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Kidokawa and Their New Coach
  • Aphrodi: Pleased to meet everyone. You can call me Aphrodi.
  • Kishibe: Ah, kantoku is that famous Korean player!
  • Aphrodi: Indeed, I used to play there.
  • Sousuke: I see, the "heavenly" player... But why don´t you use your real name?
  • Izumi: That´s true. Kantoku, what´s your name?
  • Aphrodi: I have told you, call me Aphrodi.
  • Kishibe: But isn´t your name Afu-
  • Aphrodi: *Smashing Kishibe´s cheeks with his hands.* Aphrodi. Is. Just. Fine. *Smiles*
  • Kishibe: ... Unfrstuud... (Understood.)

Two things I didn’t post earlier even if they were done a few weeks ago  (I think I was to into stuff for school and I forgot to post them)

The first is random…you can see the different height of the Dog!Tenma and the human Tenma (AU stuff)

The second is what terumi-kantoku was hoping for me to draw one day…so the day has arrived xD a wolfy Aphrodi <3

Will study a bit (again) before I go to bed. Can’t wait to have done with those midterms X(

Hey so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a Follow Forever since it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I’ve been following so many amazing people for so long now that I thought it was about time to thank you all for everything <3 

I love you all sososo much and my blog wouldn’t be what it is today without all of you – so I really wanted to personalise this. Try hovering over your blog name for a personal message uvu (Also for some people I have included more than one of your blogs). And can I quickly apologise now if there are any typos in the messages as well aha ^^;;

So here we go: people who I enjoy seeing on my dash and really put a smile on my face every time are in bold, and my friends are in italics. But I love all of you aaaaaa <3


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So there we go. Just one last time, I want to say thank you all for everything, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE!!! :D