for tabby

You’re not sad enough over FFXV’s ending? Well, here you go.

Noctis’s Engine Blade has been featured in NieR: Automata, as diligent Japanese fans and Redditor HilariousMayMay have reported. It has more bits on Noctis and Regis which show us that someone probably hurt Tabata and the writers sometime in their lives, resulting in new info:


Tabby, are you really sure you don’t want to make a sequel? Double sure? Triple sure? You’re breaking our hearts here

(photo c/o tumblr)

my future wishes

i decided to make a wishes that may not possible at the moment, but hopefully in the future when im older 💅🏼😌 this is like a “dear future self” typa thing! feel free to make your own as well, and tag me with #sunbvrnt!!!!

In the future, I hope that;

• I own a tabby cat & some sort of pupper 🌟
• I live in some sort of apartment with many windows
• I love what I do (whatever that may be)
• The world becomes better than it is now
• I keep in touch with my current friends


Warning: very high levels of cute