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Mizuki Hisahito 水樹 寿人

“I’m the captain, Mizuki. Nice to meet you all.”

Um. I don’t really like this one…? But I’ve been procrastinating hard this weekend reading fics so I didn’t work on anything new c: Btw, Kuroo and Kenma in formal clothes for my Adulthood au

(Guess what characters are going to appear soon mwhihihihihih) 


Make Me Choose: Yuki Tetsuya or Isashiki Jun asked by kittykittyhunter

ive been sitting on these designs for Months. miss neith and miss isra are a married couple that run a bakery together. neith is technically tetsu’s only master, since she’s a magician and isra is not, but they split up the job. they’re very affectionate for their lil tettles. they aren’t their parents, but they act like it, since they don’t have children of their own yet.

neith’s familiar is named muffin, isra’s cat is gateau.


↳ day 4: the fierce battle » your favorite scene

“Most likely… I won’t be able to forget that game for my entire life. I know our inexperience, I also know that our opponent’s strong. More than anything else, this is the first time I feel baseball’s frightening. Although I feel sorry for the retired 3rd years… we still have another year to get out revenge. If we are doing it, I want the results to matter the most. I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.