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Anon Request: I have an idea for a one shot but I’m not sure if it won’t be a bit triggering?? I thought of a prompt where Peter’s girlfriend is being sexually objectified at school a lot but she’s hiding it from him, until one night when someone rapes her on her way home or something. Once P finds out, he can’t help his anger and he tells Karen to activate the killer mode, but she blocks it since she knows it’s his anger coming through and he’s not quite himself??

WARNINGS: sexual objectification, abusive relationship (physically and emotionally, rape, language

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High school was shitty and no one knew that better than (Y/N): a quiet and relatively unknown sophomore who desperately wanted to stay under the radar. Her freshman years served as a baseline and in her mind, things could only get better–there wasn’t any lower level she could fall to, especially not after the shit-storm she had already lived through.

Young, eager, and maybe a little too naive, (Y/N) entered into one of the single greatest decisions of her life, which she would come to see as the worst decision she’d ever made. Entering high school she and three of her closest friends decided to try and branch out–join new clubs, talk to new people, get involved in new activities, etc. (Y/N) was tired of being pushed around and told she wasn’t important. More than anything, she long to feel desired. At home and at school she felt like an outcast, s when someone began to take an interest in her, though hesitant, she quickly accepted the attention.

Cue Eric: a kind looking junior with seemingly good intentions who had begun to weave his way into (Y/N)’s heart. She was by no means in love, but she basked in the affection he put upon her. Despite the tentative warning from her friend Peter as he claimed he didn’t want to see her hurt, she pursued the faux attention Eric had lured her with.

For a while, Eric and (Y/N)’s relationship worked well. They were good for one another. Things seemed to be perfect. They were in their own world and were happy being isolated in the confines of their relationship’s newness, but after month three, things began to change. At firs tit was little things like Eric telling he she shouldn’t wear makeup anymore or saying (Y/N)’s wardrobe needed an upgrade–he never specified why, but when he gave her this information, she was wearing a form fitting shirt and he pinched disapprovingly at her love handles despite having them covered by the waistband of her jeans.

Slowly, his controlling nature progressed from trying to dictate her physical appearance to turning possessive. (Y/N) was pulled away from her friends, wasn’t allowed to talk to Ned and could only speak with Michelle on school related matters. Eric’s grip on (Y/N)’s waist became increasingly tight as he ushered her through the hallways, so tight to the point that he left small, fingertip shaped bruises on her skin from time to time. 

Ashamed and afraid, (Y/N) slowly stopped talking to Peter. She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being right in his warning, but mostly, she didn’t want him to become the target of Eric’s anger and irrationality. Eventually, the long nights Eric and (Y/N) spent on the phone with one another turned from sweet calls of getting to know one another to a ritualistic condemnation of everything (Y/N) had done wrong in their relationship, and whenever she tried to break up, Eric only stated that it wasn’t her place to make that decision.

At one point, (Y/N) didn’t think things could get any worse…she was quickly mistaken. When Eric’s fiends discovered he had been lying to them about his sexual relationship with (Y/N), he pressured her relentlessly, kept her from her friends even more, and completely isolated her.

“What’s the bug deal?” he would always ask. “It’s not some magical thing; it’s physical. Nothing more.”

“I just don’t want to. Do I need a reason?” She would reply with a snarky tone of voice.

“This is probably the only time you’d be asked for sex and you’re still saying no,” he complained.

“Because you’re being a dick about it! If I’m going to have sex with someone, it’s going to mean something and not be ‘just physical,’” she’d snap while using air quotes.

“Are you not having sex with me because of that Peter kid? You have it bad for him, don’t you?” Eric would start. “He’s never going to like you! He’s not even your friend anymore, remember? I’m your boyfriend! If anyone is having sex with you, it’s going to be me.”

“This isn’t about him,” (Y/N) would protest. “We’ve only ever been friends.”

“That’s not true and you know it. You want to fuck him. You want to fuck him so badly you won’t even have sex with your boyfriend.”

“What,” she’d sass, “are you going to break up with me if I refuse to have sex with you?”

“No,” Eric would reply with a small hint of what he hoped came across as sincerity.

“Then no.”

Despite her strong ability to protest and keep Eric off her back about adding sex to their relationship, he was persistent in getting what he wanted. After having convinced her to going to a party, he had further manipulated (Y/N) into playing a game of strip poker with his friends. She had protested to the point of tears, but Eric was stronger than her. He grabbed her by the sides and dug his fingers into her skin, while growling into her ear that there was nothing to be afraid of except him if she tried to walk away again.

