for terrence

  • me: I am fine and focussed on my own goddamn life
  • me, at night, eyes snapping open: Lana Del Rey wrote a song named "Terrence Loves You" for her album "Honeymoon". Said song references David Bowie's "Space Oddity". David Bowie had a half-brother named Terence, who suffered from schizophrenia and who he was very attached to as a kid. He was also the one who turned David's interest at an early age towards jazz. Due to David being fearful he might be schizophrenic himself and general fear of mental illness that ran in his family, the two brothers lost touch after David witnessed Terry worsening and checking himself into a mental hospital. They never quite reunited before Terry's suicide in January 1985. The line "and I lost myself, and I lost you, too, but I still got jazz, when I've got the blues", might be meant as spoken from Terry's perspective.

Film meets Art  (original video)

  • Adventures of Baron Munchausen” (dir. Terry Gilliam) and “The Birth of Venus” (artist Sandro Botticelli)
  • Inherent Vice” (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) and “The Last Supper” (artist Leonardo da Vinci)
  • Days of Heaven” (dir. Terrence Malick) and “Christina’s World” (artist Andrew Wyeth)
  • Heat” (dir. Michael Mann) and “Pacific” ( artist Alex Colville)
  • Melancholia” (dir Lars von Trier) and “Ophelia” (artist John Everett Millais)