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High School Daze

Sorry this took me so long to get out loves, sometimes life gets in the way! Hope you guys like some HighSchool!Harry, it was surprisingly hard to write. Don’t worry– I have all your requests and they’re all coming. Also would anyone like to see something a little… smuttier soon? Let me know! Love to you all, thanks for the patience xoxo S.

can do some high-school!Harry write? imagine Harry having a big crush on you that his friends teasing him about it and he tries really hard to flirt with you and like sit with you in class, teasing you, make cheeky comments and ask you for a date

Monday mornings were already the worst. You had to trudge back to school after a fun weekend with your friends and family and try your best not to fall asleep during math class, which for some unknown reason was first block Monday morning. All of that coupled together had led you to hate Mondays, not to mention the obnoxious group of boys that you had to sit next to.

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