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word count: 1,689 words
story peek: “no one loved me when i was a nobody!” “well i did!” in which peter forgets about his friends after he gets closer to liz. (requested)

She was completely lost. High school had been promised to be the best four years of her life and she was sure that statement would ring true with Peter by her side. Now however, she wasn’t so sure. Peter had been her best friend for years and suddenly it was like their friendship was a myth.

How could Peter toss her to the side and forget her like that? She had been there through everything and ultimately, she fell in love with him. She hated clichés and the fact that she became one by falling for her best friend somewhat appalled her.

She wasn’t sure if it was because of that or her suspicions that Peter could never like her like that, that she bottled her feelings up and through them into the ocean. She knew Peter liked Liz Allen, the most beautiful girl in their whole school.

And who could blame him? Liz Allen had it all. The brains, the beauty, the personality—everything. So when Peter came to (Name) saying he needed help asking Liz to the dance, she agreed to help with a heavy heart. And of course, everything succeeded.

Peter had gained Liz as his date to homecoming and snagged his first kiss on the dance floor with her. (Name) felt Peter pulling away before she saw it. Whether it be cancelling the traditional pizza lunch dates every Saturday to hang out with Liz or blowing her off to sit with Liz and the more popular kids at lunch—she knew it was coming.

Slowly but surely, contact with Peter fizzled from texting non-stop everyday, to a few texts here or there, to nothing at all. Peter even refused to look her way in the halls. She knew she wasn’t the only one being treated this way. Ned and Michelle had ultimately lost their friendships with Peter too.

(Name) clung to them after losing her best friend. She felt lost without him by her side. There was no one to eat pizza with for lunch, no one to binge watch all the Harry Potter movies with on longer weekends, no one to calm her down before a big test, there was no Peter. And God, it tore her apart.

Through it all, her feelings for Peter never dwindled. A spark of heat still pierced through her veins when he’d accidentally look her way. Her heart would flutter whenever she’d see him smile. It killed her that he had this affect on her.

After a particularly rough day, she decided enough was enough. She had to know why Peter pushed her away before she lost it completely. Her feet carried her to his apartment and when she knocked, it was May who opened the door instead of Peter.

“(Name)! It’s so nice to see you! How have you been?” May asked, ushering her into the apartment and closing the door behind her.

“I’ve been better. Is Peter home?” she said, her voice slightly shaky. There was a small tremor in her hands as she awaited May’s response.

“No, he said he was going to be out with friends, but he should be home soon. You can wait in his room if you’d like,” she offered, and (Name) flashed a hesitant smile.

“That’d be great, thanks May,” she said, her legs already moving her to Peter’s small room. Out of old habit, she opened the door to the room to find it empty. Hesitantly, she shuffled her feet across the carpet and to his twin sized bed.

She ran a hand along the top before sitting. Her eyes held a sense of longing to go back to how life was before Peter became so successful with Liz. Before he became quite popular. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Peter come home.

“What are you doing here?” he asked after pushing open his bedroom door. He was taken aback by her presence. Her head shot up to look at him and she clumsily scrambled off of the bed.

“Didn’t May tell you I was here?” she asked, trying to prolong her confrontation with him.

“No, May’s at work now,” Peter said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Now, why exactly are you here?”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Her gaze was casted downwards, as she suddenly found the carpet flooring much more interesting than before.

“I just wanted to talk is all,” she mumbled dragging the toe of her shoe in a small circle.

“About what?” he asked, his eyes narrowed slightly and he impatiently tapped his forearm with his finger.

“About us. Our friendship. Why you stopped caring about me,” she said, lifting her head to make eye contact with him. Peter gave a slight scoff in response.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh don’t play innocent with me Peter Parker, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” her voice was starting to raise in volume and an angry fuel of fire was growing in her chest. Her bottled emotions were quickly falling off their shelves and crashing to the floor.

“You used to be my best friend! We did everything together and you suddenly threw it all away for some prissy girl like Liz!” she was yelling and making wild hand gestures at Peter. Meanwhile, Peter stood there, his veins slowly filling with anger until they exploded.

“At least I don’t depend on one person for everything!” Peter retorted, and she frowned, only allowing the insult to fuel the raging fire even more. “I’m finally happy now! I have friends that like me and people actually think I’m cool!”

