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All the Titles of The Warden

Applied to all Origins:

  • Hero of Ferelden
  • Champion of Redcliffe
  • Warden Commander of Ferelden/ Commander of the Grey
  • Arl(essa) of Amaranthine 
  • Grey Warden
  • Veteran of the Fifth Blight (If survived)

Dwarf Commoner Origin:

  • Paragon 
  • Champion of the Dwarven Proving (disqualified from Origin, but if reinstated if won as a warden)

Dwarf Noble Origin:

  • Champion of the Dwarven Proving (both as Origin, and as a Warden)
  • Lord/Lady Auducan of Orzammar
  • Kinslayer (For killing your brother)
  • Commander of Orzammars Army (Origin/ Up until Bhelen came along and framed them)
  • Paragon

Human Noble Origin:

  • Possible: (Male) Prince Consort
  • Possible: (Female) Queen of Ferelden
  • Lord/Lady Cousland, Daughter to the Late Teryn Bryce Cousland and Teryna Elenor Cousland.

Mage Origin:

  • Archmage of The Kinloch Hold’s Circle (After helping the circle/ siding with mages, or reaching level 20 mage)
  • Court Mage of Ferelden (Potential boon after the Archdemons defeat)

City Elf:

  • Bann to Denerims Alienage

Dalish Elf:

  • Lead Hunter to Clan Sabrae

Quest/ Choice Specific

  • Darkwolf (If you completed Slims Crime Waves, this is your thieving title)
  • Possible: Chancellor to the king/queen of Ferelden
  • Possible: Arl(essa) of Denerim 
  • Possible: Teryn(a) of Gwaren
  • Vanquisher of the Old God Urthemiel
  • Mistress to the King of Ferelden
  • Savior of Kal'Hirol 
  • Dragon slayer

anonymous asked:

DAI How would the companions and advisors react to the inquisitor getting a mabari? (I was heartbroken there were none in the game.)

(I made it a puppy– it couldn’t be helped.)

Cassandra: After all her travels in Ferelden on her duties as a Seeker, Cassandra understands what an honor it is to have a mabari bond. The fact that the Inquisitor was deserving of one only confirms her opinion of them. And while she will never let a soul know she thinks they are the cutest thing she’s ever seen, and indulges in ruffling and the occasional snuggle when no one is looking.

Solas: Loyalty is an admirable element in any creature, and just because it comes from a dog is no reason to disdain it. Solas finds the mabari a noble creature, and approves of their choice of companion. There is perhaps less admiration if he finds them teething on one of his brushes, but he’s always gentle when he places them outside the rotunda again.

Varric: The first thing he wants to do is teach them diamondback– many an evening was spent playing with Hawke’s Mabari and there are good memories. But the puppy is far more interested in his manuscripts and boots and all other chewable things. The dwarf might even have been angry– but no one had puppy eyes quite like a puppy, and so instead he always ends up petting them and returning them to the Inquisitors quarters with empty threats to write them as a cat in his next book.

Sera: Beneath every other title or description that Sera might have, she is Ferelden at heart. And that means she immiediately falls in love with the mabari. Her respect for the Inquisitor is completely affirmed, and she tries to recruit the puppy to mayhem. If they are too young yet she finds them a red bandanna and declares her an honorary Jenny.

Blackwall: He first finds the puppy rolling around in the sawdust and wood shavings in the barn, and despite the fact that he stays there for isolation the warrior can’t help but grin. A sturdy beam is sacrificed as a tug toy, and pleasant afternoon routine is established. The dog is loyal, always abandoning the toy if the inquisitor comes by looking, and Blackwall respects both the puppy and inquisitor all the more for it.

Vivienne: She tries to avoid it. Dogs-particularly war dogs- are prone to destruction and mess, which are not things she is fond of. But the puppy is adorable and spends so long trying to struggle up the steps to investigate her that she doesn’t have the heart to banish them. If in time the Inquisitor notices that the puppy vanishes a few evenings a week, only to come back with the occasional jeweled  collar and suspiciously steak colored stains on their muzzle they are smart enough not to comment.