TO her dismay, once the group had been stripped down to their undergarments, the game changed. (Y/N) found herself shivering on the living room carpet of a stranger’s house as a bottle neck landed directly on her. Eric, who had spun the bottle, rose to his feet and paced to the closet door where he waited for her to join him. Shaking, (Y/N) made her way toward him and the two walked into the dark closet where she realized she wouldn’t be leaving a virgin regardless of how big of a fight she put up.

For two months after that night, her life was hell. Eric would put her down, belittle her, and make her feel even worse about her life than she already had. Anytime she brought up the courage to break up with him, he would blackmail her into staying with him by threatening to send the compromising nude photos he took of her before forced sex to everyone at school. It wasn’t until summer break that she was free from Eric’s torment. He was going on a tour of college campuses with some friends and didn’t want to be tied down with a girlfriend when he could be chasing college girls.

During that summer, (Y/N) had gone to the only person she still felt moderately normal around, her best friend since the first day of grade school and the only person she could be honest with: Peter Parker. She was still terrified to tell anyone what she’d been through, but she couldn’t open up to her parents; even if they were in town or bothered to come home, she had never had a close enough relationship with them to spill her guts about what had been happening to her for the past year. Additionally, Ned and Michelle were still peeved at her for ditching them and (Y/N) hadn’t really talked to either of them since month four of dating Eric. Peter was all she had left and even then she wasn’t sure if he would be able to listen without throwing it in her face.

She couldn’t get through her story without bawling and Peter, who had always been of a kind nature, looked like he could have killed someone. Every part of what (Y/N) told him set off a whole new level of hatred in Peter and made his blood boil, but what was worst–besides Eric abusing (Y/N) and forcing her into a sexual relationship she didn’t want–was the way he continued to lead (Y/N) to believe Peter would have said some of the horrible things Eric portrayed him as saying.

“You know none of that is true, right?” Peter asked (Y/N) one night long after their first conversation regarding her Freshman year of hell. (Y/N) was curled up in a pile of blankets on Peter’s bed while he tinkered on an old computer hard drive. 

“Part of it must be,” (Y/N) sighed. “I must be a huge idiot to have stayed with him for so long.”

“He hurt you when you tried to end things. He blackmailed you! He violated you and your privacy! You deserve better than some lowlife abusive prick!”

“I don’t deserve to be alive,” she muttered while a tear slid along her cheek.

“Don’t say that,” Peter begged her from across the room. He had begun blowing up the air mattress he had been sleeping on since he convinced Aunt May to let (Y/N) stay with them for the rest of the summer since her parents would be out of the country. “I can’t lose another person I love. I don’t want to add you to that list.”

“You can’t love me Peter; no one can. I was wasted on that asshole,” (Y/N) murmured as Peter spread the fitted sheet along the air mattress.

“That asshole didn’t know what he had,” Peter stated while shuffling toward the bed he had sacrificed for (Y/N) to sleep in. “You did’t deserve that, (Y/N). You deserve to be loved; you deserve to be shown that.”

“It’s sweet that you think that,” she started, “but who could stand to be with someone who would let such horrible things happen to themselves?” Peter crawled onto the bed and curled up beside (Y/N). He slipped his arm around her shoulder blades and she instinctively fell against him. His other arm enveloped her in a tight hug and he slowly pressed his lips against her head and took in the scent of her wet hair. “I do love you, (Y/N),” he whispered. “Please let me show you what you deserve–what you’re truly worth.”

It wasn’t long after that June night that Peter broke the news to Ned an Michelle about (Y/N)’s reason for ‘abandoning’ them the previous school year, and upon realizing the extent of what she had been through, the pair quickly welcomed (Y/N) back with open arms.

When school started again, Peter and (Y/N) had been officially dating for nearly three months, and neither could have ever been happier. There was only a small amount guilt on Peter’s end for not having told (Y/N) about being Spider-Man, but it all would come around in due time. Unfortunately, due time wasn’t exactly the way he had hoped it would happen.

The Stark Internship taken up a lot of Peter’s spare time, and once the harassing notes began appearing in (Y/N)’s locker, she had become jumpy again. Knowing Peter had been stressed about his position with Stark Industries, (Y/N) didn’t want to worry or burden him with what could have been nothing. Instead, she kept her head down and avoided crossing paths with Eric as best as she could.

It wasn’t until (Y/N) was walking away from the band hall late one Friday night after a football game that she realized the imminent danger waiting for her that the notes predated.

