for sweden

  • Germany: Oh, boy, I was afraid of this.
  • Sweden: Wh't?
  • Germany: These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components. This right here is why you have no space program.


Sweden, Stockholm, Norra Djurgården. 2016

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// 27.03.2017

Spent some lovely days exploring the north, most importantly, the capital city of Denmark and a little day trip to a small town in Sweden, Malmö ♡ I’ve made a video showing the best places I’ve been to so check it out here :

I felt that traveling here really opened my mind. As always when I discover a new place, it really shows how differently people live and how you should appreciate where you are, no matter what. During this trip I realised how lucky I am to be able to be there, to be able to see these beautiful sights and stay there. After returning home it just fuelled my inspiration and motivation to travel more and to learn newer things, the world is so huge it’s phenomenal. 

I am the type of person who can never stay in one place. I always have to be on the go or at least know where I’m going to be next. I want to take my art with me and create artwork in different places, therefore I think that’s my next goal. 🌿