Iron Bull: He thinks its adorable, and there is no getting around it. The mabari becomes an official member of the Chargers when they are not with the Inquisitor. All the Chargers dote on them but Bull is undoubtably the worst. As the puppy grows He helps train dog and master, and relishes in the occasional face kisses this brings.

Dorian: The Mabari were once a Tevinter breed, and before Dorian met the puppy he might have said that the Ferelden’s got the raw side of the deal. But the immediate intelligence is made clear, and that more than anything else is what opens his mind to them. If the puppy follows the Inquisitor in the library Dorian will sacrifice his lap for snuggles and and allow the puppy to clamber over his chair to look out the window.

Lelianna: The puppy reminds her immediately of Dog, and when the Inquisitor brings them back from wherever they came from the spymaster drops all her masks and swoops down to cuddle the dog to her chest. They are fast friends, and  Lelianna immediately offers to find the best trainers and materials that the Inquisitor needs, all the while planning on introducing the mabari to Schmupples the 2nd.

Josephine: Apart from the puppy’s absolute adorable appearance- so fluffy!- Josephine can absolutely see the political advantages of it. Suddenly every teryn and Arl in Ferelden will want to meet the Inquisitor and their loyal mabari, and that can only make their job easier. Also the puppy sometimes falls asleep with their head on her feet, and it is the cutest thing ever.

Cullen: Someone tells him that the Inquisitor has bonded with a Mabari, and his entire world changes. The clouds part, the sun shines through, and the commander of the inquisitions forces turns into a child eager for Wintersend. He is a fount of information for the Inquisitor, and at last they ask him to watch the puppy when they have to be called away. It is one of the happiest days of his lives, and he immediately finds a basket and fills it with soft flannels and pillows as a bed. Of course the puppy spends most of their time in his lap, curling up with him in his bed at night. And the commander knows in his heart that the dog is not his- is not ultimately loyal to him and he does not have it’s heart- but the presence of the puppy is a balm nonetheless.


“ there is nobody who could ever capture me the way you have.”

Alistair would never have thought he would be spending his 23rd birthday as King, or his 22nd or his 21st for that matter.

“It would be wise if you looked for a wife this evening, Alistair.”
Arl Eamonn advised earlier that day as they walked through the palace courtyard.

“On my birthday?That’s just unfair really, if this is your idea of a gift you could have just gotten me ch-”

“Alistair this in no time for games. You are King, with no heir but enemies. I beg of you to think of this seriously.It is vital you marry soon.”

The grey warden turned king nodded slowly.

“Does love not come into this?”

“You can learn to love.”

“Like Cailan and Anora? I cannot do that. Not when-”

“You pine for someone else. Someone who has a duty to Thedas. You know her Alistair. Would she leave her duty for you?What if she didn’t feel the same anymore.It has been three years”

Alistair scowled and clenched his fist. Eamonn was right.

“I will see you tonight.”
The King snarled before turning on his heel and marching back into the palace.

Laughter, chatter and music filled the ballroom.
Alistair was of course unimpressed by this, his attention had to be directed towards the women who flocked to him in attempts to woo.

His mind wandered as an Orlesian woman giggled and flirted with him, he had no interest in her but could see Eamonn from the corner of his eye.

“From Highever and house Cousland-”

Alistair almost jumped- Cousland. It couldn’t be- could it. He turned his head to look at the entrance, heart hammering in his chest.

“Teryn Fergus Cousland.”

Alistair’s heart dropped. Of course it wouldn’t be her.

“Mmh, excuse me your highness! Awfully rude of me but would you care for a dance?”

The red haired orlesian girl asked, fixing her mask.

“Oh..not at all.”

So they danced, he managed not to step on her toes - thank god.

Then suddenly something caught his eye.

The flash of blue and silver, gliding across the room with more grace than an average noblewoman.

