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Color Him Green

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts
Requested by Anon

Four Strikes. That’s all it took for your boyfriend to snap.

Your first strike happened early this morning when Jimin had brought you along to one of his dance practices so you could spend more time with him. But he didn’t particularly like the fact that you would sometimes get to close to his friends and a part of you knew it was because he was jealous. And today you felt like playing a game with him and tease him just see how far he would go.

You sat in the corner of the dance practice room as you watched your boyfriend and his friends practice their dance moves. After about 4 songs deep, they all took break to grab them some water and dry off with a towel. Jimin came up to you and pecked you on the lips that you were happy to return. But just as you returned the kiss you walked over to Hoseok with a smirk on your face as you started your game.

“You did amazing Hobi!” You complimented him first before your boyfriend. “Can you show me that move of yours? I feel like I mess up.” You say poker faced as you show Him his part in your dance moves in blood, sweat, and tears when your arm covers your eyes and a hand placed above your crotch. When you were done, you noticed the room had grown quiet. You knew this was one of the sexiest moves throughout the whole dance but you were just friends.

You glance into the mirror at your boyfriend who looked as if he was daring you to continue on but you dismiss it as Hoseok puts his hands on you and helps you groove to his part and when you finished you threw your arms around his neck and pecked his cheek. “Thanks Hobi Hobi!”

By the time lunchtime rolled around you knew from your boyfriends aura he was starting to get annoyed, but that didn’t stop you because Jin the eldest of his friends took you and Jimin out for lunch. As you were eating you ignored Jimin but placed a hand on his thigh to let him know you knew he was there.

Second strike. You knew you were pushing buttons now as you were laughing at Jin’s dad jokes when you never laughed at Jimin when he told his jokes.

“Jin! I got one for you!” You say as you finally caught a breath. “How do you make a tissue dance?” You ask him and Jin shrugs his shoulders. You try to contain your laughter. “You put a little boogie in it!” Both of you burst into a fit of laughter as Jimin just stares at the both of you.

“Are you serious?” Jimin asked you not laughing at all.

You glance at him. “Well atleast Jin-oppa finds my jokes funny.” You notice at Jimin’s expression starting to darken at the little nickname you just gave Jin but you turn your attention back to Jin.

“Okay..okay! I have another one! Are you ready?!” You ask Jin as he sits and waits. “What type of shoes do ninjas wear?” You ask him and then you lean in when he doesn’t say anything and you whisper, “Sneakers..” Jin laughs so hard he starts to drool and you both are laughing so hard before Jimin says he’s ready to go.

By the third strike you were both standing in Jungkook’s dorm. It was a mess. Clothes were thrown in all places while food was left out instead of being thrown away into the garbage. “Jungkook!” You yell for him as your boyfriend gives you side glance as Jungkook walks into the living room from the hallway.

“What noona?” He asks you confused and you’re bewildered that he didn’t know. Jimin brushes passed you not liking Jungkook’s nickname for you as he and Jungkook take their places on the couch to play some games.

You shake your head as you start cleaning up his place. Starting with laundry and then moving to discard of the trash. “Kookie don’t get it like this again you hear me!” You shout from the laundry room.


Then you felt someone give you a back hug. “Thanks Noona! You’re the best!” Jungkook says to you as you finish the remainder of his clothes. Jimin stood in the doorway aggravation coming across his face.

By the time you were going to mess with him again you were walking home. More like following him home but he was walking to fast. Your fourth strike was a game until you ran into your ex boyfriend. You looked for your boyfriend Jimin to rescue but he walked a little too far ahead. Your ex boyfriend blocking your view.

“Y/N, what are you doing out so late? A girl like you shouldn’t be out here by herself..” he says to you as he gave you a weird vibe like always.

You tried to get away from him but he blocked you. “I’m not by myself, I’m with my boyfriend and he isn’t going to be fond of you keeping me.” You spat at him just as Jimin comes by your side. The look on his face, you knew you were dead when you got home.

And you were. By the time you both got home, he gave you the silent treatment knowing you hated it. You followed him around the house until he shoved you into your shared bedroom. “Did you have fun mocking me?” He asked you as he glared at you clearly pissed off.

You swallowed. You imagined he would be angry but not this angry. “It was a game at first but I wasn’t expecting to run into my ex boyfriend Jiminnie!” You try to reason with him.

“So you thought it was a game when you asked my hyung to show you his dance move?” He started. “Of all fucking dance moves you ask him that!” He yells at you.

You flinch but don’t move away. “We’re just friends Jimin!” You yell back.

