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Waverly Knows How To Make an Entrance at the Strip Joint:
  • *A while after Waverly calls Nicole and finds out that Nicole and Wynonna are at a strip joint*
  • Nicole: "I don't know, hopefully she won't find us. I mean, she hasn't barged through the front door yet..."
  • Wynonna: "Yeah if she was actively looking she would have found us by now since there aren't many clubs; I guess she trusts us for now."
  • *Music suddenly changes to Write My Story by Olly Anna, or the song Waverly did her cheerleading routine to*
  • Nicole: *Freezes up in terror*
  • Wynonna: "What- Is something wrong?"
  • Waverly: *Suddenly appears onstage in her full cheerleading glory, does some of her routine, spots Wynonna and Nicole and runs right towards them*
  • Wynonna: "Nicole Haught you usELESS DRUNK LESBIAN STOP GAPING AT MY SISTER AND RUN WE'RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE." *Has to drag Nicole out because Nicole is in a Gay Trance™*
dec. 26, 2016: what NOT TO DO vs. what TO DO as a student

hey, everyone!!!

after rambling on and on about my first semester as a high school junior in this post, I have decided to compile a list of tips (if u can call them that) of things you should think of doing versus things you SHOULD NOT DO, LIKE, EVER as a student! i’m planning on following these things during the upcoming semester.


  1. Study everything the day before your exam. First of all, it’s just too much stress. Plus, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember everything while testing. Just, don’t do it. I had done this multiple times last semester, and I just never want to experience something like that ever again. Here is a way to break your study time/material into chunks. Here is another way.
  2. Eat nothing in school. (Unless it’s Ramadan or something.) You need to eat, you’ll feel dizzy and weak and your health will be negatively affected without (HEALTHY) food. That happened to me. What I (generally) take to school are a few crackers, my own homemade cheese ‘dip’ (or some Babybel/string cheese), yogurt, and a little candy bar.
  3. Spend too much time in the bathroom/shower. This is THE WORST thing I do to myself…this is my “go-to” method of procrastination. I just shower or spend time in the bathroom for, like A LOT OF TIME per day. Just take this as a little piece of advice from me: don’t spend time you could be practicing for that math test, badly singing Whitney Houston songs. Just don’t. Your future self will thank you.
  4. Study continuously for prolonged periods of time. I HATE sitting down for a long time, oh my gosh. My back hurts, my butt hurts, I start to get drowsy. Refer to tip #9 of the “Do’s” for a solution.
  5. Start a TV show during the school year. Unless you have PERFECT time management skills, just don’t get hooked into a TV show. I’m 99.98% sure you’ll binge-watch and regret your life. I’m really glad I didn’t start watching Gossip Girl last semester, and I’m not gonna do it this next semester, either.


  1. Invest in a planner or start a bullet journal. I’ve used both methods. Just get any cheap old notebook, or, if you can afford it and you want to, splurge a little and just record all upcoming events and everything you need to do. You don’t have to spend 1229834 hours decorating your planner/bujo like the perfect ones you see here on tumblr. Maybe add a little color code, a little doodle here and there. Just decorate it however you want (or don’t!!!) as long as you’re not taking away precious study time. I personally have a 2017 planner that I’ve recently started to use, so I’m just gonna stick with that, tbh.
  2. Designate a day per week/two weeks to just review past/current material taken in a particular course. Okay, in the past I’ve been too lazy to actually do this, but I AM gonna start doing this next semester. I’m probably leave the weekend for physics and chemistry, and maybe Sunday for biology…I think I’m gonna make a specific post about that later.
  3. Stay hydrated! Oh my gosh, this one is so important. Whenever I don’t bring a water bottle to school, I end up cranky, sleepy, and suffering from a headache. For those reasons, I think it is always a good idea to take a water bottle with you to school.
  4. Find time to exercise. It is rather hypocritical of me, a lazyass slob, to say this, but you pretty much ALWAYS have SOME time during the week for a workout. Even once or twice. Not gonna lie to myself anymore.
  5. Do as much “homework” as you can in school. I have a total of 45 minutes of break per school day, so I’m going to use those to do work. The only problem I have is finding someplace I won’t be distracted by my friends. I think I’ve got that covered, though.
  6. Organize your binders/folders/whatever frequently. Just do it and YOU WILL NOTICE A BIG DIFFERENCE in how quickly you finish your tasks. I have an expandable file folder in which I keep any papers/notes/stuff I write or receive throughout the week, and then after the end of the week I spend time filing them into big binders for each subject.
  7. Maintain a clean and tidy room + desk. I literally CANNOT focus if my study area is messy. My grades DROP. It’s hard to study when you have an area the size of a large textbook to do work in, and a pile of papers/clothes/BOTH at your feet. I advise you to tidy (which does NOT mean redecorate) your desk before your study session, just to get some more space to think and do work.
  8. Join some kind of school club/extracurricular activity. Joining my school’s Model UN has given me so much joy and I’ve met so many wonderful people. I really advise you all to join something!! Just remember, manage your time wisely!!!
  9. Use the Pomodoro method to study. It’s simple yet effective. Try it and you’ll understand what I mean. I’ve especially aced a ton of memorization-based tests because of this method.
  10. Start working on projects early. Not only does this reduce stress levels, it also may help you boost your grade! If you experience any issues, you can just write your question(s) down on a little sticky note and ask your teacher instead of panicking at 1 AM!!!!

