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‘They’re talking about the weather, i’m sure’ part 2 X’D
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22- “choose me”
“mumma!” your three year old daughter, olivia, ran towards you. her little feet making the smallest sounds on the hardwood. you picked her up once she reached you legs, making her “grabby hands” at you.

“when is daddy coming back?” she asked, playing with the plush bear she was holding in her hands. it was her absolute favourite toy, she almost never put it down.

“soon baby, he’ll be home soon.” you sighed, glancing at the stove clock a few feet away.

“soon is a long time.”

shawn, your husband, has been extremely busy in the studio for the past month and a half. he’s been coming home late almost every night and needless to say, you and olivia were getting sick of it.

you felt bad for the three year old in your arms, she loved her father so much. she looked up to him, yet he’s never here for her. and when he is home, it’s too late and she’s already asleep or he’s taking a nap because he was working all night.

olivia cuddled herself closer to you, if that was even possible. a small yawn escaping her lips.

“i think it’s time for bed,” you said, making you way up the stairs with her. “it’s getting late.”

thankfully, she was already wearing her princess pyjamas so you didn’t have to go through the hassle of changing her.

“no!” she tiredly protested as you laid her in her small bed. “i want daddy to come.”

tears started to pool in her hazel eyes, they were exactly like her dad’s. it broke your heart to see her like this, crying over her father. he should be here for her, especially at times like these.

she started to cry into your chest as you rubbed her small back soothingly.

“i know babygirl, i want him here too. but for now you have me, maybe daddy will be here tomorrow night.”

you knew he wasn’t going to be on time tomorrow, at this point you weren’t sure you were going to be here tomorrow.

“you say that every night.” she sniffled. “i want daddy.”

you continued to comfort her as she cried, knowing there was absolutely nothing you could do about this. you missed shawn just as much as she did, but you needed to be strong for your daughter.

eventually she fell asleep, you hated that she basically cried herself to sleep over her father. you were now laying on the couch in the living room, flipping through endless channels on the tv while waiting for shawn.

you weren’t sure why you stayed up waiting for him, at this point it was pointless. but you wanted to spend time with your husband just as much as olivia wanted to spend time with her father.

at about 1am shawn arrived home. by then you had covered yourself in a few blankets and you were half asleep.

“y/n?” shawn whispered, noticing the light coming from the tv in the living room. “what are you still doing up?”

“waiting for you i guess, although i don’t see a point in it anymore. you come home late every day anyways.”

you were both tired, but you knew you were about to breakout into another argument. you kept all your feelings bottled up for so long, he needed to know how you and olivia felt.

“what do you want me to say? it’s my job y/n.” he rolled his eyes. “you know, the thing that lets us have food on the table every night.”!

“i understand shawn, but every single night you come home hours after you’re supposed to! you have a family here, or did you forget about us already?”

you closed your eyes, wanting to escape from this. wanting to go back to before shawn started writing another album, when he actually cared about his family at home.

“of course i didn’t forget, but y/n you know this is my job! i have to write, i have to be away a lot. none of this is new to you.”

“i’m just tired shawn, tired of all this. tired of being the second option all the time.”

he ran his hand through his hair, taking a seat on the opposite chair from you.

“you’re not the second choice y/n and you know it.”

“really?” you asked, sitting up and finally looking him in the eye. “you missed olivia’s birthday party and two of her dance shows, and who was there for her those nights when she cried and cried and cried? definitely not you. you say i’m not second choice, make me believe it.”

“i don’t know what you want me to do! i can’t quit.”

“choose me, shawn.” you finally said, barely audible. “choose me, choose olivia, choose your family over the job for once! olivia cried herself to sleep tonight because she missed you so much, she always asks me when you’re coming home and i’m sick of lying to her.”

tears started to form in your eyes as you played with the wedding band on your left finger. you began to wonder if i was worth staying in this relationship, i mean, you were alone half the time anyways.

the only sound audible in the top was your occasional sniffles, both of you lost in your own thoughts. but your little girl’s footsteps coming down the stairs interrupted you from thinking about the worst.

“mumma? why are you yelling.” she asked, tiredly rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “is daddy home?” she yawned.

you picked the half asleep toddler up, sitting her on your lap. “yeah he’s home, do you want him to bring you to bed?”

she shook her head, “no i’m mad at daddy.”

you sighed, “okay. i’ll be up in a minute.”

she slid off your lap, making her way back to her room. you let her go, knowing you would be up in a minute.