“So, quick question,” she heard the all to familiar arrogant voice echo down the empty hallway. “Who’s bigger: me or Parker?” (Y/N) chewed at the inside of her lip and quickened her pace. “C’mon, babe,” he insisted. “He’s smaller, isn’t he? You can be honest about it.”

“Leave me alone,” she stated as she emerged from the building and into the humid darkness of the night.

“You wanted him so bad when we were together; just tell me how he is in the sack…unless you don’t know yet.”

“Fuck off, Eric!” (Y/N) shouted as she made a beeline for the practice football field.

“Oh,” Eric sighed,” of course; stupid me. You haven’t even fucked Parker, have you? It’s not like he’s missing out on much, but hey, at least I was right in saying no one would ever off to have sex with you.”

“Peter respects me enough not to strip me in front of a bunch of people and take my virginity in a fucking closet. He doesn’t walk all over me, doesn’t make me feel like shit, and–unlike you–he knows how to adequately treat a person rather than pressuring them into shit they’re not ready for! That being said, his cock is massive, especially compared to the thumb between your legs you’ve been trying to pass off as a dick!” (Y/N) had come undone and Eric was vengeful. He lunged forward and put his arms around (Y/N)’s neck. Tackling her to the ground, he pulled her under the bleachers and slapped her across the face.

“I thought I taught you what happened when you start being a bitch,” he growled while shoving his coat off and quickly pulling against the elastic waistband of the shorts (Y/N) wore under her marching band uniform. She writhed against him and screamed for help. “Keep your fucking mouth shut,” Eric stated while taking his hand to her face again. (Y/N) refused to be silences. She screamed and called out for anyone nearby, she fought her attacker as he sat on top of her, crushing her legs and pinning her against the hard, sharp pavement. Her shouts grew louder and her struggle more intense as she felt her shorts hanging around her knees. Eric didn’t even bother with removing her underwear. Rather, he pushed the material aside and thrust himself against her tight, unwelcoming opening, causing a wince and a yelp of pain to escape (Y/N)’s lips.

Each time her crying annoyed him, her screams got louder, or he feared someone would catch him, he’d slap or punch her across the face and jaw. Toward the end, he had gotten fed up with her continued struggle and ended up pulling her shirt over her face and using it as a gag to shut her up.

As (Y/N) writhed in pain and humiliation, hating herself for not being able to break free, she felt the immediate pain between her legs cease and a thick, hot liquid pool along her bare torso. Before she could pull the shirt away from her eyes or wipe her stomach clean, Eric was gone. Rising from the ground, she took off running. Her body was trembling in fear and she didn’t make it very far before the wobbling of her legs caused her to collapse onto the pavement. As she fell, a rock sliced against the palm of her hand and her wrist bent in the opposite direction as she tried to catch herself. After stumbling, she ended up rolling along the hard pavement before coming to a stop and staring at the emptiness around her. Terrified she would never be found, she started yelling again, begging for help and screaming until her voice failed. No one could hear her. 

Blood pooled from her hand and seeped around her fingers as she held her wounded hand while curled up in a ball on the ground, defeated with her voice growing hoarse and fading with each plea for safety.

Across town, Peter felt a sensation he hadn’t experienced before. He was in the process of taking off his Spider-Man suit as his duties for the night were over, when the hairs on his arms began to vibrate and stand on end. “What the hell?” he muttered to himself as he glanced at his arm. Slowly, the hairs began to point toward a specific direction. As his concern grew, he jumped back into the suit and swung toward his high school.

(Y/N) still laid on the ground outside the maintenance building along the practice football and soccer fields. The bleeding hadn’t ceased and she had gone into and come back from two consecutive panic attacks as she replayed the events in her head while simultaneously being paranoid about Eric coming back. She had just pulled herself down from the last panic attack when she saw the blue and red hero rushing toward her.

“Oh shit!” Peter yelled as soon as he recognized the girl’s beaten, bruised, and bloody face.

“Help me!” she cried as she saw Spider-Man getting closer and closer to her. “Please! I need help.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Peter called as he skidded closer to her and crouched down to her side. Instinctively, he tore the mask from his face and his dark eyes flashed down to his girlfriend. “I’m here, I’ve got you now.” Quickly, he scooped her into his arms and stared down at the girl he loved. “No, no, no,” he repeated as he rocked her back and forth. “What happened to you? What did he do?”

“P-Peter?” (Y/N) managed to stutter through her strained vocal chords.

“Oh God,” he gasped while looking down at her. “You’re bleeding!”

“My h-hand,” she stammered while trying to point at her left palm.