The dance finished and Alistair excused himself before moving towards the buffet.

That’s when he saw her again.

Her long neck was adorned by a silver amulet, her (H/C) hair was up in a low bun with a braid wrapped around her head and disappearing into the bun and she wore a beautiful blue gown and a sliver mask.

A glass was in her hand but she had seen him.
He gave an awkward smile but he received a big one in return.

She placed her glass down- was she going to come over?

Should he be doing this?

‘Remember what Eamonn said, she wouldn’t give up her duty.’

Alistair decided to meet her halfway.

“I hope you don’t mind,” he said when she stood in front of him “but I’m going to ask you to dance.”

The mysterious woman nodded and took his hand.
The two twirled around the ballroom in silence and with ease- his dance lessons had come in handy.

“I never thought I’d see the day that my Alistair would be able to dance without stepping on toes or stumbling.”

His heart stopped.
Those eyes, god those eyes, how had he not recognize them before now? How did he not recognise the warden amulet around her neck?
How did he not recognise his love?

He breathed, shock evident on his face.

“Long time no see Alistair.Or should I say King Alistair? Or bastard?’

He chuckled as the dance ended and lead her out to the balcony.

(Y/N) removed her mask and blew a strand of hair from her eyes.

"I forgot how bloody uncomfortable dresses are.”
She grumbled, rolling her shoulders.

“I can imagine, look, I was forced to wear these pants. They’re so tight and this crown is a dead weight.”

She laughed and leaned against the concrete barrier.

“Here, birthday boy. A little gift from me.”

The warden lifted her skirts, causing the King to blush.However, from her skirts she presented a toy golem.

“Hey! This is great, at least someone got me something I’ve always wanted!”

For awhile the King fiddled with the golem, proud of his present. For 23 he was still quite childish at times it seemed.

He didn’t look her in the eye when he spoke again.

“Where…where have you been?I went to Weisshaupt many times but you were never there. I tried to contact you also.”

“Life as the Warden Commander is demanding, I spend the majority of my time in Orlais and recruiting members.”

“You didn’t answer my question.Why did you never contact me?I was worried, (Y/N).”

Her smiled faded from her face and she turned her face away.

“I couldn’t interfere, you’re king after all and the whole grey warden thing would distract you from your duties.And….you need to look for a wife Alistair.”

Alistair placed a hand on her shoulder.
“You know I can’t do that. Not when you still have my heart.
You know I could never forget what we had…what you mean to me.
Of course it’s been three years but there is nobody who has captured me the way you have.
But I understand, your duty is to Thedas. I just need to know, do you feel they same way you did all those years ago?”

“After these feelings never changed Alistair. I love you just as much as the first day I told you.”

His heart pounded violently against his ribcage. There was no way he was letting her get away again.

“Then marry me.”


“You heard me.”

“But you need an heir Alistair, we’re Grey Wardens. There’s a slim chance of one grey warden having children after the ritual but two grey wardens together?”

“I don’t care. We’ll try and if we don’t produce one, the throne is Connors.You’re also a Cousland, nobility. They will accept this- us.”

She chewed her lip- thinking.

“I…I hope you’re prepared to be stuck with me for the rest of your days then, King Alistair.”

A burst of laughter came from the king and he swept her into his arms, placing his lips against hers.

“Maker,I love you.”

Set List For The Wedding:

The Bard is from Kirkwall and likely does not realise the cultural significance of most of these songs.