Good luck to us all!!! <3 Rawan

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Bts reaction to their s/o feeling lonely:

Anon requested: Bts react to their s/o feeling lonely


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It’ll eat him alive and he just won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Jin will try to get you more involved in his life, take you to more dates, cooking you more often, he just can’t bear it.


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On one hand, he won’t know what to do, like my career is demanding. On the other one feel like he won’t give up on you despite that, like even if he can’t see you, you’ll wake up everyday with a morning text and sleep after a good night one. He will send you pictured of his food and check on you regularly.


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Devastated. How can his precious one feel alone when they are together? It just doesn’t work for hobi so I think he will actually take some time off every once in a while to go out with you or even sleep over instead of the dorm.

Rap Monster:

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Lonely sometimes means longing for company, and since he can’t always provide that he will ask some of your friends to come over, keep you busy. Namjoon might even sign you up in an activity club or something. Anything to make him feel less guilty.


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He will buy you presents. Lots of them. Everytime he has to go abroad Jimin will send you regular souvenirs to remind you that he is thinking of you, and calling soon after to check if you received it which turns to hours of chatting.

V/ Taehyung:

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Not only will he ask his members to keep in touch with you, he will actually even request that you stay over. If it wasn’t allowed, he will definitely sneak you in so you can sleep in his arms instead of your stuffed teddies.


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He is trying everything. He will always be laughing and smiling with you. Calling you at the randomest of times. Taking you out on surprise dates and getting you exclusive tickets backstage so you won’t spend weeks without him.
Voltron season 3 at SDCC

So here’s what I’ve read on what went down at the panel:

1. Season 3 will be 7 episodes long and will air on August 4th while season 4 will be in October. 

On the negative side this means that Shrio may actually be absent for season 3 (yeah, I’m sad too) and that leak we saw back in April may have been a clip from Season 4. But on positive side the wait won’t be that long because season 3 is shorter than what originally thought (13 episodes). It seems like the plan is that as expected, season 3 will focus on the team evolving without Shiro with the cliffhanger being Shiro revealing to be alive somewhere in the universe (there was a teaser of him opening his eyes but I can’t confirm this to be true).

2. We learn more about Prince Lotor

I had to do a google search on Lotor beforehand and in a nutshell he:

-Has a love and hate with his father, Zarkon.

-Is very pro-active. He’s not some guy who sits in a chair and sends minions to do his bidding, he’s comes to you.

-Is a creep when it came to Allura. In the Japanese version it was because she looked like his Altean mother. 

- Has a “girls club” if you get what I mean.

- Despite being a villain he has a sense of honour. This means that there are moments where he’s “good”.

-Is Kieth’s rival. If Zarkon is Shiro’s foil then it makes sense for Lotor to be Keith’s due to them now taking over for their missing/comatose leader.

Combining what we’ve learn from past interviews and today’s panel this Lotor is:

-Half Altean. We already knew in the first teaser so it’s no surprise.

-Still maintains his ‘good’ qualities. Whether or not this leads to a redemption arc remains to be seen.

-Won’t be a creep to Allura. A popular theory is that these two could be half-siblings or cousins but even if it’s not true keep in mind that it’s 2017. What was okay in the 80′s is not going to fly today.

-Has four female generals. I’m not a shipper  but do you think it’s possible that the reason Lotor isn’t interested in Allura is because he’s already in a committed relationship with one of them (or someone that isn’t a general)? If it wasn’t done in the original then why not do it here (As long as it’s well-developed and not the main focus of the story I’m okay with it). It would give Lotor a personal life outside of his villainy.

Overall, Lotor does seem to be shaping up into a complex villain.

3. We learn more about Lance and Hunk.

It’s been confirmed that Hunk will be getting development this season because as The Heart of the team, he’s gong to be the one who will try to keep the teams morale up. As for Lance, it turns out he’s the youngest in his family. I’m sensing that this is going to play a part in Lance’s story arc because being the youngest can give you insecurities. 

4. Keith’s origins remains a mystery

I’ve never cared about a character’s ethnicity (and I still don’t because a character’s likability shouldn’t be determined by their gender, race, sexuality, etc) but I’ll admit that Keith being the only one out of the Paladins to not have his ethnicity confirmed is odd. We know he’s half-Galra so why not confirm he’s half-human. He’s half-human, right?


And there you have it. Unless I come up with more theories I’ll see you in two weeks.

throughout the past few years of high school, i’ve dealt with balancing all my extracurricular activities with my school work. doing it all might be hard, but it’s not impossible. here are some tips i’ve picked up from years of balancing it all!

first things first, know how to limit yourself:

1. understand your limits. if there’s yet another club you want to join, but you know you don’t have the time or capability to commit, you shouldn’t push it.