He grits his teeth, his face tensing up. “Friends don’t dance like that together..” he growled pulling you into a heated kiss and pulls away. “You are mine Y/N!” He says as you pull him back down to kiss him but you’re not strong enough to keep him there.

“Take off your clothes and lay on the bed!” He orders you and you don’t need to be told twice. Seconds later you are bound to the bed frame. “Make a sound and see what happens.” He threatens just before he attaches himself to your nipples sucking and licking them as he brings them between his teeth.

The sudden action made you want to whimper beneath but you quickly bit your lip and squeezed your thighs together. He kissed and licked his way down to your hot core. “Already so wet and I haven’t even started.” He said as he opened your legs more harshly before attaching himself to you like a magnet.

Now it was a game to him as you clenched your eyes shut as you tried desperately to stay quiet because you knew if you watched him you weren’t going to last long and that’s when you knew it was a game. He licked your clit teasingly slow, barely touching it. He pulled away as he rubbed you. “Keep your eyes on me.” He says and your eyes flutter open as he goes back to eating you out. And just when you were about to release and ride his face, he pulls away.

He releases you from the bed frame and slams into you without warning. A loud moan escapes your lips as his thrusts become harsh and rough but it was still pleasurable. He grunts as you clench your pussy around his size and girth. Then he stops. No movement.

A game.

He smirks down at you as you try to rock your hips into his trying to get the friction you needed but he stills you. You whimper. “Don’t play a game you can’t finish Y/N..” he whispers.

You try to level out your pants. “Pl-Please fuck me…” you breathe out hating to beg.

“What was that? I didn’t quite catch that?” He smirks. He really was doing this to you. You never beg and yet here you were.

“Fuck me dammit!” You yell. “Anything just please move and fuck me.” And he does. It doesn’t take long before you both come undone together and you’re in a crying, moaning mess.

“I’m sorry Jimin..I really am sorry.” You cried as he leans down and gives you a small kiss.

“Then don’t color me green.” He whispers.

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47- “how can you still look so attractive while crying"



it’s been three weeks since you’ve seen or spoken to shawn, you wanted to reach out to him but you honestly didn’t know what to say.

he hasn’t tried contacting you, but did you blame him? you denied his marriage proposal.

well technically you said you needed time. but as you thought more and more about it, you knew it was too early to get married.

that didn’t mean you wanted shawn out of your life, or that you wanted to stop going out with him. you wanted to continue the relationship because you could definitely see yourself marrying him one day.

“y/n,” your best friend opened your bedroom door. “seriously just go talk to him. you’ve been sitting here for three weeks.”

you shook your head, “no he probably doesn’t want to see me anymore.”

“y/n,” she sighed. “you have to talk to him. it’s been three weeks, it’s time.”

you continued to stare out the window, particularly a couple who happened to be walking past. they looked so happy. you could’ve been that happy, but you ruined it.

you hated knowing she was right, you needed to talk to shawn at some point or else you would probably be in the state for a while. god, who knew how shawn was taking this whole thing?

“okay, you’re right. i’m going to go right now.” you say, getting up from your position at your bay window and making your way to the bathroom.

once you threw on some decent clothes, and fixed your hair and brushed your teeth, you grabbed your car keys and drove to shawn’s house.

the whole drive there you were deciding if you really wanted to go there or not, shawn was probably furious with you and honestly you wouldn’t be shocked if he never wanted to see you again.

you were lying if you said that wouldn’t hurt. even though you denied him, you still love him and would like to see where this relationship will go.

you found yourself in front of his driveway faster than you expected. you sat in your car for a while before deciding to finally go up to the door. it was now or never.

taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door a few times. no answer.

“shawn?” you asked, hoping maybe he was standing on the other side of the door.

after receiving no answer, you decided to let yourself in with the spare key under the door mat.

luckily he seemed to be the only one home since his car was the only one in the driveway. you pushed open the door to reveal shawn standing about a foot away from it.

your eyes widened as you took in the sight of him. his hair was a disheveled mess, and his eyes were red and puffy. they began to water again at the sight of you.

“y/n,” he said, letting out a shaky breath. “uh, what are you doing here?”

your heart broke at the sight of him.

“you should, uh, you should go.” he said, scratching the back of his neck. his voice was shaky, meaning he was about to cry again. he had never wanted you to see him cry.

“shawn, we need to talk about what happened.” you said, walking towards him. every step you took toward him, he stepped back.

“there’s nothing to talk about,”

“shawn,” you stepped forward again. this time, shawn didn’t take a step away. you grabbed his hand and cupped his chin, forcing his tear filled eyes to look at you.

