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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

Backstage - Part 1

Prompt: It’s opening night for Hamilton and your life l long friend, Daveed, asked you to come and who are you to refuse. After the show, he takes you backstage and things get… heated ;)

Pairing: Daveed/Lafayette x Reader

A/N: An anon requested a fanfic like this though they asked for NSFW. The intro was a little long though I liked how it turned out so I decided to split this up to two parts in case anyone wanted to read the safe version. Another anon asked for something similar but now quite, so if you would still like a separate fanfiction for just NSFW Lafayette, hit me up again. Besides that, enjoy!

Backstage - Part 2 *NSFW*

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You were working on the last of your work when a skype call starts ringing on your laptop. Looking at the name, you saw your childhood’s best friend calling. Sitting up a little straighter, you fix your shirt and comb through your hair with your fingers quickly. Taking a deep breath, you press answer and a smile appears on your lips once Daveed’s face pop up on your screen.

“There she is!” Daveed smiled hugely at you. From where he was, you could tell he was on his bed propped up on his elbow.

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Sherlolly thought of the day:

Molly’s rainbow striped sweater is the visual representation of all the emotions that Sherlock has kept bottled up inside for so very long.  She’s the ultimate key to their release, as we see in The Final Problem.  She’s his rainbow at the end of the long, dark storm that began with Victor Trevor’s disappearance/death–and she shines with bright hope for their future.

First Aid Kits

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Anon requests: Request (if you’re taking any??): Archie finding and taking care of Jug after he in a fight with Reggie

Pairing: Jughead x Archie

Description: Archie keeps a first aid kit in his room just for nights like these

Warnings: mentions of wounds

Word count: 407

A/N: just a lil short one :) 

Jughead stood in front of Archie’s door, hand hovering and ready to knock.  He prayed and hoped that Archie would come to the door, and not his dad. He knocked twice then took a few steps back.  For a moment, he contemplated leaving.  Archie and Jughead’s relationship was still a bit rocky, even though they made up. Before he could turn around, Archie opened the door.

“Jughead?”  The redhead internally winced as he saw his beaten-up friend.  He had a black eye, a cut on his lip, bloody knuckles, and God knows what else under his clothing.

“Got a first aid kit?” Jughead tried to laugh, but instead he winced.  Slowly, Archie nodded, opening his door wider.

“Yeah,” he said dumbly, unable to think of anything else to say.  “Yeah, of course, Jug.  Come on in.” Jughead grimaced in appreciation, unable to fully smile because of the cuts on his lip.  Archie led Jughead to his room, making sure to stay as quiet as possible so they didn’t alert Archie’s dad.  Once they were in the room, Archie gestured for Jughead to sit on his bed while he searched for his first aid kit.  Jughead’s eyes followed his ginger friend as he scampered around his room.

After a couple minutes of searching, Archie stumbled across the small white box.

“Here,” he announced, showing it to Jughead, “found it.”  He walked over to his bed and sat down next to Jughead.  Taking out supplies, he first took some cotton and rubbing alcohol and cleaned Jughead’s wounds.  Neither of them spoke, both of them watching Archie’s movements.  He grabbed some gauze and wrapped up Jughead’s hand.  “So what even happened?” Archie questioned.

“Reggie,” Jughead answered simply, and Archie nodded understandingly.  Quickly, he finished treating the rest of Jughead’s wounds.

“You know,” he said, packing up the first aid kit, “you should really stop getting in fights with Reggie.  He’s a lot stronger than you.”

“I’m well aware,” Jughead rolled his eyes.  He examined his wrapped hands and stood up.  “Thanks for cleaning me up.”

“Anytime,” Archie smiled. They walked downstairs together, stepping lightly in order to not disturb Mr. Andrews.  Slowly, Archie opened the door and watched as Jughead stepped out of his house and into the night.  He closed the door and turned around to see his dad coming down the steps.

“So,” he said to Archie, “that’s why you keep a first aid kit in your bedroom.”

A Small Crime Jacob Frye x Reader

This is for the lovely anon who requested a Jacob Frye x Reader fluff! Thank you so much, dear! And I really really do hope you enjoy reading it x3 Take care! <33

Aaaaaah this also took too damn long, I’m so sorry dear! It’s just that I have been really busy lately! :O

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warning: Fluff at the end, and maybe little angst at the beginning…?

