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tmdawg  asked:

How did Wander convince Sylvia of all things to wear a bridal?

When Craig and Lauren were first pushing for the show to be serialized, I believe the initial conceit for the Wander/Sylvia relationship was that Zbornaks were like steeds crossed with space cabbies (hence the reigns). Wander caught a ride with Syl but didn’t have any money, so he set out to make some and she followed him because she was owed a fare. I think the plan was for Wander to almost get paid for helping each episode, so Syl had to keep following him. Over the course of the season, Syl would actually grow to love Wander and adopt his attitude, making her more of the protagonist of season 1.

Over the course of development, the execs decided they would prefer funny one-off cartoons to a serialized narrative. This necessitated Wander and Sylvia to be friends from the start, and the cabbie backstory changed to her reformed bounty hunter origin. We always wanted to tell THAT origin story more fully, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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