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Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

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this is how it happened right

What’s this? Proof that I will find Jyushi cute no matter what he wears? Well, yes, but it’s also a new event!!

This year’s Akatsukademy Awards favorite to win?!
We aren’t going to change, screw the School Caste!!
Defeat the Prom Queen!

That’s Academy Musical!!

So, yep, it seems to be a parody of the abundance of cheesy school musicals, and I’m excited to see if there are any references aimed at the Western audience. Coming March 24th at 18:00 JST along with a F6 One Chance Gacha!

i swear henrik goes around posting times on julie’s request, and it’s all to distract us from the real filming going on somewhere else. watch nothing happen tomorrow at 16:28 while henrik quickly types up another random time like 25:99 or some shit and while some of us start googling products within a 10 km radius of oslo priced at 25.99 kroner, the rest of us decide to wait for the time to occur. and we wait…..

  • Batman in Suicide Squad: *removes Batmobile guns because he's not so into that cold-blooded murder thing anymore*
  • Batman in Justice League: *Adds 17382 more guns BACK on the Batmobile*
  • Superman: Batman I thought we were over this. Guns kill. You don't kill, Batman.
  • Batman: Hey Supes, look at me. Look at my face.
  • Batman: We are about to go up against a murderous alien buffalo from outer space, and his bunch of bitey flying monkeys.
  • Batman: Look at me, Clark. I know the cool cape and vigilante swagger can be distracting, but don't be fooled, I am 100% human muscle on bones, wearing a Bat costume.
  • Superman: But still....
  • Batman: They could give me an OUTER SPACE boo-boo Clark. I'm not prepared for outer space boo-boos. NO ONE is ready for outer space boo-boos. Damn flying monkeys....