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wait if it's not too much of a pain/too personal can you explain why your fellow kiwis think you're foreign?

Not too personal at all! It’s mostly just my accent. Apparently I don’t sound ‘traditionally kiwi’ by any means, so whenever people meet me for the first time they will often ask “Oh, how long have you been in the county? Do you like it here?” and stuff like that. 

It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun because I’ve lived here 99% of my life. 

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Hi! Just out of curiosity what do you consider the ages to be an "adult" fan for this blog? Like you say adult fans but do you mean adult like 18+ or like adult like proper adults who have their shit together and have lives lol? Like are we talking technically adults but everyone knows we all just pretending (like 18-26ish) or real Adult adults (like 30+) lol? Sorry this is such a mess lol. (Basically what are the ages of some of your followers?) Anyways I hope you have a nice day.

hello! Both cassie and I are 28, and we have a lot of followers around that age. But we also follow and have followers who are older (into their forties) and younger (early twenties, college age and I’m sure younger although we don’t talk regularly with anyone who’s that young that I know of).

So when we refer to adults I guess we’re talking about ourselves in our late twenties, but that’s not to exclude any other adults (or anyone for that matter!). All are welcome no matter what age group or life stage they’re in. 

When we made the name we weren’t really on tumblr at all and brand new to the fandom so we thought we might be the only ones in our twenties but we met so many other people who are “older” fans.  I like that our name alone has connected us to so many other people who initially thought they were the only older fans. 

Hope that clears it up! 

xxxx C & C music factory 

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Same anon of the Jack story-and yep, that's what it is. I don't know any other details but i do love the theory of them having to go back there to find their true love sapling-or even the beanstalk itself IS the sapling, who knows! Maybe they need it to save Emma? I don't know, this is just spec on my part, i only know what it was.

Okay, very interesting!  So if you’re right, then the spoilery set piece is the beanstalk then (I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying your an anon, and I don’t have any way of knowing that what you’re saying is 100% accurate other than your word, so no offense).  

I love the idea of CS returning to the beanstalk, to where it all began for them!  Talk about coming full circle!

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*when you need more followers and attention you spend 15 dollars on someone you dont even know, sounds logical lol not

Lol funny thing is if you have a problem with what I do with MY money and MY life u can literally shut tf up. Also you’re acting like I’m the only person who does giveaways, do you send rude asks to everyone who does them or?? 🤔Anyways you’re fucking pathetic lol how about you get a life and stop spending me rude asks on anon. Hater ass hoe 🙄 but go off I guess

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🌀 - Favorite type of weather?

warm comfortable weather like 24 degrees celcius :-) no rain and no wind!!!

🌎 - A country you would visit?

i just answered this before from a random anon but i guess i most wanna go to south korea!!

🔮 - Do you believe in luck?

yes i defs do :-( only bad luck though ahhaha

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idk if ur the right person to ask but (1) i need advice and (2) you seem wise i guess and (3) its 1:40 a.m. so... (stupid idea) shoud i send the girl i like "i like you" in russian? i only know vv basic russian anyways.. bless the anon feature -a confused lesbian

“you seem wise I guess” ALSKDFJASDF THANK YOU??

Ahhh yes you should send it, that’s so cute!!! :D :D :D Good luck!!!

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Hiya! I'm a bit confused about how I identify as well...(obviously I'm not the anon from before, but I saw your response to their ask and was wondering if you could maybe attempt to help me as well...If it makes you uncomfortable you 100% don't have to answer, I totally understand). (Also, I have social anxiety, so I hope you don't mind me being on anon...). Anyway, I'm a bit confused about..what gender is, I guess? If that makes sense? Basically, cis doesn't feel "wrong" to me (1/4)

but I literally do not understand what gender is, so I have no way of knowing if that’s what I really am. I see a lot of posts that say things like “there is no difference between a “boy’s” brain and a “girl’s” brain, and that boys can be feminine and girls can be masculine and trans boys can still be feminine and trans girls can still be masculine and agender people and genderfluid people and nonbinary people etc. all exist…but if all of this is true (not saying it’s not), then what (2/4)

exactly is the difference between these genders and identities? How can you tell what gender you are if there isn’t any difference? What is it that makes someone a “boy” or someone else a “girl” or someone else a different gender than that? Or even having no gender? What makes these genders what they are and not anything else? I’m really sorry if that’s confusing, I can’t really explain it very well. (I’m also really sorry if I accidentally offended you or anyone else, and I promise that (¾)

that is definitely not my intent). Thank you so much if you are able to answer, and even if you aren’t (and I’m sorry to bother you! I hope you have a nice day!) (4/4)


Hoo boy…okay I’m going to do my best to explain but forgive me if it’s a bit disjointed because I’m not an expert at all and I’m usually very incoherent

The most basic truth of gender vs sex is gender is what your head tells you you are and your sex is just what genitals you have.