2. know what’s most important. above everything, even your school work, your mental health and sleep are the most important things. don’t compromise it for another activity listed on your college application. 

3. be truthful with yourself. just because your best friend can balance 10 different activities doesn’t mean you can. everyone’s different.

now for the actual tips!

1. make sure the sponsor/coach/head of your activity understands how much work you have. most of them will understand that school comes first, especially if the activity is through the school. if you feel like they are disregarding the fact that you are balancing school with the activity, try and talk to them about finding a compromise. 

2. try to do homework at meetings. this doesn’t necessarily apply to every club or activity, but use any time you have a break to do homework. in most activities that meet for hours after school every day, you will most likely have breaks or times where you aren’t necessarily doing much. use this time to try to read a few pages or do a math problem or two. 

3. spend all extra time wisely. going off of 2, all time you have off is precious. treat it as such. when you get home after practice/rehearsal/meetings, don’t go straight to netflix if you have a short amount of time before bed. try to get as much done as possible. if you have time during the day, like study hall, it may be tempting to use the time to talk to friends, but always try to get some work done. spare time is your best friend. 

4. study smarter, not harder. figure out what needs to be done first when you have a few extra minutes. don’t review information you already know. when you have limited time to study, figure out what study method works most efficiently for you, and study what’s most important first. 

5. don’t stress about making your notes look perfect. this goes for anyone with limited time. if you only have a short bit to study, don’t make your notes look perfect. this may be hard to do, considering the fact that this is studyblr, but we all know how long it takes to have perfect notes. understand that it’s more important to have finished notes than cute notes.

if you have anymore questions about this, or just want to chat, feel free to send me a message!

you can find my introduction post [here] for a little bit about me!

His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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anonymous asked:

How about RFA+V and Saeran react to MC completely disappearing once Rika comes back and everyone ignores MC. Like she was replaced by Rika,and the last thing they saw of her was "MC has left the chatroom"

I’m gonna format this different than usual, just because this is… Gosh this is a really good ask, and I want to answer it in a good way too, but the usual way just doesn’t seem to suit it, so.. heheh, I hope you guys like this format Note: The reactions are all connected, I suggest reading it in order as I wrote it to make the best sense!! ^^

To begin with, there was a lot of “Rika..? Where have you been??” “We thought you were dead” “How.. how are you back?”
You were amazed too. But you felt forgotten in the excitement, no one answered you, they all acted like… Rika replaced you. As if now that she was there, you… were not. You understood at first, sure. They were all excited that Rika was back. Makes sense. But this lasted for a few days… They wouldn’t join in chatrooms with you anymore, they had just left you. You attempted one last time to get their attention.

-Hey.. guys?
-I guess you’re all busy…
-Haha.. that seems to be all the time now ^^;;
-You’re all really busy….;;
-I guess I’m just a bother, aren’t I?
-I’m sorry
-MC has left the chatroom-


At first, he was still caught up in the excitement. Rika, enticing as ever, held his attention. He at first played off your chat as a bad day, on your part. But then… you stopped coming to the chats at all. He realized it one day when he was thinking about you. He stopped in the chats and asked if anyone else had noticed.
No one quite knew… when you were last on. Rika tried to say to brush it off. “She’ll come back sometime. I’m sure!! Don’t worry!”
Yoosung looked back to find the chat anyways. It worried him.. what you said sounded so definitive. As if you planned to leave, for good.
So he consulted Seven. “Where’s MC? Why hasn’t she been here?”
“I… I haven’t been able to find them… They deleted the app, and then they just completely disappeared.”
“Why didn’t you tell us sooner??”
“I tried. No one would listen.”
Yoosung didn’t want to believe Seven, but looking back at the chats… he saw it was true. Anything about you, everyone just brushed aside. It seemed only Seven tried to bring you up, before he too, gave up.
“When did you last see MC?”
“She left her home, and disappeared from the city…”
“There has to be clues at her home… what’s her address?”
He recorded it as Seven told him, then went out on a drive, driving through the neighborhood you resided in, scouring the houses for your address.


“What do you mean.. MC’s gone?”
She hadn’t noticed it either that you were gone gone, until Yoosung brought up the chat with Seven about your disappearance.
“They can’t just… be gone. Can they..?”
“Jaehee, I know you were close to them..” Yoosung started, “do you know anything about where they might have gone? Could they be hiding something at home about where they went?”
“I… Maybe, but… I never really saw them outside of club activities, only a couple times..”
“Come with me then. We have to check her home for anything, any clues.”
That’s how the two of them ended up at your porch, first knocking the door to see if you were maybe just at home. There was always the chance, and Jaehee didn’t want to ‘break in’ if it was unnecessary, because it after all, was your home.
“Let’s go in” Yoosung said after waiting a minute.
“Wait– hold up, they might just be coming.”
Yoosung huffed, but Jaehee stubbornly made them wait five more minutes. “Fine, we can go in.”
They found the place clean. Not just clean, but to a point of… barrenness. It felt empty. Lifeless.
“You’d think there’d be signs of them actually living here…” Yoosung murmured.
“Maybe that’s the point…” Jaehee said. She wandered through the house, into a bedroom. It too felt empty, with a bed, an empty nightstand, and a desk. The desk appeared empty, but she checked the drawers, and found a notebook. She remembered this from times hanging out with you, you kept notes in this… it was kind of like your planner/diary/notes all blended together.
“This should have something.”


