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study distractions

tom holland head canon

in which someone won’t let you focus on studying (requested)

  • with midterm season in the air, you had waited until the last moment to cram in all your major study sessions
  • what looked like hundreds of papers were scattered over your bed you shared with tom
  • highlights, pens, and pencils were variously strewn throughout the mix
  • coincidentally, your darkest studying hour was interrupted by tom’s sudden crave for your attention 
  • and other actions 
  • although your head was buried in a textbook, tom had other plans
  • you were interrupted out of your trance when a body plopped on the bed, startling you
  • “tOM you just sat on like half my papers” 
  • “oh, shit, sorry love…anyways are you almost done?”
  • “i’ve only been studying an hour”
  • he’d start whining and scoot closer to you as you returned your attention back to the section you were reviewing
  • tom’s eyes would scan over your face, plotting a way to divert your attention 
  • “boy, it’s quite hot in here, don’t you think darling?”
  • you’d shrug, not giving him much of a response
  • he’d let out an overdramatic sigh before taking off his t-shirt 
  • your eyes would flicker over to him for a moment, definitely caught off guard by the sight of your shirtless boyfriend 
  • “thomas” 
  • “y/n” 
  • with a roll of your eyes, you’d pick up a new review packet and get to work on it 
  • now persistent on getting you to cave in, tom scooted up to where you were 
  • you’d feel light kisses being pressed to your jaw, down to your collar bones, and on various spots of your neck
  • subconsciously, a content sigh would leave your lips as your eyes shut and your head fell back
  • then you could feel a noticeable smirk on tom’s lip against your skin bringing you back to reality
  • “really, tom???”
  • “love, please, i need you”
  • his words would make you tear your eyes away from the papers for a split second before gripping the pen tighter in your hands
  • you’d shake your head, trying to suppress a laugh as tom’s jaw dropped 
  • he’d cross his arms and slouch lower on the bed, still next to you
  • you only made it through half the page before tom stood up from his spot
  • “desperate times call for desperate measures” 
  • curious as to what he meant, you looked up 
  • “huh? tom what are you-PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON” 
  • rolling your eyes at your seemingly 12 year old boyfriend before really realizing he was standing there in nothing but his boxers 
  • a smile would grow on his face as he noticed you biting your lip in the slightest way 
  • “i guess i could take a break…” 
  • “FINALLY” 
  • cue tom sweeping all your papers off the bed 
  • which only made you yell at him
  • but all was quickly forgiven after he had you screaming for a different reason
BTS Reaction to you being shy and a little awkward-

(for anon)


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Jin thought you were the sweetest thing ever and wanted you to enjoy life more by trying to bring out that amazing personality he’s seen in private. He always pushed you just a bit more day by day to be a little less shy.


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Yoongi was a bit on the quiet side himself and didn’t mind at all that you were shy and a little awkward. He loved you nonetheless. 


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Hoseok is an incredible and outgoing person so having someone as calm and as shy as you helped pull him back when he was becoming too much. And the same was said for you in the sense that his outgoing personality helped bring you out of your shell a little more. You both truly completed eachother.

Rap Mon-

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Namjoon thought you being shy and awkward was the cutest thing ever. He didn’t mind at all when he had to speak for you while out in public and he found your clumsy awkwardness to die for. He really thought you were the cutest thing ever.


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What drew Jimin to you in the first place was your cute shyness and slight awkwardness. He thought you seemed so sweet and wanted to get to know you better.


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Taehyung loved to tease and bring you out a little more everytime when you were in public together. He wanted everyone to see something more besides a shy person. The person he sees.


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Jungkook wasn’t too outgoing but he wasn’t too shy either. He thought you both were perfect for eachother and loved how closed off you both were when together.

The Oath

Oneshot Request by Anon: Can I request a one shot where j takes the reader to ace chemicals to take the oath and jump into the chemicals and when j pulls her out he tells her how beautiful she looks bleached???

