for teh lulz!

It’s 2017 and if you’re tolerating literal Nazis for teh epic lulz as a grown-ass adult, I honestly have no qualms about lumping you and the value of your life in the same bunch as “actual” Nazis.

And let me assure you, this isn’t “rhetoric”.

The best thing a Nazi can do is die and I’m 100% all right with the moral cost of a few people who are allegedly in it for laughs getting caught up in the furor.

Lately I’ve been wondering just why I want to write this “Chronicles 2″ fic if the original game sucked so hard; do I think some part of it is salvageable? Do I think I can do better with the same concepts? Is it a fix-it fic? Do I like the world? Have I missed just how much the game really stunk? I can’t help but feel a little off about it, since there must be something about it that I like, even though the rest of the game utterly and completely sucks. 

I often like and can enjoy things that others deem “crappity crap” while still recognizing that it sucks, tbh. But every so often I feel this gap. This odd feeling of: Hey, maybe I shouldn’t like it so much?

As for the fanfic itself, something that started off as an experiment “for teh lulz” twelve months ago turned into something very serious and real, and I don’t have any real explanation other than it’s a story that wants to be written? And maybe that’s all it needs to be, really.