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BTS Reaction to picking you up for a date but ending up helping you babysit instead-

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Being the gentlemen he is, Jin went to your door to pick you up for your date. You answered with your little sister in your arms, rocking her gently and apologizing to Jin profusely. “I’m SO sorry I didn’t call, my mom had an emergency and i’ve literally been trying to put her to sleep for an hour and a half and I forgot to tell you and I totally understand if you never wanna see me agai-” He interrupted your rant. “Let me warm up some milk for her, while you keep trying to put her to bed huh? Don’t worry. “ Jin said with a beautiful smile before pressing his lips to your forehead and stepping inside. 


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Yoongi texted you half an hour before he was supposed to pick you up for your date and was getting annoyed with you not responding. “Fuck it,” he said before deciding to head over a little early and see if anything was up or if you were just getting ready. When he got to our door, (cause you still weren’t answering the phone) your little niece opened the door up. “Uhh…where is Y/N?” Yoongi asked, looking down at the little cutie pie. “Inside.” She simply said before grabbing onto Yoongi’s hand and pulling him in the door. Your niece led him to the kitchen, where you were trying to prepare dinner for your little niece. “Yoongi! What are yo- OH FUCK WE HAD A DATE TONIGHT.” You covered your mouth in shame/embarrassment as yoongi only laughed and shook his head, motioning for you to give him the spoon you were using to stir. “Go wash her and yourself up for dinner and I got this.” He said before placing a quick kiss on your blushing cheek.


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Hoseok showed up at your door with a bouquet of roses and dressed spiffy af. When you answered the door in tears due to the frustration of your parents going on their own date night out of nowhere and leaving you responsible for your little brother, Hoseok set the bouquet down and wrapped his arms tightly around you. “Baby what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” You explained the situation and let him know how sorry you were for having to break the date. Hoseok only laughed, causing you to look up with curious face. “What?” You asked. “Let me help you tonight! It’ll be like a cute little baby sitting date. And I love kids so,” he shrugged happily before picking up your bouquet and handing them to you. “Put these in water and let me entertain your brother.”

Rap Mon-

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Namjoon came to your door for your date at about 7:00 PM. He was in a bit of a shock when your little nephew answered the door. “Oh…hello! Is Y/N here?” Namjoon asked, crouching down a little to get to your nephews level. “Yeah, inside. Do you want me to go get her?” Namjoon nodded and smiled at him. “Yes please, could you?” Your nephew hurried inside and let you know who was at the door for you. “Ahh joonie, i’m so sorry…”You said in shame causing Joon to shake his head and wrap his arms around your waist, pulling you in. “Let me help you baby, he seems like a nice kid.”


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You sadly called Jimin to let him know that your date had to be cancelled due to your aunt needing a babysitter for the evening. He of course told you it was okay and that you could always go on a different night. But he missed you greatly and loved babies so he decided to surprise you. He came to your door and once you answered with your baby cousin in your arms, he became so excited. “Ahh so cute!” He cooed, reaching his arms out for the baby. They both became close during the evening and you did not stop taking pictures of them sleeping together on the couch. 


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Taehyung had a wonderful dinner and movie date planned for the both of you throughout the whole week and he was even more excited when he was on his way to pick you up. He became riddled with disappointment when he saw you were not dressed and had your baby sister in your arms. “Babe, i’m so sorry…my parents had things to do and I forgot to let you know.” When Taehyung was about to respond and let you know that everything’s all good, your little sister reached her arms out towards him. His heart became full as he held her close and she rested her head on his shoulder to sleep. He stayed the whole night to help you baby sit.


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Jungkook came to your door, more than excited for your date night. Only to have you answer with your baby cousin in your arms. You put up one finger on your lips, indicating to stay quiet. He obliged and pursed his lips while you whispered that you got stuck baby sitting for the night. He smiled and stepped inside, offering to help you for the evening.

Stay Tonight

27 “Kiss me.”

72 “You need sleep.”

7 “I’ll keep you warm.”

2 “Stay here tonight.” (I decided to add this one too (Ha, two) because it fit the numerical pattern here so well) 

Pairing: Analogical

Genres: Fluff,

Warnings: None come to mind, let me know if any are needed, will add

Word Count: 560

“Logaaaaaaaaan,” Virgil whined, “I’m coooooold.”