Author’s note: (obviously) the dialogue is from the movie, but a) it’s perfect for the scene, and b) I wouldn’t know what else J would say in that moment, so I hope you don’t mind me using it 🙈😇

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

The Joker was unlike any man you had ever met. Thoughts of him intoxicated your mind. Since you met him, you couldn’t stay away. But neither could he from you. He wasn’t sure why, but soon enough the Joker found himself obsessed with you. Some would call it love, but you knew better. The Joker wasn’t someone who loved but there was no denying that he wanted you.

But despite all this, Mr. J wasn’t sure if he could trust you. The last woman he invested his time in, only ended up disappointing him. She wasn’t fit to be his queen. There was only one way to find out if you were worthy, and so the Joker brought you to the place where everything had begun.

The purple Lamborghini came to an abrupt halt in front of a large industrial building. Curious as to what was inside, you got out of the car, and followed Mr. J who was already halfway towards the entrance.

“Hurry up, doll.” Quickening your pace, you caught up with him, and he pushed the large door open.

“Follow me.”, he grunted and led you up a metal spiral staircase, which was followed by a narrow hallway. You could feel your heat beating faster with every step you took, anxiously awaiting what he had planned.
Mr. J opened another door, and walked through it, motioning you to follow his lead once more. As you stepped through the door-frame, a strange scent carried itself through the air. Slowly you took a few steps forward, and when you looked down, you saw several large containers, with some strange fluid mixture inside them. Your eyes were completely entranced by what you were seeing.

“Question.”, the Joker’s voice sounded from behind you, slowly returning you to reality. You turned to face him, waiting for him to continue.
“Would you die for me?” – “Yes.”

“That’s too easy.”, Mr. J was quick to dismiss your answer. 

“Would you”, he hesitated, “Would you live for me?” It took you a second, but in your mind, there was nothing you wouldn’t do for him, “Yes.”

“Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly!”, J warned you, keeping in mind that the last woman he let get close to him, betrayed him and had to be punished… The Joker covered your lips with his tattooed hand, giving you his smile, “Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes Power!”

Ever so gently, his finger traced over your lips, “Do you want this?” – “I do.”
“Say it, say it, say It. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty…” – “Please?” 
The Joker smirked, satisfied with your answer, “God, you’re so…good.” 

He stepped away from you, and finally you realized what you were here to do. The oath was just one part of what he had planned for you. The real test to prove your loyalty still lay ahead, or more precisely beneath you. The chemical bath captivated your attention once more.
This was it. There were only two possible outcomes. Number one: you’d jump, and would be reborn like him.
Or two: you’d jump and die. After all, this could all still be some sick joke. There was no telling if you would survive this.
But you didn’t care. You turned around facing the Joker, standing strong. He lifted his arms, as if to ask ‘What are you waiting for’. With a smile on your face, your spread your arms and let yourself fall.

She did it, she jumped, the Joker thought to himself. For a moment he debated whether he should save you or not. But luckily, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he couldn’t bear to lose you. In one swift movement, he threw his jacket aside and let himself fall.

You felt the strong grip of your lover on your waist pulling you up. Reaching the surface, you gasped, taking a deep breath. The first thing you saw were the Joker’s concerned eyes, but his stare quickly turned into something else. Pride.

You laid your hand on his chest, steadying yourself. That’s when you first noticed your skin looking different. “Am I…?” The Joker nodded, “You’re like me now, kitten.” He grinned, before capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. 

“Beautiful, you’re absolutely beautiful.”, he whispered, kissing you again, holding you tightly against his chest.
“I love you, J.” The Joker hummed in response, “Mhm, you’re not too bad yourself, doll.” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck, “Can we go home? I want see myself completely.” Mr. J smiled, “Of course, kitten. Anything for you.”

Seventeen Joshua Scenario/AU: “The Top Floor”

Anon: Can I request for a smut Joshua scenario? Where like both of your groups are in a party, and you guys go the floor where no one is and he fucks you in the wall?? (Josh and the reader are already a couple) Thank you❤

Okay - So I did it. It’s not good and it’s only ‘mild’ smut lol. I’m such a weirdo - anyways! Hope all you lovelies out there who wanted me to do smut like it…here you go! <3 Luna (

Theme : It’s smut…*Not suitable for all audiences!!! Just saying - don’t read it!!*

Words : 961

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*

Music thumped through the room. The vibration of the bass moving through the soles of your feet as you jumped around in time to the beat. You were enjoying yourself so much that you didn’t see your boyfriend, or his band, enter the room.

