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BTS Reaction to you walking in on them cheating on you

AN: I would just like to say I do not approve of cheating on your significant other. Please, if you have to end your relationship, do it politely. Don’t let them have an image burned so deep into their mind that they will never be able to get rid of it.

Seokjin - “Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like,” You’d say as you stopped in your tracks after walking into Seokjin’s bedroom, only to see him devouring another woman’s face. He’d look up at the sound of your voice with his mouth slightly agape, wishing you had come in at another time. Once you left, he knew he had messed up, and he was never going to get you back.

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Yoongi - As soon as you turned around and began to leave with tears in your eyes, he’d rush out and try to grab your hand, desperately pulling you back so he could explain. “Don’t fucking touch me!” You’d scream as you slapped his hand away and stormed out of his home, and at that point you both knew you could never look each other in the eye again without regret.

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Hoseok - Tears would begin to stream down his face as you dropped your bags and ran out of the room, not bearing to look at the betrayal before you. He would not only make the woman leave his home, but he’d constantly try to reach you by cell. After an hour of attempting to reach you, he’d finally give up and realize that what you had together was over. (Ignore Yoongi in the gif)

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Namjoon - “Baby, please just listen to me,” He’d beg as he forcefully pulled back on your arm, trying to stop you from leaving the room. You’d begin to sob as you pushed Namjoon away from you, running away from him as fast as you could, leaving not only him behind, but your trust and your love for the Namjoon you used to know.

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Jimin - “Get the hell away from me!” You’d sob as you pushed Jimin away from you, who slowly tried to reach out to you with regret in his eyes. The woman who was with him would quickly leave, and you would trail right behind her, leaving Jimin in a pool of his own confusion and emptiness.

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Taehyung - Taehyung wouldn’t even attempt to chase after you once you left the room, slamming his bedroom door behind you. The woman beside him would stare at him almost apologetically, but he knew he couldn’t carry on knowing he completely destroyed your heart.

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Jungkook - He’d be devastated that you had found out in such a horrible way, but he would also be so ashamed of himself for sleeping with another person. He would never be able to get your betrayed and saddened expression out of his mind, and he quickly realized that he would never be able to forgive himself for doing this to you.

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Young in Our Youth || Archie A.

6. “You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

34. “Come and make me.”

Combined with:

34/45. “You look pretty hot in my shirt.”

47. “I may be smaller than you but that still doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.”


45/48. “Oh, and by the way, you got a cute butt.”

Requested by anon and @thegirlwithnolife12

Song: Young - Emma Gatsby

I turned my head, looking at a sleeping Archie. The sunlight shined off his red hair, making it look as if it was on fire. I moved a piece of his hair off his forehead, memorized by how peaceful he looked while he slept.

“Are you going to watch me sleep all day?” He asked voice raspy with sleep and eyes still closed.

“Maybe, that is if you plan on sleeping all day.” I said, poking his cheek, in which he tried to bite my finger for.

“I don’t, but I couldn’t if I wanted to with you here.”

“You’re welcome!” I said, poking his shoulder, his eyes popped open.

“Will you stop poking me?”

“Come and make me.” He was quick to react once the words left my mouth. He straddled my waist and pined my hands above my head so I couldn’t poke him anymore. “Now that’s not far!”

“You asked for it.” He said, smiling, and brushing his nose against mine. “You look pretty hot in my shirt, I thought I’d let you know.”

“Why thank you, you look hot in it too, but I prefer it off.” I said not being able to contain my laughter.

Then as I’m laughing, Archie started tickling me, making me laugh harder, and harder for me to breathe.

“Archie! Stop!” I gasped out, trying to push his hands away from my sides.

“Why? I love seeing you laugh.” He said, chuckling lightly as he continued with my torture.

“Beca- its cruel!” I finally managed to get his hands away from my sides and pushed him off me and into the floor. “And because of that, you aren’t allowed back up here.”

“You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

“Well, I just did.” I sat up, a smug look on my face as I cross my arm over my chest. He looked up at me from the floor and shook his head while laughing.

“Well I’d like to see you stop me.” He cracked his knuckles, devious smile spread across his face.

“Look, I may be smaller than you but that still doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.” I state in a matter-of-fact tone.

