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I want more FanFiction lance in my life with more oblivious Keith while pidge constantly mocks him and read passages from his fiction. Lance is embarrassed and shiro goes protective brother mode and is like don't write about Keith in that way and Keith is like but the characters name is heath?? 👽😡

thank you for this, jealous anon 💜 i didn’t add shiro yet but there will be more to this, don’t worry lmao


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Hi hellooooo are you taking requests? If so what are like perfect date headcanons for Gladio? Will he kiss on the first date, yadayada. Thanks!! ^.^

My first request, oh my gosh. 

First Date: Gladiolus Amicitia

• Prior to your date, he’s going to ask you what your favorite color is. You’ll ask why but he won’t budge; reason being because he’s going to give you a bouquet of gladiolus flowers of said color. He’ll love seeing your cheeks turn red as you hug the bouquet close and smile sheepishly at him. 

• If you’re the outdoorsy type, he’ll take you hiking and show you his favorite scenic routes. Gladio will have packed enough food and snacks for the both of you to sit down in the shade or in a patch of cool grass for you to enjoy and rest. 

• You’ll stop at the top of a hill and you’ll take in the view, meanwhile he’s taking in the view of you. He’ll step close, take your hand in his, and ask to kiss you; if he sees you can’t understand the question through eye contact alone then he doesn’t mind making his request verbal. 

• You wonder why he told you to pack your swimsuit for the hike, only to discover that the last stop before the end of the hike is at a small lake with a beautiful waterfall. You won’t even get a chance to test out how cold the water might be because he’s going to scoop you up in his arms and jump in. If he didn’t kiss you earlier, he’s definitely going to as you cling to him for warmth due to the chilly water. 

• You’ll be hugging him with your legs wrapped around his waist as you calm down from your giggle fit when he gives you that look. He’ll caress your cheek and give you an experimental kiss. When he hears you whimper as he pulls away, he’ll smirk and kiss you again but with more passion. It’s this intimate moment that he thanks the gods for.

• Rather do something with less vigorous activity? He’ll take you to a bookstore and tell you about his favorite series and poetry books, he’ll even ask for you to share your favorites as well; Gladio will most likely purchase a book you already own so that he can read along and discuss with you. He loves hearing about what you’re passionate about, especially if it has to do with literature. Yes, this man is a delightful combo of brains and brawn.  

• He’s going to be holding your hand for almost the entirety of the date. No questions asked; unless it’s hot out and your palms get sweaty, then he’ll wrap an arm around your shoulders to keep you close. He wants to feel the softness of your hand against his/ the closeness of you. 

• Next Gladio will take you walking around downtown Insomnia, perhaps even to a nearby park where you can lose yourselves in conversation. Needless to say the first date with him, whatever it is you decided to do, it’s going to last a while. He wants to learn as much as possible about you. If there’s a specific place you want to go, he’ll happily oblige and let you take the lead. 

• It’s around then when you’re telling him a story about yourself that you’ll notice that he’s absolutely entranced with you, his eyes flickering between your eyes and lips. You’ll trail off when he starts to lean close and capture your lips in a soft kiss. And damn the Six if he isn’t the best kisser you’ve ever met.

You’ll giggle and forget what it was you were talking about, earning a gorgeous laugh from him.

• Once you’ve worked up an appetite, he’ll take you to his favorite ramen shop. He goes there so often that he’s good friends with the whole staff, landing you guys a free House Special for the occasion. And who doesn’t like free meals?

• Afterwards he’ll take you to an ice cream parlor for some dessert. Feeling bold? Order a sundae and eat the cherry in front of him. Do it. If he didn’t kiss you earlier, then watching you put the cherry in your mouth will make him forget any sort of restraint and kiss you. He’ll hold the back of your neck and pull you into a searing lip lock, relishing in your sweetness. 

• Without a doubt, you both agree that this calls for a second date. 

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I'm a slut for platonic friendship so can I get something like a chick flick marathon with Kageyama or Tsukishima with their fem friend.

Love, love, love this, Anon!


“Come on, it’s okay to fall asleep if you’re tired,” she laughed on her way over the the DVD player in order to switch out the movie. Taking up the case for 10 Things I Hate About You she turned to smile at Kageyama who sat groggily back on the couch. “I won’t do anything.”