“No, (Y/N), you’re….you’re bleeding,” he said while glancing down at the small bloodstain forming along her light grey shorts. Embarrassed, (Y/N) tried to shift her body to keep Peter from staring. “Did…” he didn’t need to finish his sentence before knowing the truth. (Y/N) had broken into tears and curled into Peter’s arms while weakly nodding her head ‘yes.’

“I’m sorry,” she cried against him. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t–”

“I know,” he sighed against her hair as he rocked her gently, hoping to calm her and himself down. “Shh, it’s not your fault,” he said while stroking her arms and wrapping her in a protective grasp. “It’s not your fault,” he repeated.

“D-do you hate me?” she stammered as shock began to set in.

“No of course not,” he stated. “Don’t ever think that! I love you. I’ll always love you.” As he traced small circles on the side of (Y/N)’s arms, he stood up and lifted her with him as Karen, the AI in his suit, directed him to the quickest route to the nearest hospital. Peter pulled his mask back on, kicked up from the ground, and began to swing through the rooftops. “You’ll be okay here,” he said through the mask.

“W-wait!” she yelled after him while trying to run after him only to be whisked away by emergency medical personnel. Her voice was drained out by the vengeance ringing through his ears and the anger sweltering in his heart.

“Karen,” Peter stated as he hurried from the hospital and landing on top of the building adjacent to it.

“Yes Peter?” the AI responded.

“Activate Instant Kill Mode.”

“Are you sure? You told me to forget that mode ever existed,” the computer protested.

“ACTIVATE IT!” Peter demanded–his voice harsh, distant, and all too emotional.

“There’s no coming back from that,” Karen stated as she read Peter’s vital signs. “Think of (Y/N).”

“I’m doing this for (Y/N),” he protested while slamming his fists on the concrete wall beside him.

“But would she want you to turn into something you’re not? Don’t let a decision you made in anger scar you like this. You told me yourself you’re not a killer, Peter. Don’t do this, for (Y/N)’s sake.

“He doesn’t deserve to get away with this!” Peter shouted. “He shouldn’t get to live when what he’s done to her makes her want to die! I’m not going to let him get away with this.”

“And neither will I; we just should do it the right way. He won’t get away with all he’s done to her, but right now she needs you…Peter, not Spider-Man. Go back to her,” Karen prompted before shutting off the computerized systems of Peter’s suit. After tearing off his mask, the tears that threatened to spill earlier now had a place to fall. Hurriedly, he slipped out of the Spider-Man suit and into the spare t-shirt and band shorts he’d found in (Y/N)’s backpack. He hurried back to his girlfriend’s side, planted a kiss on her hear, grasped her hand as she slept, and vowed to be there when she works up.

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[Urgent prayer] I'm a girl and I just got caught with my girlfriend. My family yelled at her saying she was going to hell and kicked her out of my house. Then they started lecturing me about how i was sinning and need to repent. I'm honestly so terrified I didn't want her to get hurt and I'm scared that I won't get to see her again. Please I don't know what to do

I am so sorry this happened to you. I wish I could tell you what to do to make this better. Whatever your parents tell you, you are good. You’re not going to hell, you’re not dirty. But for your own safety, it might be necessary to act like you’ve “repented.” I’m worried they might try to put you through conversion therapy or something, and I don’t want you to go through that.

If things do get dangerous for you at home, do you have somewhere else you could go for a while? Such as your girlfriend’s house if her family is not homophobic (or another friend’s house), or a nearby relative’s house if they’re LGBT friendly? It would be good to have a plan just in case things at home get too tense.

I will be praying hard for you. Leah went through something similar when her parents first found out about us, and she’ll be praying for you too. You’re not alone in this. 

Followers, please join us in prayer, and if you have more advice for anon please share. 

God of love,
You never meant for such cruelty to be enacted in your name as what these parents are putting their daughter and her girlfriend through. This girl desperately needs your help and comfort – be with her and protect her from her parents. If possible, soften their hearts to be loving and open to learning. 

Remind this person of your unconditional love – no matter what happens, don’t let her stop feeling it. Hold her close and safe, God. Send her the resources and support she needs to get through this. May your Spirit of courage and hope be upon her.



*Steve Rogers-centric


You looked down at your legs, counting the red, itchy bumps.

One… two… three…

You lost count after fifteen—especially since they were all kind of in giant masses, blotching your legs.

‘Damn bugs,’ you thought, resisting the urge to scratch.

You looked forlornly over at the dress hanging on your closet door. It was beautiful—a brilliant, royal blue. The halter top showed just enough cleavage to make you feel pretty (but not look scandalous). The skirt twirled with every step, hitting just above your knee.