“I’d like to see you try.” He said, getting up from the floor and tackling me down on the bed, pinning my arms above my head.

“Chill Archie, this isn’t football, this is a relationship.” I said jokingly, lightly punching his shoulder.

“I’m offended, you think I don’t know that?” He gasped, putting his right hand to his chest in fake hurt.

“I’m offended that you resented my banishment.”

“Well I’m offended that you think you can kick my ass.” He fired back.

“Oh yeah?” I flipped us over. “Because I kicked off into the floor, what makes you think I won’t do it again?” He laughed at that.

Before he could say anything else, my phone is going off, I look at it, Cheryl texted me for cheer practice.

“I’ve got cheer practice,” I announced.

“Its Saturday!”

“Its Cheryl,” I said, looking back at him. I start to crawl off him and the bed but he grabbed my arm.

“No, stay.”

“I can’t Archie, she’ll literally kill me.”

“At least give me a kiss before you go.” He begged.

“Fine,” I leaned over him, connecting my lips with his.

“I love you,” he whispered as our lips broke apart.

“I love you too, now let me go.” He pulled me into another kiss.

“Okay,” I crawled away, digging through my bag and changing into my practice shirt and shorts.

I turned around, slinging my bag on my shoulder, Archie staring at me. “What?”

“Nothing,” he answered, smug.

“Okay,” I said, still skeptical of him. “Well, I’ve got to go.” I head for his door.

“Okay,” he watched as I left. “Oh, and by the way, you got a cute butt.”

“Shut it, Andrews.”

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Favourite Romantic Relationship + Supergirl

     General Danvers

A secret love
For the governor’s daughter;
Turner believes
Swann-he’ll never have her.

Loyal and courageous
He fights for the ones he loves;
Unforeseen circumstances,
To the side he won’t be able to shove.

The lines blurred
And he cannot see
That he needs more than emotion
To lift the curse of the Black Pearl.

Indentured sailor
Aboard a ghost ship he cannot flee;
His long lost father
Enslaved- in exchange for the key.

Isla Cruces holds
Dead Man’s Chest
And a heart is heartily
Fought for and put to the test.

Passion takes hold of dear Elizabeth
With a swift kiss to Sparrow
And handcuffs- a distraction;
Will believes Cupid has shot her with his arrow.

Exchanges, promises, bargains and
Burdens too heavy to carry;
Chaos leads to love at World’s End-
Turner and Swann are finally to marry.

Fate has things in store
As destiny calls upon -
Will’s time as a mortal
Seems to no longer go on.

Resurrection on the Dutchman-
The crew reverted to human form;
One day ashore to consummate his love
Before his ten-year duty aboard.

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fic recs for jihope and junghope??

♥ i love this fic

* a chaptered fic

~ in progress fic

i haven’t read a lot of junghope, but these are some worth mentioning and i will definitely add on to my junghope fic recs list once i read some more


the spaces in between infinites - astringxnt (one of my fav fics ever, it’s so soft and gentle and idk i just really, really love it)

~* look here(don’t run away) - lost_things (this is in progress, chaptered, 66k words at the moment, and has side taegi, its very much worth mentioning)

~*gotta hand it to you - freelancejouster (this is in progress, but has one chapter left before it’s done and its just pretty good omf)

for some pretty rad jihope fics, look at @joonphases masterlist! (he also has other ships on the list, so its not just jihope and if max rec’ed them, then they’re fabulous)

here are some other jihope fics tho!


teeter totter - fatal(cumrich) (a five times plus one fic where jimin is highkey thirsty for his new neighbor)

♥* you’re right. - @joonphases (one of the most iconic jihope fics out there y’all)

ocean dips and tidal rips - @portscutie (mermaids!jihope hell yeah)

vanilla - @thisspringday (angsty as hell, i love it so much)

just right - @suga-peaches (genderfluid!jimin and a supportive and caring!hoseok who wants to make jimin comfortable)

~* the counter - ratswrite (single dad!hobi meets babysitter!jimin, but also lowkey yoonminseok??)