Giving the smallest of glares in return, Kageyama pressed the heels of his hands hard against his eyes, trying to rub any sleep away from them. “That’s what you said last time and I ended up with popcorn in my nose and mouth until it was hard to breath.” He still didn’t find it amusing even two weeks later.

She was laughing again, harder this time with her head falling back on her shoulders. “I got, like, nearly one hundred pieces in your big mouth!” With the new movie in place, she hurried back to the couch and jumped into the seat next to him, hands jutting out to steal the pillow on his lap to cuddle it against her own. “I promise though, nothing will happen if you fall asleep.”

He glowered, body hunching forward in the slightest as he directed his tired gaze stubbornly on the television ahead. This was a common routine, he knew her - they were best friends, after all - and no way was he going to trust any promise she made in regards to her pranks. The time before the popcorn incident she had taken liberty to draw a handlebar mustache and unibrow on his face and managed to get him to school like that. Morning practice had been hell that day. And there was the time before that when he woke up with a set of long faux-acrylic nails on - painted orange and black with crows details and it was way cool, but that’s not the point - and it made setting an absolute nightmare. And then there was–

“Tobio? You fall asleep with your eyes open?” She was laughing again, almost uncontrollably and he wondered if they passed into the time zone of the night when everything was funny no matter how stupid.

Turning to look at her he realized that they were nearly halfway through the movie and he hadn’t taken in a single bit of it. A small groan left him before he was falling to his side, body curling until his head hit the pillow situated in her lap. “Do your demon business, I’m too tired.”

“Goodnight to you to, Tobio,” she spoke sweetly, hands already reaching for the hair gel she had stored in the drawer of the table next to the couch, “have sweet dreams of volleyball.”

“We watched Safe Haven last week,” Tsukishima complained from his spot in the large recliner. His hands were busy fiddling with the set of hair ties that had been given to him prior to her putting in their first movie for the night. “Why don’t we watch something like The Devil Wears Prada.”

She rolled her eyes before looking back at him, disk in hand. “We watched that last week too,” she pointed out with a smile.

Without returning it, he looked at her as though they were making the decision that would end all world wars. “Yes, but Meryl Streep is a goddess.”

“True, but Heath Ledger is fine,” she noted with a small wink before putting the disk into the player.

Rolling his eyes, he returned her smile, his hand lifting to gesture her over to him. “Just shut up and get over here so I can braid your hair.” He watched her press play and move across the living room to sit before him on the floor, his slender fingers automatically reaching to run through her hair. This has been a constant since they were small, him helping her with her hair. Not only because she just loved the way he would gently handle her locks, but also because he was just way good at it, despite not being raised with any sisters, he had learned well.

“The fact that you know every line just means we’ve watched this too much,” Tsukishima pointed out, hand hands delicately Parton her hair into three separate parts, “and I won’t even mention the fact that you have that dumb sonnet posted in your room.”

“It’s not dumb!” she was quick to shoot back, “it’s romantic! You’re just the dumb one.” She instantly reached back to smack him on the leg when there was a sharp tug at her hair, the message was clear: ‘don’t forget who’s in control’. “I have all night to get you back.”

He smiled, more content than he had been all week long. “Try me, sweetheart.”

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FS hook up before Maveth, leaving Jemma pregnant when she goes through the portal. (Will being a big bro is always appreciated :))

Hello Anon,

remember when you sent me this prompt 35,000 years ago? And then 25,000 years ago (aka in February) I tried to let you know that I’ll get to it but it might take some time and that it’ll be a multi-chapter?


While you waited in darkness - Chapter 1

Big thank you to @marvelthismarvelthat and @dilkirani for lending a helping hand with beta.

Disclaimer: This fic will likely be slow in the making, but I do have the general outline done and will do my best not to keep you hanging for too long!