“i think maybe,” you sighed, sliding the ring off your finger and placing it on the table. “i think we both need some time for now, and you can give this back to me when you get your priorities straight. we can talk about this later, after i put her back to sleep again.”

and with that, you made your way upstairs to tend to your daughter. leaving shawn by himself with your wedding ring, you weren’t sure if you were going to ever put that thing back in your finger.

Quite Amazing - Jughead Jones x Serpent!Reader

A few slight changes with this one but I hope you still like it!  MasterList

Originally posted by hellomadzstuff

Ever since Jughead had turned up at Southside High he seemed to be happier. When he walked in he was scowling and angry. When he sat down at your table he laughed and joked. He looked free. All until that Betty Cooper girl and her friends turned up and that scowl was back and he looked like all his baggage had just arrived.
Ever since the family next door took Jughead in, you would sit with your windows open talking to one another, watching him smile loving how when he did so, small dimples would appear in his cheeks. Learning how funny he truly was, learning about his dad and the crap he had to deal with back up the North side. The two of you would frequently fall asleep while talking to one another, both of you finally feeling at peace talking to one another, like you two truly had someone for once.
“How amazing it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go one in your head.” He had asked one night as you stared at your ceiling wearily,
“Indeed. Quite amazing”

You were there when he was given his jacket. It was pouring rain, your eyeliner down your cheeks and you stood beside your uncle who handed the jacket over, smiling as Jughead looked at you with a smirk on his face and threw it over his shoulders still looking at you without breaking eye contact, that one look wanting to tell you something you never figured out. All until, once again, Betty Coopers voice broke it up and again that smirk was gone and that stoic annoyed face had returned. Yet Jughead still came to Southside High everyday with a smirk and sometimes his new jacket,
“Hey you.” he leaned against the locker beside you and looked at him, his hair still a floppy mess and his hands in his pockets,
“What can I do for you Juggie?” you smiled, he was still undecided about this whole serpent thing, “Where’s your jacket?” you stopped him answering your first question,
“You know I am not sure about the whole thing.”
“It makes you happier and you know it Juggie.” he sighed and looked at you,
“I know but…”
“But your friends, right?” you looked away back into your locker,
“Look, (y/n) that’s why I was here, I wanted to see if you would come to Pop’s with us tonight so you can meet them.” you looked at him intently for a moment,
“Fine,” you slammed your locker closed, “but I am only doing this for you.” A smile lit up his face again, a smile you had noticed he only gave you,
“Tonight at 7. Thank you so much” he squeezed your hand lightly and left, meeting up with some group who called him loudly before walking off.

You had arrived at Pop’s earlier that night, hopping only Jughead was there, but boy were you wrong. No one had noticed you had walked in as they were too busy at each others throats. You had never seen Jughead so angry. The look in his eyes was one you had never seen before and hoped you would never see. You knew Jughead had a dark side, everyone from the Southside did, but his was fire in his eyes.
“I don’t care Jughead! She isn’t a good person and she will hurt you!”
“Have you ever considered by not supporting me in this you were hurting me, Betty!” Jughead’s voice was strained and for the first time you noticed that he was wearing his jacket around them. For the first time he didn’t shrink away from them,
“Jughead, we’re just looking out for you.” Veronica spoke up quietly.
“I can look out for my damn self! I cannot believe you guys would be so damn shallow about her. You don’t even know her.”
“But we know that she is trying to do Jughead!“ Betty was almost screaming but luckily the place was almost empty, "She is trying to change you! Into one of them scum. You will end up like your father, you will lose everything and you will have no one left to help.” Jughead looked furious, “And you will lose us. Is that what you want, Juggie?”
“If it means I’m happy then yes, it’s what I want! That girl makes me so damn happy, happier than you make me at the moment. So much for ‘your dad is innocent’ and 'the serpents are still people’ Betty. Damn, you’re just full of shit aren’t you.” Betty’s words were still echoing around your head 'scum’? Is that what people thought of you? You turned, your boots making loud pacing noises against the tiles as you left, the group turning to look in your direction and Jughead’s voice calling you as you left, slamming the door behind you. You could hear Jughead yelling from inside,
“Well fucking done guys. You know what? Don’t expect me to come see me around anytime soon.”
You were halfway across the car park when you heard Jughead’s voice calling you again.
“(y/n). Stop please.” He ran to you, panting slightly as he reached you grabbing your arm. You looked up at him, tears streaming across your cheeks. You hated crying when you were angry,
“Didn’t you hear Jughead? I’m scum.” You spat, not aiming it at him but still being bitter at Betty. You looked away from his eyes as you sobbed a little again.
“Shhh, no you’re not I swear it.” His face nuzzled into your hair as he spoke, “And if you are, which you aren’t, I am too.” You looked up at him.
“You’re really joining us?“ you smiled up at him your hands resting on his jackets lapels looking up at his gorgeous smirk, moving his hands from your waist and up, removing his beanie and shoving it partly in his pocket.
“I have no doubt about it.”
“But what about Betty?” you asked not being able to meet his eyes again,
“That night when you gave me my jacket? She stormed out shortly after, wanted nothing to do with me until she saw me with you. (y/n), I love you… and I have no doubt about it.” You then knew what that look was that night. He had the same look in his eyes now as he had that night, “I adore you.” His hands rested on the back of your neck as he leaned in slowly, your lips meeting in the middle as your fingers once again griped his lapels and curled, pulling him closer.
“Was that okay?”