“Whatever then, forget about me. But what about Michelle? What about Ned? Huh? What about the three of us? Were we not good enough for you? Did you think that we were such shitty friends that pushing us away and leaving us in the dirt would be best for you? News flash Peter: when all’s said and done, Liz and everyone else won’t give a shit about you or your friendships and you will have nobody left behind to be your friend,” her breathing was ragged and she was cursing herself for being so harsh, but the emotions kept cracking and spilling and she couldn’t control it. Peter opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“Why the hell did you do it anyways? Why’d you suddenly become so interested in being one of the “popular kids”?” her voice was hoarse but she continued to yell, it felt like the only way to get everything out in the open.

“Dammit (Name) are you blind? Can’t you see it? No one loved me when I was a nobody!” Peter yelled right back, throwing his hands in the air, completely exasperated by her. He paced in front of her while he spoke.

“Yeah? Well I did!” she shouted, her voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. Peter stopped pacing and looked at her with wide eyes and his mouth parted open.

“What?” he whispered. She shook her head.

“I loved you. I loved you so damn much Peter Parker and it killed me, it still kills me, every single goddamned day. I loved you when you fell down my front porch steps after it rained. I loved you when you got excited about something stupid and small. I loved you when you had your heart set on dating Liz. I loved you even when you stopped being my friend. I still love you and you don’t even give a shit about me anymore,” she was sobbing at this point. Hot tears rolled down the curves of her cheeks and dripped down to the floor. Peter stared at her, completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words.

“(Name),” he muttered and she shook her head. Her hands vigorously wiped at her eyes.

“Just forget it,” she said, moving to leave. Peter stood in front of the doorway, blocking her exit.

“Move, Peter.”


“Dammit, Peter! I said move!” she yelled and Peter stayed rooted in his place. (Name) lifted her arms to push Peter out of the way but he wouldn’t budge. Her hands balled into fists and she beat them against Peter’s chest, tears still flowing down her cheeks.

She soon grew tired and slumped against Peter’s chest. Her forehead rested just underneath the base of his neck and she sobbed into his chest, arms hanging limply at her sides. Peter brought his arms up and wrapped them tightly around her. One hand stroke through her hair as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Shh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over and over again. Her crying slowly seemed to stop and he picked her up, carrying her to his bed. He sat them down with his back against the headboard, her sitting in between his legs. The side of her face was pressed against his chest.

“You’re a real ass, you know that?” she sniffled and Peter let out a small chuckle.

“I know,” he paused for a minute, pressing kisses to the top of her head. “Do you think you can forgive me?”

“Only if you’ll be my friend again. Ned and Michelle aren’t the same as you.”

Peter smiled and nodded his head. His fingers played with her hair, casually twirling pieces of it on his fingers.

“Hey Pete?” she whispered after a long moment of silence. He hummed in response.

“I meant it, you know, when I said I love you,” she mumbled and Peter felt his cheeks heat up.

“Might be hard for you to believe, but I love you too,” he responded, pressing his lips to her hair for another countless time. She smiled.

When May came home that night, she poked her head into Peter’s room and she smiled at the sight of them together. Peter was still slumped against the headboard, asleep now, with his head resting against (Name)’s who was still in between his legs, with Peter’s arms wrapped around her middle.

It felt good to have things somewhat back to normal.

Distant - Yoongi Scenario

Title; Distant

Genre; Little bit of angst ending in fluff

Type; Scenario

Group/Member; BTS – Suga (Yoongi)

Summary; Yoongi is being distant and isn’t paying you any attention nor is he paying the things you’re doing any attention. One day you give him a piece of your mind and he realises how he’s made you feel and apologises. Fluffy ending.

Request; Hey, can you please do a scenario for Suga? something where he is being distant and doesn’t pay attention and the one day you give him a piece of your mind. and then he apologises and it has like a fluffy ending? thank you xx


Words; 1578

Authors Notes; Hope you liked this ^_^ Thank you so very much for the request.If there are any errors grammatical or otherwise do let me know. 