While it’s true that there aren’t as clear divisions between most “male” and “female” brains there are in people who have a very clear and definite feeling of their gender being one or the other. This applies to both cis people who strongly identify as their assigned gender and trans people in relation to the gender they identify as.

As in a trans woman who strongly identifies as such will have a ‘female’ coded brain.

Most people have a vaguer brain map which falls between the two. In other words most people are in some ways technically non-binary. (I don’t have references for this because I learned it from my super smart friend but now I can’t find the post she made about it.)

Some ways having a gender that is different from your sex can affect you:

Gender Dysphoria:

Some people feel that their genitals are very much at odds with what their brain tells them and they hate their body because it’s not what their brain tells them it should be.  

Some people (like me) don’t hate their genitals but either all the time or sometimes feel the ache of what should be there but isn’t. It doesn’t come with self-hatred but it’s profoundly uncomfortable.

Gender Euphoria:

This is a joy and happiness that comes from being correctly recognised as your actual gender. It’s a sense of “yes that’s right” It’s perfectly possible to have this and not dysphoria and still be non-binary or trans.


Knowing what gender you are can be difficult. Some people prefer to avoid labels altogether other people embrace labels.

For me growing up I didn’t have tumblr or any access to even the idea of non-binary or genderfluid at all.

I used to watch documentaries on transgenderism with fascination knowing it wasn’t quite right for me (I didn’t want to be a boy) but that it spoke to a part of me.

When I was a teenager I found a book of short stories by Neil Gaiman in my local library. I believe it was the book Smoke and Mirrors.

Anyway, in the story titled Changes a pill is developed that cures cancer but also changes a person’s sex. It had people who changed it for the weekend, or often switched back and forth and I remember thinking at the time “I would love that. I would take that pill all the time. Just constantly switching back and forth” it was the first thing in my life that suggested fluidity of gender and I nearly cried. I read that story so many times because it spoke to me on a deep level.

Still I didn’t really realise I was gender fluid until the last couple of years when I became familiar with the concept.

Now…here’s another thing. There is a difference between gender and gender expression.

Someone who identifies solely as a male can wear a dress because they “look good” and that’s fine. That doesn’t change the fact that they identify as male.

A non-binary person wearing a dress is also doing it because they “look good” and that’s fine and doesn’t change the fact they identify as non-binary.

A person who identifies as female can wear a dress because they “look good” and that’s fine etc etc.

What a person wears or acts is individual expression and it doesn’t change the gender that they feel they are.

If wearing trousers for instance made you male a lot of cis women would be classed as men…but that’s not how it works. Style and fashion and personal expression can complement the gender a person is but it does not define it.

Personally because I am genderfluid I tend to wear more stereotypically male things when I feel male and stereotypically female things when I feel female and that’s solely to combat dysphoria and to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I can see how that could be confusing to someone on the outside but as I said to my cis husband when they wondered if Kiddo was saying they were bi-gender just because they like things that stereotypically ‘girly’: “You’re CIS, have you ever really seriously questioned your gender or felt your head and your bits didn’t match?” to which he replied “Oh…yeah okay I get it now”

Because he hasn’t ever questioned it or felt it at odds and it’s a big claim to make if you don’t feel it inside.

But it’s also okay to be confused. To not know.  To think you’re A and then realise later you’re actually B.

Figuring it out takes time when you’re discovering both yourself and the very concept of gender beyond the binary.

It’s not a new concept in the world. A large part of the world has always known and understood there are more than two genders. Western society is just catching up to the rest of the world and it’s okay to be confused and unsure. There is no time limit on when you can figure these things out.

Here is a link to a comic that explains a lot about gender and sexualities

Here is a link to Katie Couric’s exploration of gender for the National Geographic. I haven’t watched it but I included it as my mom has said it was really helpful for her.

I hope that helped a bit! Despite my rambling and disjointed explanations!

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If you really are french then how come you speak such perfect english??? I've been to france many times and its a beautiful country but people there barely spoke a word of english! Do you use it a lot in your personal life or at work? Im just really curious i guess lol

Lol! Thank you anon! My English is far from being perfect, and to be honest, except @a-january-girl our English teachers are bad as hell. French just can’t speak English, it’s insane. So I basically learnt or relearnt English being here on Tumblr, reading and writing fanfics. My former English teachers would cringe :D

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Zen also loves mc in every route not just Jumin but guess thats all you noticed..