Word Count: Almost 5k words

Prompt: “Hello lovely! could please do a fic with Jacob? Something where he has to kidnap a daughter of one of their high up enemies and eventually she ends up confessing that she knows who Jacob is because she’s had a crush on him for a while and she doesn’t want to go back to her normal life with the Templar and he eventually falls in love with her? Fluffy fluffy please!”

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it is midnight and i’m exhausted, but i could not rest until this was done!!! 

(also originally i had saihara as burr, but decided that this was much better in the end uwu)

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Since the askbox is only open for La Squadra, then how would Risotto, Formaggi, and Prosciutto react to having a caring s/o who is also a stand user?

I’m still not too versed with Prosciutto so apologies if his part isn’t too good ^^ enjoy~! 

- Ghost

Risotto Nero

·         If S/O has a stand then he can be assured that they’re more than capable of taking care of themselves, but if they aren’t sure of their abilities or haven’t had the chance to get a complete grasp on them then he’ll help them to train

·         Whether they’re a power based stand fit for combat or a stand suited best for the side-lines helping others he’ll find a fellow stand user with similar attributes to help them hone their skills to best support themselves, their protection is what’s important and he isn’t going to leave them alone with the knowledge that his many enemies could get a hold of them without them being able to do anything about it

·         Their caring nature is something that’s unusual but very much appreciated, there a variety of small gestures that his S/O goes out of their way to do just to make his day easier for him and it certainly works; the effort that they put in to bringing a smile to his face is something that he’ll be sure to return the favour on, maybe not immediately but he’ll always be sure to let them know how much their kindness means to him

·         Their height isn’t particularly something he’s concerned with nor is it something he particularly cares about, however there have been times where their presence has gone briefly unnoticed thanks to the significant height difference between the two especially if they stick close to his side or walk in his shadow; it’s a perfect thing for S/O to try and shock him though, using their stand to suddenly jump into his view or simply coming up behind him and wrapping their arms around him, burying their face into his back

·         Of course it won’t surprise him at all but he’d still find it sort of endearing that they do those sorts of things in his presence, especially when S/O realises that he isn’t at all bothered by this and a bashful smile will make itself present right next to their cheeks slowly flushing a soft pink hue as they hide their face once again into the back of his coat (or is it a shirt?….I have no idea)


·         Learning about S/O’s stand Formaggio is going to be pretty laid back about it, although that doesn’t stop him from being curious and asking them questions about their stand’s abilities; this is most likely to happen when  the two of them are curled up on the sofa together, teasingly poking and prodding them with each question just to see them pout and huff through each answer

·         He’ll enjoy watching them use their stand, their caring nature sees them chatting to their stand on a regular basis as they go about their jobs for the day and even using it to help reach or find things that they can’t whenever their stand isn’t being used for confrontation, and it’s a cute sight to see them do this (even though to non-stand users they just look a little bit crazy)

·         With that being said he absolutely adores their doting and caring personality, every little thing that they do for either him or others is going to always be rewarded with cuddles and smooches, although he’ll be sure that their caring nature isn’t taken advantage of by anyone which is why if he catches someone doing this he’ll be quickly veering them away from the situation

·         If he ever comes home with any injuries whatsoever you can imagine that small caring S/O is going to switch to mama S/O mode as they practically carry him over to the sofa and scurry off to get something to help treat his wounds – it could be a scrape and they’d act as though he’d lost a limb or something

·         Of course their height is something that he would unintentionally remind them of (as mentioned in a previous post) he’ll do a bunch of little things that he wouldn’t think twice of doing because of their height although S/O will probably be much more lenient about it, letting him bring a hand down to ruffle up their hair or giggling when he leans down so that the two of them are face to face


·         Having an S/O with a stand is something which Prosciutto can appreciate – their knowledge about stands would make it easier for them to get accustomed to the everyday occurrences that he goes through as a member of La Squadra and puts less of a worry on him concerning their safety as any stand user has to have some level of defence that most people don’t have