  • Fereldan Folk Song about How Much I Love Andraste (Andraste is a metaphor for Queen Moira. But like, also, you know, actually Andraste.)
  • Andraste Had A Dog
  • Elven Folk Song that’s Basically The Mourner’s Kaddish and probably shouldn’t be sung at a wedding reception (In Uthenera.) 
  • Drinking Song About How I’m totally DTF King Maric and/or Teryn Loghain and/or Queen Rowan and/or Queen Moira.
  • Flemeth Stole All Of My Elfroot
  • I’m Orlesian And Queen Moira Kicked My Ass. Holy Shit I’m DTF. (Not sung in French.)
  • Hine Ma Tov, but in Elven.
  • I’m A Noble Woman and I Asked A Weaver To Make Me Fine Cloth (it was a metaphor for lesbian sex.)
  • I’m Getting Hanged In The Morning (Because I Killed A Chevalier.) #NoRegrets. (Credit to @biotic-raptor-lady)
  • King Maric is The Best King Ever. 
  • Shemlen Nobles Are Treacherous, Even If You Share Their Beds. (In French.)
  • I Picked Berries In The Woods with a Boy But We Got Chased By A Bear (It was a metaphor for sex and getting knocked up afterwards.)
  • A Song That Seems Like It’s About How Brave a Woman Warrior is (But is usually interpreted as being about Queen Rowan, so probably not a great song to sing when her husband is getting married to another woman.)
  • Fereldan City Elf Song About How My Farm Went Barren and My House Burned Down (My farm and house are a metaphor for the Dales being stolen..)
  • I Had Sex With An Apostate Woman Who May Or May Not Have Been Flemeth. She Was Into Some Kinky Shit.
  • The Soldier And The Seawolf.
  • I Cheated, So My Girlfriend Is Literally Murdering Me

I need to think of more though, cuz I don’t think this is enough.

who stays < will likely die

(Alistair stays)

Two weeks after the events of Adamant, Alistair is thrown from the fade.  He lands hard on the parapets, bruised and battered, and he does not get up.  As they rush forward, the Inquisition scouts who have lingered at the fortress are certain that the man is dead.

He is not.  And, once rested, Alistair declares this fact himself.  Often.  Loudly.  The realization that this is an attempt on Alistiar’s part to convince himself of the validity of that statement is slow to come.    

He is alive.  Alive alive alive.

Two weeks more and Alistair vanishes with nary a word to anyone.  Save, perhaps, the letters he sends the Inquisitions’ Spymaster.

Write her, he scrawls in one final postscript to Leliana, tell her that I will find her.  That I am coming for her.  Tell her: this time, forever.

(Loghain stays)

A month passes before the fade spits out Loghain Mac Tir like something unchewable, something it cannot swallow.

Disoriented and badly wounded, the man snarls and hefts sword and shield with a lethality that leave the remaining Adamant wardens wary.  They give him a wide berth, deadlocked until.  Well.  His eyes just clear, all of the sudden.  Suddenly seems to realize that he is once again of the waking world, that this is no dream.  His shield hits the ground with a clatter, joined a moment later by his knees, as the man slowly crumples.  

Traitor Teryn.  Grey warden.  Farmer’s son.  General.  

Loghain has been many things in his life.  Yet never did he imagine he would die in a bed.  But that is what happens.  When all is said and done, he succumbs to his injuries a week later, passing quietly in the night.  An unsettlingly silent end for a man who once set his entire country ablaze.  

There are no answers, the last letter to his daughter reads, and so I have none to give.

(Hawke stays)

Hawke erupts from the fade screaming.  

For three years she has been gone, trapped in battle with the nightmare creature.  Three years and The Champion hits the flagstones hard, a tangle of writhing limbs, her eyes wild and unseeing.  

Howling and feral, Hawke crackles with power - with magic.  Lightning and fire flicker wildly off her form in all directions - the last defense of a dying animal.  

You tell Varric, she rasps, a full three days later, when finally she has calmed enough to be helped to her feet.  Swaying between the hands that grip her, half dead, Hawke spits blood and makes only one demand:  

Tell Varric that I have come home to him. 

