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Alexander Nylander - Midsommar

I wrote this really late at night. I don’t know how I feel but I’m sharing it anyway. I love the story line but I don’t know how well it was executed. Hopefully you like it more than I do!

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: Cursing

It was the annual celebration of Midsommar in Stockholm. A couple friends and I had planned to stay at a hotel farther out in the islands. We chose a place that was right on the water, with a forest behind. The place was beautifully set up. There were lanterns flickering lights over the patio the celebration was being held on. People were scattered holding drinks in their hands. Food tables filled with treats everywhere. Off the wooden patio, there was a grass field that led to the water. Furniture laid out across it.

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Some Nordic Dance Headcanons

(u can credit @nordicccs as well)

- can either nod to the beat or awkwardly fist-pump

- thats it

- also is able to jump unusually high 

- is actually a rly good dancer

- good luck with seeing him in action

- “no”

- self explanatory

- emits “drunk white dad” vibes

- what the fucl

Random Hetalia Swedish pt. 2
  • Around 11th century
  • Norway: I don't know Sve, that Danish idiot just makes me feel weird sometimes.
  • Sweden: How so?
  • Norway: Like... I feel warm and I think I am completely relaxed only when he is around. Isn't that strange?
  • Sweden: You are in love?
  • Norway: With Dan?
  • Sweden: Han kanske är ditt öde. (Maybe he is your destiny.)
  • Norway: ...
  • Norway: No, it can not be.
  • Few centuries later
  • Norway: Damn, Sve was right.

Leuchtenberg sapphire tiara, necklace and earrings

This diamond and sapphire parure (set) was a wedding gift from French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to his adopted son’s wife, Princess Augusta Amalia of Bavaria. The Duchess of Leuchtenberg (as she was known after her marriage) gave the set to her daughter Josephine when she married the future King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823. The parure is now in the family foundation in Sweden and has been worn mostly by queens and those acting as first ladies of the country.