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Backstage - Part 1

Prompt: It’s opening night for Hamilton and your life l long friend, Daveed, asked you to come and who are you to refuse. After the show, he takes you backstage and things get… heated ;)

Pairing: Daveed/Lafayette x Reader

A/N: An anon requested a fanfic like this though they asked for NSFW. The intro was a little long though I liked how it turned out so I decided to split this up to two parts in case anyone wanted to read the safe version. Another anon asked for something similar but now quite, so if you would still like a separate fanfiction for just NSFW Lafayette, hit me up again. Besides that, enjoy!

Backstage - Part 2 *NSFW*

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You were working on the last of your work when a skype call starts ringing on your laptop. Looking at the name, you saw your childhood’s best friend calling. Sitting up a little straighter, you fix your shirt and comb through your hair with your fingers quickly. Taking a deep breath, you press answer and a smile appears on your lips once Daveed’s face pop up on your screen.

“There she is!” Daveed smiled hugely at you. From where he was, you could tell he was on his bed propped up on his elbow.

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Sherlolly thought of the day:

Molly’s rainbow striped sweater is the visual representation of all the emotions that Sherlock has kept bottled up inside for so very long.  She’s the ultimate key to their release, as we see in The Final Problem.  She’s his rainbow at the end of the long, dark storm that began with Victor Trevor’s disappearance/death–and she shines with bright hope for their future.

anonymous asked:

If requests are open how about hcs for a jealous annasui? Hes already kinda yandere so i cant imagine him jealous lol

Oh gosh I can only imagine what this boy would do when he’s jealous - god help the poor person who’s brought this out of him (◕ っ ◕✿)

Also warning - the last headcanon of this post is a little bit risque but not enough to do a full of NSFW warning so have an open mind when you read it

Other than that please enjoy~!

- Ghost

·         Whoo boy~ people are going to have to prepare themselves if they’re ever in the vicinity of Anasui when jealousy gets the best of him; then again it isn’t too hard to bring out his jealous streak, all it takes is a little persistence, a couple of hours days and being ignored for a certain amount of time and there you have one angry jealous Anasui

·         There are many tell-tale signs that let S/O know the progression of his jealousy is going – it’ll start of subtle with S/O occasionally catching him pass by from the corner of their eye every once in a while, but then it would escalate to him shamelessly glaring holes into the back of the person who dared to take up his S/O’s attention; it doesn’t matter who it is, it could be Emporio and he’d still be staring the poor boy down until he grows too uncomfortable and has to leave to get away from Anasui’s hawk-like gaze

·         If it’s someone that his S/O wouldn’t want to see hurt he’ll refrain from doing any serious damage to them but he’ll do everything in his power to get his partner’s attention away from everyone else and back to him of course if this doesn’t work then he has other ways of distracting them and letting the other person know that S/O was clearly taken

·         There’s no such thing as ‘too bold’ by his standards, he’ll storm over to them mid-conversation out of nowhere and make a show of slinking a hand around their waist so that he can pull them into a kiss with such force and such passion that whatever S/O was even thinking of saying becomes seemingly non-existent and the only thing they can muster when he finally decides to pull them away is a sharp gasp with heavy breaths

·         Anasui’s gonna take this as an opportunity to say that they’re needed elsewhere before promptly leading them away, leaving the person watching them leave with an expression of utter confusion and disbelief

·         However he and S/O barely even round the next corner before they’re suddenly being pinned to the nearest surface, his hands diving beneath their clothing to roam across their skin as he tugs them in for another breath-taking kiss, teeth toying with their bottom lip just enough to break the skin; he doesn’t need to say anything to get the point across that he’s in a particularly jealous and clingy mood but then again he couldn’t even if he wanted to since his mouth will be busy with other things~