Laying on the bed you shared with your long-term boyfriend Yoongi you stared up at the ceiling as a frown settled on your face. You could hear the thump of a beat thudding through the walls from his home studio. For the past three weeks, Yoongi had been the most distant you’d ever seen him. Sure, when he had lots going on with the boys or pressure to finish a song on time he’d end up being a tad distant – but never for this long and he certainly never ignored you, which he’d been doing quite frequently within the past few days.

Sighing you sat up and rubbed your face with your hands. You loved him, you really did. You loved him more than anything but sometimes he was just so damn hard to read and he wasn’t exactly the most vocal of people. In the beginning, you had gone back through your memory to see if there was anything you had done that could have prompted this mood shift for your boyfriend. Going back weeks and periodically sorting through moments you’d spent together you found nothing. There was nothing you had done, that you could remember, that could have possibly upset him.

You shook your head and stood up, heading for the kitchen. You figured he still had to eat and knowing him he probably hadn’t moved from his spot all day. Your gaze lingered on the door to his studio longer than you would have liked as you slipped into the kitchen pulling out all the ingredients needed to make Jajangmyeon, also pulling out the necessary utensils. Stomach growling, soft beats thudding, and the sound of the griddle sizzling along with your slow humming were the only things to be heard in your small apartment.

The apartment had been one you had bought when you graduated from university, despite a number of possessions in it having grown over time, it was still your modest and quiet little home. Yoongi had moved in a while ago, just after you marked your 4 and half year anniversary. The edges of your mouth tugged up as you remembered your first night together in the apartment followed by countless other great memories. The boys sometimes came over too, the younger ones Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook always creating small messes and then moving onto the next thing that piqued their interest, leaving you, Jin, and Hoseok to clear up. Yoongi and Namjoon would always be too busy mucking about or having tiny rap battles to notice that you needed help.

The food crackled in the pan, bringing you out of your little reverie and you cursed as it spits some sauce at you, narrowly missing your face.

“Aish” you grumbled, pulling the pan off the griddle and scrapping half of the food into your bowl and the other half into a bowl for Yoongi.

Licking your fingers clean of extra sauce you picked up some veg and began chopping, soon sprinkling the greens over the two bowls and picking up the bowls themselves, making your way to Yoongi’s studio with a hopeful expression on your face.

Opening the door with your elbow you slipped inside the home studio Yoongi had made out of one of the spare rooms. You carefully placed his bowl on his desk in front of him, not even remotely breaking him out of his concentrated stare, focused on his computer. Placing your own bowl on the small glass table near the back of the room you tapped on Yoongi’s shoulder, a small smile gracing your lips.

“Yoon, I made us some Jajangmyeon, you really should eat something” you spoke softly, your hands slowly rubbing his shoulders.

Yoongi let out a small grunt and shrugged your hands off his shoulders, his gaze still focused on his work. Swallowing the growing lump in your throat you nodded ever so slightly and left, picking up your bowl on the way out. Upon closing the studio door, a sob left your mouth as you took deep breaths, attempting to keep any tears at bay. Slowly padding back into the kitchen, you set down your bowl just as your walls crumbled. You slid to the floor, back against the kitchen cabinet as sobs racked your small frame. You couldn’t keep it in any longer and let out a cry, heaving as your mind dreamt up scenarios you’d been trying to ignore. Maybe he was cheating? Perhaps he’d just fallen out of love? Was he even really in love with you to begin with?

Somewhere along the way, you managed to quiet your mind and stop crying, dabbing at your red and swollen eyes with a tissue curled upon the sofa whilst some drama played softly in the background. Hearing the sound of Yoongi’s studio door opening you clenched your fists, knowing you’d have to confront him at some point. That some point would be today. Speaking your mind had to be the best option, surely. You could hear your boyfriend slowly making his way over to the sofa and when he sat down he didn’t even look at you, just reached for the tv remote with a bored expression etched into his face.

“I was thinking we could go on a little trip with the boys at some point? If you could get Bang PD-nim’s approval of course” you said quietly, your voice slightly hoarse from crying.

No response, not even a sigh. Just silence.

“We could go camping or something… Or maybe swimming?” you tried again

Nothing. That was it, that was the breaking point. You stood up abruptly, seeing red.

“Min fucking Yoongi! Look at me when I am speaking to you!!” your voice came out as more of a cry than you had planned.