He saw the chat when he woke up in the morning. “What’s going on? MC… is missing?”
He didn’t quite believe it.
Scratch that– he didn’t want to believe it.
But he couldn’t deny how they all were ignoring you. He couldn’t help wondering if that’s what drove you to leave, the fact that everyone ignored you. Or was it something more…?
“Guys, why is everyone so worried..?” Rika chimed in on the chat. “They’ll be fine, they’re probably just taking a break. It can be kind of stressful leading the RFA, I would know!! ^^”
“But why would they just disappear?” Zen asked. “Shouldn’t they have given us some kind of warning?”
“Just give them space, they’ll be fine.”
He noticed how Rika had little concern about you, and sure it made some sense.. she didn’t really know you. Call it paranoid, but he was skeptical about her “it’s fine” act. In a moment of rogue thought, he wondered if Rika had anything to do with your disappearance.
That… couldn’t be possible though. It’s Rika– he knows her. She wouldn’t do something like this.
But then again.. the Rika he last knew was from at least four years ago. The details around her ‘death’ and return were vague, and V and her were shrouded in secrets. Thinking more about it, Zen felt less and less sure that Rika wasn’t involved.


“Let me see what you found.”
“It isn’t much, but..” Jaehee drew out a notebook from her bag. “This is it, Mr. Han. It took me forever to convince Yoosung to let me take it, but it’s their notebook. I found it in their drawer. I thought that this might be of some help…”
She opened to a page and showed it to Jumin, revealing a page of a scribbled-down conversation. Little notes labelled one side as you, the other side as someone going by Unknown.
“Isn’t Unknown..?”
“Yes, Unknown is the one who lead MC to the apartment in the first place. I didn’t realize they had been talking with each other…”
Jumin looked closer at the conversation. It talked about plans, how you needed to leave, needed help leaving. Needed to know how to disappear, so even Seven couldn’t find you.
“Why was MC planning this? And why would they go to this Unknown to do it?” He hesitates. “Jaehee, find out more about this for me. Consult Seven maybe, leave the notebook with me. I’ll continue looking through it.”
Jaehee bites her lip, but doesn’t protest before heading off.
Jumin starts looking through your notebook, and finds the first day you met the RFA.
MC was so happy… He remmebers fondly, and starts scanning through more.
-Could I really be more than Rika for them? Can I just become me and mean the same to them?
-I really think I can.

The memories go bittersweet as he realizes how quickly they tossed you to the wind after Rika came back.
-Unknown got a hold of me on the app… he messaged me again. I think.. there’s a reason he’s back. It might be for the best to have him help me.
MC… Jumin worries, are you with this unknown right now?


“Seven, you’re saying you don’t know how to handle Unknown? How he did all of this?”
“I– I told you. I can’t figure out how they do it, but they always seem to be one step ahead. I’ll call if I can figure out more. I have to go.”
Rika had to peep in a final word, “It’ll be fine. MC’s probably just on vacation or something~”
He left the chat with Jaehee, and started scouring the computer again. His eyes hung open sleeplessly, his fingers were cramped from working on the computer for so long, but he couldn’t find you. He couldn’t find any sign of you. And he just didn’t understand it.
Hearing that you worked with the Unknown to disappear, it started making sense why he couldn’t find you. The Unknown seemed to be on the same level if not more advanced than him of hacking, he could easily help you disappear without a trace online.
The only clues left were what was left in your house, which meant your notebook…
Seven couldn’t help but feel like he failed you.
He should’ve been able to stop this. He should’ve been able to keep you there, with them. It must’ve been his fault. He failed to protect you from whatever drove you to Unknown for help. Perhaps he even failed to protect you from Unknown. 
His phone buzzed. A message from Rika. “It’ll be okay, okay Seven? You’ll see, things will go back to normal. The way they were. It’ll be all better with time.”
Frustrated, Seven chucked his phone across the room. It clashed in the trash of Dr. Pepper cans and Honey Buddha Chip bags, all empty. He hadn’t had a proper meal since he saw you deleted the app. He hadn’t ate since his stash of pop and chips ran out… two days ago.
His stomach rumbled.
But he decided he wasn’t hungry, and continued typing at the computer.


“Are you sure about this?” He asked.
“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “Give them this after I’m gone. And.. thanks, for helping me. You know you didn’t have to.”
Saeran grunted.
“Shut up. Just get out of here, before I hack into the chat and spoil your plans.”
You smiled half-heartedly. “I.. don’t think they’d worry too much over me, even if you did message them. Just.. keep an eye on (insert-your-fave-mm-charrie) for me, okay..?”
He shifted his eyes. “ ‘kay.”
He watched you go, holding himself back from saying anything more…
I’m sorry.


