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If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 2

Part 2 of 2! What if various Naruto characters had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all? Part 1.

1. Naruto: Username - NineTailsOfRamen

Naruto would predominately blog about ramen. He would make sure to set up a queue to post or reblog a new photo every couple of hours with uplifting captions underneath them. He would also rave constantly about how everyone should eat at Ichiraku. 

Post 15: Man this is making me suuuper hungry

Post 27: Ate this bad boy today!! Extra Chashu and naruto!! (that’s also my name heheh)

Post 56: Guys guys you NEED to eat at Ichiraku okay he is like the GOD OF RAMEN

2. Sakura: Username - PinkHairDontCare

Sakura would post motivational things such as body workouts, words of advice and things to lift peoples spirits. She would also (unknowingly) reblog Konan’s photos of flowers from time to time. 

Post 34: Here’s my daily routine for workouts in the morning! Try and add a few extra push ups or sits ups if you can manage it!

Post 44: DON’T GIVE UP. You can DO IT. There is nothing in your way of achieving your goals except for you! I know you can do it!

Post 78: Super beautiful Sakura tree; much like myself! ;))

3. Sasuke: Username - saszuke

Sasuke would literally just post about his thoughts and feelings throughout the day. He would never reblog anything but rather upload his own photos of things like the sunrise or the sky during a thunderstorm. He has a feeling that all the lovely anon messages he’s getting are from Itachi but he can’t be sure. 

Post 6: Actually ate breakfast today. That’s a new one. I haven’t been committed to eating breakfast in a long time. Had eggs; they were alright.

Post 21: Here’s a photo I took last night; managed to capture some lightning during the storm. I feel it reflects my personality pretty well.

Post 50: To the anon who keeps sending me nice things; who are you??? Are you Itachi?? It’s kinda creeping me out tbh

4. Shikamaru: Username - StitchedDream

Shikamaru would be on Tumblr quite a bit when he’s bored. He would reblog pictures of the sky and super comfortable looking bedrooms or beds. He keeps promising his followers he’ll upload a selfie of himself but he’s too lazy to do it.

Post 40: These clouds are me. Not even joking

Post 67: I kinda just laid down today and didn’t get up for like 4 hours. I didn’t even sleep.

Post 89: I want ALL of these beds. Just one big room filled with beds. That’s the dream. 

5. Chouji: Username - FoodIsAlwaysMyMood

Chouji would of course blog about food. He mostly uploads his own photos of various places he goes and the food he eats there. He’s gained a huge following and always takes suggestions on what to try. 

Post 345: Tried the new BBQ chicken at my local BBQ place today! It was AMAZING. The texture was PERFECT. Here’s a photo!

Post 400: Someone suggested I give a miso based ramen a try; so I did! It was SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT.

Post 567: Here’s a photoset of every meal I had this week! It looks like quite a lot now that I see it but everything was INCREDIBLY TASTY! Let me know which one is your fav!

6. Suigetsu: Username - ThinkingBoutH2Hoe

Suigetsu shit posts. A lot. And he doesn’t even care. His blog has no theme whatsoever; sometime he posts porn and sometimes he posts photos of birds. He follows Kisame and reblogs a lot of his posts about sharks too.


Post 444: Kisame Senpai this shark looks SO COOL YOU ARE THE COOLEST


7. Rock Lee: Username - TheMostYouthful

Rock Lee obviously would post anything and everything to do with training and fitness. From reblogging fitness videos to uploading his own routine, he’s followed by heaps of people who look up to him. They get a bit weirded out when he posts a lot of close up photos of Gai, though.




8. Gaara: Username - RedCactusPanda

Gaara doesn’t like telling anyone he has a Tumblr. He prefers to stay anonymous but LOVES posting about cacti and succulents. He always asks bigger blogs questions about how to look after his own and posts photo of his own secret cacti garden. 

Post 32: This little succulent has grown so much since I got him! I’ve named him after one of my friends; but not saying who!

Post 55: Someone suggested I would probably enjoy having some marimo’s so I got some! Here they are only two days after I got them and they are pretty cool looking :))

Post 70: Here’s my collection after 4 months. It’s grown a big bigger than I originally wanted but I love them all anyway!

9. Kiba: Username - 99PercentDog

Kiba posts dogs. And a lot of them. That’s all he posts as well; constantly reblogging photos or uploading his own of Akamaru (which get pretty popular).

Post 100: Look at this husky!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Post 150: THIS IS AKAMARU! Isn’t he the most handsome dog you have EVER seen?? This is a video of him asking for food haha look at those adorable eyes that I can never say no to goddamit


10. Haku: Username - It’sAlwaysWinter

Haku is always posting his best selfies. He reblogs a lot of posts relating to snow and winter as well, but it’s mostly selfies. A lot of people think he’s a girl. He likes shutting down perverted men who message him. 

Post 106: Me today~ :)) I really like my hair in this pic

Post 142: Thanks to the kind anon who told me my eyes were beautiful, but not as beautiful as my face on the floor :))) you’re the man

Post 600: Oh yeah, by the way. I’m a guy. A dude. A male. Surprise!