Why Cullen became the commander of the Inquisition
  • Leliana: I have compiled a list of people I believe to be suitable for the position of commander for our new inquisition. First is Ser Cauthrien, though she was Teryn Loghain's lieutenant she rose through the ranks based on skill and hard work and has experience leading troops. Perhaps we may be able to recruit Aveline Vallen the guard captain of Kirwall. She has experience leading the guards of Kirkwall with great success in the past, she also has a strong moral compass and would not be susceptible corruption, she sees value in both the mages and Templars, and of course she could also provide a link to the Champion of Kirkwall.
  • Cassandra: Anyone else?
  • Leliana: Only one. Cullen Rutherford the former Knight-Captain of Kirkwall. Though as a commander he does have experience with men. But he would also be dealing with lyrium withdrawl, he also ignored many of Meredith's actions during his time in Kirkwall and his PTSD may cause prejudice against the mages, and the Inquisition would be much more successful if we were to begin as a neutral party, having the previous Knigh-Captain as our commander may send the wrong message-
  • Cassandra: Yes, that one.
Sneeze Headcanons

Cullen Rutherford

  • Cullen hates sneezing and he tries very hard not to by any means necessary, especially during War Meetings but also around the troops.
  • When he does finally sneeze though, it’s like he’s been holding it in forever (likely because he has).
  • When it happens, his face scrunches up, he winds up for it, his whole body tensing, AHHH choo! Big Ah, tiny choo. It’s higher than his speaking voice. Everyone is caught off guard. He hides his face in the crook of his elbow because another one is tickling him. Two. It usually comes in twos. He wiggles his nose, trying to shake it off. Like always, he fails at staving off the second attack. AHH choo! His whole body flies forward.
  • The girls in the War Room stare in shock at first, but then the Inquisitor giggles, and then everyone is gone.
  • Cullen flushes bright crimson, stuttering and apologizing. He’s so embarrassed.
  • When he sneezes outside, in front of his troops, they stare in wide eyed shock. “Was that…? Commander??” How could that high pitched sneeze be the Commander??
  • He doesn’t even realize his sneeze is out-of-place on him. “What?” Everyone looks at him with confusion. “Is there something on my face?”
  • Jim dares to tell him quietly.
  • Cullen blushes harder than he can ever remember (Jim blushes with him). “Well… get on with your training! Who told you to stop!?” And then he turns away cursing himself, “Makers breath..” He rubs his neck, hides his face, and hurries away.

Alistair Theirin

  • Alistair is blatant about his sneezes. Alistair is wild. When he sneezes, it’s loud. And he can’t stop himself once he’s started. He’s useless when he sneezes. He stops and can’t do anything until he is finished. The Warden always stops with him and tries not to laugh too hard. Alistair’s sneezes are long; he just sneezes and sneezes and sneezes, one after another, in quick succession.
  • Their companions have started keeping count. They have a running tally of The Most Amount Of Times Alistair Has Sneezed In One Go, and whenever he starts up, they each shout out the number of sneezes they think he will have this time. The bet is always 5 silvers, whoever is the closest, wins.
  • Sometimes, he sneezes when he’s startled. Everyone learns quickly he always sneezes when there’s too much dust. Whenever the Warden fiddles with things in the dungeons they visit, Alistair gets seized by a sneezing fit.
  • Wynne tries to tell him to keep a handkerchief with him, but he refuses to bring one. Ever.
  • And then everyone learns that Alistair has hay fever when they go to the Brecillian Forest. He is red and nasally the entire time, and can barely go ten paces before having to stop and have a sneeze fit.
  • Morrigan is more annoyed at him than ever. “Surely, you cannot be serious?!” she asks after the umpteenth time.  "Warden, why would you bring him if all the fool does is sneeze?”
  • Wynne is the one trying to ease it with healing spells, while trying not to let him see how hard she’s trying not to giggle.


  • King Alistair having a sneeze attack during a very important meeting and it sends the whole room into a giggling fit. He’s mortified that the court heard his ridiculous sneezing, but he tries to continue on as if nothing happened
  • Eventually, he starts using it to interrupt pretentious Banns and Teryns during their audiences. ACHOO! “Oh! Excuse me. Were you saying something important? I didn’t quite hear” Just as they start to talk again, Alistair “sneezes” over their words.
  • Every time they try to talk.