·         All of S/O’s cute little gestures will bring a content smile to is face, anything from making him something to eat while he’s away from home or getting him a small sentimental gift will make him truly appreciate having them around; he often treats these gestures with items and other things that his S/O would enjoy so they know that all of their care and love is returned just as much

·         Treating his S/O is a must, he might not be able to do it often but he always puts some time aside to take them out to places of their choice or preference; it’s dates such as these where he puts his partner first, being the ever praising boyfriend and showering them with both comments and comforting touches (although he won’t sugar coat things, every praise and comment that he gives them is the truth and more often than not that’s going to both embarrass and flatter them to know)

·         In the more crowded places that he tends to frequent with them Prosciutto will be sure to keep an eye on his partner, this isn’t necessary because of their height but more because of their keen eye for things that they can help with – one moment they’ll be walking side by side and the next S/O has disappeared somewhere because someone’s struggling to unload some boxes from a truck, leaving their boyfriend to wander back through the crowds trying to find where they’ve wandered off to

·         It’s times like this where their caring nature may be not be such a good thing and he’ll be more firm in stating that, it’s a part of them that he adores but they can’t keep going out of their way to try and help everyone at once lest they get overwhelmed but even if they do take on more than they can handle they can be sure that he’s not going to let them do it alone

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For the color prompts- pink!

( I had a few ideas for this, but I felt like this is the one that’s worth it. )

“You’re sunburned,” Steve sighs as he notes the pink tint to the young man’s nose, cheeks, and the more harsher coloring of his shoulders. The kids are racing around the beach laughing and screaming with one another, but Steve and Jonathan were often in their own world no matter where they were.

Luckily, Steve knew a place they could go where not many people frequented. It was a small beach with a rocky ground, but the water was nice and clean so as long as they wore shoes it was fine.

“What else is new?” Jonathan sighs, the waves crash against their ankles and water droplets cling to their skin. The water was a little cold but Steve could never resist a swim, he’d always loved the water.

“C’mon, we’ll get you some more lotion.” He takes Jonathan’s hand and leads him back to the pile of stuff they’d left near the pathway they’d come down to reach the beach. At first it had been weird to show affection to one another in front of the kids, but all they did now was tease them and make vomit noises if they kissed. Normal kid stuff that they had done to Steve and Nancy at one point or another.

Steve almost falls when Jonathan suddenly leaps onto his back, laughing as the young man clings to his shoulders. He quickly grasps Jonathan’s thighs to hold him up, stumbling along the rocks towards their things.

“You’re going to be hurting tomorrow,” He reminds Jonathan as he smears sun screen on the boy’s shoulders and a little on his face.

“That’s okay, we can spend the day in my bed. You can rub ointment on my shoulders.” He leans into Steve’s chest with a smile, Steve grins.

“How do you make me taking care of you sound so appealing?” He asks humorously, Jonathan smirks.

“Because you like it.” He shrugs, glancing down at Steve’s lips for just a moment before they’re kissing again.

“I’m gonna lose my lunch.” Mike says suddenly, Jonathan jumps a little and they break apart to watch the kids approach.

“Get a room!” Dustin demands with a sneer, Will, Lucas, and Eleven laugh as they pass.

“It’s getting late, get your things. We have a long drive back.” Jonathan says, Dustin turns his head to look at the older Byers brother.

“Jonathan, you look like a human blister.” He says seriously, Jonathan rolls his eyes as the other kids snicker.

“At least I don’t look like a science experiment gone wrong.” He defends easily, stooping to their level with his tongue stuck out. Steve laughs and Mike snorts, Dustin chuckles in amusement and turns away as he lifts his bag up onto his shoulder.

“Grab your stuff, vampire, we’ll meet you in the car. You’d better not waste too much time sucking your boyfriend’s neck!” He calls with a wave of his hand as the kids laugh and chatter their way up the path.

“A vampire, huh? Why didn’t you tell me?” Steve asks teasingly, Jonathan smirks.

“I’m forbidden to be with humans, I didn’t want to place you in danger.” He deadpans, Steve smiles and leans forward to kiss him once more.