Hi, anon. I made the post you are referring to a long time ago, so forgive me if I’m a little out of touch? with the game since I haven’t touched Mystic Messenger since christmas.

From what I can remember, it was pretty evident that Jumin and Seven absolutely adored MC throughout all routes and it was stated many times that both characters would, quite literally, do anything for them. From my experience, Zen did love MC in most of the routes, but the way in which he loved them was very different. He was more fatherly towards her, and I guess had a sibling complex? He was very brotherly in some routes too. He treated MC like a child, like they were his younger sibling in Jumin’s route, whereas in for example Yoosung’s, they were treated much differently because he was a similar age to the MC. I do not think Zen romantically loved MC all the way through, because he doesn’t get a chance to explore his emotions or feelings towards them.

I think, to some degree, all characters did love MC in every route, but each in their own personal way. If you look at the “true canon route” i.e Seven’s, Jaehee looked towards MC as a sister, and Zen as a sibling, Yoosung admired MC in a more senpai-kohai relationship, and Jumin was just… undeniably in love with her?

My post was simply to outline what I noticed throughout my experience of playing the game, however if you made your own post explaining why you feel as though Zen loved MC, then I would be open to interpretation and would love to read it.

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lance,,, Keith,,,, the lights of my life,,,, where are your shades or safety glasses on that motorcycle,,,, you will get dirt or rocks in your eyes,,, (I'm not trying to be rude and point out mistakes btw. this isn't meant to offend in anyway, I'm just trying to encourage good safety procedures. I see a lot of art where they don't have things covering their eyes and that's really dangerous)

Bonus from

LMAO, it is so true, noni!!
No offense taken at all, you are absolutely right XD
 and safety is the most important part (and keith should know it)


for that unfortunate anon that thinks it was a good idea to challenge me


(audio from brooklyn 99 i’m going to die)

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How does Natsu act towards Lucy when he's drunk?

I’d like to think that Natsu’s a clingy drunk .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I was gonna redraw this sketch but I kept that ask long enough, so I went with the old one after all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

what’s most likely to happen next:


Anon: College Klance, where Keith’s sick but he has a really important test in one of his classes so he goes to class anyway. Keith and Lance happen to have that class together, and normally Lance just tries to ignore the other boy, but the Keith waddles in wearing a big coat, scarf and a wool beanie. It’s like 80 degrees out, so he knows somethings off. Bonus: For Keith being light headed and having to be carried back to his dorm room. (PS Thank you for writing awesome fics)

A/N: So I heard you guys liked pining Lance. Cashing in the bonus, someone should draw Keith in winter gear with the scarf covering his face up to his bright-red nose.

Lance hadn’t noticed the boy before. He hadn’t noticed that mullet hair, or that red jacket, or that little glance they shared when the boy would walk in a minute before class started-

Okay, maybe he’d noticed. But that’s just because the guy sat in front of him in the lecture hall! How could he not look at the way his stupid hair turned up at the ends or the stupid way he twirled his stupid pencil with his stupid nice fingers-

Okay. Maybe he’d done more than notice. Maybe he’d put in some extra effort into trying to see the boy’s name on his test. Maybe he’d lost track of class while watching the boy lazily doodle on his notes. Maybe he’d seen ‘Keith Kogane’ on the list of packages at the front desk of his dorm hall and almost choked. Just maybe, though. Probably not. Definitely not.

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Some beautiful soul requested Mana Walker and teenage Allen in modern day clothes. I can’t stress enough, how much I LOVED this request! I think I found my new guilty pleasure! 

I drew Mana in typical dad clothes :) and for some reason Allen strikes me as hipster.

You Don’t Have To Do This

Anon: Could you do a Voltron where Keith’s all sick and emotional because his fevers really high, and Lance irritated because he got the job of taking care of him. Keith ends up blabbing in his feverish state telling him that he doesn’t have to take care of him if he doesn’t want to and that he’ll be fine on his own, that it’s not the first time. Basically giving away that he hasn’t ever really had anyone to take care of him and Lance feels guilty for being a jerk about it fussing over him.

A/N: What’s that? Two fics in one day? It’s a miracle I get anything done at college.

“You don’t have to do this…”

Lance stopped and frowned. He was in the middle of dabbing Keith’s forehead with a cold cloth, careful not to let any of the icy water drip down the Red Paladin’s cheeks. This was exactly why he didn’t want to be assigned this job. Keith was already stubborn as hell when he was feeling okay, but this?

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