The dark-haired man looked up at you with a shocked expression.

“You have been distant with me for the past three fucking weeks! You have ignored me and you have completely disregarded everything I’ve done, whether it be for you or in general, and I’m sick of it!” you shouted, your body shaking slightly in anger

Yoongi looked confused for a moment, before his expression changed to one of irritation, “Where the hell is this coming from!? You know I have shit to do! Sorry that unlike you, we can’t all just sit around and watch dramas all day!!” he shouted back at you, infuriating you further

“Where’s this coming from? You have the nerve to ask me that? Yeah, I know you’ve got shit to do but you don’t usually ignore me and everything I do for three fucking weeks Yoongi!” you pushed back, rage dripping from your words like venom

“You want attention is that it?! Well here, you have my full fucking undivided attention right now!!” Yoongi spat

You scoffed and shook your head, bemused by his snarky attitude. “It’s not about attention!! It…It’s not about attention…” the last of your words were no longer filled with anger but dejection.

You shook your head once more, tears now spilling from your eyes again “It’s not about attention Yoongi…Christ…It’s about feeling alone, it’s about not knowing whether you even love me anymore. Whether you even loved me to begin with. I know you have lots to do. Good god, I know more than anyone, but three weeks Yoongi? Three whole weeks with you ignoring me, never once even sparing me a glance.” You let everything out, tears trailing down your cheeks as you moved to retire for the night.

You walked past him watching as his face changed from irritation and anger to sorrow in an instant. Sniffing you made your way to the bedroom, sleep now the only thing on your mind, too tired to deal with any of this anymore. Changing into your pyjamas that consisted of a pair of Yoongi’s boxers and one of his large t-shirts you slipped into bed inhaling his soft scent as more tears threatened to fall.

You had only been in bed for about twenty minutes before you heard the door of the bedroom open and listened to Yoongi enter the room and get dressed. You felt the bed dip as he got in quietly, you could hear him sigh as he wrapped his hands around your waist, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant and I’m so so sorry I’ve been ignoring you.”

You couldn’t help but scoff lightly “Sorry doesn’t exactly cut it Min.”

You heard him sigh and curl into your body a little “I know, god I know. I’m so stupid sometimes. I just get caught up trying to make perfection with my work, that I forget that I already have perfection right here.” He chuckles

You sniff and turn around in his arms, resting your forehead against his “You really are something Yoongi.” You laugh quietly “You just made me feel like I was just a bother. I felt like you had fallen out of love with me.”

Yoongi presses a soft kiss to your nose, making you chuckle “Never.”

You curl into your boyfriend’s arms, the lump in your throat swallowed, tears on your face now fully dried.

“I really am sorry jagiya” he whispered, leaving small kisses on your head.

“I know, I forgive you” you whispered back, eyelids becoming heavy as you lay wrapped in Yoongi’s warmth. Maybe speaking your mind was best after all.

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Hi, could I ask for the reaction to their gf wearing sexy clothes but with the other members (Jooheon, Wonho and Shownu)?

Originally posted by wonhontology

Shownu - A nod of approval to you, but the nostril flares of disappointment to his members. Although he’s the oldest, he doesn’t want the other guys to get some sort of idea that involves you. Sure, he’s going to be silent but when he comes home, he’ll be deadly. He wouldn’t say much and instead put his jacket on you (even if you had one on already) and say, “Honey, it’s cold outside–” “No it isn’t.” “Honey, it’s cold outside. Wait for a minute outside, I have to tell the members something.” When the door clicks, he’ll give a glare at them and point two fingers at his eyes and back at them before he leaves. No one really knows how Shownu feels at this point. It’s not anger– he just wants to make sure you’re not giving them any ideas.

Originally posted by kaimikachan

Wonho - Wonho would turn red at the sight of you showing off your legs or how well you did your hair that night. He’d be all over you but when that whistle coming from Minhyuk, he’s going to smirk his way to your grave. “Yeah that’s right, own it.” And just chuckle because this boy can’t be serious for that long. He’d probably stand by you and act as if the two of you were models. “Work it, work it, work it…” Wonho would laugh and just say goodnight to the other members before heading out with you. Wonho wouldn’t really get offended because he trusts his members enough that they wouldn’t make a move on you (like in Minhyuk’s reaction) and that instead he should just cherish this time with you and only you. 