“As long as I’m with you, I’ll take on whatever stands in my way.” He promises, Jonathan snorts and pushes him away, leaning down to grab his bag.

“You’re so cringe-y and cliché.” He snickers, listening to Steve scramble to follow him.

“You’d better be nice to me! I’m gonna be the one rubbing lotion on you tomorrow!” He calls as they near the car, Will leans his head out of the window with a scowl.

“Keep the details to yourselves please!” He snaps, smiling brightly as the other kids in the car begin to laugh as well.

“Get in the car, Spock.” Jonathan pushes his head back into the car. “You driving, Steve?” He questions, the young man nods so he tosses him the keys.

“You want to sleep over tonight?” Mike is asking everyone, who seem to be murmuring in hesitant agreement, saying that they’d have to contact their parents.

“You wanna stay the night at my place?” Jonathan asks Steve, shoving at him playfully. The older teen quirks an eyebrow at him and mocks a gasp.

“I dunno, Jonny… I’ll have to ask my mommy.” He says loudly, earning loud groans and jeers of protest from the boys. Mike reaches forward and pushes at Jonathan’s head, Lucas does the same to Steve’s.

“Just drive, jerkwad!” Dustin laughs, Steve smirks as he starts the car. They had a long ride back, but it was worth the trip.

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If requests are open how about hcs for a jealous annasui? Hes already kinda yandere so i cant imagine him jealous lol

Oh gosh I can only imagine what this boy would do when he’s jealous - god help the poor person who’s brought this out of him (◕ っ ◕✿)

Also warning - the last headcanon of this post is a little bit risque but not enough to do a full of NSFW warning so have an open mind when you read it

Other than that please enjoy~!

- Ghost

·         Whoo boy~ people are going to have to prepare themselves if they’re ever in the vicinity of Anasui when jealousy gets the best of him; then again it isn’t too hard to bring out his jealous streak, all it takes is a little persistence, a couple of hours days and being ignored for a certain amount of time and there you have one angry jealous Anasui

·         There are many tell-tale signs that let S/O know the progression of his jealousy is going – it’ll start of subtle with S/O occasionally catching him pass by from the corner of their eye every once in a while, but then it would escalate to him shamelessly glaring holes into the back of the person who dared to take up his S/O’s attention; it doesn’t matter who it is, it could be Emporio and he’d still be staring the poor boy down until he grows too uncomfortable and has to leave to get away from Anasui’s hawk-like gaze

·         If it’s someone that his S/O wouldn’t want to see hurt he’ll refrain from doing any serious damage to them but he’ll do everything in his power to get his partner’s attention away from everyone else and back to him of course if this doesn’t work then he has other ways of distracting them and letting the other person know that S/O was clearly taken

·         There’s no such thing as ‘too bold’ by his standards, he’ll storm over to them mid-conversation out of nowhere and make a show of slinking a hand around their waist so that he can pull them into a kiss with such force and such passion that whatever S/O was even thinking of saying becomes seemingly non-existent and the only thing they can muster when he finally decides to pull them away is a sharp gasp with heavy breaths

·         Anasui’s gonna take this as an opportunity to say that they’re needed elsewhere before promptly leading them away, leaving the person watching them leave with an expression of utter confusion and disbelief

·         However he and S/O barely even round the next corner before they’re suddenly being pinned to the nearest surface, his hands diving beneath their clothing to roam across their skin as he tugs them in for another breath-taking kiss, teeth toying with their bottom lip just enough to break the skin; he doesn’t need to say anything to get the point across that he’s in a particularly jealous and clingy mood but then again he couldn’t even if he wanted to since his mouth will be busy with other things~

Oh Hell No!

Request: Hey can I request something? How bout a Regina mills x girl reader? Where they’ve been together for a while and are in love but dark one Emma also likes the reader and she kidnaps her or something and Regina is like ‘oh hell no!’ Is that okay?