He watched the RFA’s panic as they realized you disappeared.
He didn’t want to intrude on it.
Even if it pained him.
He sat back and watched.
The buzz and the worry over you went on for a few months.
Yoosung clung onto it like he clung on to Rika’s death.
Jaehee lost motivation in anything but work.
Zen kept on face, looking like he was fine while reeking of vodka.
Jumin invested himself heavily in the company, losing himself in it.
Seven rarely was online, but when he was, reassuring everyone he was doing his best to find you.
The RFA as it once was lost it’s enthusiam.
Rika started working hard to build it back up.

The message was supposed to be given out to the rest of the RFA after he received it. It appeared anonymously in the mail one wintry day.
He consulted Rika about it however, before even considering sharing it.
She told him to burn it. Don’t leave it to be discovered, get rid of it before someone like Seven gets a hold of it.
He couldn’t bring himself to burn it. He felt too guilty to.
So he hid it away, in a box locked up and tucked away on a shelf, where it would gather dust and be forgotten about.
It was like the memory of you, just as Rika hoped it would be.
Tucked up on a shelf, left to gather dust and be forgotten about.

Continued here

~Sunflower (:

Getting into the Ivy League: Some Unpopular Opinions

Background: I am an “unhooked” (i.e., upper-middle class Asian-American) Princeton SCEA admit, and these are some of my thoughts on the college admissions process.

Disclaimer: Everything I write below is solely a high schooler’s opinion—I’m by no means in the know, so take everything with a grain of salt.

Overrated elements of a college application:

  • Leadership-Leadership is seen by many as a mark of success in extracurriculars. While it can be immensely valuable, having extensive leadership positions is not necessary: I’m President of exactly one club and one of many officers at my HS literary magazine—and not even Editor-in-Chief at that. 
  • Well-roundedness-My extracurriculars are extremely narrow in scope. They can be divided into exactly two categories: Classics-related activities and writing-related activities. In my opinion, depth of accomplishment (pointiness) is more important than breadth (well-roundedness); above all, passion is more important than objective stats and awards.
  • Teacher recommendations-If you’re an introvert like me, don’t fret. I didn’t click with any of my teachers, and I honestly don’t think it hurt me. That said, there are some ways to get to know them even if you don’t participate/contribute actively in class. Approach them after class; show that you care. For example, I asked my English teacher to provide feedback on my submissions to various writing contests. Also, make sure to supply your recommenders with a “brag sheet” outlining not just your accomplishments but also your goals for the future.
  • Affirmative Action-Being an under-represented minority or first-generation student isn’t as much of a boost as you think it is. Conversely, being Asian or Caucasian isn’t a drawback unless you make it a drawback. I’m privileged to pretty much be the antithesis of a typical “hooked” applicant, and yet I got into some pretty decent schools. Just don’t be a test-taking robot. Set yourself apart. And I don’t mean cultivating uncommon extracurriculars: if you’ve played piano or violin your entire life, that’s great. Show your passion and—this is the important part—try to connect it to something bigger than yourself. Why does it matter in the greater scheme of things? Again, nothing deep. Be genuine, humanize yourself, and you’re good to go.

Underrated elements of a college application:

  • Packaging-Packaging yourself well is paramount. By packaging, I don’t mean planning out your extracurriculars in middle school and doing things that look good on a resume. I’m talking about communicating a cohesive narrative through your application—what do you care about? how will you make an impact to the college community and the world at large? Essays are really helpful vehicles to convey your passions and best qualities.
  • Scores-For most unhooked applicants, there’s a baseline—2100+ and 3.8 GPA—under which it’s very hard to get into a school with a sub-10% acceptance rate. That said, scores only prevent your app from being tossed out; they won’t get you through the door.
  • mcgonagall: do you think we should start requiring permission slips for quidditch? i mean, potter literally lost all the bones in his arm last year
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: also, maybe we should let parents know if we're gonna send students into the forest for detentions? remember when we sent potter in there and you-know-who tried to kill him?
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: well, maybe we should get permission from parents for extracurricular activities. dueling club last year resulted in potter being outed as a parsletongue, and everyone thought he was the heir of slytherin for most of the year
  • dumbledore: nah
  • mcgonagall: alright, well, potter wants to know if he can go to hogsmeade. the abusive muggles you saddled him with wouldn't sign his form
I survived the Columbine High School Shooting

I survived the Columbine High School shooting By Melissa Miller

A student shares her terrifying story

From Scope

Melissa Miller, 15, hid behind a truck while seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sprayed bullets and threw pipe bombs into the parking lot of Columbine High School. On that tragic afternoon last April, Eric, 18, and Dylan, 17, killed 12 students and a teacher, wounded 23 students, and then killed themselves. Many have said that Eric and In seventh and eighth grade, kids called me names, pushed me against the lockers, and snapped pennies at my head. I was miserable and lonely. Every night, I cried and begged my mom to let me go to another school.

So, I understand what it’s like to be picked on. But I can’t understand why anyone would turn to guns. Guns are not the answer. I learned that on April 20, 1999. That day was definitely the worst day of my life.

