECAUSE I KNEW SOME OF THEM.

TLDR2: Drawing from imagination is cool, it’s convenient for some poses or for some styles (super dynamic comic poses) but otherwise, don’t feel guilty for using refs! Pro artists do it all the time and now that 2000000 miliion images are available on the Internet, they do it even more than before!

Good luck anon, YOU CAN DO IT!! ♥

Seventeen Scenario: Yours Forever (Wonwoo)

Note: For the anon who requested a super fluffy Wonwoo proposal fic! I hope you like it~ Thanks for requesting!

- Admin Mochi ✨

Originally posted by wonwomin

Wonwoo paces back and forth in the living room, running a hand through his hair while talking on the phone to Mingyu.

“Yes, I’m going to do it. No, I’m not nervous. What do you mean my voice is shaking? It’s not shaking!” Wonwoo took a deep breath and tries to steady his voice a little more. “Sorry, it’s just….okay, fine. I’m nervous.”

“Don’t be. She’s going to say yes. It’s been two years, right?” Mingyu points out.

Wonwoo sighs. “I guess but-”

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anonymous asked:

do you have any spidey recs apart from the spideytorch ones?

Sorry for the wait, anon! These were a little hard to pick out – I feel more confident in my F4 reccing abilities than my Spider-Man reccing abilities, because my Spidey recs are more, I don’t know, personal entertainment-based rather than actual quality-based? (See: my last recommendation on this list.) Also, because there’s so much more Spider-Man – there’s still huge chunks of Amazing and Spectacular I haven’t read. I tried to throw in a mix of different time periods, tones, and books, but I’m tagging @maryjanewatson and @titanstogetherr for their recs as well since mine are so all over the place. Without further ado, a quick handful of picks I especially love:

Kraven’s Last Hunt: An absolute must-read. From wiki:  “Kraven’s Last Hunt” (also known as “Fearful Symmetry”) is a comic book storyline by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck published in 1987, featuring the final battle between Marvel Comics characters Kraven the Hunter and Spider-Man. The story was originally published in Web of Spider-Man #31-32, The Amazing Spider-Man#293-294, and The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132.” Stunning all around.

Spider-Man: Blue: Many years after her death, Peter recounts the story of how he fell in love with Gwen Stacy - and how he met Mary Jane Watson.

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business: A mysterious woman claiming to be Peter’s sister crashes into his life, sending them both on a round-the-world mission. This is basically a really fun action movie in Spider-Man comic form, with absolutely stunning art. Also, Peter wrecks a casino barehanded while wearing a nice tux.

Spectacular Spider-Man 112: One of my favorite Christmas issues, ft a robber dressed like Santa, Peter’s neighbors Candi, Randi and Bambi, a very confusing Mary Jane in the bath pin-up page, Felicia Hardy: Christmas angel, Peter getting smooched by Joy Mercado, and gorgeous art.

Amazing Spider-Man 290-92: The engagement of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. This is really more of a Mary Jane story than a Peter one, since it’s about her facing her past before she can move forward with Peter, but I love it, so it’s on the list. It’s a great look at Peter in love, and what a great team Peter and MJ make together.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 35: Mary Jane and Peter are reunited after her captivity and presumed death. I’m honestly just listing this one for this one scene I love SO MUCH.

Sensational Spider-Man v2 28: Peter’s unmasking during Civil War, told from the perspective of one of his students. Teacher is by far my favorite occupation Peter’s ever held, and this issue is a great example of why.

Amazing Spider-Man 583: The time Marvel put Obama on the cover and tricked all of America into buying a comic about how Peter Parker is Betty Brant’s BFF. I’m a huge sucker for this friendship, and the whole story is great.

Amazing Spider-Man 595-599 (American Son): Peter reacts, violently, to Norman Osborn’s attempts to bring Harry into his regime during Dark Reign. If you have ever for one second shipped Harry and Peter, this is a must read. (When I say “must read”, I mean, Norman flat out asks if Spider-Man is in love with Harry.)

Marvel Knights Spider-Man volume 2 (99 Problems): “From the haunted heights of a mysterious castle to the dizzying depths of the deep seas, the Amazing Spider-Man has to take on not one, not six, not twelve – but ninety-nine of the Marvel Universe’s deadliest villains to save the lives of countless innocents!” This one is honestly just visually amazing. It’s only five issues, and it’s beautiful to look at.

FF volume 1: Cheating a little, since it’s tangentially Spideytorch-related, but honestly I just think it’s a really good example of Peter on a team: after Johnny’s death, he wills Peter his spot on the Fantastic Four, who in the wake of the tragedy rebrand themselves as the Future Foundation.