Sneak Peek:

She walks slowly down the hallway, almost too tired to lift her feet off the ground. She’d spent hours in their make-shift med bay stitching up minor wounds and bandaging injuries, while Cal and Lincoln had been operating on Coulson’s arm. At some point she did it all on autopilot, her mind constantly drifting off to the way Fitz had looked at her when he and the rest of the away team had returned. Relief had washed over her to see him unharmed, but at the same time the exhausted and sad look on his face had made her wish she could leave duty behind and rush straight to him. She’d opted for at least grabbing his elbow in passing to reassure herself that he was there and alive and it might all be okay one day, while Cal called over his shoulder for her to come with them to the infirmary. Fitz had looked straight at her, the corners of his mouth ticking into the hint of a smile. He’d lifted his chin in a wordless ‘I’m fine’, an encouragement to go and help those who needed her more than him. So she’d given his elbow one final squeeze, telling him she’d talk to him later, before following Cal and Lincoln to the med bay.

Now, hours later, her body feels depleted and ready to sink into bed, but her mind is still wide awake. Her heart pounds in her chest as she turns the corner, trying to figure out if she should really dare knock on his door and risk waking him.

Love Lasts, part 3


Part 2



You walked out to the living room to find a surprise waiting for you. A handful of Gabriel’s brothers stood around the room, as well as the Winchesters. A banner hung above the room that proclaimed “Baby Girl!” and purple and pink balloons were bouncing against the ceiling.

“Gabriel,” you said with a slight laugh. “What’s this?”

“Your baby shower!” Gabriel stepped over and draped a ‘mother-to-be’ sash over you (as if your giant stomach wasn’t proof enough). “I know these are usually reserved for the ladies, but I did the best I could.”

“This is… wonderful, Gabriel. Really.”

Gabriel led you over to the group, everyone wishing you well and congratulating you. Your husband disappeared for a moment, returning with a plate laden with snacks for you (including the healthy options you were trying to limit yourself to nowadays).

Once everyone had pretty much had their fill, Gabriel pulled your puffy chair out to the middle of the floor. “All right, my lady. Have a seat.”

“Gabriel, what are you doing?”

All of the guests brought their presents over to your chair, surrounding you with boxes and bags. You didn’t really like the spotlight on you, all those angelic eyes staring at you, but the gifts they’d brought were magnificent. You were incredibly touched that Gabriel’s brothers were so thoughtful. (And the Winchesters had gotten you a full line of plaid and flannel baby clothes.)

After the gifts were placed to the side, Gabriel pulled out a few shower games for the guests to play. Surprisingly, Castiel was right on the money with how much ribbon it would take to wrap around your stomach. Sam correctly guessed the most of the answers to the questionnaire about your pregnancy and relationship with Gabriel. And Dean correctly guessed the baby food in unlabeled jars (and nearly threw up when he tasted the mushed peas).

“Thank you, all,” you said. “Really. This little one is already so loved, I can’t imagine what it will be like when she finally arrives.”

“She’ll be spoiled rotten,” Gabriel agreed. “Just the way we always hoped.”


“Are you sure Y/N’s ready for visitors?” Sam asked. “We don’t want to intrude.”

“She’s been home for a few weeks. She’s getting stir-crazy. You’ll be a welcome change.” Gabriel carefully opened the door, peering in. “Good, she’s awake.”

The Winchesters followed the angel into the living room, finding you sitting on the couch, bottle in one hand, baby in the other.

“Hi, boys!” you said, smiling up at them. “It’s so good to see you!”

“You, too,” the boys said. They carefully flanked you, not wanting to jostle the little bundle in your arms.

“Here,” you said, passing your baby and the bottle off to Sam. “Feed her and you’ll be bonded for life.”

“My kind of gal,” Dean said, laughing slightly at his brother.

Sam peered down at the little baby, her honey-colored eyes matching her father’s. “Hey, little one,” he said, carefully holding the bottle to her curved, pink lips. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“How are you doing?” Dean asked. “This is certainly a big adjustment.”

You smiled. “It is. But it hasn’t been as hard as the horror stories would make you think. She eats, she sleeps, she poops.”

“Sounds like Gabriel.”

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, Deano. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous of a tiny, screaming ball of flesh? No th–”

You signaled to Sam who leaned over and plopped the baby into Dean’s arms. The elder hunter looked incredibly freaked out, but his arms stiffened, holding the baby close to him. “Whoa. Easy there, baby,” he said as she began to squirm slightly. She soon settled, peering up at Dean with a curious expression.

“She likes you,” Gabriel said, smiling down at his daughter.

“Yeah, well… what’s not to like?”