Logan looked up from his schedule at the miserable young man in his doorway.  He was wearing baggy pajama pants and his customary hoodie zipped up over a black t-shirt. Virgil was slumped against the door frame, his cheeks were rosy and his eyelids drooped.  He was either overtired, sick, or he’d been drinking, and given the absence of the smell of liquor, it was likely one of the former options.

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12- Reddie

uhhh what can i say guys, i have a problem, and it’s called Reddie. it might actually be impossible for me to write anything shorter than this for this ship.

12. a hoarse whisper “kiss me”

Eddie was nearly asleep when he first heard the tapping. Mixed with the rain slamming against his window it was almost inaudible, but as it became more insistent Eddie’s eyes flew open and the threw the covers off his bed as he sat up, hitting the light switch and looking out his window.

Just outside the window panes, clutching to a tree branch for dear life, was an absolutely drenched Richie Tozier. Eddie’s eyes widened and he ran to the window, hurrying to unlock it and wrench the window open.

“What the fuck are you doing, Richie?”

“Oh y’know, just hanging around,” Richie retorted with a weak smile as he nodded at the tree he was clinging to. “You gonna let me in, or should I try to find a wider branch to spend the night on?”

Eddie rolled his eyes, stepping aside and holding a hand out the window to help Richie clamber in through the frame, leaving muddy Converse prints on his window sill and then on his floor. His mother would be furious if she saw those in the morning - he’d have to sneak downstairs for the carpet cleaner at some point.

But when Eddie looked back up at his boyfriend, all thoughts of carpet cleaner and his mother flew right out the window that Richie had just climbed through. Richie was standing awkwardly, hunched in on himself and looking so small. There was a bruise forming on his left eye and when Eddie looked closer, he could see tear stains on his cheeks that had mixed with the rain water. If he hadn’t been looking so intently, he might not have noticed them, but Richie’s eyes were red and puffy.

Eddie’s heart fell to his stomach as he rushed to pull Richie to him, and it seemed like that was all Richie needed to lose control. His knees buckled, and Eddie sunk down to the floor with him, cradling Richie’s head against his chest. It had been a long time since he had seen Richie like this, and they sat like that for awhile, Richie heaving sobs into Eddie’s pajama shirt, the water from his clothes soaking into Eddie as he held him.

As the tears began to subside, Eddie rubbed a few small circles into Richie’s back. “Do you want to talk about it, Rich?” he murmured into Richie’s ear.

Richie stilled for a moment, before shaking his head, to which Eddie merely nodded.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to. I’m here, I’ve got you,” he whispered, pressing a kiss to Richie’s temple. He had a good guess about what had happened anyway. Whenever Richie came to him like this it was usually because of one of his parents. He didn’t see any blood yet, so it was likely his father, as his mother was usually too drunk to do more than throw empty bottles at her son.

“I love you, Richie,” he said softly, holding Richie tighter to him, and eliciting another quiet sob from the boy in his arms, who was slowly drawing back, and Eddie let his hands fall to rest at the small of Richie’s back, before bringing one up to brush the wet curls out of Richie’s face.

“Kiss me?” Richie’s voice was so small, and felt like it was being ripped from his throat. Eddie almost felt like crying himself, but he didn’t. Not right now.

He merely leaned in, the hand that had brushed the hair away from Richie’s eyes now cupping his cheek softly and he pressed his lips to Richie’s, who held onto him tightly in return, as if he was afraid that if he let go, Eddie would disappear. He took Richie’s bottom lip between his own and felt Richie let out a ragged gasp into his mouth, before their lips separated, and he let his forehead fall against Richie’s.

They held each other there for another moment before Eddie opened his eyes and lifted his head.

“Why don’t we get you some dry clothes, Rich?” he offered. “You can stay here tonight, everything is going to be okay.”

Richie nodded in return. They both knew that Eddie couldn’t really promise that, but neither said anything. For now, this was enough.

thanks for the prompts, friends! i’m gonna keep plugging through ‘em today ♡

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Fanart/cosplay day when? (Also plz bless me with the drunkest Yuuri to celebrate my 21st birthday)

oTL please anon, we’re sorry! it’ll happen, it’ll happen, we’re just busy with classes and work and stuff but it’s coming!!