Yes. This is what @thedreadwhitewolf, @fuckboy-solas, and I do on Friday night/afternoons. It was so cute that I had to share!

Feel free to add or submit other character’s sneezecanons!

Let’s just try to keep it civil and cute?

TERYN  LOGHAIN  MAC  TIR     the  brilliant  commander .     pity  the  one  time  you  TRIED  to  rule ,    you  failed  so  miserably .  you  had  to  be  BEATEN ,    HUMILIATED ,    lest  you  DESTROY  your  OWN  COUNTRY .    you  even  DOOMED  the  wardens  by  bringing  the  inquisitor  down  on  them       YOU  DESTROY  EVERYTHING  YOU  TOUCH .          /  /      warden   -  centric   loghain  by  agrippa . 


Anora Mac Tir

Queen Anora, daughter of Teryn Loghain, was never one to stay quietly in the background. It is common knowledge that in the five years Anora and Cailan held the throne together, she was wielding the power. In the period before his death, Anora was held in much higher esteem than her husband by the people of Ferelden, nobility and commoners alike, and commanded the respect of foreign nations, having once inspired Empress Celene of Orlais to declare, “Anora of Ferelden is a solitary rose among brambles.”

 So, do you know who had claim to the Terynir of Gwaren before Loghain?


Maric was related to the last Ferelden (murdered by the Orlesians) Teryn of Gwaren through his father, and all of Maric’s other family was murdered. 

I like to think by giving Loghain his paternal ancestral lands, he was saying Loghain was his family. 

rivaini, antivan, anders, & nevarran name lists!

these lists are part of a little project i did where i went through every codex & every character in dragon age’s story and compiled names used in the actual game. some are names of characters we know and love, some are offhand npcs, and some are only mentioned in codexes or stories.

i did this because if you, like me, want a canonically accurate name for your oc, you can look through these lists and find one you like! :)

(this is a separate post because, of course, the above countries do not have many names that appear in dragon age. if i missed some, feel free to mention and i’ll add! i may have made mistakes and put surnames as well, teryn and bann stuff can get confusing :p)

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Grief - Alistair meeting Cousland for the first time.

Alistair tries hard to joke with her, grinning crookedly after the mage has walked away. He hasn’t really looked her in the eyes, merely scanning across her flaming red hair and thin nose, plump lips and long corded muscle covered in leathers.

“That’s the wonderful thing about the blight though, how it brings people… together.” He pauses slightly, his golden orbs finally coming to rest on her bright blue ones. His stomach drops down further, his heart hammering as his blood runs cold.

He’d never seen such a look of despair on anyone before.

Alistair thinks back to all of his dealings with soldiers, with fellow Grey Wardens, scanning through their faces, trying to find a similar expression, but he comes up with a blank every time. Duncan had warned him about the new recruit, that she was a Teryns daughter, and that her family was no more.

He hadn’t truly known what Duncan had meant when he’d said her family was no more until now.

Her skin is deathly pale, stretched thin against striking cheekbones, her eyes are duller than they should have been, red and sunken in with dark circles brimming around them. Her nails are bitten down to stubs, some crusted with blood from where she’d bitten too hard to quell their shaking.

What had made his heart sink was the grief stricken way she held herself, curled in with drooped shoulders, trying to ward off human contact with every deep shuddering breath she took. She didn’t meet people’s eyes, most likely to save them from the black hole of emptiness they’d taken on.

He stuttered slightly, trying to form words as her eyes flicked away from him, giving him a respite from the pain and grief in her eyes. “Lets go find Duncan then shall we?” He asked cautiously, trying to prod her into finding another purpose, to try to take her mind off of what seemed to be a very painful and traumatic experience, running away from Highever and leaving the shattered memories and battered bodies of her family behind.

She nods imperceptivity, before slowly setting off behind him, her feet dragging with every step. He cracks jokes the whole way there, delighting in the small smiles that he manages to draw from her every so often.

He vows then that no matter what happens he’ll see her grin one day, see happiness return to her eyes.