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I've seen the photoset with Byzantine clothes and... love it a lot! It's really gorgeous! But what about Feanor, Fingolfin, Nerdanel and especially Miriel? I think, their style was really individual, was'nt it? For example, Miriel could wear dresses with fantastic embroidery (as we see in Game of Thrones), or Nerdanel's personal style could combine simpliest and regal clothes.... I hope, you understand me:)) What do you think about it? Try to describe your favourite Silmarillion heroes wardrobe!

Oh, thanks, anon! I love talking about dress, especially historical ones! <3 

Yes, they could have a very individual style. For example, I like a lot Feanor dressed in red. (This has also a symbolic meaning *cough*. In the past, only important people like imperators, kings or popes, because it was a very rare and precious colour. Feanor could wear purple, not only because he was the Spirit of Fire but also the heir of the King)

Returning at the byzantine clothes, he could wear those:

Fingolfin could be dressed in blue or silver. I like a lot this clothing for him (it’s a 1890-1900 copy of a medieval suit):

He and Anaire could wear something like these: (btw in Middle Ages both men and women wore long clothes, so I imagine that for the Noldor there’re few differences between male and female dressing, too)

For Nerdanel, in my headcanon she could wear differents outfits. She wore for working something of very simple and comfortable, like this:

On the other side, Nerdanel could wear also more luxurious clothes for special occasions or courtly parties. Her favorite colours were green and white. For the references, I like imagine her in the dress of this beautiful painting of Edmund Blair Leighton, The Accolade:

For Mirìel … Let’s me make a confession: I’m not too much fan of the costumes of Game of Thrones. For example: the costumes of the next season: WHY they are ALL dressed in black? They came from different Houses, with different colours … this makes no sense. (But sadly it’s a pet-peeve of mine, expecially with the fiction that are supposed to be “historical”, but all the characters are dressed in the same way, and all with dark and pasty colours. When actually in the Middle Age both men and women wear incredibly luxurious clothes with a lot of gorgeous colours)

Btw, I like to imagine that Mirìel in her old life, before the birth of Feanor, preferred light colours, and when she returned from Mandos, and became one of the handmaids of Vaire, she changed her mind, and she wore only black dress with a long veil. Because she was no longer the old Mirìel Therinde, she now was Firìel, the Woman who is Dead. 

For the references: before the birth of Feanor, Mirìel could be dressed in that way (the painting is the beautiful “The Maying of Queen Guinevere” of John Collier)

I hope that I’ve satisfied you, anon! :) 

Virtual Woes

AN: y'all remember that tumblr!au I was asked by a very amazing Anon! I did it. I hope it makes sense!
Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)

Installment: Next: [2],[3][4]


Hinata grabbed her cellphone and bounced onto her bed. Crawling to her usually spot, she made herself comfortable and opened up Tumblr. She smiled with a certain happiness that only virtual friends can give.

His name was the first one on her dashboard. “Oh goodness…” She whispered and clicked on his icon. He changed it a few days ago to a cartoon hawk…with shades and a leather jacket. He was a well known artist in their fandom…

Hinata thought it was so cute.

Hinata nodded to herself and scrolled through. Someone was informing him of an art thief. He reblogged a few black and white photos and some post between him and another artist: ‘Ramen-Doodles’…aka Naruto. He was a wild card. Never knew what he would post.

-OhMySharinGod:“@ramen-doodles you literally drew a bowl of ramen with legs?? Tf?”
-Ramen-Doodles: “BUT were they nice legs???”
-OhMySharinGod: “…yeah, turned me on, tbh.

Hinata giggled and liked the post. She continued scrolling and paused to see his 6-selfie tagged photoset. Sasuke was so… Well, he was 2,678 notes.

Anonymous asked:do you like nudes?
OhMySharinGod answered:knees and elbows only.

Hinata tried to limited her liking and reblogging but he was so funny! Blunt but funny.

Anonymous asked:do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?
OhMySharinGod answered:nah, senpai won’t notice my ass.

Anonymous asked:OMG WHO IS UR SENPAI?
OhMySharinGod answered:She’s a writer. Our love is taboo. Obviously.

Hinata squeaked. She writes! Not often… Not enough to be anyone’s “senpai.” She sighed and continued scrolling.

-Ramen-Doodle asked:tell her asshole. you could draw her like one your hawkdaddy doodles.
-OhMySharinGod answered:how about you shut the fuck up. Get out of my inbox, slug.
-Ramen-Doodle reblogged: slug?? I just want to find your Cinderalla! @kibblesandbitches @wetwillysui help me find this dick’s girl
-OhMySharinGod reblogged: I’m blocking your ass
-KibblesandBitches reblogged: AYE SASUKE IS IN LOVE
-WetWillySui reblogged:Buddy, @ her so she knows it’s real. You lame ass fool.
-OhMySharinGod reblogged: GET OFF MY POST!!!

Hinata couldn’t help but laugh. They all knew each other in real life. Sasuke posted pictures of them meeting up. It was awesome and–

She got a new message.

Anonymous asked:so, what have you been up to? Good to see you’re active again.
LionessHeart8 answered:oh? Life has been a bit crazy but I’m trying to catch up again!