Scarlet Spider volume 2: Okay, this one isn’t technically a Spider-Man book, but if you can’t count clones who can you count. Peter’s clone Kaine, free for the first time in his life from the degeneration that plagued him, decides to head to Mexico – feet in the sand, drink in the hand, and no responsibility. He ends up in Houston with a surrogate family, a superhero identity, and all the responsibility. Great lead, great supporting cast, some of the funniest issues I’ve ever read and a finale that made me cry.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man: The best comic ever written. Am I overselling it? No, absolutely not. Read it. I almost don’t want to say anything about it because spoiling one single thing would be horrible. Starring the new Sinister Six, led by Boomerang. Just read it.

Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate Comics Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man is a really good place to start if the sheer number of 616 Spider-Man stories seems overwhelming. (Also if you want to read about teen Peter, since that part of his history is actually really brief in 616 despite it being one of his most fandom-represented periods.) Starts as an updated origin and branches off into wholly its own thing, with a spectacular supporting cast and a truly amazing Aunt May and my absolute favorite Gwen Stacy ever. (Ultimate Spider-Man v3 stars Miles Morales, and is a must read all on its own.)

Spider-Men: A 5 issue miniseries that features 616 Peter falling into the Ultimate universe and meeting his counterpart’s successor, Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series: This isn’t a comic, and it’s not really good, but I’m reccing it anyway because it was weirdly formative for baby Spider-Man fan Traincat. It’s a 13 episode show that ran on MTV in 2003. Neil Patrick Harris voices Peter! Peter, MJ and Harry are all in some weird emotional threesome! Peter spends the entire series in purple jeans! If you watch one episode (you should probably only watch one episode), it should be the one where Peter tries to break Harry up with his hot new girlfriend, who also happens to be a thrill junkie cat burglar. Here’s the truly terrible trailer.

Glitter Fest: Malec+Max and Rafe

Anon asked:  A Rafe and Max oneshot for National Siblings Day please? :D

Well this is a little late (sorry!) but…

Alec sensed that something was off but he couldn’t place what it was. He was sure that he had turn the oven stove off, that the lights of all the rooms were turned off as well and the TV which was now displaying a sitcom was giving a good quality picture. Previously Max had forced a pencil through one of the cable ports and had tried to use magic to turn the television on using the pencil. The TV hadn’t turn on sadly but had caused smoke to come out of the television set about three days ago. Alec had noted with interest that the smoke was blue. Magnus had found it hilarious and had fought hard to keep a straight face while Alec was describing carefully to Max why sticking pencils in cable ports was a very bad idea.

He was still contemplating when he heard a crash from the master bedroom. Alec’s mind was alerted instantly, his body already moving towards the source of the sound when he realized what he was missing.


He hadn’t seen him all afternoon. Max’s curious nature always got the better of him, maybe the fact that they had adopted Rafael when he was older than Max or the fact that he had seen harsher things than a normal Shadowhunter child had, Rafael was not as problematic as Max was.

It made Alec feel sad yet proud at the same time.

Alec shook away his train of thoughts and opened the door to the bedroom. His jaw dropped at the scene in front of him.

Max was sitting on their bed, covered head to toe in glitter, a white paper in his one hand holding it down and a blue crayon in the other hand. He was concentrating very hard on what he was drawing, his eyebrows drawn together, his tongue poking out of his lips as the crayon moved over the paper. Alec walked closer to see that the paper was infact covered in glitter as well, so were the yellow bed sheets and Max’s hair, his cheeks, his clothes and oh- the carpet was pooling with glitter and where on earth had he gotten so much glitter from-

Alec’s eyes searched and found empty eyeshade palates and empty tubes next to Max.

‘Oh no no Max,’ Alec said in a horrified voice.

Max jumped, clearly finding out his father’s presence when he spoke and looked up sheepishly.

‘You ruined Papa’s makeup!’ Alec cried. 

Max opened his mouth to explain and closed it again, his frown deepened as if he was thinking about what he had actually done and was realizing the seriousness of the situation.

‘Explain,’ Alec sighed feeling at a loss. He sat down at the edge of the bed and brushed off the glitter from his son’s hair. His fingers came crusted with glitter. He let out a groan of frustration. 

‘Uncle Simon told me it was National Sib-’ Max stopped, struggling with the word. ‘Sbiling-no Sibling’s Day!’ His eyes lighted up on getting the word right. ‘And I thought I would do something for Rafe. Then I remembered Aunt Clary making all those nice drawing she makes and I wanted to make one too and Papa always says glitter makes everything better but I couldn’t find it anywhere! I tried telling you but Rafe was always there and obviously I couldn’t say it infront of him!’

‘Obviously,’ Alec said seriously and fought the urge to roll his eyes.

‘So I found these,’ Max held up the empty tubes. ‘And they were shiny so I used them.’

Alec was unexpectedly touched. The mess could always be cleaned up later, with Magnus’s magic ofcourse so he leaned over to get a better look at the drawing. ‘Can I see it?’ he asked and Max nodded, his eyes a little wide. He was probably surprised he wasn’t getting into trouble for this. He handed it over to Alec who couldn’t help but smile.