You smiled at Regina and kissed her lips gently. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” You asked softly.
Regina nodded, pulling you in for another kiss. “Definitely, thank you so much for tonight, Y/N, it was just perfect.”
You shrugged with a smile. “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t arrange a date to take your mind off our good friend becoming the Dark One and taking all our memories?”
Regina laughed and pulled you in for a hug. “Thank you, Y/N.” She spoke sincerely. “I know you were just as close with Emma as I was.”
You hugged her back. “We’re not gonna be able to help her if we work ourselves into the ground trying to. You need to remember you as just as important to me as Emma Swan. Even more so, actually, seeing as you’re the one I’m in love with.” You grinned and kissed her cheek.
“Well I’d certainly hope so.” Regina laughed. “I’d hate to find out all this has been a very impressive act because you’re secretly evil and trying to take over the town.”
You grinned. “Well, Storybrooke could use a new mayor…” You teased.
Regina smiled and hugged you tight for a second before leaning back. “You need to look after yourself too, Y/N. I’ve noticed, you look after everyone. Me, Henry, Mary Margaret, David, Hell you even tried to look after Hook! You’re just as important as the rest of us.” She kissed your cheek gently. “Please remember that.”
You grinned at her. “‘Just as important’? Regina Mills, you and I both know I am the most important person in this whole town. I am importance personified.” Your show of cockiness was one you used often, as you did sometimes doubt your own importance, especially as you didn’t have any powers or specific skills that could be of use. However, you knew that was just your insecurities acting up, and you did your best to ignore them. After all, if there was nothing special about you, why would Regina like you?
Regina laughed. “You’re quite right, you are. How dare I make such an oversight?”
You laughed, and kissed her cheek. “I’ve got to head home, but I’ll see you tomorrow?”
She smiled. “Of course. Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe?”
You laughed. “You worry too much, but yes, I will. See you tomorrow!” You blew her a kiss as you walked away.

The next morning, Regina knocked on the door to your apartment, a bag from Granny’s Diner and two coffees in her other hand. She waited about a minute for you to answer, but when you didn’t, she guessed you were still asleep and used her magic to unlock the door. Stepping in, she quietly shut the door behind herself and put her goods on the counter before making her way to your room.
She pushed the door open gently. “Good morning!” She moved to the window and pulled over the curtains. “I brought coffee, and breakfast.”
When she didn’t get a response, she turned around, and then froze at the sight of your empty, unslept in, bed. The clothes you’d been wearing the night before were messily strewn on the floor near your laundry basket, as you always chucked them in that direction when you went to sleep. She checked under your pillow, and your pyjamas weren’t there, which meant you were wearing them. Your phone was plugged in on your bedside table, so you’d obviously been just about to get into bed when whatever happened happened. She knew you hadn’t left by choice, because you never went anywhere without your phone.
Regina narrowed her eyes and did a spell to see where you were, folding her arms in frustration once she realised her magic was blocked, which meant only one thing. Emma.
“Swan.” She hissed, making herself disappear from your apartment and reappear in the dining room of the Charming household, where Mary Margaret, David, and Henry were eating breakfast.
“Hey mom, what’s wrong?” Henry asked, while the other two quickly suppressed their surprise.
“Emma.” Regina said angrily. “She took Y/N.”
Henry frowned. “What? Why would she do that? She likes Y/N, if she had to use someone for her magic it wouldn’t be her.”
Regina shook her head. “Remember how Gold used Belle’s faith in him? I think she might be doing the same with Y/N, because she believes she can be saved. She blocked my tracking spells, so I need you, Henry. Where would Emma take Y/N if she didn’t want her to be found?”
Henry put down his mug of hot chocolate, thinking.

