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You guys need to watch Joe’s new video right now 😍🎬👍

ooo I love the style for ML Webisodes. It’s so pretty!!

And right off the bat,Chole being a bitch to Rose teasing her about her very cute notebook….


and we want her to get a miraculous?? 

Mari’s rose was so cute!

Ok That was so cute and sweet that I’m getting cavities! 


the candle hates the bat // the bat has forgotten the candle

a playlist set for mr eaten and mr veils, available to listen on playmoss here and here

track listing & selected lyrics:

  1. angry sea - mother mother [you know it’s coming all our ways / so dig your dirt and make your graves]
  2. old knives - cold specks [every old knife rusting in my back / i will drive into yours]
  3. liar - emilie autumn [i want to mix our blood and put it in the ground / so you can never leave]
  4. aorta - tanya tagaq [kill or die / kill or die]
  5. song & dance - peggy sue [sing it loud, oh, sing it loud, i’ve kept out of your way / if all you want is peace and quiet, you’ve come to the wrong place]
  6. to the bone - mirel wagner [my heart has no home / you’ve bruised me to the bone]
  7. the house that dripped blood - the mountain goats [still water’s going stagnant, bodies bloat / and the cellar door is an open throat]
  8. my body’s a zombie for you - dead man’s bones [oh, i hold my soul from the lands unknown / so i can play the strings of your death]
  9. penance - serpentwithfeet [who is so impatient with karma? / who would block my wicked reward?]
  10. a bridge and a goodbye - lightspeed champion [instrumental]

  1. o my heart - mother mother [oh my heart, it’s a black in a rainbow / oh my heart is so damn cold, so damn cold]
  2. hector - cold specks [the funeral was hard, but i’m over it now / i like you better when you don’t speak]
  3. opheliac - emilie autumn [you know how hard it can be to keep believing in me / when everything and everyone becomes my enemy]
  4. flight - tanya tagaq [no lyrics]
  5. cut my teeth - peggy sue [i cut my teeth upon his flesh / and watched him weeping as i left]
  6. no death - mirel wagner [her hair is long, still smells like mud / she answered to my kiss with a rotten tongue]
  7. prowl great cain - the mountain goats [i feel guilty, but i can’t feel ashamed / prowl through empty fields, great cain]
  8. werewolf heart - dead man’s bones [he filled my heart; i did my best / but without the sun i’m only shadows in a dress]
  9. redemption - serpentwithfeet [i thought there was redemption in the four ethers / somehow i thought the sweet perfume of our truths rotting inside your belly could free me]
  10. there’s nothing underwater - lightspeed champion [pass this cloak, i’ll wrap you in ember / it’s better to fly than never reach the sky]

anonymous asked:

Ada cara untuk kurangkan beban dalam fikiran yang kadang boleh hilang rasa untuk hidup?


1. Luaskan pengertianmu tentang rezeki.

Contoh: bahagia itu rezeki. Sihat itu rezeki. Berjaya itu rezeki. Ujian juga rezeki. Hubungan yg baik sesama org tersayang juga rezeki. Jadi, rezeki rupanya bukan setakat tentang duit sahaja:) Bila kita luaskan makna rezeki, kita ada peluang untuk jauh daripada susah hati..

2. Sambungkan silaturrahim mu.

Cari kembali keluarga,kawan-kawan, orang2 yg dulunya rapat. Tanya khabar, jaga kehadiran mereka dalam hidupmu. Bila ada orang di sekeliling kita, kita akan cenderung utk jadi lebih kuat dan tak putus asa utk hidup.

3. Cuba untuk jadi pemberi.

Mula untuk jadi org yang pertama untuk memberi. Tak usah tunggu orang buat ke kita, biarlah kita yang mula dahulu. Berilah apa sahaja adamu. Memberi senyuman. Memberi pertolongan. Memberi kata2 yang baik. Memberi wang. Memberi kasih sayang. Apa sahaja. Niatlah kerana Tuhanmu. Moga-moga dilapangkan dada ini. Nescaya, kamulah orang yg paling disayangi orang-orang di sekelilingmu dan Tuhanmu.

4. Bersyukurlah.

Bersyukurlah apa ada dirimu. Sedikit atau banyak. Dalam sedih atau gembira. Dalam terkilan atau terluka. Dalam kekurangan atau lebih yang ada. Cubalah harini. Akan Tuhan tambah pada setiap syukurmu dengan kebaikan lebih daripada kamu pernah bayangkan, di kemudian hari.

Cukuplah yang 4 ini dahulu. Cuba lah pelan-pelan. Cubalah sungguh-sungguh. Dari yang satu sampai ke akhirnya. Semoga berkurang beban di dadamu,kawanku.

Niatlah, dengan nama Tuhanmu:)