Which, unfortunately, was higher than where your legs had been bitten by practically every mosquito in the city.

There was no way you were going to go out in public looking like the embodiment of Pestilence, no matter how pretty the dress was, no matter how much you had been looking forward to tonight’s date.

At that moment, Steve stepped into the room. You quickly threw a blanket over your legs, hiding the disaster area.

“Hey,” Steve said with a smile. “I thought for sure you’d be primping for tonight.”

“Um… listen. About tonight…” You glanced up at him before lowering your eyes in shame. “Could we… postpone?”

“Why?” Steve asked, concern on his face. “Are you ill?” His hand drifted towards your forehead, feeling the perfectly normal temperature.

“No. I just… things aren’t going the way I’d planned.”

“What do you mean?”

You chewed on the inside of your bottom lip. “I can’t wear the dress I wanted to.”

Steve looked over, noting the dress. “Why not? Doesn’t it fit?”

“It does. It just… doesn’t cover what it needs to.”

“Looks modest enough.” Steve looked at you. “And sexy enough,” he said with a wink.

You smiled despite yourself. “That’s not what I meant.”

Steve sat down next to you on the bed. “Then what?”

You took a breath. “Promise to not be disgusted?”

“Y/N, I’ve seen war casualties. I’ve seen some of the grossest, most vile things—and that’s usually because of Tony. Nothing you show me could turn me away.”

Slowly, you pulled the blanket away, revealing your red-and-white legs. Steve looked down at them, eyes widening slightly.

“What happened?” he asked, concern in his voice instead of disgust.


“Sweetheart, those look horrible! Do they hurt? Do they itch?”

“They kind of itch. But honestly, it looks worse than it really is.” You pulled the blanket back up, hiding your ugliness. “But that dress is too short to hide them and I don’t want to go in public with you and have these things on display.”

Steve was quiet for a few moments. Then he stood, heading out of the room.

You sighed, resting your head on your blanketed knees.

A few minutes later, Steve reappeared. “All right, let me see those legs.”

You looked up at him. “What?”

Steve sat down next to you, a tube of anti-itch gel in his hand. “Come on, those bites aren’t going to fix themselves.”

Steve pulled the blanket aside and carefully rubbed the gel onto your calves, coating the bites. The relief was almost instant, the gel cool on your skin.

When he was done, he placed the tube on the bedside table as he walked out of the room again. When he returned a few moments later, you could smell your lemon soap on his hands. Steve looped his arm around your shoulders, making himself comfortable next to you. He clicked on the TV, waiting for Netflix to boot up.

“So,” he said. “What sounds good? Comedy? Drama? Horror? Sit-coms you’ve seen every episode of and can quote along with the entire time?”

You suppressed a laugh. “What are you doing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you…” You gestured at Steve’s stretched out body.

“Because… you said you didn’t want to go out?”

“So, what? We’re having date night here?”

“Unless you have something else you’d rather do.”

You were still for a moment, surprised. Then you leaned over, pressing a small kiss to his cheek before snuggling into his chest. “No. This is perfect.”

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Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
Part 3 of mermaid Iwa and his female someone please!! And I love that it was a long part bc it means there’s a lot of stuff happening. It’s so good though.


Okay, I’m still working out the details of everything, which is why this very vaguely kinda explains what is going to be occurring next? I guess it was more about Iwa and Oikawa than anything, but that friendship is important to this, so it needed to be here!

And I apologize for not posting this yesterday like I had originally planned! I was about halfway through when my boyfriend came home and I needed to smother him with love and attention!

But hope you guys enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 

The war consumed every corner of the sea. No creature in the great blue felt safe as the Sirens and the Merfolk bloodied the homes of far too many innocents. With each day that passed the worries grew that there would be no end until the vast waters was empty of life entirely.

And it was entirely Iwaizumi’s fault.

Oikawa hadn’t spoken to him since the incident that started it all unless he absolutely had to. Their King has yet to announce the reason for the start of the war, sparing Iwaizumi’s reputation - both as a soldier and a merman helplessly in love. But he didn’t need their blame for the guilty knot that filled his stomach each time he witnessed a town destroyed or a newly motherless child. The devastation that sweeper in every direction around him was the only blame he needed; all of them knew it.