You opened your eyes and sat up, looking around sleepily. You’d slept remarkably well the night before, and as you looked around, you discovered the reason why. You weren’t in your own bed. You stood up out of the bed and realised you were in your pyjamas, which meant you weren’t at Regina’s. You walked towards the door, looking around carefully.
“You up, Y/N?” Emma called, and your heart stopped for a second, but you assured yourself that Emma would never hurt you, and you padded towards the voice, shivering slightly in the cold house.
“Yeah, what happened last night? I can’t remember much.” You asked, as you walked into the kitchen.
“Yeah, sorry about that.” Emma murmured. She was sitting at the island, drinking a cup of coffee. “Are you cold?” She frowned, and snapped her fingers when you nodded.
Instantly, you were wearing slippers, and a pair of Emma’s pyjamas, which were warmer than your own, along with one of Emma’s hoodies. You walked towards Emma and sat beside her, watching her warily. “Why am I here, Em?”
She looked at you and sighed slightly. “You think you can save me.”
“I can.” You nodded, pouring yourself a cup of coffee and adding milk and sugar to your liking. “But that doesn’t explain why I’m here.”
“It’s not why you’re here.” Emma sipped her coffee. “You don’t need to save me, I don’t need saving. This is me, minus the fear that used to consume me.”
“It’s not you, Em.” You sighed, shaking your head. “What do you want with me?”
She frowned. “I want nothing ‘with’ you, I want you. You’re my greatest friend, the only one who’s stood by me all this time, through everything. Becoming the Dark One has shown me the truth, I love you, Y/N, and I hate seeing you with Regina. It’s like a knife, in my heart, everytime I see you with her. Please, leave her and stay with me.”
You frowned, and took her hands in yours. “Emma, you’re not in love with me. You’re scared to be alone, and as the Dark One, that fear has intensified. You’re still afraid, it’s manipulating you!”
Just then, Regina walked into the room. “I’d like my girlfriend back now, Swan.” She spoke coldly, and lifted her hand to cast a spell. Before she could, Emma cast a spell and suddenly you were in a different place. It was a small room, very plain, and empty apart from you. You yelled to let Regina know where you were, but no sound came out of your mouth.
You went to the door and tried to open it, but the moment you touched the handle, you were flung backwards and hit the back wall. You lay on the ground for a moment, groaning, but no sound was coming out. Once you were feeling a bit better, you stood up and moved towards the door again, but you got flung back again. Huffing, you sat down on the ground and crossed your arms, trying to ignore the pounding in your head.
After some time, you couldn’t tell how much, the door to the room opened and you stood up and bolted out, only to come to a sudden stop as you tried not to hit a tree, and then a pair of arms wrapped tightly around you from behind. You struggled to get free, kicking your legs, until your heard Regina’s voice.
“Y/N! Y/N relax, it’s just me. It’s okay. It’s me, Regina.” She spoke soothingly and let you go, spinning you around to face her.
You immediately wrapped your arms tight around her, holding her close.
“Are you okay?” Regina asked. “She didn’t hurt you, did she? What happened?”
You couldn’t reply, still having no voice, so you just hugged her tighter, but that seemed to scare her. “Y/N, talk to me.”
You leaned back and pointed to your throat, trying to signal to her that you couldn’t talk.
Once she understood, she waved her hands and purple smoke enveloped you. As it faded away, you tried speaking. “Regina?” The moment you realised you could speak, you were struggling to stop. “Oh thank god you found me I was getting into bed and then I woke up in Emma’s house and she was making me coffee and then you were there and then I was here and I couldn’t speak and where are we what happened how did you find me!”
“Relax, Y/N. It’s okay.” Regina rubbed your arms soothingly. “We’re outside a tomb in the forest, Emma kidnapped you, I found you by tracking you, she didn’t have enough time to block my magic this time, and I defeated Emma by having Henry creep up behind her and blow a sleeping potion from the fairies over her. She’ll wake up soon.”
“Why did I lose my voice?” You asked, hugging her again.
“Emma’s not as experienced with teleporting as others. Teleporting one person to somewhere else while the teleporter stays in the same place is tricky, your voice just got lost along the way.” Regina waved her hand and suddenly the two of you were standing in her kitchen. “I want you to stay with me for a while, my home is warded. It’s safer.”
You nodded, sitting down at the table. “Thank you for coming to get me.” You smiled, looking up at her.
“You say that like I wasn’t going to do anything about you going missing.” Regina frowned. “You’re delusional. When was the last time you ate?”
“Yesterday.” You mumbled, looking up at her. “It’s just, Emma’s dangerous, you could have got hurt. I don’t want you to risk yourself for me.”
She waved her hand and your favourite meal was sitting on the table in front of you. “I would never not come after you, Y/N. You are worth every risk in the world, I love you, you know that.”
You nodded. “I’d do the same for you.” You promised.
“Eat.” Regina ordered, which made you chuckle and start to eat.