You only felt his arms wrap around your stomach as he purred in your ear, “Did you miss me?” 

With a laugh you spun hugging Joshua tightly. But, it was in that moment of holding him in your arms that you realised tomorrow he would leave for his next tour. That’s why they had decided to throw this party. A leaving party. Up until that moment, it hadn’t felt like you were actually saying goodbye. Again. 

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-where do i even start with this man?

-well. he’s not much of a talker

-so when the Basterds find out the two of you are seeing each other they are quite surprised

-and then one day they’d walk in and find the two of you kissing and that would be that i guess

-they’d joke about it 24/7

-Hugo would hate it

-he’d hate the attention on him being about his relationship not on how much of a bad ass he is

-he’d feel the need to prove himself even more

-he has that… anger issue, so you’d be a super calm for him

-grabbing his face and making him look at you to calm down and not do anything stupid that would lead to him dying (cough dont shoot someone’s balls off cough)

-but he’d do super sweet things for you that would fly under the radar of the Basterds

-like you’d get cold and he’d give you his jacket and no one would notice

-or he’d hold your hand under the table

-or surprise you with a flower when no one is looking

-he’s not a guy to dick around. if you’re with him then he’s with you, 100%

-he’d be silently protective of you

-like he’d make sure you didnt do dangerous missions but wouldent make a huge fuss about it, but the others would know he’d fuck them up if they tried to send you somewhere dangerous

-the basterds fighting over who would be the best man at your wedding and who would be the godfather if you had a kid

-being the more talkative of the two and Hugo likes that, because you know him so well you can answer most questions for him

My Fanfic Quotes

This is for the anon who requested I make a list of my favorite quotes from the fanfics I have written– my fics are all pretty long so i kinda went overboard…reading through the first two was particularly nostalgic so I was copying and pasting all over the place! It was like a trip down memory lane. I feel like it wasn’t even me writing them. Anyway, anon, this is for you! I…hope you see it somehow! 

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Svt. Vocal Unit Reaction: “Playing Spin the Bottle With Their Crush”

Anon: Hi! Can I please request a SVT vocal unit reaction to playing spin the bottle and getting their crush? Thank you!

Hey!! I have only ever played spin the bottle once lol - I’m so boring…anyway! Here you go guys! Hope you like it! <3 Luna 

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious since it is purely my own opinion!!! gifs are mine!!*


“This won’t work Y/N,” your best friend giggled as you grabbed the empty bottle off the counter. 

“It’s going to work,” you laughed hurrying past Woozi with a smirk and going straight to Mingyu. “Hey Mingyu!!” 

Woozi could feel the jealousy fill his body as he watched you with Mingyu. The way you laughed so easily with him. It annoyed him. Jihoon had a crush on you. Had for a while, but he could never do anything about it. 

“Jihoon!!” he heard you call. With one glance over his phone he couldn’t help but grin at you. “Come here, we’re playing spin the bottle!”

He shook his head instantly. “No, we’re not.”

“Jihoon, get your butt over here now. Otherwise I’ll tell everyone about that time you fell…” With an embarrassed flush to his cheeks Woozi hurried over, dropping down opposite you. “You go first.” 

He was mortified the moment you handed him the bottle. Shaking his head at the idea. “But the guys are playing…” Woozi caught the glare in your eyes, and knew it was far easier to just spin the bottle than to argue with you. His heart was in his mouth as he watched it spin, landing right on you.

“What a coincidence!” Mingyu sniggered, a smile spreading from ear to ear.

“You have to kiss me Jihoon,” you instructed leaning forward ever so slightly. 

Woozi hesitated. His cheeks burning as he slowly leaned forward. You took the plunge and planted your lips on his, lingering longer than you should have just so he would realise you liked him too. 

“I knew it would work! I’m so glad we rigged the game…” Mingyu cried collapsing against your friend as he cooed at the two of you. 


It had been Seungkwan’s idea to play spin the bottle, and Jeonghan had jumped at the opportunity. As long as you were playing too. 