Not a Prank

I was in the Columbine parking lot when I heard the first explosion. I thought it had to be a firecracker—some kind of senior prank. Then, I looked up and saw the backs of two guys in black trench coats. They were standing at the top of the hill near the rear entrance to the school. It was Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I didn’t know their names then, but I’d seen them around. My friends and I would move out of their way in the halls. They scared us.

As Eric and Dylan turned around, I saw that they had guns. I still thought it was a prank. I figured the rifles had to be paintball guns. Eric and Dylan had no expressions on their faces. They showed no emotion—not anger, not hatred.

Then, they opened fire. Bullets struck students on the sidewalk, in the parking lot, and on the hill. My friend Anne Marie was standing on the sidewalk right below them. It looked like they shot her in the stomach. She doubled over and then fell on her back. Her knees flipped to the side. She didn’t get up. She just stayed crumpled on the ground. That was what made me realize–oh, my God!–it was no joke. It wasn’t red paint on the ground. It was blood. Dylan were trying to get back at students who had mocked and bullied them during their four years at the Littleton, Colorado, high school. Below, Melissa—who knows how it feels to be picked on—shares her ideas for how students who feel alienated can turn things around without violence. She also tells the dramatic story of her escape from the shooting.

I was terrified. I quickly ducked behind a white truck. I did not dare look up. Crouched behind a tire, I was scared to move an inch.

Then, a silver cylinder landed about five feet from me. I could smell the burning and see smoke coming out of both ends, so I covered my head with my hands. I didn’t know it then, but it was a pipe bomb. In seconds, the bomb exploded and shrapnel rained down on the pavement around me. Somehow I didn’t get hit with any shrapnel. Just a few seconds later, there was another pipe bomb, and it came even closer to me. Again, by some miracle, I wasn’t hit at all.

Eric and Dylan opened fire again. It didn’t sound the way gunfire sounds in the movies. Each shot was like a dart hitting a dartboard. Nothing sounded the way you’d expect. No one was screaming or yelling at them to stop. It was actually really quiet.

A boy who’d been shot in the leg (I don’t know his name) got up and ran away. Blood spurted through his fingers as he held onto his wound. Before he reached safety, he looked back over his shoulder at the gunmen. His eyes were so large, and filled with pure terror and pain.

The look on his face will haunt me for the rest of my life. I just hope it’s a look that no one has to see or give ever again.

Eric and Dylan had stopped shooting. They’d gone inside. I started to run away. Then, I hesitated. Should I try to help Anne Marie? She was lying there, still not moving. I decided that the best thing would be to get real help.

As the gunshots rang out inside the school, I ran across the soccer field. At the same time, this unbelievable stream of people, of panic, came out of the cafeteria. That’s when the screaming started. Everyone was screaming. To get off of school grounds, I had to make it over a tall chain link fence. Somehow—don’t ask me how—I just sailed over it. I was like Xena. The best way I can describe it is that I was on a mission. I was running so fast that I could barely breathe. I thought my heart was going to pop.

Finally, I saw a house with an open garage. I ran in. There was a phone, so I called 911. The house belonged to an elderly couple who let me in and helped me contact my parents.

As I waited to be picked up, I watched the news. I cried and cried as ambulances took my friends, including Anne Marie, away. (For days, I didn’t know if Anne Marie was alive or dead.) On TV, I could see my bookbag lying in the parking lot where I’d left it.

Memorial items for Columbine: wreath with angel Beanie Babies, and book made by a first grade class I didn’t get my bookbag back until June. When I did, it brought back all of my fear. My bag had been trampled on as students ran for their lives. My hairbrush was broken, and all of my books were damaged.

A Place to Belong

Eric and Dylan ruined so many lives. They were outcasts, but violence is never a solution. In junior high, I was tortured. I didn’t wear the right clothes, and I didn’t have the right hair. I had zero friends. But when I started at Columbine, I changed my situation. I joined the marching band and made tons of friends. Now the people that were so mean to me in junior high are signing my yearbook and giving me hugs in the hall.

I found a place to belong. If you’re an outcast, you don’t have to resort to violence. Join a club. Columbine offers clubs like the outdoors club, the Bible club, the chess club. There are tons of activities that you don’t have to be an athlete or the smartest person in the world to participate in. High school doesn’t have to be so terrible.

If Eric and Dylan had tried to turn their lives around, maybe 12 of my peers wouldn’t be dead maybe Anne Marie wouldn’t be learning to walk again.

  • Nagisa: Hey it's pretty muggy outside.
  • Rei: Is this another pun? Am I gonna go outside and find our yard covered in coffee mugs?
  • Nagisa: ... *smirks as he sips coffee from a bowl*
  • Rei: Dammit Nagisa, you're lucky you're cute.
Working through med school: Part 3 The night shift

If you’re on this blog I probably don’t have to tell you that medschool alone is hard work. I also probably don’t have to tell you that student loans and grants aren’t always enough to keep you in mildliners and vodka. This series is about my experience of earning 💰 in medschool: where I worked, how I balanced the hours, etc. This will also apply to other degree courses! My experience is of the UK, but I imagine it’s not too different to the US. This final part addresses working night shifts and why they worked so well for me….fittingly I’m writing this on a night shift at my side-gig. 