“Quite amazing, actually.”

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"You love me, right?" Nalu pretty please! I love your writing bb


Pairing; Nalu

Word count; 366

A/N; have some more fluff!

“You love me, right?”

“What did you do?” Lucy asked, dipping her spoon into her mug of tea. Wait, no that was her pen. Dammit, not again. 

“Lushi,” Natsu whined, throwing himself over her shoulders. Lucy was thankful that he was too busy being dramatic to notice her slip up. He already lectured her about overworking herself as it was. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Then why are you asking such a silly question?” Lucy asked, clicking her pen and writing down another plot point she wanted to add to the next chapter. She liked the noise of her pen moving over paper, it felt more real than her keyboard clicking as she typed.

“I dunno.” He mumbled, pulling away and slinking to her bed. Concern flashed in Lucy’s mind, her notebook forgotten on her desk as she swiveled in her chair to look at Natsu. “Just wanted to make sure, I guess.” he said into his scarf, sitting cross-legged in the center of the bed. Lucy stood from her desk without thinking, sitting next to him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders. 

“I love you Natsu, talk to me.”

Lucy sighed under her breath when he shrugged his shoulders, pulling him against her chest. “You haven’t said it for a week.”

“Whar?” Lucy asked, pulling back and gawking at Natsu. 

“You haven’t said you loved me in a week,” he repeated, eyes fixed on her arm. 

“Oh, Natsu. I love you. Of course I love you, my silly dragon,” Lucy cooed, hugging him tightly to her chest and burying her face in his hair. “I’m sorry I got distracted ith work and my novel and school. I love you so much Natsu, even if I forget to say it sometimes.”

“Okay,” Natsu said, arms curling tight around her middle as he nuzzled more into her. Lucy laid back on the bed, running her hands through his pink and fluffy hair. She smiled when she felt his fingers rub soft circles on her skin where she shirt didn’t cover her. For as tough as Natsu acted -and was-, she forgot how much he needed reassurance too sometimes. Reassurance that she would give over and over again. 

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Hi could I get a scenario reaction thingy for when they're trying to be cutesy and sweet and call you princess and you correct them like um no sorry I'm a queen. All members would be lovely but if not I mainly just want Changkyun, Jooheon and Wonho please and thanks, love your blog btw have a good day/night

Thank you! I love you too and hope you had a nice day as well. 

Originally posted by sweetramenwonho

Wonho - When you correct him, calling yourself a queen, he’ll smile and laugh, placing an arm on his chest and say, “My apologies, my Queen. How lowly of a servant I am, but I will watch my words from now on.” Honestly, Wonho would just be smiling the whole time and remembering your sassy words from then on. He’ll just go along with the flow and call you “My Dearest Queen” but find it amusing when he “accidentally” calls you a princess again.

Originally posted by smol-kihyuns

Jooheon - A chuckle and a pat on the head is Jooheon. He’ll find it cute that you said such thing, and he’d shake his head and call you whatever you want to be called. He has said that he would call his girlfriend “Princess” though “Queen” is no different. Either way, it’s his way of showing affection and whenever you correct him again, he’ll say a quick apology before correcting himself. 