~* responsive - redkissaff (i love the fact that jihope are switches, pretty angsty and pretty kinky tho)

mint kisses and love bites - thehalesnyx (a soft and smutty christmas jihope fic)

i’d rather be crazy - notoverthatbityet (angel!hoseok, a confused!jimin, and an unbelieving!yoongi [this is jihope not yoonminseok promise lol])

the tempo of a pirouette - @portscutie (jimin takes out hobi’s braids, also lesbians)

sun rising under my feet - quettaser (cheeks is so not what hoseok was expecting)

walk the walk - bazooka (jihope always see each other during their walk of shame and eventually [aka finally] fuck)

lock me up (i’m here to stay) - kaythebest (jimin gets locked out and hoseok makes the most of it)

welp my work is done here, i hope you enjoy all of these! thank you for giving me something to do kind anon 🖤

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Could you maybe do a story about allura or hunk with the reader that has small hands and are nervous about holding hands? It's been something on my mind recently, mostly because I've been taking a weight lifting class and it's been taking a number on my wrists and hands. //Bear anon, best friend of Cat anon


I hope you enjoy!

Some of the greatest attributes to a human in all time, are those of the hands. 

Humans are a crafty bunch with these things; able to form and create with only ten appendages, and the mind that is connected with them.

Allura admired that about humans. Their creations and their conscious, meeting or even sometimes surpassing other worlds and their people full of magic. 

But they were also…quirky little things. While some can be bold, and adventurous, others chose to be small, and quiet; some could dare to speak as daringly as they pleased, while others found it hard to utter a phrase at all. 

And while this is common with all civilizations, there was something else about how the humans, something that it didn’t affect the kind of person you were-  

Their ability to point out their own flaws. 

It’s funny because yes, it is not an uncommon thing to hear per se, but humans seemed to be…driven by their own. Driven and partially believing in the concept that their mistakes are true glimpses of themselves, of their souls- and nothing else could be said. 

It bothered her to end, quite frankly, because they were such amazing things- just like every other creature in the universe…

…and the only thing that seemed to be keeping them down from watching all things impossible were themselves. 


Allura sighed as she watched you fiddle with your hands, a crease prominent in your brow. For the third time this week, ever since the two of you had made it official that you were dating, this…idea had begun to pop up.

Allura often worried about how long you would do this before you met her, 

“You’re doing it again, my love,” Allura says to you softly, “I told you that they’re fine,”

You quickly threw your hands down, your face meek and cheeks blushed, 

“I-I know! I was just…”

  You froze at Allura’s look, his face of slight hurt, and anger. Slowly, she grasped your hand, her nimble, long fingers running up and down the all the lines and creases; passed every little paper and knife cut, and even the pen markings that were left over from your fiddling with the pen, she traced it all. 

“Why do you not like them? Your hands?” She asked. It was something that she had been inquiring all week. Why you hadn’t liked them, why you hadn’t touched her with them- it perplexed her. 

She wasn’t being picky, was she? Allura heard the holding hands was a sign of a relationship…

but you hadn’t…

You shook your head, “I-it’s not that I…that I hate them, or anything, but- they’re just so…so…”

Allura’s eyebrows raised, “So what?”

You thought it over before saying it, slightly embarrassed at the idea of speaking it, 



“…Tiny?” Allura repeated.

“W-well it sounds silly when you say it like that!” You protested quickly, showing off your own hands, “It’s…it’s not that I hate them like I said, but I-I just…”

You finished your sentence with a whisper, 

“…don’t like ‘em,”

“Because they’re…tiny?” Allura concluded, her fingers interlocking with your own. 

You looked down to the ground, your face too red and your mind racing too quick to meet Allura eye-to-eye. 

But something funny happened. 

She kissed them. 

The feeling of Allura’s soft, supple lips meeting your hands jolted you to look up, only to see her kiss your palms again. 


“Well-mmph!-it simply won’t do, now will it? -Mmph!” 

You watched in shock and awe as Allura’s lips met every single one of your fingers, every crevice of your palms. You were, simply put confused, 

“I…I don’t-”

“They’re quite lovely, you know,” Allura whispered softly, “These hands have made so many things over time, so many beautiful things,”

You laughed awkwardly, “Um, w-well, there was that…that macaroni necklace I made in like, the third grade? B-but I-”

Enough, Y/n,” Allura chided with a giggle, “I think they’re quite lovely. They’re like…fairy hands,”


“Magical little things. Beautiful ones, too. Able to cast magic as easy as…well, one could with such hands,”

Allura finally looked up to you, 

You should be more careful with such perfect, little things,”

You stuttered, eyes wide and face with a blush, 


Allura smiled, her hand outstretched to your own, 

Want to go on a walk with me? We can hold hands if you’d like.”