Jeonghan didn’t think about the possibility that you would have to kiss someone else. No, he was drawn to the idea that he would finally get to kiss you.

“Y/N!” Minghao laughed as the spin finally turned to face you. But, it hadn’t been Jeonghan who had spun it. He felt his stomach drop. “No! No! Seungkwan you go near Y/N…”

You were completely taken aback as Jeonghan hurried across the floor towards you. He just seemed to have drawn the courage and planted his lips on yours. It was quick. Soft. 

“What are you doing Jeonghan?” you breathed feeling your cheeks flush in embarrassment. Everyone was staring at you two. His eyes widely excited as he leaned back for a moment. 

“Umm, well. I didn’t think…”

“Want to get out of here?” you asked quickly taking his hands in yours.

He grinned widely nudging Seungkwan out of the way. “Let’s go.”


Joshua spun the bottle, a nervous twitch to his hand as he watched it go round and round. And, then it landed on you.

You were the one he had fancied for months. He loved your smile, the way you would laugh, everything. “Oooohhh!” his friend laughed knowingly. 

“Shut up!” Joshua managed, although he was too nervous to even speak right now. “Umm…you don’t have to do this if you don’t…” 

Then your phone rang. “Hey mom, no I didn’t know that was…okay, okay I’m on my way now…” The phone dead and you hurried to your feet. “I’ve got to go, my mom’s booked this thing for my sister…I completely forgot.” 

Joshua gathered all your stuff off the floor, following you quickly to the door where you hurried to put your shoes on. “Be safe driving back okay?” Joshua said quickly, “Text me when you get there so I know…”

He stopped still as you quickly pecked his lips. “Jisoo, next time a sweet guy like you has a crush on someone tell them.” You winked at him whilst opening the door.

“You like me?” he managed following you quickly through the door.

“If I didn’t, would I have kissed you?” you laughed, blowing him a kiss and watching the smile spread from ear to ear on his face. “I’ll text you when I get there.”


“Oh, Y/N!” Seokmin shouted, “Look what I found!”

He grinned at his own idea, picking up the empty bottle off the table. You however, just stared confusedly at him, cocking an eyebrow. “Wow, you found a bottle. Well done!”

Seokmin had other ideas though. “Watch what I can do…” he said quickly spinning the bottle on the table. Except you kept moving every time it was about to land on you. And he, was just about to lose his courage. 

“Y/N! Don’t move…” He spun the bottle once more but this time it didn’t land on you. “Agh! Screw it!” he cried hurrying over to you, grabbing you by the hips and pulling you to him. 

You gasped loudly as his lips hit yours. “Woah, what you doing?” you managed to say, except he sniggered. 

“Don’t pretend you don’t like me too…” he whispered pulling you back to kiss him. 

“We’re you trying to play spin the bottle?” you laughed suddenly pulling away with a grin. 

He shrugged, pecking the tip of your nose. “Nooooooo!” 


Seungkwan had been invited to a your house party, but, the only thing was you weren’t entirely sure he’d show up. But, whilst you and your friends were in the middle of spin the bottle, you heard his voice.

“Pause!” you cried jumping up and following his voice. “Seungkwan, come here we’re playing a game…” 

Seungkwan didn’t know what to say as he and Vernon were dragged through the house and forced to sit in the circle. “Spin the bottle?” Vernon sniggered sitting on the other side of you. “Really?”

“You guys are late so you go first,” you ordered handing the bottle to Seungkwan. His cheeks flushed as he stared at it. With one glance at Vernon, with a quick nod, he spun the bottle. Seungkwan felt as though it had been spinning for minutes before it landed on you.

I can’t kiss Y/N…he though shaking his head, feeling his cheeks burn brighter. You however laughed cupping his face in your hands and planting a kiss right on his lips. He stilled underneath your lips - he wasn’t sure how to react. He had a crush on you, but you would never know. Not with you already having a boyfriend.

“At least you have that kiss,” Vernon had said quietly in the car on the way back to the dorms. Seungkwan wasn’t sure on how to react. He was on a hype from your kiss, but upset since it would never turn into anything more. 

“Yeah, at least I have the kiss. Even if it was just a game.”