Originally posted by monbeboo

I.M - “Then I guess I’m your King?” Is something I.M would say in this situation. Who could ever resist Changkyun’s aegyo? Like Wonho, he’d go along with your little scenario and call you his Queen from now on. Now that I think about it, he’d do his rap from Queen and just turn it into teasing every time you mentioned the word. He wouldn’t mean any harm and he’d just want you to feel more special and close to his heart. Aw.

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Headcanon with rfa and kids please !! ^^ what do you think their kids would be like ? >_<

Super adorable that is for sure. If I could draw the RFA plus kids I would.


  • His children will grow up feeling extremely loved.
  • Zen makes sure they always know that he loves them a lot.
  • Tells them fairy tales every evening.
  • They grow up with a lot of imagination so they never get bored.
  • They get fast friends since they would be really good in drawing people in with their charisma.
  • Spoils the kids rotten they probably learn how to manipulate him very quickly so you have to make sure they no abuse him.
  • Over protective with a son we would worry he would rebel like he did and with a girl he would make sure she knows how dangerous men are.
  • Rip who ever wants to date Zens Children they will have to prove themselves worth it.
  • The children would pick up his over dramatic behavior specially when it’s a girl.
  • I can image them getting at least interested with their fathers work even when having a famous parent can be annoying for sure.
  • If they do and are serious with it Zen will definitely support them.
  • Zen will do everything to keep the media out of their lives he would hate nothing more than to have his  family suffer.


  • The children would grow up in a very huge family.
  • Yoosungs own family seems quite huge and he will hold the other RFA members still close to himself.
  • Yoosung wants to make sure they grow up healthy.
  • The children will love animals Yoosung often tells them about his work even when he often keeps the sad parts of his job to himself.
  • Whenever you tell them how you two met you make him sound so much cooler than he actual thought he was but the children really admire him for what he done.
  • Yoosung will encourage them to volunteer and help others when ever they can.
  • They are really open-minded and hardworking children.
  • If they pick up on his old gaming habits he will worry that they turn into addicts like he did but they will not as long you both make sure they not overdo it.
  • Yoosung will be a very proud parent.
  • As long as the children do something they love he always supports them 100 percent.
  • If they do something that they not like he will help them find something they get into.


  • The children will grow up quite strong
  • Jaehee makes sure they learn how to defend themselves.
  • They grow up to be very independent but Jaehee also makes sure they get more than enough love and attention.
  • They will be passionate just as Jaehee is.
  • She makes sure they work hard so they can reach all their goals but also takes care that they not push themselves too much.
  • Jaehee is strict when she has to but when they children get sick or feel bad she dotes on them a lot.
  • When the children ask for advice Jaehee is always ready to give them the best advice.
  • Specially when they are insecure bout what they should do about their dream goals.
  • They grow up very loved and will be kind people who not take bs from anyone.
  • Fighting 24/7 for the things they love.


  • The children will get the best education humanly possible.
  • Since his own father was ever a very busy man he tries to be as much there for the children as he can.
  • He still thinks its not enough and is often tempted to spoil them.
  • When ever they archive something he ever brags about it.
  • When they draw something for him or do something else that they made them self he will treat it as some sort of masterpiece.
  • The children have a lot of freedom and you have to make sure they know to keep humble Jumin supports you in that too.
  • They grow up spoiled but they know what is really important.
  • Jumin would want them to join the family business but if they really not want to he will accept that too.
  • Specially when they are really passionate about it  
  • The children will be well-mannered they got good education after all.
  • They know how to talk and they will  be less strict risen then Jumin so they will be more open than he is.


  • With his past he was really worried to mess stuff up so he is a bit over careful.
  • You will have to assure him that he does everything right.
  • He gets used to it over time and he loves his kids a lot.
  • Saeyoung makes a lot of inventions for the children and they get really creative because of that.
  • He keeps them out of any danger possible but he trains them a bit so they can defend themselves in the worst case scenario.
  • They are little bundles of energy and ever running around.
  • They are a bit mischievous Saeyoung always pretends he has nothing to do with that.
  • Overall they are good kids though theirs a good chance that you get twins what only doubles the trouble
  • They make fast friends and your home is ever full of other children.
  • If they get into tinkering Saeyoung will gladly test out everything they do.
  • He gladly shows them computer programming as well he just tries to keep them away from hacking.

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Opposites Attract




“Hello, Y/N.”