And he tried not to think about her - god, he really did - about what she was doing. If she was safe, if she was staying clear of the water. If she was thinking about him…

An anger boiled in his chest that he cared so desperately. That fear rolled through his veins every time he heard of a human being caught in the crossfire, that he prayed it was never her. Because he couldn’t imagine a world where he allowed her to be hurt and yet he felt as though wanted to hate her for causing these feelings within him. If only he had never seen her paddling out towards the waves, never seen her smiling so brightly as she when she sailed across the water’s surface, that he had never allowed those lips to press so tenderly against his the last time he had seen her. There were so many things he wished hadn’t had happen and yet he couldn’t imagine a better life without having witnessed everything that was so purely her.

“Iwaizumi,” it was Oikawa’s voice that brought him back from his thoughts, “we’re moving out.”

Their gazes met, a heavy air residing between the two friends, leaving no room to breath. It was strange, having this sudden wedge in their friendship. Oikawa had always been someone that Iwaizumi could go to for anything, but Iwaizumi had crossed a line, he knew that. But it didn’t stop him from hoping that they could work past this and towards being best friends again.

“Okay,” he answered, nodding his head as he dropped his gaze away, his fingers gripping tightly at the spear at his side, “okay.” Pushing himself up from the seafloor he was seated on, he moved to follow Oikawa, his gaze focused on his friends back. There were so many things that he wanted to say, there were so many things he thought that he should do to apologize, and yet… “Oikawa–”

Brown eyes fell on him then, shutting down whatever he was planning on saying instantly with the fire behind them. His breath hitched in his throat and he could feel his heart breaking with the knowledge that he might not be able fix one of the most important relationships in his life. “Oikawa, please, just–”

“No!” Oikawa shouted, body turning and rushing towards him, “No! You are the last person I want to hear say anything right now! Do you know what you’ve done? Do you even understand just a little bit about what you caused by ignoring everything I said for your own selfish desires?” With each word that was spoken, his voice rose, anger seeping deeper and deeper. His hands were clenched into tight fists which rose to shove against Iwaizumi’s chest hard. “Merfolk are dead because of your obsession, don’t you get that?!”

Iwaizumi felt as though he couldn’t breath, his gaze wide on Oikawa. He had known that of Oikawa’s hate for his interaction with her, but he had never heard it so explicitly from his lips until that very moment. But he hadn’t realized how much he appreciated Oikawa’s lack of verbalization about his part in starting the war either. It was clear now, though, his best friend blamed him for every death across the sea since the start of the war.

“Yes,” Iwaizumi croaked, his voice wobbling with the tears that sprung to his eyes, “I do.”


“And I love her.”

Oikawa shoved at his chest again and Iwaizumi folded against the attack from his friend, allowing it to push him back. There was anger in him, anger he had every right to, but Iwaizumi also had a right to his own feelings despite the guilt that came along with them. So he let Oikawa push him again, let him punch at his side, let him press him up against a boulder, anything he needed to do to release the frustration he had been holding onto throughout the entire war.

Iwaizumi flinched when he saw Oikawa’s fist raise again, this one lining up to make contact with his face and he prepared himself for it; felt he deserved it even. But it never came. His gaze rose to the broken one of his friend’s and he stared openly at the merman in front of him. The fist dropped followed quickly by his head onto Iwaizumi’s shoulder, his body shaking. “I just… I wanted you to be happy. I didn’t know it would lead to this…”

A pause. A realization. Iwaizumi lifted his arms to wrap around Oikawa, his fingers stroking along the sides of his back fin just as he had done when they were guppies. He hadn’t noticed in the midst of blaming himself for the start of the war that Oikawa also felt just as responsible for giving his friend so much freedom in a domain he knew would lead to trouble. They both dabbled in taboo and it had led them here.

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

Another battle, more dead, and nowhere near the end of the war. Their soldiers were growing tired and their citizens were growing more fearful. Would this really mean the end of a peaceful sea? Their king, after months of trying, finally was able to convince the leader of the Sirens to a meeting in an attempt to compromise with them towards peace. And when he returned, shoulders squared as he approached his people, his gaze was set determinedly on Iwaizumi as he spoke. For the bargain was simple:

“They demand the life of the human that was spared as equal pardon for their own that was killed. No more Merfolk will suffer in exchange for a single human life. We must find them and bring them forth. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, come forward now.”

With his blood running cold, Iwaizumi instinctively moved back, attempting to make himself disappear among the others that surrounded him. He could hear the murmuring of others around him, how there was no loss to them if a human was killed for the sake of their war, that a single human’s blood tainting the water was better than those of their own. He wanted to vomit, he wanted to escape, find her and never return. He wanted to never see her again if it meant keeping her life safe and away from danger. There were too many things he wanted and needed to do that he had no clue as to which strand of thinking he should even start down. And his king’s eyes bore into him the longer he remained silent, the knowledge required to save thousands for the small price of one.