Originally posted by shownusqueen

Jooheon - I feel like Jooheon wouldn’t pay attention to the other members and just focus on your beauty. He’d think the both of you are a power couple and can rock the sexy look. “We should perform a special stage together. Just the two of us,” might be something he’d say. When the other members would check you out, Jooheon would be ready for photos and glamour as the two of you walk out the door and on your way to your special night. He wouldn’t get that jealous, other than having a few second thoughts but brushing it off in the end. Jooheon knows what’s going on and trusts them enough to keep their junk in the trunk.

Admin Mochi

unda da sea

you were my first crush
I saw you before I knew
what love was

everytime I feel it
I think of

your red hair
your trinkets
I smell fish

so I go to Long
John Silver’s
taste you in
a way that doesn’t
require tartar sauce

but will produce it

your chubby friend
freaked me out
with chuckling cheeks
I don’t hit women
but for you
I would spear the shit
out of the urselean
who tricked the voice
out of my
after schools,
Sunday afternoons
happy three mornings
following years

your father warned you
so did mine
you didn’t listen
neither did I

so we both learned
through falling
and losing
our song

eric made me mad
he made you happy
so I just smiled and
shook his hand in
my dreams

you had to leave me
because you found something
more than a little blushed boy
could give you

after that I met
someone who really
stole my heart
hasn’t given it back yet

she’s French
she reads like breathing
she falls in love with beasts

so that means she’s pretty
much perfect for me

there’s a reason
yellow was my favorite
color growing up
why I never
walk the coast

anon request

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#51 for Noctis please!

PROMPT 51:  “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”


 You winced at the tight grip Noctis had around your wrist as he dragged you down the streets of the city. He hadn’t said I single word to your since you both left the restaurant of where you had just celebrated your wedding anniversary.

“Noctis wait! Slow down!”

However Noctis didn’t slow down, and only quickened his pace.

“Noctis!” you called out. “Noctis, please!”

At the sound of your pleading, Noctis turned around to face you. His eyes were painted with a slight crimson hue—a symbol of his simmering fury. His lips had tightened into a line, and his brows seemed to be furrowed in a permanent frown. 

“What’s wrong Noctis?” you asked.

“Oh, you know what’s wrong [Name].” He said in a low mutter.

 That you did. It all happened during dinner. All was going well until Noctis caught the eyes of a nearby waiter peering at your from a distance. It was hard for him to concentrate on you—his beautiful wife—when he had leering eyes to glare at. The last straw was pulled however, when the said waiter approached you. What you thought was a start up of a casual conversation turned into something a lot more uncomfortable when you felt the stranger lean a little closer to you than comfort, hand slightly grazing your as we reached to grab your plate.

 It was then did Noctis snap. Hands slammed on the table as he shot up from his seat, catching the attention of the diners around him.

“We’ll like the bill please.” He said, his words seething through gritted teeth as he stared them down.

 The waiter was lucky Noctis didn’t rip his head.

 “He was just being friendly, Noct.” you said.

 “He was clearly feasting his eyes on you. [Name]!” Noctis fired back. “I was looking at him the whole time!”

 “Too busy looking at him than your own wife I see.” you grinned, in hope to lighten his mood even just a little bit.

 “You know what I mean!” His frown deepened, but you could see a sense of worry in his eyes.

 Smiling, you took a step closer to the young royal. With your hand, you placed it on his cheek. Noctis instantly relaxed at your soft touch. The crimson in his eyes quickly subdued to their calming blues.

 “There’s no need to get all riled up Noctis. It’s not like he was going to swoop me away.” you said softly.

 “I’m your husband. It’s my job to worry.”  Noctis said, his voice just as soft. The hand which he had gripped around wrist had loosened itself to a gentle hold on your fingers.

 Your smile didn’t waver. “Those words I spoke in my vows. I meant every single one of them Noctis. I’m not gonna leave you.”

 Leaning in close, you closed the gap with the gentle meeting of lips to which the prince responded with a kiss just as sweet.

 “I love you, Noctis…” you whispered, lips brushing against his as you pulled away.

 “I love you more…” Noctis replied, pulling you back to kiss you once more.