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The eight contestant for Go! Go! Hypergrind: Take Two! is, amusingly enough, one of the first contestants that I designed for the original draft of the game- Andy! Andy had a slight couple of changes to make him look different in his updated design, mostly to make him look like an actual skater, which I think paid off. Still, he didn’t have as drastic as change as Dagger, so it’s still the same tabby cat from before!

Andy’s character is pretty straightforward- he’s the one true skater of the cast. He joined up for his love of skating, as well as to win the prize money to make his life at home with his widow of a mom a lot easier.

We’re getting close to the end of the redesigns! Only two more are left after this, and after that? Well, guess we’ll see what happens.

Enjoy! :D
Go! Go! Hypergrind © Atlus
Andy created by @blumoontoons


The infamous “alien megastructure” star is back, and astronomers are grabbing their telescopes

  • Scientists around the world were shocked when a mysterious “alien megastructure” star suddenly went dim on May 18.
  • Astronomers have had their eye on the star — also known as Tabby’s star — since 2009, when it was first discovered by Tabetha Boyajian at Louisiana State University. It’s special because its bright lights dim and flicker in a random, unidentifiable pattern, which is really strange, as far as star behavior goes.
  • “The weird thing about this star is the constant brightness for so long, then the unpredictable, relatively short periods of dimming,” Matt Muterspaugh, astronomer and professor at Tennessee State University, said.
  • “It’s been four years since scientists last noticed the star dim,” Muterspaugh said, and information about it only became available three months after the star had dimmed.
  • “This is exciting because it’s the first time we’re seeing it happen in real-time,” he said. Read more (5/22/17)
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