“you know i love you right?”

he nodded, “but it’s too early to make a commitment like that.” he mumbled, tears were beginning to stream down his face. “i know, i know, i moved way to fast and probably scared you away.”

he effortlessly removed himself from your grip and turned away, making his way to his room. you followed, knowing this conversation was well from over.

“y/n, just go.” he cried, flopping onto his bed face first into his pillow.

“hey,” you soothed, taking a seat next to him and rubbing his back. “you didn’t scare me away shawn. i’m here aren’t i?”

“i knew i should’ve just gone with plan A, i shouldn’t have done it.” he exclaimed.

you ran your hand through his hair, trying your absolute hardest to comfort him. you knew you also had to keep your distance since you did break his heart three weeks ago.

after a few more minutes, he finally sat up. forcing himself to look at you. all you wanted to do was hold him and tell him everything was going to be okay, but you honestly didn’t know. maybe he didn’t want to continue the relationship, maybe it was time to go your separate ways.

“how can you still look so attractive while crying?” you said, speaking before you thought. you covered your hand with your mouth. “sorry.”

shawn let out a weak chuckle, “its
okay.” he took a deep breath before speaking again.

“look y/n, i hope this doesn’t scare you away but before i proposed that night i spent so long debating weather to do that or just give you the promise ring i bought. looking back i don’t know why i didn’t pick the damn promise ring, that would’ve been so much better.”

you weren’t sure if he was talking to himself or to you, because most of the time he sounded almost like he was scolding himself.

“shawn, it’s okay honestly.” you smiled. “maybe we moved a bit too fast.”

he nodded, “just a bit.”

“but,” you started, lacing your fingers together. “if that promise ring is still an option, i would love it.”

you knew it was a long shot to ask that considering the position of your relationship, but it never hurt to try.

his eyes widened, “oh! yeah, uh hold on, let me grab it.”

you laughed as he rummaged through his drawers to find the small box.

“wait, wait,” you interrupted him. “you bought a promise ring and an engagement ring?”

he returned with a small white pandora box in his hand, “yes. i may have got a little over excited.”

you laughed as he opened the box, revealing a beautiful princess crown ring.

“i’m not sure if i need to make a speech, i kinda did that already.”

you smiled as he slid the ring into your finger.

“thank you shawn, this is perfect.”

he let out a sigh of relief, “thank god.”

you smiled, quickly kissing him. happy that you have your boyfriend back.


Jimmy Fallon taps on his desk a few times as he moves onto his next question. “Hey, you’re married now, right?”

You give a wide grin that only a happy newlywed can. “Yep, officially a Hiddleston now!” The audience cheers for you and you smile even wider.

“You’re changing your name, taking his name?”

“Jimmy, I’ll be honest with you - I take everything that man offers me,” you wink playfully and laugh loudly when Jimmy blushes and give his own laugh.

“Hey, this’ll sound really weird but, is it true that you kind of created loads of crossovers, like fan crossovers?”

“You mean ‘cos of the wedding?”

“Yeah,” Jimmy chuckles.

“Well, I didn’t ‘create’ these crossovers, not exactly. What happened is, uh, I’m in Sherlock, and me and Tom are both in the Marvel Universe, so we had guests from all different fandoms. And when photos of the wedding started coming up online, the internet - mostly Tumblr - did some amazing and hilarious things with these photos.”

“I think we have some,” Jimmy offers, pointing to a monitor with a few photos of yours and Tom’s wedding.

The first photo is of you and Tom kissing at the altar. “Ah, that one” you start, “is called ‘Agent Smith and Loki’. Agent Smith is my character’s code name in Sherlock and obviously Tom is Loki from Marvel.”

The second photo is of Scarlett Johansson and Martin Freeman doing the limbo. “Yep, ‘Black Widow vs Watson: Limbo Edition’.”

“Who won?” Jimmy teased.

“I think it was a firm tie!”

The next photo comes up. “Oh my god, this is my favourite!” The picture shows Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr having a pretty intense conversation. “The best one ever: ‘No Shit Sherlock Squared’.” Jimmy and the entire audience laugh outrageously. “What you don’t know is that in that photo, Ben and Robert are actually arguing about whose Sherlock is better. But, get this, they’re arguing for the other guy’s version! Like, Ben was saying that Robert was better, and Robert was saying Ben’s better.”

“What happened next?”

“Deadpool came up behind them both and shoved them into a coat closet and told them they couldn’t come out until they had sex. Best. Wedding. Ever!”