You smiled as the angel approached you, sliding into the booth across from you. “Hello, Castiel.”

“I’ve missed you.”

Your heart couldn’t help but flutter. The angel was one of the cutest specimens you’d ever met and the way he moved through life… it was kind of like that scene in Bambi when he tries to cross the frozen pond. Awkward and adorable and it made you want to wrap him up in your arms and protect him. “I’ve missed you, too.”

Castiel smiled at you. Reaching across the table, he rested his hands on yours. “I am unsure why you request to meet at restaurants, though. Neither of us requires nourishment.”

“Well, neither of us require romance, but we like to indulge in it together, don’t we?”

At that moment, the angel’s phone rang. Leaving one hand resting on yours, he reached into his coat and pulled out the device. “Hello?” He was quiet for a moment. “Dean now is not… what do you mean, at the restaurant?”

At that moment, you noticed two large men in suits coming towards you. One was holding a cellphone to his ear.

“This restaurant,” the man said, taking the phone away from his ear and hanging up.

Cas had withdrawn his hand from yours, putting his own phone in his pocket. “Dean. Sam. What are you doing here?”

“Look, we gotta talk about this latest hunt you sent us on,” Dean said. He slid into the booth next to Cas, leaving Sam standing awkwardly. You gave him a nod, allowing him to scoot in next to you.

“What’s wrong?” Cas asked.

“Turns out the town’s already taken care of their were-problem. So what’s with the wild goose chase?”

‘Because I was hoping to have a few days without having to deal with you.’

You snorted slightly at Cas’ internal reasoning. You gave him a small smile.

At that moment, the waitress appeared. “I see our party’s grown. What can I get you?”

“Burger and fries,” Dean said. “Thanks.”

Sam and Cas ordered water while you indulged in a stack of pancakes. Once the waitress disappeared into the kitchen, Dean turned his gaze to you. “Who’s this?”

“This… is Y/N.”

“Another angel?”

You laughed slightly. “I’m–”

“My girlfriend.”

All eyes turned to Cas, whose own eyes were slightly squinted, questioning if he’d made the right decision.

“Holy crap,” Dean said slowly. “Never thought I’d see the day when Wings here would have himself a lady friend.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Sam said, holding a hand out to you.

“Same,” you said, shaking his hand. His grip tightened ever so slightly, causing you to look up. You gave him a small smile as you slipped your hand out of his.

“So how long as this been happening?” Dean asked.

“We’ve been seeing each other for about five months,” Cas said. (You were touched that he’d remembered.)

“Five months? And we’re just now hearing about it? What the hell, man?”

“Y/N prefers our relationship to be… private.”

“Well, well,” Dean said, shooting you a wink. “What sort of things do you two do that requires privacy?”

“You do realize that defeats the definition of ‘privacy’, right?” you asked.


“Well, this was certainly… an evening,” you said as the four of you walked out of the diner. “I can’t say it was the most enjoyable, but hey, it wasn’t the least.”

“Aim for the middle-ground, that’s what I always say,” Dean said.

“At least you know where you belong.” You turned to Castiel. “I’m going to head back. Feel free to come over when you get done with these two.”

Cas nodded, giving your hand a small squeeze. The Winchesters watched as you disappeared.

“It’s nice that you found a girl, Cas,” Dean said. “Really. And she’s an angel, so she gets your whole lifestyle.”

“She’s not an angel,” Sam said.

“What do you mean?”

Sam turned. “Cas, you… you do know she’s a demon, right?”

“Of course.”

“She’s a what?!”

“It’s not that big of a deal,” Cas said.

“The hell it isn’t!” Dean turned to the angel. “So, what, you’re trying to get some info out of her? Playing a long game, keeping her under your wing until you get what you need?”

“No, Dean. She and I are in a legitimate relationship.”

“But she’s a demon!”

“And I love her!”

The Winchesters stared at Cas, unsure what they’d heard. “You…”

“Yes, Sam. I love her. I know she’s a demon and I know that I’m an angel, but that doesn’t mean anything. You know some of my brothers fall far from the ‘angelic’ nature you would expect. If there can be less-than-good angels, why can’t there be good demons?”


“No, Dean. Don’t try to explain anything to me. Y/N and I are good together and I have absolutely no intention of leaving her.”

“But Cas,”

“And I especially don’t want to hear anything from you, Sam.”