And one Very drunk Yuuri for you, happy 21st!!! ❤

(Yuuri Katsuki reminds all to drink responsibly. … even if maybe he could use a reminder of that himself… )

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hi! i've never done a request b4 so this is rlly cool but new 4 me.. if u can could u draw togami & kuzuryuu gettin crepes together? if u need some mood since theyre both hotheaded on the outside theyre pretending they dont like the crepes but actually rlly like them? sorry if its too long!! if u don't want to then thats ok too! but regardless i love ur art & i saw it on my dash a lot so now i decided to follow you to see it even more!!! i hope u have a good day and have fun with ur art!! tysm!!

sorry it took so long for me to doodle your first request (人ゝω・)(requests are still closed!)

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Could you do some Oikawa nsfw hcs?? Thanks so much (p.s your blog gives me another reason to live love u!)

Ah, AHH. I realized that I put my Oikawa headcanons on the request for a scenario! OMG. I thought something felt weird! But, I’m going to fix it! Is it okay if I create a scenario here based on those headcanons, Anon?

I hope that you enjoy, dear!

P.s. Dudes, I have so much freaking homework…

“Ah, fuck,” Oikawa’s voice echoed around the empty space of the kitchen, one hand gripped tight to the cold tile of the counter, the other pressed into the flesh of their thigh that was perched on his hip. Shivers traveled through his body despite the layers of clothes that were still clinging to his body, his forehead pressed tight against their own.

Their back curved, shoulders pressing into the cabinets, hand clinging to the back of his neck. They were everything he needed and being there now, pressed inside them surrounded by everything that they built together simply reminded him of that.

When his mouth found theirs, he was hyper aware of their fingers slipping into his hair. “The…” their words faltered, interrupted by the groan that slipped between them, “the stove. It’s–”

“It’s fine,” he answered simply, not really knowing the answer. But his last concern was the rice on the stove when he was this far inside him, when he was this consumed by them. A moan of his own came from him, his body instinctively moving at whatever pace it needed to reach his high. With their fingers grasping at his hips, his gaze met with theirs as they both tumbled over together.

They breathed heavily, deeply, the air between them hot. They remained like that until the sound of burning water evaded their silence, causing them to gasp and press their hand against his shoulder.

“The rice! You said it was fine, you jerk!”

Oikawa laughed as he helped them from the counter, arms wrapping around their waist as the moved across the space, his mouth finding purchase on the skin of their neck. “I’m sorry,” he spoke, against them, unable to believe that this was the life that he was so blessed to have.

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Hey might I request the softest Yuuri you have? The last few days have been hell for me and my anxiety and honestly the best boy always cheers me up. You’re doing God’s work with this blog 😊. Don’t stop until every frame of him has been rated !!!!

This is a very soft boy. So soft that his next face is for Victor’s Eyes Only ™

Mod hopes that helps, and never fear! we will rate every frame of Yuuri, and once we’ve done that, we’ll start all over again. There is still so much to be said of our Lord and Savior, Yuuri Katsuki.

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Hi there! Could I request headcanons of Shikamaru falling head over heels, "uh oh, I've fall in deep" style, in love with someone before knowing if they even like him back?

Hello! I hope you like these headcanons!
– Admin Vann

↳ Nara Shikamaru | Safe For Work
Fandom: Naruto Shippuden


  • Shikamaru may seem he’s relaxed and that special someone isn’t doing any effect on him but in the inside, his heart’s beating so fast and the feeling bubbling in his chest is warm. He didn’t realize how much of an effect they put on him until now, he definitely can’t erase the feeling bubbling deep within his chest whenever they speak with him.
  • The moment he realized he fell in love, the first thought that was brought up into his head was: “Oh shit, I fell deep, didn’t I?”
  • He didn’t even think about them liking him at first, he was just there; letting all those feelings get to him and making him feel all warm and cozy inside. But every time they both conversed, he mostly thinks if they felt the same way for him; if they felt warm, cozy and happy. He always forgets about the fact they may not return their feelings towards him. He lowkey flirts and asks them out for dinner, in a friendly way.
  • Shikamaru couldn’t build up the courage to confess, literally. He’d rather let them tell him their feelings because he knew he was going to say “Hell yeah” instead of no, but if it was the other way around; he doesn’t know what they feel for him. It takes a while for Shikamaru to directly confess, he’s a man that waits for the perfect time.
  • Shikamaru may not notice this, but all his friends could tell Shikamaru’s head over heels towards that special someone, he’d let out the tiniest bits of stammers– hoping his friends wouldn’t notice but hah, too bad.
  • He would also be very hesitant on confessing, if he and that special someone person built a special friendship together, he’d rather not confess than having a very high chance of ruining their friendship they built together so long ago.