for the anon asking for my current favourite songs

Anon Hour~
  • Yep! Another anon hour. Im really excited to see what you all send in. All asks will be answered by each admin.if not state which admin:
  • 1: Why did you start your own kpop blog?
  • 2: Who is your UB and why?
  • 3: Who is your UB group? Why?
  • 4: A Kpop idol you wish you could be for a day?
  • 5: Favorite female solo singer?
  • 6: Favorite male solo singer?
  • 7: Top 5 boy groups?
  • 8: Top 5 girl groups?
  • 9: Favorite kpop song?
  • 10: Top 10 songs?
  • 11: Five songs you listen to when mad?
  • 12: ^upset?
  • 13: ^Happy?
  • 14: Which song gives you the best (or worst) memories?
  • 15: Your Bias in ____?
  • 16: Your favorite song by ____?
  • 17: Top 5 male biases?
  • 18: Top 5 female biases?
  • 19: Favorite MV of all time?
  • 20: Favorite MV by _____ ?
  • 21: Your first bias ever?
  • 22: First group discovered?
  • 23: Top 3 otps?
  • 24: Song or group that made you fall in love with kpop?
  • 25: Your favorite duo?
  • 26: Idol with the best body?
  • 27: ____ or ____? (song/era/group/idol/actor/actress/otp)
  • 28: Have any merchandise?
  • 29: Tell me about your bias (state group) or UB: Why is he/she your bias? how did he/she become your bias?
  • 30: Favorite variety show?
  • 31: Favorite drama?
  • 32: bang, marry, kill? (insert 3 idols)
  • 33: Favorite label? Why?
  • 34: Least favorite group?
  • 35: How would you react if you saw your bias?
  • 36: Favorite rapper? (state solo or group)
  • 37: Favorite maknae?
  • 38: Favorite Hyung line?
  • 39: Favorite maknae line?
  • 40: Favorite goof off (beagle) line?
  • 41: My first bias
  • 42: Your current bias and why
  • 43: Favourite song
  • 44: . Favourite Mv
  • 45: OTP
  • 46: Member you think has the best smile
  • 47: Favourite choreography
  • 48: Favourite voice/singer
  • 49: Favourite dancer
  • 50: Best Aeygo
  • Thanks for participating

anonymous asked:

Dear Evan Hansen

Favourite Character: …do you have to ask? xD look at my URL lol. CONNOR MURPHY ❤️
Least Favourite Character: Alana? Idk, I love them all so this is a hard question!
Favourite OBC Cast Member: Mike Faist
Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): Mike Faist
Favourite Song: Sincerely, Me
Least Favourite Song: Words Fail
Favourite Act (If Applicable): probably Act 1
Favourite Ship: Zoe and Evan
Least Favourite Ship: I literally only ship Zoe and Evan in the show so anything else would be a least favorite ship lol
If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: I mean I want my bby Connor alive but that kind of derails the whole show doesn’t it? Lol
Ratings: 10/10

anonymous asked:

Loona (so far)


My first bias: Kim Lip
Your current bias and why: After watching all the episodes of LOONA TV, I am now between Hyunjin and Kim Lip because Hyunjin is legitimately me around my friends, and Kim Lip is just such a character. I love them both, and I can’t decide between the two of them.
Favourite song: I have had Loonatic on repeat since it was released, so I’m going to pick that one!
Favourite MV: Eclipse! It’s. Such. A. Masterpiece.
OTP: Heejin + Hyunjin & Lipsoul!
Member you think has the best smile: Haseul!! Like her eye smile is so cute and it’s just, amazing!
Favourite choreography: Eclipse
Favourite era: I feel like since they are still in predebut that it’s just the predebut era, and I love it all so yeah
Do you own any merchandise: I bought the Limited Version of Mix & Match, and I have plans to eventually buy all of Kim Lip and Hyunjin’s singles + Loona 1/3 albums, and slowly collect all the things because they’re my 4th bias group, and I have this weird thing where I collect all the physical albums/singles of my bias groups Lol
Have you seen them live: NO, BUT I REALLY WANT TO
Favourite voice/singer: Probs Kim Lip’s
Favourite dancer: Heejin! She’s so much fun to watch!

Send me a kpop group

anonymous asked:

some of your favourite songs?

Disclaimer: I tend to listen to the same 10 songs over and over again until I get sick of them. So here are the current 10 I am obsessing over at the moment:

1. Lay it all on me- Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran
2. The Hills- The Weeknd
3. Me, Myself, & I- G-Eazy
4. On my mind- Ellie Goulding
5. Lowlife- That Poppy
6. Simple Things (Remix)- Miguel
7. Flashlight- The Front Bottoms
8. Wasn’t expecting that- Jamie Lawson
9. Hurricane- Halsey
10. Perfect- One Direction