Max had drawn him and Rafael in what looked like a blanket fort. Rafael loved to make blanket forts, stacked up with books and art supplies. Max had drawn them sitting on squares that were probably pillows and had splattered too much glitter over it.

‘It looks great, Max!’ Alec exclaimed. Max grinned at his father uncertainly. 

‘Do you think he’ll like it?’

‘He’ll love it!’

Max’s smile grew wider.

When Rafael returned from the Institute later that day having returned from that day’s training, he was met by a very enthusiastic Max forcing the drawing into his hands.

‘Woah, easy there buddy!’ Rafael laughed. Max looked up at him hopefully as Rafael studied the picture in his hands. 

Magnus came into the apartment a second later carrying Rafael’s training bag with him and walked to Rafael to see what his son was looking at. Alec saw a look of surprise on his husband’s face then he smiled, that perfect breath taking smile, and looked up to meet Alec’s expression. Alec grinned at him.

‘I love it,’ Rafael said beaming down at his brother. Alec saw his fingers were already coated with glitter. ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten Max!’

‘Really?’ Max asked excitedly. 

‘Really!’ Rafael exclaimed and hugged his brother tight, the drawing squished between them. Max broke away a moment later and laughed. ‘You’ve got glitter all over you!’ 

Rafael looked down at his shirt and groaned. ‘Where did you manage to get so much glitter on this?’ he asked, brushing off the glitter unsuccessfully. Rafe grinned mischievously and ran his finger down his brother’s cheek, leaving a trail of purple glitter ignoring Max’s shout of protest.

Alec’s eyes widened as he remembered the mess in the room.

‘Yeah about that…’

Anon asked: Your fics make me so happy! Could you do a high school au with punk!cas and punk!dean? I may have rum into Ten Inch Hero recently…

“I told you it would look good.” Dean ran his fingers through though Castiel’s hair, tugging lightly at the ends.

“My parents are going to hate it,” Castiel responded, looking at the blue tinge his hair now held. “I love it.”

Dean laughed, giving Cas a peek at the metal ball on his tongue. He wanted to taste it.

He grabbed Dean by the front of his his shirt and pulled him in, pressing their mouths together and slipping his tongue into Dean’s mouth. Dean hummed appreciatively and put his hands on Cas’s hips.

They stumbled out of the bathroom into Dean’s bedroom. Cas laughed as they fell back onto the mattress together in a tangled mess of limbs. Dean smiled down at him.

“I’ll make a punk out of you, yet.”

“Shut up,” Castiel said, then pulled him in again.


“Should I get my lip pierced?”

Dean looked up from his book when Castiel spoke. His hair was red this week, Castiel noticed, he liked it.

“Do you want to?” After Cas went home with his hair dyed, his parents flipped out and grounded him. Dean had helped him sneak out the window every night.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not really,” Dean shrugged. “Are you sure?” Castiel nodded and pushed himself off of Dean’s bed.

An hour later, Castiel was using his tongue to toy with the ring in his lip. It felt odd but it didn’t hurt as much as he feared it would.

“Does it look okay?” He asked, looking up at Dean. Dean grinned and leaned down to kiss him. He caught the piercing with his teeth and tugged lightly.

“You look hot.” Castiel blushed and looked away and Dean laughed.

“Come on,” He said, tugging Cas’s hand. “Let’s go get something to eat and make out.”


“Is it going to hurt?” Castiel asked, staring apprehensively at the tattoo shop.

“Not really. Come on.” Dean tugged him into the shop.

Castiel looked at the art on the walls and in the book on the counter, while Dean settled into one of the chairs and showed the artist what he wanted and where.

Castiel settled on a small cross that was plain enough not to take too long but intricate enough to be worth it. He decided to get it on his chest.

Dean winked at him as he settled down next to him. Castiel wanted to reach out for his fingers, but he didn’t know if he allowed. He took a deep breath when the artist sat down beside him and started to get everything ready for him.

It was more than worth it when Dean traced the lines with his tongue later.


Castiel studied Dean’s sleeping face in the early morning light.

When they met, Castiel had been quiet and shy, too afraid of his overbearing Christian family to be who he wanted to be. Then the Winchesters moved in and Dean–tattooed, pierced, punk ass Dean–set his sites on him and Castiel was lost.

His eyes wandered from Dean’s face down to his ink covered chest. Pictures that defined Dean’s life etched over his heart and arms. Castiel’s name was added to them now.

He placed his hand over the letters, then laid his head on Dean’s chest, careful of the piercing there. Dean’s arm wrapped around him, holding him tight, even in his sleep.

As he drifted to sleep, Castiel was amazed at how loved he felt here, at how much he loved Dean, rough edges and all.