Nights aren’t for everyone, they mess up your sleep pattern, they tend to have longer hours and involve more drunk people. But, if you’re heading into the medical profession, you’ve probably got a long career of nights ahead of you, and you might be less put off by the graveyard shifts than other students.

I’ve worked nights in security, chlamydia testing in night clubs, retail, Subway, hotel receptions and support work…so basically every job I’ve ever had that wasn’t Buckingham Palace. There’s a reason for that, I love nights. There I said it. Longer hours means more pay with less travel time, some places even paid a pound or two more for the night hours. In my particular jobs, night shifts seemed to swing between long hours of boredom and a few short bursts of drama and activity. This made them perfect for revision, and generally getting on with the paying bills and life stuff that I was too busy to do during the week.

For most of third, fourth and final years at medical school I worked a few night shifts a week. My ideal pattern ended up being every Friday and Saturday night at my hotel reception job. I became an expert in managing drunk people, I used my first aid skills and I was also able to get hours and hours of studying done when it was quiet. 


Getting enough sleep was a bit of an issue, I used to do my first night shift of the weekend (or whatever block of nights I was doing) straight after placement with no sleep in between. I’d then be so exhausted after being awake 24+ hours I’d sleep like a log for 8 hours the next day and go to my next night refreshed. After my last night of the block, I’d sleep for a few hours, wake-up at lunch time, but then also go to bed at night time to catch up on zzzs.

This odd pattern of sleep deprivation and naps worked well for me, but everyone is different. Some of my night working colleagues liked to stay awake for the mornings after their shifts, and sleep afternoon-evening. While my partner worked nights, she found that she slept really badly during the day, and needed 10-12 hours sleep a day whilst on nights. On the other hand I could probably sleep on a roller-coaster, and mid-day after drinking 3 coffees. 


One thing that I really did learn was how my brain power dipped dramatically after I’d been awake for too long. I found myself doing weird things (on one famous occasion ordering clothes that I completely don’t remember), stumbling my words and forgetting things. As a receptionist, it wasn’t too important, it meant that my quality of revision/studying wasn’t perfect but nobody died. I absolutely would never recommend getting so little sleep, and I myself am aware that when doing nights at the hospital I need to take preparing for nights and getting enough sleep more seriously.

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HC for how the first year crows (Yachi too if you're game) would react to a girl that they are interested in asking THEM out for a date? ohoho

mori: CUTE LOL of course i’ll include yachi she’ll probably faint tho jk


  1. This girl is probably someone he admires in class or probably saw her do something really cool for her club activities and just always compliments her on it
  2. At first, he wouldn’t really call it a crush yet - he’d probably just think you were super cute and cool!
  3. But once he catches himself always looking over at you to see what you were doing or going out of his way to catch you to say hi, he thought that maybe asking you out would be nice
  4. But he’d probably be waaay too scared or nervous to do it, or that you were way outta his league, so decided to admire from afar
  5. I mean, of course you notice Hinata taking an interest in you, he didn’t try to hide it really well. You were actually waiting for him to make the first move. It wasn’t until Yachi told you that he’s not really good with this kind of stuff that you had to take the lead
  6. You figured catching him after volleyball practice would be a good time to do this - he was probably really happy, with all the adrenaline and endorphins flowing
  7. You asked him out on a simple dinner date and you took his red face, wide eyes, and the slow head nod as a yes


  1. Says he has no time for girls, so he wouldn’t actively be looking in the class or around him who was cute or who he took interest in - you would have to really catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you
  2. Once you did catch his eye, he couldn’t take his mind off of you
  3. Kageyama is the type to always think about the things he likes - normally, it’s just volleyball, milk, and food on his mind (in that order), but once you got thrown into the mix, he started getting head aches
  4. He literally has no idea what to do when he likes someone. When you say hi to him, he kind of just stands there and wave, watching you walk away. Plus, he doesn’t want to be a burden and waste your time when he knows girls don’t like it when guys are always so focused on volleyball (the one thing he learned from Oikawa)
  5. When you catch him to ask if he wanted to hang out, he first said no, making up some excuse that he was busy, but really he was just mentally unprepared for it all and panicked
  6. Tsukishima and Hinata called him an idiot
  7. He had to chase after you and apologize before asking to reschedule that date, because in all honesty, he would love to join you


  1. It’s not that Tsukishima doesn’t have time for girls, it’s more like he chooses to not have time for them - basically, he doesn’t want a girl who will waste his time
  2. Like Kageyama, you would have to catch his eye if you wanted him to notice you.
  3. Once he does, he finds himself talking to you, teasing you, overall interacting with you a lot more. He’ll especially take an interest if you reply back to him with equally witty remarks
  4. Refuses to admit that he likes you, like literally just avoids the question when someone asks him, but he knows that he can’t avoid the inevitable. So maybe he’ll ask you out. Some day. No rush, or anything
  5. When you ask him on a date to a music festival, he’s honestly so offended that you asked him first. That hurts a teenage boy’s pride - do girls not believe in chivalry anymore?
  6. But when you snapped back to him about how chivalry was dead or that you simply didn’t care and that you were going to ask some other cute boy, he cursed to himself and finally caved in
  7. Hinata called him soft