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First of all, I want to say that I really love your works! The are incredible, be more confident about yourself because you're amazing! I wanted to ask for a request... an scenario. Maybe the moment when Fyodor realized he loved reader and tell her about his feelings (?) I would love to see how you portrait that! Ps: really, keep with your hard work! You are incredible.

Ahh thanks so much!! I’m not quite sure if I like how I characterized him here, but hopefully it makes sense to you. Thank you for your patience by the way.


He had waited long enough. To him, patience was an important asset, but his patience was not infinite.

He could not focus around you, and he could not focus without you. If you weren’t with him you were on his mind, smiling at him with a sweetness that he did not deserve.

At first it made him weary, the way you acted. He was convinced that you pitied him. That you thought of him as a monster for his deeds, despite their purpose. You may have thought that he had been lonely for so long, and that with a little kindness he would begin functioning like a normal human being. Boring and obedient; devoid of the ability to ignore one’s conscience for the good of the world.

It took some time before he realized that he now treasured your smile.

It all started to pain him. A feeling that he had never experienced until knowing you would come along and make him ache. He always had to hold back. From what he did not know.

His fingers were always bloody now. There were patches of blood on all of his papers, and some was dried on his laptop keys. He would stare at the wall for hours upon hours, chewing at the tips and sides of his them. Something about it had always been comforting.

You would bandage his fingers when you noticed, even if he repeatedly requested that you did not. There was genuine worry etched on your face, something he had never been used to seeing directed at himself.

It was some time before he realized that he loved you. It struck him that he cared for you more than he had ever cared for anyone else. Therefore, he tirelessly began attempting to let you know. He knew that this was the only way to free himself from his discomfort; a definite response.

Perhaps he took things too subtly, as you seemed to not have a clue. He was a cautious man, so confessing was not something he initially considered. Confessing was a last case scenario, and it had come to that point.


You had met him at a park near your apartment. It was 4am and you couldn’t sleep, so you had called him. He was usually still awake around then, so you had met like this many times before.

The park was deserted save for the two of you. The wind howled softly through the leafless trees, blowing snow from their branches in your direction. The sky was still dark,  the stars unseen behind the smog of the city.

You and Fyodor were sitting on a park bench, its seat was still cold due to the weather. The cool wind tousled your hair lightly, making you shivered.

“Why couldn’t you sleep?” Fyodor asked you.

“I’ve had a lot on my mind,” you replied, “but it’s nothing I could talk about with you. Anyways, you would probably find it tiresome.”

“I doubt it.” he said. It was evident to him now that your thoughts were much too interesting to bore him.

“You seem to be agonizing over something too,” you said. “Though you’re almost always doing that, aren’t you?”

He brought his index finger to his mouth, digging his teeth into it in a way that almost resembled nervousness. His then fixed his eyes on the ground.

“You should tell me about it,” you said. “I can tell that it’s bothering you more than usual. I know that you find it difficult to open up to others, but I promise you it’s much more relieving than eating away at your fingers like that.”

It still amazed him that you could see through him like you did. Though perhaps, you had just weakened his ability to push his emotions aside. It somewhat frightened him, and he was rarely scared.

There was a moment of silence. You knew that Fyodor was considering his next words carefully. You reminded yourself that he likely wouldn’t speak about what was bothering him.

Fyodor, on the other hand, acknowledged the sense of perfection this moment had. You were alone, and the conversation had flowed perfectly. He doubted that he would get a moment like this again soon enough.

“I suppose I’ll tell you.” Fyodor spoke. You were greatly surprised to hear a hint of nervousness in his voice.

His eyes trailed horizontally, stopping and focusing on a small piece of grass poking out from the thin layer of snow blanketing the ground.

“I think… I may have fallen in love with you.” he said.

The small gasp that followed in response was lost in a gust of wind.