“Iwa-chan,” he heard the whisper of Oikawa, his wide eyes shooting to him in the crowd, their friendship spared by the mutual feelings of guilt for the death of their people, “leave.”

He was quick to turn and push himself through the water, his fin carrying him as fast as it could. There was a part of him that didn’t know why he was trying to escape. Let them punish him for bringing destruction upon the peace that had been so carefully put into place, he knew he deserved it, after all. But he was selfish, he couldn’t bare to witness the way they would treat her when they found her, how they would hand her over to the Sirens and then… no, he couldn’t watch anymore of his people being slaughter, but neither could he turn over the only one he loved to be sacrificed.

He’d rather die himself.

The sudden impact he felt caused his vision to go black, his body forced into the seafloor and stopping hard against a ridge that jutted into his back. The rock scraped against his flesh and he groaned at the instant pain in his head. When he felt hands gripping at his shoulders, he panicked a single moment when the possibility of his attacker being a Siren crossed his mind. Reaching to take the other tightly by the gills at their neck, he hurled them back their own back was pressed tightly to the ridge, gaze displaying the murder he was not afraid to commit.

He heard the sharp gasp and startled cry, but it wasn’t until he truly focused on the figure beneath him that he paused. With his heart stopping in his chest, he immediately drew his hand away as though it had been burned, his eyes wide and unbelieving. Because the sight before him had to be some trick created by a seawitch. There was no other plausible explanation for it, there was simply no possible way that–

“Hajime,” she breathed, her hand - now webbed - rising to press against the gills at her neck, her long fin tucking against her chest. She stared at him with wide and terrified eyes, her body shaking as she pressed further against the rock of the ridge.

Her body… the human image he had of her was swept away from his mind as he took in her new form. Her hair flowed gracefully above her head in the water, revealing the fin-like ears. Fins adorned her arms and back as if they had always been there, scales trailed from her neck down her sides and merged with those of her tail. Her legs and individual feet gone in order to come together and push her through the water as he does, as his people do.

“I… I don’t understand,” he whispered, his hand reaching forward to trace over her hip, webbed fingers trailing over where her human flesh met with marine life. His gaze furrowed deeper before raising his eyes to meet with hers, “How?”

“I found a way,” she answered, voice just as soft, “I found a way to be with you.”

Iwaizumi surged forward then, his arms taking her around her middle and pulling her against his chest, mouth colliding to hers. He shivered on contact having never thought he would gain the opportunity to be so close to her again. To breath her in as though he were the one that needed air, not her. And as his hand rose to her cheek in order to kiss her deeper, he felt a surge of emotions in his chest that he was unsure of how to properly release. He was so happy, so incredibly happy to have her in his arms in a way they could actually be together - forever if they wanted - and yet he was so absolutely terrified that she had emerged herself into the waters that wanted her dead.

And as his hold on her gentled, he pressed his lips more delicately against her own, brows furrowing tightly. He felt her hands trail over his shoulders and her fingers idly playing with the fun of his back. This is what he wanted, above anything else, he wanted this with her, no matter what the cost may be.

“We have to escape,” he breathed against her mouth.

“Where?” she questioned with a furrowed brow, pulling herself away to look at him with confusion. He followed, kissing her again, there would be plenty of time to answer her questions later. Right now, he didn’t want anymore distance between them.


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Hi, I love your writing!!! Can you do one shot about the day when chris and your son visit you in hospital after you give birth to your second child and your don being clingy to you when he is in hospital. Thank youuu

Originally posted by ncoleys

Giving birth was exhausting. I thought since it wasn’t my first child it would be a breeze. I was wrong, it was just as rough as the first one. Of course the moment they put my brand new baby girl on my chest, all the pain I just endured melts away as the love takes over. She’s wrinkly and not quite pink yet, but she’s ours and she’s perfect. The delivery was long and tiring but having the night be just the 3 of us was a nice breath before the rest of the family got their introductions. Our son, Eddison, has been both excited and terrified of meeting his new baby sister since we explained the whole situation to him months ago. Lisa was kind enough to watch him until we decided we were ready for visitors.

Chris couldn’t wait any longer and went to pick him up mid morning the next day. Evelynn was sleeping fitfully after nursing when Chris got back with Eddy. Chris tried to hold him back but he was too excited to see me.

“Mommy!” he jumps on the bed and hugs me as soon as he’s in the door.

“Hi buddy, we gotta be a little quieter though okay? Evelynn’s sleeping”

“Daddy said you don’t have a baby in your tummy anymore” he furrows his eyebrows at me.