Shopping (Ardyn)

Does Ardyn make a good shopping buddy for his s/o? Guess we’ll find out.

To be completely honest, looking at things through a canon lens, it’d be kind of strange for the Chancellor of Nifleheim to be about shopping with his s/o. Regardless of his own feelings on the matter. But in a world where he’s just a dude with an s/o and no political machinations on his agenda; I think he’d love to shop with his s/o. Even from a canon lens, I think he may want to share the experience with his s/o but it’d create too much of a hoopla to actually go out in public so openly. So he’d rather not join them for their own convenience. I think amidst all the security procedures and protocols the appeal of spending time like this loses some of it’s appeal to him.

But back to the ‘normal dude Ardyn’ side. Over here, Ardyn would tag along happily because he’s just a normal dude with an s/o. He may not seem overly enthusiastic, but he does suggest stores to check out. Or offer his opinion. Or ask his s/o about anything he isn’t too familiar with, though this one only really applies if his s/o is shopping for hobby-related stuff, or even work related stuff. At any rate, he’s attentive and wouldn’t complain unless he genuinely has a reason to. He’d also definitely ask his s/o to tag along when he needs to do any shopping. Mostly because he loves their company, and it gives him an excuse to ask them to go on a “sort of date” with him.

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Okay,so happy your ask is open! Can I get a poly relationship with Hinata and Suga? Fluffy and cute, no need for nsfw. Thank you!

I love this fluffy trio! Thank you for requesting a fluff polyship!

Enjoy, Anon!

Slow mornings like this were Sugawara’s personal favorite. It was early, way too early to be awake on a Sunday morning, but he sat up in bed, careful not to disturb the two bodies that were still sound asleep to his side. His hand rose to run the sleep from his eyes before his gaze fell upon the two. They lay on their back, one arm wrapping around Hinata who lay curled against their side, his head perched on their chest. They both breathed deeply, steadily and Sugawara spent a few minutes just watching them, the affection he felt for both swelling in his chest.

Reaching carefully across the slumbering two, he pulled the blankets around any limbs that had been kicked free during the night. His fingers brushed over Hinata’s cheek gently before combing delicately through their hair. It didn’t matter that he wouldn’t fall back asleep or that he may be craving a gentle session of morning sex with them, he wouldn’t wake them if he could help it. Especially not when they were wrapped so adorably around each other; it was definitely picture worthy in the soft light that was filling the room.

Taking his phone from the nightstand, he opened his camera before aiming the lense at them, making sure to capture the perfect angle. Maybe this one would find its way to his background? When the noise of the device went off indicating that a picture was taken, he froze, breath instantly stopping in its tracks as he stared at the sleeping figures. That was the last thing he wanted to do, especially with all the volleyball practice Hinata had been doing with the college team; he needed his rest.

It wasn’t him who stirred through, allowing Sugawara to breath again despite the feeling of guilt that still washed over him. “Morning,” he greeted softly, his body moving to lean and press a chaste kiss to their lips as their eyes fluttered open, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“S’kay,” they responded groggily, the arm that wasn’t trapped by Hinata’s sleeping form rose to rub at their eyes, “what time is it?”


“Gross,” and the reply gaining the a beauteous laugh from Sugawara who wasted no time in dipping again to reclaim their mouth, this time allowing them to meld and a familiar rhythm to build between them. His hand carefully drew lines over their next and along their collarbone before digging into the red locked of Hinata’s hair, fingernails scraping delicately across his scalp. When his tongue trailed over their lip, he heard a small groan, but it hadn’t come from the mouth he had been kissing.

“My turn,” Hinata whined, his voice croaking as it tried to adjust to be unused for several hours. Both heads turned to the third member of their party and rewarded him with lovely smiles. Only waiting to be beckoned by a tired hand reaching to tug at their hair did both of them swooped in to start kissing the small boy anywhere they could get their mouth first.

This morning was perfect, just like every other one Sugawara woke up to with them by his sides.

Give me random scenarios

An anon I received (last night) asking Sebastian’s reaction if the message on the wall had read “Get in my belly” got me giggling.

It’s not even 10am, and my workday already sucks.

Undertaker could use some chuckles and is now accepting requests for character reactions to canon scenarios turned AU (like the example above).