  1. Always stares at you in class and plays cute little scenarios in her head. She always wonders what you like to eat, what you do on your free time, what stationary you use, etc
  2. Can’t stop giving you googly eyes
  3. She even draws cute little doodles with your initials and cartoon versions of the two of you doing cute things like walking in the park and holding hands
  4. Cannot speak words when you’re within like three feet of her. She gets all sweaty and pink and stutters all her words. You’re just so pretty….!
  5. When you finally approach her, you decided to play a little game with her and kabe don-ed her to the wall. Poor girl almost died
  6. When you simply just asked her out on a date, she was too afraid to say no, so she said yes right away. Not that she wanted to say no, but in her panic state, a ‘no’ might have accidentally slipped out
  7. Her smile lights up the room the entire day and she can’t sleep soundly until the date actually happens


  1. Probably would do the same cute shit like Yachi - stares at you with sparkly, cute eyes, doodles in class, etc etc. 
  2. Would not take the initiative on anything because he still has the insecurity that any girl that talks to him only wants to get with Tsukishima.
  3. But you’ve been reassuring him that it’s not the case when you sit by him, make small talk, and laugh at his jokes. Yamaguchi’s starting to think that this is one of those high school rom com scenarios where the cute girl falls in love with a nerd like him
  4. “Yamaguchi, I’ve never noticed your freckles before! They’re like… stars!” The blush on your cheeks when you said that was when he knew you had to like him, too, and he fell for you even harder
  5. Asking you out was just way too risky and scary! Yamaguchi never did well with rejection
  6. He actually thanked the heavens that you had been the one to ask because at least that way he knew for sure that you liked him. Plus, your reaction to when he said yes was just too cute
  7. Like Yachi, probably can’t sleep well until the date finally happens
Confessions of the Not-So Innocent (M)

Genre: Angst/Smut

Characters: Sehun/Chanyeol/Yixing/Jongdae

POV: First Person

Word Count: 2,125 

Plot: Will you lend an ear to a stranger?

Warning(s): Mature content & language

**Thank you to the wonderful @loser-dot-com​ for the awesome moodboard! <333**

Will you let me vent to you? I have something that I just need to get off my chest. 

You will?

Well… here goes nothing.

It’s been said before that we all have a story to tell, but mine is just a little more difficult to explain.

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Scully honestly cannot remember the last time she was this bored.

She’s going on night three – three! – of this ridiculous stakeout. Originally, she and Mulder were supposed to take turns on the overnight shift. But after the first night, which he’d somehow talked her into taking, Skinner had called Mulder away to Vermont, and it’s been up to her to carry on alone.

On a case she doesn’t for a second believe is actually an X-File to begin with.

She hasn’t been here around the clock, of course. Even if she could stay awake for days on end, Mulder knows better than to ask that of her. But Skinner won’t approve a second set of agents for backup, either. He called her last night, about two hours after he called Mulder away.

“Agent Scully, I apologize for pulling Agent Mulder off the stakeout. Something’s come up that I need him to look into.”

“Just Agent Mulder, sir?”

“For the moment at least, yes. But while I cannot authorize the use of an agent to replace him, I will allow you to rely on videotape for the hours you can’t personally be on-site.”

“Sir, the regulations require–”

“I’m well aware of the regulations, Agent Scully. I’m overruling them in this instance. If Mulder’s work out of state keeps him away for more than 48 hours, we will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Understood?”

She hadn’t even attempted to hide her sigh. “Yes, sir.”

She is, at least, off the hook entirely for the hours the club is closed, and video surveillance covers the rest of the time she’s not here. Of course, she’s still responsible for reviewing the footage in search of their mystery woman. So far, no sign.

She is so. Very. Incredibly. Bored.

The furnace makes a sudden, horrible groan, and she jumps at the sound. There’s a clank, followed by another, and then silence.

“Oh no. No, nono, no, no…”

It doesn’t take much examination to determine the thing is dead. No amount of cajoling, fiddling, or downright begging will get it to turn on again. Great. Because this assignment wasn’t miserable enough already.


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something i really want fatphobic people to understand:

for a fat person, losing a lot of weight (and getting into an “acceptable” BMI range) and keeping off weight is a commitment, it’s a full time obligation, it means you don’t have time or energy for other hobbies, clubs, or activities. It’s all consuming. It almost requires obsession just to keep the level of dedication alive because it’s literally being on a diet forever, it’s restricting forever, it’s forcing yourself to work out for 1.5+ hours a day forever. There is no finish line.

I just want people to recognize that. Fat people don’t get down to an acceptable weight and then it’s finally easy to live like a naturally thin person does. It is dieting forever. And most people just have other priorities.