“Daddy’s right, do you want to see your baby sister?” his curiosity got the better of him and he smiles at me. “You gotta sit very still on my lap and I’ll help you hold her okay?” I slide up the bed to make room for him to sit next to me and wrap one arm around his back and under his arms. Chris picks up Evelynn, rocking her until we’re ready. Chris gently places her in Eddison’s and my arms and she stirs slightly before falling back asleep. Eddy sits perfectly still and peers at Evelynn’s face through her blanket

“What do you think, Eddy?” I whisper after a few moments.

“She’s so little”

“She is pretty small, you used to be this little”

“No, I’m a big boy” he reminds me.

“You’re right, you are a big boy” he smiles proudly at my confirmation before being startled by Evelynn’s cry. Chris moves in to take her out of our arms and I move Eddy over so that I can feed her. Chris hands her back once I’m ready and she latches quickly. I notice Eddy pouting and gesture for Chris to distract him. Chris scoops him up and takes him over to sit in the chair next to my bed.

“Your mommy and I got you something, buddy, do you want to open it?” Chris pulls out the book that we got him and hands it over for Eddy to open it. Eddy’s excited enough by the fact that he got any gift to really care what it is, but it’s a book called What Brothers Do Best and Chris and I thought it would be fitting and maybe help him adjust.

“What did you get?” I coax once he’s thrown every bit of wrapping paper on the floor.

“A book! Daddy what’s it called?”

“It’s called What Brothers Do Best. Do you think we should read it to Mommy and Evelynn?”

Eddy nods enthusiastically and cuddling into Chris’ lap as Chris gets ready to start. Chris reads in a low soothing voice that seems to calm the entire room. Evelynn finishes eating and is tiredly looking around as Chris finishes the last few lines., “But best of all, brothers can give you lots and lots of love” Eddison giggles and takes the book from Chris’ hands to look over the pictures again.

“Can you show me the picture, Eddy?” I ask him before turning to Chris, smiling and nodding to Evelynn “We can switch”

Chris smiles and carries Eddy back over to the bed, setting him down next to me before taking his daughter from my arms and going back to his chair. Eddy quickly cuddles into my side and starts showing me the pictures from the beginning, asking me to read a few lines here and there. I keep sneaking peaks at Chris as he unbuttons his shirt so he can have some skin to skin time with Evelynn. She takes to him quickly and is soon fast asleep as Chris also nods off slightly. I look around at my little family and I can’t help but smile as I realized that this is real, and it’s mine, and it’s perfect.

A/N: thank you for the request and I’m glad you like my writing! Sorry this took a while, I’m trying to get back into writing after taking a major break this summer and it’s been slow going so far. That being said, I’m sorry this is kind of short and idk if it’s really what you were looking for, I’m bad at writing whiney/clinging children because I don’t have much experience with that, and the experience I do have is just me being annoyed sooo yeah. After all the rambling, I hope you like it! 

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Received from: Unknown Number
[12:02] All I wanted to say is I don’t see why you keep it all hidden like that? At least let me braid it for you, it won’t get in the way.
Sent to: Unknown Number
[12:07] Sorry, who is this?
Received from: Unknown Number
[12:15] I’ve just got a mobile telephone, and I have put in lots of  phone numbers of people I might need to contact, but I’m afraid I might not be very good at using it at the minute. You may, for example, have received a text earlier that was meant for Raiden. If you did, maybe you could ignore it? Or forward the message in the post to him.
Sent to: Unknown Number
[12:18] Right. OK. You didn’t say who this was.
Received from: Unknown Number
[12:24] Its Fujin, God of Wind.
Sent to: Unknown Number
[12:27] OK. This is Sub-Zero, I think you did send a message to the wrong person.
[12:30] For the record, I think a braid would get in the way for Raiden, he’s probably right to keep it hidden, but I’d recommend cutting it all off.
Received from: Unknown Number
[12:37] And I’d recommend keeping your fashion advice to yourself unless you want a localised hurricane near the Lin Kuei Temple, Sub-Zero.

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okay but sharing some hcs in here: i feel like kirishima and midoriya or even ojiro kaminari and tokoyami would be the types to step into the crush's bedroom and like OMG THIS IS WHERE THEY SLEEP AND STUDY AND DRESS UP AND--/!! XD

oh my gosh yes!! 
Tokoyami, Midoriya and Ojirou especially! 
Kaminari might be a bit chill on the outside, but inside he is screaming 
Kirishima is pretty chill though!