She went back to Sasuke’s blog and continued laughing at his friends. She always missed the good stuff working at night. Another message came in.

Anonymous asked:mm, I understand. (Same Anon) hey, are you participating in the Ninja World month? I think you should. I miss your writing, you know?
LionessHeart8 answered:miss my writing? Anon, you’re too sweet. I’m really not good.

Hinata didn’t messages often…well, there were a few. It wasn’t like she was popular. She stayed in her lane and shipped the crackiest ships in Ninja World.

OhMySharinGod asked:wtf do you mean ‘really not good?’ You’re great.
OhMySharinGod asked:fuck…that was supposed to be Anonymous!

Hinata promptly squealed and her heart raced terribly in her ear.

OhMySharinGod asked: whatever too late…you should get back to writing so we can fucking collab.

Hinata swallowed hard and replied.

LionessHeart8 answered: Me?? I love your art! I…I kinda stalk your blog and I…I’m so happy.


Sasuke sighed in relief to see that come in private. Great, she was smart. His followers were crazy at times. He sat at his computer staring at her icon. It was a picture of her being caught laughing. It was so…

“I need her number like now…” He grumbled.

He flinched seeing another message.

LionessHeart8 asked:WAIT you want to collab with me?? It would be an honor!

Sasuke covered his face. “She’s the one obviously.”

He saw Naruto new post:
Ramen-Doodles:I should have known Sasuke’s first crush would be someone that doesn’t have to deal with his ass physically.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and continued to message Hinata. She thought she was stalking his blog? He was subscribed to hers.

“Fuck,” he mumbled. “…I’m collabing with her.” They were basically married now, right?


Hinata left her phone to go jump on her younger sister. “I’m collabing with Sasuke! Me? He likes me…I think.”

Hanabi laughed as her sister left just as fast as she came in. Hinata fell onto her bed. “Me!”

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Please do talk about Sam Clemmett's brilliant acting a bit more! Tbh I feel like his acting is more subtle than Anthony's... which is, of course, neither a good, nor a bad thing, just a different approach I guess, for their characters are so different in many ways. (For instance, Albus is not a boy-shaped spinning top, unlike Scorpius. :)) So, not really a specific question... just tell us about your favourite Albus moments or anything you'd like!

Oh my dear anon. This is basically the best question you could have asked me, because I could talk about Sam’s acting for days. I will try not to do that though. 

First, I agree about the subtlety, and I think part of that is Albus himself. The character is generally more subtle and restrained, and the part is a lot less exaggerated. There is definitely range there, but it’s not like Scorpius where he literally goes from singing about sweets to being plunged into hell. So I think it’s easy just to read Albus, and by extension Sam’s acting, as one note and angsty, which it definitely isn’t. 

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DetectiveIzaya anon here: Yes to the photoset you reblogged, that's the one I meant! Izaya with the pipe, lol. And in the second picture, he looks like he is enjoying himself so much :3 Thought it was interesting for you, because of the whole DEtective Agency thing and stuff :D

Oooh ok.

Yeah he does look like he’s enjoying himself haha. But what I find interesting is Miyoshi’s presence. In the manga for the game where Miyoshi came to Ikebukuro Izaya called him a detective - 

You get the point lol. There’s even a picture of them together -

Looking back and knowing now Izaya is director of a detective agency, this picture gives new meaning lol! Like, Miyoshi is his protege, and they’re ‘solving the mystery’ together…which Izaya already knows about lol -

I always found Izaya’s and Miyoshi’s relationship really interesting because Izaya seemed interested in his potential, and not in a really manipulative way. He lets him act on his own, doesn’t really lead him anywhere, and he even comes when Miyoshi calls him (orders him to actually) and is just like, ‘Why is he angry…?’ He’s being pretty lenient with Miyoshi already, he even talks to him like he’s a friend and tells him personal stuff (his relationship with Shizuo) 

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I was just wondering what you thought a typical day of work for Malcolm consisted of. At some point in 1x02 he is seen at his office at 2:45 am! And if you look into Alastair Campbell’s working hours, they were immense too.

(as asked by an anon)

Hmmm, this got just a bit out of hand – as my Malcolm meta tends to do – but there’s lots of pretty pictures to go with all the many words.  I do try to stick to the main point – what does a typical Malcolm work day look like? – but I get there by a path that could generously be called the long way round.

I’ll start by saying a typical working day for Malcolm is really going to depend on which series you’re talking about.  His workday in the first six episodes when everything is more or less stable and the government is ticking over smoothly – which actually meant longer work days for our Malc to keep it so – is not the same as his workday in the Specials (not that they are really typical anyway since from almost the first minute of Rise of the Nutters we know the PM is on his way out and Spinners and Losers doesn’t count at all) and then by series 3 when the wheels are slowly but inevitably coming off the wagon, what constitutes typical couldn’t be more different than what it was like in the good old pharaoh days. 

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i'm very uncomfortable with the fact that you include kyuubei in your gintaladies gifset. she is not a woman. next time if you are thinking of making a girl exclusive post, please don't include her.

I disabled anon soon after receiving this 3-4 days ago. You should congratulate yourself.

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